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#dimitrescu sisters
no-kneecaps · 6 minutes ago
Heisenberg: *rambling about something to an unamused Alcina*
Heisenberg: Are you even listening!?
Alcina:*calmly puts her tea cup down*
Alcina: Yes, Heisenberg. It just takes me a while to process so much stupid all at once.
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draconic-ichor · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Finally able to start my first play through of Resident Evil Village and I found something interesting while exploring the castle. In one of the rooms near where you first encounter the daughters there are these three dresses. Lady Dimitrescu had little dresses made for her daughters that matched her own. My heart…
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iveseen-f00tage · 12 hours ago
her foot stomp
(video footage: CAMICAZI)
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iveseen-f00tage · 12 hours ago
shouldve hit him
(video footage: CaptainCigar)
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iveseen-f00tage · 12 hours ago
Heyo I just wanted to say I love your memes! I had a quick question if it is okay, what draws you to cassandra and daniela? (I’m sorry if this question was already asked please ignore this if it has)
Thank u <33333
im not sure honestly, i think theyre goofy and cute in a way, and theyre pretty and i love their voices :> and their personalitiesssss i never expected to like them as much as i do
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iveseen-f00tage · 14 hours ago
Alcina: We're ladies! So we all must act like it, meaning, no bad language!
Bela: Yes mother.
Cassandra and Daniela: FUCK-
Alcina and Bela: NO!
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iveseen-f00tage · 15 hours ago
Daniela when someone hasn't given her attention in more than 5 seconds:
Tumblr media
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iveseen-f00tage · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
my friend said she thinks cass would call herself mommy so who's joining me to go beat her ass
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iveseen-f00tage · 16 hours ago
Maiden: Hello Mistress, sorry i'm late I was doing stuff.
Daniela: It's ok, I am "stuff"
Maiden: Oh my god Lady Daniela no!
Alcina: Haha maiden you are banging my daughter-
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artymush · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is a quick out of character post but here’s one of my ocs. His name is grey, he’s a werewolf, I was thinking of making him a resident evil oc too because why not. He’s not exactly like the Lycan’s in resident evil village *but* that doesn’t stop me from including him in this cause after all, fan characters and headcanon’s can deviate slightly from canon. Also yes I did draw the picture above, I had to watch stupid football crap in my class so I just drew during it.
Also some info about grey, he’s a detective in the local area of the village. He doesn’t have a boss and just does things his own way. He’s very flirtatious and can be quite cocky at times. He isn’t the neatest person ever (since he’s a Lycan). He’s also very good at problem solving and loves jigsaws and warm coffee. He’s very fluffy but prone to angry outbursts from time to time.
I will be including him in my ask box so if you want to ask him any questions you can. My Donna box is still open as well, I’ve finally got it all set up, I’m just bored at the moment. I’m also open to rp, I’ve been nervous about it cause I’ve never roleplayed on tumblr but if anyone could help me I’d be quite happy.
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kiveentheheathen · 22 hours ago
Ethan: “That's it, I don't want to be in this castle anymore. THIS. PLAYDATE. IS. OVER”
Daniela: “W-wait! Where are you going?”
Ethan: “....TO FIND MY CHILD”
Bela: “It's faster if I drag you!” hooks leg and runs
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