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#deku headcanons
sassiart8an hour ago
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Yes. the door remained open.
Run young Midoriya, run.
它 它 它 它 它
喉 Im on Instagram: Sassi_art8
unfortunately I have reached the maximum of 10 photos and I can not share the screen for the credit but thanks always to @incorrectheroquotes for inspiration.
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fandomeclectics2 hours ago
|| 嫖 屢返 & ||嚙
Tumblr media
Characters: Hitoshi Shinsou, Shoto Todoroki, and Izuku Midoriya
Type: again, idk what this would called, maybe.like地 blurb?
Warnings: none
Summary: what sciences these boys would find the most interesting
A/n: so..Im sorry if this lame. I love science, its my favorite subject in school! So, I thought this would be interesting to do.
Tumblr media
> Hitoshi Shinsou
Psychology, Shinsou would be interested in physiology. First off, his quirk夷s literally brainwashing. It has to do with the human brain. I think he would definitely try and figure out like, what parts of the bbrain his quirk affects specifically. Also, would just want to know how the brain works in general I feel. Hed find the experiments cool too. Like Pavlovs dog嚙, and, well, Anything B. F. Skinner did.
Tumblr media
> Shoto Todoroki
This one might be a bit of a stretch but just hear me out. Chemistry, hed find Chemistry very interesting Firstly, his quirk has to do with temperatures. So just imagine Todoroki researching all these elements and having this small pocket sized notebook he writes their freezing and boiling temperatures in. I think hed definitely experiment a lot with different variants of each element. Of course using Endavors credit card to order all these things. Also, hed find it calming to sit and write out the formulas and things. Lastly, come on, just imagine Todoroki in a lab coat and goggles, I mean come on.
Tumblr media
>Izuku Midoriya
Physics, physics, physics. I will stand by this until the day I DIE! Physics, in simple terms is how and why everything works. Izuku studies quirks like crazy, wanting to know how they work down to the utmost tedious details. Therefor, he would HAVE to know some physics. So, Ithink he would find it really interesting how anything and everything works. Also, Izuku just asleep in a pile of quantum theory textbooks would be the most adorable thing on this earth. (Besides Shoto Todoroki in a lab coat and glasses)
Tumblr media
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river-fics3 hours ago
Names- Bakugou Katsuki
A/n: I'm getting tired and I got work tomorrow. Love ya'll
Summary: Izuku calls you the wrong name and you take a leap.
Warning: Angst and some fluff :(: Mentions of injury
Tumblr media
11:42. That's the exact time your husband comes stumbling into your shared apartment. The smell of alcohol reeks, taking over all his senses. He knows you hate when he comes home late, especially drunk. Yet, here he is, struggling to stand upright.
You sigh heavily, getting up from the couch. You wraps your arms around him, using your strength to carry him to the bed. You drop him onto the mattress, too frustrated to do anything else. You quickly shuffle away, heading back to the living room.
"Thank you... Ochako.." You freeze at the familiar name. You feel your stomach drop at the idea that he was with her wasted. "I love you...Och..." He doesn't finish his sentence before falling asleep. You force yourself to exit the room. You barely have time to shut the door before breaking down. You crumble onto the floor, the ring he gave you tightening on your finger. You're so aware of that diamond incrusted ring, it's unbearable. You end up twisting it off and throwing it across the room, hearing it slide against the hardwood floor.
You spend the next hour silently packing a small bag to take to Momo's. You texted her at the ungodly hour of 2am, luckily she takes night shifts.
You take a look at the bedroom door, imagining your husband dreaming of another girl. It shatters your heart, but you should have known.
You take the few steps out the apartment, keeping your head held high. You shut the door, locking it. You place the lock under the placemat and walk away.
Izuku awakens with a killer headache. Of course he does, he was out drinking. Thankfully, today is his day off. So, he can spend it recovering and sleeping next to his lovely wife. He turns over, reaching for her. He's met with the cold surface of the mattress. It's weird to him, you'd usually be sleeping in.
