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#did he even come up with that
mrfoox · 14 hours ago
'you're nice, you came'
'of course I did, if you want to talk about anything I'm here, if you want to you can just message me about it too'
#... Thought he either cried or was close to crying 5 times but#I cant read peoples minds but if they tell me what they want from me I'll be there if im able#Fabian never really says much but even so i could feel he wasnt good#Wish i could help everyone but i can barely help the ones i try to help ....#Could always make a comment on how i havent learned to rely on people and should more but .... Suffering in silence has been my thing befor#I even started school at 6... Easier to just try to be there for others#Have a hunch on what Fabi is ... Depressed about and i... I mean hes both coming to the right and wrong person#Think hes feeling bad about not knowing what to do about his future and work and so on... And like... Yeah same but ... I am in a diffrent#Type of boat compared to you so my advice wouldn't be awesome ):#I love roo but hes also... Kinda been telling him he needs to be constantly finding work and stuff to do or he'll be left behind#And like... At one hand yes but like... If he's anxious already about that sorta stuff ... 🤷‍♂️#Or he may just be feeling lonely ... I mean either way i relate... Hope i at least got across somewhat to him...#I am bad at being helpful but i try to say that i am there for friends ... I feel bittersweet he came to me to talk when he was down#Glad he did because i dont want him to be alone but also... Feel like i didnf really help...#Also feel like im just prying into people when i ask them questions about it...#Like im sorry but... If you dont tell me or explain whats wrong my help is very limited ):#The boys#Fabian is a good boy but i also feel he doesnt open up to anyone or have anyone he share bad things with...#My tags are messed up but this is me emptying my head so it's fine dont mind me#Fabian
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worstloki · a day ago
i kinda thought kid Loki dying was kinda triumphant actually
I mean I cried when I got there, cause I kept thinking there would be some sort of miraculous other way or some clever trick
But when he said “I win” and I realized that him dying was the trick, it made it less sad for me
I think the sad part about it is that the whole story was him trying not to die, trying to find a way out of it- plus he’s a kid
So it would be sad to see happen, but he did win and that would make it more of a “glorious finale” than a “tragic ending”
Loki wins by proving Loki can do good even through using tools of wicked and cunning and trickery, but in order to stay good he's constantly stuck in scenarios of making a bad thing happen to prevent a worse thing and that's why it's a tragedy? Literally a self-constructed demise. And the way that theme carries through from the earlier issues of the run is wonderful :')
#it's beautiful#the line ''a comedy in 30 parts or a tragedy in 31'' lives in my mind rent-free#kid loki asking thor for advice because he doesn't trust only himself is so cute ???????#loki was really out there proving the world wrong by trying to do good and being fine if it was only himself and thor who know it#you know?#so he did win#he proved he could do good and make sacrifices and not care for others#but then ikol-loki comes in and has to relearn what the smaller more innocent version of him did#except no one understands that kid loki was set to die anyway#so now he's guilty of having killed a better version of himself and struggling to match up to him#that's Young Avengers by the way#then you jump over to Agent of Asgard and he cares for how he's seen so wiping his past crimes is a substitute to deal#it doesn't actually make him less guilty of anything because it's still him who did those old crimes and lying through redemption#and then he burns 🥺 because an older version of himself found even when he changed nothing else did 🥺🥺🥺#but in intervening and making loki understand that he can only change himself the older loki makes things brighter for his present self 🥺#and then we get to War of the Realms where Loki's siding with the bad guys but doesn't care what people think of him on either side#and it's not from his own POV but you can tell he's messing their plans up and prodding even as he helps#and then he does the betrayal and turns side and it's like#he's not going to be seen as good and he;s fine with that as long as people can trust him enough to let him do good#it's just 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺#Loki (2019) was rushed imo but Loki asking if he could be an Avenger and getting laughed at??? but still asking again and accepting terms??#beautiful#JiM Young Avengers AoA Loki my beloveds <3
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flufflebones · a day ago
started thinking about mimas and dia’s relationship and realized that its doomed from the start because mimas is so chronically responsible and so impossibly grudge-holdy and dia’s. dia.
