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#did the other qs earlier <3
lovely-v · 4 days ago
4, 11 and 16 for the Tolkien ask thing :D -🌱
4. If you could have lunch with one character, who would it be and why?
I feel like the ONLY answer to this question is Sam because does he not canonically make the best food? cannot think of a character whose cooking goes off as much as his. remember when he made that soup? i do.
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kainetestament · a month ago
Pietro, no Fietro could still possibly be Peter from X-Men Universe… Maybe?
So as revealed in Episode 9 of WandaVision, the identity of Fietro is none other than Ralph Bohner, the husband Agness always mention, and a possible real resident of Westview. WV director Matt Shakman already clarified that the “Bohner” is actually a reference to his 80’s sitcom Growing Pains. But for many fans of Evan Peters, this “Bohner” joke didn’t play well and at the same time, let us breakdown everything that is wrong with this identity of Ralph Bohner and why he’s suspicious despite the claim of WandaVision writers/director that Evan Peters has nothing to do with the mutants or X-Men Universe, after all they always deny everything. They even mentioned that they had no idea that Evan Peters appearance will cause so many theories and everything, which I highly doubt, I mean come on, they made him play QuickSilver in WandaVision when he is QuickSilver himself only of another universe. I don’t dissed ATJ, I love this guy too from his Kickass, Godzilla movie (this is where I first encounter ATJ before his QS role in Avengers), but as a QS, Evan Peters top him, on my opinion at least, he even has his own QS commercials. Also, Evan Peters have more cool QS moments, the Kitchen scene VS the Age of Ultron overall, at least for me, I prefer the kitchen scene and the whiplash part. Anyhow, let us begin:
 Note: I edited this post to make this article more easier to read and added additional info.
1. Speculations roaming around that Ralph Bohner could be an aspiring actor because the picture is actually his headshot (which actually looks like his earlier AHS photos). I’m not going to debunk this possibility, but I do not believe it’s a headshot nor he’s an aspiring actor. Although true enough, the image does looks like of Evan Peters early AHS photos (kind of like Tate Langdon) – which is probably a reference to that, who knows.
2. The pile of papers on the side table. It is questionable why would your papers, a bill (a very old bill even - not folded or inside one of those envelopes) and your photos in plain sight where Monica – an outsider can see it? Almost as if you planned it all along and he wanted Monica to see it.
3. Necromancy vs Crystallum Possession. Necromancy is a dark arts of when the person (the Necromancer) can manipulate the dead body of the person, or summoning their spirit. Crystallum Possession however is also part of the dark arts but this time you are using an object (like crystals, gems, stones etc) that is embodied with the user’s spells to manipulate the wearer.
Agatha had told Wanda that what she does is a crystallum possession since necromancy is a no-no due to his brother’s body is on another continent, and since this Pietro died in 2014, it should now be bones, I think the “full of holes” remark is nothing more than a mocking remark, because if it’s not, then Marvel will probably have their own interpretation of Necromancy and Crystallum Possession, and this could probably go darker. And Ralph is wearing a bead necklace that is embedded with Agatha’s power. But is Agatha really in full control of Ralph? Honestly, I don’t think so. Why? Because in Episode 6, Peter said about Wanda’s costume “Worse than the costume mom made us the year we got typhus”, then she reminisced “that year”, and told him  “That’s not exactly how I remember it.” because in her universe, she isn’t wearing Halloween costume she thinks is worse and she didn’t deny about them getting typhus, so what are the odds of Agatha/Fietro getting that info if he is not Peter? Also, we don’t know how MARVEL will tell the story multiverse/alternate timelines (the Russo Brothers already claimed that they have their own way of telling this story), but if we are looking for a one generic rule, major life events will occur but will be told uniquely as per their universe, on this case Peter and Wanda did had a typhus, but in Peter’s world, his Wanda and him are probably wearing whatever cosplay outfit their mom made and in Wanda and Pietro are just wearing something simple, or it could be that Peter really just have a weird sense of style.
4. The WATER BILL. Now, this is a real bill, it is not part of Wanda’s illusion, this is Ralph’s actual water bill, because Ralph’s house was under Agatha’s spell, which makes it exempted from Wanda’s spell.  Also, if you go frame by frame, you can actually see the word “Water”, “PAST DUE” on the right column part of the bill, before it totally goes out of focus and you can only read the left side part, that also says “YOUR MONTHLY USAGE (1,000 GAL INCREMENTS)”, which further validates it’s a water bill, not a phone bill nor electricity bill as others actually claim. And here is the tricky part, the bill’s date. On the right side under the STATEMENT is the Account Information (using Arial font), it’s a bit hard to make out of it, but it’s actually an old bill. Before it becomes totally blurry, you can read the right part of the bill that says:
ACCOUNT:                      09-3476-12
BILL DATE:                     10/01/2020
DUE DATE:                     10/31/2020
If we go back to Infinity War, it takes place in June 2018. So that means that this Ralph Bohner survived the SNAP, but what could happen to him in year 2019-2020? Who knows, I don’t even know if I should care or not.
If we check on the usage chart – which is “not blurred” (it’s also in increments of 12 – 12/24/36/48/60), and I’ll just speculate on the numbers on the meter chart, so don’t take my word for it. Also, I don’t know what Marvel is planning or hinting by showing this insignificant 2020 bill, which also has confusing usage. (I’ll just use term like pcm – per cubic meter, so that it won’t just be plain numbers beside the month).
January - 6 pcm
February – 18 pcm
March – 6 pcm
April – 6 pcm
June – 6 pcm
July – 9 pcm
August – 13 pcm
September – 22 pcm
October – 34 pcm
(November and December have gray shade - similar to the one in month of Jan-May).
Again, I don’t know what’s the significance of not blurring this part of the bill while the right side column is properly blurred. And the confusing part of this bill, is the bill date is of 10/01/2020 – meaning Ralph had received this bill during the first week of October, but why is there already a usage for the full month of October, when usage should be only show up to the month of September? After the Account Information, there’s the
4             1963 (?)        09/01/20      *- - - -*          *- - - -*
The PREVIOUS actually looks like either 1063 or 1963, and oddly enough the first Avengers Comics was published on September 1, 1963, I don’t know if that’s a reference to that, but from my pov, it shouldn’t be because this series is inspired of House of M and a bit touch of West Coast Avengers, which was already reference by the SUV plate number in Episode 7. The CURRENT and DATE are both unreadable, I can only identify _ _ _ 2 in CURRENT and 0_/_ _/20 for the DATE after.
And let’s also not forget that outside the HEX, it is August 2023 and as per Episode 8, inside the HEX is currently year 2013 as shown in the auditorium behind the lighting after it explained how Wanda created Vision. I don’t know if this is a reference to something from the past MCU projects (X-Men even) or future franchise like Falcon and Winter Soldier, who knows, really. I just find it weird why they didn’t blurry the meter chart while the rest are. But why year 2020? Why isn’t this bill thrown out yet? Didn’t Monica notice that billing date of the bill?
5. The man-cave. The staff really transformed Fietro’s man-cave into very, very Peter-like (if he really is not Peter). I will list thing that are present and similar to what Peter of X-Men Universe room have. I’ll reference * (single asterisk) for Days of Future Past, ** (double asterisk) for Apocalypse, and *** (triple asterisk) for both films.
❀ comfortable couch***
❀ guitar*** 
❀ headphones***
❀ balls*
❀ lots of posters***
❀ bike***
❀ a bar**
❀ shoes on the floor**
❀ different types of drinks (non alcoholic)***
Also, lots of silver/metallic items such as:
❀ silver lamp**
❀ silver TV
❀ silver house ventilation tubes
❀ silver pillowcases (looks gray on other angles)
❀ silver mini fridge
❀ silver microwave oven
❀ silver rack (where TV and speaker stands)    
❀ silver wristwatch*
❀ video games*** (both PS & XBox)
and even something that looks like a stolen goods like the Tiki Bar plaque, Tiger head.
This Fietro is basically just missing the goggles, I did my best to look for it (like on those detective games that instructs you to find this and that *lol*), but there’s really none *laugh*. Also, I just noticed the arrangement of his man-cave – single-seat couch** > small side table with a lamp** > 3-seater couch (the Apocalypse has an L-shape couch though) > a middle coffee table**, this arrangement is similar to Peter’s man-cave in Apocalypse which can be slightly seen when his mom came down saying “Just checking on you” (you can watch it at starting point 1:02:55, at least on my copy), you just need to look for proper timing because a few of those shots are out of focus probably due to her obviously looking somewhere reading her lines that are raised besides the camera, which became even more obvious  when she did a close up shot when she told him “But trust me, this won’t end well. Nothing does with him.” 