He assumes you got up early to make breakfast since he was in no shape to do so. He musters up his strength and exits the bedroom. He's doesn't smell eggs being cooked or fresh toast. No, it smells and feels empty. It's colder than usual, you hate the cold. In fact, everything is how it usually is. Untouched by you.
He checks his phone, making sure you didn't leave a message for him. The only text he's gotten is a large paragraph from Bakugou. He skims it, unable to really put together sentences. All he can make out is 'unworthy' 'heart-broken' 'pathetic' and 'cheater'. Bakugou has called him many insults but never a cheater. He forces himself to reread the whole paragraph. By the time he finishes it his heart is in his throat.
Another name.
You stare at the folder in front of you, Momo's hand on yours. Bakugou is in the corner of the office, watching like a hawk. His presence is burning behind your head, knowing all he wants to do is blow up Izuku.
"Honey, are you sure?" Momo asks gently. You quickly wipe away a stray tear, nodding.
This isn't the first time Izuku has called you the wrong name. It was evident that he had feelings for the brunette, but you thought he loved you more. Now, you aren't so sure. You can't spend the rest of your life loving a man who can't decide even after a wedding.
"I can't stay anymore." You try your best not to cry again, you've done that too much already. You sign the documents, shoving towards the stranger. He picks it up and exits the office. You lean back in the chair, watching as the papers leave with a sliver of your heart.
"Fuckin' idiot didn't deserve you." Bakugou mutters. "I'll take your word." You hum.
You watch from afar as Bakugou struggles with his tie. He was never good at getting dressed up for parties. You have to admit, the suit fits him way too well. You walk over, stepping in front of him. You swat his hands away from the mangled tie, quickly redoing it for him. You remember doing this for Izuku many times, the memorized movements come naturally to you. You pat his chest, calmingly. "I didn't need help." He stares into the mirror, checking your work. "I'm sure you didn't. I just wanted to be a nuisance." You agree. There's a pause where you turn to leave his bathroom. Momo and Shoto in the other room. "Thank you." It's soft, almost above a whisper. You glance over your shoulder, giving him a smile. "Why? You could have done it yourself." You tease. This earns you a semi-grin from him.
The gala is in a large ballroom. Your heels click on the marble floors. There's pillars lined with gold, touching the ceiling. The food is on silver platters on a banquet table. It's gorgeous, it reminds you of a castle.
The music is classic, really bringing the kingdom vibe together. You only wish you brought a prince with you.
You make your rounds, saying hello to other pro-heroes. You barely know most of them, having to ask for their names. It's irritating to say the least.
You stop at the outskirts of the dancing area, watching the couples slow dance. Some going all out and waltzing. You envy how graceful they all look.
A warm gust of wind hits your side and you already know who it is, "Evening, Bakugou." You don't even look at him. "I think they're making fools of themselves." He comments. You hum, noting his opinion. You two remain quiet, uncertain of what to say. "I took a few dance classes." He admits. You nearly choke on the air you inhale, snapping to face him. He's wearing his signature smirk, liking your reaction. "No way. You hate dancing!" You nudge him playfully. "No, I hate dancing with people I hardly know. If a random girl asked me to dance I'd laugh in her face." He chuckles. You've never seen him so at ease. His shoulders aren't tensed and his eyes aren't wide like usual. "I see. Remind me not to ask you to dance." You joke. He raises an eyebrow before holding out his hand. You give him a confused look before placing yours on top of his. "I wouldn't mind waltzing with you." He mumbles. Somehow, this sends your heart into a frenzy.
He guides you closer to his chest, wrapping his free arm around your waist. He straightens the arm holding your hand. "Just follow my lead." He whispers into your ear. You nod, looking down at his feet. You assumably do the opposite of what he does, before he lets go of your waist and uses his pointer finger to lift your face. "You don't need to look down." He returns his arm back to its place.
