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#deion was such a random comparison imo
rudystree · a month ago
Okay but fr tho the way people will find a way to blame ANYTHING that they even slightly don’t like about the fandom on Elaine. Even it’s things she has .. literally no control over??? Like her follower account? The people aren’t not following Deion because they follow her lol. She gained a following because she was literally living with the cast and chase even mentioned her in an interview, so they found insta and there found bts pics BAM she’s suddenly got thousands more followers than she did before because people are hopping that she’ll post more of those cast pics. Then rudy starts commenting on all her pictures and speculation of their relationship starts to grow and videos are made on Tik tok that bring casuals flocking to her ig to see for themselves. And right there she’s gained another couple thousand, (I’m guessing idk how many people followed her at Tim don’t quote me lol) at the end of the day her follower count comes down to two things.
1. Bts pictures of the whole cast
2. A relationship with Rudy
If she felt comfortable posting more pics of Rudy the way mariah does madison I’m sure she would gain even MORE followers.
None of that has ANYTHING to do with Deion, who had a small role on the show that people didn’t even dislike they just .... didn’t care about. He doesn’t post pictures of the cast and therefore doesn’t as many followers as Lilah, Mariah, and Elaine but that’s not their fault. And hopefully with season two kelce will have a larger role that will bring Deion more of the attention he deserves!
as always, you summed it up perfectly.
no one needs to like her or her relationship with rudy... but it’s just so rude and unnecessary to constantly put her down for no reason.
she clearly can’t control the fandom’s reaction to her. but imagine having to constantly read that you’re not worthy or important enough.
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