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#david alleyne
scarlet--wiccan · a day ago
I like tommy and David together for the elaborate fanon couple people have built up (I know you’ve pointed out that shipping two people based on a kiss wasn’t consensual on either side isn’t great and I wholeheartedly agree—I think more people ship them as a “pairing the spares” type thing since most of the other YA chars have more popular/canon ships, not everyone’s read the other things the characters appear in, and noh’s weird since V2 ends on an unflattering note for him and he looks so much like tommy on panel) and I’m not inherently against the idea of them being together in canon. Like during emperor hulking it was kind of perfect because neither of them were doing anything so they just kind of threw a bone to their fans (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). I want their relationship to mean something if it’s going to be a thing but X-Factor is just not handling it well and this really isn’t the time for them to be together if they can’t deal with it.
I’m not sure there’s a good way to resolve the issues there but if there’s a story about them in Pride the week before the issue Tommy’s at the hellfire gala (in what looks like a surprise?) I’d love if they like. Broke up in Pride. I’m not sure how well that’s go over given the theme of the issue but if they actually discussed the issues in their relationship, even if they unrealistically reconciled a week later, I’d feel a lot better about it. Although their relationship is already so bare-bones they could just as easily show them getting together, or no significant landmark at all…
I think the best case scenario at this point is tommy would feel like David’s keeping him at arms length for some reason and the reason is revealed to be the pretender thing, which he didn’t want Tommy to find out about at all. So when tommy finds out he’s pissed but David still buys into it on some level because the propaganda is working overtime on krakoa and he was depowered himself and I assume he doesn’t know Wanda if he’s even met her so they fight and break up over it. But next issue tommy shows up at the hellfire ball and they both say they’re sorry and something about actually getting to know each other’s parents, maybe tommy gets to say something rude to prof x or someone. Not ideal but it’s the best I can see happening because I can’t see them suddenly shifting to have tons of sympathy for wanda (even this much is a stretch) and I’d be worried about people acting like David is the villain in this situation for being conflicted (like when he kissed teddy and people acted like he was the devil when that was really out of character and just biphobic writing in general)
Dunno if David's actually met Wanda, but he's been in a room with her at least once-- he crossed paths with her and the Kaplans in Young Avengers, but they didn't speak and the parents were all under Mother's control at that point. I can't remember what David was doing during AvX, but he might have been around when Wanda and Hope were having their whole shindig.
Anyways, you're 100% correct and I agree with you completely-- I like David and Tommy together in theory, and their dynamic was cute in YA, but there is literally no substance to their relationship as it stands. That's mostly a problem because it doesn't do any favors for Tommy, who is a criminally underused character, but it's particularly dissatisfying right now because Krakoa presents external factors (pun intended) that should be getting in the way, or at least giving them things to work through-- but no one is acknowledging that. Tommy, specifically, is denied interiority and seems to have been washed clean of his backstory and other relationships, which, like, sucks.
I'm looking forward to their story in Marvel's Voices: Pride. I don't know if it's going to be set in the present day, or if it'll be a flashback to how they got together, but I am hoping it'll add some substance to their relationship. I've talked about this a little before, but these characters are both young men of color who have each recently come into their bisexuality-- and for Tommy, this might actually be the point of realization. That right there is a love story that I desperately want to read, so I'd be happy just to see their first date or their first real kiss. It'd give me a reason to root for this couple when the Krakoan dust settles, and it'd give Kieron a chance to make good on how poorly he handled David's kissing streak, and Tommy's character in general, the first time around.
I like the story idea you suggested, although I'm not sure Williams would be able to squeeze all of that into one issue of X-Factor. If this relationship is going to work going forward, I at least need to know that David and the other mutants that Tommy is socializing with have a clear understanding of the Decimation, are aware of the conflict that Tommy being on Krakoa represents, and would have his back when push comes to shove. If not, well... the other shoe has to drop, and I want serious emotional payoff.
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swanlake1998 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
john alleyne photographed in balanchine's the four temperaments by david street
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Tumblr media
Tommy and David at the Hellfire Gala 🔥
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big-gay-demons · 2 days ago
Billy Meets World 6 WIP 3
David cleared his throat, preparing to speak, but Teddy cut across him.
