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#dark! steve rogers x reader
skyeisawizard · 19 minutes ago
Family - Pet (1/2)
Bucky and Steve think it’s about time their pet have a little responsibility of their own. So they grow their family and give her a gift, something she didn’t know what she needed
Tumblr media
It wasn’t often that Steve was able to leave the house with Y/N. Normally she spent all of her time cooped up inside or in the garden, reading a book or sleeping or cleaning. Steve never asked for much from her. In fact, he usually let her do what she wanted.
And what she wanted was to spend her time cuddled into Steve’s side, her head on his lap, his fingers running through her hair.
“Stevie,” she started one night as Steve flipped through channels. “When is Bucky coming home? I miss him.”
He leaned down and kissed her cheek. “Soon, puppy, I promise. He misses you too, you know.”
“No he doesn’t.” She turned away from him, cheek pressed against his thigh. “Why doesn’t he call?”
“He’s just busy, pup.”
She grumbled something under her breath and Steve ran his hand down her back. Up and down in a soothing manner. Soon she was lulled into sleep, eyelashes against her cheeks, drool coming out of the corner of her mouth. Steve pulled her up so she was against his side, sat on his lap with her head against his shoulder.
Some time around two in the morning the front door opened and in stepped Bucky. He tiptoed across the floor until he was behind the sofa. He looked over Steve’s shoulder, at the girl sleeping on his lap. “She missed you,” said Steve, not looking at his friend. “This surprise better be worth it because she’s starting to think you don’t love her.”
“It will be worth it. She’s going to love it.”
Bucky had been planning this surprise for months. It was a carefully guarded secret, not even Steve knew of its intricate details. It was so close to being ready, just needed one more night in his cage before he was done.
Tapping Y/N on the nose, he gently woke her up. “Daddy?” Her voice croaked But she reached for him. Effortlessly he lifted her into his arms. “Missed you,” she whispered, face against his shoulder.
“I missed you too, baby doll.”
“Don’t believe you.” It broke Bucky’s heart as he laid her down in Steve’s bed. Instantly she curled around nothing, still dressed in her clothes for the day. Bucky left the room, his heart heavy.
As they agreed Steve took Y/N out shopping so that Bucky could get the surprise ready. It didn’t take much. Just a post it, bow and collar and he was ready to go.
Shopping consisted of lots of cute bras. Only cute bras. Steve insisted that she didn’t need anything else, she could wear his clothes out and he hated panties anyway.
She was happy, happier than he had been in days when they stepped back into their house. Grinning, Y/N held onto Steve's arm as he unlocked the door and pushed it open for the two of them.
"Daddy?" Upon seeing Bucky sat on the sofa, his legs propped up on something (she couldn't see what yet), Y/N ran over and collapsed into his arms. She pressed several kisses to his cheeks and nuzzled her nose against his neck.
Bucky kissed the top of her head. "How was your day, baby doll?"
"Perfect daddy! Let me show you what I-" She went to climb off of the couch but stopped when she saw the figure beneath Bucky's feet. "Daddy, what is this?"
He grinned as he jumped up from the couch. Quickly, he smiled at Steve before presenting Y/N with her present. "This is for you, baby doll, a pet of your very own."
Y/N couldn't stop herself from grinning as she jumped into Bucky's arms. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! A pet of my very own!"
Seeing her this happy made Bucky feel something he hadn’t felt in a long time. Joy.
Y/N dropped to her knees and lifted this pets chin just like Bucky and Steve did to her. She pulled her lips between her teeth as she took in the soft curls on his forehead and his deep brown eyes. His soft pillowy lips and his cute nose. “Daddy, he’s perfect! What’s his name?”
“His name is Peter, sweetheart.”
“Peter? That’s a pretty name.” She brushed the hair from her new pets forehead. “My name is Y/N and I’m gonna take good care of you.”
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steviesdoll · 2 hours ago
Works in progress :
Tumblr media
Will You Love Me ?
Sequel to : Will You Marry Me?
Soft! Dark Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: You and Steve with best friends since childhood. You liked him very much but just as a friend but what happens when he forces you to marry him? Will your relationship with him ever remain the same?
Archanid Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary : Your new boyfriend is very mysterious.
Woodward After Dark
Chapter 1
Dark Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary : You are a vet who came to visit the mysterious city of Woodward hills. The city is very mysterious, people believe the spirit of the last heir of the Rogers family still haunts the people.So no one is allowed to come out of their home after 8:00pm at night. You wanted to find out that if the rumors are true or not, so one night you come out of your cabin. Then you meet a mysterious man after that your life turns upside down.
Tumblr media
Your Protector
Sequel to : Your Stalker
Hacker Jake Jensen x Reader
Summary : Your stalker is bored by watching you in the small screen of his. So he decides to pay you a visit.
Tumblr media
Cursed Chapter 2
Prologue, Chapter 1
Summary : What happens when the reader mistakenly awakens the most terrible monster from his deep sleep .
Tumblr media
Hide And Seek
Dark Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Summary : Your Grandpa, Robb Davis is one of the closest friend and business partner of Harlan Thombrey. So after his passing his grandson Ransom takes his business and to know his business partners he visits your grandpa's house and there he sees you. The most beautiful woman he ever saw.
Tumblr media
You Are Ours
Dark Steve Rogers x Reader, Dark Bucky Barnes x Reader (No Stucky at first)
Summary : In which Bucky asked you on a date but you rejected his offer. So he aquires Steve's help in making you theirs.
Main Masterlist
A/N : If anyone wants to be added to my taglist of any of the above fics, please let me know.
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infernal-fire · 4 hours ago
Wacky Wednesday - WIP Game
I was tagged by @navybrat817 to post 100 words of one of my WIP’s. This is for a Mob AU softdark!Steve x reader called “Hiccup” that’ll be up sometime this/next week!! This is actually about 200 words, so shoot me i guess. 
“Wait here, miss. We’ll be back.”
You smirked at that, knowing that no matter how much they wanted to play bodyguard, they have to attend to the problem at hand. At the end of the day, they are police officers. And these idiots just created the perfect diversion for you to run away.
You counted ten seconds after they exited the car and slid to the left end of the seat. Reaching for the door handle, you almost fell out of the vehicle as the door flew open on its own accord. 
A pair of large hands caught your shoulders as you teetered on the seat. 
“Come with me and don’t make a sound.”
You look up at the man with widened eyes. You cocked your head to the right as you sat up straight, looking at him in awe. 
Goddamn, he is a man. A real man, unlike the one you were going to marry in thirty minutes. 
“Don’t make me drag you.” He offered you his hand, expectantly waiting for you to take it. 
“Oh, you won’t have to,” you giggled.
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bonky-n-steeb · 6 hours ago
𝗦𝗨𝗠𝗠𝗔𝗥𝗬:  Your life is as good as it gets. The perfect husband, the perfect daughter, the perfect job. But what you are unaware is that your husband is a deadly assassin and your long-lost friend, now a fearsome mob boss is hell bent on getting you back. But what you don’t know can't hurt you, right?
𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗦:  psychological disorder, PTSD, domestic abuse, yandere, obsession, violence, cursing. If you find any of this triggering please DNI. Also inform me if I left something out.
ᴛʜɪs ɪs ɴᴏᴛ ʙᴇᴛᴀ ʀᴇᴀᴅ, sᴏ ᴀʟʟ ᴍɪsᴛᴀᴋᴇs ᴀʀᴇ ᴍʏ ᴏᴡɴ
Tumblr media
“Um,… Hi!” Bucky said timidly.
You stared blankly at his grey blue eyes. You weren’t blinking, you weren’t thinking, you weren’t even breathing. He held your gaze but you could see shame, guilt and sadness in his eyes clearly. It had been years you had seen anything in those magnificent blue pools except blankness.
Your brain was playing on record the way he had ruthlessly beaten up and killed that homeless guy. He touched your arm and you jerked back. You sank back at the farthest end of the sofa and started panting.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you...I... I just wanted to see you.” He couldn’t meet your eyes. You didn’t know what to say so you just stared at him. You wanted to shout and scream for help. But then deep in your heart, you knew, at that instant he was your Bucky. So you just dumbly nodded at his words.
“Bucky, why... why aren’t you visiting Dr. Rachel?” You had called up to check if he was paying any heed to you and attending sessions with Dr. Rachel but no. He still wasn’t; not even once had he gone to any psychiatrist for that matter. And you knew he was beyond helping now.
He scratched his head, “I was busy. That’s why I couldn’t even see you earlier. I was held up...” you scoffed. He was definitely out there murdering people, you thought.
You raked your brain to remember if you had seen the news of a murder of someone significant. And then it hit you like a train; the bombing of the UN assembly. It had happened 4 days before today and many people had lost their lives. You gulped at the realization.
“Bucky, where... where were you?” Your throat was dry and you stammered. “Vienna.” He gave you a knowing look and your breath hitched. Bucky had something to do with that horrible attack.
“Bucky. You should resign.” You said it so quietly, if it weren’t for his heightened senses, he would’ve never heard. “There’s nothing to worry about.” He shifted closer to you and took your palm on his hand.
“Yeah right. Absolutely.” You scoffed sarcastically “You are a wanted criminal. They are literally brainwashing you for crying out loud. And there is absolutely nothing to worry about.” You whispered. Even you didn’t know how you were controlling your temper.
“I don’t think we should talk about all that here. I just missed you so much. Please come back. Please.” You looked at him to see his guilt ridden face, though somewhere in the back of your mind you were afraid his switch would flip any moment.
“I miss you too Buck.” It was the truth. Your marriage had lasted years and over the time you both had carved your own comfort in each other. Though the last few years had been tough, you still had searched for the best.
“Bucky I really want to come back. I want us to become how we were all those years back. Just give up working for hydra. We’ll work our way through, we have all these years, we’ll find our way this time too.”
