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mikamikenshin · 7 days ago
Deidara:(hiding behind itachi and konan)
Sasori and Hidan:Give him to us.
Itachi:What are you plotting?
Konan:What's your problem with our kid?
Sasori:I want to turn him into a puppet and live with him till the end of eternity.
Hidan:Fuck off.
Hidan:I'm gonna sacrifice him to please jashin-sama.
Hidan:She hasn't had a sacrifice with kekkei genkai for a long time.
Deidara:(wraps arms around konan's and itachi's arms) Save me,please.
Itachi and Konan:(look at each other)
Itachi:You first?
Deidara:(closes his eyes)
Konan:Spears of Judgement Jutsu!
Hidan:Oh Shi-
Sasori:(slaps hidan on chest) RUN YOU FOOL!
Sasori and Hidan:(are surrounded by amaterasu)
Hidan:(panicked) Mommy,I can explain...
Itachi:Konan,I think you can handle it on your own,huh?
Konan:You two can leave.
Konan:Thanks for the assistance, Itachi-kun.
Itachi:Deidara,We are gonna leave.
Konan:Today,you're going to learn alot of things.
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saaxhan-danna · 14 days ago
Am I the only one that could talk about why I ship Sasodei for like hours-? Help me🙂
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itsakami · 17 days ago
Sasori: To be honest, I didn't like you when I first met you.
Deidara: I'm aware of it, danna.
Sasori: But then we spent time together.
Deidara: And?
Sasori: It did not get better.
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englishdubdeidara · 28 days ago
Sasodei warmup art. Eventually I might get around to doing the opposite angle to this.
Tumblr media
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yowyowyaoi · a month ago
Deidara: How long until the meeting, hm?
Sasori: About thirty minutes.
Deidara: An entire half-hour, hm? I can think of a great way for us to pass that time; IF you’re up to it, that is?
Sasori: I suppose ... although I do have a question for you.
Deidara: What?
Sasori: What will we do for the other twenty-eight minutes and thirty seconds?
Sasori: And after last night, I’m being very generous with that estimate.
Deidara: ... fuck you, Danna.
Sasori: I wish.
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bored-af-rn · a month ago
Tumblr media
Some Sasodei
I didn’t know what pose to draw Sasori in so that happened.
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almaleftay · a month ago
Tumblr media
The animated faces, Deidara's tongue sticking out and this time Sasodei out of Hiruko
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bodoquehenko · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Deidara is the biggest fan of Sasori 💛💛💛
me: today I have time, I should practice more drawing-
me: but-
my brain: JUST DO IT!
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sasodeiweek · a month ago
SasoDei Week 2022
Hello fellow SasoDei fans - and Happy Birthday Deidara!
I thought today would be a good chance to inform all of you about the plans and timeline for the next SasoDei week:
From now until November 8 (Sasori’s Birthday) you are welcome to send in prompt ideas via ask whenever.
On November 8 prompt submissions will close and I will post a public poll for everyone to vote for their favorite prompts.
The prompt poll will be open for the rest of the year, until December 31st.
On January 1st the winning prompts will be announced.
SasoDei Week 2022 will be held from Tuesday February 22nd to Monday February 28th!
If you are intrested in SasoDei Week 2022 please follow this blog so you don’t miss updates!
You are also welcome to send suggestions or ask questions whenever.
Previously used & submitted prompts under the cut.
As a reminder, the prompts used for last SasoDei Week were:
First Time
Rivals to Lovers
Beauty (In the Eye of the Beholder)
Shop Owner AU
Mad Artist
Those or prompts that are too similar won’t be on the plate for the next time.
(At a later point I’ll add a list of which prompts we have gathered for the upcoming poll so far, as well!)
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zitazombitch · a month ago
darling SasoDei: where would you like to go on your honeymoon? (stop blushing and answer the question)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Italy: lovely places, art museums and great food.
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almaleftay · a month ago
Sasori : You will abandon me like Chiyo
Deidara : You are the only one I care about I have always loved you I will never leave you alone
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saaxhan-danna · a month ago
Tumblr media
I think I’m gonna re-do this and color it pls I love it so much but I don’t have time😫 just take this doodle before I do something decent hehe
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bodoquehenko · a month ago
the English voice actors of Sasori and Deidara saying "I love you" to each other (/ ^ * ^) /💛❤️
(I did not find the video, it was Lud who found it and shared it on twitter)
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jastea-arts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
And does he notice, my feelings for him? And will he see, how much he means to me?
I think it's not to be...
another TIm Burton AU me and my love @bigtitty-goth-bf came up with <3
Please don't repost my art! <3
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jastea-arts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Deidara? Beetlejuice? Beetledara?
who cares he's hot-
Jokes aside, some Beetlejuice AU sticker/button designs I sell on my Redbubble shop! <3
Another lovely AU between me and @bigtitty-goth-bf <3
Please don't repost my art!<3
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bodoquehenko · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sad kitty sasodei
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