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#dionysus and ariadne
thepastelpriestess · 7 hours ago
So here's a modern mythology idea. You know how some of the heroes are "cursed" or pursued by certain gods? Like Hera with Heracles or Poseidon with Odysseus? What if Dionysus was like that with Theseus except instead of his curses being harmful or deadly they are just really annoying and inconvenient. Theseus is always stubbing his toe on something, he's always spilling his wine, there's a bird with a really annoying call thats at his window every morning, and since Dionysus and Hermes are best buds, obviously Theseus is constantly "losing" things, having his messages getting lost in the mail, and always stuck in traffic (or whatever the Ancient Greek equivalent to that is xDDD)
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thepastelpriestess · a day ago
One of the few things I remember from PJO was that because of what Theseus did to Ariadne, Dionysus was not fond of heroes. That’s a UPG I think I’d like to keep. Just imagine any of the gods talking about their favorite heroes and Dionysus just hisses at them until they stop talking 🤣
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thepastelpriestess · a day ago
You know I think the story of Dionysus and Ariadne could make a great romantic comedy.
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timetofeelthebreeze · a day ago
Tumblr media
Greek pottery replica of an ancient vase, in the Museum of Toledo (USA), depicting Dionysus and Ariadne in soft attitude, surrounded by vines laden with leaves and bunches of grapes.
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mcsiggy · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ariadne is ‘Stuff’ and Dionysus is doing her.
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mcsiggy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Dionysus 🤝 Ariadne BullsBullsBullsBullsBulls
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meanwhilepoetry · 2 days ago
As he mourned Ariadne, her form now stone forever, Dionysus looked hatefully at Aphrodite "Why did you make love this painful? Are you the Goddess of Love or the Goddess of Destruction?" Aphrodite's eyes held sorrow as she said, "Both, child. Both."
Nikita Gill, Excerpts from Maidens, Myths and Monsters
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yarnofariadne · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
[ID: ... Bacchus loves flowers; that he delights in a floral crown, you may know from Ariadne's clustered stars.]
From Ovid's Fasti, I thought this was very sweet 🥺
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fdevitart · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Preview of one of the posters available with the perks.
Peak Horny Energy ✨
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samcybercat · 8 days ago
the prince with specific tastes; the king with specific regrets bonus chapter:  prince theseus, ariadne and dionysus (also there is a catboy) “With the defeat of the Minotaur freshly under his belt, Prince Theseus sails home with his soon-to-be-wife, Ariadne, at his side. But upon the warning of Athena, the prince makes a stop at Naxos, the island of Dionysus. There, it may be Ariadne and not Theseus that finds her future changed forever.”
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northernscruffycat · 8 days ago
It is at this point that another catches Ariadne's eye, possibly a local of Naxos, who is sitting further ahead on the beach shore. Although perhaps it would be more correct to say that this person is lounging. As Ariadne approaches, she sees a man who has not a care in the world and is surely embracing his freedom to the fullest. She is perhaps envious of that. But she shouldn't be, for now she has the same freedom that she assumes this man has.
There is a lot to take in about the stranger she's found. Not least his long hair, flowing in a colour the rich purple of grapes, or the leopard skin adorning his shoulders, that suggests he either hunts or is considerably wealthy. Adding to this assumption is his billowing chiton and a goblet of wine from which he drinks. The goblet alone is certainly an unusual sight for the beach.
The man notices Ariadne, but isn't alarmed by her presence, holding up his goblet as if to toast to her and patting the sand next to him.
“Lovely day for a walk, if I do say so myself and I think you'll find that I do. If you're not pushed for time, then why don't you hang around so we can have a nice chat, yeah? Don't see too many hanging out on the beach without a care. That's usually down to me!” No one who Ariadne has ever met has spoken like this person and, thus, she finds herself intrigued. “Very well, I will join you.”
“Now that's the spirit!” Ariadne moves to sit down in the sand next to him, brushing her dress out as she does. It will certainly need to be cleaned once she returns to the ship, but Ariadne doesn't mind. Getting to sit on the beach feels like part of the experience and she's glad to have some company. The man chats so casually that Ariadne feels that they could sit for hours and never tire of each other's presence. “So, I don't mind being the first to say so, and so, I'm going to say it – what might a nice lass like yourself be doing out here, save for admiring the sea?”
Perhaps it would be wise to take caution of revealing her tale, so soon after fleeing and while knowing her father may pursue her. But Ariadne feels that she can trust this man. And, if not, then he is but a single stranger, alone on Naxos. So she does not suspect that he could do much damage. “You might not believe me if I tell you, sir, but I am Ariadne of Crete and I sail with my betrothed, Prince Theseus, as we return to Athens to tell his father of his defeat of the Minotaur, and soon after, the prince and I will be wed.”