“I… I can’t.” Bucky said once again dejected. “They gave me another life. Don’t you see that? And all these years I’ve kept you safe. And I’ll keep doing that. Come back to me.”
“I don’t think that’s possible now.” It hurt you that he didn’t even consider the safety of you and Iris if something were to happen. You were talking in circles without any outcome. No matter what he wasn’t going to leave hydra.
You could sense his anger; but it went away as quick as it came. He knew he had one shot; he didn’t want to mess this up like he had previously. “Okay. Just... just talk to me.” You finally looked up at him. Tears brimming your eyes.
“Bucky, I... I don’t know how to say this. But I don’t think there is ever going back after all that has happened. You aren’t ready to give up, you aren’t ready to change for the better, James. And this is not the man who is Iris's dad.
I tried giving you a chance. But I don’t think it’s good for me and especially Iris to be with you if you aren’t ready to give up.” He gave you puppy dog eyes, “Please don’t say this. I’ll do whatever you say.”
“Bucky, you aren’t doing the one thing I’m asking from you. Hydra is using you, James. Give it up and come back to me, come back to us. But you aren’t ready to do that. We both need to go on our separate roads. Our ways of lives are exactly opposite and I really don’t know how it all escalated so fast.
You need help. I’ll help you. I’ll always be here when you need me. I’ll be your friend. But that’s all I can be. I wish I could know about this sooner. But I suppose it’s too late.
It doesn’t mean I don’t love you anymore. It’s just that, I can’t stay with you as your wife. You are just too volatile.” At that very instance, something changed in him and you regretted every word you said.
“I think, I should go.” As you got up, Bucky held your arm with an iron grip and pulled you back. “Oh really?” You tried pulling your arm back, but it was of no use.
“Bucky, stop it. We are in a public library.” He chuckled darkly, “Bucky is gone. And he is not ever coming back. You think you can go away from us? From me? You don’t want me, do you? You want me gone. And I don’t like that. I love you so much. I love you even more than Bucky, but you won't see that. Why do you do this?”
Your blood ran cold at his words. Today’s day was just getting worse. “It’s all because of Rogers, isn’t it? That bastard took you away. I don’t know how blind you are, but he clearly wants you so bad. Even in the park that day, he wasn’t sad his friend left, he was heartbroken. And I’m not going to lie, I loved every minute of it.”
“Leave Steve alone, he has nothing to do with any of this.” He smiled menacingly, “I don’t think so. I think he is the reason for probably every problem in my life. And he will pay for it, dearly. I promise you that.”
“No. No you won’t do anything to him. Please, believe me. He has been nothing but kind to me, please.” He pretended to think for a moment. “Alright, not Steve. But maybe Sam? Wasn’t he the one who took you?”
“Not Sam. Please Bucky. Don’t do this.” Uncontrollable tears were falling from your eyes. “Well, you only get one promise doll.”
“Let her go!” Steve’s voice rang through the library. An unexpected bucket of relief washed over you. “Oh Stevie! It’s been so long. I’m so glad to meet you. I was waiting just for you. Knew my wife’s dog would sniff her out.” Bucky or rather the soldier said in a condescending tone.
“Stop it, James!” You shouted. He had no right to insult Steve. “Oh, come on. Where’s the lie?” At that you slapped him, hard. You weren’t going to let him disrespect the only friend you had remaining. The Soldier gave you a death glare, and you were about to piss your pants.
He left your hand and took hold of your neck. “Don’t act too smart in front of me. I can kill all your friends if I want to.” At that pathetic sobs left your body due to lack of oxygen. You tried to free yourself by scratching Bucky’s arm, but it being metal, it was useless.
“You better let her go.” Steve said while walking towards you. Bucky indeed let go of you. “I would never hurt my wife. You don’t need to interfere.” Steve rolled his eyes. “Your actions speak different than your words.”
You hated every moment of this. You hated the feeling that you won’t be able to stop the inevitable. You hated being vulnerable and helpless. And worst, you hated that you were the reason behind everything.
Steve pulled you away from Bucky. He stared into your eyes as if asking whether you were in pain. As he pushed you behind himself, Sam came and took you away. You turned around to see the library to be empty. Everyone including the librarian had left.
Steve discarded his jacket while Bucky rolled his sleeves. “You will pay the price for sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong, Stevie.” Bucky sarcastically used his nickname. They were both circling each other like vultures while Sam held you back.
Steve was the first one to hit. Bucky dodged his blow by bending down. He instead hit Steve with precision in his abdomen. Taken aback Steve shook his head. And then it all happened in a blur. You had no idea what was happening.
Books were strewn aside, the couch was upturned, and constant punches were thrown. You came back to your senses when Steve punched Bucky with such strength that he ended up knocking down an entire book rack. By now both their faces were bloodied.
Both of them were just as good as the other. Steve had a cute on his forehead while Bucky’s cheek was cut. Bucky got up from the mess, his eyes nothing but menacing.
“Sam, we have to stop this! Please. Go help Steve.” You pleaded with Sam. “He wouldn’t like that.” You knew Sam wanted to go but apparently Steve had given an order.
Bucky used his flesh hand to punch Steve on his nose which Steve expertly dodged. But that’s exactly what Bucky wanted, using it as a distraction, Bucky used his metal arm to punch Steve right on his sternum knocking all air out of Steve.
“Steve!” You screamed as he tumbled back and landed on the heap of books. Bucky clenched his jaw; he was clearly angry at you calling for Steve. Before Steve could get up, he straddled him.
He choked Steve with his flesh arm and raised his metal arm to punch him in his face. You had seen what his metal arm could do. If he punched Steve, he would break his cranium, and turn his face to pulp; you were sure of that.
You slipped out of Sam’s grip and ran toward them screaming, “Enough!” The soldier stopped at that and Steve looked up to you.
“Stop it will you. What are you even doing? Are you out of your minds? We are in a public library for god's sake! And this is no way. Who do you think you guys are? Knights? And what are fighting for? Me? When I’m the only person who doesn’t want this fight.”
Heaven knows what got into you but you pulled Bucky up from Steve and separated them. Steve slowly got up behind and dusted himself. Your back was to Steve and you faced Bucky.
“See Bucky, this is exactly what I was talking about. Hell, you aren’t even Bucky.” You cursed under your breath. “I’m so tired of this bullshit.”
Bucky snapped out of his trance. He looked around to see utter mess and destruction. His heart clenched at the fact that you were defending Steve. You looked tired and defeated. The soldier once again messed up and he was to one who had to clean everything.
“I...” he wanted to apologize for hurting you, he simply didn’t care about Steve. That bastard had it coming. “Please don’t. Every time you apologize and still do the same again and again. This time just spare me. Please go away and don’t come back.”
“Just...” he would do anything to gain your favor. You looked up in his eyes and all he saw was heartache, “Please just go.” He wanted to apologize, he wanted to improve for you. But he couldn’t do either. He sighed and took one last look at you and turned. Before leaving, he saw the smirk on Steve’s face. He was going to kill that son of a bitch.
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nsfwsebbie · 22 hours ago
salvatore. | vii.
summary. | Bucky Barnes doesn’t believe in love anymore. Especially after the tragic, unknown death of his wife, Natasha. He thinks it’s stupid and a waste of time and- oh my. Hello there, you. There you were, with your notebooks and your novels, writing your heart away. He’s hellbent on saving you from this nasty world, his elusive neighbor that has him under the stupid spell of love. You soon find yourself trapped in a tragic love story with Bluebeard, not Prince Charming.
warnings. | NONCON/DUBCON, dark themes, manipulation, gaslighting, arguments, toxic relationships (reader and steve), cheating, nightmares, violence, mentions of death/murder, spying, voyeurism, stalking, use of cameras, angst, fluff, dark!bucky, protectiveness, obsessiveness, creepy bucky, perversion, kidnapping, choking (not the kinky kind), passing out, suffocation, and more. 18+, MINORS DNI.
word count. | 3.4k
pairings. | Dark!Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, Natasha Romanoff x Steve Rogers.
a/n. | we’re nearing the end!! please read all the warnings before you click the ‘keep reading’ button! don’t forget to enjoy and don’t forget to reblog! salvatore masterlist.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I’ll be back before you know it, doll, don’t worry. I’ll call you and text you nonstop, okay?” Bucky reassured, pecking your lips between each word of his. You pulled further away from him and laughed. “Yeah, yeah. Where are you going, again?” you asked, hating yourself for forgetting so easily. It was almost like he never even told you. “That bachelor party, remember? For my friend Sam?” he repeated, almost as if he had told you billions of times before.
Truth be told, you didn’t remember.
“Oh, that’s right! Okay, baby, have a good trip and stay safe. Tell your friend Sam I said congratulations––wait, you have a friend named Sam?” you questioned, not knowing of this friend. You may have been quite forgetful but you didn’t recall him speaking of any friend by the name of Sam. “Yep, but I don’t talk about him too much,” Bucky informed, and you tilted your head. You opened your mouth to ask him another question, but he checked the time on his wrist before sharply inhaling.
“Gotta go now, doll, don’t want to be too late,” he told you, kissing you once more. “Love you, bye!” he shouted as he closed the door behind him. “Bye!” you called back, and you were left all by yourself in his home. He already gave you a tour a week ago, the day after he spoke to you about your nightmare. You never slept after that, but it wasn’t shocking. That kiss was everything you could’ve ever dreamt of.
You felt like Sleeping Beauty, finally getting that kiss from Prince Charming that you needed so badly. You sighed with a half-smile on your face, and you could already feel boredom settling into your bones. With Bucky, every second of the day was filled with fun. Whether it be through stupid conversations or through needless movie commentary. You hadn’t written in all that time, and it was just a tad bit upsetting for you.