Also, in Episode 5, when Peter first made an appearance, the leather jacket he’s wearing is eerily similar to the one he’s wearing in his cameo appearance in Deadpool 2 (we only got the glimpse of the front of the jacket in Deadpool but the front side of his jacket in WandaVision is identical). Though I find it weird too that his hair color switch from silver to light ash blonde.
6. Ralph is the guy under witness protection? I doubt it, although honestly at first I considered maybe he is, but after a few thinking, it doesn’t lead to it, because if he’s in witness protection, and the person who is managing him forgets him because of Wanda, FBI database should still at least have a photo of him to be able to identify him, and Jimmy in episode 7 saw Peter and never commented about him being their missing guy. As we all know, the house is under the name Ralph Bohner, who we can assume survived the SNAP and possibly left that house in September 2020. If he had left the house way back in 2020, why does Agent Woo or FBI rather only checked it now? Also, if Ralph Boner is indeed the guy under witness protection, it is the FBI that pays off their bill, on this case, the Water Bill was past due even if it was an old bill, so I don’t think he is.
7. Does Ralph Boner really exist? This is actually something that I have given some thought. Because if we think of QuickSilver, one of his abilities as per comics is his Quick Intelligence. His mind process a lot of things much faster than an average person. Peter spying on everyone and pretending to be someone else in an unknown world is not surprising, let alone using everything he can take advantage of. It can be that the bill is fake and there is really no Ralph Bohner, or just like what I mentioned in #7, he could’ve possibly left in September 2020 and hasn’t returned yet, and Peter assumes this identity to avoid suspicion.
If we are to assume he really is Peter Maximoff of X-Men Universe (Earth-TRN414) and crossed over to Earth-616, I did consider this could also be the house where he lives as per his universe and just so happens that Ralph Bohner is the current owner of the house in this MCU. Also, Xavier Institute is located in NY and in Days of Future Past, they only drove from NY to his house via rental car, which we can assume that he doesn’t live that far from NY, after all NY and NJ are neighbors.
8. Also this has nothing to do with Ralph/Fietro, but something I noticed, that the outside anomaly or outside of Westview – about the selective amnesia has yet to be answered. It only explained that Wanda is manipulating the people INSIDE, but not the ones outside the HEX. What actually come to mind when I think about it is that it can be a work by a TELEPATH which can be either Charles Xavier or Emma Frost (no Jean Grey? Yes I excluded her). What I am actually thinking is that the person under witness protection is a spy sent by Charles or possibly working with him. He could have implanted false memory to the so called “family and friends”, so when the HEX was established, the strings got cut off hence no one could remember this “missing person” anymore, and Jimmy who has nothing to do with this “missing person” is not affected by the selective amnesia and assumes the responsibility of looking for him. And assuming Charles is the telepath who altered their memories of the people outside of Westview, he probably has done it as a precaution since he couldn’t contact his spy or “missing person” and wouldn’t take the risk of endangering the resident who were happened to be outside the HEX when Wanda establishes it.
These are just some of the things I find that doesn’t make sense with Ralph’s identity. But we’ll just leave it at that. I still really want James McAvoy back as Charles Xavier and Michael Fassbender as Magneto, since both Sir Ian McKKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart did mention they’re done with their role. And I feel that it’s too risky to use them since they are in their 80’s now, I don’t know them personally but it gives me some sorts of paranoia *laughs* thinking they might get injured.
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rrosetea · 6 months ago
smartwatch review Casio 95QS-31 Vintage Chronograph Watch Guide & Review
Today we are looking at the 95 qs 31, a watch that was released in 1979 from 1976 to 1980. Castro released their watches with a product number that was dictated by the module number. So, in this case, the 95 qs 31 had the 95 module. Now, in my years of collecting catia watches i’ve been able to identify eight models which carried a 95 module, bearing in mind that there are variations to pretty much. All of these then it’s quite an extensive range for the 95s. In the case of this one, the qs31, there are two variations that i’m aware of, and there may even be a third gold variation if you’ve ever picked up. One of these vintage casio watches the first thing that you probably noticed is the build quality. It is exceptional. It has this stainless steel case with a mineral glass crystal now. If you pick one up and it’s in mint condition or you’re able to restore it to mint condition, then you really get to appreciate the quality of these watches. So, on the right hand, side you have two polished, stainless steel, pushers and on the left, you have one protruding pusher and one inset adjust pusher. So the stainless steel continues into the bracelet it’s a chain link flexible bracelet, with a trifold clasp that has the casio logo on the buckle. So these are not the easiest to adjust, but if you want to adjust them, you need to remove the pins from the buckle here and select one of the other holes to make it bigger or smaller and, as you can see, uh it closes up very securely.
I seem to be having a bit of difficulty with this, so now that it’s open, you can clearly see the mechanism for the trifold and, as we look into the back of the watch, you can see that the dome stainless steel back actually clips onto a resin Piece and removing one of these backs is actually a fairly straightforward affair of just prying it off with a watchback remover. However, putting it back on is not so straightforward and needs to clip securely into the resin back. This particular watch when i got it had the case glued on the previous owner, obviously had difficulty trying to click that into place so there’s the adjust holes that i was talking about earlier. So let’s move on to setting the date and time of this watch. For this, you’ll need some kind of blunt implement that can push the adjust button, because it’s inset to a point that you can’t actually use your finger. So for this i’ll be using a watch. Band pin remover so push the adjust button and the seconds will start to flash and with the seconds flashing we can press the bottom right to reset them back to zero. If you’re past 30 seconds, then the minute advances, otherwise it will just stay where it is. Then press bottom left and it selects the hour and again we use the bottom right to adjust the hours it has an am and pm indicator at the bottom left corner.
Now we go on to the minutes and we’ll set this for 3 30. press. The bottom left again and we get the year select, so we start off with 1970, but can you guess where the last year is on this watch? Did you guess that it would be 60 years so we set this back to? Unfortunately, we do have to press the button individually but it’s, not that much of a drawback to repeat the cycle. We press the bottom left and change the month to june and press it again for the date and we’ll set this to the 15th. And finally, we get to select the day of the week and we’ll set this to wednesday, so that is the final setting. So we’ll grab our little tool again and press the adjust button to return back to proper time keeping mode. So, with the time set, let’s go ahead and check out the backlight on this. So, as you can see, the micro light actually lights up pretty well and illuminates most of the screen, which is pretty decent for a watch of this age. So let’s move on check out the stopwatch or chronograph, so we use the bottom right button to start and stop the stopwatch and we can use the light button to get a lap time and lap appears in the middle of the screen at the bottom press. It again to resume the time and we press it again to get the lap time, but when we press the stop, we can see the two times 1607 and 1894.
press it again to reset. So this watch also comes with dual time so again to adjust this. We press the adjust button with our magic tool, so in this mode, you’ll notice that the dual time and the hours are flashing and you are not able to reset the seconds for obvious reasons. It will actually disrupt your regular timekeeping mode. So we use the bottom right, set it to 9 p.m and we’ll set the minutes to Music 33. Now we get our tool again and press the adjust button to lock that in place and press the bottom left again, and that brings us back to timekeeping mode. That pretty much completes the functions of the watch. With the exception of the date which press and hold at the bottom right, so let’s check this out on my wrist. So the watch fits just fine on my seven inch wrist. You can see that the band has a really good width to it and the buckle has been adjusted to fit perfectly on my wrist, and the good thing is that again, this band does not pull on my hairs and i must say it actually looks pretty darn Stunning, what a beautiful vintage timepiece! So it has a really decent weight of 51 grams, making it a particularly comfortable watch to wear so i’ll. Give the functionality of this watch a four: a practicality: seven quality of nine relative and collectibility of 8.. This gives a total score of 6.
4 out of 10.. If you’re looking for a vintage, casio watch that was built to last, then the 95 qs31 is a must to add to your collection, an online resource states that the watch had a price tag of 40, which, if correct, was a mid range watch. It doesn’t have an alarm which in 1979 was high tech, so this made the watch affordable and was one of eight in the range. Therefore, the 95 series is quite a common vintage casio and can be found for reasonably good prices in good condition. Even though it doesn’t have many features, you would have to part with some serious money to buy a casio today, with this build quality with its straightforward layout and that beautiful classic casio blue on the dial. This is a definite pickup for a collector. Do you own a 95 series casio? If so, let us know in the comments below and tell us if you agree with my comments. Also, if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing and click that bell.
