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#diana cavendish
akkoxchariot · a day ago
Akko: Insult Shiny Chariot Again I Dare You!!
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westanhibikana · a day ago
help ive accidentally become attached to more fictional gays
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kinoco-chan · a day ago
I had some free time so I trained coloring with an Akko and Diana old drawing I made. I'm getting better but still need improvement. Happy pride gays :D
Edit: I changed a small detailing in the second picture but I'm happier with the result now.
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dailydianakko · a day ago
You Are My Sunshine
Yeah, consider this one an update to help me get back into the swing of things. I'm going to try to write more as I balance everything out. Sorry for this in advance QwQ
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away
Diana let out a quiet groan in the middle of the night. She had recalled going to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour, around eight o’clock at the very least. Yet here she was, awake. As her sleepy brain began sorting out the probabilities of what could've disturbed her well earned sleep, she felt a crawling sensation trickle down her spine. Staving off the shivers, she finally realized that something was wrong. She was missing something. The fog that still clouded her brain with sleep made thinking difficult as she tried to gather her thoughts and make sense of what she was missing.
Slowly she felt her awareness flicker behind her sleep-dazed mental state. The blanket weighed on her body, so it wasn’t that. Her half-deflated pillow was under her slightly drool-soaked cheek, and her body wasn’t hunched over a desk but was resting comfortably on her bed. Diana gradually made the connection as her arm moved on its own, looking for whatever lay on the other side of the bed. The warmth. She was missing the comforting warmth that was always beside her.
Diana curled further into the bed, trying to somehow conjure the heat that she was missing. The never ending warmth that she had grown accustomed to. Her arm moved up a little bit, and bumped against something. It was warm. It was what she was looking for. She threw her arm around it and tugged it closer to her. A spicy smell, reminiscent of a fresh cup of chai tea, greeted her nose. “Atsuko...” She murmured. Diana had found the warmth. She had found Akko.
She let out a happy sigh as she threw her leg around Akko, dragging her even closer. Nuzzling her face into Akko’s back, Diana let out a soft sigh of contentment. She could go back to sleep now. She was complete and whole, with her most important person and her self-proclaimed soulmate, beside her. Akko’s presence meant it was safe to rest, and like magic, the tension she held in her body faded away as she settled down once more to dive deeper into the ocean of sleep.
When the morning sun peeked through the sheer curtains covering the window, Diana was not ready. It reached across her face and bloomed behind her eyelids. She tried to resist the bright light at first, furrowing her eyebrows and grumbling obscenities quietly. When that failed, she simply tugged the sheets higher and tried to ignore the light creeping across the room steadily. The sun, however, refused to comply with Diana’s wish for sleep and comfort. And so the dawn crept onward despite Diana’s sleepy pleas to turn back to the quiet darkness.
In a final effort to hide away from the light, she curled into Akko and buried her face into the back of her girlfriend. Akko loved to sleep in and never could wake up in the early morning hours without Diana’s help. Maybe she would share some of her sleepy energy with Diana. Just this once. After all, Diana was very tired, and Akko was so comfortable. She owed Diana this, after all the times Akko refused to wake up and made them late.
As the sun continued to bother her senses, it dragged Diana back to wakefulness. It didn’t take long for her to realize something was still wrong. Sitting up abruptly, she wiped some of the gritty sleep out of her eyes with one hand, ignoring the slight tearing up that followed. She blinked once. Twice. And then her brain connected the dots. Akko wasn’t here. “Atsuko?” Diana’s eyes darted from her bed, to desk, to chair, to door. “Where are you?” Akko never was up this early. She hated getting up before eleven. This was wrong. Irregular. Diana felt her breaths become quicker. Sharper. Her ears began ringing, adding to the catonophy of panic.
Diana tried to rationalize where Akko was. She could’ve sworn she had been holding her a moment ago. Akko had been here. She glanced one more time at the space next to her. There was nothing there but a pillow. A space where Akko should’ve been. That pillow should’ve been Akko, but it wasn’t Akko. Anger flashed through her, red hot. She kicked the pillow off the bed and across the room where it hit the wall and landed with a dull thud. She didn’t want it, she wanted Akko. It was taking up her spot.
Setting aside her nonsensical rage for the time being, Diana quickly slung her legs over the bed. She had to find Akko. Something was wrong, and she had to find her. Her feet touched the wooden floor. It was cold. The shock cleared away the last of her sleepy panic. Diana remembered. Akko wasn’t here. And she wouldn’t be here. No matter where Diana looked in the accursed mansion, Akko wouldn’t be anywhere to be found. She had left. Akko had left. She had left her. Alone.