Your notebook was untouched, and so was your nice fountain pen along with your computer. It wasn’t like you had writer’s block, and it wasn’t like you had no motivation to finish your first chapter… No, wait, it was exactly like that. Every time you thought of your story, you’d have to stifle a loud, loud groan that would be savoured for when you stub your toe or when you’d accidentally burn your hand on the stove.
You didn’t resent your story. It just felt like a burden at that point in your life. But with nothing else to do other than writing, you felt oh so pained. Not physical pain, no, just the kind that would be a burden. You were sure that the floorboards were tired of feeling your feet stomp on them throughout most days. Sometimes, you’d sit on the stairs and hum to yourself—some sort of random rhythm that you would then mess up and forget about.
“What to do, what to do, what to do…” you whispered to yourself, hooking your thumbs through the loops of your jeans. If it weren’t for Bucky and his easily distracted behaviour, you could’ve had a belt there. But mistakes were made, and even though you offered to help, you officially knew then that Bucky never wanted you in his basement. Not in the past, not in the present, and definitely not in the future.
You joked around, saying that he just has dead bodies buried behind the shelves that were covered in cobwebs. But his forced chuckle had you apologizing quickly, and he told you to go drink some water and throw out your energy drink. You did exactly that, and he was back to his happy self. Spewing stupid puns like hilarity was his college major, with a big silly grin on his face.
Steve was always stoic, so maybe that was why you weren’t used to the almost overwhelming (yet lovely) company of Bucky.
Though Bucky spoke most hours of the day, you never heard of this man named ‘Sam.’ You had hung onto every single word of Bucky’s whenever he spoke to you. Even if he was repeating himself most of the time, you still made sure to listen to everything. He had never spoken about his friend to you, ever. As a matter of fact, you didn’t know much about him personally. You knew bits and pieces about his life as a soldier, but you didn’t know anything else.
He had no family pictures, no childhood stories, no generation-old recipes, nothing. Absolutely nothing. It weirded you out because he knew every bit about you. Even things that you’d never tell your mother, even if you had to. You didn’t even know about any past girlfriends of his… Except for one. He’d call her by the name of ‘Natalia’ but only when cursing or spewing out on the grave swears that could have someone rolling even if they didn’t decay yet.
Only a man with something to hide wouldn’t tell you anything about him, right? Because that was what Steve did, and he had one too many things hidden from you.
You spun around, making a full beeline for the stairs that didn’t creak under your feet (unlike your staircase). You envied Bucky for that, but you also envied him for more practical, more reasonable things. Such as the way he just couldn’t fall for pranks easily or the way he’d get something right almost all the time. You gripped the railing tightly, careful not to fall as you were climbing up the steps as quickly as you could.
Cardio wasn’t really your thing, not then, at least. You preferred simple stretches and long walks. Maybe the occasional weight lifting, but your little coloured dumbbells never did much. You were faced with the first bedroom at the top of the stairs. It was a guest bedroom, and he told you that it was pointless to go inside and clean it. At the time, it made sense. But maybe he was just trying to avoid having you go in there and see something you shouldn’t have seen.
You exhaled shakily and pushed the door open. You were met with a gust of cool air only because the window was left open. Bucky did that a lot, only because his home would become predominantly more humid than usual. You didn’t search the drawers or anything else in that room as well as the other guest bedrooms because you knew you’d find nothing in there.
There was only one bedroom left to check, the one that you and Bucky shared. It was a work in progress. Not in the sense that you were renovating or something along those lines. It was a bit… bland, to say the least. Not one piece of that room felt like home. You asked Bucky if he had any mementos or paintings to keep, but he shook his head and walked out. He wasn’t a very personal man, and it had more flaws than perfections.
You turned the doorknob and walked inside, taking in the notes of that vanilla body spray that Bucky loved so much and the lingering scent of his aftershave. You went to his bed and lifted the fluffy mattress up. Nothing. You gently placed it back down, hoping that your muscles wouldn’t give out. You opened up some of the bedside drawers, and you even peaked underneath them. Nothing. You let out a groan that was also a sigh of relief.
You weren’t sure if you wanted to find something bad or if you wanted to find nothing at all.
You slowly brought yourself up to your feet. You strode a few steps over to the closet and slid the mirror door to the other side. Half of the closet was filled with your clothes, and the other half was filled with his clothes. He had more leather jackets and sweaters than anything. Steve had the opposite of that problem. The blond hero loved his white tank tops and his white t-shirts. The dryer would constantly shrink them, and you could never complain about that.
Neither could Natasha.
You ran your hands between all the pockets and fabric in your closet, but you didn’t find anything. You snapped your hands back, bringing some hangers down to the ground. “Fuck,” you gritted out, looking down at the mess. You wordlessly kept staring at it, all while flailing your arm around to find the door. You grabbed it and slid it close. You had more pressing matters to deal with.
You didn’t check the dresser because you’d know if Bucky ever touched it. Your next best bet was to check the bathroom, even if it might’ve been fruitless. You searched the cupboards underneath and above the sink. Still, you only found freshly purchased products that you would find yourself stocking up on at least once a month—pads, tampons, shampoo, conditioner, razors, and everything else you needed, not him. Nothing there belonged to Bucky.
You once again didn’t know whether you should be elated or frustrated.
You dragged yourself out of the bathroom and out of the bedroom. You wore a pout on your face, resembling a little spoiled kid in a candy shop. In the hallway, you were at a crossroads. “Goddammit,” you groaned, squeezing your hands into fists. You walked down the stairs, not even bothering to hold onto the railing or the wall. You always loved to run your hand against the wall, especially when you were descending down the stairs.
You knew that he was too smart to hide anything in the living room and the kitchen. You felt like you were losing your mind. Even though you couldn’t find anything, you knew Bucky was hiding something from you. It was the same gut feeling that you had when you were with Steve. You listened to it, and you were right. Therefore, you believed that you were right about Bucky being secretive.
You stood at the bottom of the stairs, with your hands on your hips and your bottom lip between your teeth. You didn’t know where else to check. The garden seemed idiotic, and none of Bucky’s floorboards creaked in a peculiar manner. No can or jar in his cabinets looked off, and his shelves didn’t seem like they could move. His stack of books about the human mind didn’t seem fake either.
You spun in a circle, and so did your mind. Everything merged into a colourful blur, and you nearly missed the large splash of white that suddenly intruded into your vision. You stopped moving and looked over just to see the door to the basement. The door was never opened, even when Bucky was downstairs doing the laundry. You smiled to yourself. It was perfect, and it made so much sense for him to hide something in there.
The airport was loud. Families and couples yelling at each other and the sound of suitcase wheels against the floor. A lovely voice came on the intercom, announcing a flight that was departing. From New York to some city in Arizona. In Bucky's hands were his passport, his ticket, and his backpack. Bucky wasn’t sitting in one of those enormously uncomfortable chairs that everyone else was.
He was meters away from the waiting area, contemplating whether the trip was a good idea or not. He didn’t need to be plagued with guilt by what happened to Natalia. He was doing much better now that she was gone. The gothic house probably needed to be cleared of cobwebs and creepy crawlers, but he could’ve just hired someone for that. The only reason why he was contemplating his trip was because of you.
You seemed to eat up every lie he spewed since he met you, but you didn’t appear to buy his cover-up for the flight. Bucky never felt bad about lying to you because you needed to be protected. You were bawling in your bedroom about your job, taking insults from your mother and getting carelessly drunk with a stranger just before he thoroughly swept in on his white horse. You needed him; you always did.
Bucky knew that you’d let your paranoia and suspicions get the best of you. He was glad you allowed that to happen with Steve, but he wasn’t going to let it fly when it came down to himself. “Fuck,” he grumbled before turning on his heels and making his way out of the area and out of the airport. He had to protect you from the harsh truth, only because he’s your knight in shining armour.
You didn’t grab ahold of the railing because it was made of wood. Splinters were the worst; you simply just loathed them like anybody else. You placed your hand against the wall for support and tried your hardest to not make too much noise. Basements always gave you the creeps. The air in the room was thick and heavy, week-old vapour stuck in there, and you wondered how the wood hadn’t begun to rot yet.
Your fingers clashed with what seemed to feel like a light switch. You were at the bottom of the stairs, an old carpet resting beneath your feet to protect you from the cold floor. Your nose was filled with the scent of different detergents and softeners that Bucky would use. Against the wall were the washing machine and the dryer. Next to the dryer was a small, worn-down sink. It was clearly stained and dirty, and you wondered how old the house was.
In the corner was a little wire deck shelf. On it were boxes and many other random objects. You managed to push yourself into the small space that was between the washing machine and the rack. You grabbed the first and the only box on the highest level, surprised that it was lighter than it seemed. You looked inside, only to find old leather gloves and a first aid kit. The white of the kit had a bit of dried blood on it, and the gloves were creased.
You grimaced, but you figured that they were from before he retired. You put the box back and reached for the other one that was two levels down from the top. It was much heavier than the previous one, and you were scared that you would drop it. You peered into the box and found a sleek black gun. Your eyes widened, and you nearly let go of the six faces of cardboard.
But it also made sense for him to own a gun. You didn’t want to think of the possible reasons to scare yourself, so you pretended as if you didn’t see it and put it back. The rest of the shelf just had little old objects that seemed like they came from a thrift store or a pawn shop. One was a small porcelain deer in a pink skirt with glitter on its spots. It made you smile; of course, Bucky would have something like that. The deer’s bright doe eyes looked up at you, but they seemed more sad than anything else.
Though you marvelled at the statue at first, it eventually made you feel uneasy. You tore your eyes away from it and slowly made your way out of the cramped space. You didn’t know where else to look, and your gut feeling didn’t seem to go away. Though the lightbulb was turned on, the room was still dark. The area next to the staircase was particularly shadowed, and your stomach dropped just a bit as you stared at it.
