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#day 1
ricciardos · 3 hours ago
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Years: 18 Teams: 5 Championships: 2 Wins: 32 Podiums: 97 Points: 1904
happy birthday anna! @gp2engine 💙
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meddiction · 5 hours ago
"It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves."
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kamusquish · 6 hours ago
ok ok ok so like...i need u to imagine this
iz.uru under a blanket (very important) like hes all comfy on the couch and he doesnt have tk get up to get snacks or anything because hes got them all set out.
now i need u to imagjne him eating all of the snacks he had set out and attempting to get up but realizing just how much he put away and having to be slow about it and when he gets up he like. gives his tummy a little pat out of pride and goes to get more snacks
now hes like...eating nearly as much as he had before and hes definetely past overstuffed but hes ignoring it so he can finish his snacks. hes still under his blanket so he slips hid hands under and gently rub it
the blanket is important because now hes all warm and heavy and so full from all his snacks so he might jusg have to take himself a little nap. then he definetely wakes up and does jt again and no one is surprised that his shirts are tighter than they "should be" when he has to stop to do something
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ptilopseth · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
dooble... thinking of pessi a lot lately
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slime-the-infinity · 6 hours ago
matchaloveblossom - founder's trio festival day 1
Kojiro and Kaoru were from respectable families themselves once upon a time, but even back then they had not been permitted to visit Adam’s family estate due to the fact that they were pierced up, loud-mouthed, skateboarding hoodlums that had once landed a teenaged Ainosuke in a holding cell for an hour and twenty-three minutes.
It’s part of the reason they eventually agree to Adam’s invitation. The other parts being that 1.) Adam will not stop asking, 2.) they are trying to give Adam a second chance, and 3.) they want to see what he’s planning.
Adam spends the better part of the first hour of their visit leading Kojiro and Kaoru on a tour of the Shindo estate’s sprawling gardens. He lists off the names and meanings of flora and fauna like poetry before leading them across a stream over a whimsically ivy-hung stone bridge and into a grove of vibrant, sweet-smelling cherry blossom trees.
As Adam steers them both by the arm into a small clearing, they set eyes on a large blanket sprawled across unnaturally healthy grass. A hefty picnic basket weighs the center of the blanket down, with a bottle of a wine poking out of its top, and a cat has settled itself just beside this, snoozing in the warm, breezy afternoon.
“Well, isn’t this fucking adorable,” Kojiro croons, the first to settle on the blanket, kneeling, one leg stuck out as he pops open the basket and peers inside. “Did you do all this yourself, Adam?”
Kaoru recognizes that Kojiro’s gauging how much effort Adam put into this versus Adam’s servants, trying to understand how much this gesture matters.
“Yes.” Adam shoos the cat away with a feign of his boot and a canine snarl and then lowers himself gracefully onto the blanket as if he hadn’t. He sprawls onto his back, not unlike the cat had been sleeping, and crosses his arms. Kojiro catches but ignores the mild glare he receives before lifting small containers of strawberries, cherries, and sliced peaches out of the basket and retrieving three stemless wine glasses.
“Not all of us went to culinary school, sweetheart,” Adam drawls and kicks at Kojiro’s thigh across the blanket. “You could at least pretend to be impressed. Wouldn’t want to hurt my feelings.” He pulls a long face, his hands flutter over his heart, and Kojiro snorts.
Adam turns toward the shadow stretching above him and reaches out both hands, his long fingers callused for an aristocrat’s, but clean. “Sweet, delicate, Cherry Blossom, will you kiss my feelings better? You like it don’t you?”
Kaoru smothers an indulgent smile with the back of his hand and makes a show of surveying the picturesque, sugar-scented, sunny grove, with its swaying pink trees. Petals drift on the wind like fresh, warm snow, and Kaoru’s always been partial to the trees he had been nicknamed after, even if sweet, delicate cherry blossom had once been an ironic title given to a teenager who enjoyed getting into brawls and beefs and generally didn’t lose them.
It’s difficult to argue that the scene is not idyllic.
