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ilikereadingthings · 3 minutes ago
The moment my heart stopped and I did not pick the book up because i was so fucking terrified.
“You sure you want to do it this way, little merch?”
Wylan summoned every bit of bravado he’d learned from Nina, the will he’d learned from Matthias, the focus he’d studied in Kaz, the courage he’d learned from Inej, and the wild, reckless hope he’d learned from Jesper, the belief that no matter the odds, somehow they would win. “I won’t talk,” he said.
The first punch shattered two of his ribs. The second had him coughing blood.
“Maybe we should snap your fingers so you can’t play that infernal flute,” Van Eck suggested.
I’m here for her, Wylan reminded himself. I’m here for her.
In the end, he was not Nina or Matthias or Kaz or Inej or Jesper. He was just Wylan Van Eck. He told them everything.
I remember lots of screaming (╥﹏╥)
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4006725 · 9 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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yesimwriting · 2 hours ago
playing vices
“A/n a blurb bc ive been working on my novel and ive missed writing for Kirigan :))
I am a fool that has played into her vices enough to make them addictions. That must have been Kirigan's plan. He knows that I don't agree with his methods. He is also much too aware of the fact that I am beyond attached to him. He plays into that fact often, lulling me to him whenever he feels that my conscious is in danger of driving a wedge between us.
Which is why I have become accustomed to falling asleep while running my fingers along his skin as he whispers things much sweeter than anything he would say while fully awake.
But now it's late and he's not here. I sit up, kicking the comforter off of me slightly. It seems Aleksander has been more and more absent these days. When he's not with me, the odds that he's doing something that hurts people are high. His absence is also starting to make me feel like he's losing interest in me. It would make sense considering the fact that he looked twice at me in any capacity has never seemed logical.
Maybe that's why we've never indicated commitment to each other. I don't know what commitment would be with him. He seems to grand to be considered a 'boyfriend', but there's something more than friendly about how he holds onto me. I've never cared for labels until I started feeling displaced.
"You're still awake."
I press my lips together, trying to seem a little calmer. "Couldn't sleep."
"Troubling thoughts?" The question is more weighted than it should be. Everything with him is. 
“Has anyone ever called you dramatic?” 
His lips quirk upwards, hinting at a smile. Warmth pools in my stomach, the way it always does when he lets me see the slight glimmer of light that’s still in him. Sometimes I think he only shows me this softness when he feels that I may pull away. It may be rooted in manipulative intent, but I know that it’s real. 
“Only you would have the gall,” he says, voice low yet not dark. 
Kirigan’s easiness coaxes a smile from my lips. A small one, but I can feel the way the crack in my tension feeds his confidence. He takes pride in slipping past the walls I only try to create when cautious or irritated. Today I’m both but I need to pretend like I’m neither. The more resistance he senses, the more forward and effective his advances become. 
I keep my expression neutral. I’m sure Alina could get away with calling him that. I wish she was more unlikable. It would be easier to hide my irritation if I could blame that displaced feeling in my chest on two people. But of course Alina is wonderful, beautiful, and his equal.
Whatever. It’s not like we’re really anything. Every time I see him I wait for his betrayal. There’s nothing worth using me for, and somehow that makes me feel worse. He should have never looked at me twice let alone encourage whatever strange relationship we’ve created. 
My silence seems to displease him because he approaches my bedside easily in quick yet patient strides. Now that he’s close enough to touch I feel some of the ice I managed to solidify melt. 
Kirigan lifts a hand and places it on my knee easily. I stiffen instinctually, he runs his thumb over my skin to fight my resistance. “Who’s upset you?” 
I breathe, forcing myself to ease. “No one has.” I don’t have to meet his gaze to know he doesn’t believe me. That’s the core source of our attachment, we can read each other with less than a look. “I’m just getting a headache,” not a full lie, “I’ll feel better after some sleep.” He squeezes my knee slightly, a soft way of asking me for more. “I don’t think I’ll be good company tonight.” 
His hand leaves my knee, fingertips barely grazing my thigh as he moves his hand to hold beneath my chin. I still as he turns my head so that I have no choice but to meet his gaze. “You don’t need to be good company when what I want is your presence.” 
I press my lips together to avoid melting into the promising pools of warmth that make up his irises. He spent all day with Alina, took Zoya’s side in an argument I had with her earlier this week, and now he comes to me late at night. He seems to only want to acknowledge me when we’re alone, and it’s not like I want more than that. I just don’t know how long my heart will be able to teeter the line between nothing and something. I’m a fool for having let it go on this long. 