It takes you a while and even then you still can't figure it out. You expect him to get frustrated and yell, but he's understanding. So, when you almost give up, he lifts you up. He places your feet onto of his, moving you with him. It makes the movements easier and neat. Although, it's embarrassing, he strikes conversation. He refuses to let you acknowledge the crowd. He keeps you focused, laughing. Even when you slip off his shoes, he plays it off. Even when his feet are sore, he keeps going. Just to see your excitement when he twirls with you. Just to take in your features this close. So he can imagine kissing your lips as the spread into a grin.
You're drenched in sweat, blood, and tears. All because this one villain won't go down. You're barely holding on, using everything you have to wear out the villain. You have a variety of cuts and bruises littered around your body, soon to be infected by the grime they're covered in.
"Anyone available for backup?" You yell into your com. There's static, then a voice. "I'm almost there with Kacchan!" Izuku's voice rings out. You're given a speck of hope, keeping you moving. Just a little longer and you'll be able to rest.
You keep dodging the villain's attacks, hiding behind rubble and then peeking out to attack. You're running on no energy, your body can't take much more. Soon, you'll be a sitting duck. "Where are you?" You shout. There's no answer. Not even a crackle from the coms. You're alone.
It only takes a minute longer before your legs give you. Your quirk no longer works for exhaustion. You lean against a large boulder, knowing damn well that villain is going to make his way towards you. You're a goner.
"Y/H/N!" A rough voice calls out. You squint your eyes open to see Bakugou standing over you. You can't help but beam at him. You end up coughing up a lung for it, but at least he's here. "Alright, it's ok. I'm here." He lowers his voice. You let your eyes close, leaning your head against his arm. "You'll be ok." He wipes a stand of hair stuck to your forehead away. "I know. I'll be okay with you." You slip unconscious after that sentence.
You were discharged from the hospital after three weeks of recovery. You healed fast, not needing physical therapy. But you're off duty for a month longer.
You decide to spend your first day in your apartment, only getting up for emergencies. It's lonely, but relaxing.
Until, there's a knock at your door. You hobble over to your door, unlocking it and pulling it open. Bakugou is standing at your door, his fists clenched. You'd invite him in, but he's already marching past you. You don't recall seeing him visit you in the hospital. You're offended he never showed.
"Y/n, I need to tell you this and I need you to not hate me afterwards." He says in one breath. You lean against your wall, signaling him to continue. "You need to quit being a pro-hero." He blurts out. Now you understand why he asked you not to hate him. He's asking you to do something you can't do. "No." You respond coldly. "Please. I'll pay for everything you need. I'll get you a great paying job if you want work. But you have to quit!" At this point he's pleading. Like he's facing death in the face and asking him to return his lover. "Bakugou, I'm not quitting. Look, it get that I got pretty banged up, but almost every pro has." You defend. You refuse to let him force you out of your job. You're saving people, you're making the cry better. "No, banged up is a few cuts and bruises. You were hanging on by a thread! You were freezing cold in my arms!" He raises his voice. You roll your eyes, not getting his point. "Okay? Didn't Izuku have to carry your lifeless body out from a collapsed building? You were pronounced dead for three minutes!" You make your voice louder than his, wanting to be heard. "That's why I'm making you quit." He finalizes. You get up from against the wall, limping towards the couch. "No, you aren't. If you even touch my job I'll slice your hand off." You threaten. "PLEASE! I CAN'T WATCH YOU DIE! WHEN I HELD YOU I THOUGHT YOU WERE GONE! I CAN'T LET YOU DO THIS!" You watch as he falls apart in front of you. You seal your mouth shut. "I love you too much to.. to see you like that.." He huffs out. His breathing is shallow, like he can't get enough air. You can't move towards him, so you motion him over. He wanders towards you, wondering what you'll do next. You simply open your arms and pull him into your chest. You remain like that for hours.
Izuku almost misses you as you run past him. You're in a bathing suit, drenched. He came to the beach to relax, he never expected to see you.
"Y/n!" Your name feels wrong on his tongue, but he can't help but yearn for you. You stop in your tracks, shifting to look at him. You give him a big wave before a large figure picks you up. He knows those signature spikes. Bakugou's arms are around you, with a child on his shoulders. The child is a mix of you and Bakugou. He can just see it.
