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#dc smut
Jaune, I heard you caught wonder woman. How her training going?
“She a quick learner. That what I say about her training” Said Jaune as he lounge in the chair with the princess between his legs, bobbing her head up and down on his thick slut maker cock with a ravenous grin on his face.
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feverdreamjyh · 6 hours ago
Phrases you've actually been writing wrong.
( - This is not to be taken as an attack, I understand english my not be everyone's first language. This is purely meant to be helpful. - )
• Dead set
It's not dead stead, or any variation like that. It's dead set
Meaning : You're determind to do something.
In a sentence : "They were dead set on making them pay for what they had done."
• I couldn't care less
It's not I could care less. That implies that actually you do care alot therefore could acutally care less but you don't. It's I couldn't care less.
Meaning : That you've reached the lowest point of caring, you don't care anymore, therefore it's impossible for you to care less
In a sentence :
"You know he's got a new girlfriend?"
"I couldn't care less about him and his new girlfriend."
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bluberry-muffin · a day ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Batman - All Media Types Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Tim Drake/Jason Todd Characters: Tim Drake, Jason Todd Additional Tags: Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Graphic Grapefruit, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Intersex Omegas, Omega Tim Drake, Alpha Jason Todd, Alpha/Omega, Shameless Smut, so self-indulgent, Don't Read If It Squicks You Out!, Knotting, lapslock Series: Part 5 of macaroni in the pot (wap) Summary:
there’s just something about tim that makes jason want to spoil him and ruin him in the same breath.
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noritoshiikamo · 2 days ago
cursed user/'priest'!geto suguru x fem!reader "of course he wants to save someone; mostly himself."
based on this headcanon 18+ sexual content ahead - geto is a fake priest, dubcon, voyeurism, virginity taking, exploitation through power dynamics, degradation, subspace, geto wants to breed u for powerful babies ((slightly spoiler ish)) tagging: @booksweet @fushigurocockslut @lazy10ieiri @sassyeahhhh @cotton-curse @thevoidwriting @dukina @miss-ryomen this word vomit is for the 2k people who followed me and @megumifushi happy birthday bubs
Tumblr media
- heart & body
"you assaulted my commanders and demanded to see me? fascinating."
“they won’t let me see you. i need your help.”
you didn't dare to look up, not after the last attempt of you trying to stand up earned you a kick on your back.
you had been on your hand and knees for awhile now, eyes burned on the dirty floor. you asked for this, you need this, shut up, shut up, please you have to do this, please shut up, your own thoughts were being drowned by the thoughts of people around you, suffocating you, driving you closer and closer to the edge. “please,” came out of your mouth barely a whisper. you had never been in the center of so many people talking about one exact thing; you.
you were 6 years old when you realised you can hear what someone’s thinking about.
i wish you would be dead, that was what your mother thought as she stirred your father’s coffee. you were surprised. your parents had always been loving towards each other, you idolized and loved them wholeheartedly. no way she was thinking of that stuff. “mama, why do you want papa to die?” you asked innocently, your bright eyes watched as your mother went into panic. your mother dismissed your words, laughing painfully as she scolded her, telling lies about how you had been watching a bad movie with the neighbor’s child before ushering you away. her grip on your arm were painful, your mother’s thought invaded your head like a rapid machine gun.
fucking piece of shit of a daughter, you fucking cunt, how did you know, i wish you were dead instead, you should die with your father, die die die die die
a kick on your leg startled you from your thoughts. to be able to be lost in your own thoughts is something so rare to you; a blessing. you choked out a sob as people’s thoughts started to invade your mind again. tears streamed down your face as you looked up towards the altar. you met the eye of the buddhist priest sitting on his throne with his head resting on his palm. “please help me, i’m cursed,” you cried out. your chest felt heavy as you clutched on your arms.
a scoff escaped the long haired man as he stood up. his zori echoed in the open space as he walked towards you. you felt pathetic, kneeling at the feet of the priest begging to be saved, begging to be eased of this pain. you could hear the snickering from his people, adding more fuel to the fire. "please, help me, sir," you closed your eyes as his hand rested on your head. your breath hitched. he kneeled down in front of you with a smile on his face. your mind- it's so quiet. other thoughts receded away into a background noise as he traced his fingers on the side of your face. your mind was empty, you could hear a drop of pin with the silence.
"i can't hear your thoughts?"
"come," he called, holding out a hand.
geto suguru found you fascinating. from the moment you were tossed on the floor of the house of the children of the star, he could pick up the intense amount of cursed energy radiating from you. you're not human, you are a sorcerer, a spy. he was applauding his former bestfriend in his head, sending a sorcerer in disguise of a weak, frail cursed human. he had some of his commanders on standby, ready to execute you but then you opened your mouth and his own wall fell apart.
the way the word please rolled off your tongue as you begged for his mercy with tears and fear in your eyes gave him an immense pride. this is what he wanted, this is what he dreamt of for all sorcerers around the world. this is where these scum of the earth belongs; on the floor begging up to their superior.
he dismissed his commanders when you took his hand. you lost your shoes somewhere in the hall way where they dragged you in, the floor of the church felt cold underneath you feet even through your knee high socks. you were almost lost in your thoughts, relief painted your face as you could finally hear yourself as long as you held on to his hand. you let a meek whimper when the priest pulled away his hand, your eyes widened as you wait for the mental blockage to disappear but it didn't. geto smiled, taking his place back on the throne, patting his thighs.
you didn't hesitate.
his thigh rested between your legs, with every flex of his muscle brushed against your clothed cunt. your hand rested on his thigh to balance yourself. you could feel your face warming up. "geto, what's happening?" one of the commanders questioned, you glanced to met his eyes hidden by the armless glasses. he wore a beret that matched his jacket, your eyes landed on the weaved rope around his hand, shivers ran down your spine. the rope is not just a rope, it's weapon.
"she's not a cursed human," geto said, gently brushing the stray hair away from your face, finger traced your jaw and rested under your chin, "she has innate technique but for some reason, she escaped the watchful eyes of the community. what a shame. such an useful power." he pulled your face closer with your back arched. a quiet moan escaped your opened lips when his leg brushed against your cunt. the priest they called geto laughed. "little one, are you wet for me?" he teased, brushing his thumb along the bottom of your lips. you hesitated, face warming up at such lewd question he's asking as a priest.
he leaned forward, lips so close it could brush against yours as he repeated the same question again, this time he jerked his leg up intentionally brushing it against your cunt to elicit a moan. laughter echoed the open space and you felt like dying on his laps. you beat yourself mentally, suddenly felt conscious about how people are thinking of you.
"you're curious about what they are think?" he hummed, leaning back on the throne, head resting on his arm again. you nodded. his eyes narrowed in annoyance, "use your word. i've silenced your thoughts, not your mouth."
"yes. b-but not enough to care. i-i just want to know something else."
his brows shot up, a silent invitation for you to talk.
"thank you for fixing me but i don't understand how you can do that-with my head. i know they're there," you pointed your head, your hand trembled, "but i can still hear myself. it's not driving me insane," you said, head lolled to the side as you forced your brain to think. "i'm not just a priest, little one," you startled, not because you realised his lips were next to your ears but his fingers were slowly unbuttoning your shirt, "you're upset, angry and depressed to a point of wanting to die. you were just oozing with cursed energy. and i-" he pushed the shirt off your shoulder, the corner of his lips curled into a satisfying smile as he leaned a gently kissed your shoulder, "i'm born to manipulate one."
"sir," you couldn't help but to moan as he traced his lips along your neck. a hmm pressed against your frantic pulse as his warm hands rested against your waist. "they are watching," you whispered below your breath, hands pressed against his own frantic heart. his hand roamed around your body with his lips tracing and sucking gently on your skin leaving bruises trails down your chest. "they can watch. you can focus on me," his hand pulled the material, spilling your breasts out of its containment. his tongue felt so good along the valley of your breasts, lapping up your sweat as it twirled around before closing on your bud.
your hands went around his neck, buried in the nape of his neck, tugging on the hair with every flick of his tongue. you couldn't help the needy grinding against his laps; his hands even encouraged it, gently kneading your ass through the skirt.
"sir," your voice cracked between the moans, "it felt so good."
he released your nipple with a pop, traces of saliva around his lips. "sir?" his brows waggled in amusement sending you into another fit of embarrassment. "i'm sorry, i-i don't know your name and i don't know what to address you with."
"you want to know my name?" you nodded eagerly.
he raised his finger and gently tapped it on his flushed lips. your eyes bore into each other, you could see the glint of playfulness in his dark eyes as he demanded a kiss. "aren't you even a little bit curious, little one?" he muttered, arms around your waist pulling you closer, "whose name are you going to moan out when i fuck you dumb later? as much as i love it when you called me sir." your lips ghosted over his, you were breathing in his air, noses against each other. "what's your name?" you mumbled but he was quicker, grabbing the back of your neck before pushing you on him.
your lips crashed, his kiss was desperate. geto had never felt so turned on by someone's innocence but you were just something else. he felt the need to own you, to corrupt you down to the core, make you depended to him and then maybe- his eyes glanced down to your belly- maybe a strong heir for when he rules the world. "call me suguru," he murmured between your lips, "call me only by that name, and i'll give you anything and everything."
"yes, suguru."
he almost rolled his eyes, his hand immediately went up around your neck, squeezing it gently.
"what are you doing to me, little one?"
he groused, eyes darting all over your face. you didn't have a clue of what you're doing to him; bouncing on his laps with your breast out, his marks littered your neck and chest. your innocent eyes sparkled with excitement and desperation. you wondered where did this boldness came when you tugged on his rakusu, slipping it over his head. your eyes stared into each other intensely while let you undid his yukata. you ran your palm against his solid chest, marveling on the feeling of his warm skin against your cold ones. your hands stopped just above the elastic of his black boxer, your face warmed up at the sight of his bulge. he chuckled, tightening his grip when he realised you lingered for too long.