“Oh, I love a good wedding! The best parties are always had at celebrations of love. Well, in that case, another toast to you, Princess Ariadne, and to your husband!”
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lifeofroos · 9 days ago
A/N: Hello, me (A)gain. Enj(O)y. (3). 
The day I stop having Ariadne/Dionysus brainrot is probably the day I die. 
I’ve got a proposal
‘Dionysus. Tell me.’
‘Why Artemis, I’d rather not.’
‘Are you really going to ask her, again, if she wants to leave the forest and live a comfortable life in the city?’
Dionysus was quiet for a moment. ‘I think so.’
‘Maybe don’t.’
‘And then she stays here? In the forest? Ariadne?’
Artemis shrugged. ‘I mean, she doesn’t look like a forest dweller, but she has been acting like it.’
They were silent together for a bit. 
‘I think I’ll go ask now.’
‘Sure,’ Artemis sighed. 
‘Dio!’ She turned around with a broad smile. When she saw his sad expression, it disappeared. ‘What is it?’
Dionysus felt like he lost his voice for a second. ‘Eh…’ He took a deep breath. ‘We will be passing another city soon… You can stay there, if you want, I mean…’
Ariadne raised an eyebrow. ‘Which city, Dionysus?’
‘ of them.’
Ariadne took a step closer and put a hand on his shoulder. ‘Dionysus, I don’t think I ever want to leave the forest. I like it. I am free here.’ She waited a moment. ‘I want to stay with you.’ 
Dionysus felt like his heart would jump out of his chest. ‘Eh… okay,’ he mumbled. ‘I’d like it if you stayed, just wouldn’t want to make you feel like you had to, but... ’
Ariadne put a finger to his lips. ‘I want to stay, Dio.’ 
‘I want you to stay as well,’ He muttered. ‘I really, really want you to stay.’ She slowly nodded, but he went on: ‘I mean, I’d like it if you stayed… with me.’
‘Specifically with you?’
‘Yes.’ He grabbed her hands. ‘Actually, yes. Do you want to stay with me, Ariadne? I mean, do you want to get married?’
Her smile was the broadest he’d ever seen. ‘Yes.’ She nodded. ‘One question, Dio: How long have you been wanting to ask that, instead of ‘do you want to go to this city, which I don’t even bother to remember the name of anymore?’’
He put his hands on her shoulders, unable to get the stupid grin of his face. ‘We don’t have to think about that, really! Just…’ He leaned in and kissed her. She laid her hands into his neck.
‘You are, if I may say it, proposing exactly the way I thought you would.’
‘That doesn’t sound like a compliment.’
‘I love you, Dionysus. I love you.’
‘I love you too, Ariadne.’
A/N: I think Dionysus would usually be pretty smooth but not when asking best woman if she wants to marry him. 
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singofus · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
@godbanes​ asked: ☆  Getting them something they need before they ask for it.  / dio & ari
Acts of Affection | Accepting
Ariadne gave a loud gasp and very quickly shut her laptop as they came over to her like that.
“Oh you beautiful, beautiful person!” She called to them, beaming in excitement as she stretched both of her hands out for the brownie and glass of wine that were being couriered straight to her. “Thank you, my dear one.”
This was a very important part of her day. She looked like a child in a candy store as soon as she had ahold of both.
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singofus · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
@godbanes​ asked: ❥  Running your hand over their arm and gently pulling them close. / dio & ari
Acts of Affection | Accepting
Ariadne couldn’t help but give a soft smile as they pulled her into their side. It was a small action, but it certainly made her feel loved. Her own arm immediately looped around their waist as she looked up at them. It was clear the extent of how much she loved them and now having nothing to keep them apart.
Their wedding celebrations were in their final day, but these memories would be kept alive in her mind forever.
“I love you.” She tells them, giving their waist a squeeze.
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fdevitart · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
DISCLAIMER: Yes, I know that in ancient Greece such concepts as "homosexuality, bisexuality/pansexuality, non-binarism" etc. didn't exist. Those represented in the drawing are MY OWN CANONS: no original source ever mentions anything about Dionysus and Ariadne beign pan or something else, this is my own interpretation. Ok? Ok.
This said, I couldn't avoid making a Pride-themed post (or the LGBTQIA+ Lobby will revoke my Bisexual Pass), especially one related to my favourite wine god and The Best Girl. And don't forget to preorder "Bacchai" on Indiegogo.
