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candiedbonemarrow · 38 minutes ago
are you doing anything for rarepairstuck week
Lol are you kidding me? I don't know what makes people think I'm cool enough for stuff like that. Like this is, really sweet of you to ask, but holy shit if I touch a content creator event with a 40 foot pole the shame and embarrassment of participating in the same event as Any Cool Person Ever (which happens to be most if not all people participating in the event) freeze dries every single organ in my body instantly. I think I'd sooner dig my own grave and plan the color of hydrangeas for my casket than put myself out there, lol
That being said, I don't know, mayyyyybe I'll get chapter 14 of FFFP out by that time? I know EriKar constitutes as a rarepair when put against something like DaveKat or SolKar but I'm not sure it would qualify, and even if 14 WAS released, it'd be purely coincidental (I don't know if you read my stuff either, so if you don't, damn I'm sorry, I rarely post anything)
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roadbrrrn · an hour ago
Taking pictures in the teapot as a Yanfei main hits perfect with the lighting in this one <:)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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transaliceyabusame · 2 hours ago
(I sent the original rarepair ask) oh cool! And yeah your right, this fandom is built on rarepairs haha!
Was asking because just today I started thinking about Alice x Hayasaka… they make me soft…
i am so sorry i think hayasaka is boring 😔 he's just a man with anxiety and like....... aren't we all................. but maybe alice needs a boring man in his life who will love him for his freak nature
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dandylion240 · 2 hours ago
A new chapter of Into the Depths of Darkness is available on my WP Blog. Will Ethan accept Cecil as part of the family? Will Jonah be able to stand up to Ethan?
This chapter was co-written by @mahvaladara
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helvetin-venus · 3 hours ago
There is a reason actually, beyond just my desire to avoid having to read books where I must assume the narrative wants me to sympathize with such stalwart pure characters as Celene Valmont, why I don’t read Dragon Age books or comics.
See, in an interactive story such as an RPG I as the reader have an unusually significant amount of control over the story, in the form of making my character make their own choices, their story being one I am in control of, and in the level of freedom I have to interpert the text, sometimes in the form of headcanon.
This means that even if the game writer’s own intention was to tell a story where, say, the Dalish desire to reclaim their past is deemed foolish, I as the reader have more flexibility to ignore that and tell a different story with a different message through the actions of my own character.
However in book and comic form this is a power I as a reader lose, and I don’t have faith in the narratives BioWare chooses to tell. So without that flexibility that lets me see a better story than its original intention, why would I waste my time reading a story I’m likely to dislike?
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elisaenglish · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
-Hélène Cixous, Poetry in Painting: Writings on Contemporary Art and Aesthetics-
Say it. Speak, deep, speech, rise, unseat my diorama. Buried, but to see the light. Ricochet your call straight through my heart – for love. I’ll deify my answer...
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immortal-green-snom · 4 hours ago
We’ve seen your thoughts on Oobleck but what about Glynda? She’s based off the good witch from the Wizard of Oz but we know nothing else about her.
I'm gonna be completely honest, i have not gotten around to analyzing and understanding Glynda as much as I should have by this point. alsniidlaisndlanisd. Because you're right, there's just not that much about her. Ozpin is such a prominent figure in the show and so engrained into the plot. And Oobleck got a fair amount of screen time with Team RWBY at Mountain Glenn for a couple episodes so there's stuff to go off of for him.
But, despite always being at Ozpin's side, there's just not as much with Glynda. There's things to speculate on, for sure--just like with Oz and Oobleck--, but its not as much as I'd personally like to have [keep in mind i have not read the books, haha! She could have more of a role in those].
Also, the problem with Oz and Glynda being based on the Wizard of Oz is that I have not READ the wizard of oz [ 1.) cause I can't get my hands on physical copies and i hate reading things off of a screen. 2.) I'm a lazy, lazy bitch and it takes me a while to sit down and actually read something.] AND IM SITTING HERE LIKE "YO IF I READ THE BOOKS, I'D HAVE SO MUCH TO PLAY AROUND WITH AND SPECULATE ON FOR BOTH OZ AND GLYNDA BUT AGGH PFTFTFT, READING, Y'KNOW??".
Meanwhile, Oobleck's allusion is so simple and easy. i mean, it took me like, 10 minutes to read The Bartholomew and The Oobleck? no big deal. but ahhhhh, Wizard of Oz?? [whining noises]
SO ANYWAY. That means all i've got for Glynda is base personality, some speculation, and the rough backstory I came up with for my Young Headmaster Ozpin AU. I WISH I had more and I WISH I wasn't so lazy when it came to reading, but here we are, lol.
