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#david kostyk things
"I don't get jokes or sunsets or poetry but I know metal"
David says that like he know anything less
My dude, you know a person like me exists, it's not just that I don't get jokes or sunsets or poetry but I don't even get metal, how's that?
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kindness-ricochetsa year ago
Closing In (2393 words) by Sarai Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: The Grisha Trilogy - Leigh Bardugo Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: David Kostyk/Genya Safin, Nikolai Lantsov/Zoya Nazyalensky Characters: Genya Safin, David Kostyk, Zoya Nazyalensky, Nikolai Lantsov, Tamar Kir-Bataar Additional Tags: Mostly Genya/David, Background Zoya/Nikolai, attempted banter, Mild Hurt/Comfort Summary: David's experiments with a new technology lead to a tender moment between him and Genya, and a broader fear for the Triumvirate about the rising threats on Ravka's borders.
Here's my fic for the mini-grishaverse-bang, run by @grishaversebigbang and accompanied by聽an amazing zoyalai artwork聽by @blue-artisces in which the sheer intensity of Zoya's perfect eyebrows will send chills down your spine, an another amazing artwork of Genya and David looking so adorable you could just about melt by @oranges-and-stuff聽.
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brekkers-multi21 hours ago
I need a platonic zoya x reader where they are besties and really close with each other cause i love her and she deserves the world 馃槍
Sweet Rolls- Zoya Nazyalensky
I am so sorry it鈥檚 taken me so long to get to writing this! I promise, I鈥檝e got your other requests on the go as well, and I am embarrassed at how long getting to this took me!聽
Again, just to say, this request has been sitting in the drafts for a little while because I鈥檇 been busy with other things and didn鈥檛 have much time on my hands to write or get things done, but I wanted to get this and your other requests done so I promise, anon, I don鈥檛 know who you are, but I see you, I respect you and I promise, my slacking in getting your requests done was absolutely not an intent!
ALSO: I promise, I l o v e David Kostyk, but I couldn鈥檛 resist, as I鈥檓 also a Genya simp, so a relationship with Genya is implied!聽
I鈥檝e not yet gotten the chance to read through the KoS duology, so she might be a little OOC!
Fic type- fluff
Warnings- mentions of the Darkling
Zoya Nazyalensky was, in simpleton terms, your favorite person.
She made things feel easy when they weren鈥檛. She was there whenever you needed, with a bottle of kvas and a sarcastic remark, or a hug, whichever of the two you needed.聽
You鈥檇 both been through things with the Darkling that neither of you would ever voice to anyone else, and that created a weird but fun kind of bond between the two of you, one that was stronger than even a Fjerdan or a druskelle hellbent on serving the wishes of Djel.聽
鈥淵ou really are a gift from the Saints,鈥 Zoya murmured as you walked in, basket of alcohol and sweets hanging from one arm, blankets balanced on the other. You shot her a smile as you walked through the room, tossing the blankets onto the large bed and plopping the wicker basket at the foot of it.聽
鈥淵ou said it, and I hate to admit, but I鈥檓 inclined to agree!鈥 You quipped, straightening out the joggers you鈥檇 chosen to wear to sleep. Zoya was wearing one of Nikolais sweaters over her slim frame, eyes glinting in the lights of lamps she鈥檇 lit throughout the room.聽
鈥淕enya tells you the same thing every morning, so of course you鈥檙e inclined that way!鈥 You鈥檇 laughed as you plopped on the bed next to her, rolling up the sleeves of the shirt you鈥檇 stolen from Genyas side of the armoire that morning.