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purple-ktj · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
1 - Do you think the taejin spring day moment in mots on:e where tae literally scurried into jin's arms and standing and swinging in their own world are like them taking a revenge for making them stand at the opposite sides of the stage at bangbangcon+++ given up all the hopes of seeing anymore taejin moments in on:e. but then during no more dream tae didnt let go of jin's hand. then spring day happened again and when tae went or jin's belly >_< I cant just contain myself. pretty much when i thought ok thats it for us we arent getting more then tae melted into jin's arms, this literally made me cry. and then finally during the last bow they stood side by side...ahh my tj heart finds its peace now... what was your reaction of mots on:e
Me - Nope. Don’t think it’s that deep. They were a lot more relaxed and playful on day 2 to have skinship with each other on stage. As usual, Taejin’s moments tend to hit us like a truck when we least expect it. Time and time again, they’ve showed us how significant and special Spring Day is for the both of them. I watched both days, absolutely loved it. Although I’m just waiting for a proper offline concert soon :(
2 - My Mom too is an Army. JK is her bias. Jin & Yoongi took the longest to impress her. She knows that Tae is my fav. She has watched all BTS MVs, stage performances, some run episodes (I watched all), full Soop series, interviews, etc but not any Exclusive ship videos. She could tell about Jikook very early. Last night, she was praising all but forgot Jin. When I got offended, the most unexpected thing happened. She said " Jin is talented & Tae can even Die for him". She could tell🤤 Taejin? When my Mom said those words " Tae can even Die or Give away His Life for Jin", I couldn't respond for a while. I was so emotionally surprised. There are times when I doubt Taejin ( till mid 2019, I used to get confused with Jin's gay panic) then Jin became bolder & more expressive & Tae became subtle only around Jin While he continued to show open affection to JK & others. I doubted Tae's feelings towards Jin. I guess married people know better. My Mom's words truly surprised me.
Me - Jin gay panicking hahaha. It’s vice versa, both of them love each other so much that they’d protect each other with their lives. And we’ve seen it plenty of times. Personally I can’t tell with Jikook at all, they confuse me a lot. Perhaps she knows more since JK is her bias?
3 - As much as frustrated we taejinnies are that taejin never get to share a room do you think anything will happen even if they are together? like throughout the nights every room has cameras set up and they are recorded so probably except sleep-hugging i dont think they would be able to/allowed to do anything right? The closest time they can have in private is the tent where there is no camera inside. luckily BV3 already gave us that moment and tae also said it was spcl for him. what do you think?
Me - Well… I don’t expect anything except some cute interactions and maybe some cuddling? They’re all adults and know better. As for the tent, that is one special unusual exception. Namjoon sitting outside, the other tent wide open, Taejin’s tent zipped shut tight, the odd movements of the tent, and “I’ll never forget that night. It was special”... I have my guesses but the truth remains a big fat “?”. 
4 - I am totally in love with your blog. What a waste I dint find it earlier!! I have two things to ask...1. I have read that you write slowly but eventually you are going to complete the 2018 19 20 chronology too right? I just cant wait after seeing the previous years compilation.
Me - Eventually I will, hehe. There’s just… so much to archive in chronological order. Don’t worry, my blog isn’t going anywhere! 
5 - Srry fr asking ths late I ws jst going through ur posts nd suddenly one qs striked me. I fully agree on the taejin chronology u posted so it is most likely they hv definitely grown a lot intimate by 2017 fr sure. BV3 took place in 2018. During tht chat wth hobi jin seemed to be aware of whn T will be arriving so they must hv been in cntct. Even they went fr tht water activity together. They got plenty of chances fr J to let T know his room as J knew how T's room will be decided so why didnt he?
Me - I’m not sure either. I think they all just played by the rules. If Tae knew and marched straight into his room, it might have been obvious and the others might have been able to tell that he snitched? Their arrangement in BV3 is a game meant to make the show interesting so there are rules in place. Probably. 
6 - In one of your post you said you visited bts concert at jamsil stadium where the so what chest bump happened and it just finished off in a whiff. Apart from so what did you notice any other taejin moment during the show cz the concert videos we see only focuses on the one who is speaking while the rest are not shown specifically. So when they were not on main screen did you notice any cute or subtle moments live?
Me - I saw Tae or Jin hovering around the other a couple of times near my area but besides that nothing much. Also it was my first BTS concert. I was focused on just enjoying it as a whole. There was just so much going on and it all happened so fast I didn’t really have time to pause and think about Taejin except during So What. 
7 - While going though your posts I found out your bias was yoongi at first. But judging by your elaborate blog how you dont miss out taejin moments I would like to ask has your bias changed or is it still yoongi?
Me - After a lengthy discussion with my army friend, we came to the conclusion that Yoongi is still the closest to my heart. His lyrics make me cry the hardest. And also keeps me going and moving forward. 
8 - Would love to read about a compilation of all taejin spring day and dna moments like the one you made of so what!!
Me - I would love to stop procrastinating and do that too… 
9 - What are your top ten bts songs? I mean for me it happened many times after a special moment happens in any song during their performance automatically that song sticks into my head more and thus it climbs up towards the top my favourite bts songs list. This may be just only my heavily taejin biased mind but dis this ever happen to you also?
Me - Top ten… is really hard. Impossible to choose. Hmmm I fell in love with Spring Day and So What before I knew about Taejin. 
10 - What's your take on taejin frequently matching clothes on stage during concerts? Yes all of them get similar outfits but I find taejin clothes to be almost giving out couple vibes on stage even. Lol. Probably I am at highest level of delulu.
Me - Yeah, recently they all match more so it’s harder to say but of course my Taejin bias self would say they have a couple vibe too hahaha. 
Tumblr media
11 - Do you ever daydream like maybe BH is cutting off all the taejin videos not to expose them now but all are actually aware of them even officially and someday when they come out maybe BH will release all these cut moments or make it into a lovely dvd? Yeah just like taejin live in their own bubble world amidst thousands watching them I am going to think about this in my bubble world now.
Me - Lol I shall not pop your Taejin bubble. Have fun xD
12 - Hey, I was wondering what exactly you meant when Taejin got physically involved with each other before labeling their relationship?? I’ve seen a few times on your blog and I was wondering what that meant.
Me - I meant they may have been friends with benefits before they decided to be exclusive- boyfriends/lovers. (Again please take this with a grain of salt, this is only my view/perspective based on what I’ve observed)
13 - Was rewatching BV3 and noticed something what do you think about this please tell-When V arrived in malta he was wearing a black tee and he also had no money to buy anything. When he went for the water skiing he wore 'I love malta' tee which was the same as jin and suga bought before. Since suga left maybe he gave his tee to V but considering how he had an emergency and V never went to the accomodation till night it doesnt seem plausible. Can it be jin who bought the tee for V and gave it to him? Secondly it always seems V and Jin keep in touch via texting during these shoots(jin knowing when V will arrive, V losing his bag, etc) why didnt just Jin let V know the room jinmin were sharing since even after discussing so much about it over lunch taejin even went together for the water ski so there must have been plenty chances. This pretty much makes me think the room arrangements are always scripted, What do you say?
Me - Never thought of that before. Could be? Yoon/jin could have given him the shirt to change into since he was going to do water activities. I don’t think it’s scripted (or maybe to a minor extent to keep the entertainment value) but the boys themselves choose not to interfere with the game? 
14 - What are your thoughts about YoonJin? They really vibe well together imo. Ofc, I love Taejin; otherwise, I wouldn't be here. I was just wondering because I saw you say YoonJin had a special place in your heart on Curious Cat.
Me - Yoonjin’s soulmate-ry is something I related to on a personal level. Also because my MBTI type is the same as theirs, INTP. They silently but fiercely protect and appreciate each other. They love each other like old married couples do, I feel. A lot of trust, admiration, can easily fall back and rely on one another. They have a really good spiritual and mature connection? A very stable and compatible pair. And also love the fact that Yoongi becomes babier around Jin. 
15 - "what are we going to do taehyung-ah? do you want me to tell them to interview you?" this is one of the softest taejin moments ever. seokjin wanted to cheer taehyung up so bad and he was willing to go to the interviewers and ask them to interview taehyung just so he could say the ment he prepared. he then proceeded to interview him himself just to make him smile and it worked and taehyung stopped sulking and seokjin had the sweetest smile and proudest face. he loves his taehyungie so much 😭
Me - And he has constantly been doing so throughout the years. It’s so soft, Jin is that sort of boyfriend who would jump through hoops to make sure Tae’s happy. I love them so much. 
16 - seokjin asking taehyung to look pretty for the camera and tae doesnt want to at first but when seokjin counts down he does it with no second thoughts.. and seokjin's fond smile.. theyre in love
Me - They’re very in love. Also Tae said a lot so why was the sound muted when he was ‘arguing’ with Jin? 