The only problem is that his steady stare is chasing away all of my rationality. “I’m sure you’ll be able to find someone more in the mood to offer their presence.” 
My curtness leaves something behind his expression dull, the hint of a smile that was growing on him has now vanished. I am met with a stoic disposition I have never had directed at me. 
“They’re not you,” he counters, voice edged by something I don’t understand. 
That’s the point. They’re not me--I’m average. I can’t offer power and my relationship experience is basic at best. I don’t want to have this argument, not when I’m basically fighting for him to let me go when that’s not what I want. 
I’m making it easier. If it hurts this much when I was only on the cusp of something, imagine the pain I’l feel if I let it continue. I turn my head away so that he’s no longer holding my chin. “Not a bad thing.” 
“To me it is.” He doesn’t hesitate, my chest swells. His thumb brushes against my cheek, soft and comforting. “I’m tired,” he says this like it’s a confession. His admission hangs in the air for a long moment, as heavy and weighted as my heart. “If you’re angry, wait until morning.” 
Something in my heart cracks. “I’m not angry.” My gaze drops, my thoughts struggling to come together. “I’ll be nicer to deal with in the morning.” 
“Y/n,” his tone twists from distant to warning, “the last time you asked me to leave was when you discovered something you didn’t like.” 
I almost wince at the way he’s worded it. When I found out what his real plans were, I told myself I had to leave. He skirted past all of my reservations and walls, twisting my doubt away through coddling whispers and shy brushes of fingers.
“This isn’t like that.” Not a lie. 
He exhales slowly, the sound dangerously sharp. “Then what is it?” 
“Why did you come here so late?” The question leaves me too sharply. I’m exposing too much but I can’t help it. “If you don’t want to answer, that’s fine.” My voice is flat. “I’m sure Alina will be happy to fill me in.” I can’t bring myself to take in his reaction. “And if she can’t, I’m sure Zoya will be able to.” 
He’s silent for a long second. “Unwarranted jealousy doesn’t suit you.” 
His confidence sparks something angry within me.  “I am not jealous.” The most blatant lie of the night, but I don’t care. I turn my head to glare at him, “and don’t just tact on ‘unwarranted’ before something that’s true just because it’s easier for it not to be.” 
I watch his expression cautiously until the slightest tilt of his lips adds to my anger. He’s enjoying this or he did this intentionally or both. “Darling,” he hums, voice soft, “you are the only person that makes me feel peace.” 
My stomach flutters, the sensation threatening to break my weak resolve. “I am not particularly powerful,” I breathe, voice stiff, “or particularly...” How do I explain this all to him? “Anything.” He’s everything, and I am nothing but average. “I’m average at best, there’s no reason for you to want anything to do with me, and that’s fine--but don’t lie and pretend that that’s not true.” 
The sentence is barely out fo my mouth before I feel myself pulled towards him by the collar of my nightgown. His lips are on mine before I can question where this is going. I kiss him back too quickly, but any effort I expend is returned fervently.
He pushes me back slightly as quickly as he yanked me forward. He doesn’t explain. I don’t ask him to. I should demand an answer and shove him away from me or pull him back towards me. But I do nothing. I just stare at him as he stares at me. 
When the weight of the silence threatens to break something in me, I force myself to speak, “Kirigan--”
“Aleksander.” The name is soft and so fragile I worry it will shatter in the air before it can fully reach me. “You know there’s much I’m not ready to say, but that,” he exhales, the sound so sad I want to reach for him, “that is the one name I have not given to myself and I want you to have it.” Something conflicted crosses his features. “I would never give that to someone average.” 
Emotion swells in my chest, heavy yet not painful. “Aleksander.” I’m not sure if I’m trying to call to him or if I’m just trying to feel his name--his true name--on my lips. 
His eyes widen, something unbearable behind them. He moves the hand holding the collar of my nightgown to my cheek. I lean into the contact like a fool as his eyes flutter shut. “Say it again.” 
I don’t hesitate, “Aleksander.” I lift my hand, fingers hesitant to find their place on his cheek. “Aleksander.”
He sighs into both the contact and the name. “You’re the first thing I’ve allowed myself to want,” his eyes open, but I cannot bring myself to meet his gaze, “I should make you feel like it.”