It's enough for him to know he's got to leave. He shouldn't have expected a second chance. Not when you've got Bakugou's name.
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fightxxmexxshiggy3 hours ago
Izuku taking you to his private gym to train with him and telling you that you need to work on flexibility so he makes you practice but sitting on his cock and slowly pulling your legs out until your basically doing a split on his dick. He's a little shit so he's doing crunches and sit ups the whole time. Sometimes he'll jerk a little and thrust inside you and you'll just grunt as you feel his cock head push up against your cervix even more. He'll apologize but you know he doesn't mean it. then he'll tell you he has to do some pulsing crunches. The pulsing crunches just have his cock trying to pop through your cervix which it does right as he's about to cum a half inch of his cock head pops through and you just feel the hot blasts of cum against the back of your womb and you fall forwards to the floor between his legs still full of his cock.
"Sorry baby I didn't mean to fuck you out like this." He says like a liar.
@hanji-is-life @cupcake-rogue @mochis-cafe
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babesund5 hours ago
I made a redraw of this extremaly cute scene!!
Tumblr media
I love the way she looks at him like he's the most precious boy in the world (and he is!)
Tumblr media
thank you so much for creating ochako uraraka, horikoshi-san!!
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tryingmyves6 hours ago
MHA | The class 1A boys Starbucks orders and their reaction to you remembering it
A/N: bit of a bland prompt, but Im having a fun time writing for it! I intend for this to be a series so if you like this one, stay tuned for more. Links to previous parts of the series available below.
Series will include: Tenya Ida, Shoto Todoroki, Izuku Midoriya, Hanta Sero, Denki Kaminari, Eijiro Kirishima, and Katsuki Bakugo
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya: - Izuku takes his training very seriously and by extension, his diet and what he puts in his body - if hes going to master All for One he needs to get his body in perfect shape - and if hes going consume a lot of calories it better be katsudon - therefore hes not much of a Starbucks fan - it seems expensive and a bit to overhyped - i mean, its just coffee after all and hes always thought it was kina of bitter - but you do know Izuku drinks a lot of tea, it seems All Might is inviting him for a cup every few days - drink of choice: venti iced green tea - its refreshing and tasty, without causing a sugar crash part way through the extra training he does after a day of classes - the world-renowned U.A. sports festival was only a few days away and Izuku was nervous about the event - he had been cramming even more extra training than normal into his schedule in order to prepare - he asked you to meet him after school so he could practice a new move he wanted to try with the comfort of a spotter nearby - you agreed without much thought, his tenacity always inspired you - he didnt just want to be the best, he worked for it - constantly - you raced to the nearby Starbucks as soon as the bell rung, knowing you had 30 minutes until you were supposed to meet Izuku on the practice field - you got your usual order and plus a venti iced green tea - Izuku has been working so hard, but he would always think he could be doing more - thats why you decided he deserved at least a little treat - you couldnt get him anything too ostentatious or tell him how inspiring you find him without distracting him from his goal - so you headed to meet Izuku armed with an iced green tea meant to convey your emotions about him to him - you tried your best to ignore the fluttering in your stomach as you approached him on the field - he was currently flipping through the latest notebook in his library of hero notes but as soon as he saw you approaching he flashed his dopey smile and waved - you met him with your arm extended, offering him the tea - Hi Deku! I figured if youre planning on practicing a new move you should be sure to stay hydrated. - his boyish grin briefly morphs to a look of surprise, but hes quick to regain his composure - as he takes the beverage from you his calloused fingers softly graze the tender skin of your own, causing the kaleidoscope of butterflies to spin in your stomach once more - This is great, Y/N! I didnt realize you noticed how much I like green tea. Thank you! his response the sweetest mix of excitement and sincerity - without realizing it you respond, I notice a lot of things about you, Deku. - your eyes widen as you register what youve said but Izuku is too preoccupied short-circuiting to notice - You do?! I mean - I notice things about you too! But I just didnt think that someone like you would be interested enough in someone like me to notice things about me. But I mean - Im happy that you do! Notice things, I mean. - you cant help but let out a laugh, one of both amusement and relief - you sigh sweetly at the nervous boy in front of you, willing your checks to return to their original color - Well um, you begin, lets see this new move of yours! Im sure its something amazing. - Oh right! Izuku responds, one hand rubbing the back of his neck - you and Deku spend a few hours polishing his newest move and guessing what the sports festival will entail - he even gives you a few ideas on how to improve your own quirk - as the sun starts to set, he walks you to the bus stop - Thanks again for helping me. And for the tea, he says. - he opens his mouth to say something more but closes it again - he opens it one last time after a moment and says, well Ill see you tomorrow, Y/N! with a smile, walking away without fully turning his back to you - Yeah, see you tomorrow, Deku! you say with a smile of your own - it took the whole bus ride home for the butterflies in your stomach to settle
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drabblewithkai19 hours ago
Hello! I started to read all your work and I'm totally in love with it! As much as I love fluff and angst, I think that spicy hcs are my favorite thing. I was wondering if you could write a hcs about the places the main MHA boys like to kiss you (not NSFW, just spice) and how they make-out? I really loved your spicy hcs, you should write more of that ones! Please and Thanks!