"turn around," he ordered.
you turned to face the crowd of people you have been ignoring. your eyes darted around from one face to another, they were watching intently. some of them where palming themselves unconsciously and for some reason, it made you felt good. you don't understand this feeling of confidence suddenly overtaking your brain. you made them feel this way, it made you feel like a god. you felt his breath against your lower back, planting gentle kiss as his finger hooked on the elastic band of your panties. you glanced back as the panties pooled around your ankles.
he guided you back on his laps, you jumped you felt the tip of his cock running along your soaked slit. "so wet for me," he purred, kissing your shoulder as his hand guided your hips, rocking it along his cock. hoisting you up, you gasped when the tip of his cock prodded your entrance. your body trembled as slowly his length slid into you. you bit on your lower lips, hissing as you dug your nails into his thighs. you were so tight on his cock, he realised something you hadn't disclosed.
"you're a virgin aren't you?"
you nodded, "it hurts," you whined, glancing back with tears pooling in your eyes. he was half in, but he could already make out the outline of himself on your lower abdomen. "you'll take me in and whole, little one. i'll make it fit one way or another," he warned, tightening his grip on your hips, inching in slowly. geto threw his head back, feeling the way your tight virgin cunt fluttered around his length. you were whimpering, clawing on his wrist as he continued to force you down on his length. the stretch burned, it made your legs trembled and you couldn't stop the flowing of tears down your cheeks.
you were too focused on the burn of the stretch that you didn't realise you were fully impaled on his cock. the burn was temporary, replaced by the feeling of fullness. you started to love the feeling. he squeezed your ass and thighs, colourful praises rolled of his tongue.
"you take me in so well, such a good girl."
your head were spining, "yes sugu, let me be your good girl."
"show me how good you are," a smack landed on your ass, skirt bunched up into a makeshift handle as he pushed you up. geto threw his head back as you started to move your hips, watching as his cock appeared and disappeared again into your cunt. your pace were so excruciatingly slow, he felt like slamming his hips upward.
"does that feel so good, little one?" he cooed, planting a kiss on your neck.
"more please."
gripping your waist, geto took over immediately, slamming his hips upward to meet yours. with every thrust knocking air out of your lungs, your choked up moans and the way your skin slapped against each other felt so lewd but so good. his arm snaked around your body, cupping your jaws. his breath fanned your ear as he planted a soft kiss at the back. "look at all these people looking on you, tell me it doesn't make you feel like a god," you nodded, moaning out your agreement, "stay with me and all of these will be yours. i can take care of you." you couldn't help but to roll your eyes when his free hand sneaked down to find your neglected clit. one full circle had you aching for more.
you were meeting his thrust halfway, mouth parted slightly with a sliver of your tongue out. your head is delirious, filled with nothing but the thought of him. you want to be his, your want to be filled with the thought of him and himself, you want to be in the center of his attention. "let me take care of you," he tempted, "you'll let me take care of you right, little one? you'll let me fill you up with our beautiful babies. imagine how powerful they'll be. you'll look so beautiful with my babies."
"yes, suguru, please."
his smile grew into a menacing grin as he snapped his hips faster, "please, what sweetheart. use your words, lemme listen to you begging."
"breed me, please," you cried out, the feeling of his cock scrapping your inside raw completely clouded your judgment, "i want to be yours." his arms snaked around your thighs, resting it on the armrest, completely exposing your cunt to his people, desperately milking on his thick length.
“i’ll make you feel good,” his breath fanned your ears, “that’s what you want right?”
you were delirious, nodding desperately as a meek whimper dropped out of your lips as he shoved his cock deeper. your head was empty from his touch, only the echo of your skin together and the silence overwhelming you. beads of sweat formed on your back and neck, you felt floaty. you could hear his chuckle, his little coos and teases. your lidded eyes struggled to focus on him, his lips wasn't moving but you could listen to his words- his thoughts.
look at you, you're floating away from me
his thoughts invading you, stimulating you on another level as you arched yourself deeper into his arm. the soft whimper you'd let out and the blank look in your eyes made him understand where you are at now. geto knew what happening to you; you're not the first person he fucked out of their mind.
you could feel his fingers on your jaws. "more," your voice croaked as your glossy eyes met his. the vibration of his chest against your back as he laughed gave you goosebumps. his wet lips pressed on your cheeks. the aching thrusts of his hips slowed down, this felt too heavy for a first timer like you but your needy roll of hips against his laps spoke of something else.
come back, little one, his thought came a little strong this time, a little authoritative. he pressed his lips closed to yours as you grappled desperately on his body. your sensitivity were amplified as you rocked back and forth between reality and space. his touch was gentler than before, not as bruising as earlier. "hngh, sugu, i'm-," you garbled out, tensing on his body as you felt an odd feeling jolting to every corner of your being. "that's my baby," he chuckled, gripping tightly on your waist as you screamed. the waves of orgasm send you back into reality. so this is orgasm, your mind huffed. you batted your wet eyes struggled to comprehend to what had just happen. geto's fingers circled your clit effectively with his other hand moved to keep your thighs apart.
"suguru, no more," you cried out weakly, shaking your head.
"i'm not done with you yet, little one," he hissed in your ears, "we are far from done. i won't stop until you're full of me." his strokes were simple, slow and painfully excruciating scrapping your walls. he loves the way your cunt is pulsating as he picked up his pace. one hand on your neck and another pressing your own palm on your lower belly where you could feel his cock. you could feel your rationality fluttering away as he whispered sweet nothing, planting a seed on how you would be a great mother for him.
"please," you begged, head thrown back, "please let me stay with you. please, my mind- you make me feel so good." his hand landed on your face, a loud smack echoed the hall. "you'll my breeding bitch, that's what you're worth for. that's what your body is good for. and when i'm done, you'll sacrifice yourself for me, won't you?"
"yes, yes," at this point you'll say anything as you chased what you think was your orgasm. you squirmed, panting as you gushed out, squirting all over his lap and yukata. it was different than before but equally as good, your face warmed up in embarrassment. geto lolled his head to the side with a wide grin, loving you undying devotion.
"ah you always have a way in my heart, little one." you didn't understand why his grips were getting tighter. he was getting rougher and rougher and you gasped. his cock was twitching in you. "that's it, take all in," he grunted, unable to hold his own moan as spurts of his warm thick cum filled you up.
his hand palmed your chest, nose buried in your neck as you pushed you deeper, grunting at the obstruction of your cervix. he's keeping his promise; you're not the only one benefiting from this. you don't get to have peace of mind and his cock buried on you all time. he ran his hand on your belly, satisfied as you fought the wave of exhaustion crashing down on you.
you couldn’t muster any words out. even if you could, you weren’t sure what you would say. you sold yourself to him to gain yourself some peace of mind but as geto snaked his arms around you, it felt more like a noose around your neck.
"we are not done yet, little one."
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to noritshiikamo. do not modify or repost.
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empower-bi-women · 3 days ago
Size kink w/Jay
Word count: 1827
Warnings: SMUT SO 18+ ONLY, size kink, a bit of choking, dirty talk, light degradation maybe, swearing, and thats about it I think 
A/N: So this started off as a little headcanon the turned into a full fic with the help of @bookfrog242 so enjoy our joint 3am thirst. As always feedback is greatly appreciated :) 
tagging @littleredwing89 and @batarella cause ik y’all love Todd 
So we all know this man is B U I L T 
If you're small like me (I’m 5’2 and I like to think of Jay around 6’1ish) he just dwarfs you.
He found out from a night at the manor when Dick and Tim were joking around 
He walked into the room just in time to see you tackle Tim to the ground as he laughed maniacally yelling about a size kink and from the way you reacted he could guess it was you that had it. 
That night he walks into your room all casual like, just asking questions about your day when he decided to corner you
“I have a theory about you princess, I know you said that Tim was lying but I think you’re the liar.” 
For every step that he took forward, you took back until your back hit the wall. He gave you a sadistic smile as he kept moving forward until you were staring at his broad chest. 
“Look at me Y/N” you could practically feel the rumble in his chest 
He put his large hand on your cheek, tilting your head up to meet his blue eyes “look at you, so small and cute, I could just wreck you” his hand slid down to your neck, grabbing it lightly. 
“I think you love when I get in your space like this” he kisses your neck, “you’re so close to coming all because I’m bigger,” he bites your neck, “and stronger “ he pulls your hips toward him “and I can use you as my own personal fuck toy” you inadvertently let out a moan and he smirked down at you. 
“I bet you’d let me do just about anything to you. Let me fuck you until your eyes roll back and you can’t think of anything anymore”
He peeled off your shirt and his hands palmed your chest as you let out soft whimpers at his actions, moving your body forwards slightly at the contact. 
“You’re just the perfect size for me to ruin. Looking up at me with those huge eyes acting all innocent,” he nipped at your ear,” I bet you're soaked right now princess.” 
You shook your head, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of being right. 
“Oh really? You don’t think so?” he pulled your shorts and panties down in one swift motion before sliding a finger in between your folds. He felt your juices against his fingers and teased you slightly, smirking at how ruined you already were.
“Well will you look at that princess, I was right.”
You moaned out as he held you in place with one hand around your throat as he worked his finger into you slowly before adding another.
“Fuck Jason.” you moaned out as he just laughed at you clawing at his arms while his thumb rubbed your clit. You felt him increase the speed of his thumb slightly and moaned out from the contact, making him smirk at your helpless form “such a good girl for me, so wet and ready. I bet no one else can make you feel the way I do.”
His speed increased once again as you gasped out “it’s too much Jason I can’t.” He smirked as he felt you throb around his fingers “yes you can princess.” he grunted slightly at the feeling of his dick become harder from the sight of you falling apart at his fingers “and you will. You’ll take what I give you and be grateful” 
You tightened around his fingers as you came with a shout of his name. He kept rubbing your clit, working you through your orgasm. 