17 - something about the way taehyung called seokjin jwan 😭 he said it in such a soft way with the biggest smile and he is just the babiest at this point.. and the way he said that instead of boo because it sound like voo and he was so happy with his little joke PLEASE this was so so so cute and jwan is such a cute nickname
Me - Biggest baby with his puppy round eyes. If they ever go on vlive and start calling each other Voo and Jwan consider me dead. 
18 - i love how seokjin always makes sure taehyung gets to say what he wanted to no matter what, and he does it so naturally.. he will urge him during interviews, during lives, etc, he will practice with him, hype him, pretend to interview him and will turn the whole world around just so taehyung will get to say his words. and he is so proud when he does.. i also love how taehyung practices with seokjin, he knows he is both rooting for him and pretty fluent in english. i love these moments so much 🥺
Me - Me too. They make sure they express how much they love and support each other no matter what and going the extra mile to show it. They’re so incredibly soft.
19 - i do believe taejin are dating at this point but even if theyre not theres no doubt in me that taehyung is head over hills in love with seokjin, and seokjin has the biggest soft spot ever for taehyung and his eyes are dripping with fondness. either way, taejin is beautiful.
Me - Either way, Taejin is so in love. Beautiful couple in and out.
20 - I do think BH treats taejin differently compared to other ships,but I feel the more they cut taejin scenes, the more obvious they’re making it. Yoongi can hold Tae’s belt but Jin can’t and the abrupt cut is way too obvious. I wonder how their editing goes like how they decide which scenes to include and all, it still amuses me how they cut off the scene where Jin was abt to hold Tae’s belt but included the scene where tae calls Jin husband, btw love ur work, stay happy and safe
Me - I wonder how their editing works too. It could be something or could be nothing deep. Thank you <3
Tumblr media
21 - Before the Run ep got aired, i was like Tae would be happy cuz Jin is the teacher instead of being in opposite team. And i was right 😁 Even in behind the scenes, even when he's wrong, his smile never leaves and he keeps doing stuff to get Jin's attention. Who is also enjoying having his Tae in the front~ 🤭 This run ep was a treat to all senses really, especially with Jin being the handsome teacher we all want and their hilarious bickering like real students 🤭~ 😁
Me - Tae was happy to be looking straight at his teacher the entire class sitting in front hahaha. He was so eager and excited and they were all so cute. I lost it when Jin cheated him of the correct answer while they were making eye contact but he was still so happily bragging about it. “The teacher gave me the wrong answer while we flirted!! :DD”
22 - I've been wondering this question for a while, sorry if u already mentioned it, my memory's not great. Do you think Taejin will ever come out, like properly? They've been so domestic and confident in 2020. Don't you think, if anyone would bring change to the taboo around LGBT in Korea, it would be BTS? They're so big and influential now I feel like they could change things. Maybe I've got my head in the clouds, but … I hope so. One day.
Me - Their boldness and domesticity to me is because their relationship seems more or less stable, as compared to before. They’re happier now and it shows. BTS is big and influential and broke barriers and created history, but the sad fact is that they’re still very much subjected to xenophobia, racism and all sorts of prejudice. There will always be antis awaiting their downfall. Granted if there’s anyone to ‘break’ this taboo surrounding LGBT, it could be them, but probably not now? After winning the Grammys and after they hold another world tour maybe?  Idk. Even if they don’t, they still have impacted and saved millions of lives across the world. Let’s see what the future holds for BTSARMY. 
23 - Hi I'm new to this app. I recently discovered it from reading your analysis which I love by the way and decided to become a member of this app thanks to you. I had watched a taejin video concerning who's more possessive V or Jin? Personally could you please explain to me who do you think is the most possessive out of Taejin?
Me - Hi! I think both are equally so? Tae may be more obvious and direct about it while Jin is more subtle but both of them seem to be on the same page regarding this matter. 
24 - Hi. I love your blog so much & i myself have no doubt that Taejin are in a relationship, but i am curious about when you first had suspicions towards Taejin, did you also observe all other BTS ships? Or did you just observe Taejin exclusively?
Me - When I saw that SMA hug in 2018 after watching Burn the Stage I thought something was off. I didn’t observe any particular pairings but I saw the popular pairing compilation and crack videos. Sope, Namjin, Taekook, Jikook, Vmin and Yoonjin? And HopexML. Didn’t watch Taejin at all. 
Do you think Taejin is the only romantic ship in BTS? Or are there any other ships that you have suspicions of as well?
Me - Just Taejin. I am curious about Jikook but not curious enough to observe them closer. 
Because i have some questions regarding Yoonmin, Jikook, & Sope. And since your bias is/was Yoongi, i wanted to hear your opinion on this since you always try to be as objective as possible. I've always thought all other BTS ships besides Taejin was platonic, but i can't be too sure about Yoonmin. I see Sope as best friends with extremely good chemistry, & eventhough i see tension & romantic potential btwn Jikook, for me Jikook seems like they haven't cross the platonic line yet. Jikook to me seems like either it's one-sided pining, mutual pining, or they are just friends who are extremely comfortable with flirting with eachother. But...i'm not too sure about Yoonmin? What are your thoughts about them? Have you ever been suspicious of them or you just don't feel there's anything to be suspicious about btwn them? How would you describe Yoonmin's relationship?
Me - I agree with you that Sope is 100% platonic best friends with amazing chemistry. 
Jikook confuses me a lot. When I think about lack of boundaries, I think Vmin, Jinkook and Taekook. These are platonic-lack-of-boundaries pairs. Jikook is kind of one level above this category? They’re very free and don’t restrict themselves but they also don’t have that “nervousness” or “awkwardness” like Taejin does. I don’t know where they belong. Rather than being comfortable with flirting, it’s like flirting is their “default” mode? Yeah I don’t know, it’s confusing. I have never been suspicious of Yoonmin… don’t think there’s anything suspicious between them? They tease each other a lot? 
Another question (i'm so sorry), what are your thoughts about Jungkook? To me i find him the hardest to understand since he's not my bias & because he's just so talented in almost anything he does that it makes me unable to relate to him at all. His behavior towards Jin, Jimin & Taehyung makes me go ???????? sometimes because they are pretty questionable. Like... it's impossible for him to harbour some sort of feelings towards all of his three hyungs right???? So my head just hurts sometimes thinking what Jungkook is doing. His tattoos; with purple heart & crown near "V", "J" being on his ring finger and yet "JM" is also near his ring finger, him eating the ramen Taehyung spat out during eatJin, him kissing Jin's ankle (though he maybe did it just as a joke), his whole GCF in Tokyo with Jimin....i could go on and on about the weird things Jungkook does. Jungkook is absolutely bizarre to me & I have no idea how his brain works.
Me - If you say it like that, then I’ll have to say he’s “questionable” towards all of his hyungs. Take the tattoo out of this equation, his tattoo is meant for BTSARMY. JK is probably the one and only one who has zero boundaries with all his hyungs? Because he’s their baby, all of them. Don't forget that he's lived with them since he was 15. I don't think he's bizarre at all, it's just the way he's extremely comfortable around all of them. As an elaboration of my opinion above, the fact that JK seeks out Jimin and spends their time a lot together off camera is special to Jikook in the way Taejin is special because you can see Tae wants to "EatJin". They're impossibly close, in many aspects. Again, I'm going to emphasise that this does not mean I'm implying Jikook is exclusively romantic. They have a special bond, I don’t know what it could be, they confuse me but I think that the amount of time they spend together, not just as BTS is special. 
I apologise for sending this type of ask here instead of your Tumblr but because your Tumblr is a Taejin centric blog i didn't know if it would be appropriate to ask there so i sent it here instead. If possible i would love to hear your opinion on this. Sorry for such a lengthy ask, but if you're unable to answer this i totally understand as well. It's just that you're one of those few people in the fandom that i really trust with having a clear thought since you observe BTS dynamic as a whole.
Thanks in advance 💜💜💜🥺
Me - Yeah I kind of broke my own rule lol but it was interesting to think about. No problem I had fun with your question 😄 I am rather intrigued about the Yoonmin part? It never crossed my mind. 
25 - You know, i've seen some ARMYs who are genuinely confused about which ship to believe in.
For example, the sleeping arrangements in the SOOP, they watched the Namjin analysis video and then they watched the Taejin analysis video & they say they don't know which one to believe in.
Do you have any tips for these poor souls so that they can find the answers themselves?
Thanks in advance. Also if this ask belongs in the Tumblr compilation more than this place then feel free to paste this ask there instead.
Me - I'm just an anon ranting about Taejin here 😅 ... Errr, there's no rule you need to ship anyone? We're here for BTS and their music after all. YouTube analysis videos mess with my brain more than anything, I'd rather watch the actual video. Otherwise it's totally cool to casually ship any pairings you like. If I wasn't into Taejin I'd probably casually be into Yoonjin and Jinkook. 
