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#decline in profits
theshortlist-blog · 14 days ago
Balrampur Chini Mills Q4 profit declines 2%
Balrampur Chini Mills Q4 profit declines 2%
MUMBAI: on Tuesday reported a 2.46 per cent decline in consolidated profit during the quarter ending March 31, at Rs 235.50 crore compared to the same period of the last financial year. The company’s consolidated profit stood at Rs 241.44 crore during the corresponding period of FY20, Balrampur Chini Mills said on a BSE filing. Revenue from operations declined by 41.41 per cent during the…
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newslexpoint · a month ago
Decline In Profits Recorded At UMEME
Decline In Profits Recorded At UMEME
Umeme earmarked a shs19.8 billion to pay dividends to its shareholders which is translated to shs 12.2 per share. This showed a decrease from last year’s payment. The electricity company said it experienced a tough 2020 during the annual meeting for shareholders and management. The year saw its profit dip to shs 1.6 trillion compared to shs 1.7 trillion registered in 2019. The company blamed this…
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Me, seeing people in their thirties, fourties or older go back to uni or trade school to learn something new: “Good for them! It’s never too late to follow your dreams or to try out new things! This is really inspiring to see and I admire their courage to take such a significant step!”
Me, faced with the same possibility in my late twenties: “No, I can’t possibly do that; that would mean I wasted almost ten years of my life and admitting I’m a complete failure.”
#might fuck around and try to become a paralegal#there’s like one law firm in my city that works in patent law which I at least have some experience with#they got a traineeship position on their website and i might just shoot them an email with my cv and a cover letter#been thinking about it for yeah pretty much one and a half years#but it would mean going back to trade school and a pay cut of like 50%#for the duration of the traineeship#but I’m starting to get more and more pessimistic about the future of technical translation as a career path#because of everyone’s machine translation bullshit#and no NOT because the quality of machine translation is comparable to human translations#it isn’t#but apparently if machine translation providers tell a lie often enough people start to believe it#and i’m just here banging my head against the wall#the fucking machine made a text about cooperative driving all about trains and real estate agents and whatever#because it’s dumb af#*bugs bunny voice* I wish your machine translated patents a very get declined by the EPO for being absolute horseshit#idk i’m so sick of this game big price dumping agencies are playing#where they first outprice small businesses and freelancers and the send their recruiters to your linkedin inbox#where they offer you a job with a salaray of like half of what you earned before#I love translation but I think I love it too much to play along with this shitty game that is completely ruining our trade#for short-term profit#man that was a rant lol#also like it’s probably now or never if I want to do the traineeship#personal
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wild-west-wind · 3 months ago
Just learned that the reason we're getting swamped at my terrible job and my boss is pushing more and more stuff on our clients and not hiring my replacement and a second social media person is that he's trying to get a second story added to his house, so here's your daily reminder to eat the rich.
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indizombie · 3 months ago
While major asset owners and profit earners have maximised their profitability during the Covid pandemic last year, the real crisis in hand is still evident in the declining wages for (middle income) salaried classes and a disproportionately high loss in jobs across urban and rural areas. There is, unfortunately, nothing in this Budget for these millions -- either in terms of direct personal taxation (or exemption) benefits, or a plan to set a more robust and targeted job-creation plan in place, say through an urban-focused job creation plan similar to MGNREGA at least within the public sector, a proposal many thought might have got a nod this time for national-level implementation.
Deepanshu Mohan, ‘The ‘thorns’ that still afflict India’s economy’, Deccan Herald
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ratcorvo · 10 months ago
not to be That person but i literally cannot comprehend what has going through nd’s marketing team when they agreed to kill That major character off. the only way it makes sense is that they intended for tlou2 to be the last one in the entire franchise but - not only was a tlou hbo series announced - that - and how it was executed so early in the story - is so. confusing to me bc? as someone whose dabbled in pr and marketing? what was the stratergy you thought would work? im? hello? did the writers work with the pr team? did nd HAVE a pr team during production? hello? HELLO?
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