and that isnt to say that she doesnt care about him or that its Just because of those things but those are probably the major points of contention between them and once she realizes what happened with lucifer.... grimacing emoji
#mimas#i dont know if my drawings can convey the emotions she feels in the moment but rest assured theyre not good emotionis#imagine being taunted with the prospect of being told you could go home if you only did what people claimed to be impossible#doing that impossible thing#and then finding out that No Actually You Can't#and when asked *why* the only answer the person holding the key can give you is 'because program'#and then the answer you get when you ask why you were lied to is just 'i figured youd give up or fail'#and your family is about to fall apart but the exchange program is so important to someone you trusted (vaguely)#that you cant even guarantee that hed be understanding if you bared your throat to him and told him *why*#so you come back home. and you're devastated. the ice youve kept up for months is rapidly shattering and you're hoping against hope that#youll have more time that your family will last just a little longer so you can say goodbye#and for the first time you almost regret being so cold to the brothers#so dismissive#because you want to think about anything but this#but youre alone#you're alone and you're scared and you just crave home whatever shape it comes to you in#and it comes to you in the form of lucifer who thinks you're about to do something stupid but when he busts in he finds you sat at your desk#head in your arms#utterly defeated. everything youve worked toward for the last few months has been a lie.#and when he asks what happened he expects you to freeze him out to tell him to go fuck himself#but you tell him to close the door and come sit#and he does! and by the time everything is said and done lucifer understands. he gets why youve been so desperate to leave.#and maybe he helps. who knows!
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hopehufflepuff · a day ago
I should have known that after finding out that Jesper is mixed the same way I am (Zemeni aka Black mother and Kaelish aka Irish father) that anything about his backstory would hit me very hard.
Did not think I’d cry over it though. Yet here I am.
#six of crows#crooked kingdom#jesper fahey#insert that Rosa gif of 'if anything happened to him i'd kill everyone in this room and then myself'#i already felt that way after watching the show but reading the books...#ahhh my heart someone help i didn't think i'd cry but i kinda felt it coming on so i took a break for a second#put some stuff away then picked up the book again and cried a little anyway#ahhhhh#also and maybe i'll go more into this when i make another 5000+ word review of this series like i did shadow and bone#as a mixed person i know we have a lot of privilege in film and tv so reading the books and seeing that Jesper is described as dark#i was like 'i love Kit but maybe this role should have gone to a black person who isn't mixed or at least not as light skinned'#Kit's not light skinned he's medium skinned but he's not dark like jesper was initially described in the books#(we see this all the time when mixed people are cast as fully black characters like Amandla in Rue in the Hunger Games)#(were they a perfect Rue? yes. were they half picked because of colorism and they're not dark? also yes.)#then i found out his father is Kaelish and i was like OOOOHHH he was cast as a mixed actor on PURPOSE! YESSSSSSSSSS#so i'm glad him being mixed is an actual part of his character and not just another example of colorism in hollywood#and that also means i can fiercely identify with Jesper and cry over his mom and dad's beautiful relationship#and on that note if something bad happens to jesper i am now going to riot. i am already spoiled about something horrible#(and a stupid youtube comment even told me the chapter it happens in so thanks for that) but i've heard no spoilers of jesper#I just realized I misgendered Amandla in my earlier tags. they use they/them#I’ll edit those tags once I get home since on my phone it will be too hard#ok that’s been fixed
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nourann · 2 days ago
Oh boi it's thinky thoughts time
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softjj0ng · 4 days ago