26 - Hello! In response to anon's ask about JK's influence on Taejin's relationship, I think despite all of them alr being in their 20s, Jk will always be treated as the maknae by Jin and Tae (and other members). Both will coddle him and give him a free pass for many things simply because he is their "baby" brother. I think because of JK's maknae status and Taejin's innate affection for him, taejin aren't opposed to showing PDA with him (and in front of each other no less). I think Tae is less jealous about Jinkook PDA as compared to Namjin or any other pairing. Similarly, beside with Tae, Jin doesn't seem that outwardly affectionate (e.g. back hugs) to other members except Jk. In defence of taekook's friendship, I don't think they are "not close" but their friendship is certainly different. Older members like Tae might not confide about their troubles and inner thoughts with Jk simply because he has less life experiences and seemingly less wise. Their relationship is probably less deep, but they get along v well on more light hearted things and that's great as well.
Sorry my comment is so damn long, but I guess this brings me the point where Taejin's relationship is definitely not brotherly especially when Jin treats Tae so differently/partially compared to the other dongsaengs. If Tae was just a brother figure to Jin like the others, putting myself in the shoes of say Jimin and Jk, I would feel quite jealous and upset that Jin showers Tae with much more attention and affection.
Me - I think you explained it really nicely 😄 thank you! Also because JK has been through a lot and matured so much faster than his peers did at a young age, his hyungs would want to ensure that he’s taken care of and loved at all times instead of unloading their worries on him. 
27 - I am a new taejinnie and I was reading your blog in the past few days, I have to say the amount of info is a bit overwhelming even if you do make a really good job at posting stuff in chronological order, so it becomes truly helpful. But I have seen a bit of misinformation by you, and many other taejinnies have done it in the past, which is a bit concerning to me. I am not going to name all of them, but I am curious about one in particular, tae's wallpaper in that paris vhope vlive. Why do you say with such conviction that it's Jin in the photo? Other shippers claim to be someone else and I even saw others saying that it's tae himself. I see no resemblance to the jin photo by naver, since jin's sleeve is much looser and the person in tae's pic seems to be holding smth like a camera and also has a watch on his wrist. I have noticed that taejinnies tend to hype some moments that we don't have proof of and get spread around but then are proven to be wrong. Some of those are the blanket kick "kiss", the "saranghe"  from the so what moment, the bon voyage "matching" tattoos, this jin wallpaper, to name just a few. I don't like us to be like taekookers, so I'd love to only take into account the things that are solid proof and not stuff we wish for it to be there. Maybe some would say that this is not that deep and I shouldn't take it so seriously, but if we are to say that taejin really are a hidden gay couple, then we need to back this up with info that can be proven and not just by our wishful thinking.
Me - I’ll be honest, your message rubs me off the wrong way. I do not care what other shippers say or think, if you have watched the VHope vlive and think it’s not true, that’s fine. If you haven’t watched it, please do so and form your own conclusions. I do not assert that my opinion is correct, and I have said plenty of times to take my content with a large pinch of salt, read at your own discretion. This is a blog where I free my thoughts and fangirl Taejin and put up some topics for discussion. Not a place for people to verify facts about Taejin. Tae’s wallpaper in Vhope’s vlive has a strong resemblance to Jin in the White Day photoshoot by Dispatch, but it is likely not a photo taken by Dispatch but his own camera phone. In other words it’s his own photo of Jin in that same setting during the actual photoshoot. 
28 - One of the moments which made me a taejininie was the ending of dimple at 5th muster magic shop but after watching the performances of all 4 days I realised that moment may be a fanservice as it was enacted on 2nd day of both busan and seoul. Also if you follow jin's fancam on seoul 2nd day as the lights went out he winked at tae which might indicate this was all planned maybe? My bubble has burst. Help me!!!😭😭😭😭😭
Me - I think perhaps you should look more into their stage and concert performances and concert DVDs to have a better understanding of their bold and loud moments on stage. At one glance, any of their on stage moments can look like mere fanservice. This is one thing I find difficult to explain, it’s easier once you have a better grasp of their dynamics on and off stage. Take a look at my So What post, that might help. If you’ve observed Taejin enough you’ll know they don’t do stuff just to please others. 
29 - I want to say something to taejinnies who keep worrying about them, so this won't be an ask, but my pov. 
So a while back I used to get really insecure about them whenever they had their more quiet moments. But actually, there's something that most of us have noticed and it's very important when talking about taejin as a couple: that we rarely have "in-between" moments, it's mostly just hot or cold with them. And you talked about it too before, but I just think we need to repeat this thing to taejinnies who lose faith, at least once in a while. There's a reason taejin was the first ship, but also a reason why other armys really can't see them. It's always tkk, vmin, jinkook and lately vhope, but it's always been taejin. If armys would pay attention to the important things, taejin would definitely stand out. From singing a love ost together, to always being side by side behind the scenes, sharing the two seats of a couch or riding a bus, always together, sometimes even stuck shoulder to shoulder. They don't need to do loud things to prove anything to anyone, it should be obvious by now how biased they are for each other. If this doesn't prove that they're romantically involved, it at least proves that they are the closest members in bts. They've been so constant during all these years, basically the only bts ship to actually be this visibly close, but annoyingly for us, invisible to others, for some weird reason. Why do you guys think that most of the questionable thing tae has done are with jin? And how come Jin is soft only with tae, out of all the boys in the group? He compares him with flowers, his touches are gentle, his eyes speak volumes. Tae on the other hand takes care of Jin like he does no other, he loses the formalities with jin the most, and he doesn't shy away to always declare his fondness and love for jin. I have no idea why all this just evaporates whenever taejin become more quiet, but it should be logical to every taejinnie that if these things have lasted for 8+ years, they will last even more. They're at the age where friendships and bonds don't break that easily.
So please trust our taejin and don't expect them to always have moments just to please us, and please don't go around saying that taejin "broke up". At the end of the day, I trust that their bond is forever.
Me - I agree with you so much :) there are so many loud and subtle moments caught on camera but we forget that we don’t see the “in between” or them just alone together being themselves. There is just so much more to them that we haven’t seen and don’t know about. Yet time and time again, they have always shown how tight knit they really are. I trust that their bond is forever too.
30 - To this day, I cannot convince myself that the Burn The Stage fight was just that. They were not arguing over the choreography, no. The choreography seemed to trivial of a reason for what happened and what was said. There had to be more to it, some context from the past. It seemed like a bottle up over a long period which then poured out with the choreography as an excuse. Not to forget, the clip was, of course, edited. I am also not convinced that the "make-up" they had on camera was it. They probably talked for sometime by themselves later and may or may not have taken sometime to get back to their regular dynamics. I also feel that Jimin came to retrieve them because he knew or at lease felt like their was more to this fiasco and did not want things to be said on camera.
Me - Bits of the fight was cut and some parts didn’t really match, it was edited to show only the choreography issue for the documentary. I wrote a whole post about it, do read it! 
Tumblr media
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heath-ur · 7 months ago
00Q Kinktober - Day 2
Prompt List ; Ao3
Pairing: Alec Trevelyan x Q  Prompt: Blowjobs Warnings: Smut, No Beta
Eve Moneypenny came into the beginning of this chapter like a 500 word wrecking ball. Sorry not sorry. 
Eve had to drag Q out of Q branch kicking and screaming not even an hour ago. But now that Q is here, with a few fruity cocktails coasting through his veins and the electronic beat pulsing in his chest, he can admit that Eve is his favorite. 
He grins over his drink at her to yell so as to be heard over the club music, “You’re my favorite!”
Eve laughs and tips his drink towards his face and into his mouth using her agent ninja-moves. “I know!” She shouts back and slams the glass full of colourful ice (the remains of his drink) on the bartop she had threatened to murder a fratboy for when they had first arrived. She abandons the position like she abandons anything that loses her attention; with a sharp about-face and bouncing curls. She drags Q with her into the throng of dancing bodies. 
At the start of a new beat, she spins him around like a top exactly once before plastering herself against his back, leading their hips into some abso-fucking-lutely dirty grinding. Despite her lacking the anatomy he’s attracted to, she still makes him groan. “I don’t suppose you enjoy pegging!?” Q asks loudly in her closest ear. 
She grins and cackles. “No comment, Q. We’re not here for me! We’re here to get you laid!” The music swells and they continue to grind and sway. 
Q opens his mouth to respon -- Eve cuts him off. “Bond doesn’t count; you didn’t even get to see his cock! And besides, that was nearly nearly a month ago!”  