"I don't fucking like this job anymore."
David blinked, surprised.
"At first it was cathartic — you know, you get to get out all that pent up anger or whatever that everyone has inside of them. 'S like playing a video game, it's not real."
It was real enough to David, seeing the fake Teddy's body slung unceremoniously into the grass in front of them that night, watching his brains ooze out of the hole in his head.
"But it's not me."
David looked up, meeting Teddy's eyes, a silent understanding pitching itself between them.
"You're being forced into a role, just like the rest of us."
"This is Billy's world — I'm just a guest. I have to play by his rules too — whether I want to, or not."
David breathed heavily through his mouth, whistling slightly at the revelation. He leaned back in his chair, rubbing at his eyes.
"So you don't enjoy the killing? Could have fooled me."
Teddy chuckled darkly, no humour in his voice.
"I thought I did. Got a real rush when I ran over myself with the car. Or when I snapped Tommy's leg in half," he added, watching David wince. "But it's not… it wasn't me, really. It was the mind within mine, the role, seeping through into me. I worry about it. What if I stay here too long, and it's irreversible?"
"All of this over one man," David said, scratching at the back of his head. "If we had known how much trouble this would have been we would have left your husband alone."
"Hindsight is like that."
"For what it's worth, I'm sorry."
Teddy glared, David's throat growing tight.
"No you're not. Not the real you, anyway. David might be sorry, but you're not. I know what you are — we call you Dream Eaters in our universe."
"We're aware of your Earth names for us."
"You seem to know a lot about our universe."
"Memories stay with us, as a consequence of our feeding. We have intimate knowledge of your universe, its histories, its peoples."
Teddy's brow furrowed.
"So, if you saw his memories, you must know all about me?"
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big-gay-demons · 2 days ago
Billy Meets World 6 WIP 2
Somewhere in New York, the former Young Avengers — now scattered across the various North American super-teams — gathered around a television screen, having been held in rapture for several days.
They had received word — a communication from David, funnelled through his liaison with the X-Men — about Billy's disappearance, his current predicament, and Teddy's attempts to rescue him. They had gathered at Billy and Teddy's apartment, Tommy in possession of their spare keys — "For emergency purposes," he had hastily explained, omitting that neither his brother nor his brother in law had known about it.
And so they had found themselves, briefed by David on the nature of the broadcast, engrossed in the twisted, warped version of their world. It had been a novelty at first, revelling in their younger appearances, laughing and joking about the cliched plots and implausible scenarios, feeling themselves sink into old camaraderie and comfort as time wore on.
It was Friday night, and the seven of them were there, occupying all available surfaces in the apartment, eyes glued to the on-screen prom celebrations. It was Tommy who noticed it first, the sudden change in colour on the screen, the blue tones beginning to wash out the warmth of the glowing lights and flushed faces. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, his hand finding David's across a cushion, the latter leaning into him, their heads together.
"Why does this feel like it's about to get really dark really quickly?" Kate asked, her eyes darting around to the others' to see if they shared her concern.
Sprawled out on the floor, her back against the coffee table, America nodded.
"I don't like where this is going. Also," she added, quickly, "Why am I such a fucking bitch? Am I this bad in real life?"
Elijah laughed, shifting in his seat, nudging Kate away from him where she had leaned in for better access to the popcorn in his lap.
"I thought that too, but I didn't wanna say anything."
"It's the alien posing as her," David explained, "Jean told me about it. Her personality was too strong for Billy's character to override."
"Which is the opposite of how it worked with Teddy, right?" Noh-Varr added, his face scrunched in concentration.
"Right. He got taken over by Teddy because—"
"Oh my fucking god! The car!"
Cassie's voice cut across David's explanation, her hand over her mouth as they watched Teddy lit up by headlights, the car smashing into him. Tommy jumped, his fingers tightening around David's. America was rapt, pleased with her front row seat to the carnage. As the wet sound of the tree breaching Teddy's eye echoed from the TV, Kate groaned, turning her face into Elijah's shoulder, covering her ears. Elijah startled — not from the violence, but from Kate's proximity — his eyes glued not to the screen but to the top of her head. Along the back of the couch, his arm rested, his hand flexing involuntarily as he fought the urge to bring it down around her.