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fizzkiz · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The dumb bros: That 70s Show edition 😎
Tfw you bang a chick the night your little brother gets used as a human caprisun @bfire92
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lifeofroos · 13 days ago
Part 60. I hate Minos, me my homies all HATE Minos.
In short: Nico gets therapy from Dionysus. In this chapter, he has decided he wants to talk to King Minos. Dionysus quietly agrees, but only so long as someone comes along. The story is also on AO3 and! And in Tumblr tags like Dionysus, Nico di Angelo, percy jackson fanfic etc.  This Might Be Crazy: Chapter 60: Pomegranate Iced tea 
‘Did you bless the Jacksons’ house when I was there last time?’
Dionysus looked up. ‘I did. Sally Jackson runs a sanctuary. We can’t have monsters coming in.’
‘Very good.’
‘Now tell me the real reason why you came here. You can’t be here just to ask something you already knew.’
‘I mean, no.’
‘Don’t you trust...’
‘I want to go talk to king Minos. I want to know why he chose me.’
Dionysus took a moment to think about that. ‘Isn’t it clear why Minos chose you?’
I shrugged. ‘It might be. Because, you know, I was going around raising the dead and opposing Percy, which was very convenient for him. Still, I…’ I shrugged. ‘I want to talk to him. I want to know how he thinks.’ 
Dionysus thought for a second. ‘Minos is dangerous.’
‘So I can’t go?’
He thought for a second. ‘I can’t control you. You’ll go anyway, no matter what I say. Yet, I have a requirement.’
‘Someone must be there with you. I am not letting you talk to a psychopath like Minos on your own.’
I sighed. ‘Who must it be?’ 
‘I’ll ask Persephone and Hades first. You’ll hear the answer tomorrow.’
The next morning, early as all hell, I heard a knock on my door. ‘Nico. Come.’ 
I scrambeld out of bed. ‘Eh, I will.’ Whoever you are. ‘Can I put on some actual clothes instead of my pajamas first?’
‘Five minutes.’
‘Okay, okay!’
Within five minutes, I was done and I stepped out of my cabin. I raised my eyebrows. ‘Ariadne?’
‘The very one. Persephone will come too. She’s waiting for us near Elysium.’
‘I mean... cool.’ I tried to shrug, but half-way through we were already teleporting into the underworld. My shoulders hurt when I got there. 
I disliked standing in front of the gates of Elysium again. It was soul-crushing to see all of the spirits, some of them hopeful, some of them sure they wouldn’t get in. 
I noticed Persephone standing near the judges. She was looking up at them, with her hands on her hips. She looked around when Ariadne called her name. ‘Still okay?’ She asked to the other goddess. 
‘As okay as it can get.’
‘Good.’ Persephone straightened her back. ‘We’ll let him do the talking.’ She pointed at me. 
‘And we’ll keep an eye on everything.’ Ariadne confirmed. 
Persephone nodded. ‘Come,’ she told (mostly) me. I nodded. We walked past the lines, to the three judges. The spirits didn’t seem to mind. 
Ariadne held up her hand. ‘Minos.’ All three of kings turned around. Minos mouth fell open. ‘Go on,’ Persephone commanded the judges. ‘Except for Minos. He comes with us.’
Minos got up, with a suspicious look in his eyes. 
‘What is it, my queen?’ he asked Persephone as soon as we were away from the line. His eyes ran past Ariadne without adressing her. His eyebrows raised when he saw me. ‘You brought me your own stepson? Unbelievable! Now why would that be?’
‘He has questions for you. We would like to see you answer them.’
‘And that’s all?’
‘That’s all.’ She gently laid her hand on my shoulder for a second.
‘Terrible to see you again,’ I began. 
‘You are the one bothering me.’
‘Still.’ I tilted my head. ‘I have my suspicions, but I wanted to know why you chose me. Why you had to haunt me instead of somebody else.’
‘You’re the son of Hades.’
‘I am.’
‘Doesn’t that seem like reason enough?’
‘Maybe. Yet, it would have been way easier for you to get a random scared kid to raise the dead for you. All the things you taught me are things you could have taught most other people. Raising the dead with Happy meals? You don’t need me for that. Don’t get at me with wanting to help Luke. You are way too selfish for that.’
Persephone and Ariadne gave each other a look when they heard me mention raising the dead with happy meals. Minos went on: ‘My goal might not have been to aid him, but perhaps what he had in mind spoke to me.’ Persephone crossed her arms. Minos smiled sinisterly. ‘My queen, don’t act like you didn’t know, even if I would never confess it.’
I pointed at him. ‘Didn’t you just…’
‘Let it go, Nico.’ I looked up at Ariadne, who nodded towards Minos. He still had not aknowledged she was there.  