Q frowns. Had it really been that long? He counts missions with his fingers held in front of him, ticking them off to the beat while Eve watches with fondness over his shoulder, hands wrapping fully around his waist. Okay, she has a point. He waives his hands forward while resting the majority of his weight against her. “Carry on then! Get me laid!” 
Of course the song changes to something lower at the last sentence, making the couples around them look up in amusement. Eve laughs and wags her eyebrows at them. “Well? Any takers for this leggy boffin?!” She spins him around to the beat once more. He’s given some appraising looks that get his blood pulsing in a different kind of beat than the music. But in the end, Eve moves them slightly to their 3’oclock when a man doesn’t step forward. 
She spins Q to face her, subtly framing his arse with her hands to those that are looking while they continue to dance. Q gets so lost in the music that he almost doesn’t realize when she fumbles a grind. 
“Is that. . .” Eve starts. Q gracefully spins to put his back to her again, throwing a hand up behind him and into her curls for no good reason except they feel nice. He flicks his glance to the wall she was watching and hums long and low in his throat at the eyefull of blond agent he finds. 
“It is indeed, Miss Moneypenny,” He murmurs his response so that the agent can’t read his lips - lips he is certainly looking at. Q licks the edges of his teeth, mouth open to make sure the entire show is visible. The man’s eyes darken considerably. Q shivers. 
“How? Was his mission finally completed?” Eve mutters into his neck. 
Q rolls his shoulders and hips in a shrug that just happens to match the music, taking his own weight back, subtly loosening her hold on him. “Very possible. I haven’t been monitoring. I do know he hasn’t reported in yet. But, let's get back on topic; I thought we were focused on getting me laid.” He makes sure to enunciate his mouth for that part. The blond begins moving forward through the dance floor. Q preens.
He hears Eve draw in breath to say something. Q spins around quickly, putting a little more space between them as he presses a finger against her lips. “Hush. Let me enjoy this.” He looks back over his shoulder at the blond slowly approaching and licks his lips, wiggles his hips in a little shimmy to the music.  
Moneypenny rolls her eyes. “You and your thing about blonds. Use protection. Call me when you get home.” She cuts one last glance towards the impressive figure only a few steps away now. “And give me the details in the morning!” She shouts, most definitely too loud and without shame as she backs away and gives one little sarcastic salute to the approaching man as she makes her way out of the club. 
The man slides up behind Q, pressing their forms together, knees to shoulders, hands loose at Q’s hips. . . for now. He leads them into a grind even more delicious than Eve’s had been. But that was probably Q’s bias, since this one had a half-hard cock sliding against his arse. He didn’t bother stopping his groan or the thump of his head on the man’s shoulder. 
“Poor kitten,” the man murmurs roughly in his ear. “You just need something fierce, don’t you?” 
Q nods his head against the blonds shoulder. The music picks up again into something hard and throbbing. “I’m Quincy!” Q throws out an alias and mocks a handshake by slipping his hand over the hand on his hips, fingers tangling. 
“Alex!” The agent responds. Q nods and turns in Trevelyan’s grip. The alias is enough to the agent's real name. Undoubtedly better than Bond’s habit of giving out his real name to everyone and their mother. The Quartermaster and Double-Oh hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting in a formal setting, since 006’s missions normally took him away from England for months at a time. However, Q had the advantage of viewing all of the agents' dossiers. 
Q briefly thinks this could be an ambush, but quickly dismisses the thought. This club was close to MI6, so it would be a familiar stalking ground for any agent. He smiles through his lashes at the man and leans in close, pressing his face against his throat as if he really were a kitten. “Will you take me home?” 
Trevelyan’s hand comes up to grip his nape. It makes Q shiver as he brushes his mouth against Q’s earlobe. “I’m not the kind of man that takes strays home. You okay with that?” 
Q moaned and rolls his hips into the man in a show of just how much he was okay with that. Besides, he wasn’t keen to bring a Double-Oh to his apartment and he was certain that the said Double-Oh wouldn’t want a stranger anywhere near his. His head was pulled back by that firm grip so that they could meet eyes. Oh, Trevelyan wanted verbal communication. Q pouts, “This means fucking is off the table, which is such a shame.” He rolls his hips again. “But find us somewhere private and I’m sure we can come to a compromise.” 
Trevelyan chuckles and begins leading Q to the same wall that he had been leaning against earlier. The wall led to a hidden hall, where the sounds of the music became considerably muted. At the end of the hall was an emergency door that was propped open with a pack of cigarettes. Q raises his eyebrows at Trevelyan. Trevelyan chuckles and shrugs, “I’ve been here a time or two. This is the door the bouncers use to take their smoke break.” 
“I said private and you lead me to a hallway that the bouncers use so I can suck your cock? Are you making sure I can never come back?” Q asks incredulously.
“Well, we never agreed to you sucking my cock, but I wouldn’t be opposed, Kitten.” Trevelyan returns his grip to the back of Q’s nape and squeezes as he leans against the wall. “Besides, they aren’t out there now, or the door would be propped open with the brick just outside.” 
Q rolls his eyes but licks his lips and steps closer as Trevelyan’s hand directs. “You best have a marvelous cock or I’m walking out that door and taking the cigarettes with me.” He palms Trevelyan’s cock through the fabric of his jeans and squeezes as he keeps eye-contact. “My pace, condom not optional. But you can pull my hair all you want. In fact, please do.” Trevelyan twists his hand for a quick tug that makes Q’s breath catch, eyes flutter, and smirk. “And if you don’t reciprocate I’ll find out your real name and ruin your credit rating.” 
Before Trevelyan can retort, Q drops to his knees and begins unbuckling the belt that is in his way, pressing his cheek against the bulge that’s doing it’s best to greet him. Trevelyan’s hand in his hair tightens, gently pulls, twists. Q makes happy noise and pulls Trevelyan out of his pants. His cock is long but not overtly girthy, still hooded in it’s foreskin and nested in neat dark blond curls.  Yes, this will do quite nicely. Too bad he couldn’t play with the foreskin more fully. He economically pulls out one of the condoms Eve had slipped into his back pocket earlier and rolls it down the length. 
Q looks up to make eye-contact through his glasses -  Trevelyan looks patient and amused- before going hard. He sucks the head of that cock into his mouth, tongue flicking back and forth rapidly across the head before slipping even deeper, one hand holding what he won’t put into his mouth just yet. The other hand slips further into Trevelyan’s pants to play with his balls and that place right behind them, finger prodding into Trevelyan’s perineum for added sensation. 
This wasn’t one of Q’s favorite things. It didn’t get him hot in the same way that a good fingering did; mainly because it wasn’t enough to turn his thoughts off. But he did enjoy the noises of a willing partner, the feeling of something so vulnerable handed over to him for control. He enjoyed how he had the opportunity to learn his partner - what he did and didn’t like and all the ways Q could use that knowledge later. 
Trevelyan loves the fingers at his perineum. He likes a tight grip at the head of his cock and only gentle motions around his balls. He doesn’t make noises as much as he throws words and curses around like confetti. 
“Fuck, kitten. Aren’t you just fierce, yeah? So damn good,” Trevelyan croons and twists his fingers in Qs hair again. Q hums and takes Trevelyan deeper for a few moments, swallowing against his gag-reflex to rest his lips against Trevelyan’s curls for another swallow, then another. “Shit, kitten, yes. Perfect. Can you…” Q pulled off just enough to press his tongue against Trevelyan’s frenulum, increasing his suction, before pushing himself back down and swallowing once the cock hit the back of his throat. “Yes… That.” Q hears his head thump against the wall and does the motions once more. Twice. 
Trevelyan barkes out a short shout before tugging harshly at Q’s hair, aborting a thrust as he comes. Q moans and gently pulls off Trevelyan's cock to press his forehead against Trevelyan’s hip - against his hand - just to test the hold in his curls. It was tight enough to make sparks sing down his neck and into his cock, making his panting not just about lack of breath due to the lightening-round blowjob. 
Trevelyan’s hand flexes to scritch his nails across Q’s nape, but otherwise didn’t attempt to move. That just wouldn’t do. Q stands quickly, slipping Trevelyan’s pants up enough so that the man wouldn’t trip as he swings him around and pushes him down to his knees. Q throws a leg over Trevelyan’s shoulder and tilts his hips out in obvious prompting. “Well? I’d really like not getting bounced out of this club. Get to it.” 
Trevelyan grins wolfishly and fishes one of his hands into Q’s back pocket for another condom as the other unbuttons Q's trousers in a - seriously impressive- show of dexterity. His dick is easily taken in hand and gloved before Trevelyan licks from root to tip with a flat tongue, showy and sloppy, before taking in the tip. 