If you want some of my personal headcanons tho!! ;O
-grew up either in a fairly wealthy family or one that was stinking rich -DOES in fact know about Oz's reincarnation. I imagine he either told her or she figured it out on her own. -REALLY likes cute, girly pink things but is too prideful to admit it -On that note, she's just very prideful in general and is very, very private about her personal life. Reason being because she is just a straight up weeb [I imagine she secretly likes overly sugary, pop-y music and lil anime figurines, okay. You CAN find her at a convention in hiding, buying some exclusive anime funko pop. AND SHE WILL LITERALLY DIE IF ANYONE EVER LEARNS ABOUT THIS] -Her semblance is like the Schnee Glyphs, in that its passed down through the family bloodline -Though her Semblance is OP, she could still kick your ass without it [I imagine she can both take a punch and return one] -Isn't ACTUALLY as annoyed with everything and everyone as she makes it seem. It's just, like, part of the performance she puts up to seem more put together and knowledgeable than she actually really is. I like the idea that, like Oz, she, too, is slightly a mess. As in, she's just as human as he is, or anyone else for that matter. I just REALLY like the idea of a Glynda with some insecurity. -cat person 100%. still debating in my head whether or not she just owns one or two that she treats like royalty or if she's one of those extreme pet owners who has, like, 10 cats -Glynda at work: neat, tidy, hair always perfect, clothes always pressed to wrinkle-less perfection, always on time. Stone cold, reliable baddass bitch who's got it all figured out. Feared and respected girlboss, strict ass teacher with a sharp tongue who gets shit DONE. -Glynda at home: sweat pants and bath robe, eating out of an ice cream tub. walking the treadmill while watching anime, lounges around on top of nine pillows on a giant ass bed. Won't leave the house for days if she can help it. Bubbles and bathbombs. Crying at 3am cause of some romcom. Eating instant ramen despite the fact that she can cook fairly decently. Actually kinda lonely tho she will never admit that, either.
Like most things with me: No evidence for any of this, all speculation and headcanon. But heyhey, headcanon is fun lolol
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gvnther-vitriol · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
.̴̬̰̤̘̯̓͒͂͌͗̎.̶̮͉͇͍̞̦͓̇̕.̵̡̩͇̪̬͉̔͋͒̿̈́͜ẘ̴̪̣͎̟̞͈́̈̏͠ą̵͔̓̐̿̽̈̍̾͠l̸̞̻͍̑̑̑̑̽͑͗̈͜͝ķ̶̻̘̗̹̾̊͠ ̷̺͚͎̘̌͂ä̵̡̢̦̠̝̙́̂́̈́̕̕͠͝l̷̡̛͓̯̟̬̳̮̱̗̎̈͋̃̊ȏ̶̙̋͐̈́ņ̴̛͎͕̰͙͈͎͂͆̂͌̈́̓͜ͅe̸͇̙͐͂͛́͆ ambient, still moments | CCXLII | □□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□
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myroommateisamurderer · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
There are only three dimensions, don't believe anyone else.
[ID: #382 - Adding Depth. Two light skinned people are sitting in a sun-lit living room. Behind them is a large green and leafy plant and a corridor in the dark. Jack, the man with brown eyes, grey hair, square glasses, and a light blue shirt, is standing to the left holding a white mug. He is facing Vera, a woman with grey eyes, purple hair, and dark blue-grey shirt.
Vera, happily: "I am proud to announce... that murder is not the only thing in my head."
The panel zooms to Jack, congratulating: "Well I'm glad you're becoming a multidimensional murderer."
This zooms out to both Jack and Vera. Vera, with snark: "Actually we're two-dimen-" and with a slap on the mouth, Jack shuts her up.
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karpincho · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
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Imagine Shanks learning he shouldn't leave you and Yassop unsupervised together
You: why am I carrying ten pounds of fireworks again?
Yassop: you'll find out the fun way *grins at you*
That night
Shanks: *waking into the crew camp on the beach* hello everyone
Benn: hey boss
Yassop: *sprinting through the camp* everybody hit the deck!
You: *on his heels*
Shanks: what the fuck did you do?
You: *tackles Shanks to the ground*
Shanks: *hears a loud boom and sees a metal trash can flying above the tree line with fireworks strapped to the bottom of it* what the fuck?