You swallowed thickly and nervously, but you were also elated at the fact that you finally found somewhere worthy of checking. You stepped into the darkness, and you pulled your phone out of the pocket of your jeans. You turned the flashlight feature on and shined the light throughout the space. The ground was barren, and so were the walls. Dust covered them, though.
You rested your off-hand against the side of the staircase, sighing to yourself before realizing that there was a space underneath the stairs. You bent down and shone the light there, moving it around to try and find something. When that was of no help, you stretched the hand that was on the stairs to try and feel for something, anything. Your digits brushed up against what felt like a shoebox. Your heart jumped, and you fumbled around trying to grab it.
You dragged the box out from the staircase while you bit your bottom lip. You sat down on the dirty floor, and you hesitated in opening up the box. You wondered if it was best to let sleeping dogs lie, to just ignore your intuition and to trust Bucky. But you knew better than that. You really did. Your shaky hand lifted the top of the box, and you set it down on the ground.
You pointed your flashlight inside the box, and you gasped loudly. It was filled to the top with different things that were oh so familiar. Maybe it was because they belonged to you. A pair of pink panties that you thought your washing machine ate was at the top. You took them out of the box just to find a few old notebooks of yours. You believed they were under your bed, but it seemed to be otherwise.
A few lipsticks and a hairbrush were there, too. You didn’t recall them being missing, and you certainly didn’t remember giving them to Bucky because you never did. You dug everything of yours out of the box. Polaroids, more panties, jewelry, polaroids of yourself and your body, as well as much more. At the bottom was a bunch of folded papers in a Ziploc bag.
You pushed the square slider at the top to open the bag, and you pulled out the papers. You opened them up just to be faced with a file detailing almost everything about you. There were pictures of you around your house, at work and doing other things. One was of you showering, and you felt sick to your stomach. You didn’t know whether you should cry, call someone, or be angry.
But what you did know was that you needed to get as far away from Bucky as possible. You quickly shoved everything back into the box, and you put the lid back on. You grabbed it and placed it under your arm before trying to stand up. You unlocked your phone and searched through the screen for the Phone app. You needed to call your mom, maybe ask her if you could stay with her for a bit. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you panicked, not being able to find her contact.
You turned around and managed to click on her name, and you began to make your way up the stairs. You clicked the call button and put the phone on speaker. You listened closely as it rang, and you waited for the ‘ringing’ to turn into a timer. But you didn’t look where you were going, which is why you let out a scream as you bumped into something. No, someone.
You looked up slowly, just to see Bucky staring at you. His face was filled with hurt, and you heard his metal arm whir as he clenched his fist. “Where do you think you’re going, doll?” he asked innocently, smiling at you. “Uhm, I- I was just going to go eat lunch!” you lied to him. Your voice was shaky, and so was your entire body. You felt nauseous, and your legs felt as if they were going to give out.
“Good, I’m glad you’re going to eat lunch. It’s important to have all your meals, y’know. But do you really need to go through my things and steal, too?” Bucky questioned, taking a step towards you. “Please let me go, Bucky. I won’t tell anyone!” you promised, ready to sob and beg to him. He clicked his tongue and shook his head. “No can do, doll. Can’t let my best girl go,” he exasperatedly explained to you, almost as if you didn’t learn about his stalking ways.
His hand came up to your face, and he stroked your cheek. The metal felt weird against your sweating skin. He moved his hand own to your neck, and he suddenly wrapped his fingers around your throat. You dropped your phone and the box, and you wrapped your hands around his wrist. “Shh, it’s okay, you just need to take a quick break from reality. That’s all,” Bucky cooed, and you found yourself struggling to breathe. Your vision began to darken, and you eventually passed out in his arms.
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skyeisawizard · 22 hours ago
Hii, just want to say I love your work and it's amazing 🤍 If you are still taking requests for Pet, could we maybe get a scenario where y/n disrespects Bucky or Steve and she gets punished but not in a sexual way 🤍
I’ll admit, I was a little sceptical about writing this at first, but then I didn’t overthink it and this is what came about 😌
Tumblr media
It was one of those rare days. One of the days that Bucky got to spend at the house while Steve was out for the entire day. He got his baby doll to himself and he couldn’t be happier.
When the day started, he got Y/N up from Steve’s bed and set about making her something to eat. She sat patiently at the breakfast table until Bucky reminded her of her place. “Pets don’t get to sit at the table, Princess,” he whispered, placing her food on the floor.
Y/N poured but slipped out of her chair and onto the floor. She got onto her hands and knees, ass in the air and began eating her breakfast. It was only a small mistake, Bucky thought nothing of it.
But then she made another mistake, one he was sure Y/N knew better than to make. She said no to him.
When he asked the question, Bucky didn't think his request was unreasonable. It was simple, really. All he did was ask her to go and put some socks on. They were what she knew she had to wear everyday. Bucky didn't know how he missed her not putting them on in the first place.
When he asked her to go upstairs and put her on knee high pink socks with the little bows on the front, she said no. Bucky almost lost it then and there. He was used to his newer girls saying no, but never his trained ones. And never his best girl.
But he dug is nails into his palm, keeping himself from overreacting. This was fine, this was okay. All she did was say no, he didn't want to lose his cool with her just yet.
The rest of the day passed seemingly without a hiccup. She got her socks on and came and sat on Bucky’s lap like a good little pet. She pressed kisses to his cheek and neck and buried her face in his shoulder. “Daddy,” she whispered, rocking her hips against his.
Bucky squeezed her hip in an attempt to stop her. “None of that now, doll.”
But she didn’t stop. She continued to rock against him until a wet patch could be felt through her panties. “Doll,” Bucky warned again, his jaw set.
The only thing that made her stop was when Bucky stood up. “I don’t You to stop, Pet!” He spat out the last word. “You’ve been nothing but disobedient all day and I’m sick of it.”
He gave Y/N no time to reply as he dragged her through the house, towards the kitchen. In the kitchen was a cage, the one she used to sleep in before she was moved to Bucky’s room and finally given to Steve. Bucky had brought it over just in case. He never thought he’d ever have to use it.
“In,” he commanded once he’d opened the door.
Y/N instantly turned towards him, her eyes wide and afraid. “No, Daddy, please. Please don’t put me in the cage. I’ll be a good girl, I promise!”
“Pets need to learn,” was all he said, eyes still on the cage. Somewhat reluctantly Y/N got onto her hands and knees and crawled into the cage.
Once she was in there Bucky shut and locked the door. A few tears sprang from her eyes and Bucky nearly reached forward to wipe them away. But he caught himself just in time and walked away, leaving her in there for the remainder of the day.
(She actually stayed in there until Steve got home. He came into the kitchen to find her there and immediately pulled her out. Steve basically babied her for the rest of the night, did whatever she asked of him and held her close)
Tags: @justlovelifeblog @hellodeannaphillips @multifandom-loser @brattypeony @collette04 @domainoflostsouls @stuckys-slut @beminetokeep @remugoodgirl @alwaysadoll @fionanovasleftnut @buttercupfangirl @sunflowerbunny2 @bluemoon-icecream @tinystudentfirepurse @jessicaradreamer @aquahogcodes @stanstanningsebastianstan
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jojjokiwi · a day ago
Chapter 49 is up!
Tumblr media
Chapter 49 of ‘Blood must have blood’ is now up on AO3!
Sneak peek :
You stood before him, shivering like a leaf as you felt his gaze burn a hole at the top of your bowed head. He didn’t move. He didn’t say anything. He just stood there, examining you. You felt his eyes travel the length of your body, from head to toe and back again, his voice startling you once he spoke.
“You’re filthy. You need a shower, Harper.”
Blood rushed to your ears at the quick pounding of your heart, your pulse pumping loudly in the silent room. Your breath hitched as the fear became crippling. No. No, he wouldn’t do that. God, please no.
“I-I...” you swallowed dryly. “Th-the s-sink is fine for m-me, sir, I...”
It had been a few days since your last shower, but you had made due with the sink and the supplies you had been given. You didn’t smell bad by any means, and your clothes were mostly clean. There was no real ground to his reque—demand.
Rumlow scoffed, the puff of air tussling your hair even, making you shut your mouth with a regretful click. You knew better than to open it again. Even from such a small response.
“Can’t have the inmates washing in the sink, now, can we?” he said, voice laced with mockery. “How are you gonna reach all those little nooks and crannies, huh?”
Tumblr media
Ooh, golly... Officer Rumlow...
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twjournals · a day ago
“i’ll kill anyone who touches you” with dark Bucky or Steve?
Tumblr media
Warning: dark!Steve Rogers x fem!reader, dub-con, mild dom/sub, unprotected sex, jealousy
No matter how many times you told Steve there was nothing going on with Bucky, he refused to listen. Ever since he brought his best friend home to the compound, Steve was soon regretting his decision. What once seemed harmless, quickly felt like a competition.
Steve was the only one who seemed to see it this way. It was innocent to you. Any friend of Steve's was a friend of yours. You were one of the few aside from Steve and Sam who actually talked to Bucky.
He was quick to grow tired of finding you and Bucky training together. Showing each other some moves and helping each other adjust the other's posture. You were always in bed, still in his arms when he awoke. He enjoyed kissing you awake, waking you up to his hard-on against your back in which you were always so quick to take care of. Ever since Bucky had come back, there were fewer and fewer moments like this.
For Bucky, sometimes it was just easier to talk to you about things than it was to tell his best friend. Even though you understood, Steve could never. You knew Steve was not always the easiest to talk to about things. He was beyond stubborn, set in his ways. He was honest, sometimes too honest. Bucky enjoyed talking to you, maybe even a little more than he probably should have. It was all too much Steve's liking.
