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mortuus-poet · 23 minutes ago
The poets as things me and my best friend have said to each other part 2 with screenshots (sorry so many involve Charlie I can’t help it if they’re in character):
Knox and Charlie:
Tumblr media
Meeks and Pitts:
Tumblr media
Charlie and Cameron:
Tumblr media
Meeks and Charlie:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Meeks and Charlie:
Tumblr media
Cameron and Charlie:
Tumblr media
Todd and Neil:
Tumblr media
Charlie and everyone:
Tumblr media
Neil and Charlie:
Tumblr media
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puffed out
i don’t do much anymore
i just love u and mourn us
my days blend together
and my mind becomes more bleak
most days i barely exist
the time breathing feels borrowed
like a thief i’ve stolen the oxygen from someone who matters
a person worth every deep breath in and out
so i suck in no more than needed
-Jessica Grasser
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mortuus-poet · 10 hours ago
Sometimes I’m having a bad day, then I imagine Charlie and Knox at the cave by themselves, music playing on one of their phones as they slow dance together, giggling softly as they stare into each other’s eyes before leaning their foreheads together, closing their eyes and just appreciating each other’s company, enjoying the feeling of the other in-front of them, pressed against them, and suddenly my day is a lot better
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levinosta-rodya · 12 hours ago
"I might drink,and leave the world unseen, And with thee fade away into the forest dim"
Lines from "Ode to a Nightingale" by John Keats
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mortuus-poet · a day ago
Hopefully you haven’t done this but Todd and Charlie friendship headcanons? (If you want to ofc!) ❤️
Once again, a wildly underrated friendship, I would be thrilled to make hesdcanons for them 💗 (sorry it’s so long, I couldn’t help myself)
We know Neil brought Todd out of his shell, but I feel like Charlie definitely helped him step out too
I mean come on, Charlie is the loudest, most out going one in the group, you can’t tell me he didn’t rub off on Todd slightly
Charlie is really good at reading people, and he always keeps a close eye on Todd when they’re out in public so he catches it right away when Todd gets anxious/overwhelmed
It may not look like he’s watching him, but he always has a rough idea of where the boy is, what he’s doing and how he’s doing at all times
Charlie knows what it’s like to be spoken over because of his parents, that’s one of the reasons he’s so loud now, so if he sees that Todd is being spoken over and ignored, he’ll whistle/yell for everyone’s attention and tell them to listen to Todd
If he can’t get the group’s attention, Charlie will always listen to Todd no matter what
They are each other’s therapist friends
They balance each other out perfectly, loud chaotic hyper boy with a anxious, soft spoken tired boy, it’s works really well too
If Charlie is a little too rowdy one day, Todd is the one in the group who can calm him down instantly
If Todd is being a little extra quiet and reserved, Charlie will always talk to him and cheer him up, cracking jokes until he hears a genuine laugh and sees Todd’s smile reach his eyes
Todd punched someone once because they called Charlie a f*ggot
Yep, you heard me, our sweet baby Todd punched someone
Now normally Todd would never hurt a fly, but this dude was targeting Charlie all night
Charlie, Todd and the rest of the boys were out in the town for the day, hanging out at a large park and this dude comes up and starts calling Charlie all sorts of rude things
Charlie acted tough and clapped back at the dude everytime, but Todd could see it was starting to upset him, and when he heard that slur leave the strangers mouth and saw Charlie wince and tear up, he couldn’t control himself. No way he was gonna see one of the people who helped him be confident get torn down
Charlie never hugged Todd tighter than he did after he swung at the dude, mumbling a heartfelt thank you into Todd’s shoulder as he squeezed the life out of him
Charlie walks at the back of the group with Todd when he accidentally gets bumped back by the others
They play animal crossing together
Okay it might just be Charlie going to Todd’s island and beating him up with his net, but Todd’s just happy someone will play it with him
In my post “the dead poets going to the park would include” I said that Todd gave Charlie a flower and it made Charlie cry, I stand by that
Charlie bought a picture frame for said flower, had Knox dry it and hung the framed flower on his wall
If Todd is talking about one of his favorite subjects but gets ignored and stops talking about it, Charlie will always start asking him questions about the subject until Todd is excitedly ranting about it again
If Todd gets anxious/overwhelmed in public and Neil isn’t there/is too far away/is busy, he’ll instantly turn to Charlie for help
They hold hands when Todd gets anxious (Which once lead to Todd feeling guilty and asking Neil repeatedly if he was upset about it, which he of course was not, he actually encouraged it especially in cases where he can’t help Todd himself)
Todd sees Charlie as the big brother he wish he had instead of his real brother
Charlie is so protective of Todd, if someone even looks at his buddy wrong they are getting their ass beat in the blink of an eye
Todd actually turns to Charlie first for most issues. Not that he doesn’t trust Neil, he just prefers talking to Charlie because the bond is different (definitely because he sees him as a brother, as I said above)
I always bring up Todd using ASL to communicate when he’s too anxious to do so, and I’m saying it once again.