“It is very beautiful here…” he allows, his eyes gradually drifting back down to Adam and Kojiro, sprawled comfortably on the blanket. They look fairly idyllic themselves, well-dressed, casual, relaxed. Kojiro with his sleeves rolled up, to show off his absurd muscles as he pours out a Riesling, liberally as always, and Adam licking sugar from a strawberry a little too slowly. “And I see you brought wine, so, I’d say I’m content.” Kaoru lifts his sandal delicately onto the edge of the blanket, feeling for rocks underneath. The garden is immaculately manicured and all is smooth as he folds himself neatly by Adam’s legs. “Although, I didn’t expect we’d be roughing it…”
“Hm.” Adam’s hum stretches too long, his smile a little nasty as he rises to sit, the better to hold his wine glass—the better to reach out with his free hand to run his thumb across Kaoru’s cheek, just before pinching it. “You must be misremembering my proclivities.”
Kaoru snaps teasingly at Adam’s fingers with his teeth—he knows better than to rap at them with his fan—and Adam retracts them with a smug smile, as Kaoru mutters, “I remember them just fine.”
Kojiro pretends to ignore their antics, his eyes shifting from the trees to the picnic arrangement, drawing both of their gazes as he replies to Adam as if he hadn’t paused, “No, he’s right. It’s… nice… Just not exactly your usual fare.”
Adam holds Kojiro’s stare for a moment in recognition of the challenge in it. Kojiro seems to both tease and approve of Adam’s softness at once and it makes Kaoru’s stomach flutter faintly.
Adam breaks the gaze with a downward glance and then sighs. “Mm, yes, well,” he tilts his glass, making the wine swish, “my therapist might have suggested it.” Adam’s gaze shifts to Kaoru, because Kaoru asks more often, “And I do rather like this one. I think I’ll continue courting her a while…”
“You have your therapist giving you dating advice now?” Kaoru bats back, the muscles of his jaw stiffening.
“Not exactly,” Adam dodges and frowns back, fine lines between his brows, and leans forward to smooth Kaoru’s hair and give him his wine glass, since Kojiro had been distracted from pouring a third. “Relax. There you are, pet.”
Kaoru’s lip juts out, eyes narrowing, and he gives Adam’s shoulder the mildest of bats with the back of his hand. “I am not your pet.”
“No, of course not,” Adam sings, fond yet dismissive. He looks perfectly aware he has the upper hand as Kaoru accepts the glass and leans unconsciously into another caress of Adam’s palm, also callused, against Kaoru’s cheek. Kaoru’s skin is faintly pink from the blatant attention, and Adam wonders dimly and not for the first time if that’s why Cherry Blossom really wears a mask.
Kaoru swats Adam’s palm away when he lingers too long, but Kaoru does not flit his golden eyes away from the ruby ones that stare longer.
“You’re our beautiful Cherry Blossom,” Adam sings.
Kaoru can see Adam’s eyes flicker with devilry as his lip curls. “Joe’s our pet.”
Kojiro grunts an objection. “Come say that to my face why don’t you?” he challenges from over Adam’s shoulder, smiling and rising up to his haunches, all rippling muscle.
“You are our tiger,” Adam flirts, pleased with the response, crawling across the blanket on all fours, with more catlike elegance than either of the other two. “Big, strong, fiercely protective. Overly fond of very bold prints.” Adam reaches his target, and Kojiro leans back to let Adam climb into his lap. Adam sportingly tugs open the collar of Kojiro’s loud sky-blue shirt with its pattern of palm leaves, as he straddles Adam’s thighs.
Kojiro laughs, bright and overwhelming as direct sunlight, as Adam rests one hand on his collar bone. The other plucks one of the various blossoms Adam had collected in his coat pocket earlier and tucks it prettily behind Kojiro’s ear, smoothing back green curls with his thumb. “A tiger lily for a tiger man.”
Kojiro bares his teeth at Adam with a sly smirk, and then his eyes shift Kaoru’s way, smile warming, tone mocking, “I’ll take that over gorillaany day.”
Kaoru rolls his eyes, sips at the wine, and watches Kojiro’s brawny arms wrapping Adam’s broad chest as Adam shifts in his lap to watch Kaoru. Heat rises under Kaoru’s skin, and he feels a bit like a steaming up kettle as he exhales slowly.
