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1234-angelika · an hour ago
Cook as you Go
an: As always, I'm excited to share this with y'all.There is a couple words in italian, mostly the name of the food. I had to use google so if it is wrong, can someone please correct it. This is the third installment of the Happily Ever After series for David. Hope y'all enjoy!
words:1 k
warnings: Alcohol, age-gap relationship,
summary:"Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate." -Alan D. Wolfelt
masterpost|taglist|have an idea
The four days that passed since David had asked you out went by in a blink of an eye.
Today was Friday, which meant the highly anticipated date was tonight. Of course, over the four days, you had planned nothing, leaving all of your planning until the day of. Now, it was an hour until he would be there to pick you up, he insisted, saying ‘that’s what a gentleman does.’ You had done your hair and makeup but were stuck on what to wear. Your favourite shoes were laid out, and you were trying your best to coordinate your outfit with the shoes. It wasn’t a difficult task, and you would’ve been able to do this easily on a typical day, but you were just so damn nervous. You really liked David, and that fact really freaked you out. Not to mention, you were only a year older than Joy and were afraid of how she and the rest of his family would react to that. In your heart, you knew that you wouldn’t come between him and his family, so if they ended up disapproving, the relationship would be over.
After trying on half of your closet—most of it ending up on your bed in a pile—you finally decided on an outfit. Satisfied with the outfit you had chosen and willfully ignoring the mess you had made in the process, you went downstairs. You pulled your coat around yourself and then headed outside to wait for David. It wasn’t long before his car pulled up in front of your house. You climbed in right away, eager to start the night.
He kissed both your cheeks in greeting and said, “You look amazing.”
With warm cheeks, you replied. “Thank you. You look really nice too.”
And then he took off driving. A couple minutes into the drive, his hand found a home on your knee. He looked over at you, making sure it was okay. You offered him a nod and made no move to push his handoff. You enjoyed the drive to his place, with no sounds except the music softly streaming from the car speakers.
As his car pulled up in front of his house, all the air escaped you—it was beautiful and massive. Walking into his home, the atmosphere was friendly and warm, compared to the bracing chill from the autumn air outside. The smell of garlic and roasted vegetables ensnared your senses. David led you to the kitchen, and the delicious smells multiplied tenfold, making your stomach gurgle in anticipation.
David grabbed an apron and handed it to you so quickly, you took off your coat and draped it over a barstool before grabbing the apron.
“So, what are we eating David?” You asked, excited for dinner. Especially considering the delicious smells that greeted you upon entry.
“Well, I prepared a roasted vegetable antipasti platter and I have some wine set out for us to enjoy while we cook dinner together. I thought it would be a nice idea since you enjoy cooking, a chance to get to know each other better, in an environment that you’re comfortable in.”
“First, that was a really sweet idea,” you said, pausing to kiss his cheek, “second, it smells amazing so I’m excited to learn the plan for dinner.”
“We will be making Linguine alle vignole.” He said with a smile, trying to gauge your reaction, inadvertently profiling you.
As soon as David finished his sentence, you let out a shriek of excitement. “That was my favourite dish when I was in Liguria!”
With a chuckle, he replied, “Well, wasn’t that a lucky guess.”
After tying the apron for you and pouring the wine, David passed over some utensils and began instructing the first steps to the dinner. Together, you worked at making the delicious pasta dish. Throughout the process, you and David got to know each other better, talking about everything under the sun, from favourite colours and hobbies to families. You had even broached the subject of past partners. Occasionally, the two of you would pause for a snack from the platter or some wine while chatting. As you got more comfortable in his home, you spoke more freely and with more enthusiasm.
The chatting flowed effortlessly over dinner. At your insistence, though it took almost five minutes, you struck a deal with Dave. You would take the dinner dishes into the kitchen and get started on them while he would prepare dessert for the two of you. Once the dishes were dealt with, you went and sat in the living room where he had asked you to wait for him. You made yourself comfortable on the couch and then let your eyes wander around the room. They landed on the pictures carefully arranged on the mantle. From your position on the sofa, you allowed yourself to take some time to study them, smiling to yourself as your gaze went from picture to picture. Shortly after you had made yourself comfortable, Dave wandered in with two cups in hand. As soon as he handed it to you, you knew what it was.
“Seriously David, you’re spoiling me. Affogato al caffe! Thank you.” You said with a smile so wide it made your cheeks hurt in an effort to convey the happiness and gratitude you felt toward him.
Taking a seat on the other end of the couch, he replied, “Bella, you deserve to be spoiled,” he paused to take a bite and then continued, “and for the record, it’s a spiced affogato al caffe.”