It was Zoya who crawled to the edge of the bed to retrieve the wicker basket, yanking the expensive bottle of kvas free without a struggle, popping the cork and taking a gulp as you grabbed the package of sweet rolls and ripped it open.聽
You two were a duo that nobody really expected; Zoya was all sarcasm and quippy retorts mixed with a confidence only matched by Nikolai, and you were soft. You were kind, you were good, you focused on things when you needed to, and you preferred to stay quiet.聽
The friendship, born of a trauma bond, was unlikely, but loved by most. Genya didn鈥檛 mind that you two were as close as you were; the way she saw it, a trauma bond, after everything that the Darkling had put everyone through, was almost expected. Nikolai thought nothing of it, you knew, because he knew you saw the way that they looked at each other. Nothing would ever split them apart, and if something did, it鈥檇 take at least a millenia of trial and error beforehand.
鈥淭onight,鈥 you said, voice excited as you rapped a finger against your thigh.聽鈥淲e feast like kings!鈥
She鈥檇 laughed, and you joined just bare minutes later.聽
The night went as most nights with her do, laughter and drinking and listening to her rambling about Nikolai, which, in turn, lead to her listening to you rattle off Genyas perfections and all the things about her that you cherished. You made your way through one, then two, then three expensive bottles of kvas, and several packages of sweet rolls and cinnamon buns in turn.聽
When it got quiet, she beckoned for you, nail polish clutched in one hand. You nodded, holding your fingers out to her, ready to let her beautiful voice and loud laughter take over the silence that鈥檇 blanketed the room.聽
She was one of the best things in your life, and you hers.聽
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dablackdahlia4 days ago
Part two of Zoyalai kid as promised
Here鈥檚 part one-
Massive row spoilers
Prince Mycanae Juris Nazyalensky( My Kuh Nay Uh) was turning one years old
It was suprising how quickly he grew up
To Nikolai at least
For Zoya, who adored her son couldn鈥檛 wait for him to get older
For one thing while the baby didn鈥檛 cry to much at night (whitch was a blessing from the saints)
He couldn鈥檛 be Grisha tested
Most ravkans were tested around the age of seven though it varies
Myca was far to young
It was decided when he turned four he would be tested
And so the country was forced to wait four long years
Three more years to go Zoya thought to herself
Myca was an easy baby
That was what his doctors said
He barely if ever cried in the night and was sociable enough
Unlike Genya and David鈥檚 son Forrest Kostyk who from all of Zoyas interactions and everything Genya and David mentioned he was a nightmare
Constantly screaming
Hates to eat everything
And now that His teeth were a big enough size he started biting
She had gotten lucky
But Nikolai and her started talking about having more kids
And Zoya found she wanted more aswell
Nikolais pitch however would be far to amusing for her to not listen to
鈥淐ome on Zoya only children are the freaks in the playground!鈥 Nikolai said gesturing incredulously
They just gotten Myca put to bed and were having much needed glasses of wine
He needed his rest for his birthday tomorrow
Even though they could鈥檝e had many nannies take care of him that night, neither of them wanted that
Nikolai grew up like that and he wasn鈥檛 as close to his mother because of it.