“And how does your therapist feel about your fascination with pet play?” Kaoru counters, closing his eyes to better appreciate the feeling of the sun with its fuzzy pink cherry blossom glow heating the bare skin of his cheeks, neck, ankles…
All the sun, of course, he tells himself.
“Need I remind you your skateboard calls you Master, darling?” Adam counters quickly enough that he may have had the comment on standby for just such an occasion.
“I…” Kaoru grimaces.
“Yeah, wait a second.”
Kaoru finds himself saved by Kojiro who wraps his hands around Adam’s which have absconded with Kojiro’s wine glass and is lifting it daintily to his lips.
“What exactly are you focusing these sessions on, Adam,” Kojiro echoes, “that led to sappy, romantic picnic?”
“Oh, the usual.” Adam gives an exaggerated eye roll, ruffles his own hair in mild exasperation. “We’ve been talking about healthy outlets: ways to relax, destress, let off some steam without…” Adam swishes his hand in a euphemistic circle, “maiming anybody.”
Kaoru tenses, eyes flickering open and finding Kojiro’s already on him, soft with concern. Adam is oblivious, head leaned back on Kojiro’s shoulder, watching the flowers above shift and shimmer in the breeze like a mirage. Adam’s hand shifts restlessly with his explanation, “Not an entirely fruitless effort, I suppose. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with yoga and the sacred art of meditation, and my therapist suggested hanami.”
Kaoru’s shoulders relax again hearing him sound so comfortable with such formerly foreign concepts.
“Meditating and connecting with nature, huh?” Kojiro’s hands have wandered from Adam’s arms to his chest, roaming with a thoughtless kind of ease. “Well, look who’s turning over a new leaf.”
“Everyone could do with taking a little time to stop and view the cherry blossoms,” Kaoru says, voice unusually soft, shifting closer to the center of the blanket, where the basket had been. Petals polka dot the warm fabric, and Kaoru scoops up a handful, leaning forward to lift them over Adam’s head. “Here, let me help you appreciate them properly.” They flutter down his face and broad chest, catching on his hair, his cheek, his lip.
“Full of yourself, are you?” Kojiro teases, flicking a few petals from Adam’s shoulder.
“I deserve it,” Kaoru counters, eyes still focused solely on Adam’s.
Adam chuckles quietly, as Kaoru touches the petal sticking to his lip, and then Adam kisses his palm and wraps his wrist in his hand.
“Not just view them, Cher,” Adam purrs, “breath them in, admire them, meditate with them, worship them… and I thought…” Adam sets down his glass and reaches for Kojiro’s wrist, drawing Kaoru and Kojiro’s hands together, watching their fingers intertwine.
Kojiro’s grip is firm and Kaoru’s tightens to match it. Their eyes meet, always, Adam observes, with that sharp sizzle of tension and the thick underlying glow of trust.
Adam eases himself off of Kojiro’s lap, squeezes their wrists and releases them. “…Who would know more about viewing Cherry Blossom in all his glory than you, Kojiro?”
“My glory?” Kaoru smirks but his eyes flicker nervously between them, his fingers twitching. “Why don’t I like the sound of that?”
Kaoru watches Kojiro’s pupils dilate as a smooth, confident smirk slides across his face, his expression beginning to mirror Adam’s.
Kojiro’s knuckles bump Adam’s shoulder. “You know I never pass up a chance to show off.”
Adam reaches to the shoulder and begins to shrug off his suit jacket. “I’m going to have to insist that you do. For my therapy.”
Kaoru’s scoff catches in his throat and his voice comes out a little thin, “Need I remind the two of you,” Kaoru pauses as Kojiro lifts their folded hands and kisses the inside of his wrist, and Adam crawls to kneel at Kaoru’s back, his hands settling possessively on Kaoru’s shoulder blades, “where we are right now…?”
“In a grove of sweet, ripe cherry blossoms…” Adam’s fingers knead hard into Kaoru’s back, and Kaoru can’t help but lean into the warm, certain attention.