Q hooks both hands on Trevelyan’s nape and rolls his hips imperiously. Trevelyan looks up and raises an eyebrow. “The terms were to my pace, if you remember.” Q’s smirk is ruined by a hard suck but the shivers going down his back make it hard to be too disgruntled. “Pick it up, Alex. Pretty please?” He says the last sentence as a moan - Trevelyan had already removed his hand from Q’s cock in order to take it to the hilt, bobbing and sucking messily and with no discernible rhythm. His hands swing from Q’s front to grab onto Q’s buttocks, angling them to get Q’s cock deeper and nearly dragging Q off the ground in the process. The heat of Trevelyan’s mouth was shocking, even through the condom. Q groans and slaps his hands against the wall for balance when his testing hip roll threatens to tip him over. Instead, he digs his foot more firmly into Trevelyan's back, pressing his hips further away from the wall and his cock further into Trevelyan’s mouth. 
Trevelyan takes his weight more fully, grip tightening on his arse and going down to the root once more. Q whimpers. Trevelyan chuckles at the noise and the vibration is what sets the molten heat in his groin loose. Q’s keen hitches twice through his orgasm, white-hot and fast. 
When Trevelyan pulls back from Q’s cock, his expression is cocky and amused. “Was that pace to your satisfaction, kitten?”
Q rolls his head back and forth across the wall lazily and giggles. “Very satisfactory, Alex. 10/10; would fuck again.”
Trevelyan pushes himself to his feet and goes to lean into Q’s space, but stops with a grimace and looks down. Q follows his look. Trevelyan’s jeans were still open, and his condom had come loose, creating a mess against Trevelyan’s skin and jeans. Q giggles again, feeling foolish but unable to stop it as the endorphins worked with the alcohol to make him feel so very good. He removes his own condom carefully, twisting it up and holding it out to the side of himself as he watches Trevelyan clean himself up. 
When Trevelyan looks back up, Q steps close enough to kiss the man on the cheek before sliding away. “Goodnight, Alex. Get home safely.”
The next morning, when Q is called to M’s office to meet another agent, Q masks his little smile and walks past the room that Bond took him to nearly a month ago. He walks past Moneypenny’s desk and winks at the woman as he knocks politely at M’s door, getting his order to “Come in.”
“006, Q. Q, 006,” M introduces curtly as soon as the door opens. 006 turns around from where he had been pretending to admire M’s art. The surprise doesn’t show on his face, but Q can see it flicker in his eyes as the agent stalks up. Before he can say anything, Q steps forward and offers his hand for a handshake. 
“Alec,” Q stresses the name. “Welcome home. It’s a pleasure to meet you professionally.”
M’s sharp gaze flicks between the two men before she huffs. Q can’t tell if it’s amusement or resignation. Probably a combination of both. “Introductions are over. Out of my office. Q, provide me with your report by end of day.” 
“Before or after I give it Miss Moneypenny, ma’am?” Q asks cheekily only for M to point at the door, discussion over.
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t-shrt · 7 months ago
21 lighthearted qs cos is nice
qs by @definegodliness
1] What's the last thing you did that made you feel proud of yourself?  i managed to feel + write out my feelings 2] What was your last inner chuckle about?  a stupid tweet i saw on twt, my fave kind honestly 3] What's your favourite flower?  blue, red roses + sunflowers 4] A thing you accomplished today?  :) 5] What's the most beautiful word in the English language?  sentimental, serendipity 6] Favourite way of dancing?  idk i do alot of hand/arm stuff i spose (????)...bonus fave wen someone drags an invisible string to get me to dance n i wud almst alws go along w it LOL 7] If a rogue managed to unlock access to the secret chamber of your home/lair/mansion, what would they find?  prolly precious gifts + letters i got from people that i love LOL 8] What’d be your perfect sleep accommodation? a 5 star hotel overseas with someone I love, fresh sheets, cold temperature 9] Favourite fruit?  blueberries/peach/bananas/mango 10] If you could grant one wish to another person, who would that be?  honestly mom haha 11] One thing you like about your physical appearance?  my eyes are pretty big n sparkly i spose haahaa i didn’t always like them like this though 12] One personal trait you like having?  i feel like i have a pretty good heart, and that i’m as real as it goes 13] What happened the last time you got goose bumps?  feel like i was watching/listening to something. but i mean earlier i was laying on my exercise mat for awhile after being done w exercise n it ws pretty cold LOL 14] What's a movie you feel deserves more love? garden of words maybe? i love that movie a lot 15] What's a song you need people to hear at least once?  errm all time wud be fly me to the moon, but in recent years xibal - sik k 16] If you were a dragon what would you horde?  dragons hoard ? didn’t know this lol. probably money tbh 17] What Olympic sport would you love to excel at?  gymnastics evn tho im inflexible as fk, despite taking ballet for years lmao 18] What do you think is the worst kind of minor inconvenience?  my bluetooth speaker suddenly disconnecting multiple times within a relatively short period of time (i need to do an exchange lmao) 19] What's your favourite natural phenomenon?  rain, snow? sunshower? 20] Favourite childhood TV show?  naruto lmaooo; but i mean if we’re talking exclusively as a child then, digimon, cardcaptor sakura. can’t possibly pick only one 21] Which televised stereotypical high school group would you belong to; jock, cheerleader, goth, band geek, nerd, punk, prep, other? lol feel like i’d always be a floater or some sort
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strawberrykake · 8 months ago
20 Qs Haikyuu tag
do tumblr fandoms do tags like these? idek i just feel like making this
Did you read the manga first or watched the anime first?
Did you finish the manga?
When did you start watching haikyuu?
Who was the first character you simped for (like a crush)?
Who is the current character you’re simping for?
Fav season out of 1,2, and 3?
Fav ship(s)?
Which team would you be manager for?
Kiss, Date, Marry: Iwaizumi, Akaashi, Sugawara
Do you actually play volleyball irl?
Favorite Haikyuu Captain?
Middle Blocker, Libero, Setter, or Wing Spiker (in general...which position do you like best?)
Favorite game with Karasuno?
Which character is the most intimidating to you (or if you met them irl)?
Who has the best hair?
Which character do you KNOW you’re gonna fight with (like whenever you see each other it’s ON SITE/ lowkey friends tho)?
Which team has the best audience cheer?
Who are you asking to prom?
Favorite and least favorite team jersey?
Which haikyuu character is most similar to you, in terms of personality?
my responses:
1. Did you read the manga first or watched the anime first?
saw the anime first
2. Did you finish the manga?
no (im at the part where they just won their first nationals match against Tsubakihara)
3. When did you start watching haikyuu?
July 2020 (actually started the first episode way earlier this year but i got bored //dont attack me it was only the first ep// then i watched more and got more interested)
4. Who was the first character you simped for (like a crush)?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
At first, I was so adored by Asahi and sugawara. But then Kuroo started hitting diff when i saw some fanart :P Kuroo was basically the first character i was like “DAYUMMM”
5. Who is the current character you’re simping for?
Tumblr media
What character am i not simping for? HSHDJ but Tsukishima is def my #1 crush rn
6. Fav season out of 1,2, and 3?
Tumblr media
It changes. Rn, i really like season 2 bc of “ONIKU NIKU NIKU” (and many other golden moments). Also a lot of growth for the karasuno boys in this season.
7. Fav ship(s)?
KageHina, BokuAka, AsaNoya, KurKen
8. Which team would you be manager for?
Wtf this is the hardest Fukurodani? Shiratorizawa?? I really can’t choose.
9. Kiss, Date, Marry: Iwaizumi, Akaashi, Sugawara
Kiss Iwaizumi, Date Sugawara, Marry Akaashi
10. Do you actually play volleyball irl?
No, but i’ve played it just for fun with friends before (ah good times)
11. Favorite Haikyuu Captain?
Tumblr media
Ushijima (⁎⁍̴̆Ɛ⁍̴̆⁎)
12. Middle Blocker, Libero, Setter, or Wing Spiker (in general...which position do you like best? ik there are more positions)?
13. Favorite game with Karasuno?
Karasuno vs. Shiratorizawa (bAki bAki ni OrE nAnI wO)
14. Which character is the most intimidating to you (or if you met them irl)?
Kenma, Sakura, Semi, and def Kiyoko
15. Who has the best hair?
Tumblr media
Bokuto, Hitoka (her cute lil stars 🥺), Kenma, Nishinoya
16. Which character do you KNOW you’re gonna fight with (like whenever you see each other it’s ON SITE/ lowkey friends tho)? lol idk where these questions are going
Oikawa, Kunimi, Atsumu (I love them but this is bc of our personalities, they’re THAT friend yk???)
