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#dark academic
crovaticatibicinem · an hour ago
if you ever read speeches and the intro tells you where the author/original speaker was from, try to change internal monologue voices and accents until you find one that sounds adequate for the speech according to your interpretation
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poseidonsarmoury · 5 hours ago
As a Gryffindor, my blog's front page aesthetic is what I imagine the Gryffindor common room's vibe to be. It just clicked and honestly, yes
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woolf-and-other-muses · 7 hours ago
And there was something moist within the within the wind of the Night. Something heavy that floated miraculously and slipped within the tiny particulates of what we call the Air. Something that called out and said, "You are the wind. You flow, too."
I'm the wind. As flexible, as versatile. I'm a child of the Wind, among many other wind, carrying something similar in its fiery heaviness.
I'm heavy as the ice, floated over a dark cold nothingness. My heaviness is rooted to my history, to the other many great winds of the Wind. It's not the hard hit finality of rock bottom.
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saylum · a day ago
little life update; I bought gauche yesterday, along with new pallets, a five pack of canvases and a new easel and I’m ready to tackle some more commissions before I start school. I have to verify my Fafsa but other than that I’m good to start may third and I’m beyond excited. I loved school, and I still love learning so it’s very exciting to not only go back but incorporate my passion for art!! animation won’t be easy and I know I have this sugar coated mind set about how fun it’ll be which will inevitably change on those long nights I want to punch a hole in my computer screen, but I’m going to try my hardest to keep a positive even when it's tough I doubt anyone read this but if you did, I hope you’re having a great day! -Salem
(p.s.- go follow my studyblr//Artblr sideblog! @salem-ink !!
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secretdecadence · a day ago
Studying with this specific playlist and pretending you are being watched by an evil villain and thinking they are falling in love with you while you are reading and writing about literature
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inmediasre-s · a day ago
april / opening the window in the morning & hearing bicycle bells on the street below, tulips & fresh fruit on the breakfast table, the sun pouring in & forcing its way to even the darkest corners of the library making all the dust shine & dance in mid-air, white linen bed sheets & windows slightly dirty after the winter months, tortoise shell sunglasses & red lipstick, delicate green buds appearing everywhere, a warmer wind softly brushing your bare ankles & neck, sitting in the sunny park to read french classics, stopping by small bookstores & petting the owner's black cat, dry cobblestone streets & air that smells of coffee, dreaming of summer & compiling a reading list for the upcoming holidays
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dabbascience · a day ago
Desi dark academia: Ramadan edition
Making dedicated bullet journal spreads to track praying next to the classes and assignments. Slumping over your desk, groaning like a grumpy bear because you didn't get the adrak chai you're so used to. Wearing salwar kameez and accessories exclusively for the month. Squeezing afternoon prayers in between classes. 'Yes, Not Even Water'. Finding excuses to rush to the library where you can at least get some quiet to reflect on your day with deliberate breathing. Still answering regularly in class while taking furious notes because you're high functioning at this point. Zoom iftaars with friends blend into SOS exam/assignment study sessions and you break for Salah in between. Reminding yourself to practice sabr every single time someone does something stupid in front of you.
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I could never be friends with someone named Neil, because every time they did something I would be like ‘damn it Neil, the name is Nuwanda’
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lunamonchtuna · 2 days ago
“I hope it's love. I'm trying really hard to make it love.”
— Richard Siken (via lunamonchtuna)
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