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dead-fandom-society · 2 hours ago
Christians: this is Jesus, he’s the son of our God! he heals the sick and feeds the poor. he is a model of virtuous behavior!
Ancient Greeks: this is Dionysus, he gets wasted and holds fuck parties in the woods
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thedupshadove · 3 hours ago
Can't believe I'm basically making fan-kids of greek gods, but I've always been fascinated by what a child of Dionysus and Hestia would be like.
God/dess parties? The family still? Dancing around a bonfire? When ecstatic madness and reliable home meet in the middle, do they cancel each other out and leave nothing behind? Or do they make something beautiful?
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bambismoonlight · 4 hours ago
Athena: Drinking isn’t going to solve your problems. They’ll still be there tomorrow.
Dionysus: And I’ll deal with them tomorrow. I ain’t going to be able to solve anything tonight.
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lifeofroos · 9 hours ago
Part 64: Remeber when in chapter 51 I said you should keep an eye out for the line ‘I wonder if I’ve still got family in Italy?’
In short: Nico gets therapy from Dionysus. In this chapter, Nico is both afraid Will might leave him for college, as well as eager to leave himself... The rest is on and AO3! And in Tumblr tags like Nico di Angelo, Dionysus, therapy etc. 
This Might Be Crazy: Chapter 64: New Tea
‘I have got a new flvour of tea and you two will be my test subjects,’ Mary declared as soon as Dionysus and I set foot into Denny’s.
I shrugged. ‘Sure.’ I would like a cup of tea. 
Dionysus gave me a look. ‘That’s okay, Mary. This one could use some warming up.’
I looked up. Up until now, I managed to pretend like he didn’t know what happened when Will and I were on the beach yesterday. Now I could see he did. Oh well, it was inevitable, with the wet hair (Thanks, uncle Pos).   
‘I’ve got two things I want to talk about today,’ I said, after Mary brought us our tea. 
‘You do?’
‘Yes.’ I sat up straight, reminding myself not to instinctively take a sip of tea, because I would burn my mouth. ‘Eh… the first thing is about Will. But not about Valentines day.’ I added the last bit so fast it came out as ‘bunotbouttinesday.’
Dionysus gave me an amused smile. ‘I take it you do not want to talk about Valentine's Day?’
‘Alright then. Tell me what’s bothering you.’ 
I stared into my teacup. Dionysus kept annoyingly quiet. ‘Will is going to college next year. And I am very happy for him, of course, but I am also afraid we might grow apart. Then, maybe, he’ll…’ I took a deep breath. ‘You know.’
‘I understand. You’re afraid Will will be miles away and you’ll be alone again.’ I nodded. 
‘I mean, I don’t think Will would ever... dump me, but…’ I shrugged. 
‘It is still a sucky idea, that someone you love moves far away.’ I looked around. Mary walked to our table, with a cup of tea for herself. ‘Mind if I join in?’
I looked at Dionysus, who looked back. ‘It’s your therapy session, Nico, you decide.’
‘Of course, Mary,’ I answered. 
She pulled out a chair and sat down at our table. ‘What I said is that it is very sucky when someone you love moves away. Can I share an anekdote?’ I looked at Dionysus again, but was already nodding, too. ‘In our second year of college, George went to study in another state for a year.’ She stirred some sugar through her tea. ‘We had just gone steady and I didn’t like that he went away. I was almost certain I was going to lose him.’ She sighed, but it ended in a smile. ‘He came back to visit me after three weeks. Even I thought that was a bit overkill.’ She shrugged. ‘I think it’ll be fine, Nico. I didn’t meet your boyfriend often, but from what I saw I think he was a good guy.’
‘Wouldn’t surprise me if Solace was back in camp to visit you within two weeks,’ Dionysus mumbeld.
I shook my head. ‘Don’t say that. It’ll only be a disappointment if he doesn’t.’
I believed Mary’s story, though. When I thought about it, I did trust Will enough to stay in contact with me. It would just have to sink in. 
Dionysus tilted his head. ‘Sorry, Nico. Yet, one more thing: What is the use in worrying about this now?’
‘I… because it might happen. And it will happen,’ I mumbled. ‘Not that I am certain Will will… eh… but, I mean, he will go to college.’
‘Of course. Yet, why would you ruin the good times with worry? Right now, Will is still in camp. That’s good, right?’
‘Than what use is there in feeling sad at a time when you don’t have to?’
‘You mean… be happy now, regardless of what will happen later? Because you can’t change it anyway?’
‘Yes. You can’t control what's going to happen later. It might be bad. So, why not enjoy  the here and now, when you know it isn’t bad?’
He made an interesting point. ‘That would mean less sadness overall.’
Mary nodded. ‘It would. I worried myself sick in the two months leading up to George moving away. All for nothing.’ She chuckled. ‘I could have used that energy for my midterm paper.’
I laughed. ‘Sorry.’
‘No, thats funny, really.’ She picked up her cup and took a sip. I did the same thing. ‘Hm. This is good.’