i am going to be.... a doctor who fan on main... in 2021. mind you i was a literal child when new who started airing (i was 4) so during the height of the superwholock era i wasn’t a teen fangirl who thought matt smith was hot i was literally just a kid who grew up watching the show and was obsessed with the concept of time travel. ANYWAY. now that i’m much older and can really understand the progression of the doctor as a character and the plot as a whole, i can really say that things for the doctor as a character really started to drop off during 11′s reign.... like yes, this is when the show started getting more popular internationally, but this is also when the writers (aka steven moffat :/) started dumbing the doctor down and making him a goofy man child who couldn’t take things seriously, which was so frustrating bc 9 and 10 were both written so beautifully in terms of balancing between being serious and gritty but also funny and sarcastic as well as light hearted and fun. he had much more depth to his character when russell t davis had control over the show and there was so much more plot added to the rest of the show AND to the characters and their storylines
unfortunately the damage that steven moffat did to the doctor’s character has already been done so now, even tho he’s gone and a new person has stepped in, the doctor will probably always be a silly little puppy who doesn’t know right from left but somehow is genius enough to save the world and that’s so upsetting to me considering what the character used to be, over a decade ago. doctor who used to be so brilliant. fuck steven moffat honestly
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clairenatural · 4 days ago
reblog this if you exploit homosexuality to make yourself relevant and rational
#this is about the mackie variety article i have nuanced cohesive thoughts abt it but this is not a cohesive or nuanced Statement it's simply#a joke#(it's also not me coming for mackie more on that below)#bc that quote i just. keep coming back to it. i do think i know what he was trying to say (and i'm trying to take it in good faith) but#HI PALS if you're here looking for my original tags. they're all here but i actually DID make a longer clarification post#bc as it turns out. it's hard to be cohesive and nuanced in tags sigh#(ok these are not condensed thoughts but tl;dr variety asked a weird leading question on a recorded audio interview and i'm more mad about#that bc it's a part of the broader issue of media like variety leading this false narrative and pushing actors into making these statements)#(he was trying to make a point about fetish- and tokenization and i see that)#it was messy and badly worded. i think variety boxed him in by framing the question is a super gross leading way#variety is the real villain here but that answer was a MESS and could have been navigated without even bringing up (let alone villainizing)#real queer fans#the best faith reading i could get out of it was that he was trying to criticise fetishization/queerbaiting/people making ships gay for#clout or internet points#which is. a real issue! but by presenting the entire sambucky phenomenon as just fetishizing shippers end up demonizing real queer ppl too#the way the media treats shipping especially ships that are dominated by queer people is disgusting#this narrative that fans on the internet shipping men is going to somehow endanger representation of close platonic friendships is just.#wrong? it's a straw man argument used to avoid saying ''im uncomfortable with my character being read as queer''#and im tired of it#and actors who are uncomfortable with their characters being read as queer or portrayed as such in fan works need to 1. self-reflect and#2. keep their mouth shut#(to clairfy. i don't mean mackie there. variety is the one who made it abt platonic love or w/e)#(''actors'' is general as this is a broader problem im not accusing him of anything)#but this is just one moment indicative of a broader issue in the way these questions even come about and are addressed#ALSO. there is no shortage of close platonic male superhero relationships even if you only look at the mcu and ignore the comics#variety what the FUCK are you talking about.#mae.txt#negativity#not spn
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worstloki · 5 days ago
i can kinda forgive moments when lokis ooc, like its weird but so far every time lokis been on screen its been focused on thor and he hasn't done much, so we dont have a full picture of what hes like on his own/doing his own thing, this is the first time its been a LOKI show
anon i will ignore that loki's been shown doing his own thing and gets a lot done in his screentime, hence the ridiculous amounts of meta on him.
but hear me out. you can assume loki was like that the entire time and integrate that into pre-existing canon, but if people don't want to do that because it's enough of a distinctly different character then that's fine too. Both scenarios are fine, and if you do a bit of both that's acceptable too. Just don't tell people their interpretations off canon are wrong bc a decade after establishing the character marvel's got some glaring inconsistencies.