Tumblr media
Their Favorite Place to Kiss You
Hi anon! Thank you so much, Im really glad that youre enjoying my writing! I also love some good ol ~spice~ so Im definitely not opposed to writing more of it. Literally spam my inbox with asks about different spicy scenarios, send in 1812746403 of them if your heart desires pLEASE I LOVE GETTING REQUESTS. Anywaysss, I hope that you enjoy! Xoxo
Tumblr media
Characters: Midoriya, Todoroki, Bakugou
Warnings: spicy/ suggestive content
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya-
Izukus favorite place to kiss you is on your lips
Even though its a common place, his kisses when hes in the mood are never straightforward and simple
They normally start out slow, sensual, passionate
The perfect molding of his soft lips against yours
As the tension rises between the two of you, his kisses pick up to match the mood
They tend to become more sloppy and desperate, with one of his hands secured around the back of your neck to press your head impossibly closer
He loves to bite and nip at your bottom lip, sometimes catching it between his teeth and pulling on it slowly to allow the two of you to catch your breath before diving back in and continuing to kiss you with a newfound hunger
And if you moan into his mouth...oh god
Itll just make him kiss you even harder, prompting him to slide his tongue into your mouth and carefully explore around with the wet muscle
If your lips arent swollen and wet with each others spit by the end of it, he isnt gonna be satisfied
Tumblr media
Shoto Todoroki-
Shotos favorite place to kiss you is the sensitive spot right behind your ear
He often kisses you there quickly and sweetly, especially when hes passing you by while hes in a rush
But when hes in the mood.... hooooooo boy
Hell come up behind you, letting his hands slowly run down your sides before settling at your hips and pulling your back flush against his chest
If your hair is long enough, hell carefully sweep it out of the way, letting his fingertips glide against the nape of your neck, light enough to make you shiver
His lips will quickly find their way to that spot behind your ear, placing agonizingly slow kisses to the skin there
You cant help but let out a satisfied sigh and tilt your head to give him better access
He chuckles at your neediness, whispering, I missed you too, darling. Ive been thinking about you all day. against your skin in a deep, raspy voice
He likes to suck on the spot not hard enough to leave a mark, but just enough to tease you and leave you craving more of him
Finally, hell cup your chin with one hand and tilt your head back so that he can deliver a loving kiss to your lips, just one measly peck, before guiding your chin back down again so that he can continue his ministrationsto the spot behind your ear
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugou-
Katsukis favorite place to kiss you is your neck
If hes in the mood, once the two of you are alone hell shamelessly attack your neck
Gentle kisses? What are those?
Mans is sucking harshly against the expanse of your neck to leave dark hickeys in his wake immediately
Will grab you by the chin and force your head to the side to give him more access
He loves marking you up so that everybody knows youre his
Kats, these are gonna be impossible to cover up! Then dont.
