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#dead poets
thecharliedalton · a day ago
Here’s a theory: Cameron’s parents are Charlie’s godparents -- they think that Charlie’s an angel, when, in reality, he’s far from it. Due to the boys’ closeness, they relentlessly bicker, although they mutually agreed to avoid mentioning it a lot around the others. That’s why Cameron’s betrayal hurt so much. 
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all i'm saying is. we should give neil perry an instrument to play so he can bang out the tunes
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gucciscorduroy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
i just know this would be todd and neil after welton. they would end up together after college & would take couple pictures like this for sure
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andxrperry · 2 days ago
In silence we walk
With no end in sight
But we the strong souls
Shall never lose might
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andxrperry · 2 days ago
No matter how far we go,
How far we tread,
The truth that stays hidden,
Shall never be said.
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dead-swiftie-society · 2 days ago
‘todd and neil’ this, ‘anderperry’ that
ship pitts and meeks cowards
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hoforhozier · 4 days ago
I would sell my soul to devil just to kiss Charlie "Nuwanda" Dalton and here Gloria...just read it (it's a deleted part from the original script)
Well I can't deny that I would have enjoyed thoroughly to listen to his poems:-P
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The script link:
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andxrperry · 4 days ago
the seemly beauty of a cloudy sky
Lights up the spirits soaring through your eye
You see the beauty in all that is prevalent
And never once do you get caught up in the malevolent
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Tumblr media
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sweatyteeth · 5 days ago
hey lol i wrote that dps crack fic
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academiaisdark · 5 days ago
dead poets is one of those timeless movies, but also one you wish to watch for the first time just once again.
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mentalthisone · 5 days ago
Genesis pitts serie: part one (prolong)
Masterlist / pitts twin series masterlist
Genesis Pitts is a tall girl with short wavy hair and a beautiful smile pitts genetic power
‌her twin,Gerard and her are very close;
‌both lovers science, very shy and absolutely hate their name;
‌since little they only use nicknames if tjey don't want to start a fight;
‌they are always together doing puzzles, dancing (none of them know how to do it right but none cares), or just trying a new activity;
‌both are very protective of each other and share all the secrets;
‌every time he has a nightmare, she reads one of their fav book;
‌every time she gets stressed out about something, he takes her to the nearest forest to pick some leaves to dry them and do jewelry (they both have a four leaf clovers in a necklace, it's their lucky charm);
‌she is very good reading her brother, and from then, almost everyone. She knows he tries look strong and ferless to their parents but she always find the truth;
‌They learn Morse so they could speak trough the thin wall that is between their bedrooms;
‌Genny has a passion for nature, camping stargazing, climb trees, swim in the river... The peace of no humanity existence attracts her;
Every Saturday morning, she climbs to her favourite tree and, while reading, watches the sun rise;
‌she is a very physical person. Hugs everyone and has no ashamed of sit on the lap, cuddle or massage the shoulders to the people she cares;
‌she hopes she can do volunteering when she is 16. She loves helping other people to turn the world a little better;
‌only her brother knew about her anxiety and shyness. People see her so independent and talking with adults so easily that Pittsie (only her can call him that) is the first person that found out how nervous she gets trying to make new friends or before talking to a lot of people;
When she was 11, everything changes during a single summer.
So guys this is the first part of pitts twin series by me and @towriteabetterlife ! Hope you enjoy!
Have a nice day!
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deadpoetsgayvodka · 6 days ago
i have 99 problems and 101 of them would be solved if Charlie dalton becomes my bestfriend.
nuwanda be my bestie challenge
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