Kaoru’s head rests against Adam’s slow, steady heartbeat, his chin tilting up as Adam’s face draws closer. Kaoru can feel Kojiro’s lips pressing and nipping their way up his arm, drawing the flowy fabric of his sleeve up to his shoulder. “Ah…”
“Flowers waiting to be outshone by a more…” Adam whispers, his tongue tracing Kaoru’s lips before Kaoru leans up to close the distance. Adam’s kiss is firm but brief. “… superior specimen…”
Kaoru feels a faint pinch in his bicep and a low pained noise comes from Kojiro’s direction. Kojiro watches a string of saliva pass between their lips, before the distance closes again with a muffled squeak from Kaoru that might have been inspired by Adam’s teeth or Kojiro’s hands dropping to wrap Kaoru’s slender, muscular thighs, effortlessly easing them up onto Kojiro’s thick, stony ones.
“Ko… Kojiro,” Kaoru scolds, voice thin, half-breathless, hand reaching out and grabbing blindly for Kojiro’s arm, as the hands slide slow and hot up his thighs. “You big, thirsty galoot—” The heels of his palms trace the grooves of Kaoru’s hips on their assent toward the belt of his trousers. “We’re out-outside…mm.”
Adam’s fingers press briefly to Kaoru’s lips.
“Hm, so, what?” Kojiro purrs, his massage spurred on by the way Kaoru melts and rises against his hands.
“On private property…” Adam tacks on, sliding his chest down Kaoru’s back and wrapping Kaoru’s hair around his hand. “You said you’d help me appreciate you properly.” Adam’s lips find the back of his neck and Kaoru’s eyes flutter half shut. “Let us appreciate you, Kaoru. All of you.”
“I have not had enough wine,” Kaoru insists smooth and articulate as ever, leaning the back of his neck into Adam’s teeth, sliding his hands along the muscles of Joe’s upper arms, “to take off all my clothes in the middle of your garden, in the middle of the day…” Although the thought of skateboard rough hands on his bare skin makes him sound increasingly less certain with every breath. “Why don’t you ask Six Pack Joe here?”
“I can get you more wine,” Adam muses into the nape of Kaoru’s neck, and gets swatted in the shoulder by Kojiro for his trouble.
“You spend so much time appreciating my muscles,” Kojiro answers, and Kaoru watches Kojiro’s tan arms stretch as he grasps the collar of Kaoru’s shirt. “Maybe I just want to return the favor, Lord Cherry. What, too intimidated?”
“Our tiger’s muscles might be intimidating, but you’re captivating in your own right. I’ve seen you at S and on the news. People line up to see you too.” Adam’s hands wrap Kaoru’s stomach and reach toward the lower buttons of his shirt, as Kojiro’s thumb presses in on the top one. “What are you so afraid of, Master Cherry?”
“I’m not intimidated by you, musclehead,” Kaoru leans forward to butt his forehead against Kojiro’s, the challenge straining his face slipping into a more thoughtful expression as he worries his lip, “I suppose I’m just afraid the three of us, the two of you, are too good to be true. But…”
He realizes Kojiro and Adam have gone still. Their playful expressions hardening with concern, maybe guilt, and it’s contagious.
Kaoru shakes his head, feeling the light delicious pull of his hair against Adam’s immobile hand. “I don’t want to feel that way anymore.” He meets Kojiro’s eyes and burrows further into Adam’s chest, “I want to let you see all of me, touch all of me, have…” “We’ve got you, Kaoru,” Kojiro leans forward to brush their lips together carefully.
“There’s no safer place in the world…” Adam’s tone is half comfort half-threat, as he presses his lips to the back of Kaoru’s neck once more and begins to pluck open the bottom of Kaoru’s shirt. His touch is almost unfamiliar, his palm smoothing over Kaoru’s abs careful as if he’s cradling a flower blossom. “Yes, I know.” Kaoru closes his eyes, giving into the friction of their hands, feeling the warm air on his chest mingle with the damp, mind-dazzling softness of their lips, their kisses falling everywhere like petals. “I trust you.”