17. Which team has the best audience cheer?
Dateko (GO GO LETS GO DATEKO is so catchy)
18. Who are you asking to prom?
Tsukishima <3. If he says no (•ˋ _ ˊ•) . . . Yamaguchi
19. Favorite and least favorite team jersey?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I really like Fukurodani’s black, white, and neon fits. My least favorite is Wakutani Minami’s (i don’t hate it tho).
20. Which haikyuu character is most similar to you, in terms of personality?
I am like a mix of yachi, yamaguchi, and sugawara.
i tag everyone who wants to do this and loves haikyuu!! BYE gtg do homework now.
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always-evergreen · 12 months ago
I literally want you to answer all the book q list qs. Thx
haide ur a disaster
putting under a read more bc I dont want to clog up ur dashes
1: What book did you last finish? When was that? - I finished 1984 this afternoon!
2: What are you currently reading? - currently reading zodiac unmasked by Robert graysmith
3: What book are you planning to read next? - a confederacy of dunces by john kennedy toole
4: What was the last book you added to your tbr? - the chronicles of Narnia (as a re-read)
5: Which book did you last re-read? - the Christmas mystery by jostein gaarder. I read it every christmas
6: Which book was the last one you really, really loved? - I read the picture of dorian gray last month which I rlly enjoyed
7: What was/were the last book/books you bought? - I bought the whole raven cycle earlier
8: Paperback or hardcover? Why? - paperback bc hardback is rlly unwieldy
9: YA, NA or Adult? Why? - tbh im not overly fussed:/
10: Sci-Fi or fantasy? Why? - fantasy! I think bc I grew up reading harry potter and Narnia and stuff like that im just always gonna have a real love for fantasy stuff
11: Classic or modern? Why? - hmmm I guess classic? but I dont rlly mind
12: Political memoirs or comedic memoirs? - comedic bc I dont understand politics and I like to have fun
13: Name a book with a really bad movie/tv adaption - its not terrible but the first one that comes to mind is the book thief, just bc I love that book sm and the movie didn't quite live up to what I wanted
14: Name a book where the movie/tv adaption actually was better than the original - I cant honestly think of one at the moment
15: What book changed your life? - hmm maybe lord of the rings?
16: If you could bring three books to a deserted island which would you bring and why? - fahrenheit 451 bc its my favourite book, the book thief bc it was my first favourite book, and the statistical probability of love at first sight just bc its sweet and fun and the other books are serious
17: If you owned a bookshop what would you call it? - haven would be cute maybe
18/19: Which character from a book is the most/least like you? - combining these two bc I genuinely cannot think of an answer, ive never really seen a lot of myself in any characters or consciously thought that a character was nothing like me tbh:/
20/21: Best summer/winter read? - also combining these bc I dont change my reading habits based on seasons
22: Pro or anti e-readers? Why? - I dont have anything against them but I dont use them, just bc I prefer physical books
23: Bookdepository or Amazon? - idk what bookdepository is so unfortunately I guess amazon:/
24: Do you prefer to buy books online or in a bookshop? - bookshop all the way! I love bookshops so much!
25: If you could be a character from a book for just one day who would you be and why? (Bonus: any specific day in the story?) - pretty niche and also I cant rmmbr her name but I just spotted the girl who circumnavigated fairyland in a ship of her own making on my shelf and that little girl has a pretty baller life so ill take a day in fairyland please and thank you
26: If you could be a character from a book for their entire life who would you be and why? - no thanks! I feel like that would turn into a massive bummer eventually
27: If you could change one thing about mainstream literature what would you change? (i.e. more diversity, better writing, better plot etc.) - tbh I dont read a lot of modern mainstream books so I dont rlly have an answer to this
28: How many books have you read so far this year? - mmm 11 or 12?
29: How do you sort your shelves? (i.e. by color, author, title etc.) - by author im not a monster
30: Who’s your favorite author? - ray bradbury
31: Who’s your favorite contemporary author? - mmm maybe david levithan?
32: Who’s your favorite fantasy author? - tolkein babyyyy
33: Who’s your favorite Sci-Fi author? - I guess thatll also be Bradbury lol
34: List five OTPs - I would prefer not to I dont rlly have ships anymore
35: Name a book you consider to be terribly underrated - I cant rlly think of anything tbh
36: Name a book you consider to be terribly overrated - lolita suuuuckssss
37: How many books are actually in your bookshelf/shelves right now? - approximately 200, with abt 35-40 in piles on the floor ready to be donated
38: What language do you (most often) read in? - english
39: Name one of your favorite childhood books - just got a sudden vivid memory of the animals of farthing wood which tbh? slapped
40: Name one of your favorite books from your teenage years - ooft uh ill go w the night school series bc I for real fucked w them so much when I was like 15 lmao
41: Do you own a library card? How often do you use it? - I dont think I do
42: Which was the best book you had to read in school? - oh that's gotta be fahrenheit 451 and even though its not technically a book ill put twelfth night up there as well
43: Are you the kind of person who reads several books at once or the kind of person who can only read one book at a time? - I can do either and dont really have a preference
44: Do you like to listen to music when you read? - occasionally, sometimes I find it hard to concentrate w music on but sometimes it doesn't bother me, depends on the mood
45: What is your favorite thing to eat when you read? - something that wont make my fingers greasy lol
46: What is your favorite thing to drink when you read? - I dont normally
47: What do you do to get out of a reading slump? - read a couple of short books just to ease myself back into it
48: Where is your favorite place to read? - my bed, but recently been enjoying the back garden when its sunny
49: When is your favorite time to read? - I like reading at night just before I go to bed
50: Why do you love to read? - it was instilled in me pretty young bc both my parents are big readers and I guess I was kinda shy and awkward when I was a kid (still am actually lol) so it was kind of a shield/escape? also im a fucking nerd
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I want to please get your perspective, as a reader: say you’ve gone to a reader more than once and they usually do an EXCELLENT job but this time they really fumble, would you feel like they were taking advantage of you? I had a session with such a reader and she was 10 mins late for our session, said she needed to put her dogs away first, leaves for several more mins and says “sorry I was talking to my mom”, leaves to say she needs to set up (2)
(2) that takes time, too. She said thanks for being nice about her tardiness but I calmly told her I now had to push a few things back because of it. She apologized and we got on with it but her answers took some time (unless it usually takes time to consult cards?) we’d scheduled 70 mins but went over. She pointed that out so I sent the rest of my qs for answering over email. She just got back to me saying she answers everything but my last Q cus she get it wasn’t as import. as my others
(3) is that her call to make? If you were me, how would you feel overall and how would you handle it? Do you think she took advantage of liberties? Idk if she would’ve done that to other clients but maybe I’m overreacting?
Longwinded so~
At that moment, I would say yes, they were taking advantage of the fact that you have gone to them multiple times and therefore, thought it was ok to not be as professional. Or at the very least, be as “uptight” as they used to be with you, if they were at all in the beginning. At that moment, they were really relaxed with you and treated you as a friend rather than a client. 
When it comes to the time that is needed to consult cards, that is all up to each reader. I am now very accustomed to my cards and the way I read for the hotlines, so how I shuffle for a question, pull, and start reading is very fast. The more cards pulled at once means the more time needed to connect everything for the client. I can’t say what is or isn’t normal other than taking more than 5 minutes to understand what is in front of you is kind of questionable. 
Lastly, that is her call to make if she hasn’t written it down somewhere that she won’t be answering any other questions outside of the reading time allotted. This is why I say it’s important that possible clients read instructions, facts, and answered questions that are already set up. If they do not have anything of the sort set up on their site that is a red flag and I would advise you not going to them because they are not taking the necessary steps for professionalism online. If they do have something like a FAQ or “Things to know before booking with me” page, go to it, every page like it, and read it. If there is something that says they won’t answer readings after the time allotted, then that's that. 
But if there is nothing about her not doing that, or she says she will answer those questions well then you have room to fight. Especially after what she did earlier. Remind her that the time to answer those questions was used up by her activities that were outside of the reading during your allotted time. Unfortunately, she took that time to settle down instead of being ready and because of it, that pushed the time for you to ask questions. You not asking those questions is not your fault, and therefore would really want those questions answered. Also, no matter how unimportant she thinks it is, she is paid to answer your questions. Like that's so rude. If she really didn’t like the question she could have reworded it, which is something I do all the time when I think a client will not benefit from for a specific question. 
Or you can ask for a refund lol. Cause that is a lot (I come from a military middle-class life, talking like that is normal for me and I lowkey love a good professional fight). I personally wouldn’t go back. You’re not overreacting, I would have felt taken advantage of too. Also if she is doing that with you she might be doing that with others, and if you don’t mind her slowly getting more comfortable with you to the point where she might just forget randomly, then be my guest. But you don’t have to stay around that long. Another reader will connect with you, I promise. Go where you're valued.
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