Something about the way he says that is sad. “I think that if it’s fair to say you were a little distant, it’s just as fair to say that I was a little jealous.” 
Aleksander smiles, but it doesn’t quite reach his eyes. “I’m tired,” he admits, “I’ll enjoy my victory in the morning.” 
I roll my eyes, but scoot over to give him a place by my side regardless. “I’m not sure you won, I think it was more of a draw.” 
He takes the space I offer quickly, never letting the contact between us disappear as he settles himself against my pillow. I let him pull me towards him. “This feels like a victory.” 
I try to ignore the warmth in my chest. “You’re lucky I’m tired enough to find that endearing.” 
I relax as his fingers trace shapes I’ll never know about onto my back. “I agree.” 
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As someone who's been in fandoms for way too long and has love and hated ships....I can say the only reason people hate Darklina is because it's popular. That's literally it. I mean sure it has it's "issues" and a few people might be concerned, but people who ship won't get so much hate if this ship wasn't popular.
Saying again and again it's fictional and has no standing in reality whatsoever won't work against haters because they just want the ship to die out and for their ship to take the No 1 spot.
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aigonakru · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
@moretsevs // @honeythrone​  --> “ why are you looking at me like that? ” @ the darkling
Tumblr media
intrigue---it fills his entire being while eyeing the man standing before him. the reason behind his glares was fueled by the fact that he could be the person he needs for the mission of locating morozova’s stag. the final piece of his puzzle ; the concluding step to his plan. “ you’re the one that found the stag? ” he inquiries in a firm tone, lifting a brow in his direction---disregarding the initial question from the mortal tracker. “ what did you spot on it that stood out to you as...special? it could’ve easily been a deer if you aren’t aware of it’s major characteristics. ” eyelids narrowing, coming together to a thin line while he surveys the individual. 
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leoday · 3 hours ago
hot take but idc that much about the ab*se in the d*rklina ship- like that's why i don't personally ship it but i'm not going to police who you ship. my issue is malina tumblr literally just wants to live our lives and d*rklina tumblr fucking invades our tags and trashes on the ship, archie and mal, and people who ship malina. d*rklinas will be like "let us ship who we want" and then not afford us the same luxury.
EXACTLY!!! you hit the nail on why i hate d*rklinas and their ship. 
like i usually try to avoid negativity because it can be hard to deal with it. but my god, i don’t want to see essays upon essays in the tag about how malina is bad, and how mal is toxic when he is anything but. literally all of my anti d*rklina posts are a result of me seeing untagged hate in the tags. then they complain about ~antis~ being mean and send you anon hate. like seriously, if you can’t take the hate you’re getting maybe you shouldn’t dish it out in the first place and try to make the fandom a better place.
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greensaplinggrace · 3 hours ago
In a recent malarklina post you mentioned having many headcanons 👀 Care to share with the class?
So I went over some character hcs for the three of them in this post! But here are a few that are specifically Malarklina. (Some of these are set in an Immortal!Mal AU and some aren't, sorry if it gets a bit confusing).
Aleksander has a competency kink and is attracted to Alina showing off her sun powers and Mal showing off his tracking abilities.
Alina makes them both little suns that follow them around to always light their path. This is especially meaningful to Aleksander, although he'd never admit it, because he used to be afraid of the dark as a child.
Mal reminds Aleksander of Luda, and he often goes into depressive states when considering the fact of Mal's mortality. Once Alina fully grasps the reality of the situation, she often suffers from them as well. During these times, Mal tries to be there for them as much as he can, but it's a heavy burden to bear alone.
They all have difficult relationships with gender and sexuality and at one point actually end up sitting down (completely by accident, because Aleksander is allergic to emotions) to talk about this aspect of their lives in more depth.
Aleksander usually sleeps in the middle because he's a) touch-starved and b) an attention whore, but they switch it up on occasion.
Mal is the most clingy sleeper in the history of sleepers. Aleksander and Alina have both woken up on more than one occasion to Mal literally laying fully on top of them and wrapped around them like an octopus. Aleksander likes the weight and usually just snuggles in deeper but Alina has to wiggle out of the way most of the time so she can breathe.
Mal likes Aleksander with short hair but Alina likes him with long hair. This is the source of many fights in their relationship, none of which Aleksander is actually apart of.
Alina and Aleksander both like Mal with longer hair and so he's press ganged into growing it out.
