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#disco descent
fictionkinfessionsa day ago
Kins with jobs talk, let me try to think of the funniest of my kins to say
Your high school math work may be graded by a Baby Cakelegs :)
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fictionkinfessions6 days ago
Uhm! This was the fastest I've kinfirmed in months, and before actually seeing my source... So! Uh! Hi, it's Royal from Iconoclasts!
Um! I wanna say that if Mina is out there, thanks for watching out for Robin, we appreciate you so much (Samba too!)! And to Agent Black, I'm sorry for what happened! Elro, I think you need therapy! Mother, you can go fuck yourself!
And everyone else who was mean to me, I hope you're happy with yourselves! Both in a sarcastic way, and in a "I hope you've become a better person than you were" way! Because you know they weren't feeding me, right? And everyone literally told me to my face constantly how much they hated me, even when I tried my best! I acted like that because no one had ever loved me my whole life, I used all those big words and demanded respect because none of you would give me it just for being a person! Why did I have to earn basic respect?! Instead literally everyone decided they'd rather I just died off in the desert somewhere!
I just wanna say all of you can go fuck yourselves! It's because of Robin and Mina and me you even got to stay alive after everything! Also, I didn't die either, assholes! There's ivory on the moon, and I'm still a transcendent!
-Royal 馃尲
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mxfotia10 days ago
I am ALSO giving u red orange and pink :)
THANK you >:D
Tumblr media
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fictionkinfessions21 days ago
Hey Klara I'm sorry for biting your arm and accidentally possibly scarring it, in my defense nobody knew dynamax soup would do that to me
-Bede 馃巰
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ballpoint-propagandaa month ago
I feel like it's obvious who I kin. Considering. My name vkjdjdjs. Kin assign me someone who isn't Aloha I like throwing parties but also I'm the most likely of my friend group to fight someone
i can't explain why but this is redsolecore
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fictionkinfessionsa month ago
-Octavo, the cooler Necrodancer 馃幎
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yearningforunitya month ago
Tumblr media
Disco in Wolverhampton, England. 1978.
A decade after Enoch Powell鈥檚 infamous speech on immigration, Chris Steele-Perkins was commissioned by The Sunday Times Magazine to travel to Wolverhampton to photograph the city鈥檚 ethnic minorities and explore how Powell鈥檚 words had affected communities in his old constituency.
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windmill-ghosta month ago
just to give you a stress break, tell me some nice headcanons from your snak monster au :)
Well I dunno if I have specifically nice ones but I have some ones... a lot of Snorpy because I am biased.聽
By the time any new grumpuses arrive on the island, Snorpy has figured out how to make more red string, and his conspiracy board has reached untold levels of power.
While he鈥檚 fine in most kinds of weather, Snorpy鈥檚 feels an extreme pain in his legs at high temperatures-- going into a sauna or putting his feeler in an open oven would give him the sensation of second-degree burns, though fortunately this goes away when the wax re-hardens. His main hands don鈥檛 have this problem, but he still has to be a lot more careful when working the forge.聽
All of the hybrids have two big聽鈥渕ain鈥 googly eyes, and then an unstable number of extra eyes. They鈥檙e sometimes shown with just the two and sometimes more because the smaller ones pretty much disappear when closed.
Chandlo would聽eat like a tick, but he is too big and the rest of the snax are too small. If he tried to dig with his chelicerae, he鈥檇 put a hole straight through most of them in one stroke... this poor man just can鈥檛 slurp.
While Mothza doesn鈥檛 have any fire abilities, I feel like Cromdo just kinda has to when he鈥檚 got three fire-producing snax in his design (flamin鈥 cheepoof, scorpenyo, and bombino).聽
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windmill-ghosta month ago
mane of rainbows like he trail behind nyan cat
Dear god... noted.
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oofmilka month ago
have an emo phase like the rest of us coward /lh
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mxfotiaa month ago
[leaves a small present box with a bow with strawberries inside] 馃崜
HI CLOUDY omg you are so cool and nice! i love your art a lot and i really like reading about the stuff youre into even if i dont know what its abt, you put so much personality into what you write/rp its really cool and fun to read whenever you post :3 also i really love your streams theyre very fun to watch! i try to catch all of them if im awake when you stream akwjsn you are just very nice to see, im always so happy to see you on my dash! :D your vibes are so chill but also so fun!!
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windmill-ghost2 months ago
for your consideration since you brought up silk-producing mothza: silk as just strings of cheese like when you pull up a slice of pizza
Yeah that was what I was thinking! Mozzarella also forms thin fibers when peeled because of the way the proteins are aligned when its produced, which means its actually... more similar to silk than you鈥檇 think? They鈥檙e both strands of animal-secreted protein, at any rate.聽
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fictionkinfessions2 months ago
[if you could post today, April 10th, that would be awesome]
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CADENCE!!!! I know me and my Cadence only celebrated it because mom got the tradition from Aria, but to any other Cadences out there HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOO!!!!!! 馃帀馃巶
-Octavo, Hyrule's greatest musician (ps! I'm learning to speedrun both of my source games!! 馃幎)
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strabbyshortcake2 months ago
Tumblr media
baby baby baby baby cake cake cake cake
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matoitech3 months ago
I associate you with blue and black and a bit of pink!! blue mostly bc of Galo anf promare and the black and pink bc promare also but it makes me think of ur art which I see a lot of blue and pink and black in
oh very cool :3 i do like using those in art lol thank you!!
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mxfotia3 months ago
I associate u with a very light pink,
Tumblr media
hehe... thank you :3c
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matoitech3 months ago
same as anon fandom scares me and I also forget to share my thoughts on anything enirwoejobwejopn
OTHER VERY VALID POINTS. i just think it鈥檚 funny how many ppl have seen and apparently liked promare specifically and ppl just don鈥檛 talk about it fhdkjd
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naiokiara3 months ago
Tumblr media
For @ipraygreywords鈥 birthday, here鈥檙e Rezo and Zel enjoying warm drinks in the chilly air.聽 A return to earlier habits, maybe?
Happy birthday, Rezo!
Thank you to the artist,聽@disco-descent, whose commissions are open as I post this!聽
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safekinfessions4 months ago
whats fucking up babes [poses] Im gay and in love with Roguefort also we both had multiple sets of pronouns so I always have a fear of ppl saying Im misgendering if I refer to myself with anything other than they/them which sucks!!!!! ugh -Timekeeper Cookie (Teacake)
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fictionkinfessions4 months ago
[gets really close to the mic]
-Timekeeper Cookie (Teacake 馃彽锔)
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