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#discord submission
roleplay-finder · 9 hours ago
Hello! I'm looking for someone to write as Bonnibel Bubblegum aka Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time against my Marceline. I don’t have specifics in mind, I’d love to discuss plots with my partner. I do love a little drama, a lot of angst and fluff, so if this sounds like your type of thing, hit me up! I’m F 21+ and I ask that you are over 21 as well. NSFW stuff isn't required. Please be semi-lit to literate, descriptive and be willing to write at least 2~3 paragraphs. I’m not super picky when it comes to grammar. I just ask that you know the difference between there and their. My preferred platform is Discord as the servers and channels help keep things organized. I write in 3rd person, but I don’t mind if you prefer to write in 1st. Please like this post and I'll message you!
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sorrows-rp-blog · 12 hours ago
18+ nb DYING for a Code Geass roleplay! I am most interested in writing as Suzaku, and I am open to any ship! I love AUs, canon divergence, and anything we can come up with.
You MUST be 18+! Absolutely no minors.
Be able to respond at least once a day or it’s a deal breaker!
Literate, 3rd person POV
Canon characters only! No OCs.
We’ll write on Discord! Im in EST timezone btw!
Just interact with this post and I’ll contact you!
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