#im sorry im just imagining loki fanboying over destroying jotunheim like he was at Vesuvius and ?????#crying because he doesn't want to be here doing it but on the other hand....Science 👀#im basically interpreting all Loki's !!!!! behaviour as because no odin no thanos and now people are forced to put up with him#he can talk all he wants and he'll get a death threat but moby's opinion Does Not Matter to him so long as he lives#sydfgaudfa imagine the skiff ride to svartalfheim#they're just cruising across the dusty plains when#''so... do you know HOW the aether will be used to delve the worlds into eternal darkness?''#''even if i did i would not tell you''#''oh come on i would DO it i just want to know if my theory is right''#''no.''#''maybe i'll just ask malekith then. maybe i'll just ACTUALLY side with him. hm?''#''i do not know. Father's book did not tell.''#''oh nevermind me asking then. if you used the fairytale books as primary research sources i don't want to know what you got from them''#yes i HC Asgard's library is filled with picture books what about it#you have nothing to prove otherwise#loki's a fast reader evidently so uhhhh messing with the affairs of man and all started bc he needed more reading materials#reverse-gaston moment#''how can you read this?! there are only pictures!!''#thor: but they are colourful and they move#the Loki show#loki spoilers#loki show spoilers#loki flippantly saying the people would die anyways is understandable to me so i let that pass even though thor 1 loki would say no to that
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#meows#h. been sick all day. my throat got really bad and i started last night so i was extra gross feeling so i didnt go w my parents#to the mall and my brothers went out to bring lunch back for all of us but messed up my brothers order which i felt bad about#and i could hardly eat anyways and then my mom texted to ask if i had left to get my meds out and i said no#and said id try to go get it later but then not even five minutes after that i passed out for almost 2 hours#only for them to come home obviously w no meds for me and my f*ther angry that /i/ had not done much laundry!#before they left my mom said dw about the laundry then my f*ther said 'put the blues in the dryer in 15 min and put the reds in#the washer and dont mess w the rest so i DID what he said only for him to come home and throw a fit that no laundry had been done#and when i reminded him what he said he denied saying it and was getting huffy about it. and of course w me feeling already like shit#and w my hormones out of whack i was seething mad to the point of crying. and then he comes in a lil later to put the blues#on my bed and was put out and demanded to know why i was crying. not a 'omg are you okay??' just a 'why are you crying now'#and then angrily drove to get my meds and an icee and his ''apology'' was 'sorry you arent feeling well but you shouldve told us you hadnt#gotten it while we out your mom said you were going to get it' and then was just like 'whatever' when i said i was initially#then i took a turn for the worse like my head went fuzzy my throat got worse cramping horribly like#and anyways they shouldve just offered to do it in the first place they SAW and even COMMENTED on how bad i looked when i came out#this morning before they were gonna leave. i swear to god they have their heads SO far up their asses omfg
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hyunubear · 6 days ago
do ya ever think about what an icon 2012-2013 sanghyuk was sometimes? besides the famous gas station scream that even non-starlights know, the poor dude couldn't even watch his own MVs (hyde and voodoo doll) due to the age restriction but sang hoe anthems in those albums anyway (secret night, light up the darkness, etc.)
Yes ;;;;; I DO!!! please... hyuk is so much more than the gas station scream (or any other scream.. boy be screaming a lot back then, remember that hat incident? sdkjfsdkjf) this sweet small innocent child who saved VIXX from possible disbandment by coming up with on and on's vampire concept because he was a twilight stan :') it's so inspirational... this little kid who was afraid of his hyungs grew up and somehow became their hyung who THEY FEAR...
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stilitana · 6 days ago
I may be too optimistic about the Archive 81 adaptation at least in this one regard, but i’m not really jumping to negative conclusions from the vague statement that a “dark, deeply emotional romance” is at the core of the show--in many ways, I already see it that way. thoughts on a81 as a romance under the cut
To me, the vague info we have isn't enough to conclude they’ve completely rewritten Melody and Dan as romantic interests, at least not in a conventional sense. I've seen some upset reactions suggesting this, so I think some may be assuming the worst, but I'm not quite there yet. tbf...Melody already is Dan's love interest, at least in s1! By which I mean she is the name and voice onto which he projects his desire for human connection. (he does the same thing in s2 with clara. it's a thing he does.) Quite honestly, I did see the source material as a “romance,” in the dark and dysfunctional sense of a romance as consumption—dan consuming and being consumed by the tapes, developing a one-sided relationship with the melody he invented in his head because hers was the only voice he had for so long at his loneliest and darkest time. because she was the only one who could possibly understand what he was going through. because he was vicariously experiencing her life through the tapes--to him, it felt like they shared experiences, although in reality he was only a passive least at first. (and this is really interesting to me--it's like the whole blue velvet conundrum, "i don't know if you're a detective or a pervert." are you solving an archival mystery, dan, or are you just a voyeur getting way in over your head and inventing intimacy where none exists? can we have a relationship with someone we "know" through documents without being known in return? what does that look like, what does that mean? what is the role of an archive and an archivist, what are their relationships to subjects, how do documents form narratives?)