Charlie learned ASL specifically for Todd
Charlie tried to memorize a list of the most common birds where they live because he knows how much Todd loves them
Friendship bracelets 100%, Todd made them and Charlie cried when receiving his (Todd makes Charlie cry a lot)
Charlie bullies Todd for being short even though Todd is taller than him by atleast 2 inches
Tumblr media
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sai-prasanna · a day ago
And in that brief second:
The stillness around us
Muffled under a blanket of chaos,
And like a person hypnotized at the count of three
In that brief second, I lived for an eternity.
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levinosta-rodya · a day ago
"Read me a lesson, Muse and speak it loud."
- John Keats composed atop Ben Nevis (Scotland )
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mortuus-poet · 2 days ago
Random headcanons for the boys
Charlie has light up sketchers
Knox and Meeks wears heelys
The poets call Pitts “Peach” or “Peachie” sometimes (I read this somewhere but don’t remember who came up with it, please lemme know if you know the OP)
Knox adores monkeys, his favorite is the golden snub nose monkey
All of the poets know at least a little first aid for two reasons. One: Charlie gets in fights a lot and they have to help clean him up and two: Knox and Charlie are actual children and constantly get hurt doing dumb things
They all know just basic stuff though, Meeks and Cameron are the only two with advanced knowledge on it like how to give stitches, CPR, etc
Poor Pittsie is basically the poets horse. They constantly make Pitts give them piggy back rides when they get tired of walking
Except Todd, he never does that
If someone is carrying too much, Todd is the first person to offer help and carry something for them
Todd, Charlie and Meeks are all the friends that stop and wait for you if you have to tie your shoe
Charlie takes peoples sweaters when he’s cold, and he is cold a lot because he always thinks it’ll be warmer than it is outside
He prefers Knox’s sweaters, of course, but he also takes Todd’s, Meek’s and Neil’s sweaters a lot too
Charlie likes family guy
Charlie and Todd are the therapist friends
Pitts is the equivalent of an ESA, he is just such a sweetheart and if anyone is stressed or anxious he gives them the brightest smile/holds their hand/gives them hugs etc
Meeks and Charlie quote vines at each other constantly and die from laughter every time
Charlie calls everyone pet names like babe, hon and sweetheart
Meeks and Charlie act like an old married couple and the entire group (including Knox and Pitts) taunt them about it
Pitts has the day he met everyone of his friends in the calendar in his phone and he makes a huge deal of it every year (and all of the boys go over the top with him too, don’t worry)
Pitts is the one who remembers everything for the group, he even knows most of their passwords to things because they all forget them constantly
They all have a separate group chat together that is dedicated to asking Cameron, Pitts and Meeks questions when they can’t find the answer or are too lazy to Google it
Pitts and Meeks are the dads of the group
Todd and Neil are the cool dads of the group (self proclaimed by Todd)
Charlie and Knox are the equivalent of the cool wine aunts to the poets
Cameron is the uncle who everyone turns to for babysitting, you know the one
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mortuus-poet · 2 days ago
Stephan meeks is the type to guy to get really upset when someone calls Remy (the rat in ratatouille) Ratatouille as if that’s his name
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andxrperry · 2 days ago
In silence we walk
With no end in sight
But we the strong souls
Shall never lose might
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andxrperry · 2 days ago
No matter how far we go,
How far we tread,
The truth that stays hidden,
Shall never be said.
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mortuus-poet · 3 days ago
Stephan meeks headcanons! Because I am absolutely whipped for this boy!
Asexual, I will die on this hill.
Like Todd, he loves birds and everything about them
He collects every feather he finds outside, cleans it and puts it in a notebook
He also does research to find out what bird the feather belonged to and writes the birds species along with the date he found it under him
He is surprisingly chaotic, he’s right up there with Charlie and Neil honestly
He’s just smart about what chaos he partakes in
He is a cat person 100000%
He blushes and gets embarrassed so easily and all of the other poets bully him for it (lovingly, of course)
He has had/currently does have a pet rat (look me in the eyes and tell me I’m wrong, you can’t)
Loves slasher films, especially the classics
He has a tik Tok account where he just posts random shit and his thoughts and has a million followers on it
His favorite candy is peanut M&M’s
He’s lactose intolerant but drinks/eats dairy 24/7
The only person who still calls Charlie Nuwanda even after he dropped the name
He calls all of the poets silly nicknames that he makes up, and they change frequently
He has his favorite nicknames he calls them though
He likes Dr.Pepper and will literally fight someone if they tell him it’s bad
Die hard John mulaney fan
Watches bobs burgers and once again will fight someone if they say it’s bad
Second to Charlie, he stays in contact with Mr. Keating the most, they meet up for tea/coffee and catch up once every few weeks
I feel like he’s an atheist or at least agnostic honestly
Doesn’t label himself as bi, gay, pan, straight, any of that. The only label he uses is that he is asexual
Likes men and women though, just hates labels (mood)
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levinosta-rodya · 3 days ago
"To have ruined one's self over poetry is an honor." - Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray
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orchidcasket · 3 days ago
You know I will.