Once it started to die down he gave you a wicked grin. “Now I didn't say you could cum, did I princess?” 
You looked up at him with wide eyes, pupils blown “I’m sorry I just couldn’t hold it.” 
He clicked his tongue. “Too bad.” he picked you up and carried you to the bed in the center of the room before sitting you down on his lap. “You wanted to cum so badly, go ahead.” he gestured to his thighs, “knock yourself out princess.”  
You rested your hands on his broad shoulders before slowly dragging your hips across the material of his pants. You whimpered at the sensation of the rough denim on your oversensitive clit. 
He sat back, watching you with a cocky look on his face. Blue eyes danced across your innocent form and he couldn’t help but to stare at the way your lips seemed to form a perfect ‘o’ every time your clit dragged across his thighs. He admired the way you whined and felt something dark stir down in his core, dick hardening at every whimper that escaped your lips. He felt himself letting out slight grunts of approval every time you brushed against his clothed dick, slightly thrusting his hips to create more friction between your hips. 
Your hips moved faster as you neared your high once again before Jason lifted you off his thigh.
“What the fuck Todd.” you whined out. He tossed you onto the bed with ease. “Uh uh princess, you can speak when spoken to - understood?” You nodded and felt his thumb move across your bottom lip, bucking your hips slightly as he teased you with his knee. “No one will ever touch you again, understood?” You nodded as you watched him unbuckle his belt, but felt him pause. “What did I say princess? You’re mine. Understood?” You let out a whimper but managed a reply “Yes sir.”
He let out a low growl “good girl.” He groaned as he slid the tip in "you feel so fucking good princess." you whined as his hips met your body, both of you breath heavy as he looked down at your connecting bodies. "holy shit, look how deep I am inside you." he lightly traces the outline of himself before his large hands trail lower over your stomach before pressing down, making you cry out “Fuck you’re taking me so well princess. Look at you all swollen and soaked for me. Such a good little girl.”
He thrust his hips against yours as you sob in pleasure, tears streaming down your face. "look at you, my pretty fucking princess, all fucked out already and we've barely even started. I bet when you played with yourself you pictured me, or maybe it was Grayson. I see the way you look at him, and while I understand your thoughts about him, he could never fuck you the way I’m about to”
Pinning both your hands in one of his, he held you down as he thrust his hips at an unforgiving pace, watching your face twist up in pleasure. “Keep your eyes on me princess.” he groaned as you bit your lip, eyes fluttering open to meet his. “Fuck princess, I’m gonna cum just from the way you keep tightening around me. Such a good girl, so small but taking me so well.” He moved himself again, withdrawing himself completely before pushing back in 
“You like how I just completely take over, hm? How I make you feel like the small baby you are? Turn you into my brainless brat.” You lie there a moaning mess, not being sure whether to answer him or not. He growls “Tell me how much you love having me inside you princess.”
“I love it,” you cried out, tears running down your cheeks, “you feel so good inside me sir.” 
He stopped inside you. You clawed at his wrists begging him to move before he pulled out, flipped you over.. He grabbed your hands, pinning them behind your back.
“Jason please I'm so close.” you were cut off when you felt an exploding pain in your ass.
“Don’t know how I went this long without touching this amazing ass of yours,” he smacked it once again as you cried out in pain, “fucking beautiful. But I believe you were in the middle of begging? You sounded so pretty for me I’d hate to miss it again.” 
“Please,” your voice shook with need, “I need to cum Jason please.” 
“Aw come on princess you can do better than that,” he lowered himself to growl in your ear, “now be a good girl, and beg.”
You whined and felt yourself grow desperate, you couldn’t help but to finally let go. “Jason, I need you inside me. I need to feel your big dick hitting all the right spots, making me so wet and needy for you. I need to cum around your cock. I need you to make me yours.” 
He smirks at your desperate tone and pushes in and out without warning, you can feel his long dick hit spots you didn’t even know were possible and you love it. You can’t help but get addicted to feeling Jason inside you, your dripping walls accommodating him for his every need. 
“Yeah? You want me to fuck you just like this? Make you my little whore, thinking about nothing but me filling you up with my cum? You should have told me earlier about your little kink, we could have had so much fun.” he rubs your clit bringing you to the edge, “well I guess we just have to make up for lost time then, huh princess.” 
You can feel his dick twitching inside of you, as your walls tighten around him “Fuck sweetheart, gonna cum just from hearing the sounds that are coming out of that pretty mouth of yours.”
You whine out and grind back against his hips, “What is it baby? You can talk. Such a good girl, waiting for permission.” 
“Please can I cum, I need it so bad sir, please.” you begged through tears.
Jason let out a low chuckle at your words. “Hold it.”
You whimpered out as you couldn’t take it anymore, “Please sir, just let me cum. Punish me if you have to, just let me cum.” 
He groaned at the desperation in your voice before speaking again. “Fuck princess, so needy for my cock to make you cum. Cum with me. NOW.” 
You moaned out, tears streaming down your face and sobs leaving your throat. You felt so raw, so used. But you loved it, you wanted - no - craved more. You needed Jason to use your body, you needed to feel his cock deep inside of you at all times. You came with a shout of his name. Your vision turned white for a few moments and you swore your soul left your body. 
You felt his hot cum spurt into you, Jason groaned above you. “Fuck princess you get any tighter you’re gonna rip my dick off.” he slowly pulled out of you, hissing as the cool air hit his body. He flopped down on the bed, giving you a shit eating grin. “So, round two?” 
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theemeraldguardian · 3 days ago
“.. wanna know the easiest way to a mans heart?”
Tumblr media
“Two words..   .. yoga pants.”
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myhiddenspot · 4 days ago
Intoxication- Unspecified Series (Pt. 1)
Tumblr media
Title: Intoxication
Pairing: Unspecified!Male X Female!Reader
Requested: No
Word Count: 847 words
Warning(s): fingering, multiple orgasms, no plot, smut
Summary: It's a moment of bliss. The moment before being shoved off the deep end. And (Y/n) was happy to jump... as long as it was for him.
Author's Note: Masterlist here! The fandoms I write for here! Information for requests here!
Tumblr media
I wish that I knew what exactly led me here... but I don't think there'd be an ounce of regret even if I remembered.
My naked back pressed against his clothed chest, both of us leaning against the wall behind the bed. The tension could've been cut by a blade.
I was covered by a thin sheen of sweat. Every time he let out a breath, I felt it. It made me shiver. My thighs were spread, resting on his. His hands ran across my body. He would reach down and circle my clit with his finger.
I was intoxicated by him. Every part of him. His touch, the breath that swept over my neck and breasts, the small chuckles and dirty comments in my ear. Everything had overwhelmed me to the point where I was willing to surrender everything to him.
I think that he enjoyed it. He enjoyed watching me react. He enjoyed breaking me down to my barriers, seeing me in my purest and weakest form.
I whined as he moved his finger away from my clit. It felt like he had been pushing to the edge a thousand times and had just pulled me back. He chuckled and started to kiss and nibble at the skin on my neck.
"So needy," he said into my ear. "Do you want to know what's about to happen?"
I moaned quietly as he continued running his hands over every part of my body. I gasped when he grabbed and pulled on my nipples. I nodded at him.
"Speak to me," he mumbled.
"Please," I begged. "Tell me what you're going to do."
"I'm going to make you unravel so many times that you can't think of anything other than my name."
I bit my lip as he spoke. I couldn't tell if this sounded like heaven or hell. After another tug on my nipples, he started gliding his hands down my body.
One of his hands rested on my thigh as the other moved in between my legs. I let out a sound that was somewhere between a moan and a gasp as his fingers glided over my clit. My back arched slightly against his chest.
I bit my lip and looked down so I could watch his hand move. His finger rubbed circles on my clit. He sucked on my neck, making as many marks as he could.
"Look at you," he spoke directly into my ear. "You're just so needy for me."
I nodded, moaning again as I saw his fingers starting to glisten from my arousal. He started rubbing faster. I rolled my hips up into his hand.
"My pretty girl," he mumbled. I leaned my head back on his shoulder, letting out a small, distracted chuckle.
My moans were getting more dramatic as he continued to kiss my neck and rub my clit. I bit my lip.
"Are you gonna cum?"
I tried to nod but I was more focused on rolling my hips into his hand. I licked my lips. I stammered out what may have been nonsense before my back arched against him. I continued whining and panting into his ear as I came. My muscles felt tight and I almost felt my breath getting knocked out of me.
He didn't let me rest. His hand continued the circles on my clit. I whimpered. My arms moved wildly. I wasn't sure if I wanted to push his arm away or pull him closer.
I gasped when I felt him using his other hand near my entrance.
"Do you want it," he asked. "Want me to finger you so you can cum again?"
"Yes," I said.
He slid two fingers into me. He moved his fingers slowly, trying to tease me. I moved to grab his legs. My nails dug into his pant leg and hissed at the feeling.
"F-faster," I begged, rolling my hips to his hand again.
"As you wish."
It was a difference between night and day. His fingers moved in and out as fast as possible. I looked down to watch how wet I was. The sounds were pornographic. I would've been embarrassed if I wasn't so caught up in my pleasure.
"Fuck," I moaned, squeezing my eyes shut.
"Play with your tits," he almost grunted into my ear before sucking harshly on my neck again.
I reached up, tugging on my nipples. I rolled them between my fingertips. I could tell he was watching closely because of how he was moaning in response to me.
"God, I need you to cum," he growled. "Do it. Fucking cum. Now."
I gave up trying to speak as my back arched. My head lolled back, my eyes rolling backward. I started letting out a string of curses and his name as I started shaking with pleasure. I let out one more shout as I started coming down from my high.
His hands stopped touching me. I let myself relax into his arms with a tired smile.
"Don't get too comfortable... I'm not anywhere near done with you yet."