Just as Steve dismissed a meeting, you started making your way around the table toward the door with the rest of the team until the door was pushed shut in front of you. "Except for you."
Your curious eyes wandered up to Steve as his hand rested against the door in front of you. You could tell just by looking at him he was pissed. There was certainly something bothering him.
You headed back to the table, taking a seat quietly. Your eyes watched him curiously as he stalked around you, deep in thought.
"It was a mistake to bring Bucky here." He simply stated.
"I don't agree. He's your best friend." You reminded.
"And yet he's always with my girlfriend."
You rolled your eyes. You should have seen where this was going. He never believed you. It was not you he was worried about though, it was Bucky. He knew how persuasive Bucky was, how much of a lady's man he was once.
"Are you denying that you aren't?" He challenged.
You glared at him for a moment. You were tired of having this talk with him.
"Are you gonna act like you weren't just laughing with Bucky while I was up here talking?"
"It was a joke, Steve." You pressed. Steved stood behind you at this point.
"I was talking." He grabbed the back of your seat, turning you around to meet his cold gaze. You swallowed hard at the sight. "I want it to stop."
"There's nothing-"
"I talk, you listen." He warned you and you quickly got quiet. "Obviously you're forgetting your role now that Bucky is around. You were never this mouthy before. I see I'm gonna have to fix that."
He waited to see if you would protest, but you were silent so he continued on. "You're gonna stop hanging out with him. If I so much as see you talking to him, I'll fuck you where you stand in front of him."
Your eyes widened at his words. Steve had always been more of the reserved type, so to hear such filth leave his mouth had caught you off guard. Your legs pressed together slightly without even noticing, but Steve did. He was at eye level with you.
"I'll kill anyone who touches you." He assured you, his hands guiding against your thighs, pushing the hem of your dress up in the process.
Your lips parted slightly to protest and Steve shot you a warning stare, challenging you to speak.
He wrapped your legs around his waist, moving you to the tabletop and spreading your legs. You tried to close them but Steve was quick to pull them back open. He slaps your thigh for your brave act and you bit down on your bottom lip.
"Something you want to say?" He wrapped his hand around your throat, pushing your head back to look at him. His head hung over yours, holding your gaze and you shook your head, swallowing against his hand. You didn't want to push it.
"That includes Bucky."
You could hear his zipper as his free hand fumbled between your bodies. His lips brushed against yours as his fingers pulled your damp panties aside. He smirked slightly as he dragged the tip of his cock through your soaked folds. He was not surprised.
He didn't care about the possibility of someone walking in. In fact, he hoped someone would.
He pushed his hips into yours, his cock sliding in fully, and stuffing you to the brim with his size. Your breath hitched in your throat, crying out at the pain and pressure-filled stretch. No matter how many times you had sex, you would never be used to Steve's size.
He could not handle the thought of Bucky's hands on you, touching you the way he does.
He gave you little to no time to adjust, instantly pulling back before snapping his hips with yours again harshly. The tip of his cock hitting your spot already.
The thought of you gripping Bucky's cock this good, he couldn't bear it. He wouldn't let Bucky get the chance.
"Especially Bucky."
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imdarkinme · a day ago
Meet Me At The Backdoor
Pairing: Steve Rogers (Darkish Steve) x Reader
Summary: Steve has been desperate for your ass for too long and it's time to give it up to him
Warnings: Steve's a bit darkish here. Reluctance/hesitation. Butt plug. Ass play. Anal sex. Anal gape. Oral sex ( f receiving), rimming ( f receiving), rough sex, painful/uncomfortable anal sex, talks about anal, crying, sweet talk, dirty talk, hints of aftercare, consensual sex/dubious consent, sexual limits, daddy kink, pwp, submissive reader, spanking, pushing of limits. 18+ only. Minors stay away. Don't read if you don't like it.
Words: 3.3k
A/n: I think this as consensual as I can get with my writing. This is pure smut, definitely not my best but I hope you like it!
After a lot of huffing and puffing, Steve had you exactly where he wanted. Naked, legs spread wide, ankles tied to the bedpost and hips tilted with a pillow pushed underneath your belly. The centre of his attention, your ass, was at full display and access to him, much to your dismay. Steve was pleased to see the pink jewelled anal plug buried deep in your hole.
You rested your chin on another pillow while your fingers clung to tightly to the small bottle of lube, which he had given you, in anticipation as you heard him peel off his clothes. The sound of him pumping his cock in his hand reached your ears, making heat stir in your belly and wetness drip from your slit.
The bed dipped with his weight as Steve knelt on it. Two big palms spanned the length of your legs from your ankles to the end of your thighs. His touch sent jitters straight to your core. Goosebumps erupted on your skin as Steve lowered his upper body over you and his hot breath hit the top of your butt.
"How are you feeling, baby? Ready to be stretched open?"
You grumbled in response. Steve was very well aware of your reluctance regarding anything anal. Despite it, you let him have it once or twice a month when he pushed on that topic too much. A relationship is a two-way street after all and Steve gave you too much pleasure and love for you to not give him anything in return.
Your body gave a sudden jolt as he pushed the plug deeper with his thumb. It was larger than you were used to and he had you wearing it since the evening of the day before.
"You must be eager to take this out, right?" He asked as he massaged the globes of your ass.
"I'm eager too, baby girl. Can't wait to fill this tight ass with my cock." Steve slapped your ass, causing you to shriek.
Steve snickered.
"Let's take it out then and see," he said.
With the lube dried up, the pull of the metal burned your insides as Steve tugged the plug out slowly. He dribbled his spit on it to slicken your hole. The process of taking it out was as uncomfortable as it was to put it in. But you were relieved to finally be empty there.
"Oh baby," Steve panted as he pulled your butt cheeks apart.
His knees dragged out from underneath him as he settled himself on his belly like you. His face came to level with your ass.
"Look at the cute little gape."
Your body shuddered as hot breath greeted both of your holes. You writhed in anticipation of him eating out your pussy, giving you all the pleasure before taking it from you.
"I wish you could see how beautiful you look, baby. All smooth and cleaned out for me," he said.
You'd be mad if you didn't after you put a lot of irritating effort so that all the anal stuff would be not messy.
"You look so tasty! I could just..."
And then you felt it, his tongue swiping over the wrong hole. You flinched and jerked forward as much as the ankle restraints allowed you to.
" you up."
"Daddy! What are you doing?"
"Relax kitten, I'm giving this little hole some love before I ruin it with my cock," he replied before circling the rim with the tip of his tongue.
It was an extremely odd sensation for you.
"But daddy! That's nasty!"
He chuckled against your butt.
"Not for me, sweetheart. Daddy wants to show you that he loves every inch of your body. Besides you've been a good girl for me and prepared well for today, haven't you?"
"Y-yes," you answered.
"Then let daddy have what he wants," he asserted.
"It's weird," you whined as he pushed his tongue against your hole again.
Who knew that Captain America was deep down a filthy man hungry for ass? Steve, the man who you had deemed to be pure vanilla once, kept surprising you with his dirty desires. Though you'd prefer him to eat out your pussy, you did like the soft poke of his tongue against the merciless penetration of his massive cock that would tear you apart.
Steve's tongue wormed through the tight entrance until his nose was flush against your tailbone as his lips latched around the rim. He squished cheeks of your butt against his face, groaning as if he had been given the meal of his lifetime.
The bizarreness of the act along with the awakening of your sensitive nerves brought you closer to orgasm you did not know you could achieve in this way. The suction if his lips had you clenching around his tongue. He slapped your ass again.
"Look who is starting to enjoy this nasty part now, huh?"
The shame made you wiggle in your ties.
"Dirty girl," he commented before diving in between your cheeks again.
He slipped a hand underneath your body and struck your clit with his fingers to aid your orgasm. Your hips bucked against the pillow as you bit back your moans.
"Cum for me, baby," Steve urged in his pauses. "I want to see you cum from having your ass eaten."
In a confusing assault of your erogenous zones, you found yourself loosening up and grinding your ass back into his mouth and Steve did not mind it. He was happy to feast on you while you became putty under him.
"Daddy— I'm about to!" You moaned and dug your nails into the mattress as the sparks of pleasure mounted up.
"You're allowed to, kitten. Go ahead," he said.
He rubbed your clit harder with two of his fingers in time with a delicious swirl of his tongue. Your back arch, pushing your butt further into his face as your pussy convulsed and your body quaked from the orgasm.
You gave out under him, letting your head fall flat on the bed in the aftermath of your climax. Steve's grin formed on your butt as he gave your hole a final kiss.
"You did good baby," he said.
You collected your breath as Steve replaced his mouth with his left hand. The touch of his thick long fingers was much more intimidating than his soft tongue.
"And you said you couldn't cum from your ass," he laughed.
"It's not the same," you argued.
"Oh, it's a start," he cheered.
Steve circled the inner rim of your hole with the tip of his fingers before sliding two of them in at once. He had coated you thoroughly with his saliva and it made his movement easier. After the plug and his tongue, the two digits were fairly easy to take. He tested your limit to take him up to his first knuckles. Seeing your comfort, he pushed them to the end. You gaze a short wince at the funny feeling of his fingers prodding and scissoring inside your rectum.
“You think you’re ready to take my cock, baby?” He asked as he fucked and stretched you with his fingers.
“I don’t know—”
“I think you are,” he said.
He retrieved his fingers and stood on his knees again.
“Pass me the lube, kitten.”
Steve had you holding the small blue bottle for the whole time. You reached behind to give it to him, catching a glimpse of his hardened rod-like cock ready to breach your body. He winked at you before you turned around and rested your hands and head on the pillow.
He opened the bottle with a click and squeezed out some of the fluid on his cock and on your sphincter. The coolness made it spasm a little bit.