We both stared at Dionysus, but he didn’t have any comment on the tea yet. ‘Anyway, Nico, you can think about that some more.’
‘Now, you had a second thing to ask.’ He looked at me expectantly. 
‘It is still not about Valentines day.’
‘You sure?’
‘I want to go to Italy. I am asking your permission to go to Italy.’
Mary looked at me like I had gone mad. Dionysus slowly closed his eyes. ‘You want to…’
‘Go to Italy.’ I took a deep breath. ‘I want to see if I’ve got family living out there.’
I looked down at the table. Dionysus didn’t say anything. 
After a while, he laid his hand around his teacup. ‘How long have you been thinking about this?’
‘I am not sure. I think the thought first came to mind during Christmas, and I have been thinking about it more in the last weeks.’
Dionysus slowly nodded, then chuckled. ‘It’s crazy to let a sixteen year old travel across the pond on his own, you know that, right?’
I knew where he was going. ‘Absolutely,’ I agreed. ‘The entire idea is actually insane! What responsible adult would ever do that?’
Mary stared at Dionysus. ‘You can’t possibly…’ She took a  deep breath. ‘I mean… I know I had to go on an awful quest when I was his age, but…’ She put a hand in front of her eyes. ‘Still, Lord, you can’t possibly give him consent to go to another continent. Alone.’
‘I mean, I never said anything about going alone…’ I muttered.
‘It’s what you meant, however,’ Dionysus interrupted me. The entire idea amused him, you could see it in his eyes. 
‘Hm.’ Mary folded her arms in front of her chest. ‘Now, I…’ She sighed. ‘Good lord, why am I willing to let you go?’
‘I have no idea, Mary, because I think it is an awfully dangerous thing too,’ Dionysus answered, even though it was a rethorical question. 
‘I mean, I’d never be entirely alone,’ I argued. ‘It’s Italy, so the gods are always with me.’
Dionysus snickered again, before taking a deep breath. ‘You know what, Nico? If you manage to get parental consent and do proper research, I’ll let you go to Italy to study your families’ roots. You have to let Will Solace know as well.’
‘...Deal,’ I answered. That meant I just needed a way to convince dad. I took another sip of tea. 
‘This is good tea, by any chance, Mary,’ Dionysus said out loud. ‘Did anybody say that yet?’
A/N: I like the term going steady. It’s kinda cute.
Last arc! This chapter was more Will-focused than I remember. Nico will be doing research in the next chapter. 
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mcsiggy · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Had to do this shirt meme w/ Ariadne and Dionysus, it’s just SO important.
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odiko-ptino · 16 hours ago
Did any one play the Firewatch game?? Lemme know because I consider the ambiance and themes to be damn near perfect, but no one else seems to have played 😭😭😭
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wise-bluecookies · 17 hours ago
HoO Character in Online Schooling (Part 9):
- always uses camera and mic
- tries to get Nico to unmute but never succeeds
- A’s, sometimes B’s
- the teachers love him because he one of the only ones who turns on his camera
- can multitask amazingly
- is able to help anyone with problems and still get great grades
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kelpeaart · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
six fanarts meme over on twitter! I had a lot of fun, even if some characters were..... severely out of my comfort zone hehe
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kalopsiapollo · 19 hours ago
➳ Some thoughts based off a few posts I saw~
Dionysus is a sexual God, one of deviants, lust, excess and endulging in pleasures, but he is also just as much an asexual God, of constraint and sobriety. He is not just the God of going wild, but the God of having the choice to go wild. He removes the chains of society leaving you the choice of how you wish to use and present your body. If he did not give a choice, it would not be freedom, would it? We would simply be under different control.
To say that you cannot worship Dionysus as an asexual - or someone who is simply sex-repulsed, ace or not - is too essentially undermine Dionysus' word itself. He gives us all the choice, the freedom to be who we want and says that it is okay - no matter what we choose - and you are now coming and saying that that is false? That he, a God, is wrong? I genuinely cannot fathom how you can say things like this so easily.
tl;dr - You may worship the sexual side of Dionysus, but others do not, and that does not make either of your worships lesser or invalid.
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pulitzerpanther · 20 hours ago
Rumors have it that a certain sex god once fucked you in your office and made all your employees listen to your pleasure filled noises.
"Oh, that's not a rumor." Cat waves her hand before slowly looking up towards her too inquisitive intern. "It's Metropolis. Just last week half of the population was turned into chickens. If you're a little nervous about a sex god, go back to Minnesota. Rumor." A scoff. "Have you read my memoirs?"
Tumblr media
"That's not even the most scandalous thing that's happened this week."
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crazycatsiren · 21 hours ago
Getting drunk and dancing on tables at the next Oktoberfest as a devotional act to Dionysus.
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possiblyhomer · a day ago
Dionysus: I lost Elpis.
Moros: How did you LOSE Elpis?!
Dionysus: To be fair, she is very small.
Tumblr media
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