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heroicsaviors · 4 days ago
Open to: F/NB
Suggested Connections: FWB, stranger, one night stand, bartender, person with an SO, Friend of his brother, Nurse that helps his sister (she’s in a coma), crime boss’s daughter, anything you can think of really.
 He looked at the fine body that was currently bent over to pick up some clothes. Jace made no attempt to do such a thing. “You don’t actually need to leave you know, though I do appreciate the sight.” he teased. “Come back, I want to treat myself to a little breakfast in bed.”
Tumblr media
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serostuffsmh · 4 days ago
overhaul can own my milk jugs ahaha............ aha. but actually, i've been thinking and i wonder if he finds people with animal quirks as gross as those with attack type quirks. LIKE perhaps he comes across a dumb little cow hybrid darling, no real power, just two spotted ears, a cute little tail and huge milky honkers that squirt the special milk that only he can drink. he'd make her eat a special diet to make sure the milk is up to standard, and if it's not up to his tastes he'd hook her up to a big scary milking machine with all her senses deprived and leave her there until the suction cups leave her breasts bruised and sore. then he'd roll up his sleeves and menacingly snap on a pair of elbow high gloves, feeling her up and making sure all the gross milk has left her tired system. he'd then pull out a hose and spray her with a strong stream of painfully cold water, despite her shrieking. omg and don't forget, he'd spray inbetween her legs too, maybe even pushing the hose into unnecessary unclean places. i imagine once she'd calmed down he'd dry her off with a fluffy towel and start her special diet again. kai needs a glass of his darling's sweet, consistent tasting milk at every meal.
sorry for ranting i just wanna be overhaul's squishy cowgirl- mooo
Tumblr media
So, I suppose canonically he does find people with mutant quirks ‘unnatural’ and but hey that’s why we write stuff, yknow?
I do believe in cute hybrid reader supremacy. Little lambs, bunny rabbits, tiny deer, and calves. It’s adorable.
He’ll give you a tiny tag on your cute little floppy ears and maybe a bell if you asked nicely. But no cow eyes will be able to sway him from your stringent routine of gross vitamins and balanced diet. He does it only for da best milk.
Anyway, your milk brings the boys to the yard
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simps-hours · 5 days ago
Any fanfic request?
Request form!
Live action:
AIB (Alice in borderlands)
Sweet home
MHA (My Hero Academia)
Diabolik lovers
Jellyfish princess
Assassination classroom
Avatar: The last airbender
Legend of korra (love this show)
And many more just my main shows 😊
If your not sure if I've watched it just request it i might have and not put it up! If you don't care for the summary put 'N/A' Thank you for your corporation,
Love, your corner store simp
Materlist! (On stand by!!)
Request Form!!
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discordrpfinder · 5 days ago
anyone out there up for throwing their dominant females my way??
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heroicsaviors · 5 days ago
Open to: F/NB
Suggested Connections: Costar, Assistant, Fan, Bodyguard. Bonus points if you give me a costar that’s also an ex.
Karam exited the jet and took off his sunglasses. It had been awhile since he came to this city, and now he was going to be calling it home for the next nine months, while he shot the movie. Should be fun. He went into the airport and saw a pretty face at the gate, and automatically assumed she was there for him.  “Ah did they send you to pick me up?” he said with a smile.
Tumblr media
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anarchicmartyr · 5 days ago
hey cyn, u ever lewd sero? cs i love him😭
BROOOO I LOVE SERO SO MUCH. he’s so underrated and needs so much more attention. the toxic potential? astronomical. there’s something about a happy-go-lucky character being secretly controlling and manipulative af that makes my brain go WEE WOO WEE WOO y’know?? i love that tape dispenser so much omg he really said “spider-man but make him ✨better✨”
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heroicsaviors · 5 days ago
Open to: F/NB
Suggested Connections: Costar, Assistant, Fan, Bodyguard. Bonus points if you give me a costar that’s also an ex. 
Karam exited the jet and took off his sunglasses. It had been awhile since he came to this city, and now he was going to be calling it home for the next nine months. Should be fun. He went into the airport and saw a pretty face at the gate, and automatically assumed she was there for him.  “Ah did they send you to pick me up?” he said with a smile. 
Tumblr media
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carny-writings · 5 days ago
Dark Anon: question for the mun, do you accept female villains from DC as well, and if yes which ones?
Mhm... that is a good question. In parts, I feel that the only ones I know rather well would be Ivy and Harley Quinn. Besides them, I’d have a hard time knowing who the villainesses are. But you can always try and suggest someone! 
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sightoru · 5 days ago
Baby, I’m The One That Haunts Her Dreams At Night
Tumblr media
✰pairing: Keigo Takami x Fem!Reader (1950s AU)
✰word count: 3k
✰warnings: 1 use of daddy (but not in the sexual sense), misogyny, womanizer/sleezy Keigo, manipulation, dubcon, car sex, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it) , fem receiving fingering, praise kink,
✰taglist: @zombieonna , @trafalgar-temptress , @unmeiii , @hotwings0203 , @natsuonii , @celestial-fucking-weeb @lunar-nebula @viixens
✰tip jar
✰A/N: i know nothing about cars lol. also no beta because my feelings are as fragile as izukus bones. song title credit: A Match Into Water by Pierce the veil also cynic for suggesting it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Takami Keigo’s never been the type of guy that’s cared for much. Always been the type to have a sort of tunnel vision, the type with an attention span that’s as flimsy as the last remaining leaves on a tree just before winter comes to freeze them off. This is especially true for things that don’t have any sort of immediate benefit to him, hence turning to factory work instead of attending college, fucking every girl that throws herself onto him, and smoking packs upon packs of cigarettes just to chase the gratificating rush nicotine gives him.
He’s also never been the type that’s been hard to please, considering himself to be the type of guy that enjoys the simple things life has to offer. He’s a man that loves driving too fast down country roads in his BMW 507 (often comparing the curves of it to the curves of the women he fucks), the taste of coffee first thing in the morning, and how satisfyingly smooth a new tub of hair gel looks before his fingers are in it.
Keigo’s weekends are often spent running around town with friends he keeps mostly at arms length, chain smoking in public parks, showing off his car at the local car show, and scoping out his next easy fuck so he can brag to his friends his new body count. This usually happens late at night in the den of Tomura Shigaraki’s mansion, Tomura listening with ruby eyes dripping with fascination and Touya Todoroki watching him with a lazy half smile, a cigarette -usually bummed from Keigo- perched elegantly between his lips.
Easy being the keyword here. Women with tiny waists accented by fit and flare skirts and doe eyes covered in mascara that’ll do anything to have Keigo in between their legs in the back seat of his car. He’s not a monster, by any means. Usually taking them to dinner or a movie or something that women tend to like before explaining to them that they owe him one. He usually doesn’t have to state this, most women are eager to give Keigo a part of themselves, but every once in a while Keigo has to thickly lay down his charm and gently coax someone into wrapping their legs around them and show him exactly how thankful they are that he paid for dinner that night.
It’s quick, easy and not complicated. Just how Keigo likes it. He’s a simple man after all.
So when Saturday comes around yet again -Keigo’s thin body leaning up against the hood of his car with a cigarette delicately sitting in between his index and middle finger- he carefully looks at skirts swishing past him and deciding just who will be worth giving his undivided attention to on a Saturday night. Touya has often commented that Keigo looks like a predator on the hunt in these moments; his golden eyes flashing towards anything bright and pretty that moves in his direction, his lips formed in an effortlessly handsome half smile and the way his face darkens for a brief moment -just a second really, so slight you’d have to know to look for it- when he finally settles on who his catch of the day will be.
This fateful Saturday, he decides it's going to be you.
You’re stunning, a personification of a summer breeze in July, white silk blouse and an emerald colored poodle skirt paired with Jimmy Choos. You’re not paying attention to what’s around you, looking incredibly interested in Bakugou Katsuki’s Thunderbird and the bright shade of tangerine it is (a shade Keigo’s always thought of as ugly, much preferring the bright cardinal color of his BMW) when Keigo knows that he can’t allow a snot nosed brat like Bakugou be the one to take you home tonight.
Keigo slowly walks over to you, not getting close enough for you to notice, but close enough for Bakugou to. He looks up at him briefly, shit eating grin fading from his face and all the fire draining from his eyes. There’s something unspoken in the air between the two men; something about respect hanging between them. Bakugou tries for a moment to hold Keigo’s gaze, to tell him with his eyes to fuck off but he knows there’s no point; knows that as soon as Keigo sets his eyes on something and makes it his theres no point in arguing or fighting. In that moment, Bakugou decides that despite your pretty face and magical figure you’re just not worth it. Keigo hears Bakugou mutter something, some sort of half-assed excuse that he needs to leave. It hurts Keigo briefly, peering into the sad look in your eyes as you wonder “did I say something wrong?” but if Keigo is the one that gets a piece of you tonight - a piece of your soul- then he supposes it’s really all worth it now, right?
Keigo moves in closer, all the smoothness of a cat about to pounce; eyes focused hungrily on you like prey. “Hey there, pretty thing.” he says to you slowly, hands in his pockets as he talks to you out the side of his mouth. He watches your nose crinkle, skepticism leak into your eyes as you stare at him with distrust. You’re smart, doubting him already and he just can’t have that now, can he? Your trust isn’t something Keigo should earn, it’s something you should already give him and Keigo’s not used to having to work for a woman’s attention.
“Hi.” you say dryly, your lips pressed in a thin line as you stare at him suspiciously. You’re looking anywhere else but him; eagerly trying to find a way out of the conversation. Hoping for someone to walk by and notice the uneasiness lying just beneath the surface of your eyes and grant you salvation.
He extends a hand to you, mouth opening with the intention of introducing himself; with the intention of offering to wine and dine you all proper. Before he can though, you’re leaving, a smile spreading onto your face- a smile full of relief - your body carrying you towards some girl he doesn’t recognize and linking arms with her.