Mal and Alina love every single song Aleksander hates.
When Mal pisses Aleksander off it's no sex for a day even after a dozen apologies, but when Alina pisses him off all she has to do is say sorry and he'll just eat her out right then, not a care in the world.
Aleksander is very physically affectionate, but Mal and Alina have phases of liking it and disliking it, so they have to balance a way to take care of each other's needs without pushing boundaries.
Aleksander is directionally challenged because I said so and Mal and Alina constantly have to make sure he doesn't get lost.
Kissing scars has become a very intimate practice between them all.
Aleksander keeps an obsessively clean house but Alina's paint supplies get everywhere, that paired with Mal just shucking off his hunting outfits anywhere in the house and dumping his gardening/hunting supplies wherever's most convenient means that Aleksander is in a constant state of annoyance about their living situation.
Alina makes a Rule about Mal and Aleksander fighting after Mal straight up tackles Aleksander off the side of the roof when they're trying to figure out how to replace shillings.
They all spar with each other at least once every other day. This mostly started as a means of keeping themselves sharp in case of danger, but it quickly became a bonding routine of sorts. Turns out Aleksander has a lot of information stored up about fighting. That paired with Mal's military training makes for some very intense spars as well as the rapid growth of all three of them into some of the most dangerous fighters on the planet.
@mal-zoya now has me convinced that it will take at least 500 years for Mal and Aleksander to admit they love each other.
Aleksander likes it when they wear his clothes. Alina likes wearing Mal and Aleksander's clothes. There is a lot of clothing sharing going on. It gets to the point where the only way they can tell who's clothing is who's is based on color scheme and the quality of the cloth and occasionally (but not always) the size as well.
Mal and Alina infodump all the time about their passions and Aleksander eats it up. He loves it. He thinks his partners are the smartest people in the universe.
When Alina is suffering from artist's block she goes to Aleksander for inspiration. When she's inspired she goes to Mal to create.
Mal is generally the one who cooks all of their meals because Alina will get distracted when she's going on an art spree and Aleksander will just straight up forget he's a human sometimes. But when Mal doesn't do it Aleksander does it because he has Standards and he's not about to let his partners starve to death, thank you very much.
Aleksander and Mal used to cook plainer foods in the beginning of the relationship but they both slowly shake off some of the chains of their upbringings and previous ways of life to slowly try out more elaborate and lush recipes. Alina has come home on more than one occasion to see them collaborating on a new recipe Aleksander managed to flirt/finagle out of one of the old ladies from the nearby village.
Alina likes to ride out every day and sometimes ropes Aleksander or Mal into going with her. There are lots of picnics and packed lunches in their life. When they go to an especially scenic spot, she'll sit there for hours and draw.
Mal won't ever be able to fully understand the meaning of Alina's immortality. It would be impossible to, even with many explanations and having to deal with Aleksander's own traumas as a result. But that doesn't stop him from attempting to learn as much as he can to make things easier for both of his partners.
Alina attempts to join the local ladies' knitting group in the nearby village but hates it. Aleksander, on the other hand, finds it to be the most valuable source of gossip in the village. He rapidly becomes a part of the club and returns home with boatloads of gossip by the day. Alina and Mal have no idea what to do with literally any of this information, but Aleksander certainly does. Getting involved in small town drama is, in his opinion, one of the best things he ever decided to do. Mal and Alina are beginning to think he needs some therapy.
Mal starts a little farm outside of their cottage and Alina starts a flower garden. Alina also begins to amass a small library over time, with the help of Aleksander "is this an original text?! maybe so" Morozova. Mal is not expecting to come home one day to an entirely new room built into the house and a massive collection of books lining the walls.
Alina and Aleksander will use their powers actively all day. In fact, they both get so comfortable with summoning that they just start letting their emotions affect their summoning all the time. And so Mal has a very good indicator for whether or not his partners are upset or happy based on the way the shadows and lights flicker, much akin to the way people judge how their cats are feeling based on what their tails are doing.
Also, though, Mal just feels proud that they both trust him enough and feel comfortable enough around him and in their home to feel as if they don't need to watch themselves constantly.
Alina still likes mapmaking and, after a few years of peace where she starts to get restless, she slowly begins to do it again. Every two months or so she'll go out on a long trip to map a few of the nearby areas. She quickly builds up a side business of selling her personal maps to the people of whatever town they're living near.