Not to mention the old king was scarce most of his early upbringing
Zoya didn鈥檛 want that for Myca either
Of course with all of there duties they had to get some help but they always, always, made sure they put him to bed in the room across from there鈥檚
鈥淣ikolai I鈥檓 an only child鈥 zoya retorted
鈥淭ouch茅, but what if something were to happen that Myca couldn鈥檛 become king? We would need another option!鈥 Nikolai threw back
Nikolai having another realization
鈥淧lus, it would鈥檝e really helped me growing up to have a good sibling鈥
This was something Zoya thought about aswell
As a girl she wished for a baby sister
And so did her mother
Sabina had four miscarriages
The last one was the worst
She was safely in the third trimester when it happened
Sabina was distraught for weeks
And when she finally came to, she was different
And a couple years later marching Zoya down an aisle
鈥淵ou know I鈥檓 already convinced Nikolai right?鈥 Zoya laughed tired of this charade
Before Myca was born Zoya thought she鈥檇 have one
One child
One heir
But she had changed her mind and wanted more
Nikolai showed her a dazzling smile 鈥減erfect鈥 he said with a kiss
Zoyas second pregnancy was different
Her morning sickness wasn鈥檛 as bad as her first
But a new thing has arrived
She was consuming unhealthy amounts of Ravkan chocolates
But nonetheless the baby鈥檚 due date was July eighth
The date came and passed
But it was nothing to be worried about
There was a lot of moments where they were like 鈥渢his Is it, the babies coming鈥 then nope
Zoya was 43 weeks pregnant
The baby would be post term
Nikolai would say this is a sign that this child was going to Be late for everything
A difference when Myca was born on the exact due date
But in the middle of the night July twenty second Zoya went into Labor
There second child was Prince Nazariy (Nah-Zuh-ree) Dominik Nazyalensky
He had Brown skin almost darker then Zoya鈥檚 and black hair
But it was his eyes that captivated people
He had sectoral heterochromia
His Blue eyes like his Mothers had parts of brown (example below)
Tumblr media
They decided on his middle name after Nikolais friend Dominick after some rigorous debate
Zoya wanted to continue with Saint middle names
Nikolai argued Juris was a personal friend
In the end with Nikolais charisma he won
His name Nazariy was actually found in a simple baby book
While Mycanae was in old ravkan and they liked the nickname Myca
They were much more lax with there second son
They eventually decided to have four kids but wanted to wait until Myca would get tested before having there next two children
Time skip three years because your girl can鈥檛 detail everything
Myca was four years old and today was the day
He was dressed in his best clothes
What would happen is he would go up in front of the entirety of the Ravkan nobility and other ambassadors and such and would get tested
Zoyas power still couldn鈥檛 sense anything in him or Nazariy, but a couple months prior Forrest Kostyk was revealed to be an Alkemi
It seemed that when the grisha first used there ability it activates something and typically Zoya could sense it
Because now Zoya could see Forrest as an Alkemi easily
So while she couldn鈥檛 sense anything in her sons that didn鈥檛 mean there was nothing there
Zoya and Nikolai had finally gotten most of the details finished and it was them, Nazariy and Myca, and the triumvirate working out some details in the meeting room
Well, Nazariy was pretending he was a squaller by blowing on some paper
And Myca was clearly trying to convince him that wasn鈥檛 how it worked
It seemed Myca hadn鈥檛 quite grasped his two year old little brother couldn鈥檛 care less about what he thought
A fact that would never change over the years
鈥淚 don鈥檛 understand why we don鈥檛 just test him right here right now?鈥 Adrik insisted for the ninth time 鈥渓ess risk鈥
鈥淎nd then what if he turns out to be Grisha but presented before the nobility nothing happens? The grisha test only works when they just start out鈥 Tamar responded
鈥淚t could still work in front of the nobility鈥 Adrik insisted
鈥淎nd if all else fails we can just tell him to summon a gust鈥 Tolya added
Tolya was fiercely protective of the boys
It probably started when a couple months ago Myca showed a vague interest in his favorite Poet and the friendship bloomed
鈥淭olya most summoners can鈥檛 summon until days of practice鈥 Leoni interjected 鈥淧lus, we鈥檝e made plans on all outcomes and it鈥檚 to late to change them now, look on the bright si-鈥
鈥淣azariy spit that out!鈥 Zoya interupted
Apparently the little hellhound put one of David鈥檚 nails in his mouth
Nazariy, learning his mother wasn鈥檛 to be trifled with quickly on, spit it out
Back to the conversation they started on a topic healthy debated