Conversation quickly found its place in the room, and it was like the two of you had never stopped. The night wore on, enjoyable all the same. The only thing that put a stop to the night was how tired you were. You left David with a sweet kiss on the cheek and took an Uber home. The whole ride, the only thing you could think about was how well David knocked that date out of the park.
@multixfandomwriter @myescapefromthislife
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fjareau-prentiss · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
even in the earlier seasons, Emily Prentiss had a lot of potential in being a leader, and she even proved herself multiple times that she can work side by side with these incredible men with the same tenacity and mastery
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jemily21 · 6 hours ago
Emily: *being annoying*
JJ: Emily stop being annoying or I will fuck you-
Emily: *is annoying as possible*
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criminalmindsvibez · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"The soul that has conceived one wickedness can nurse no good thereafter." —Sophocles
gifing every single episode of criminal minds: 10x10 “Amelia Porter”
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deadravenclaw · 13 hours ago
Baking cookies
Had a headcanon about Emily and cookies. Mostly because I was hungry but here it is.
Emily is absolutely horrid when it comes to cooking, and it's a well known fact among the team.
What they don't know however, is that she's basically a prodigy when it comes to baking.
She never shares that fact however, because she doesn't think she's that good.
That is till JJ and Garcia make a surprise visit one day and discover her in the kitchen covered in flour while holding a tray of chocolate chip cookies.
JJ quickly declares them the best cookies she's ever had and Garcia agrees enthusiastically.
Emily, who was slightly overwhelmed by her friends could only smile happily.
From then on, Emily bakes small batches of cookies and brings them to work for JJ and Garcia.
The fourth time she did it, Spencer finds out and he shyly asks if he could try one. (she hands Spencer a box full and he loves it, making sure to tell her several times throughout the day)
Everyone else finds out soon after (mostly because Penelope keeps gushing about them), and Emily decides to make little bags of cookies for everyone.
She snoops around (with the help of Penelope) and finds out what type of cookies everyone likes.
With JJ's help, Emily spends the weekend baking tray after tray of cookies. (JJ knows nothing about baking and mostly watches but Emily loves the company regardless, especially when JJ decides to stay over)
They arrive early to work carrying a box full of cookies.
For Spencer she makes chocolate chip (the type of cookies he first tried and loved the most)
Morgan had macadamia nuts because he loved the crunch
Hotch and Rossi both had oatmeal raisin because it was less sweet compared to the other types she had (she made sure the reduced the amount of sugar for them, knowing their aversion to sweet foods)
Garcia and JJ both had white chocolate and cranberry cookies (JJ didn't know Emily baked some for her when she was asleep and gave her a big hug when she found out)
A few more agents had specially made cookies (those that Garcia had managed to find out about their favourite flavours), and the rest had an assortment of cookies.
To say the cookies were a success would be an understatement.
By the end of the day, Emily had received several thanks and compliments for her baking skills and she had never felt happier.
Even Hotch had came out of his office to thank her for the baked goods.
With the success of the day, JJ suggests that she made it a yearly tradition (she also suggests she teaches JJ how to bake said cookies, a request that Emily agrees to readily)
And so it begins, every year (or whenever Emily felt like it), she and JJ would turn Emily's kitchen into a cooking baking factory.
(JJ was as fast learner and by the third time they did it, she was doing a third of the baking and was almost as good as Emily)
As agents came and went, their recipes changed too.
Emily would ask new agents for the favourite cookies and would always surprise them with a small bag of them the next day.
This goes on till Emily was offered the job at interpol.
Everyone felt saddened by the news, mainly because Emily had managed to become friends with almost everyone in the office.
Which was why JJ and Garcia decided to give their friend a surprise.
With the help of Spencer and Morgan, they met at JJ's home where they baked through the night.
(everyone else had tasks that were assigned by JJ)
On Emily's last day, everyone arrived a little earlier than usual.
When Emily came in that morning, she was moved to tears when she found her desk covered in freshly baked cookies and cards.
She hugs every single person in the room, and if her tears stain several shirts and jackets, no one says anything.
She spends her final day surrounded by her friends, eating cookies while they do their work.
At the end of the day, she thanks each and every person again and JJ promises that they will continue their little tradition (that promise makes her shed a few more tears) even when she was gone.
And they do.
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random-fandom-things-555 · 17 hours ago
Emily: So I was at the store today there was this lady who-
Hotch: You’ve already told us this story twice.
Emily: Really?
Rossi: *Nods*
Emily: Well sucks to be you two. Because I’m telling it again.
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wefightforrosestoo · 21 hours ago
So I casually made a Criminal Minds themed Cards Against Humanity for me and my fiance to play after binge watching 15 seasons in two months.
