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#decisive action
evilhorse · a day ago
Tumblr media
Betsy Braddock has never been hesitant when decisive action was needed.
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mrdoctorgame · a day ago
New Trailer Drops For Action RPG Decision: Red Daze
New Trailer Drops For Action RPG Decision: Red Daze
Decision: Red Daze from Nordcurrent and FlyAnvil is releasing a new trailer for the title that is coming to Steam in 2022. Decision: Red Daze will be the newest entry in the Decision Franchise. This series began as a Flash based game in 2012, and now a decade later their newest title will be getting a PC release. Here is some gameplay of the upcoming title, Decision: Red Daze is an isometric…
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windofchangenow · 2 days ago
Tumblr media "If you don’t workout, sleep, meditate, relax, or do whatever special things you need to do for you, you won’t be the best version of yourself. When you’re not your best version of yourself, you can’t do things for others. In a way, it’s actually selfless to take great care of yourself because it allows you to be more present for your family and friends." - Heather Monahan #Thursday #ThursdayMotivation #motivation #quote #happiness #wellbeing #satisfaction #fulfillment #priorities #health #MentalHealth #decisions #actions #selfish #support #help #encourage #uplift #version #behavior #attitude #influence #manipulation #positive #WindOfChangeNow
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jostenneil · 2 days ago
and tbh i feel like saying talia’s only personality trait is loving bruce just completely dumbs down her character and how she’s lived her entire life more or less being controlled and told what to do or believe in by her father, like bruce is her First glimpse of envisioning the possibility of a life for herself outside of those constraints. she never actively goes against her father until she meets bruce and she eventually literally says that she would rather die in bruce’s world than live in ra’s’s bc she realizes how harmful her father’s world view is! it’s one thing for a character to be portrayed as a lovesick puppy with no other dimensionality and maybe you could say that’s true of talia’s first few issues, but she’s developed fairly quickly into someone whose personality traits also encompass wanting to do good and protecting innocent people and taking a stand for what’s right bc that’s just who she is! she’s a compassionate person and meeting bruce makes her more sure of herself in that and to act like she’s just a one dimensional love struck girl is a disservice to what denny o’neil envisioned with her character’s creation
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operationrainfall · 3 days ago
Action RPG Decision: Red Daze Gets Gameplay Trailer
Action RPG Decision: Red Daze Gets Gameplay Trailer
  Developers FlyAnvil and publishers Nordcurrent have released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming action RPG, Decision: Red Daze. Decision: Red Daze seeks to combine aspects of traditional action RPGs with tower defense set in a desert environment plagued by a horrible disease.     The player assumes the role of a former military man caught in the middle of an outbreak known as the Red…
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hungryfacesart · 4 days ago
The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
How much are you willing to admit that what you’ve become up until now, and what you will be in the future are because of your decisions. You are deciding who you are with each passing minute, and you can become what you want as long as you decide to do so. Decide is based on the word for cut, and when you decide you are cutting off the other options you have available to you. This means you are…
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I saw a post somewhere that was like "If Adrien feels replaced because ladybug needs more backup that’s his problem and he needs to get over it" and I mean, I get where you're coming from but no
Adrien is potentially feeling replaced because HE isnt the back up. I doubt he would feel that way if he and ladybug couldn't do it alone and needed the back up, but since Marinette isnt even TRYING to do it alone with just Chat, nor is she even having Chat be used in his full potential, THAT is why he would feel replaced. Adrien's only thing he really likes is going to school and being a superhero, if being a superhero isnt even something he NEEDS to be doing now that Ladybug has other miraculous at her disposal, he isnt above quiting all together (see season 02 ep Syren) he deserves at least an explanation why he isnt being told things. A g o o d explanation, not a cop out.
Adrien's problem ISN'T that he just needs to "get over it" he just needs to understand that isn't simply replaceable, cause he isn't. HOWEVER, you must remember that Adrien Agreste has incredibly lackluster social skills/social comprehension and just doesn't KNOW any better, nor does he have reason think differently. (Heres a good video abt that btw)
In short, Gabriel, you fucked up a perfectly good child, look at him, he's got trust, parental, AND self esteem issues
among other things, also Marinette, pay attention to your cat
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hashtag-anthems · 5 days ago
Maybe I'll go into more detail on this later but I was in class last week and we were talking about how to incorporate social justice into our pedagogy and curriculum as math teachers (because there's a lot of people who think social justice doesn't belong in the math classroom and should be left to the social studies teachers and those people would be wrong)
So we were looking at the development of racial identity and how it's impacted by education because education is currently built on a lot of structures that stem from white supremacy and we were looking at a framework that lays out a lot of the cultural features of white supremacy and uh...