Aleksander eventually opens up enough to share some of his past with Alina and Mal. He especially begins to engage more with the pieces of his culture that he had to forsake in order to assimilate over the years. Alina and Mal are always more than willing to help him puzzle through a half remembered recipe or a phrase in his native tongue that he's partially forgotten. They feel honored every time he shares a small piece of his history with them.
Nightmares are a common occurrence between all of them and whenever one happens a cuddle pile of epic proportions ensues. Also sometimes they talk about feelings have some pillow talk to work through things. Aleksander will also sometimes sing them back to sleep. His lullabies are haunting, but his singing voice is beautiful, and it usually does the trick. He refuses to sing for them outside of these moments, however.
Alina adores the height difference between her and her very tall partners. She thinks its fucking stellar.
Alina and Mal start up an orphanage on many occasions throughout the centuries. Alina loves kids and constantly helps them when she can. She mourns the fact that she won't ever be able to adopt without having to watch them grow old without her.
They've all discussed having kids at multiple points throughout their lives, and they all want to do so. But Aleksander wants to wait until Grisha persecution is no longer even the hint of an issue. Alina and Mal agree to wait, largely because they want some time to think on it too.
Mal tries to teach Alina how to shoot one day and she accidentally clips Aleksander as he's coming outside with lunch. He never lets her live it down and on more than one occasion attempts to use it for sympathy points, even hundreds of years later.
Aleksander is both the big spoon and the little spoon, but he likes being the big spoon (in reality he's a knife, of course). Mal likes being the little spoon but is often relegated to the big spoon, and Alina likes being both.
Alina paints a portrait of Mal and Aleksander cuddled up in bed once and no matter how much they entreat her to burn it she absolutely refuses to do so.
Aleksander is basically a walking, talking source of illegal activity, and he can't be taken anywhere anymore without expecting some sort of crime to take place.
Alina tries to adopt a little black cat one day and Aleksander gets outrageously jealous. He spends about two months being bitter, then another two months trying to chase it off, but the creature stays with them all until it dies of old age (and he'll never admit to privately grieving it's loss, although Mal and Alina both know it).
All of their communication skills are absolutely atrocious but Alina is the best. Mal is the second best. Aleksander doesn't even rank. Over time, they get into the habit of it, though. They practice at it painfully for years until they reach the point where healthy communication becomes second nature.
Mal proposes to Alina one day (after much talk between all three of them) and they get married. A couple years later they both propose to Aleksander (after zero talk, he is suitably surprised and also maybe a bit teary eyed). They have an illegal wedding on holy ground at midnight with a bribed and essentially kidnapped pastor.
Aleksander spends an excessive amount of money on Alina and Mal. He buys them things constantly and lavishes them with gifts. Alina loves it but it grates on Mal for a time until he realizes it isn't a means of manipulation as much as a love language and a shoddy attempt at communication and expressing feelings.
Once they reach the modern world (in an Immortal!Mal AU), they all get phones and send each other the most cursed texts in all of history. The group chat is a hellspace and the individual chats are just pure shittalking. Nowhere is free.
Shopping in the modern world consists of chaotic impulse buys and the excessive waste of money. They're all each other's impulse control, but they can't always go out together at the same time, so it's usually only in groups of two. Which means that when Alina's gone, Aleksander fills the cart with sweets. And when Mal is gone, Alina fills the cart with an inordinate amount of bananas (which are new) and microwavable easy to eat meals and paint supplies and oh! look at these pretty notebooks on display!. And when Aleksander is gone the cart its legitimately just a free for all. He comes home and there's mincemeat and apple pies cooking for some reason. Mal has a new apron. The fire alarm has been replaced. Turns out they stopped at an ikea on the way back and now they have a better dining table.
Alina is the best driver of them all. Aleksander goes way too fast but he never crashes. Mal refuses to even step foot in a car for about half a decade.
Aleksander is actually the one that gets into makeup. He quite enjoys it and thinks maybe his partners need to live a little for once. They both very firmly disagree.
Alina loses the tv remote constantly and it drives Mal absolutely wild. Sometimes Aleksander will steal it just to watch Mal go into a frenzy looking for it.
Alina builds up a large following for her art (and the art of her 'ancestors') over the centuries. Modern day Alina is basically famous, but luckily nobody knows her face.