Does anyone have any suggestions for cards?
So far I have 204 white cards and 65 black cards. I'm aiming for 460 white cards and 90 black cards.
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anastasiahotchner · 23 hours ago
BAU's favourite high school subjects
Penelope Garcia: Computer science... need I say more?
Derek Morgan: I'm tempted to say statistics because I just think he's the kind of person who's interested in that, but I'm going to say AP US government, which is apparently a thing, (according to my cousin because I'm not american)
David Rossi: Italian, he only took it as a second langauge because he already knew it. Did not pay attention or give a fuck about the class but he could still get As.
Jennifer Jareau: Geometry or art because I feel like she was probably the only person who didn't mind geometry, maybe actually enjoyed it. Art, I just think it fits.
Emily Prentiss: I don't think she really cared about any of the classes, but I assume she went to some fancy private school so maybe a subject like world literature, or, for the same reason as Rossi, a langauge which she already knew like French.
Spencer Reid: I'm going to say physics just because...
Aaron Hotchner: English literature . His essays were on point and he loved all the analysis and enjoyed all the books which were required reading.
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drsreidd · a day ago
Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee
i - ii
pairing: Luke Alvez x reader
prompt: An unforgettable summer with the perfect man? Or a fling for a player?
word count: 700
warning: minor cursing
a/n: Hey guys! I just graduated a week back and I start undergrad next week so I haven’t had a lot of time to post but I finally found time and I finished part 2 of this series. This chapter is a filler so its short and I’m sorry but i think the chapters will get longer as the story go on. I hope to write more stuff to post throughout the summer. But yeah, hope you guys enjoy. I think the messages is open so if you guys want to talk or want to give me a prompt then feel free to message me. Ok bye now!
taglist: @wanniiieeee
Tumblr media
“No woman I have ever been with is like you. You're definitely special.” Luke said as you strolled down the beach, holding hands, at 3 am; a very romantic time he says. You giggled, the tiredness causing an unfiltered reaction. “Luke, you are the only man, I think, that has ever made me feel this way.” He smiled and looked towards the ocean. Yeah, no man has ever made you feel this way.
“He ignored me! That son of a bitch pretended as if this last month never happened. All the ‘Oh baby, you’re amazing’ bullshit. God, what is it about me that men don’t appreciate?” You screamed in Penelope’s apartment as the girls watched you walk back and forth. “Uh, yeah, hey. Who are you?” You mocked with a deep voice. “Maybe he got nervous. It was his first day in the BAU.”  Penelope said, trying to calm you down, while typing away on her laptop. “Yeah, he did seem a little nervous. Maybe he doesn’t want Hotch or Rossi to know that something happened between you two.” JJ said after. Emily made a noise in agreement with the other two.
“No! We are not defending him. Nervous or not, he still should’ve approached me and said hey or at least acknowledge me. He just straight up ignored me the WHOLE day.” You said, finally sitting down on an armchair. “What does he take me for, a dumbass? I’m not some bimbo that he hooked up with once.”
“Yeah fuck him, he’s the dumbass! How dare he pretend he doesn’t know the amazing Y/N Y/L!” Prentiss said, raising her glass of wine. You raise your glass and clink it with hers. After a sip of the cheap merlot, Penelope found something. “Hey, look at this.” Garcia said, placing her laptop on the coffee table. It was opened to a facebook page, one you were familiar with. “No woman is like her. Mi miel ❤️.” JJ read off the facebook post. You and Prentiss stood up to get a better view of what they were looking at.
The words were attached to a picture of Luke with some brunette at a bridge somewhere random in the world. He never talked about an ex or any woman for that manner. “Where did you find this picture? I never saw it.” You said grabbing the laptop from the table. “Did you stalk him or something?” Prentice asked with a smirk. You looked at her angrily and decided on not answering. “I hacked into his page, which was pretty easy to figure out, and found his archived posts. If you look here, that post is from three months ago in Brooklyn. Even if you did stalk his page this picture was archived before your little trip.” Penelope said, sipping from her glass. “Pen, you really amaze me.” JJ said, looking at the screen. “Well of course I do.” Penelope said with confidence.
Ignoring the girls, you scrolled down the page finding tons of pictures of him with this woman and a few with other women, all brunettes. “So Alvez is a player. He plays, now you know. The best thing you can do is forget about it and move on. Don’t let this be a heartbreak. He didn’t and still doesn’t deserve you.” Prentiss said, sitting back down on the couch. JJ, with a sympathized look, nodded along and sat beside her. “Soon you’ll find a better guy and he will be worth it.” She said. “I know but how could I not realize that he was too good to be true.” You said, circling the rim of your glass. “Because it’s what he does. But you are better than that!” Pen said, tired of the glum atmosphere.