Placing the bottle aside, Steve rubbed the lube all over his length as he planted his knees on the outside of each of your thigh. He bent over your body as he guided the tip of his cock at your backdoor. You audibly held your breath and visibly stiffened at the anxiety of his girth filling you beyond your capacity.
“You gotta relax, baby. Give me your hand,” he cooed.
Steve took your right hand and intertwined the fingers of his with yours, consequently pinning it to the bed and making you feel safer under his mercy. You did your best to listen to his advice while he prodded your hole with his bulbous head.
“Stay still, okay?”
“Yes, daddy.”
Steve went steady and slow, groaning as your ass swallowed every inch that he gave you. The lube and prior preparation helped his cock slide inside you with ease, only to the middle of his shaft. That is as much as you were able to take him back there and he had to make do with it.
He exhaled heavily as he came to a halt, his breath fanned at the back of your neck
“How does it feel, kitten?”
“O—okay. I feel so full,” you answered.
It was impossible not to feel full no matter where you took him with the kind of size he was packing. While your pussy and mouth had adjusted to it, your ass would need a lot of time and work to get used to him. The penetration continued to feel strange to you. There were hints of pleasure, but you would rather not have him in your ass.
You clenched around him as he started to move back and forth at a slow pace. The drag of his cock simulated some sparks through the nerves at your rim that went straight to your clit.
“Your ass looks so pretty, babe, all stretched out by daddy’s cock,” Steve whispered.
You hummed at the praise as your ass attuned to his size. Steve increased his pace as you bit your lip to contain the whimpers. He grunted with arousal and impatience as he felt your tightness squeeze him.
Your body shook back and forth across the mattress. Steve’s grip tightened around your hip, his chest thundered, and you became tense as you sensed him losing himself in his pleasure. The movement of his cock began to burn slightly.
As you tried to cope with his speed and stamina, Steve leaned further into your body and filled you with another inch of himself. The stretch sent a bolt of pain from your rear to the rest of your body. You shrieked and reflexively pushed your body up on your hands. Tears stung your eyes.
“Steve!” you called as your shoulders met with his chest.
“I know, baby girl,” he cooed.
He gently dropped his weight over your body, pushing you down on the bed again as he curled his left arm around your chest to hug you to himself. His right hand squeezed your fingers in the assurance that he was there.
“Just stay still and relax…it’ll be alright, I promise.”
Steve placed a kiss under your ear. You produced an uncertain whine as you hid your face in the pillow. He held himself still in his position, giving you the chance to adjust and you did not want to disappoint him even if you were discomforted. You had fought through the pain of him penetrating you before and you could do so again.
After a few seconds, your walls started to relax around him and the pain dulled. Your muscles loosened and you sank into his arms and the bed.
“Okay, I’m gonna move now, baby. Stay calm,” he said.
With a kissed placed on your shoulder, Steve returned back to his previous rhythm. The slow and agonizing drag made you mewl. He kept shushing and praising you until only the head of his cock was left in your hole.
“You’re being so good for me, sweetheart. Aren’t you a good girl for daddy?” He asked.
His sweet words never failed to lighten you up. You agreed with him eagerly. Steve knew that even in the worst of situations, nothing could make you as happy as being daddy’s good girl. He had a strange way of training your mind to accept all the dirty things he did to you and even come to enjoy it eventually.
“Yes, you are,” he said as he started to slide back in.
You dug your nails into the bedsheet as he stuffed you full of his cock. You twisted underneath him, trying to contain the urge to pull away or ask him to stop. Despite his gentleness and his patience, the act failed to bring any pleasure to you and you were disappointed that you could not join him in his enthusiasm for it.
Steve subtly upped his tempo. He groaned in delight as you spasmed around him. His breath faltered as his hips came flush with your ass again and again.
“God, you’re so good—so tight—” he moaned into your ear.
A squeak escaped your lips. The thought of bringing him pleasure held lesser and lesser value with each passing second. Your tolerance seemed to reduce as his satisfaction went up. Steve was nearing the speed with which he’d pound your pussy and it was something you were not used to nor ready for.
The burn was unimaginable. Soreness was building up in your ass and body and you could already see yourself having trouble sitting upright the next day. Your legs ached to shut, but they caught themselves in the ties that Steve had bound you to.
“Ste—eeve,” you cried as you blinked away the water that had collected in your eyes.
In return for expecting a gentle word, Steve smacked your ass, making you almost scream and jerk forward. But he held you firmly in your place with his arms.
“I thought I was your daddy, dirty girl,” he panted while never stopping his assault on your backdoor.
He was too deep in his mind to care for how your voice sounded.
“Y—yes, I’m sorry—daddy. But can you—can you please come faster? Please!”
You let your head drop onto the pillow and the cotton soak in your tears as the last sources of strength in your body drained up due to your attempts to speak. Steve chuckled behind you.
“Of course, oh—of course, baby. I can’t hold back for too long— you’re squeezing me so hard.”
Steve buried his face in the crook of your neck, grunting into your skin as he went harder. You squirmed underneath him and bit your cries in between your teeth as you fought your desperation to ask him to stop. He was almost there. You could sense it by the way his thrusts became erratic and his cock twitched inside you.
The lack of words from either of you highlighted the obscene squelches of him fucking your ass along with his loud groans and your low whines which you had buried in the pillow.
Steve went particularly and typically rough as he neared his end. Though the pain increased, you were glad that it would be over soon and thankful that you had the strength to bear it for that long.
“Almost—almost there…oh!” Steve whispered as he came undone.
His body shook on top of yours. Without giving you a chance to protest he pushed himself deep into your ass as he filled you with warm spurts of his cum. The wet, hot and sticky substance made you more uncomfortable but it was too late to bother about it.
Steve was done. It was more sensible to find peace in that. He collapsed over your frame, putting his chin on your shoulder as he gave you a thankful hug.
“That was so good, baby girl. So good!”
The corner of your tips briefly in an attempt to find satisfaction in his happiness and the fact that he probably wouldn’t be able to push you for anal again for at least another month.
He placed a soft peck on your neck before raising himself from your upper body and retracting his softened cock from your aching hole. He picked up a hand towel, kept ready at the foot of the bed, and used it to wipe the mess he had made on you and himself.
“How did—how did it feel for you?”
You sniffled and turned your head to the side to look at him through the corner of your glistening eye. Steve paused as he caught a glance of your face. His brows furrowed at the sight.
“Oh, baby—are those tears?”
He quickly bent over you again, taking your jaw in his hand as he lowered himself to get a better look.
“Did it really hurt that bad?” He asked, his voice dripped with worry.
You couldn’t help but enjoy how concerned he became for your well-being even when he was the cause of your distress.
“A lil’ bit,” you answered.
“Oh sweety, you should have told me at least,” he said as he swiped a tear with his thumb.
“Yeah—but— I didn’t want to…you were almost done,” you reasoned.
“Oh, dear.”
Steve smiled at your response and it made your belly warm. His soft blue eyes ran up and down your face as he shook his head. He kissed your forehead and then the tear-streaked cheek exposed to him.
“You’re too much, darling…too good for me. What would I do without you?”
You giggled at him.
“Well…tell you what sweetheart, I’ll go get cleaned up a bit and after I come back it’ll all be about you, okay? I’ll eat up that little pussy and give you as many orgasms as you want. That sound good?”
That sounded amazing. Especially when you knew how good at that he was. You nodded your head at him and hummed in agreement.
“Alright,” he said before climbing off the bed.
He gave your ass a last look and a light smack.
“Now you stay put, I’ll be right back,” he told you.
“Not like I can go anywhere,” you joked as you tugged at the ropes tied to your ankles.
He smirked. “No, you can’t. Not tonight.”
Wetness collected with your legs at the cocky way he was staring at your vulnerable body. You chewed your lip. You loved it when he had total control over your fate like that.
You watched his broad muscled back in awe as he walked the short distance to the bathroom situated to the right side of the bed. Steve opened the door and stopped at the threshold. He turned on his heel and leaned on the frame as his gaze returned to you.
“Just to be sure… I’m not getting any more anal this month, am I?” He asked.
You rolled your eyes in judgement before picking up the pillow under your head and throwing it at him. It was easy for the Captain to catch it in his hands without letting it hit him.
“Don’t even dream of it!” You yelled.
Steve controlled his laughter. “Alright, okay… I’m only asking!”
He tossed the pillow back into the bed and went inside the bathroom. You heard him mumble something to himself inside but his voice was muffled by the sound of running water.
You shook your head to yourself at his horniness but you could already imagine him begging you again and poking the question in a few weeks or so. It made you exhausted to even think of how much you have to struggle to hold him off. Steve had gotten a taste which meant that he’d want more and possibly turn into a usual sexual activity in the future.
It was best to start thinking about all the arguments you’d give him to stop him from getting what he wanted. And that is what you did as you rested your head on top of your arms and waited for him to return so that he could give you the orgasms you were due.
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5littleassbutts · a day ago
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers runs the Brooklyn Burrow by keeping a close ear on everything that's going on. There's not a deal that happens that he's not privy to and he likes it that way. Whether it's paying off informants or simply loosening lips with a night-cap if something is happening in his territory Steve knows about it. So when you walk into the club and he has no idea who you are, it sets him on edge. It's not long until he knows all about you and he decides to keep you for himself.