I will do whatever it takes. I will bow the sky down and write odes to the crashing horizon. With blisters in my feet, I will run barefoot to reach you. I won't let us go. Not ever. Not ever.
For you
You are my piece of forever.
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mortuus-poet · 4 days ago
Some fluff/a lil sad Knarlie headcanons
Despite how confident Charlie looks and acts, he actually is pretty insecure
He’s a very emotional guy under the chaotic and confident persona he shows everyone, and he used to be scared that Knox wouldn’t like that part of him
He always felt like he needed to try and impress Knox every minute they we’re together
It took them months, but eventually Knox managed to break down that wall and remind Charlie that he loved him for who he really was inside and out, and that nothing would change that
Charlie (despite still being chaotic and loud, that’s just who is he) is usually pretty calm and tame when it’s just him and Knox
After he finally realized that Knox didn’t hate his calm side, he got a lot more comfortable around him, so Charlie doesn’t constantly try to be super funny and hyper, he lets his guard down with Knox
Knox will never say it to his face, but when he sees Charlie completely relaxed and at peace when it’s just the two of them, It makes Knox’s heart swell and his eyes tear up, because getting Charlie Dalton to trust you that much is not an easy task
Charlie is also very cuddly and affectionate when it’s just the two of them
He doesn’t try to act cool or smooth or any of that, he gets all soft and sweet and lovey to Knox when they’re alone, and Knox absolutely melts every time
Charlie still struggles with his insecurities in the relationship though, it’s part of the reason he gets so jealous whenever someone even looks at Knox in a flirty way
He’s just scared that someone will take Knox away from him, he can’t imagine losing Knox, that boy is the light of his life
He has only verbally expressed this fear to Knox once, it was after a pretty heated argument between them about Knox “flirting” with someone else (which he wasn’t)
Charlie basically ended up crying and just yelling about how easily replaceable he felt he was and that he was scared someone would take Knox away from him
Knox didn’t have a drop of anger in him after that, in fact he started crying too
That night was filled with a lot of hugging, kissing, and lots of “I love you”s
Charlie isn’t the only one who’s insecure in the relationship though
Knox has it just as bad. I mean his boyfriend is Charlie fucking dalton, that man could get anyone he wants at the drop of a hat, and he chose Knox?? It doesn’t make sense in his brain
Charlie is a lot more aggressive when it comes to reassuring Knox though
He usually just grabs his face, presses their foreheads together and very sternly says “I do not want anyone else but you, you are the one for me Knox Overstreet”
It works just the same, and it always makes Knox super happy
There was one time though that it was really bad and Knox was crying, and Charlie knew that it wasn’t the right situation to be goofy
He hugged Knox as tight as he could and told him “Knox, I cannot imagine life without you. You are the one I want to be with, you’re the one I choose, you’re the man I want to marry, and I would not trade you for the world”
That definitely helped Knox. A lot
After Charlie said that, Knox was a lot less insecure and his jealousy was toned down greatly
And the way Charlie looks at Knox when he thinks Knox can’t see him also helps ease the worries of Charlie leaving him (and vice versa)
At the end of the day, these two boys are absolutely head over heels for each other, and they always make sure the other knows it in one way or another
Tumblr media
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andxrperry · 4 days ago
the seemly beauty of a cloudy sky
Lights up the spirits soaring through your eye
You see the beauty in all that is prevalent
And never once do you get caught up in the malevolent
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sai-prasanna · 4 days ago
In bleak Winter evenings when my hands turn cold
And the wood that framed our picture becomes old;
Will you forgive me for losing a diamond, when I was looking for gold?
Or will you hate yourself for the times you spent, now that our love is sold?
