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newslexpoint · 4 hours ago
Decline In Profits Recorded At UMEME
Decline In Profits Recorded At UMEME
Umeme earmarked a shs19.8 billion to pay dividends to its shareholders which is translated to shs 12.2 per share. This showed a decrease from last year’s payment. The electricity company said it experienced a tough 2020 during the annual meeting for shareholders and management. The year saw its profit dip to shs 1.6 trillion compared to shs 1.7 trillion registered in 2019. The company blamed this…
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theboardwalkbody · 9 hours ago
Me: I am gonna set things up so that I don't work on Friday's in June because that's Loki day.
Me: Ok... well, that's ok, I'll just make sure won't work any Wednesday's in June.
*submits June availability to accommodate not working on Loki Day*
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My Job: Hey - instead of working Sun Mon Tues in June can you work Sun Tues and WEDNESDAYS? It'll just be for June.
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So I am not working Wednesdays but as a compromise I am working a few Fridays. If Disney pulls a SIKE and puts Loki back on Friday's I am gonna LOOSE MY MARBLES (and doing just that would totally be a Loki move, tbh).
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ukiiyoe · 9 hours ago
see the problem with writing up kyo’s history is that i’m never sure where to stop and give details and where to just give the basics and keep going
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animetube · 13 hours ago
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mtcmrhardcore · 13 hours ago
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@multimuseheart​ said: “so… you wanna see me do that again?”
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     “Why the fuck would I wanna see ya do it again? Gave me a fuckin’ heart attack the first time. The hell are ya thinkin’?”
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tomorrowusa · 16 hours ago
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Another metric of life becoming more sane. Donald Trump no longer overwhelms discussion on Twitter.
Here’s just how much people have stopped talking about Trump on Facebook and Twitter
Donald Trump used to be everywhere on social media — but lately, it feels like he’s nowhere.
Many have noted just how little people have been talking about Trump — from cable news to Google searches — since he lost the election and was kicked off Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube four months ago.
[ ... ]
Mentions of Trump went down by 34 percent on Twitter and 23 percent on Facebook the week after he was banned from both platforms following the Capitol riot on January 6. Since then, Trump mentions have continued to decline around 90 percent on both platforms from where they were the week of the riots. (That decline may be even greater than what the current data reflects on Twitter because it doesn’t include retweets and tweets from accounts that have since been deleted, like Trump’s.)
Life may still be far from perfect, but we no longer face days when Trump completely dominates the news cycle with his caustic voice and mindless rantings.
I’m not sure if there is a way to measure the weekly mental health level of the US. But it wouldn’t surprise me if people are generally feeling less anxious and less depressed than they did about six months ago. However there may be a possible increase in PTSD now that we’re in the post-Trump era and we’re coming to terms with the wreckage of the previous four years. Still, better PTSD than a non-stop national panic attack.
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