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ohifonlyx33 · 4 hours ago
I want to talk about something that struck me the other day, which I have been thinking about for a little while since finishing the Shadow and Bone trilogy. And that is the way empathy is built into Alina's character as a core trait. I didn't necessarily notice it between the bouts of craving power, but she is empathetic in her thoughts and actions. I just didn't label it as empathy because it's reasonable to assume she's just this young woman who doesn't want to kill a stag, right? Right. And surely she's just not used to this new world and looking for approval and belonging, right? Right. She is looking for belonging and approval and no no she's not really comfortable harming the mystical creatures... or her best friend (OBVIOUSLY). But those go along with her being empathetic.
It's also there when she narrates her thoughts towards others, when she treats them with kindness, when she tries to understand them, and when she looks for the underlying motivation into people's actions... With Mal when they are hunting the stag but he won't tell her what happened and she's concerned, with Genya's backstory and betrayal, with Nikolai's story... and yeah.. with the Darkling.
And if you ship Dark!lina, this is your warning that if you continue to read, you might not like this post.
But this where this gets interesting.
Because he plays off of Alina having empathy in order to get closer to her. He immediately opens up and tells her the parts of his sad backstory. Her empathy actually softens her to him, and allows her to see him several times as "just a lost boy" when she knows he's ancient.
He even draws the comparison between them which makes her empathize more, as she sees him as what she might become.
In Lord of the Rings, Gollum had the One Ring for a very long time before Bilbo took it to the Shire and eventually gave it to Frodo. Gollum was once named Sméagol, and he was happy. But as the ring corrupted him, Gollum became a violent, shriveled up and boney creature living under a mountain. And yet, Frodo finds him strangely pitiful. Deep inside of Gollum, there remains the last shred of Sméagol. And as Frodo feels himself becoming corrupted, he wants to believe Sméagol can be saved.
The Darkling is the Gollum to Alina's Frodo. A dark shadow of what she might become if the temptation of power overcomes her. Not just a foil, but a warning of what's to come. He says she will become like him as she ages, that it's inevitable and even good to become detached from morality and humanity... if she is disgusted by him right now, well then, he wants to wear down her empathy so she can join him--they will both be ageless and lonely and bitter and cynical and maybe they can rule together in misery... once she gets tired of losing otkazat’sya and gets past hating the only other nearly-immortal Grisha. Eventually she will understand, right?
Except she doesn't want to.
Instead, Alina, empathetically, wants to believe in his redemption, that she can bring him hope. Again, because of her empathy. Because there's maybe still just a speck of the little boy in there who was burdened right?
He tries to appeal to her empathy by making her out to be responsible for him, as if she should be his "balance." the ONLY one who can save him. But that's not her job.
"You might make me a better man." "You might make me a monster."
And when she sees him for what he is, when she rejects his justification for evil, when she refuses to be part of his plan, he lashes out. He sneers, "Fine, make me your villain," when he's on a path that he chose. It is not Malina's fault that he went on a few murder sprees.
He also preys on her empathy by threatening her with Mal's life, and then later with the lives of children.
But Alina doesn't play his game. She rejects his philosophy of psychopathy AND keeps her empathy in tact. Her empathy won't be manipulated by lies. Her empathy won't be worn down. And her empathy won't be controlled by fear.
In fact, instead she weaponizes her empathy against the Darkling. She didn't kill him out of cruelty the way he would have done with his enemies. And that is why, even while the man she hates is dying, she's still able to empathize with the little boy he once was.
He didn't succeed in destroying Alina's empathy. And that is why she truly won when he died.
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ghafa-dale · 4 hours ago
You and I are going to change the world - a darklina playlist.
Tagging : @iambecomeyourvillain @the-blackdale @inejghafasupremacy @coffee-fandoms-and-chaos @niastormsanctuary-bolastairkanej @ghafascortana @booksarealwaysbettersworlds-blog @clarys-heosphoros @reyna-herondale @gods-shadowsandcrows @just-here-to-escape-from-reality @fortheloveofthecarstairs @herondalesunsetcurve @icycoolslushie
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leoday · 4 hours ago
hot take darklina is just reylo but like with more blatant abuse (but it's okay this time because the evil guy is hot /s)
absolutely! d*rklina IS fantasy r*ylo; darkles even got the kyle ron scars on his face to prove it lol. it is pretty similar if you think about it. i just hope archie doesn’t end up getting the john boyega treatment, tho i have high hopes since bardugo is an executive producer on the show
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thedarklingsbitch · 4 hours ago
Nobody asked for it but here it is
Tumblr media
Chapter 9:
This dream though…she didn't exactly remember all those things, yet she knew, deep inside, that they had occurred.