Too bad for you, Keigo’s eyes are on you, and he always gets what he wants.
You just bought this car. It’s brand new, not even a thousand miles on it. So why are you now stuck on the side of some random backroad, engine sputtering and refusing to start. You started driving around to escape, losing yourself on backroads surrounded by empty and open fields and abandoned barns. But this feels nothing like escape. It feels like a trap, your car choking and sputtering as the engine refuses to turn over and smoke pours out of it.
“Need some help there, sweet thing?” You hear a familiar voice drawl, lazy and uncaring and sounding how it feels to lay on your back in a pool midsummer. It’s Keigo’s voice. Calling out to you from inside of his BMW 507 and looking at you like he expects you to treat him like some sort of savior when the reality is he feels like a fucking nightmare. “You look a little stuck there, sweetheart, need some help?”
You hate this; you want to scream, to tell him to fuck off and go back to whatever hell he came from but you both know that you’re the one that’s stuck and he’s the one here to save you. You stare at him, distrust leaking into your eyes yet again but this time there’s nowhere to go off and escape to, nowhere to run and no one but him to save you. “Yeah,” you say begrudgingly, spitting the words out to him like venom. “I guess I could use some help.”
He laughs softly, shaking his head and peering at you through sun colored glasses. “Well, I guess it’s a good thing I’m here isn’t it, babydoll?” The pet name disgusts you. Makes you feel like bugs are crawling over your skin and bile rises in your throat.
He parks his car in front of yours, tucking a cigarette between his lips and walking slowly towards you, his hands in the pockets of neatly pressed khaki slacks.
“Are you gonna help me or not?” you call out to him, the indignant stomp of your heel is loud against the asphalt.
“Dove,” he says, irritation bubbling through the softness of the pet name. “I will when I’m done smoking this.”
You fold your arms over your chest. “Ya know, mister-”
“It’s Keigo.” He interupts dryly.
“Keigo,” you continue. “I don’t really believe what the doctors say. No way in hell those things are healthy. They smell god awful.” Keigo rolls his eyes so hard you swear you could see it from space. You force a smile down and swallow down the giggles that threaten to escape your lips. After a few more drags you watch him flick the cigarette on the ground and put it out with the heel of his shoe.
Keigo pops the hood of your car, rolling up his sleeves as his skilled fingers tug and pull at parts of the car. It looks foreign and strange to you. You’ve always liked cars. Like the freedom they give you, the way it allows the wind to flow through your hair and how easy life feels behind the wheel of a car. But the inner workings of them has always escaped your mind, you’ve always been satisfied leaving that to people who know more than you.
“Sorry, baby. This is even out of my reach.” He sighs, looking over at you sadly. “You’re gonna have to have this towed and have a professional look at it. I can give ya a ride home though.” He smiles at you, and he looks like the sun; bright and warm. If you weren’t so stupid -if you could manage to think of Keigo as something dangerous and more than just a horny 20-something and trust your insticts- you’d be willing to wait hours for anyone else to show up.
You’re stuck. And Keigo knows this.
You reluctantly nod your head, following him to his car and sitting your body down against the hot leather interior of his passenger seat.
Keigo stays parked on the side of the street, one hand lazily gripping the steering wheel with his head cocked towards you expectantly. You can’t keep lying to yourself, can’t keep denying the unexplainable attractiveness of him; the way the sun catches in his wheat colored hair and that his eyes look like two pots of honey. His yellow sunglasses hang low on his nose as his lips curl into a smile.
“Why aren’t you going?”
“Well gas is expensive, sweetheart.” He chuckles, bringing a warm hand to rest on the inside of your thigh. “I can’t just help you for free now can I? Didn’t your daddy ever tell ya that?” He leans over you, his body crowding yours and cornering you into the door. His lips ghost over yours, his breath hot against your face. “I know a few ways you could help me out.”
His mouth pulls away from yours and moves down your neck, his hands hot and skilled as they slide under your shirt to paw at your breasts. He twists and flicks your nipples as your hips grind against the seat of his car, your body begging for any sort of friction on your cunt. His hands move from your breasts to your thighs, soft and tentative as he moves up your skirt. You gasp when his fingers toy with the wet spot building on your panties; the way he expertly finds your clit and begins to rub circles around it. Your hips buck towards him, a pathetic whine building in your throat that you refuse to let escape. You hate this, hate how good you feel; hate how your cunt throbs around nothing and hate how you don’t want him to stop.
His hand moves to grip your jaw, a low and dangerous chuckle escaping his lips. “Come on sweetheart,” he breathes in your ear. “Show a little eagerness. You owe me one after all.” His fingers push your panties to the side, his bare hand touching your pussy and moving your essence around. You whine into his ear, a little sound that makes him go crazy, makes him want to know the kind of sounds you’d make bouncing on his cock. His finger teases your entrance, going in ever so slightly just to come back out and tease your clit again. Heat builds in your core, a red hot coil building and threatening to snap as you buck your hips towards him.
“Baby girl,” he coos mockingly. “Do you want something? Come on. Use your words.”
“Kei..” you breathe out, spreading your legs as wide as you can. “Please I wan’ more.” Keigo pulls himself back far enough to smile at you, watching satisfaction spread across your features as he easily slides two fingers inside of you. You practically fall apart when he finds that perfect spot inside of you, hitting it over and over again until your climax washes over you. He rides it out perfectly, whispering how good you are for him in your ear.
Keigo drags you over to him, placing both your legs on either side of his body. “Come on princess, don’t you wanna make me feel good too?” You’re too fucked out and dazed to understand what he means. You nod your head dumbly, tiny fingers moving to the zipper on his slacks. He cock springs out immediately, long and thin and pretty, thick veins running down the sides; a drop of pre sitting at the top like a pearl. You lift your skirt, moving his cock along your folds and soaking it with your essence.
He whines, grabbing you by your hips and impaling you. He’s so needy; wants to tell you he’s never tried this hard for any girl to notice him and he’s gotta make sure he gets a good fuck out of you. You start bouncing up and down, your head buried in the crook of his neck as you move, his hips bucking up into yours; his cock kissing your cervix with the prettiest grunts coming from deep in his chest. It’s music to him, the sounds escaping your lips and you’re drinking up every sigh that comes from his. Your mouth hovering over his as you both breathe each other's air. His grip on your waist is bruising as he sucks galaxy colored hickies along your neck and jawline.His hand finds its way to your clit, forcing another orgasm to rack through your body.It doesn’t take much longer for him to cum, following closely behind you with a few more erratic thrusts of his hips.
Keigo practically tosses you off of his lap, setting you back into the passenger seat and buckling you in. He doesn’t say anything to you after, you’re both quiet. The only sound between you both is the low voice of Frank Sinatra playing over his stereo.
Keigo drops you off at your house, watching your frame walk up the steps and into your front door, not even sparing him a glance. He feels smug for a moment, sitting in his car at the curb, unlit cigarette in between his lips. He thought you would be smarter, that you could put together that just a little bit of water in your gas tank made your car stall. It wouldn’t have mattered if you did or didn’t figure it out, he would’ve gotten what he wanted anyways.
He’s a simple man after all. Since he doesn’t want much, it should be easy for him to get the things he wants.
Keigo stares at a glass full of ice and whiskey; his fingers delicately wrapped around the expensive crystal glass as Tomura and Touya pass a cigarette back and forth. There’s something growing in his chest, something he’s not sure of clawing at his ribs angrily and rearing its ugly head. He’s not quite sure what this feeling is or why he’s felt it since he left you; all he knows is that glass after glass of whiskey will help drown out the strange pain.
“Keigo!” Touya’s husky voice breaks him from his thoughts, sapphire eyes burning into his with an intense curiousity. “Did you manage to get any pussy yesterday night?” He snickers along with Tomura, the both of the jostling eachothers shoulders with knowing grins; eager for a story to start.
Keigo swallows, whiskey going down his throat strangely slow and smothering the ugly feeling before it can threaten to overwhelm him again. He’s not sure why he wants to keep you secret; why he feels sick at the thought of telling his best friends what happened. “Sorry boys,” he sighs with a small frown. “I struck out yesterday.”
Tomura just sighs, says something along the lines of better luck next time as he smiles smugly into his glass. Touya looks at Keigo, cerulean eyes turning into stone as distrust clouds his voice. “That’s a shame,” he says after a long puff off a cigarette. “s’not like you, Keigo. Once you decide you want something, you always get it.”
Keigo laughs, a choked and dry sound. “Not this time.” He lights a cigarette and holds it between clenched teeth. “Not this time.” he says again under his breath, more to himself than his friends.
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discordrpfinder · 5 days ago
decided to finally set up this blog to make it look decent enough lol also kind of as a refresh. make sure to check out the rules & muses page if you'd like to write together. give this a like and i'll happily approach you for things if you're interested !!
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spilledkauffie · 6 days ago
Third Time’s A Charm
Pairing: Roman Sionis x Female!Reader Word Count: 2.6k T/W: Smut / thigh riding, glove kink? choking  A/N: Clearing out my drafts. I am very aware Roman is kinda terrible, but Ewan is gorgeous so:
Tumblr media
The club was as usual: alive with vibrant streaming lights, voices chattering, and a drone from the d.j.’s booth made the floor vibrate softly underfoot. Normally you didn’t like to make an appearance, much happier away from the deliriously drunk crowds, but you hadn’t seen Roman in three weeks- and two days. . . you didn’t mean to keep track, but you couldn’t help it. Even though he had promised to come up and see you immediately after the negotiations he had to conduct tonight, you couldn’t wait any longer knowing he was right downstairs.