Hell eventually pull you over to sit in his lap, letting his hands roam, explore, and squeeze your body while he kisses and sucks on your neck
If you grind down on him involuntarily hell growl against your skin, then clamp his hands around your hips and roughly guide your movement against him
Once hes satisfied with the arrangement of red and purple hues strewn across your neck, hell finally lift his head to meet your lips in a heated kiss
The kiss wont last for more than a few minutes though, hes headed for your collarbones next to mark as his
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fanficfroggie21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You can use this for anything, just tag me in it. Ill do some for you if you want. Just send me a manga pic and Ill color it.
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candy-himea day ago
thinking about villain!izuku.
tw: violence, power imbalance
A/N: this is dedicated to @th0tfairy, who got me thinking about villain!izuku :) so this is my take on him!
you werent going to make it out of this night alive.
youd managed to force your friends to flee just in time- run, you hissed, ill distract him. it took a few false promises and forced declarations of confidence to get them to leave the scene.
dont worry! you think im bad enough to lose? you can count on me, promise.
but this isnt a matter of strength or weakness- anyone ranked below the top 5 would be instantly obliterated in a fight with deku. you were a middle-class, junior hero from a third-rate school. the only variable tonight would be how fast hed kill you.
hes leaning against the wall, a small smile playing at his lips. resentment and hurt curdle in the pit of your stomach as he leisurely watches you approach.
11:58 PM, your watch blinks.
fifteen minutes. you need to buy your friends fifteen minutes to safely escape from the area.
whore you? dekus voice is soft, lilting. it carries a warmth that painfully reminds you of years past, when youd watch him speak on TV with an awed grin plastered on your face.
doesnt matter, you growl, mentally preparing yourself for him to strike.
ah. you must be one of the Commissions secret weapons. i heard theyve been training heroes to specifically combat my quirks. his smile widens. guess well get to see how effective their program is.
im not, you spit. im just a regular hero.
then why dont i recognize you?
im not even ranked in the top thousand. probably too irrelevant for you to know.
dekus eyebrows shoot up. he pushes himself off the wall, saunters towards you. youre nearly frozen in place by the sheer power that radiates off the man; even without using his quirk, his mere presence looms over you, envelops your mind with the potential of the power he holds.
and youre challenging me? i dont want to sound arrogant, but do you really think you stand a chance?
your lip curls. im not stupid. i know youre going to destroy me.
12:03 AM, your watch blinks.
and your body springs into motion, leg streaking through the air with quirk-reinforced strength behind it. deku dodges easily and you immediately spring backwards so you move past his muscular arms. youre panting already, forcing yourself to launch a series of blows at him once more, trying to back him into the alley wall so you can try to incapacitate him.
dekus still wearing that awful smile on his face as he slaps away your punches, shoves down your kicks. its like childs play to him- equal to tussling with an overenthusiastic five-year-old. anger burns hot in your chest; he isnt even trying, and hes calmly overwhelming you.
why are you doing this? you pant. you were the most promising hero of your generation.
deku laughs. oh, have we gotten to the discussion part of the fight? where you try to reason with me and make me good? trust me, ive done enough of those to know how it works.
you snarl, fists flying through the air. he chuckles as he sweeps his leg under your feet and topples your balance.
i just want to understand. how could you go from a champion of heroic ideals to... this?
do you not see how corrupt the system is? heroes are power-hungry frauds who just want money and fame.
he pushes his thick, curly locks back with a hand, and the familiarity of the gesture makes your heart hurt. you had a poster of him hanging in your room where hes doing exactly that- hand in his soot-covered hair after he defeated a fire villain in Ganguro.
you stare at him a little too long, and he takes advantage of your hesitation by knocking you straight to the cement.