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mortuus-poet · 4 days ago
Knarlie headcanons please 🙏
Of course my child 🙏🏻
Knox speaks a lot more Latin than Charlie does, so he flirts with him and tells him how incredible he is in Latin because it pisses him off to not know what Knox is saying
Knox once made the mistake of making fun of Charlie for being short because Charlie was reaching up to his face to pull him down to give him a kiss
He only made that mistake once though, because Charlie proceeded to tackle Knox and yell “who’s the short one now bitch”
Charlie once punched Knox in the face because they were at the bar and Knox walked up behind a drunk Charlie and put his arm around his waist and Charlie thought it was some random creep hitting on him
He was laughing really hard but almost crying at the same time because he felt super guilty about it
Knox has yet to let him live it down and constantly brings it up
“I get to chose what we watch tonight, no you punched me in the face once and you’re gonna tell me I can’t chose? God you’re so abusive smh”
Charlie is the most affectionate person ever when he’s sleepy/tired/just waking up and it always makes Knox’s brain short circuit
Whenever Charlie is tired he calls Knox pet names, is constantly hanging on him, telling him how much he loves him and how incredible and beautiful he is etc
Because of how affectionate he is when he’s tired, he is the most cuddly sleeper ever, he genuinely can’t sleep unless Knox is there with him holding him
When they’re hanging out with the other poets for a study group/just to talk and hang out Charlie will just randomly lay his head on Knox’s lap
Knox will just play with his hair like he’s a cat and continue talking or doing whatever he was doing
Knox will randomly wake Charlie up in the middle of the night and ask him stupid questions
Charlie hits him in the face with his pillow and goes back to sleep
Knox is the only person that Charlie gladly shares his cigarettes with without bitching about it
Charlie may not be the best singer, but he sings cheesy love songs to Knox randomly and Knox just melts and turns into a giggling mess
It usually ends with both of them screaming the words to love songs together in their front room
Every Christmas Charlie decks the house from head to toe with mistletoe just so he has an excuse to kiss Knox constantly throughout the day
Charlie gets sick a lot, not anything serious, he’s just bad at taking care of himself so he gets colds/little bugs pretty frequently and Knox has to take care of him
Charlie is not the type to just “sleep it off” either, he whines and complains to Knox the entire time
Knox feels so bad whenever Charlie is sick because he just looks so sad and pathetic, but after a day or two of his constant whining that pity starts to melt away
He doesn’t tell Charlie that though, he continues taking care of him like a good boyfriend does
Tumblr media
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mortuus-poet · 5 days ago
The Dead poets going to the park together would include
Todd and Neil sitting in the field looking at the clouds and watching birds
Charlie teaching Knox to skip stones, he was absolutely outraged when Knox told him he had never done it before
Meeks and Pitts chasing each other around the playground (and Pitts hitting his head on all the low parts)
Todd picking flowers and giving them to the others with the brightest smile ever and explaining what the flower means to them
When he gives Charlie a flower, Charlie gets super dramatic and starts crying and hugs him super tight
“Todd, you are an angel, far to good for this world my boy”
Charlie and Meeks challenging each other to see who can get across the monkey bars quicker
Neil pets every dog he sees (after very politely asking of course)
Neil frequently asking Todd if he’s okay, if he wants a break, if he’s tired etc
“Do you wanna step away for a minute? We can go over to those trees, it’s nice and quiet!”
Cameron making sure everyone is drinking water throughout the day because “dehydration is a real threat!”
Knox and Todd making flower crowns together for each other and the rest of the poets
Charlie racing Cameron and tripping him so he can win
Meeks and Knox laughing hysterically at it and Neil trying to make him apologize
Knox being a nerd about nature and telling Charlie about all the plants and trees he sees
Meeks and Todd geeking out about cool birds together
Meeks randomly tackling Pitts and making him give him a piggy back ride all around the park
Charlie and Neil seeing this and also making Pitts give them piggy back rides
Cameron yelling at them all to stop and Charlie responding with “pittsie doesn’t mind, stop being a stick in the mud Cameron!”
Pitts bringing peanuts with him and feeding the squirrels
Pitts getting said squirrels to trust him enough to let him pet them and everyone calling him the god of the squirrels
Knox trying to make friends with a goose and getting chased by the same goose plus a few extra
Charlie laughing his ass off as Knox screams for help and eventually getting a stick and scaring the geese away from him
Neil and Todd climbing trees together and hanging out at the top of them
Neil throwing acorns down at the rest of the poets from the tree while Todd laughs so hard he almost falls out of the tree
Charlie getting in contact with Keating and inviting him to surprise the poets
All of them screaming “captain!” When they saw him and running up and giving him a huge group hug
Keating and the Poets spending a few hours catching up before Keating has to head home, all of them saying their goodbyes and giving him another hug
Everyone calming down as the sun starts to set and gathering up together on a big blanket to watch the sunset peacefully
Todd and Charlie taking lots of candid photos of the group to hang on their walls
Charlie setting up his camera on a timer so they can all get a group photo together with the sunset behind them
Neil bringing “five centuries of verse” as a surprise and the poets taking turns reading from it, all of them a bit choked up from the memories of their Welton days (even though they only graduated a year ago)
All of them deciding to have a huge sleepover at Neil and Todd’s house afterwards
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