season 1 was a romance on multiple levels—between Melody and Alexa, and also about people like Melody and Dan who can’t stop listening and poking and prodding at something until it’s eaten them alive. also like…marc is a producer on the show and it's his material that includes gay characters in prominent roles in every season so. Just sort of hard for me to imagine taking archive 81 of all things and turning it into a milquetoast straight love story, because it's's such a weird thing, honestly still in shock it's even being adapted for TV. It feels like one of the last things you'd even want to add visuals to because so much of what it's about is sound and noise and the weird scrappy writing that swings wildly at every pitch, misses a lot of them, keeps swinging anyway with greater vigor. It's actively worse and less interesting by leagues to turn it into a played-straight romance between Melody and Dan rather than Dan developing a disturbed parasocial relationship with the voice of a woman who is narrating him past the point of no return while she herself ventures deeper and deeper into something she will never really escape ever again. (And then manages to build a life like that with her wife anyway.) Then again, this is television, so maybe worse and less interesting is the goal...but then I have to think there are easier stories to adapt than this one. 🥴
The romance is Dan and the tapes, Melody and the Visser mystery, people and the inexorable pull of knowing things we are not meant to know even if it kills us or, as is often the case in a81, irrevocably alters us. That's the story I hope they're interested in telling.
I think this is why season one was really peak for me. I wouldn't necessarily make the romance genre claim for other seasons, but for this one I would. (In the vein of calling House of Leaves a romance.) Then again, it's Netflix, so I'm prepared to eat these words--it's possible they'll try to shoehorn in a conventional romance to draw in viewers who otherwise might look at the premise and source material and go, what the fuck is happening here? Which of course detracts from what a81 has going for it, which is swinging and missing and swinging again in an off-the-beaten-path medium without the rigidly enforced genre and plot limitations of television where listeners know what they're getting is a labor of love, something weird and silly and rough around the edges and always changing. I'll watch more out of morbid curiosity to see if I can understand how and why and what is gained/lost when an audio story like this is adapted...even though at the end of the day, for me, the joy of a81 was really the exuberance of the storytelling and witnessing mr. dan powell's obsession with sounds and odd noises...a love letter to sound indeed.
#txt#archive 81#as much as i enjoyed listening to the tapes w i really need to /see/ melody explore the visser building?#?#i say no but we'll see what new things they bring to the story#never thought i'd get here...dan apologism...absolutely hated him when i first listened...#i was like where is the boss character bring him back someone needs to bully this guy#not to be too on brand but. i did start listening because i'd heard there was. le body horror#so the whole time i was like. when is this guy going to get fucked up already#then he did and i. realized maybe i didn't actually hate dan lmao i was like oh. oh no put him back he was okay actually!#he was just some guy!#and then...then we met nicholas...and the entirety of s3 was just 'where is dan? come back sir i understand your role now!'#give me back my squishy fake-brooding put-upon sap of a moral compass character please...something needs to balance this chaos...#even though he was insufferable for new reasons in s2 like. without his scruples he was nothing but that was plot relevant so i accept#also there will be no season 2. no one wants a season 2. the only thing i want to /see/ less than s1 is s2.#also the fact that he's not watching vhs tapes i guess (?) will introduce certain...logistical...difficulties...#i guess he can um. walk around rolling one of those old tv sets on a cart they used to wheel in at school 🤕#actually nevermind that's funny they should definitely produce a season 2 and do the office comedy version of videodrome#that sounds like a fantastic and highly marketable idea i think would do well without a doubt#anyway that's enough podcast thoughts for one day 🥴
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