Cassie spoke again, as the killer stepped out of the car and into the frame, her eyes wide.
"Is that Teddy?"
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big-gay-demons · 2 days ago
Billy Meets World 6 WIP 1
“David! Wait up!”
He turned, neck craning over his shoulder, fingers tensing involuntarily where they grasped the thin plastic straps of his grocery bag. He spied Billy, a few yards away, calling out to him, hand raised high above his head. He contemplated ignoring him, moving off somewhere out of sight to avoid whatever inane conversation they were about to have. In-universe, it had been weeks since Tommy’s death, the splitting heat of the summer mellowing into a dull, oppressive hum that sat heavily along the streets, boiling the asphalt under their feet, scorching their lungs with each drowning breath. For David and the rest of them, it had been hours at most since he had received Teddy’s call letting him know that he was next in line to be annihilated. It had, as one could imagine, left him feeling distinctly unmoored.
Part of him welcomed the swift oblivion of Teddy — craved it, even. A twist of his neck and the pain of embodiment would leave him, his consciousness free to float back to their own universe, or perhaps even to enjoy the sweet nothingness of the void from which they had all been birthed. He had wondered — quietly to himself, unwilling to voice his ideas to the others for fear of ridicule or hostility — whether or not Tommy had been right, and that there would be something after. Would he retain the memory of his fleshtime? Probably not. Memory was a symptom of embodiment itself, an unfortunate drawback of living life shackled by three dimensions. The sensations would live in him, surely — hard-wired into the ethereal links of his consciousness, bringing with them the heart-flare of emotions long since abandoned with his flesh.
Would Tommy — or rather, the nameless, formless being once known as Tommy — be the same? Would they pursue their intimacy once again? Could they?
Such were the questions that had occupied David’s mind in the interim, as they had awaited Billy to set the scene once more.
He watched Billy approach, trying to fit his features into an expression that hovered somewhere between grateful for his presence, while also beset by grief. He settled on something of a pained smile, raising one palm flat in greeting as Billy huffed towards him.
“Hey,” he said, hands braced on his knees as he drank down soupy breaths laced with petrol fumes and the smell of broiling concrete, “I haven’t seen you in a while. The guys told me about that phone call you got — from the uhh…”
“From the killer?” David supplied, head tilted, voice clipped, his true feelings breaking through his carefully constructed front.
Billy’s face fell, lips pursed, eyes on the ground at their feet, fingers scrunched in the leg of his pants.
“Yeah… I just wanted to see if you were okay, but I guess that’s a stupid question, huh?”
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destinysmystique · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@lgbtincomics Pride Month Challenge 2k21 1/2 Couples David Alleyne x Tommy Shepard aka
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tommyheadcanons · 4 days ago
it's not like tommy was internally biphobic up untill his kiss with david that unintentionally caused feelings to rise, it's just that,,,,
yeah, tommy was internally biphobic up untill his kiss with david.
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booksquish · 4 days ago
I swear reading comics is like:
Me: I found a new character I like, let's read about them.
Comic: they have friends that you'll wanna know about later, they got cool powers, this one plot point or thing that makes me cringe, they do some really cool stuff
Me: what's that second to last one?
Comic: plot point or thing that makes you cringe?
Me: Great now I can't unsee how much I hate that.
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booksquish · 4 days ago
David: I can't use telepathy my mutant ability doesn't give me the persons power it gives me their knowledge and skill, so I would need someone who is obsessively meticulous, and organi-
Cyclops (Scott Summers): *walks into the room*
David: .... That'll do
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pink-singing-ghost · 5 days ago
My mood is constantly fluctuating between “If they kill off Tommy Shepherd during the hellfire gala I will storm Marvel’s headquarters and do something that may or may not be illegal” and “But the d r a m a” and I don’t expect this to stop until the Hellfire Gala is over and I find out who dies
Also I’m kinda lowkey here for David joining the whole “Fuck Krakoa” side if Tommy does die and they don’t allow him to be resurrected because sometimes I just like to watch my faves suffer
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tiddy-socks · 6 days ago
I hate everything about this but I could not rest until it existed
Tumblr media
The Maximoff family is built confusingly but I'm pretty sure Polaris is kinda Tommy's aunt right?
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