鈥淭here鈥檚 no way the kid is Grisha!鈥 Adrik started on
鈥淏ut Adrik he hasn鈥檛 gotten sick. And Grisha dont get sick to!鈥 Leoni countered
This back and forth started since Zoya announced her pregnancy
It was a headache really
But when she turned towards the three boys who had come to mean the world to her it was all worth it
Nikolai was with the boys and was apparently taking on Nazariy鈥檚 side claiming him blowing on the paper was just as credible as Mommy鈥檚 lightning
Myca fought back and claimed any otkaxatsya could do that
It was something happening more often
Myca makes an offhand statement and Nikolai fighting the other side
It was adorable really how Mycas eyes would light up and debate with his father
Plus it would make him think more critically and would make a good king out of him
Not to mention how it really helped Nikolai and him bond
Nikolai and him had some trouble sometimes
Myca doesn鈥檛 usually respond to jokes
It seemed after his silly and rambunctious troublemaker of a brother was born he decided he would have to be serious enough for the both of them
Or at least as serious as a four year old could be
But rigourous debate on whether or not green looked good on Nazariy was something they both seemed to enjoy
And as much as Zoya wished she could watch forever it was time
Time to see if her baby boy had certain talents
Myca was scared
He was behind the door waiting to be presented before his mother, father, brother, who would all be seated on the thrones, and of course the rest of the nobility
鈥楶eople like you Myca!鈥 Nikolai would insist 鈥榯here鈥檚 nothing to worry about no matter what happens!鈥
Myca thought he was trying to alleviate the pressure but it wasn鈥檛 working
Suddenly his que to come In was called and he walked in
Head held high and posture immaculate he waltzed through the door
The person who was testing him was the Baron of Banewood
An old man who hated nonsense, children, and Prince Nazariy since he was both of those things
He came forward and after some very boring speeches that Myca couldn鈥檛 bring himself to listen to until the Baron told him to stick out his hand
Myca complied and the baron produced a very big pin
Guess everyone wanted to be really sure he was Grisha or not
His eyes wandered to his family
Theyre faces looked calculatingly impassive
He knew it was a front
They needed to seem stable for the people
Nazariy who was standing next to the throne was having difficulties standing still
Myca felt bad for him
Half of being royalty is sitting still looking pretty
He trained his eyes back on his parents and saw his father give him a small wink
I got this, I鈥檓 prepared for the result, I can do this
As the pin was stabbed into his skin Myca felt it
That calling
That thing begging to come out whenever he saw his Mother doing something grand
Or when he really wanted his brother to leave him alone
And Myca let it overcome him
When he opened his eyes he could see the Baron knocked over and a small breeze
A firm hand clamped his shoulder
鈥淐ongratulations Mycanae鈥 Tolya started dragging him away from the scene where the nobility were discussing the scene 鈥淵our a Squaller鈥
Hey so part two of the Zoyalai kid as promised. This was originally gonna be longer but then It became a 230 word monster and i cut it down and will save the rest for part three
35 likes and I鈥檒l make part three
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silver-war9 days ago
Mkay almost 1am and Im tired so Im going to sleep but before that here's some thoughts on Episode 6:
Im really glad Mal and Alina are finally reunited because I missed them 馃ズ
A Grisha not even thinking about using his grisha powers and throwing a book at Jesper instead is one of my favourite things xD
Darkling going for the stag is definitely not because of just the fold, he just wants to be powerful and conquer people or some violent thing like that
Kaz. kaz what have you done. What agreement did he make with that lady shjhjgnghgj-
Also really hope Inej is okay soon, someone get her a doctor please
And of course, Nina Zenik is a badass. Love her for that. She really said feminism, and honestly as she should
Now hUh so this is how the ppl who didnt read the books regard david 馃ズ the grisha's name is David mars 馃ズ David kostyk. And i would die for him. And he's a fabrikator so he couldnt do much against jesper so yeeting the book was his only choice 馃槫
Bb thats inej ghafa you are talking abt, she doesnt need a doctor she has herself, SHES THE WRAITH-
Sjsjjsjs okay gn!!! 鉂
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qqueenofhades10 days ago
joe + nicky but in the grishaverse?
It is a cool, misty morning at the Little Palace, the onion domes bathed in the weak spring sun, and Nicol貌 di Genova is not doing his exercises.
