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#dark academia memes
swag-academic · 3 hours ago
swag academia things:
victory dances after winning a chess game
writing terrible poetry on school desks
writing letters to friends but it’s just you insulting them
going to art galleries and pretending to understand the meaning behind each work
using slang while discussing deep topics
literature memes!!
playing mario kart music on the violin
swearing at people in latin
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starfleckedsky · 5 hours ago
I know this is true for every site but Tumblr has such niche account types
Theres the dark academia hoe who is probably mentally ill, posts art and mythology probably romanticises life to get thru it
The cottage core princess with an aesthetic blog( Probably rarely uploads because she has a life)
Anime blogs or cartoons like she ra and miraculous, that's basically most of their content but are close with followers
There's studyblr, these bitches have their shit together and do like productivity challenges,again are either super regular or once in a month(take a break y'all, you don't have to proven anything )
The extremely active fandom hopping junkie who has their foot in like every pond, k dramas, star wars , popular YA series probably got or something and answer asks all the time
There's the meme lords, probably edge lord's but Tumblr meme people are pretty chill. It's usually obscure memes or like heritage post Tumblr jokes
Then there's the activists or socio-political commentary blogs, very active and detailed analysis of the current world events
And last but not the least
The one that accidentally opened Tumblr after seven months and was on it for 48 hrs straight before never opening it again for another year,,'man I forgot abt this place/ I should get back into tumblr' *clicks on an instagram notification never to be seen again*
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classics-cassandra · 7 hours ago
You’ve heard of De Romanis, now get ready for
Περι Έλληνες
The hot new Greek textbook coming to a bookshop near you
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anikasometimes · 12 hours ago
I am a good person until you start listening to the one underrated destroyed song, start reading the soul books I still cry ove, start picking up my cute interests, and ask me the recipe of my existence. Like can you just get lost for another few centuries.
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enigmasandepiphanies · 15 hours ago
I am someone who would order a hot chocolate in a coffee shop. Tread lightly.
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sadcatsonly · a day ago
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living-under-rock · a day ago
here is what my intellectual human brain thinks :
the word school is actually useful when you want to curse someone/something so bad.
for example : if you wanna say, "dude I fucking hate you so much, you're such a motherfucking asshole that's so goddamn stupid and you give me anxiety, you made my whole life like hell, I've been so depressed because of your existence, thinking about you makes me puke you son of a bitch, you fucking moron" instead just say "you are such a school".
see the difference? it's so easy + the word "school" already contains all the curse and counting.
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just-readings · a day ago
some of you don't read the song of Achilles on a weekly basis because you hope that they won't die this time even though you know the myth like the back of your hand and it shows
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anikasometimes · a day ago
''Fuck you my child is perfectly fine''. Ma'am your child writes his 'Caste' in back of his Car. Pretty fine. Cheers.
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misfortunesbride · a day ago
I have no purpose on this Earth other to be small, angry and consume literature at a rate someone mentally stable could never achieve
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sadcatsonly · a day ago
i won't say im in love but i have severe anxiety and i bite my nails all the time but this boy said he wants to paint my nails in pretty colours so it's been 3 months since i last chewed on them and he's so happy to see them grow
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