You: * still on his chest as the can starts coming down* well that was a success
Shanks: I know I said I wanted you on top of me but this isn't what I meant *wraps his arm around you*
You: that's why people say to be careful what you wish for
Shanks: I suppose, but back to the subject at hand. Why was there a trashcan flying sixty feet in the air?
You: uh I gotta go check on something *tries to leave*
Shanks: *pulls you back down and flips you under him* oh no no no. You have to answer my question, you were supposed to be one of the sensible ones, like Benn. But the moment I leave you alone with Yassop, shit goes to hell in a hand basket.
You: but you and I cause trouble together as well
Shanks: we're talking about you and Yassop
Benn: *pinning yassop down* what will we do with em?
Shanks: I'll leave Yassop to you, I'll deal with (y/n)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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deputychairman · 7 hours ago
who is ready for a NEW THEORY about the cobra kai wardrobe department and the deliberate re-use of iconic costumes from TKK? 
obviously there are the Watsonian moments like when Miguel wears the skeleton pyjamas which go from top dog to underdog; an easter egg in s3 when Johnny’s in white at the country club, sees Ali with Daniel and DOESNT get spaghetti spilled on him, but what about Daniel’s TKK iconic red hoodie that he’s wearing on the beach when Johnny first beats him up/when he goes to the cobra kai dojo and Johnny smirks at him/ the cobras push him off the cliff/hill? and he hates that stupid bike? BEHOLD:
Tumblr media
(you’re gonna have to trust me on the colours, I *can* just about edit an image but i won’t do it unless I’m getting paid for it) (like you losers don’t remember EXACTLY what both these hoodies look like anyway) Johnny, in s3 ep2!
and then the white with orange sleeves t shirt Daniel’s wearing when he’s learning balance on the boat with mr Miyagi and then also punching? BEHOLD:
Tumblr media
(again, trust me on the colours:) Robby in the whole of s2 ep1 when he starts officially training with Daniel, doing all the iconic chores and starting up Miyagi Do (and awkwardly runs into Johnny at the hardware store bc that was an easier screenshot to get)
AND this one really needs a gif (again, i can, but it would take 1900 hours and still be rubbish so I won’t): Daniel’s TKK cutoff grey sweater with the denim shorts when he first meets Ali, complete with that weird shot where the camera shows her looking at him from between his legs like we’re meant to be admiring his thighs (ok?), vs. Johnny’s sexy dream in s2 ep8 about Carmen which ends in Sexy Karate and begins - I SHIT YOU NOT - with her wearing denim shorts and a cutoff grey sweater, BEHOLD:
Tumblr media
you are REALLY gonna have to trust me there bc Carmen gets the whole camera panning up her entire body (is this like the focus on Daniel’s thighs? idk, i just say what i see) in soft focus so I can’t screenshot her face and the outfit but I SWEAR TO YOU this is what she wears to start the sex dream
so in conclusion, I don’t know enough about TV wardrobe decisions or the evils of the moving image to analyse this but some choices certainly were made here, i think we can all see that.
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transfemstarscream · 8 hours ago
if g1 starscream is transfem does that mean people who criticize her (epic) voice are transmisogynistic 🤔
i've actually thought about this! and i have thoughts.
i don't think people who criticize or dislike it are inherently transmisogynistic for disliking it. g1's voice is definitely unique and iconic, though i understand why some or even a lot of people may be put off by it.
i think it depends both on what they dislike about it and how they frame it. someone who says "i personally dislike it because it's too scratchy and high-pitched for me" is understandable, but someone who frames it as "lol it's sounds so girly and effeminate 😂 it's so pathetic and wimpy" is 🤨 to me.
g1's voice can essentially be seen as contributing to the oddly weird homophobic/transmisogynistic aura around g1 starscream, as the joke is basically "this guy's voice is so weirdly high and scratchy for a guy 😂 he sounds so gay", but i think people can both appreciate and dislike it without contributing to that homophobia/transmisogyny.
then again i personally like transfem characters being able to have voices that aren't traditionally feminine, and i find g1's voice VERY epic and cool. someone on a youtube comment once described it as masculine fruitiness and i love that. chris latta voiced him perfectly and i still use early season 1 starscream's voice as my personal canon.
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heshefey · 8 hours ago
In The Heights was nice, but killing off Camila made no sense and didn’t bring anything to the story. It felt like all the characters relationships were kinda diminished with the changes they made. Especially Benny not really having his character arc at all between Nina and Kevin
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