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globalatomic12 hours ago
La Haine Inside Us 3B DaBand Deconstructed Unisex Gilet
98% cotton 2% elastane poplin stretch
Raw edged cut Gilet - Snap tape closure - Slouchy front hand pockets - Logo tape belts with carabiner buckle fasteners- Various way of styling - Oversized, one size only
Made in Italy
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graythereaper14 hours ago
Blaire White and the Fiction of Conservative Debate
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letsdeconstructreligion16 hours ago
Deconstructing without (large amounts of) religious trauma is disorienting.
I had a largely positive experience in church. For a long time, Sundays were my favorite day of the week. When I was a senior in college, I decided to join a missionary organization as a writer after I graduated, which meant I "raised support," or asked others in my community to give me monthly financial gifts to support me as I served.
I served as a missionary for two years, after which I took an hourly-paid position within the ministry. I still work there (I'm trying to find other jobs because the cognitive dissonance is HARD).
Overall, I had a pretty positive experience in the church. Which means deconstructing is like slapping my best friend in the face and dealing with the aftermath. I have few negative memories in church buildings. I found solace in my faith.
So deconstructing is disorienting because I'm turning away from something that never explicitly hurt me. Yes, Christian theology is harmful. Yes, I have so much resentment for the church and the harm they do. Yes, I believe God is a vindictive, genocidal monster (if he exists at all). But the lure of Christianity hasn't left. There wasn't anything specific that repelled me. Sometimes the sweet, quiet nature of Christianity is comforting. But it's like getting stung by a butterfly - it's startling and upsetting.
That wasn't a super cohesive train of thought, but I know I'm not alone in this. It's okay to break apart something that used to bring you joy.
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des8pudels8kern17 hours ago
After three days of my landlord coming over with more and more tools and gadgets, the pipes under the kitchen sink are not clogged anymore. Success!
Unfortunately, in all the unscrewing and re-screwing one of the decades-old sealing rings broke, so now I need a strategically placed bucket to keep the kitchen from flooding.
He鈥檒l come back tomorrow with a replacement. Fingers crossed that鈥檒l be it, then.
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amazighbuffyofrivia23 hours ago
I don't believe that sociopaths can't learn empathy. I don't believe it because humans learn to build and extend empathy all the time.
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sjmattsona day ago
Deconstruction is a term used to describe the process of alternating the beliefs of our faith. Christians should understand that for most people, the motivation for deconstruction is one of goodwill, an attempt to save their spirituality.
People who deconstruct their faith usually don't enter the process with the intent to reject it (although that may happen). Most want to save their beliefs from the unhealthy and destructive elements that have poisoned their religion. They deconstruct in order to 'cleanse' and 'disinfect' the parts that have been co-opted by partisan idolatry, spiritual abuse, dishonesty, hypocrisy, and outright oppression.
They are trying to cling to Christ while rejecting the sins of Christendom. So 'deconstruction' is an act of courage and strength, a sign of spiritual maturity rather than weakness. It can help bring us closer to Jesus. Embrace it rather than reject it.
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thecomicona day ago
Deconstructing Comics #698: Tony Stark, Futurist
Deconstructing Comics #698: Tony Stark,聽Futurist
In the 21st century, Tony Stark (alter ego of Iron Man) has been evolving into an Elon Musk-type 鈥渇uturist.鈥 What are the reasons for this change? Has it done anything to expand the kinds of stories that can be told with the character? Has Stark ever even really worked as a sympathetic character? Emmet calls up self-described 鈥渟trategy & foresight practitioner鈥 (and comics geek) Matt Finch to鈥
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wequebuscasaquia day ago
like the reason cared so much聽 it鈥檚 because 1. watching things while the鈥檙e airing feels different 2. i was genuenly intrigued up to some point, i thought it was going do or say something interesting inspite of the-- uh- piloting method (continuous shitty shounen exposure builds immunity yk i could get past that at the time)
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shigeko-nobufusaa day ago
Tumblr media
Babe, are you ok??? You've barely touched your deconstructed tacos
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unusual-ly2 days ago
Analysing and breaking down Zombie-tongue/Zombese and wondering what the hell I鈥檓 doing with my life
I鈥檓 having fun that鈥檚 what I鈥檓 doing
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doing so poorly
I went to a friends baby shower in p-burgh this weekend and it was so fun while simultaneously having a couple of moments so awful that I feel like I can鈥檛 recover or move on from thinking about them. 聽The weekend was so, so wonderful and bright except for the couple dark spots that were felt so dark to me, that I literally slept about three hours last night, just tossing in bed and thinking about them over and over. 聽I am aware as I write, that part of why I am doing So Poorly right now is the three hours of sleep, after only getting four hours the night before, after only getting five hours the night before that. 聽If I only get two hours of sleep tonight in keeping with this pattern, I will be truly distraught. 聽
I鈥檓 just stuck on how I now feel so negatively about J and about her entire family, really. 聽They were a critical part of me becoming as involved with the church as I was-- and now, although they have not said anything to me directly about leaving-- I know how they feel about people leaving church and I know they are now judging me for聽鈥渂acksliding.鈥 It鈥檚 like I can feel them having worried conversations about me from here. 聽At the same time, as I process how terrible that makes me feel, I must acknowledge that I did THAT EXACT THING to so many people in my life for the last many years. 聽Why??? Why did I do that? How do I make amends to those people? I feel complicit and sad and overwrought. 聽I feel like my brain is exploding. 聽The world is a dark room and I am stumbling, trying to find either the light switch or the door out.
write more later.
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