He should be, after all. He needs to earn his place, prove that they have not made a mistake in admitting him to be trained. Genova, a small city-state that lies in the sunny ocean south of the Shu Han and makes its fortune in trade, is not known for its Grisha. Indeed, so far as Nicol貌 is aware, he may be the first. But they鈥檙e not about to discount a competitive advantage, especially against their great rival Ketterdam, and so he has been packed up and sent here. Nicol貌 fears, however, that his talents will not suffice in the interests of making his countrymen a great deal of money, or stealthily eliminating the Kerch merchlings who stumble across their paths. His testing revealed that he was a Corporalnik 鈥 a Healer, to be precise. A valued skill, patching men back together, and anyone who can heal a body knows also to hurt it. But perhaps they wished he was a Heartrender. An assassin. A weapon.
The reason Nicol貌 is not doing his exercises, however, has nothing to do with his existential dilemmas. The reason is the group of Materialniks across the way. The separate orders of Grisha do not mingle much; indeed, there is rivalry between them to give anyone a run for their money. Nicol貌 doesn鈥檛 know what he expected. One great happy family, using their powers in the betterment of all mankind? Surely he is not that na茂ve. The mysterious, reclusive Grisha elder who trains them all 鈥 Andromache 鈥 certainly scoffs at the idea. The rumor runs that she is older than all of them combined, and surely she would know.
(Or perhaps Nicol貌 wishes it for other reasons.)
He glances over again. Yusuf al-Kaysani is trim and elegant in his purple kefta, hands moving in a way that seems to gather and draw the light. He is not a Sun Summoner 鈥 they have never yet found one of those, though not for General Kirigan鈥檚 lack of trying 鈥 but a Fabrikator, a creator, a maker, an inventor. He uses Grisha power in a way that Nicol貌 has never imagined: not just as a weapon of war, but a weapon of art. He and David Kostyk spend much of their time together (Nicol貌 fights down a totally ludicrous feeling of jealousy; he hasn鈥檛 so much as spoken to Yusuf) and inevitably come up with something ingenious. Nicol貌 wants to be a Grisha like that, like him. To make beautiful things.
Yusuf al-Kaysani is a beautiful thing.
Nicol貌 has been staring too long, again. He turns away in haste, wiping his hands on his own red kefta, as much to steady himself as anything. He reminds himself that David cannot conduct an actual conversation with so much as a hat rack, and that he has never seen anything to suggest 鈥 well 鈥 that. He needs to focus, focus, but when his mind is still so full of Yusuf al-Kaysani鈥檚 dark eyes and dancing hands, the power that flashes from them like paint from an artist鈥檚 brush, given its deepest and truest form 鈥
鈥淭ry again, Genovian!鈥 Botkin bellows, making Nicol貌 jump out of his skin. 鈥淪top daydreaming! Fight like Grisha! Or go back and eat bonbons!鈥
Nicol貌 winces. Shakes his head. Steels himself.
It is going to be a very long day.
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31ismyfavouritenumber11 days ago
Tumblr media
Husbands that slay together stay together
Ok three things absolutely stole the show for me; Mikhael and Dubrov, David Kostyk, and of course the heartrender husbands... crossing my fingers for a season 2!
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daydreaming-optimist13 days ago
Tagged by the absolutely lovely @onceupon-a-decembr聽馃挍
Rules: answer these questions and tag blogs you are contractually obligated (?) to get to know better
Name/nickname: Bryn
Gender: female
Star sign: virgo
Height: 5鈥7鈥 or 5鈥8鈥
Time: 12:44 AM
Birthday: I don鈥檛 want to put too much personal info, sorry (all the stuff above are things that you can already find on my blog)
Favorite bands: ummm so I only really listen to musicals
Favorite solo artists: Taylor Swift, Adele, Martina McBride
Song stuck in my head: Some Things are Meant to Be (from Little Women)
Last show: Shadow and Bone (I鈥檓 rewatching and got my friend to watch it with me!!)