Diana let out a quiet whimper. She uselessly tried to stifle the next one by biting her hand. The muffled cry echoed in the empty room, followed by a sob. She crumpled to the floor, ignoring the dull pain from her knees hitting the wood. She bit harder trying to stop the ragged gasps escaping from her mouth. Trying to calm the hot tears running down her face. Trying to keep herself together, to uphold the last of her Cavendish pride.
It didn’t work. Her breaths came faster, and her tears continued. Diana abandoned her efforts of trying to stifle her cries. Instead she simply curled up on the floor, trying to protect herself from the feeling of emptiness that sucked at her soul. She was sobbing now, and she let her grief echo in the cold empty room. No one would bother to wipe her tears and tell her that she was loved and cherished. Diana was alone. She would stay alone for some time, swallowed in the empty solitude of a room that muffled her cries.
The other night dear, as I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms
When I awoke, dear, I was mistaken
And I hung my head and cried.
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cashmoneyzone · 2 days ago
diakko hcs 0_0
below the cut bc this is kind of long. i dont remember if these kinds of posts show up in the tags but yolo
Diana doesn’t know how to use a phone or she does but is super stiff w it... like Akko’s contact name for diana would be “DIANA 💖💕💗💘” and diana’s for akko would be “Atsuko Kagari” LMFAO like her full name and she would sign all of her texts
But also she’s super formal but there’s always one thing off like she’ll write a whole paragraph and then end it with YOLO or she has to send an email and is fine writing it but ends it with “Sent from my iPhone”
Akko explains memes to diana and though there are some that she hates (bc akko uses them against her….. d0nt call her a boomer……) she eventually quotes memes a bunch when they’re alone because it makes akko laugh and she’s gay like that
Akko also shows her some of her favorite games and Diana gets really into ones like animal crossing, like daily check in kind of games. This bitch goes CRAZY on hay day my god. Don’t even get me started on dragonvale
Diana uses OLD ass memes and akko’s thinking “where tf did she learn this….” Like day 4 of having a phone she’s saying shit like “epic fail” and thinking she’s with the times yk. Everyone thinks it’s funny until she says “swag” after answering a question correctly in class (except amanda, who thinks it’s even funnier)
Diana would definitely say “is that your friend” when she sees akko watching a tiktok or something like a grandma
I’m obsessed with the idea of Diana just Not Knowing How To Act and akko constantly being like wtf is this bitch saying ...... like being formal but then every once in a while saying something super strange or just a little off where akko is just left like O_O .. ??
I think Diana is almost perfect but there’s just little things about her that are weird, like when there’s a room in your house where everything’s the same as it always is but your couch is gone for a couple days, and you know it’ll be back but it’s not there now so you’re just there looking at where it usually is
This could work w Diana having a crush on Akko and saying weird shit to her. I know people have done this situation switched but I think Diana being the weird one is so funny. Akko’s like hey Diana i noticed you were looking at me weird in class is something going on and Diana’s like it’s .. the fluorescence
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lemontree14 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
LWA X THO Part 2! I had a lot of homework but finally I was able to draw something! I’ll post the same drawing with different outfits soon… hopefully! >.<
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blee-bleep · 2 days ago
Akko: *trips and lands on her face*
Diana who saw the panty flash from her dorm window:
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theshinyrod · 2 days ago
Diana does not know how to ride a bike. Like no one ever taught Diana cause why the fuxk would they she's a witch and she has a broom.
Diana only knows broom and horse transportation. (She don't know how public busses work bro she lives in a fort in the middle of nowhere, where the fuck she going? Why would she leave? She got everything there. You can only drag her out for family events or meetings and whatever rich witch family do idfk)
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tanuki-pyon · 3 days ago
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Tumblr media
Remember that duolingohooty au some of us made as a joke well guess what I made a whole story in my head now
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blee-bleep · 3 days ago
amanda can win an argument against 9000 babies. akko, however, could not. only diana realizes that why the fuck would they even argue with 9000 babies.
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blee-bleep · 4 days ago
diana and akko walk behind the new nine just so diana can grab and grope akko's ass without anyone noticing
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youngblake89 · 4 days ago
Diana learning to ride a bike in Galar✨
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queenophiuchus · 4 days ago
Akko Wants Human Beef
Akko:Babe, I don't feel like cooking tonight. Can you bring home human beef?
Diana: My dearest Akko, I am in an important meeting at the moment, are you okay? Drunk perhaps?
Akko: Human beef! The place that just opened near Wednesday Cafe!
Akko: I am laughing so hard that I feel sick
Diana: Nines! I just laughed out loud annd could possibly get fired at the moment. I ordered your human beef. I will pick it up at 6. Love you sweetheart.
Diana: Oh, and make sure you drink lots of water before I get back.
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pastelroyalty · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My kin is “green haired witch who wants to be the best”
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peachyparu · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Happy Pride Month! Ft Diana Cavendish!
Feel free to use as icons!
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