She laid in bed, blankets up to her chin, staring up.
Saints; she couldn't even remember their names.
She was supposed to head down for breakfast, but instead she buried herself further into the clear sheets of her bed, a few stray tears falling down her eyes.
Despite the warmth of the blankets, she couldn't stop shivering.
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ladyrosespen · 4 hours ago
I walked by the deeper world of the forest, exploring and watching as the thin walls of wind whispers across the faltering and young leaves of the trees
My feet bare touching the wet and soft yet edgy grasses and soil that was scattered everywhere in this green and beautiful world that I lived in
"Alina... Alina where are you?" a voice called out of no where
I looked back to the direction where the voice came from and replied
"I am here within the center aleksander" I responded
as soon as my response was heard, I began to hear his fast paces, he's running towards me like always
"Aleksander to your left" I said as soon as I began to see his well nourished body and undeniably attractive face
He looked at my direction and smiled, walking slowly as if he was enticed by some goddess he doesn't expect to see
As soon as he reached the same spot I'm in he turned me in my back and hugged me from behind
And there in the middle of the forest in its very heart our whispers of adoration and loud beats of love was heard
"I love you alina... I love you with all of me, with my whole eternity" he whispered, his breath ragged and fast from the situation he was in earlier
"I love you aleksander with all your sunshines and darkness, with all of your flaws"I kissed his forehead as my hands went to the back of his neck to hug him
This isn't the power he wanted, this isn't the darkness I expected
But then
This is the happiness that both of us had wanted.
P.s. they visited my dreams in the exact same scenario so I thought I should share it to all of you.
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wallop-bop-top-pop · 5 hours ago
GrishaVerse Characters as things my coworkers have said at work:
Inej: what if I just jammed this knife into your chest?
Kaz: it’s plastic
Inej: and your point is?
Jesper *makes fake guns with fingers and winks*: I bet you can’t name one person hotter than me, go ahead, try.
Guest: do you have breakfast available?
Mal: I want you to look at the pitch dark sky outside and ask me that once more
Alina: I’m sorry, I’m lonely and drowning in madness, would you like to join?
The Darkling: I would so flirt with [Alina] if I wasn’t scared she was about to stab me
David: how about this nice fork, yeah? Pratical, useful, and if you get angry, it’s a perfect weapon
Genya: if one more man looks at me like that then I’m going to poison those skinny b*****s salad
Guest: I would like to talk to your manager, please
Zoya: what makes you think I’m not the manager?
Guest: well, are you?
Zoya: I’m more qualified to be, that’s for damn sure
Kaz: I wonder how many pairs of gloves I can put on till I can’t feel my hands
Tolya: my head hurts
Tamar: *kicks his leg*
Tolya: ow! What was that for?
Tamar: worry about that injury now, p***y
Baghra *sits in space between fryers and frys station*: so f*****g cold
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ao3feed-darklina · 5 hours ago
by Rainewritesfanfics
In which, 100 years into their rule, Aleksander and Alina find themselves unexpectedly expecting, and they both have some feelings to sort out about their marriage, their rule, and their lives before the child arrives.
Words: 1433, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English
Series: Part 2 of Anachronistic
Fandoms: The Grisha Trilogy - Leigh Bardugo, Shadow and Bone (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: F/M
Characters: The Darkling | Aleksander Morozova, Alina Starkov
Relationships: The Darkling | Aleksander Morozova/Alina Starkov
Additional Tags: POV First Person, POV The Darkling | Aleksander Morozova, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Aged-Up Character(s), Married Couple, Immortality, Politics, Family, Character Study, Pregnancy, Backstory, Implied Past Relationships
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I always hear people say how they are in love with certain male fictional characters, but are there people like me, who don’t have crushes on these male characters, but literally just want to be them??
Like I don’t wanna thirst over Tom Holland spiderman, I want to freaking be him. I want WEBS AND SECRET ADVENTURES!!!
I don’t think the Darkling is hot, I just want his super cool magic powers to take over the world.
I don’t want to date Charlie Dalton, I just want to be as cool as him.
I don’t have a crush on Kaz Brekker, I just want to run an underground gang and pick locks as well.
Hold up, this might just be a sexuality thing... ima go have a breakdown now.
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