12:11 AM
youre telling me you dont want to rise up in the ranks? deku continues. snag some endorsements, live a ritzy life in some exclusive penthouse? thats probably why you became a hero-,
no, i became a hero because i watched you save thousands of people every night. because youd talk about how important bravery and friendship and love was. wiping your bleeding lip, you shakily stand up. you were the reason i became a hero. so forgive me if im curious as to why you threw it all away.
you hate the way your heart flutters when deku lights up, eyeing you with a fascinated, boyish curiosity. oh. so youre a fangirl.
yeah? you spit. better than being a villain that murdered his best friend.
something hardens in dekus mossy-green eyes. tendrils of inky-black energy have whipped out of the shadows, encircling your body until youre flung against the wall. black spots erupt in your vision; vaguely, you feel warm blood trickling down your forehead. the more you writhe around, the tighter they clasp around you.
broken ribs. maybe a concussion. if deku didnt kill you, your injuries would anyway.
you have no idea what youre talking about. dekus voice is low, intense. im not going to try to explain- this ends now.
out of the corner of your eye, your watch flashes 12:16 AM.
you made it.
the tension seeps from your body. a long, shaky breath leaves your lips.
deku notices the sudden lack of struggling. he raises an eyebrow. why do you keep looking at your watch? dont tell me you have some surprise attack planned.
a thick, wet cough heaves from your chest; blood spatters over dekus unmarred face.
just- needed fifteen minutes, you choke out. you can- kill me... now.
and then it starts to click in his mind. the cold look on his face begins to fade.
you wanted to make sure your friends got away.
darkness blurs the edges of your vision. the finishing blow will come any moment.
the last thing you see before losing unconsciousness is dekus stunned expression.
i'm really excited to write future parts of this :) lmk if u wanna be tagged. this is very much a comfort fic for me- i love writing complex/toxic sexual relationships mwahahaha
tagging: @fallxngstarr @keigoswifeforlife @girl-who-likes-cold-bois @beastybunnie @the-casual-hedonist @seagullcrisps @choke-me-levi @diamond-3 @lmaosupertuff @pocky-writes @maxi8898 @evierena @biscuit-buddy @kodzukens-thighz @cinnamon-n-roses @lonleyweeb77 @shaytroll
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izuushia day ago
anyways izuku is the type to always be too nervous to ask for your attention so he just sighs dramatically until you look over at him
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yesydepressya day ago
TLDR: give izuku flowers bc hes pretty and deserves to get something pretty too (but he already has you so what more could he ask for?)
Tumblr media
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izukus-bbya day ago
Thinking about making Izuku wear a muzzle in the bedroom, only because he physically cannot restrain himself from going down on your pussy every two seconds-
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kozumebunnya day ago
Villain deku blurb
smut below the cut, everyone is 18+ , and reader is gender neutral
There!, is the only thing you could say as Izuku ground his hips into yours.
Oh? Does my little angel enjoy this kind of sin? How naughty. He harshly gripped your hair and pulled it back baring your neck to him. He places himself close to your ear and begins to tease the lobe. Im going to destroy you, you know that right?
The pace Izuku sets has you babbling, incoherent words, half-whimpers and moans are all that are left from you. Sometime, maybe a couple of minutes, you cum but he keeps going.
Please--hah-- I cant--, is all you make out before he sweetly presses his lips to yours, a searing contrast to what he does next. You cry out his name as he harshly rams himself inside of you and stays there filling you up.
You open your eyes to see Izuku biting his lower lip, eyes closed, but when he does open them he looks at you, places a sweet kiss on your forehead and cuddles himself into your chest. You start to rake a hand through his hair and he gives a little sound you suppose that could be a hum of contentment. It might be, but he makes this same noise when he kills so the stiffening of your arm tells him as much.
He pulls your hand to his lips and places a kiss to it, I love you. I wont hurt you unless you want it that way. He gives you a lazy smirk to punctuate that he does know your interest for that kind of play. He cant help but chuckle at the red on your face and stutter as you look away.
Izuku takes a deep breath before getting up and pulling the numerous blankets and comforter back on the bed. He cuddles up to you once more, adjusting the blankets and tells you to fall asleep.
You do, and he spends the next day showering you with affection.
