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myshittyartposts · 19 hours ago
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How many times shall I redo my horoscope dragons
Probably when I find a style I love so who fucking knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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poshitoconpapa · a day ago
Soy tan torpe hasta para agarrar un lápiz. Literalmente a mi mano le da cortocircuito, luego el lápiz se me resbala y se cae Y yo: ???????
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anti-ereri · a day ago
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mdrambles · 3 days ago
Expectation: licensing exam studying. Reality: binge-watching medical and first-responder shows...
So far:
Station 19 (just waiting for the latest season to stream...)
911: Lone Star
New Amsterdam (just started!)
The Resident (...partially started... I haven't really gotten into it.)
The Good Doctor (abandoned this one but if anyone can give me a good reason to pick it back up I probably could)
Grey's Anatomy (I don't even remember what season I just gave up on Grey's, but I binged at least 8 seasons during my second year of residency)
Untold Stories of the ER (I don't know why I would watch work at home...)
Dr. Pimple Popper (just... so satisfying...)
Skin Decisions
Scrubs (honestly my fav--you will laugh, you will cry, and you will surprisingly maybe be able to answer some of the pimping questions! You will also relate and it will be uncomfortable, but then JD and Turk will do something so ridiculous in the hospital that you wonder how they can also make such a poignant point about the human experience of practicing medicine)
House MD (because I thought it'd help me study...)
Haven't started (but on my list!):
Medical Police
The Surgeon's Cut
Lennox Hill
Hospital Playlist
Ask the Doctor
Private Practice
Unnatural Selection
Nurse Jackie
ER (my mom used to watch this all the time when I was a kid...)
The Night Shift
Chicago Fire
Hey Medblr--any recommendations?
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ontopnaija · 3 days ago
Pretty Girls Show Their Best 'Derp' Faces (26 Photos)
Pretty Girls Show Their Best ‘Derp’ Faces (26 Photos)
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ren-god · 4 days ago
New vid up watch share all that fun shit.
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