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velvetcardiganbucky · a day ago
Hi, I’m not back right now, but it was just brought to my attention by my friend that dark!fic writers on here are getting some hate and I just want to say something. Just because you write something doesn’t, mean you are a bad person, just because you read something doesn’t, mean you are a bad person either. So many of the writers who I follow and who follow are some of the most amazing people in real life! I started reading dark!fics as a way to cope with what I went through, it was a form of therapy, was it an ideal way? No, but it helped me, deal with my trauma on my terms and honestly I owe a lot to the dark!fic writers. They did more for me than my first 3 therapist did, after the trauma I went through as a teen. Most stories here on tumblr are tagged with trigger warnings (tw’s:) letting you know what to be aware of helping you avoid a story so you don’t read it! As consumers of fanfiction its up to us to block our triggers, to read the descriptions the writers should be giving us (there are some who do not give descriptions, those stories I don’t even bother to read.) and decide if it’s even worth it. Don’t be attacking writers on tumblr, Wattpad, AO3, or anywhere you consume your content, telling them to off them self, that in itself is triggering and disgusting behavior.
Hey Writer! Keep writing and being your amazing self because I’m so thankful for you for supplying us readers with content, and writing inspiration!
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barnxsromanxff · 2 days ago
Pillow Kisses | Thor Odinson x reader
30 day fluff writing prompt challenge
Day 1: “You’re my new pillow”
Pairing: Thor Odinson x reader
summary: After a long day of sparring and training you end up in someone else’s room on accident.
warnings: mentions of injuries, bruises, and scars, just pure fluff, mentions of nudity but nothing sexual
A/N: A lot of these challenge writings will be shorter than my normal ones, just a heads up!
Tumblr media
Steve was gonna be the death of you. His words were still ingrained in your head, a groan of annoyance left your lips as you walked out of the sparing room. You could hear Steve say something but you just walked out with the door closing with a loud thud. You trudged to your room, your eyes barely open as you open the door and plop into the bed. The body aches were enough to pull you into sleep right then and there, except a voice made your eye open wide.
“Hello lady y/n”
You propped yourself on your elbows as you look at a shirtless Thor, you immediately looked away and blushed hoping Thor didn’t see your drooling.
“Thor what are you doing in my room?”
You raised your eyebrow and looked at him, his confused look matched yours. He glanced around the room then back at you with a grin.
“You must be mistaken, these are my chambers.”
You sat up and looked around. Suddenly it didn’t look like your room anymore, Asgardian clothes were neatly folded and on the bed near you. Realization struck you look a train and you stood up immediately.
“Oh my, I’m so sorry Thor I thought this was my room.”
Before he could say anything you began to walk towards the door, but a heavy metal brick caught on your foot and you fell forward. Your eyes closed tightly as you prepared for impact, that moment never came. You slowly open your eyes and Thor’s chest is right against your body now, his arms wrapped around you securely to make sure you don’t fall. You looked up and Thor was already looking at you. You felt your chest tighten as you notice how soft his body is, not as rocky as you imagined. Something about his warmth made you melt. You wrapped your arms around his waist and thanked him. He rubbed your back gently and held you in his arms.
“I should go, back to my actual room.”
You struggled to get yourself to let go, his warmth leaving you as you stepped away. You looked and gave him a soft smile and began to walk away, this time stepping over Mjolnir. A hand gripped your wrist and stopped you.
“Please stay.”
Thor’s tone was soft, he sounded almost scared of his own words. You and Thor were close, friends for sure but you wouldn’t classify it as anymore than just friends. Thor was your comfort, you were his. You couldn’t admit it but you had always felt a pull towards him, you wanted to be close to him always. To touch him, just anything to know he was real.
You held onto Thor’s hand and led him to the bed, you both laid down. Something about this felt right, it all came so naturally it made you wonder if Thor had thought about this very moment just like you had.
“Come closer.”
You scooted closer and rested your hand across thor’s chest, your bodies were warm and his chest was just like a heater that you needed. Your head rested on his chest as his arm wrapped around you. Your hands traced scars and marks on thor’s chest as his breathing slowed. Your heart ached at the thought of thor being hurt, he has gone through so much and you wish you could take his pain away.
“ I got that scar from my brother, it was a practical joke he played on me. You see I love snakes, so he morphed into one and I picked it up to admire it. All of a sudden it was him and he yelled “blegh” and stabbed me. Good old fun.”
You laughed loud and shook your head, Thor’s story was something that didn’t surprise you. The room got quieter as you both laid like that, your eyes fluttered shut and sleep was so close. Before you were out completely you mumbled into thor’s hair.
“You’re my new pillow.”
It was his turn to laugh, his body shook the bed and he rubbed your arm. His hand massaged your sore muscles and you sighed contently, sleep finally consuming you.
“Goodnight my love.”
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sincerelythedarkside · 2 days ago
Who We Are || Part III
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dark!Steve Rogers x Dark!Reader
Summary: You know what you want out of life. You want to be loved—to be safe. You want to be taken care of and to take care of someone who will appreciate it. But you've been shackled, trapped in a never-ending nightmare. And your only saving grace will be enticing the dark side of America's golden hero to want you—a game of who's manipulating who.
SERIES WARNINGS: 18+ ONLY. MINORS DNI. Dubcon sex, noncon/rape, somnophilia, manipulative behaviour, possessive behaviour, dark themes. Do NOT read if these are triggering for you.
CHAPTER WARNINGS: attempted rape.
[Set after Civil War & the Accords were abolished]
Note: Thanks for all the comments, reblogs, and likes so far! Who do you think will out manipulate who in the end? Comment reblog responses & taglist reblog will be at @sincerelythedarksidereblogs. comment to be added to taglist!
Count: ~5K
"Oh, I love golf. Unfortunately, I'm not so good myself."
You let out a forced laugh in response as you cut tersely into your steak. 
It's the third weekly dinner that Henry had forced upon you with his associate, Blake. Nothing has quite happened, but your mum had been asking more if you were interested in Blake. Henry openly encourages it. 
Your only saving grace is that your mum would find it strange if you were to get involved with Blake too quickly. Thus, the weekly dinners. 
Blake and Henry are absently talking about some work anecdote, and you take the time to let your mind wander about. You've settled in a routine. 
During the day, you meet up with Steve for breakfast or lunch. He's tried to ask you to dinner, but you politely declined to say that you had to be home for dinner. You told him that you had...strict parents in that sense. 
Steve was happy to eat breakfast or lunch with you, though. It seemed his girlfriend was gone for quite some time, and it was today that she'd be returning.
Talking with Steve was easy. He never pried for too much information, like what you had gone to school for or why you weren't in your chosen profession, or even why you worked at a casino at night. But the conversations were always easy.
You made sure to laugh at his jokes, give him special shy smiles, and focus all your attention on him. 
He told you about Sharon. He didn't offer much, only that they had been seeing each other for almost a year. Steve said simple things about her—that she was smart, funny, and a no-nonsense woman who took life by the head. He shared a few stories about her.
In your opinion, it seemed strange for Steve to date such a woman. Steve was a complicated man. It seemed he did like strong women, but he liked strong women who were weak for him. 
Steve had a caring nature. He liked to hold the door open for you, make sure you walked on the inside of the sidewalk, cover your breakfast or lunches. Steve was someone who liked to be needed, and from the stories he shared about Sharon, it didn't seem like she needed him. 
Honestly, you didn't care. It made it easier for you to trip over nothing and make Steve catch you. It was easier to crowd closer to him when you felt like the area was too congested.
You brush against his arms and give him sweet smiles. You share your coffee with him and chat with him much longer at work. You'd text him late at night for long hours and call him to tell him you made it safely home. 
You could tell Steve liked it, and he liked it because he wasn't getting that anywhere else. 
Your phone buzzed in your pocket. You were sure it was Steve, but he'd have to wait. 
You felt something brush against your thigh, and you tense. Looking up, you see Henry staring down at his plate but smirking. Biting your own tongue, you look back down, trying to ignore his persisting caresses. 
The dinner ends after what feels like an eternity. Henry tells you to walk Blake out, your mum giggling in the process. You resist the urge to roll your eyes. 
You do as you're told as you walk with Blake. You go down the porch and down the stone path to lead him to his car. It's rather late out with dinner having gone on too long. 
You reach his car outside the gates. 
"This was really fun," Blake smiles at you, and you give him a small one back.
Fake. Blake was a fraud. He liked to act as if Henry hadn't told him to play the part of a shy boy wanting to date you. He acts as if he doesn't know that he's on a life-long plan. 
"Yeah," you say because everything you say to him is reported to Henry. You stare at the other man for a moment.
Blake wasn't ugly. In fact, he looked like your typical ivy-league graduate—toned, strong jaw-line, brown hair with easy eyes, and a charming smile. You would've probably dated him back when you thought having a boyfriend was possible. 
"I was hoping maybe we could see each other outside the weekly dinners?" Blake smiled, and you resist the urge to frown.
So, it was beginning.
You nod, nonetheless. 
"Awesome!" Blake smiled victoriously as if he truly didn't know your only answer couldn't have been anything else other than a yes. "Henry tells me you have a night job at the casino. I work during the day, but I was thinking we could grab lunch together Friday?"
You nod again. 
Blake exchanges numbers with you before he leaves, saying he'd text you the details for Friday. 
You watch him get into his car and drive off. 
You pull out your phone and look at the text from Steve.
Steve: How's dinner going?
You text back.
You: It was terrible.
Steve: Terrible like you want to talk about it, or terrible like your steak was overdone?
You: Both.
Steve: I'm all ears (eyes).
You can't help but let a soft giggle out. 
You: As always, you're the sweetest, but I don't think talking will do anything. It's getting pretty late, so I'm going to head to bed. Did Sharon get in okay?
Steve: She did. She's jetlagged, so she's been sleeping mostly. I'll let you get some sleep. Sharon wants to get brunch(?) tomorrow, but I'll see you tomorrow night at work?
You: Sounds like a plan :) I have a brilliant cocktail for you tomorrow 😈
Steve: Starting to have a sneaking suspicion you're actually trying to kill me.