Last movie: Legally Blonde (I think?)
When did I create this blog: November 2020
What do I post: books, broadway, and whatever else I鈥檓 feeling at the moment
Last thing I googled:聽鈥渄avid kostyk quotes鈥 (I was looking for his declaration of love in Ruin and Rising to show my friend)
Other blogs: nope! just this one
Do I get asks: sometimes - mostly from the wonderful @katherinerose64 or asking for my top 5鈥瞫 or 10鈥瞫 of things from @scatterbrained-daydreamer (hi! *waves*)
Why I chose my url: I took forever聽to decide - I got it narrowed down to two choices and then eventually chose daydreaming-optimist. it just seemed to fit (and I鈥檓 pretty sure there was a coin flip involved)
Following: 171
Followers: 43
Average hours of sleep: usually 5-6 hours, sometimes I manage 7-8 on weekends
Lucky number: I don鈥檛 really have one?
Instruments: I took oboe lessons for 5 or 6 years, but I haven鈥檛 played for a couple years
What I am wearing: light blue a-line dress
Dream trip: Ireland or New Zealand or Japan or honestly anywhere in Europe
Favorite food: chips and homemade salsa, probably
Nationality: American
Favorite song: so many? at the moment probably It All Fades Away from Bridges of Madison County or On the Threshold of Eternity from Starry
Last book read: currently reading Rule of Wolves by Leigh Bardugo
Three fictional universes I鈥檇 like to live in: Feravel (Dragon Slippers), Narnia, and Corona (Tangled)
Tagging (no pressure): @scatterbrained-daydreamer @katherinerose64 @amortensie @floofylion @just-a-cup-of-anxietea and @anyone else who wants to do it! (just say I tagged you聽馃挍)
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avid-author-activist17 days ago
the things i would change about rule of wolves
(to be clear, this is not hate on leigh bardugo or even rule of wolves. i love leigh bardugo, and i love rule of wolves. this is more of a therapeutic fix-it what-if exercise for me to get over end-of-series emotional pain. long live the grishaverse.)
so. this book made me want to CRY with how lovely it was. it was mindblowing to see every character in the grishaverse in a single book and I loved... everything about it until the last ten chapters.
- zoya taking the ravkan throne didn鈥檛 sit right with me.
- nina always living under a fake name with another face didn鈥檛 sit right with me.
- honestly? the speed at which the darkling plot wrapped up was plain weird.
zoya is nearly immortal and omniscent at this point, and nikolai decides to give his crown to her? yes, she has good intentions, but isn鈥檛 ravka being ruled by an all-powerful grisha the very thing they were trying to avoid with the darkling?
what I would鈥檝e wanted is nikolai keeping his throne鈥攈e鈥檚 fought so long and so hard for it that giving it up in a split second just didn鈥檛 seem right. he admits his bastardy and the demon in him, and the ravkan people come around eventually, and it proves that bloodlines and purity don鈥檛 make you a good ruler. hell, it still could鈥檝e been the nazyalensky dynasty if he鈥檇 married zoya and taken her name.聽
nina and hanne: don鈥檛 get me wrong, i LOVED their story, but it felt rushed within the context of this book. we were getting nikolai and zoya povs, as well as the shu han plotline, and it felt like their relationship didn鈥檛 have enough time to become what it did. i wish they鈥檇 had their own separate book, and i wish nina hadn鈥檛 just thrown away her whole previous life like that.聽
hanne brum could鈥檝e remained the grisha king of fjerda (i did love that irony), but nina zenik should have returned to her country. taken a pause on that relationship in the aftermath of the war and the rebuilding. grieved properly for matthias. i still really wish he was alive, but having one character get two good romances is really rare, and i liked that. i just wish there鈥檇 been more time between laying matthias to rest and making out with hanne in the ice court, you know?聽
they could stay in contact, advise each other on political affairs (nina gets tailored back into mila on occasion to visit for parties, make out with hanne, and work with the spy network). and in a few years, once fjerda is healing, they get a little house in os alta or something and live in peace. and hanne gets rid of prince rasmus鈥檚 face鈥攖hat was just plain weird.聽
the darkling... honestly? i don鈥檛 even know what to think of this. i don鈥檛 like how he gets his sainthood, and the thornwood chapter felt like too neat and tidy an ending. the most power-hungry grisha of all time willingly sacrifices himself for an eternity of torture, conveniently ending the blight across the world? it didn鈥檛 feel earned. i didn鈥檛 want him humanized. i did, however, very much like genya giving him a piece of her mind.