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d1l-ca day ago
氣痰痰 荊賅 賅樹 踢梗賅樹埠梗踢 [ Mirko & Fatgum] GN
湘 莞! [Aizawa Shota & Sero Hanta] Fem! Reader
佞返滕梗唐返![Bakugo Katsuki, Kirishima Eijirou, Ashido Mina] Fem! Reader
'返蛤 返莞' 痰賅踢梗莞痰 恫樹 滕賅塔 踢鳶賅樹恫蛤氣塔返湘氣鳶 [Bakugo Katsuki, Kirshima Eijirou, Kaminari Denki, Ashido Mina, Sero Hanta, Jiro Kyoka]
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tiredtigermooda day ago
>Izuku Midoriya/ Deku como novio<
- Cuando te pidi籀 ser su novio estaba tan nervioso que antes estuvo intentando memorizar lo que te iba a decir para no meter la pata hasta que Iida le dijo que era mejor decirlo natural y sin rodeos.
- Te pide si puede sostener tu mano mientras pasean. En general, te pide permiso pa' casi todo lo relacionado con mostrar alg繳n afecto, m獺s a繳n pa los de subido de tono ewe.
- Eso s穩, le da verg羹enza y pena mostrar afecto en p繳blico pero lo har獺 con tal de demostrar que eres m獺s importante para 矇l, valiendo madre (osea que le de igual) su timidez.
- l sabe TODO de ti, es decir, tus gustos, tus lugares favoritos, tus hobbies...todo lo que le comentaste en vuestra primera cita lo anot籀 en su libreta pero se tuvo que aguantar hasta llegar a su casa por qu矇 ten穩a miedo que pensaras que fuera raro o un acosador xd.
- A pesar que sepa lo que te gusta, cuando quiere regalarte alg繳n detalle siempre es indeciso ya que no sabe si te terminar de gustar o es que ya lo tienes, etc.
- Todxs sabemos que es SUPER MEGA FAN de Allmight, bueno pues, ese ser穩a vuestro tema de conversaci籀n m獺s frecuente solo que si nota que lo est獺s aburriendo o igual sin notarlo, intentar獺 desviar el tema hacia algo que te guste.
- Una vez que le propusiste hacer una cita doble con tu mejor amigx y su pareja, estaba tan nervioso (ya que nunca ha hecho eso) que lleg籀 1 hora antes de vuestra hora acordaba y pregunt籀 a sus amigos que qu矇 se hac穩a en una cita doble.
Solo queda decir que...
JAJAJAJAJAJAJ ay no puedo con este ni簽o todo hermoso, ay como lo amo! Ustedes tambi矇n? Es que es un rollito de canela ~w~
Pd: perd籀n si est獺 mal redactado o no entienden algo, soy nuevx en esto x'd.
Tumblr media
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fanficfroggiea day ago
Deku x male reader
Tw: Cuddling and making out
Tumblr media
Your green haired boyfriend lays next you as you lightly snore. He smiles at how adorable you look with bed-head and in his boxers with no shirt on. He traces his fingers on your chest, cuddling into your body more. His face showings light blush from the showing of your chest. He smiles one last time before kissing your cheek, then your lips, baby boy, its time to wake up. He starts to kiss your more and more, getting you to wake up.
You yawn as you wake up, meeting your face with his. He giggles and holds you close. You cuddle into his shoulder and yawn once more, your eyes once again closing. You cant go to sleep again baby boy, you have to get up. You shake your head, mumbling that you were to tried. He sighs, and props you head up to his, placing his lips on yours. He kisses deeply, his tongue in your mouth. He starts to kiss more deeply, and more passionately.
You prop yourself up, blushing and now awake fully. Well someones finally awake. He teases while giving you one last kiss.
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meltingpotimagines2 days ago
Dekusquad Headcanons #1
lots of cuddle piles
deku's the cuddliest
blushes and stiffens the first few times he has contact with the girls during the pile but eventually gets used to it
shoto's kinda stiff but doesn't object to a group cuddle
tenya goes full dad mode and makes sure everyone is comfy and that there's blankets
ochaco typically plays with someone's hair
tsu usually lies on ochaco's stomach and w i l l fall asleep in minutes without fail if she's is playing with her hair
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