You nodded along. “Yeah, what do I look like? Some girl who lets an asshole break her heart. No! Look at me, I’m Y/N L/N!” You said with fake confidence. In all honesty, you were head over heels for that asshole. You are some girl who let an asshole break her heart. And to make it worse the asshole is going to be sitting in the desk across from her.
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user59164830360 · a day ago
Emily: That's right asshole! FEAR ME!!
Reid: I'm sorry I didn't mean to take the last donut please don't hurt me.
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tvandfanfic · a day ago
Listen, Rossi isn’t one of my favorites... but he definitely fucks.
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faghalforc · a day ago
LITERALLY screaming and yelling that jason "supportive surrogate father" gideon was only there for two seasons AND THEN got replaced by david "committed actual hatecrimes, also v sexist" rossi its so unfair. its so unfair
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ssa-sarahsunshine · a day ago
ok, this has been on my mind for a while and I don't have to tell someone so can you imagine that in "revelations" the one who will accompany JJ where hankel was hotch and not Reid, so I know that Hotch wouldn't make the same mistakes as Reid but Still, can you imagine hotch being the one who was kidnapped and drugged? so hotch is dealing with a divorce his drug addiction trying to be a functional unit chief, and when rossi comes back from retirement hotch still hasn't been able to get rid of his drug addiction and rossi knowing him better than anyone realizes what happens and is not afraid to approach and deal with an addicted Hotch who is very angry because he is starting to go through the abstinence (personally I quite like the idea of ​​a fanfic in which Hotch has an addiction)
Wait, I really love this. I don't know why I've never considered an AU where it was someone else who was taken by Tobias. The whole idea of it being Hotch instead of Reid is blowing my mind rn, Anon. Like- Imagine Hotch fighting an addiction while being the ever-stoic unit chief! Nobody has any clue because he's always been more of a loner in the group, so nobody thinks it's odd that he doesn't spend time with them on cases or outside of work. Nobody bats an eye when he hides away for short periods of time during the day. He's the boss, he's got boss things to do, you know?
Gideon might notice, but he says nothing. He leaves. Hotch stares at himself in the mirror, his sleeves rolled up, pinprick marks on the inside of his arms, and he wonders why Gideon left Reid a letter and not him. Didn't he mean anything to the older man? Gideon and Rossi taught him everything he knows. He's the BAU Unit Chief because of them. Gideon was his mentor, his friend. But he just... left. Without a goodbye. He never reached out.
And now Haley is threatening divorce. Not because of the drugs- he's too smart to let her know about them- but because she's found someone else. Someone who will be there every night for dinner; something he cannot do. He wants to. He wants to be a good husband and father, but he just can't. His heart is in the job of catching serial killers. Even when heroin is thrumming through his blood.
Rossi rejoins. The light in Hotch's eyes has faded, he noticed. He keeps a close eye on his old student, watching how Hotch almost stumbles to the bathroom one afternoon when nobody else seems to notice. How he seems perfectly fine afterwards. How his hands shake by midnight when they're still in the precinct looking over the clues of the case. How Hotch snaps at Reid for something completely benign.
Rossi finally pulls him aside. "Kid, I don't know how bad you have it, but it needs to stop. I heard about Haley, and I heard about Jason's not-so-sudden departure. Talk to me."
And Hotch breaks down for the first time since he was dragged out of that graveyard. A fitting place to have been found that night, he thinks. A part of him died when Tobias took him. And now he's paying the price for it.
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criminalmindsvibez · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"When it comes to life, we spin our own yarn, and where we end up is really, in fact, where we always intended to be." —Julia Glass
gifing every single episode of criminal minds: 10x9 “Fate”
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Rossi: So are you gonna explain how the hell you crashed my car?
Spencer: Well we were driving and there was a deer in the road, so I said "Luke, deer!"
Rossi: And what did Luke do?
Spencer: He said "yes, honey?"
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ssahotchswife · a day ago
Imagine like an escape room with the team. Pure chaos probably. Or divided into two teams and see who would get out first
literally they would never make it out 😅
- hotch and rossi would be screaming at each other
- derek and emily would be throwing things at each other
- jj would be calmly trying to solve the puzzle
- penelope would be crying
- spencer would be reading the russian books that were placed on the bookshelf and he’d accidentally pull the right book that opens the exit 🥴
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bau--prettyboy · a day ago
Rossi, setting down a card: ace of spades
Morgan, pulling out an Uno card: +4
Garcia, pulling out a Pokémon card: jolteon, I choose you
Reid, trembling: i thought this was poker
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