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be-bi-do-crime · 9 hours ago
help now i’m thinking abt the other [redacted] and how funny it would be if instead of checking your email every five minutes you were physically getting up to check the mailbox 😭
HELP?? what’s funnier is we don’t even have a mailbox i’d just be getting up to peek in the. mail slot. in our door. 😭
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ablazeandmeandering · 9 hours ago
Hey y’all! Wanna guess who decided to make a nice, comforting pot of potato soup in prep for getting vaccinated tomorrow (and potential icky feelings thereafter)? And who then decided to have a nice lil bowl of soup for lunch? And who then DUMPED THE WHOLE BOWL DIRECTLY ONTO THEIR LAPTOP OH MY FUCKING GOD. OH MY GOD. THERE WERE CHIVES UNDERNEATH THE KEYS!!! CHIVES!!!!! And who then tried to fix the FUCKING CHIVES and SOUP EVERYFUCKINGWHERE and shouldn’t have bothered because apparently they have suddenly developed HERCULEAN FUCKING STRENGTH and IRREPARABLY BROKE the SPACE BAR trying to clean fucking SOUP out from underneath it? It’s me! . ҉*\( ' ω ' )/*҉.
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deanloveslamp · 10 hours ago
rant/vent below, feel free to skip.
me: *been dissociated since the beginning of april, struggling with my traumaversary and abandonment issues harder than i ever have, reverting back to dangerous habits to cope, doing all i can to keep myself distracted and calm so i don’t do something permanent, while being semi-regularly threatened by two men*
my mum: you never call me or your dad and i know that dad never calls you but it’s up to you to stop focusing on yourself and call him.
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alert-arlert · 11 hours ago
PERIOD. Like Fanon Eren is sometimes tolerable (he has a big dick so I guess that's good?) but canon Eren is so bloody annoying. Like I just can't get over the white saviour vibes 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
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adamraisedacain · 11 hours ago
there’s this guy from uni which i don’t find cute or handsome at all but he’s so fucking charismatic i just ????? 
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daisylore-au · 11 hours ago
part five (?) !! this was another close one, but between 10 to 8 votes, “was dream alone?” won !! here’s a fun choice coming up.....
It’s easy to picture the scene: she’s always had a wild imagination. If she closes her eyes, she can feel the spittle of dirt and dust on her face, can feel her muscles burning from overexertion, can hear the shouts of others nearby. The fight would have been intense: the fight would have been terrifying.
The fight would have been worse with nobody on your side.
“Was he really just by himself?” Henry asks quietly, fidgeting with the cuffs of her sleeve. “Just— fighting and escaping alone? And then he died alone too?”
Tommy shakes his head, propping his chin up with his hands. “Nah, nah, he wasn’t entirely alone. He was out of prison for.... a couple of days, tops, and had a couple of allies. He called in favours, he found people that helped him.”
“Technoblade.” Tommy actually laughs at her incredulous expression. “Yeah, he fuckin’ sided with Dream, believe it or not. I mean, kind of backfired on him, but...” He shrugs. “Someone helped him escape, too. If Techno had been there? Fuck, I don’t think we woulda won, I’ll be honest.”
Henry wrinkles her brow. “Why’d he leave?”
“Busy tying up... loose ends with some people. He arrived later. Too late.” Tommy pulls a face. “Arriving fashionably late was always going to fuck him over. Stupid fucking pig.”
His voice is fond, if guilty, and Henry doesn’t sense bad blood between them. Sitting back on her hands, she lets the silence hang for a long few minutes, pondering all she’d learned and trying to figure out what to do with that information. And then—
“He’s still here, isn’t he?”
Henry jerks at her brother’s soft question, staring at him. “Huh?”
“He— Dream, I mean.” Tommy looks a lot younger, suddenly: like he’s a teen again, hunched over, vulnerable. “He’s fucking here still. Hanging around as a ghost. That’s why you’re all asking about him. That’s why you’re doing all the...” He waves his hand vaguely. “The questioning and the bringing up the past and everything. He’s still here.”
Fuck. Shit. Dick. Piss. Vikkstar. Henry runs through all the curse words Tommy has taught her over the years in her mind, panicking internally. Does she tell the truth? Does she dare?
what does henry do ?? does she lie, or does she tell the truth ?? let’s keep in mind ranboo’s words too maybe if you want >:) you got until 00:15 (14 minutes)!!!
1. LIE.
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