‘I was easy to manipulate, but still on no-one’s side,’ I continued. ‘Any other demigod might have gotten dependent on you. They would have been your string puppet.’
‘But they would have had less power. Why have a string puppet when they aren’t useful for all sorts of things? Also, di Angelo, you can’t act like you weren’t dependent on me. You were so wrapped up in your silly hate and grief you didn’t see what was going on.’
‘Perhaps.’ Ariadne and Persephone tensed up. Maybe I had been more of a string puppet to Minos than I liked to think I was. Still… ‘Still, I did manage to break out. I listened to Percy after he showed me the truth. An agent of Luke wouldn’t have done that. They would have turned a blind eye and kept following you.’
‘The Jackson kid cared for you.’
‘He would have cared for any other demigod as well. You could have told them to play apologetic and then you would’ve had a spy. It would have been easier, it would have lead you to bigger things...’
‘What is it that you want? I picked you because you were powerful. That’s it. Every strategy has holes in it. It was a gamble to pick you over some nobody and…’ Minos bit his lip and did not say more.
‘And you gambled wrong,’ Persephone finished the sentence. 
Minos shrugged. ‘You win some, you lose some, my queen.’ 
Ariadne gave him a disgusted look. ‘Perhaps.’
‘You were a powermaniac,’ I concluded. ‘It would have been safer, be it a little harder, to use a minion from Luke’s army. Yet, I had power, and you fell for it.’
Minos shot me a disintegrating look. ‘Watch your words, demonspawn.’
‘Sounds like a weakness to me.’
‘Nico.’ Persephone slowly shook her head. 
‘I think I have what I wanted,’ I told Minos. 
‘Leave, then. I’ve got a job to do.’
‘Playing judge, jury and executioner even in death,’ Ariadne stated.
‘It comes naturally.’ It was the first time he acknowledged her existence. ‘I’d watch your mouth if I were you. Some of us might be power hungry, but we aren’t reckless traitors. Each their own.’ He grinned, before looking at Persephone. ‘If you don’t mind, I’ll get back now, my queen.’
‘I wish you wouldn’t.’ 
He curtsied, before turning around and walking away. I had to bite my tongue to not yell after him that he was a terrible person, a terrible king, a terrible father, a terrible husband and a terrible judge.
‘He is terrible.’
‘He is manipulative,’ Ariadne stated. ‘The gamble analogy is apt. He gambled he could take control of the kingdom by banning his brothers. He gambled that he could contain the Minotaur and make Athens pay for it, and he won that bet twice, until…’ she sighed, ‘Until someone messed with his stack of cards. Every gambler misses now and then, and so did he. Terribly, a few times…’ 
Persephone clenched her fists. ‘And then he still didn’t, because my father had to give him the power he desired in death as well.’
I slowly nodded. Persephone sighed and pushed something into my hand. It was a can of Pomegranate sweet tea. I left it in the underworld a little while ago. 
‘Did you learn anything?’ Ariadne asked. It sounded as if she was somewhere else with her thoughts.  
‘What I thought about king Minos was proven. And I once again realised that maybe I should not always go through with my strange ideas.’
‘At least someone was here this time. I can’t tell what that man would have done we hadn’t been there,’ Persephone mused. A little smile appeared on her face. ‘I wanted to come too. Honestly, I wanted to see if it would be better to kick him out. And well, that is more than proven. As soon as I can get rid of him, I will.’
Ariadne looked just as surprised as I felt. ‘They needed to be sons of Zeus, right? The judges?’ I asked. 
‘Yes. But that friend of yours is here now, too.’
‘The very one. I think we might have a job for him.’
‘Coming with you was my own idea,’ Ariadne told me when we were back in Camp half-blood. 
‘Ah,’ I said, while I nodded. 
‘I mean Dio didn’t ask me to come. I wanted it. I wanted to see how Minos would react to you, to see if he was really still like that.’
I nodded. ‘Well, so did I. Thanks for coming anyway.’
She nodded, although she didn’t smile. ‘I think it will be lunch soon.’
‘Eh... yeah. I think Dionysus is in the big house.’
‘Then I’ll go there.’
It was clear we were both too busy with our own thoughts. I said goodbye and went to the dining pavilion. Will would want to hear my story. I assumed Dionysus would already have heard it next time I saw him, which was, if I can be honest, a relief. 
A/N: I was originally going to do this with just one of the ladies but then I thought of this and it was good. 
Finals are over today which is good now on to results haha help
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tati-seol · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Dionysus x Ariadne
from Episode 3 of my comic, In a Wine-Dark Dream
Read it here:
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