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omkookie · 6 minutes ago
May I request a headcanon with Simeon reacting to his s/o who is able to turn into random animals but can't control what they turn into? (Sorry if my English is bad)
Thank you in advance
Why is there so much S****n wanting anonns coming... And dw anonnie! ⭐
Simeon thinks that it's useful to be able to turn into different animals, you could always turn into a bird and fly away from danger, or run away as a cheetah. Or even an elephant and crush any demon. It's useful since you're in the devildom and there's a lot of demons who will bother you since you're a human exchange student.
Ah but... You can't control what you turn into?... Don't worry, he'll help you with practicing!
He had to learn the hard way... That you don't even know what you're turning into...
You were supposed to turn into a cat while the two of you were practicing but instead you turned into an elephant and crushed him with your front feet... At least you got off of him quickly and he's still alive.
He's still willing to help you learn how to control what animals you turn into— but from a distance now... He doesn't want to get crushed again, like the second time you turned into a whale and accidentally hit him with your tail... Or the first where you were a crocodile and fell above him. Why are you somewhat floating every time you transform?... Hmm...
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alice-revolution · 8 minutes ago
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<artist : kkk276491754>
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✿ satan
admin fluffy ( ◞・౪・)
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garadinervi · 10 minutes ago
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Dalibor Chatrný, n.d. [Galerie Zavodny, Mikulov]
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garadinervi · 12 minutes ago
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Dalibor Chatrný, Interiér A, n.d. [Rada Galerií České Republiky, Praha]
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garadinervi · 14 minutes ago
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Dalibor Chatrný, n.d. [Galerie Zavodny, Mikulov]
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ghost-party · 19 minutes ago
Pleeeeeeeaase bestie could I have 31 with Levi??? I just wanna watch the sun set with that man so I can tell me he’s more beautiful 😭😭
Absolutely, bestie! 🥰❤️ This is such a sweet prompt.
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It had been Levi’s idea to take a weekend trip. When he suggested getting away for a few days, someplace quiet and secluded, you immediately said yes.
And the cabin had exceeded all of your expectations. Initially, you had been a little concerned. Your only experience with a cabin had been that one summer you spent at camp, sharing a bunk bed, the whole place smelling like sunscreen, woodsmoke, and bug spray.
This cabin was something else entirely. It was cozy yet modern, with a spacious kitchen, a king-sized bed, a whirlpool tub, and a wide deck overlooking a tranquil lake.
Having already washed the dishes after dinner, you and Levi sit on said deck, curled up under a gigantic blanket you found in a closet. The sun is beginning to set, and the summer heat is quickly dissipating, leaving you thankful for your fiancé’s warmth.
“I’m glad we came here,” you murmur, resting your head on his shoulder.
“Me, too. It’s nice, having time alone with you.”
You look up at him with amusement. “You don’t get enough of that at home?”
He gives you a flat look, eyes narrowed. But there’s a hint of a smile in the quirk of his lips, and his gaze is still tender. “It’s different. No distractions, just the two of us…”
A quiet moment passes between you as the sun dips below the horizon, painting everything in warm, golden hues. The lake glimmers beneath it, reflecting the last rays of light.
“It’s beautiful,” Levi murmurs. “We can’t see it like this back home.”
You peer up at him again, taking in the sharp line of his jaw, the brightness of his eyes, the way his hair moves in the evening breeze, falling across his forehead…
“You’re more beautiful.”
Levi looks momentarily stunned, and you glimpse a hint of pink in his cheeks before he pulls you into his lap, strong arms wrapping around your waist.
He settles his head on your shoulder with a huff. “And you’re ridiculous.” But you can feel the small smile on his lips when he kisses your neck.
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ankle-beez · 35 minutes ago
wow I can't believe its been a week since true colors aired! still can't believe they had anne do the fortnite dance while marcy shot King andrias to death with the gun she had all this time. Can't wait for s3!
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datetimeeveryhour · 38 minutes ago
Another hour! May 08, 2021 at 03:01PM
At the time of this post, it was May 08, 2021 at 03:01PM
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lydskisses · 55 minutes ago
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Last call for the “Hotter than Hot” Merch 🔥
Preorder is closing on Monday night. If anyone is still keen to get this series, you can check out the merch list here:
Tags: mlqc mr love Queen’s choice papergames merch gavin kiro shaw lucien victor 恋与制作人 白起 周棋洛 李泽言 许墨 凌肖
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omkookie · 55 minutes ago
Who do you write for from OM?
Hello anonie! I currently write for :
All of the demon brothers
The demon king.
Diavolo, Barbatos, Simeon, Solomon
Ruri-Chan & Azuki-Tan (💀)
Luke! // And Adult Luke 🐕 (grown up chihuahua)
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tfortrends-blog · an hour ago
iPhone 13 Launch Soon: Specs, Features, Release Date, India Price, Everything We Know So Far
iPhone 13 Launch Soon: Specs, Features, Release Date, India Price, Everything We Know So Far
iPhone 13 Launch Soon: Specs, Features, Release Date, India Price, Everything We Know So Far iPhone 13 is likely to launch in the second half of 2021, and we have already seen several leaks around it. To keep you updated, we decided to stack everything we know so far about the iPhone 13. HIGHLIGHTS iPhone 13 may feature a smaller display notch. Cameras on the iPhone 12 are tipped to be placed…
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omkookie · an hour ago
"Simeon is disgusting. Ew. Saying his name is giving me the chills... "
So... This is what you say...
Well then...
Annonie... I WILL FIGHT YOU!
Hell I'd rather be eaten by Levi's pet snake. 😤
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nyandora · an hour ago
I just want to say I value every interaction I have with you guys and am genuinely interested in what you have to say/what suggestions you make even if I don't always respond.
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yunkiwii · an hour ago
i had a dream where i had to pick between yunho and minho....
needless to say, it was ✨stressful ✨
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unmistakablyunknown · an hour ago
Those date night vibes? Is it just me or is it getting hotter here? 🔥
Seriously dying to read this!
absolutely anon
there are some steamy vibes in this house tonight lmao
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