Stepping into his favourite silk dress of yours, the one that fell just beneath the curve of your ass, with an open back, you paired it with heels, and decided to have a little fun— after all you did give him that strip tease over the phone while he was away. Confidently, but carefully, stepping down the stairs, you caught clear sight of his usual table. It looked like some fancy upcoming hotshot was pleading for protection. Roman looked bored, you could tell his mind was already elsewhere. Biting in your lip, you smiled. Skillfully making your way over to the bar, unseen, the bartender greeted you by your first name, knowing you well enough by now, everyone did. You asked him for a tray with a glass of Roman’s favourite drink.
“Ah, jeez,” the bartender started, fiddling with his fingers, slightly nervous, “I’d love to, but- but Mr. Sionis told me not to let you waitress anymore.”
You shifted your weight onto the other hip, quirking your lips, a little let down, but not exactly surprised that he’d told everyone but you about this new rule, “well...I promise nothing’s going to happen to you,” you leaned in whispering sincerely, knowing it was easy to be scared of disobeying an order from Roman, “I’m not really waitressing, per se, think of it as more of a social experiment I need to conduct.”
With promised security from you, the bartender tried to be casual, looking around, but he mainly kept an eye on Roman whilst making the drink and handing you the tray. You thanked him and slid a few rolled 20s his way with a wink. Checking your hair in a nearby hazy mirror, you sauntered over to Roman’s table. The guy sitting opposite from him was stretched nearly halfway across the table, hands clasped together, begging. Roman was busy watching the performance, paying little attention to the whining kid in front of him.
“A drink, Mr. Sionis?” You asked from behind him, in your best waitressing voice.
“Sure,” he sighed, so annoyed that he didn’t even look up to you, “I’ll have-”
“Already ordered,” you carefully handed him the glass, making sure that your fingers touched, even though his were covered with his usual black initialed gloves, “and sent by special delivery.”
Once the drink was out of your hand, you slipped your fingertips along the slit of bare skin showing, at the base of his gloves, as you turned, walking away. By the time Roman looked up, you were already halfway across the club. Avoiding a look back, you were confident you’d gotten his attention. Softly setting the tray on the bar and biting the inside of your lip, you tried to repress the giggle swelling in your throat. Leaning forward into the bar as you waited, keeping your back purposefully to him, some unwanted company found you. 
“Hey,” a stranger slurred beside you, slowly sliding in closer; he smelled like cheap cologne, “you wanna- shots, my place?”
Before you could answer: the whiskey glass you had just handed Roman was set forcefully between the two of you on the bar’s table top, a familiar gloved fist curled tightly around it. You flicked your eyes to look at the stranger for a moment, he suddenly seemed like a stray dog with his tail tucked between its legs. Returning your gaze forward, you straighten yourself up, knowing it was no longer your problem.
“Fuck off,” you heard Roman’s voice behind you, obviously aggravated; you couldn’t help feeling some sort of way with that being the first word you heard him say in person in weeks.
With the stranger gone, you suddenly felt cool leather touching your skin, starting at the base of your neck, Roman stroked a knuckle down your spine. Unable to ignore the tingling sensation spreading across your skin like settling champagne, you pushed back your shoulder blades and tilted your head, exposing the side of your neck to him. He took the opportunity, placing a linger kiss to your skin, you closed your eyes and sighed happily.
“Is that the perfume I sent you from Paris?” He breathed in the scent you had pressed onto your neck, his voice was just as erotic as you remembered it being. 
“I’ve worn it everyday since you sent it,” you admitted, opening your eyes as he removed his hand from you, setting it against the metal edge of the bar, locking you between him and the counter. You could feel his lips lingering, so close to your skin. Attempting to control your already erratic breathing, you tried to breathe slower.
He hummed, but it was more like a purr to you. Almost placing another kiss to your neck, he pulled back, making you exhale disappointed, “turn around,” he told you instead.
You slowly did as requested, finding yourself a matter of inches from him. He eyed you up and down, “now there’s the view I like,” he said, gaze shifting from your figure up to meet your eyes. You maintained eye contact best you could feeling a blush rising. He smirked, taking a sip from his glass, “not that you don’t look fucking fantastic from behind.”
You broke into a smile, but he turned serious, dipping down slightly, holding your jaw in his hand tenderly, “I thought I told you that you don’t need to waitress anymore.”
Before you could say anything he was raising a hand to point towards the bartender. You quickly placed your palms against his chest, “I wasn’t-” he looked back at you with interest, but still kept his hand up, “I wanted to see you,” you blinked a few times, looking down, “keep an eye on you. . . since it’s been so long. I asked him to help.”
“Oh,” he breathed, lowering his hand and waving Victor away, “is my little kitten jealous?”
Roman hooked a finger under your chin, tilting your head up, making you look up through your eyelashes at him. He swiped his thumb across your bottom lip, you smiled softly, loving how the gloves felt against you, smooth and cold. Sighing with a smile he looked down to your dress.
“I like this,” he leaned back to eye you over again, slipping two fingers underneath the thin strap resting on your shoulder.
“It’s your favourite,” you reminded him; sliding your hands off his chest, pressing yourself against him, “nothing but silk,” you whispered, kissing just under his ear, before you began placing needy kisses along his neck while you tried to subtly center yourself on top of one of his thighs.
“Not here,” he pulled back from you completely, “I want you all to myself,” seeing the bambi look in your eyes, he downed the last of his drink, “get your pretty ass up those stairs,” he said, whiskey still burning his throat as he spoke, “I’ll be right behind you.” 
You did as you were told, looking back half way up the stairs to see him talking with Victor, he was gesturing towards the poor soul that had dared to flirt with you. “Poor guy has no idea what’s coming,” you thought to yourself. Stepping back into the apartment alone, you weren’t sure if things were going to go according to the plan you had in mind. Sometimes he followed you, other times he was distracted by more business. But one thing was for certain, you realised just how much you had missed him and how he made you feel. You pressed your back against the wall, smiling to yourself.
“Now, that is a fucking perfect piece of art,” Roman said suddenly, drawing your attention to him as he locked the door and stepped over to a table, where he began taking one pair of gloves off, “now, I thought I told you I’d see you after negotiations?”
“I just missed you,” you smiled bashfully, “a lot.”
“Aww,” he smirked, glancing over to you whilst pulling on his white pair of gloves, he noticed the sharp inhale you took as you but your lip.
Continuing his walk to you from there he wrapped his arms around your frame, “baby, baby c’mere.”
You breathed in his cologne as he brought you closer, it was intoxicating. One hand traced down your spine, the other came to your jaw softly. Slipping his hand underneath the fabric of your dress, you felt him press against the small of your back. Inhaling sharply, your body naturally responded to his touch, pushing your chest against his. He had missed your body against his, he liked feeling your erratic breathing. 
“Show me,” he said against your neck, thumb teasingly stroking the base of your neck; he easily parted your legs with his knee, “step out of those heels and show me what you wanted downstairs.” 
You swallowed, meeting his gaze as he leaned back for a moment, “now,” he said, quirking an eyebrow.
Stepping one by one out of your heels, you softly kicked them away. Reaching your hands to the hem of your dress, you pulled it up a little to allow yourself more movement. Settling yourself atop his thigh, you placed your hands on his chest, you were desperate to feel some skin, but you weren't about to complain. Arching your back, you rocked your hips down against the slick fabric of his dress pants. 
“Good girl,” he mused, caressing your sides with his hands, feeling your body move, loving every inch of you.  
You were surprised how quickly it stimulated you. Pussy already throbbing after a few deep motions, you looked down, inhaling deeply trying to hold back a whimper, “oh no, no, no,” he chuckled, taking your jaw between his thumb and index finger carefully, “you look at me.”
You gave a small whine, making him smile. Determined to get more, you began unbuttoning his black dress shirt, you were happy enough when you reached halfway undone, allowing you enough room to spread your hands out against his chest, finally feeling his skin. You closed your eyes and bit in the corner of your lip, humming at the warmth.  
“Harder,” he sneered, voice rasping.
You pushed up on to your tiptoes so you could grind your hips higher on him. One hand disheveling his shift from the desperate attempts to feel every inch you could of his skin, you clasped a finger through his belt loop with your free hand and tugged him closer to you. He said nothing, just moved a hand to your neck again. Palming the small of your back, he helped with the adjustment of your movements and picked up the pace. Gasping, you lifted a leg to slide up the back of his. He could feel your fingernails trying to dig into his skin at the edge of his shoulder. There was a knotting sensation rising in your abdomen, building, and building, and building-
“Roman,” you sighed blissfully, tossing your head back, lips parting in anticipation of your orgasm.
Immediately he tightened his hand around your throat, “don’t” he stopped all motion, pushing your leg off of him, “don’t you fucking dare.” 
You squeezed your eyes shut, trying to squeeze your legs shut too when he stepped back, but he was quicker, slipping a hand between your thighs in place of his knee. The leather was cold against the inside of your thighs, and he liked the way you shivered at his touch. He traced his hand slowly up your legs. With you twitching them together the back of his hand stroked one leg while the palm of his hand inched up the other. He gave your inner thigh a tighter grip and your body naturally jolted a little, making him chuckle at how sensitive you were for him. 
Tilting your head to look at him, he was inches away from your lips and you wanted to taste the alcohol on his. He gave you what you wanted, lips meeting yours with a passion. He was already nipping at the bottom of your lip when you practically screamed into the kiss as he pressed his fingers against your clit firmly. The coolness of the glove, the deep circular motion he was applying, for a moment you thought you’d lost yourself. You were suddenly reaching down to grasp hold of his wrist buried under the silk fabric, unsure if you could take more teasing after he had denied you your first orgasm. 
“Sweetheart,” Roman clicked his tongue at you, pressing teasingly soft circles against your clit,  “be good.”
You moved your hands away from his wrist shakily as you felt him continue his motions. As he returned to tasting your lips, you found yourself spreading your legs as he deepened the kiss. He teased you, barely gliding his middle finger along your slick folds. Feeling yourself become wetter by the minute, you let him swallow your moans, until he began trailing his ;ips down your neck.