Let me just say that a lot of "cancel culture" and the anti mentality is really, disturbingly aligned with the cultural facets of white supremacy, and I don't think it's coincidental.
This is the pdf that our field instructor gave us to give us a foundation to build our discussion on: link to pdf.
This isn't to say that everyone who ascribes to these ideologies of cancel culture or antis is a white supremacist. I'm not making any statements on anyone's motivations or intentions here.
I just want to say that it's important to educate yourself on these things, because it's very easy to go into something with good intentions and find those who want to take advantage of that.
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isabelleritma · 9 days ago
Slight Merlin AU
Merlin tells Morgana he's magic too, so they kinda become friends, happy to finally have someone to talk to about having magical abilities and also a crush on someone they can't be with
Arthur thinks this means "Merlin's feelings" are returned, but he's already warned Merlin against this, so he does the only thing he can do: tease them mercilessly and ignore his own feelings
So when the kidnapping happens, Arthur does mostly go for Morgana, because he knows how hard it is to care more for a servant than you should, though he doesn't realize how much alike they are in that aspect
Merlin thinks Arthur's in love with Gwen and they have a conversation much like the one in canon, because when Arthur realizes that he lets Merlin believe so. Though Arthur also says that it doesn't even matter anyway because his feelings are unrequited
Then after the rescue Lancelot talks to Gwen and tells her that he understands that she never thought they'd meet again and that it is fine she's moving on and Gwen explains that she did wonder about her and Arthur for awhile but that there's nothing there, so Lance goes with them to Camelot to become a Knight
Changed my mind: Lance and Gwen aren't into each other like that, but Merlin assumes so and Arthur lets him because now he doesn't have to hear Merlin try and cheer him up by saying he has a chance - Lance still becomes a Knight of Camelot
Nothing really changes for a while, Arthur and Merlin are still pining for each other, while Morgana and Guinevere do the same, and Lance wonders why everyone in Camelot is an idiot
Then the peace talk happens, and when Merlin discovers that kissing the one you actually love will break the spell he still goes to Gwen, who tells him it won't work because she has no feelings for Arthur, but Merlin convinces her to give it a try anyway, because it's Arthur who has to kiss his real love, doesn't mean the feeling has to be mutual
Obviously doesn't work, Gwen says she doesn't understand, he have her flowers who else could he love, then Merlin explains that that was actually him and how Arthur was actually planning on hiding his feelings until they went away.
Gwen then suggests Merlin kiss him, because to her it always seemed that Merlin was the one Arthur cared about more than anyone else. They kiss and it works, but Merlin is convinced that apparently platonic love also works, because he is an idiot. And Arthur doesn't want to face Merlin so he talks to Gwen who tells him Merlin thought unrequited love would work as well, so they stupidly pine some more while avoiding each other as much as possible
After talking to Morgana about his stressful week she hits him on the head, tells him to get his head out of his head and actually talk to Arthur seriously. Merlin challenges her by saying only if you do the same with Gwen.
So they finally clear up all the misunderstandings and live happily ever after
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arcstral · 9 days ago
05.  the hierophant  :  what are your muse’s morals / ethics ? do they follow their moral code strictly ?
05 .   the hierophant:   what are your muse’s morals / ethics? do they follow their moral code strictly?
Marth’s moral compass is straightforward for the most part. Uncomplicated to understand save for its few nuances. He is the Hero-King not only in name but ideology: he believes people should be saved, no man should be left behind, evil should not be overlooked, unlawful leaders should be put to justice, and so on. Textbook stuff.
During his first war, he liberated every village he found on his path to Dolhr. Rescued the rural hostages victimized by his more underhanded enemies. Later, when faced with four murderous and brainwashed clerics under Medeus’ control, he chose to find a way to rescue these four lives despite the greater scale of a world at risk. His sense of good is therefore upheld with extreme faith. Faithfully, but not constantly.
There are times when even Marth permits his morals to be swayed. In order to escape a hopeless tactical situation, he was advised to choose one man out of five who would stay behind to die as his decoy. He chose his senior knight, Frey. Later, despite his initial protests, he allowed two innocent royal children to be taken from his custody: to be extradited in another country and executed. This was necessary to avoid a international dispute and he despised the decision, later going back on his word, but it shows that even Marth is not immune to decisions of greater good. When faced with the choice to keep his kingdom’s neck or a pair of children’s, he will choose his kingdom at least initially. 