actually, i think he should鈥檝e been torn to pieces near arkesk by modern warfare technology. that would be a fitting and ironic ending. and take the blight out of the equation altogether鈥擳oo Many Villains.聽
oh, and david kostyk should be alive, dammit.聽
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anarmorofwords22 days ago
Hi Ana! Did you finish Shadow and Bone? What did you think of it? Favourite bits or your peast favourites?
Hi darling 馃挄 Sorry for taking so long, I had a very busy weekend.
There's no short answer to that, so buckle up! (I'll still try to keep it concise, if you want me to elaborate on something lmk!)
I binge watched it and enjoyed it a lot, but after some consideration there are quite a few things I was dissapointed by or that I feel could have been done better. I'll start with them and move to what I loved later. My biggest issues:
(Spoilers incoming!!)
Alina glowing. (I'm sorry lol, but it looked so weird!)
Zoya. Listen, I adore this girl. She's one of my favourite characters ever. And she was done so dirty here - the actress just doesn't have that spark, it was never pointed out how powerful and respected (or desired!) she is, I hated that she threw herself at Mal and the Darkling, when book!Zoya always made a point of not doing that. Implying she used to sleep with the Darkling was so so unnecessary, and it changed their dynamic uncomfortably. Also she happily went on about visiting her family in Keramzin (it was said in RoW that she did the opposite), her reaction to the Novokribirsk wasn't powerful and convincing enough to me, basically no. Not to mention her being so gentle and defeated after the Fold. Like c'mon. She should have been FURIOUS. RAGING.
The Crows seemed infantilized and Kaz specifically was not ruthless enough. He gave up too easily, and didn't seem like the feared Dirtyhands at all.
Kanej. I actually loved many things about them (later on that), but I think they went too far with the development of their relationship. It's already painfully obvious how much he cares for her and so all their great scenes from SoC won't have much sense. Also if they showed Kaz being more indifferent and ruthless, it would be more impactful to see him starting to care for Inej later, and now it won't be that big of a deal.
Helnik storyline felt very out of place among the rest of the plot.
I don't really like what they did with Jesper - Kit is awesome, and had some great moments, but they wrote him as a cliche comic relief. Also please don't kill me, but I couldn't care less about the goat. I had that awful feeling that I've seen this "joke" so many times before, and also it got repetitive quickly.
The Conductor thing made the Fold problem look kinda stupid. Like c'mon, the country is losing soldiers and money on some stupid skiffs and here's a guy who just gets through it by train, no big deal. Also how did he build the railways there.
Now for the good parts!
David Kostyk and Genya Safin. David stole the show every time he appeared, Genya was absolutely brilliant, and their interactions had me screaming. I can't wait to see their relationship develop further. Also Genya physically fighting the Conductor, yass girl.
The visuals! Every scenery was incredible. Ketterdam's atmosphere, the palace (the Darkling's war room!!!), all the cities. Same goes for costumes. Keftas 馃憣
Helnik. I know what I said before, but while their storyline didn't fit into this season, it was wonderful. Danielle as Nina is absolutely brilliant, I adore her. Matthias was also fantastic (when he smiled!!! oh my) I loved their banter, and the fact that they included the "not natural" dialogue 馃憣
Kanej things I loved: Kaz saying there's no one like Inej, her killing to save him, the quiet respect and understanding between them.