“Are-are you gonna. . . gonna keep them on?” You asked, barely able to make a sentence, hands grasping his biceps for support.
 He nuzzled your neck, kissing it once more, “I know how you like it.”
You could feel how your pussy was pulsing for him now and he had you right where he wanted you. With a gentle push, two of his gloved fingers swiftly slid inside you, all at once it was your heat met by the cool material. After the first few pumps, you could feel his fingernails through the fabric against your walls with how tight his gloves were now that they were slightly wet. 
“Roman!” you screamed.
He used his free hand to cover your mouth, “shh, babygirl” he hushed, fingers deep inside you, your slick making it easier with each thrust. He felt you moan against his hand and watched your eyelids flutter. You suddenly put a hand around his wrist and guided it down to your neck. He brought you closer to him, lips pressing a kiss to your forehead as he tightened his grip. He could feel your breath against the base of his neck, your lips grazing against his skin.
“Fuck- Roman,” you mused, shakily dragging a hand up to push back his dirty blonde hair, combing it between your fingers, “right there, Darling.” 
He pumped his fingers deep and hard. Giving an occasional repressed whine, you stood on your tiptoes, attempting to get a new angle. Parting your lips against his neck, you kissed him while you still had your wits about you. But when you felt him curl his fingers inside you, it made your jaw drop completely, and chest heave. Feeling your thighs beginning to tremble, he removed his fingers from you, just in time.
“Shit,” you whimpered at the loss of pleasure again, leaving you shaking and desperately clinging to him, “Roman-”
“Hmm,” he softly chuckled, but there was slight sympathy, “I’ve put you through it,” you looked up, to meet his stare, mascara smudged from when you had almost been brought to the bring, but denied, “tell me what you really want, babygirl.”
“I want you to fuck me,” you admitted, stealing a kiss of your own. You pulled him to you by the lapels of his velvet jacket, he braced himself against the wall behind you with both hands. You ground your hips against his, unabashedly forcing the kiss to be deeper.
“So needy,” he said, with a chuckle, your lips still touching his.
“Roman,” you whined, eyebrows furrowing.
“Alright, you know what they say,” he pressed his thumb against your lip, stroking back and forth, “third time’s a charm.” 
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Open to: F/NB
Suggested Connections: Girlfriend, FWB.
America sat on the tree branch and smiled at the figure inside the window as she waited for them to pick up their phone. Hopefully they wouldn’t mind her dropping in. Finally they answered. “Hey there gorgeous.” she flirted, twirling a hair with her finger. “Are your parents asleep? Because I’m actually right outside  and I’d rather not have them catch me. Assuming you want to invite me in of course.” 
Tumblr media
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~ C H A P T E R  10 ~
Tumblr media
~ Masterlist ~
Pairing: Alfred Pennyworth x OFC
Series Summary: Sarabi Nichols is Bruce Wayne’s life long friend that aids in creating weaponry and making outfits. When she was younger she had a thing for Bruce but now her taste has aged. Considerably. Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce’s guardian and butler is more her style now. Despite this knew found liking, Sarabi feels trapped. She can’t talk to Bruce about it and clearly can’t mention it to Alfred. The only person she has is her best friend, Claudia. Sarabi has to fight the things she feels for the older man because he could never feel the same way back, right?
{Normal} Playlist
{Slowed+Reverb} Playlist
Warnings: Smut (18+), swearing
Word Count: 3271
Author’s Note:
Yes, this chapter is all smut! I think is what you’ve all been waiting for!!! Read on for some fluffy smut ;)
The words took a while to register in Sarabi’s mind. Did Alfred just admit his feelings for me? And did he just call me Sarabi? Sarabi's jaw dropped and her eyes filled with joyful tears.
“Wait, seriously?” Sarabi looked hopefully at Alfred and watched a smile appear on his face.
“Yes, Sarabi,” Alfred answered and Sarabi’s smile stretched from cheek to cheek.
“Well, you’re calling me by my name so it has to mean something,” Sarabi teased as she bit her lip. Alfred chuckled as his eyes looked down towards her lips and back up again. Sarabi also looked down at his lips and back up.
“May I kiss you, Sarabi?” Alfred asked like the gentleman he was and Sarabi nodded.
Alfred took of his glasses and placed them on the coffee table lightly. He leaned in until their noses were touching but he stayed there. Sarabi realised he was leaving room for her to make the final decision, she could stop him if she wanted to but Sarabi most certainly didn’t want that. She moved in and their lips touched. 
It was a slow, delicate kiss at first as they both savoured the feeling of their lips together. It very quickly became much more passionate as Alfred held her head lightly and Sarabi placed her hands on his chest. Their lips moved in perfect harmony like ballerinas performing a pas de deux. Eventually, the kiss moved to the heated portion where Sarabi let out a small whimper at the feeling of finally kissing Alfred how she always wanted to. Sarabi’s whimper allowed Alfred to slip his tongue in her mouth and further deepen the kiss. 
They detached their lips to breathe and Sarabi greedily took in the oxygen she needed. She breathed in his scent and it hadn’t changed. It was the same mix of musk and cologne that she adored. They rested their foreheads against each other until Alfred moved his lip’s attention to her jaw. He started kissing along her jaw and then moved down her neck. Sarabi’s dreams were being put to shame with the pleasure buzzing through her body. Sarabi let out small sighs of pleasure as Alfred sucked and kissed down her neck and back up to the spot just below her ear. He sucked much harder there and Sarabi let out a light moan. He found her sweet spot just as quickly as her dream Alfred did. 
As much as Sarabi loved the attention and care Alfred was paying to her neck she needed something more. She reattached her lips to his and pushed him back to a seated position. She straddled his lap while their lips continued moving against each other. From this position, Sarabi could feel the growing erection in his pants. She started moving her hips in light circles to hopefully relieve some of the heat building in her core. Even though she had never done any of this, she had read and dreamt enough to know what to roughly do. Alfred noticed the sudden friction being added to his erection and groaned aloud. The sound was music to Sarabi’s ears. Her hips continued to move until Alfred grabbed her hips and stopped her movements. She whined at the loss of friction as the heat pooled in her core. 
“Are you sure you want to do this?” Alfred asked as his arms wrapped around her waist, halting her movements completely. Sarabi felt nerves build as she finally took a moment to stop and think about this. She didn’t want her lust to cloud her judgement. She knew she was ready but hadn’t fully let the idea of what followed register in her mind. She was a virgin, she had never done this and she most certainly didn’t want to disappoint Alfred. 
“Yes but um Alfred I’m a virgin,” Sarabi looked away bashfully before Alfred’s fingers tilted her face back to him.
“No need to feel ashamed. I would be honoured to be your first and promise to make the most memorable experience but only if you want to,” Alfred explained and Sarabi’s heart fluttered.
“I’m sure, I just don’t wanna disappoint you,” Sarabi was starting to lose all the confidence she had before as she realised the act that followed. She was never a shy woman but around Alfred, she guessed she’d always be a little timid. 
“You could never disappoint me, darling,” Alfred reassured and Sarabi grinned with pride.
“Let’s go up to your room,” Alfred stood up with Sarabi and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried her up the stairs and to her room with graceful ease. 
Once they were in her room, Alfred placed her on the bed like she was fine china that could break at any given moment. He was being much more delicate after finding out it was her first time. To Alfred, this meant he couldn’t disappoint her, not the other way around. 
Sarabi laid on her back with her head on one of the pillows. Alfred rested above her, holding his weight up with his hands. He leant down and they kissed again. This kiss was passionate but soft and Sarabi wrapped her hands around his neck while he put his on her hips. Alfred moved his attention to the bottom of her dress. He toyed with the material in his fingers and stopped kissing Sarabi.
“At any moment you tell me to stop, okay? If you’re not comfortable or something hurts just tell me, alright? Tonight is about you, darling. Your pleasure is above mine, always,” Alfred looked at Sarabi for confirmation to take off her dress and she nodded. Alfred pulled the material over her head, leaving Sarabi in just her bra and panties. Sarabi was going to cover herself out of instinct but from the starstruck look on Alfred’s face, she didn’t need to. Alfred was completely and utterly enthralled by her. 
“You’re beautiful, Sarabi, gorgeous,” Alfred praised and Sarabi’s cheeks blushed red. She had never received such a compliment from anybody when she was this bare, it made her chest fill with warmth. 
Alfred kissed her neck lightly as his fingers unclasped her bra with expertise. Sarabi knew Alfred would have done this with many women before but that didn’t bother her. She was his only one right now and she was what mattered at that moment. Alfred took her bra off and dropped it off the bed. His eyes dropped to her breasts and Sarabi felt her cheeks warm from embarrassment. She had never been this exposed to anybody.
Alfred’s head dipped down and he started kissing and sucking on her left nipple while he massaged and pinched her right with calloused but somehow still soft hands. The feeling was like nothing Sarabi had ever felt before. She breathed out heavily as all his attention was on her breasts. She moaned particularly loud when his sucking pressure increased. He then switched over so his lips were on her right nipple and his hand on her left nipple. 
Sarabi ran her hands through Alfred’s locks of hair as waves of pleasure rolled over her. The heat in her core was becoming nearly unbearable and she needed something to be met there. Alfred sensed her squirming and stopped his ministrations on her chest. He cupped Sarabi through her panties and looked back at her for permission. Sarabi nodded and he slipped off her panties slowly. Once they were off he also chucked them without a care in the world where they went. Sarabi chuckled at his carelessness and Alfred smiled back. 
Alfred kissed Sarabi as his right hand started massaging her core. Sarabi gasped into Alfred’s mouth as the pleasure started up again. It was better than anything her dreams had fabricated, yet again. Alfred let one finger slip between her folds, testing the waters. From the way Sarabi’s back arched, he knew she enjoyed it. He moved his finger in and out and Sarabi swore under her breath. It was so much more stimulating.