The Dragalia Lost spinoff shows a similar side to Marth’s moral color. Mirroring his games, he is placed in a situation where he must decide who and what to save. Whether to defend his custody of the young Emblian princess and allow a village to be massacred in turn, or to save the village and give her away to a fiend like Loki. Similar to the Grustian royal children, he protested and refused to surrender Veronica—perhaps knowing of how little Loki’s promises can be trusted—but eventually buckled when she threatened to kill a hostage. Though he favored the decision that would save more lives in the end, it was one he greatly regretted due to the loss of an innocent child.
The bottom line is that Marth, while a very morally upstanding man, is also a partial utilitarian. The trolley problem discussing whether to kill one person to save five people is loosely accurate in his case. He will usually, but not always, follow whatever choice saves the most people, and whenever he protests it’s still fairly easy to advise or blackmail him into making the decision anyways. Still. He absolutely makes allowances to this pattern when he can, whenever it’s possible, by going back on his word at a safer opportunity. 
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maxyeo · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Everyone is a Leader as Being a Leader includes Leading Yourself. And a True Leader would Lead People around him or her, including People in Higher Positionings - Lead the People Above You, With You and Below You (In a Leader's eyes, No One is Below Him/Her). "A Leader Knows the Way, Goes the Way and Shows the Way." - John C Maxwell A Leader has more to Lose than Anyone. The One Who Shoulders the Responsibility of Blame when met with Failures and the One to Credit Success to the Team. The One to be Decisive and take Action to Lead into the Uncertainty, Committed to the Vision, Overcoming Fears and Doubts with Beliefs and Convictions even when no one succeeded before. Self-Leadership aside, Someone is a Leader Only when he or she has a Follower. If you have no clue on how to be a Leader, Think from the Perspective of a Follower First. What is the Qualities that You would Look up to? However, a Good Leader is a Good Follower, a Good Follower may NOT be a Good Leader. And while a Leader have to be People Focused, You also need to Balance the Desired Outcome is to be met, thus finding the Right People to be with You is Important to Reach Your Goals. Are You Ready to Lead Yourself and the Like-Minded People around You? #Leadership #Leader #360Leader #Follower #Action #Belief #Commitment #Decisive #BeALeader
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milfgrantanderson · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Red alert I have just come to the conclusion that drag race alumn Joslyn Fox out of drag looks like Nick Kroll with the woman filter. Thank you for listening
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Hot take but it makes sense that Firestar chose Graystripe as his deputy. Although it's true that he didn't actually mentor Brackenpaw (that rule sort of gets thrown out the window anyway with Fireheart and later Brambleclaw), he shaped up to be a very different person (cat?) from his early days. He was a shitty friend and made some really dumb decisions with really big consequences, but that made his character a lot more interesting. I think he can be annoying in the early books, but it pays off when he becomes more mature and level-headed later on. It's pretty clear that he underwent some personal growth and changes when Silverstream died and he lived in Riverclan. I just wish we could have seen that development.
hard disagree lmao my man literally betrayed Riverclan by coming back and like. dude you went over there for a fresh start and then end up STILL balling it up and getting your ass thrown out. Greystripe never took anything seriously in the entirety of all six books and did nothing to deserve deputyship
also you're talking to the guy who doesn't think Fireheart deserved deputyship either lmao
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eisa96 · 14 days ago
Listen. Shigeru has been visiting his hometown and know every pokemon Satoshi has (the implications are right there!) and remembered them.
That means, Shigeru must have heard all about Satoshi’s adventures and stay in other regions if him provoking Go on purpose says otherwise. That and he also seemed to watch Satoshi’s battle too (has it been shown that Shigeru watch Satoshi’s match with Shinji in Sinnoh in the anime?).
He has been supporting him from afar. And listening to stories of Satoshi’s adventures and current whereabouts/activities. Shigeru has been keeping up and perhaps even feel a little envious that Go got to travel around the world with Satoshi.
And you know that little comment? “I’m saying you’re not qualified to be Satoshi’s buddy.”
Shigeru stating that in order to become a suitable buddy, Go has to be a good trainer as he is; means that deep down he wanted Satoshi to have someone who is capable of handling any situations and knows how to fight when the situation comes.
He wanted the best for Satoshi. Since Satoshi is very important to him.
There is a double meaning there and the animators purposely made Shigeru placed his hand on his hair while having this hold back expression.
Remember. Shigeru always has difficulty in been honest with his feelings. And Satoshi pointed that out by the end of the episode.
And you know what? Satoshi knows this and accepts that side of him. He even has this fond expression on his face because he knows Shigeru means well and not once, did Satoshi tried to defend Go and been easily riled up just by Shigeru’s words alone like he did in the past.
The hand caress by the end speaks volume. Not only it’s a promise but it has a lot of meanings behind it. And all of them means one thing, mutual love.
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