Inej. That's it, she was perfect.
Freddy was also incredible, I just don't really agree with how they wrote Kaz.
The amplifier. I could barely look at it, hated the sight. But I think it highlighted the cruelty and price of the practice well.
Inej and Zoya fighting together!!!
Inej stabbing the Darkling was powerful.
Ivan and Fedyor. They were adorable and I fully expect them to casually mention they're husbands in the next season.
Waffles 馃ズ
Sorry for making this so long, I hope you don't mind 馃槀 How did you like it Rua? ^^掳
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shadesofvelma24 days ago
Hi ya x Congrats on 300 hun you deserve it! I was wondering if I could a 馃晫 - ship with a boy either from Hp or grishaverse. I'm a gemini, also I study languages and absolutely love reading, writing and learning new things. Thanks and again congrats! 鉁
I ship you with david kostyk!
and thank you so much!!
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daydreaming-optimist2 months ago
Tagged by @onceupon-a-decembr (thanks girlie 馃槉)
1. Nickname: bryndle (my family and old friends), brynalyn (most of my teammates)
2. Zodiac: virgo
3. Height: 5'8"
4. Hogwarts house: hufflepuff
5. Last thing I looked up: "qu茅 porcentaje de la gente es lgbt en argentina" (for a spanish project) but other than that was "grishaverse david kostyk quotes"
6. Song stuck in my head: on the threshold of eternity from starry (do yourself a favor and listen to it)
7. Number of followers: 28
8. Amount of sleep: usually 6 or 7 hours
9. Favorite number: 3 or 7? I don't really have one
10. Dream job: forensic linguist
11. Wearing: cream knit sweater and cable knit tights, burgundy skirt, brown knee high boots
12. Favorite author: leigh bardugo, jessica day george, madeline miller maybe? (I've only read one book by her but the writing was beautiful), maybe tamora pierce too? idk I like a lot of authors
13. Favorite instrument: I used to play oboe but I've always loved violins
14. Aesthetic: idk something girly and I've always liked romantic academia
15. Favorite song: I genuinely do not have an answer to this question, sorry
16. Favorite animal noise: cats purring or the little yips that dogs make when they're dreaming
17. Random: there are two rings I wear every day (one on my left pinkie that was my grandmother's and an irish claddagh that my mom gave me for christmas)
Tagging: @scatterbrained-daydreamer, @katherinerose64, @rorygilmorre, @asecretshekept, @floofylion, @amortensie, @ghostdolmen, and anyone else who wants to! 鉂
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dylanobrienisbatman2 months ago
I don鈥檛 want to spoil anything. I鈥檓 so curious to get your take on things knowing you鈥檙e going in without prior knowledge of the series or the characters! Have fun and please keep live blogging it :)
Well so far I鈥檓 on chapter 14, and I am loving it. I am getting the vibe that Darkling is the villain, which I kind of guessed from fan reactions to the casting (Ben Barnes just... knows how to play a villain) but since I don鈥檛 know anything about the story I have no clue why or what he does. It鈥檚 making it fun to read the sort of flirtatious/outright kiss scenes and trying to speculate about what could possibly be his motives!!
So far I like Alina a lot but she feels like a blank slate character. I want her to have more oomf. Like girl... fight back!! Just a little!!! She seems to be gaining some confidence now which I鈥檓 hoping leads to more self assured-ness and therefore more self direction of her story. I want her to have more agency.
I鈥檓 also super intrigued by the Grisha鈥檚, I wanna know more about them and the mythology at play here. What is a Darkling? What is The Fold? How do the powers work?! I am excited to get to see it play out on tv, where I鈥檓 hoping they鈥檒l do some more active world building, since tv is a great medium for that.
Also I鈥檓 excited for David Kostyk, because... Luke Pasqualino 馃槏
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