“Shit!” Sarabi gasped as Alfred added another finger. He hoped that his ministrations could ready Sarabi for what happened after. He didn’t want her to feel any pain, so he did everything he could to relieve her of any discomfort. His thumb went to her clit and moved in slow and deliberate circles.
“Oh, Alfred, fuck yes!” Sarabi moaned out as the stimulation to her clit was added. She had never felt the pleasure she was feeling now. It clouded her mind as her euphoria was fast approaching. 
Alfred could tell she was close from the way she squirmed uncontrollably. He added more pressure to her clit and also pinched her right nipple with his free hand. This made Sarabi cry out as her climax neared.
“Let go, baby,” Alfred whispered in her ear and his husky, resonant voice in her ear was enough and Sarabi moaned Alfred’s name. Her orgasm numbed her mind, having never experienced a release that amazing. When she was by herself with just her hand she either got bored and stopped or had a small and unsatisfying release. 
Sarabi closed her eyes as Alfred allowed her to recover from the orgasm. She slowly opened her eyes to find Alfred sucking his fingers clean. The image caught Sarabi off guard. She had never seen it ever but it was titillating to hear Alfred groan at her taste.
“You taste exquisite, Sarabi,” Alfred commented with a lecherous wink that mirrored her’s from the gala. Sarabi bit her lip to hold in a whimper.  
Alfred moved back up to her face and looked deep into Sarabi’s eyes.
“If you want to stop there that’s fine or if you don’t feel ready for the actual sex there are more things I would love to do that involve my mouth, the choice is yours, Sarabi,” Alfred was a giver and always was. He would much rather please Sarabi than make her do something she wasn’t fully ready for.
As much as Sarabi was curious and extremely turned on by the prospect of Alfred going down on her but right now there was something else she wanted.
“I want you, all of you,” Sarabi answered, suddenly confident. This boost of confidence was a direct result of Alfred. He was giving her a choice and she knew he would never dare to hurt her. He was the most perfect gentleman.
“As you wish, ma’am,” Alfred smiled before kissing Sarabi again. His lips on hers were enough to turn her on even more. With her boost of confidence, Sarabi started undoing the buttons of Alfred’s shirt. She slipped it off after all the buttons were undone and sighed. He looked pretty much the same as her dreams. He was lean but still defined from years of SAS training. There were a few scars from his years as a soldier but also possibly Bruce’s failed experiments. Sarabi’s adoration for Alfred grew even more. She traced the scars on his chest, wanted to know the story of each scar. Alfred was always a little conscious of his scars but from Sarabi’s look of admiration, he knew she was the one. The look of love on her face was almost too much for Alfred but he soaked it up. Sarabi didn’t need to voice her praise, her eyes did all the talking. The eyes are gateways to the soul, the eyes can never tell lies and Sarabi’s were revealing every little truth.
She shied away from his pants so he did it for her. He took off his pants and looked back at Sarabi whose eyes were fixated on his crotch. Her eyes were not fearful but rather curious. He slowly took off his boxers and sighed lightly at the freedom. Sarabi’s inexperienced hand reached out to touch him but Alfred grasped her wrist lightly.
“Not right now, tonight is all about you, Sarabi,” as much as Alfred would love to have Sarabi return the favour from before, it wasn’t what he wanted now. Right now it was all about Sarabi. In his mind, he was just a background character. 
Alfred massaged her core again to make sure she was ready. With the evidence of her previous orgasm, Alfred hoped it would make it less painful. Though she was physically ready, he wanted to make sure, triple check, that she was mentally prepared.
“Now this will hurt, how much I can’t say but please if you want to stop at any time just tell me, okay?” Alfred placed his hands on her hips and lined himself up with her entrance. 
“Okay,” Sarabi nodded in confirmation and held onto Alfred’s shoulders as he entered her. 
Sarabi winced as Alfred cautiously entered her with all the care in the world, kissing her in apology. He entered her further and Sarabi hissed at the burn. It wasn’t horrible but it was extremely uncomfortable with a side of pain. Alfred stopped and let her adjust. Sarabi’s eyes were screwed shut in discomfort and Alfred’s heart dropped. 
“Sarabi, we can do this another time if it’s too much,” Alfred suggested as his movement stopped completely. His self-control and restraint were impeccable and it made Sarabi feel safe. He was stopping his own urge for pleasure to make sure she was feeling hers.
“No, no, it’s alright, keep going, I trust you,” Sarabi’s words struck Alfred right in the heart. She trusted him, she trusted him with her virginity and her pleasure. Alfred became even more determined to please Sarabi beyond compare.
Alfred entered her and while he did he rubbed her clit to hopefully distract from the pain. It seemed to work as Sarabi’s whimpers of pain were also partnered with whimpers of pleasure. Finally, he bottomed out and stopped his movements.
“You ready, Sarabi?” Alfred questioned with his hands still placed firmly on her hips.
“Yeah, Alfred, I’m ready,” Sarabi assured Alfred while she wrapped her arms around his neck.
Alfred moved back out slowly and Sarabi let out a small whimper. The burn was strong but not completely unbearable as Alfred made circles over her clit with his thumb. Alfred then entered her again and the burn subsided. It became more and more bearable as Alfred’s eyes were looking into hers. Sarabi could sense his yearn to go faster but he kept up his slow pace to not hurt Sarabi.
“You can go faster, Alfred,” Sarabi reassured, feeling less and less pain.
“Are you sure?” Alfred asked as he tried to hold in his groan. Sarabi felt amazing and he fought the inevitable animalistic urge to pound into her, that wouldn’t do. Sarabi deserved better and Sarabi meant more to him than that.
“Yes,” Sarabi nodded and Alfred complied. He picked up the pace and Sarabi could feel the burn slowly fade.
Eventually, Sarabi felt no pain and just a buzz of pleasure. Alfred moved faster as Sarabi moaned in his ear. The sound was euphonious and he wanted to hear more of it. He moved his head down and sucked on her nipple, hoping to draw out more sounds of pleasure from Sarabi. At the added pressure to her breast, Sarabi groaned louder, the feeling sending her brain back to euphoria. 
“Oh, Alfred, that feels so good,” Sarabi breathlessly praised before falling into a chant of moans as Alfred’s hips snapped just the slightest bit harder. Alfred groaned as the pleasure filled his body.
“You’re incredible, Sarabi,” Alfred growled in her ear and Sarabi moaned in return. 
The whole experience was exceeding all exceptions. His scent and voice were only adding to the pleasure. He moved skilfully, hitting every nerve with perfect precision. Their bodies fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. It was like they were made for each other. It was like her body was designed for him to take. Sarabi couldn’t see anyone else taking care of her the way Alfred was. This was a first of many firsts, she knew she’d remember forever.
“Oh shit!” Sarabi gasped as the knot low in her body grew tighter. The knot was unyielding and becoming tighter with every thrust from Alfred. 
Sensing she was close, Alfred drew circles over her clit to bring her climax closer and closer. Sarabi’s moans were growing louder and more intense every second. Her hands pulled on his locks of hair and Alfred growled as she yanked his head down to her lips. 
Their lips moved together fervidly as they both chased their highs. Alfred’s thrusts became quicker and harder while his thumb applied pressure to her clit. Their euphorias were close and both their moans grew in volume. Sarabi could feel the knot about to unravel and needed it to.
“Come on, darling, let go,” Alfred moaned in Sarabi’s ear and at his lascivious words, she unravelled. 
“Alfred!” Sarabi cried as she reached euphoria. Her orgasm hit her harder than before and she continued moaning as she rode it out. Her nails scraped down Alfred’s back adding to Alfred’s bliss.
“Sarabi!” Alfred groaned loudly as he reached his release and let go. At the sound of her voice leaving Alfred’s lip so sinfully, Sarabi moaned once more.
Alfred’s hips eventually stilled as both of them let the glow of their orgasms fill their senses. Alfred looked down in Sarabi’s eyes with all the adoration in the world and Sarabi pulled him down for a kiss. 
It was one full of gratitude. Sarabi was so thankful that she could share such a wonderful moment with Alfred. There was no other man on the planet she could see herself with. Their lips parted reluctantly to fill their lungs with much-needed air. Alfred then pulled out of her slowly and moved to her side, laying his head against the pillow.
“How was that, Sarabi?” Alfred turned to face Sarabi and she smirked.
“Amazing,” Sarabi sighed, finally her lust had been satisfied. She was more than glad that out of the two options of telling Alfred of her lust, the much more pleasurable one occurred. 
“Are you hurt at all?” Alfred asked, looking over her body. He sure as hell enjoyed himself and Sarabi said she did too but he hoped he hadn’t hurt her.
“Alfred, I’m fine, you were perfect,” Sarabi put her hand on Alfred’s cheek and kissed him lightly.
“Thank you for trusting me with something so special, I’m truly honoured,” Alfred kissed her again and then Sarabi snuggled her head on his chest.
“Thank you, Alfred, I’ll never forget this moment,” Sarabi listened to Alfred’s heartbeat as she was slowly lulled to sleep.
“I know it seems sudden but I love you, Sarabi. I love you so incredibly much it hurts. You are a very brilliant woman and I love you very much,” Alfred confessed and Sarabi sat up with a big smile.
“I love you too, Alfred. I have for a while just ask Claudia about the dreams I had-” Sarabi stopped when she realised she gave away a little too much information. Alfred’s eyes squinted in curious confusion and Sarabi snickered. 
“That’s a story for another time, goodnight, Alfred,” Sarabi kissed him once again and laid her head back down on his chest.
She was going to have to thank Claudia for encouraging her to tell Alfred. That’s why she was her wing-woman. 
Sarabi had never been happier in her whole life. This moment she would cherish forever and always. ‘I am very glad my taste in men aged like fine wine’, Sarabi joked to herself before slipping into the best sleep she had ever had, with her head on Alfred’s chest.
Tumblr media
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