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thecyphersystem · a minute ago
People: So what are you? I mean what kind of being are you, if not a human alter?..
Void: an unidentified being, who doesn't feel emotions. Amaimon: a demon king fictive, who only like candy Em: dead Francis: a siren who's secretly a stripper Rin Manson: vampire who no one sees ever
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flockdog · 2 minutes ago
i am so powerful, should i be taking commissions ??? also should i make a carrd??
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miggie-webster · 4 minutes ago
Matt: Shiro has no survival or self-preservation instincts. I think he was born without them.
Adam: That can’t be true-
Matt: Yes it is, watch.
Matt: *calling* Hey, Shiro! Let's race downstairs!
Shiro: *jumps over the banister*
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daily-shalnark · 4 minutes ago
/should have named this blog ShalnArt
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hellokokichiouma · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
if i saw kokichi ouma like this i simply would help him up and clean his wounds and give him a hug to make him feel better
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theadminsystem · 5 minutes ago
I just want a long nap..and some tea probably -Kevin
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beeapocalypse · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
the idea here is bc of her Issues Disorder sophie always rlly struggled w connecting w kids her age+always kind of felt out of place and 2 compensate 4 that jack started bringing her around the bunny smiles warehouse especially after susan notices how excited sophie gets at the idea of being included in smth+jokingly takes her on as a little apprentice 2 give an emo explanation for why her dads coworkers faces in bunnyfarm felt so familiar :(
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myfriendthedictionary · 5 minutes ago
Actual Lines on the RTC Album I’m Obsessed With In No Particular Order
“I was designed to predict the exact time and place of someone’s death. So you already know you’re in for a good time.”
“Welcome the the Ride the Cyclone album, where through my years of prognostication, I’ve realized that the only thing that makes less money than theater is releasing an album on a streaming service.”
“I’m so happy right now! I feel like I can never come down!” “My turn.” “Aww man...”
That one part where it suddenly switches to being an old fashion, black and white French film.
“Count Doggulous, that SON OF A BITCH-”
“Yeah... I’m gonna stand a little farther away from you, okay?”
“Make love to me, Ricky.” “Okay!” “But there’s one more small thing. Won’t you please help save our galaxy, Ricky?” “Sure!”
“If you’re still here, you’ve arrived at the part of the album where music and dreams go to die.”
“Ah, yes. Perhaps every story does have a lesson. Like Pompeii. Don’t live next to an active volcano.”
*gesturing to cat space aliens* “Oh my goodness, what *have* I gotten myself into?
“PS, the second movement of this section won’t make a lick of sense until you see it live. And that, my friends, is a master class on how to upsell.”
“Or perhaps you’re listening to this on a vinyl record. And you’ll have to go through the painstaking process of skipping this track manually all because of your absurd insistence that sound technology has not progressed since the year 1877. Eventually, you will resign yourself to sitting through this part. Multiple times. Weeping openly in the fetal position. One step closer to that realization the free will is just a fridge magnet and we live briefly in a cold, unfeeling, deterministic universe in an abandoned warehouse called time. ... ah! Musicals!”
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kittyandco · 6 minutes ago
if you have a rounder face or soft cheeks imagine your f/o just. holding your face... in their palms... and looking at you... so sweetly... and refusing to let go 'til they kiss you
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bogfullofglitches · 6 minutes ago
I know it’s different and not a lot of people can relate but I was still her mother/mother figure and I miss my lil girl so fucking much. This will be the second Mother’s Day I haven’t spent with her and it kills me. I just want to see again.
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daggery · 8 minutes ago
Gif Maker Appreciation Tag
rules: answer the first half of the questions with gifsets of your own, then answer the second half by tagging gif makers you love!
@iridescentides @deweyduck tysm for tagging me! ❤️❤️❤️
Link a gifset you’re really proud of:
definitely the malvie gifset. i feel like if i could solidify this type of gifset as my Style tm i would be satisfied but unfortunately that requires making more gifsets like this one lmao
Link a gifset where you tried something new:
this huma set i tried out channel mixer and i like how it turned out on the individual harry and uma panels esp
Link a gifset that features your favorite character or celebrity:
not a gifset but a little graphic for inej ghafa love of my entire fucking life!!!!! hoping to gif her more from the show in the future when i have more time!!
Link a gifset that you want more people to see:
glowy eyes mal gifset, even though it’s simple it was a gifset i had tried to make several times before but wasn’t happy with for whatever reason until now. gifmaking has rly exposed the way im a perfectionist help. but i do feel like i’ve improved!
Link a gifset that you had fun making:
LOTS of fun making my halloween descendants set, i made it in one day which almost never happens. usually finding the scenes to use is so boring but it was fun to find clips that matched the halloween theme
Link a gifset that you created as part of a meme, challenge, or series:
haven’t made one yet. i did make a simple descendants giffing meme for myself some months ago, but i haven’t posted it yet because i. dont want to commit to it
Link a gifset of yours that makes you smile:
jay eyebrows >:) and i’m still unapologetically obsessed with my xiaohei and wuxian gifset bc it makes me smile but also want to cry in a good way they’re just so found family
Link a gifset that you made for someone else:
the malvie and huma ones^^
Tag someone who inspired you to start making gifs:
gonna go out on a limb and tag a non mutual to say i love @wespers jamie’s creations!! they were one of the first gifmakers i followed and even though i havent tried out pale coloring yet, you can probably see a bit of the pale gifset format insp in my first(ish) gifset. so yeah they were an inspo for me to start making gifs and i rly love their recent shadow and bone sets!!! (currently in my queue) <3
Tag someone who makes great vibrant gifs:
@moorsgrimhilde / @malviesbitch sofia is singlehandedly keeping the descendantsedit tag alive with her gifs not to mention how bright and vibrant and pretty they are and i just think thats iconic of her
Tag someone who makes great pale/pastel gifs:
@deweyduck i associate her with like, bal, barbie and ALSO!!! this one ducktales gifset whose colors really stood out to me, it’s so pleasing to look at
Tag someone who gifs for a fandom you love:
@mobei-juns making xiaohei and wuxian sets (latter one currently in queue!) for legend of hei <333 the best shifu-student duo.
@oretsevmal kat’s shadow and bone gifs i adore them, the coloring and text on the malina one is so pretty. also descendants gifs!! i get so happy when i see them
@inejkazjesper the CUTEST jayvie roadtrip au gifset ever. i love gifsets that use clips from videos other than the original movies to create something unique
Tag someone who uses text/typography really well in their gifsets:
@hersilentlanguage i love the text on this jaylos edit with the placement and colors and just nailing the vibes overall, all of their graphics are a+++
Tag someone who motivates you to step up your game:
@iridescentides the way i reblogged this gifset again and almost immediately others also reblogged it to reminisce abt everyone collectively freaking out over it as well.. this gifset was literally a community bonding event. also need to mention your colors i literally dont understand how you do it!! 
Tag someone who you have taken inspiration from:
@hersilentlanguage i haven’t actually posted anything yet BUT i do have an idea or two for future things hopefully :)))
Tag gif makers who you admire and appreciate! (Put as many people here as you want!): 
i can count the number of gifmaker mutuals i have on two hands so everyone’s tagged above :)if you’re tagged do this if you want (invitation extends to you too sparrow for your graphics!) ❤️❤️
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lopez-richter-fangirl · 9 minutes ago
the minimal ‘Richter Sap’ does make me think he’s still busy focusing on other things…
dON’T that’s what I was thinking 😂
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balenciagabucky · 10 minutes ago
i think i might have a size kink now, i can’t tell—
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