You: I'm innocent until proven guilty, Rogers. You'll have to catch me in the act 😉 Anyway, heading to bed! Goodnight x
Steve: You're trouble. Sweet dreams x
You put your phone to sleep as you turn to walk back inside. 
Fine, if Henry wanted to use Blake to secure your future, you would too. 
You're going to put Blake on the spot and use him to see if Steve Rogers could get jealous. And if he did, how he handled jealousy.
Steve stared at his phone. He let out a slightly frustrated sigh. 
You were such a flirty little thing, but you were so innocent at it. You probably had no idea what your words did to him. It was teasing him, enticing him to trap you. 
Steve was trying to be good. Why couldn't you see that?
He looked over at Sharon, who was sound asleep. She had been exhausted when she arrived but insisted on carrying her bag when he had come to pick her up. 
Steve could tell that she really needed sleep and tried to tuck her in to take care of her, but Sharon had insisted on sex. It had been too long, Steve agreed, but he was surprised by the ferocity Sharon had despite being tired.
But after them both cumming once, Sharon succumbed to sleep quickly. Steve had been tempted to leave her and go to your house to watch again, but Sharon woke up intermittently.
See? Sharon kept him good.
But even so, Steve couldn't keep you off his mind. He missed you. He liked talking to you and seeing you during the day. Though Steve had refrained from talking about anything too deep and vulnerable, he felt warm talking to you.
You were funny in a mischievous kind of way. You made jokes like they were only for Steve. But he also liked the way you let him take care of you.
They were small gestures Steve did, careful to not overdo it, but you accepted it easily and with appreciation. You gave up the fight to split the bill or cover him and instead thanked him in other ways.
You shared your coffee with him, brought him baked goods you thought he'd like. You'd sit in the park with him, bringing bird feed you'd both toss around. 
Steve remembered the one time the two of you got ice cream together. He went for classic chocolate while you went for something fruity. You stared at his cone until Steve offered you some. 
He thought you'd take the cone and give a lick, that would've been enough to set his groins on fire, and he'd have to refrain from immediately licking the same area you did.
But you did something else. Your gentle hands gripped his wrist to still it before you leaned in, sticking your tongue out to swipe slowly at his iced dessert.
Steve couldn't even stop his dick from hardening even if he wanted it to. 
You licked your lips after, looking up at him through your lashes with an innocent smile. 
"Can't go wrong with chocolate," you give him a sweet smile before you let go and focus back on your own ice cream like you didn't just evoke the hardest boner Steve's ever gotten. 
You didn't know what you did to him at all. 
He had to let you walk ahead so he could adjust his pants.
"So, can I try yours?" Steve asked as he caught up to you.
You turned to him, giving him a smirk. "No way, Rogers. As much as I love chocolate, I can't have you falling in love with black cherry and stealing the rest of my cone."
Steve couldn't help but laugh as he spent the rest of the afternoon chasing after you in gentle attempts to get a taste of your ice cream.
It was perfect, but every time he got to spend time with you, it was perfect. 
You're so sweet, and Steve knew he needed to protect that sweetness. Steve could do it. He could protect your sweetness and keep Sharon around to make sure he didn't cross any lines. 
That's why when he stared at your texts, re-reading them, he felt his chest fill with worry.
Why had dinner been terrible? Why wouldn't talking about them make it better? How would you know until you told him? Steve needed you to tell him. How could he make it better if you didn't tell him?
"Mm, Steve?" Sharon mumbled as she woke again. 
Steve turned off his phone, setting it on his nightstand before he turned to his girlfriend.
"You awake?" He smiled as he kissed her forehead.
"I'm so hungry," Sharon moaned. 
"Let me make you something," Steve offered to get up, but Sharon started to get up too.
"No, no, it's fine," Sharon said as she yawned. "I need to get up and stretch, so I'll make myself something quick while I'm at it. Do you want anything?"
Steve mentally sighed. "No, it's fine."
Sharon hummed as she leaned over to press a kiss to Steve's lips. 
Steve watched as Sharon got up and walked through the dark in the kitchen before turning the light on. When she was gone, Steve pulled out his phone again. 
Steve: Text me when you're awake. Let's have coffee together tomorrow morning. Craving cold brew, and I don't know how to order it without you.
The cold brew is good, but not as good when he's drinking from your cup—where he can faintly taste your chapstick.
Steve watching you through the top of his cup as he drinks languidly. While you were always somewhat sluggish early in the morning, this was more solemn than usual.
Steve didn't like it. 
You were walking dazedly through Central Park with him, one hand holding your drink and the other picking at the hem of your sweater. 
He can fix it; Steve knows he can. He can fix whatever is making you sad. You just need to tell him. 
"Are you sure everything is okay?" Steve says to catch your attention.
You stop walking, turning around to him fully. Steve watches you curl your lips upward, smiling as if you don't want him to see whatever you're hiding—like you don't want him to worry. 
It makes Steve's heart clench. 
"Of course," you tell him with a tilt of your head as if to say he's being silly. 
"You can always tell me if something's bothering you," Steve frowns, his brow crinkling as he does. "You're my friend and I want to make sure you're okay."
Friend, Steve chants in his head.
But then you lift your delicate hand, pressing the pad of your index finger against his brow to smooth out the worried crinkle he has. Your touch is cool, and Steve suddenly aware of how poor your blood circulation must be.
You need him. You need him to warm your hands. 
"You're so good to me," Steve hears you mumble quietly as if he wasn't meant to hear it. 
Something is throbbing in Steve. Do you have any idea what you're doing to him? 
Then as quick as the touch came, you pulled your hand away. 
"Just a lot going on," you tell him finally with a shrug. "It'll be okay."
And before Steve can push you to say more, you've turned to walk again.
"C'mon, I only woke up this early to get coffee with you and you gotta leave soon to have brunch with Sharon. Let's walk around for a little longer, okay?"
You could tell you were starting to drive Steve a little crazy. A part of you felt guilty, but you quickly squashed it down. You couldn't afford to feel guilty. 
Steve was really sweet, and he really was good to you—for now. You didn't know what Steve could be like if he snapped, and you weren't eager to find out. 
You think things are going well. There were rules and tricks to manipulation, and after all—everything you're doing has been done to you. 
And there were few things to assume about people who had darkness in them. One of them was to assume they were always watching you. 
You were working at the casino tonight, but tonight you weren't singing. You were waitressing on the floors tonight, which mean that Steve wouldn't come. 
At least, those were the unspoken rules. Steve only showed himself when you were singing. He probably didn't want to seem strange by coming to the casino all the time, especially since he told you he doesn't like gambling. 
But you assumed as long as Sharon didn't have him occupied, he was at the casino, watching you from afar. And you knew when that was, depending on how quickly he would reply to your texts. 
And tonight was one of those nights.
"Could I get you a drink, sir?" You asked as you passed by an old gentleman.
"Oh, whatever beer you've got on tap would be good, dear, thanks." The old gentlemen tipped you $3, and you walked off to the bar.
While waiting for the beer, you checked your phone.
Steve: How's work going?
You: Not bad. I've made $226 in tips.
Steve: No way! That's way more than you usually make when you're on the floors.
You: I think some fresh graduate was really drunk and gave me a $100. I'm not complaining, though. A girl has gotta make a living 😋
Steve: haha, you do have a terrible expensive coffee addiction. It's going alright otherwise?
You: And I've hooked you right into that lifestyle too. I'm a bad influence on you, Rogers. Yeah, it's okay. It's a little boring when you're not here for me to attempt to poison—I mean, make you cocktails 😇
You smile as you look at your phone. Just in case Steve is watching from somewhere. 
Steve: Terrible, terrible influence. I'm doing my best to live an upstanding life, and you've got me sinning on coffee. I would say we need to call it quits now, but we're in too deep. And it's okay to admit you've been trying to poison me. I'm sure without the super serum in my body, I may have already perished—especially after that last cocktail.
You actually huff and let out a scoff before a chuckle. 
You: That's horribly mean! You can't agree with me that I'm a terrible influence and make lousy cocktails. You're on timeout now.
Steve: Noo, I'm sorry. I would take it back, but I don't think I know how to delete a text on this phone. 
You: 🙄👴🏻
You're still smiling as you put your phone away, taking your tray with the beer and back to the older gentleman. 
As you made your way around, you caught another regular. 
But this was a red flag regular. All the girls who work here talk amongst themselves that Jacob is strange and gives them the heebie-jeebies. You've heeded their warnings and talks because Jacob was weird. 
He was always alone and stayed long hours despite only occasionally playing the slot machines and limited himself to two drinks. He was tall and lanky with an awkward posture. He had a gloomy look but always overcompensated his social awkwardness by being arrogant if you talked to him.
You knew his type right away. The one that was an outcast at school—bullied and alone. Jacob had a look that he could snap at any moment behind his big glasses and overgrown hair. 
But that was until Steve. 
Then, Jacob was just perfect for what you needed.
"Hi, Jacob," you greet him at a slot machine with a bright smile. 
"Hi," he stutters initially as he greets you. 
"How's your night going? Did you manage to get that special drops from your game?" You ask.
"Oh, you remembered that?" Jacob said with a blush, rubbing his sweaty hands on his pants.
"Of course," you say with a tilt of your head. "You only told me about it a couple days ago."
"Oh, right," Jacob sputtered before he grew confident. "Of course I did! I'm the best online player in that game. Beating the boss and getting the spoils were so easy. In fact, having a team actually slowed me down, but I thought I'd be nice and help other players get experience."
The words really flew over your head. You ran your fingers through your hair, rolling your eyes on how such a simple gesture could affect someone. It wasn't like Jacob was good at hiding how it affected him either.
"That's really amazing. I'm happy for you," you smile. "Did you want another drink?"
Jacob bit his lip. "I've already had two..."
"I understand," you nod.
"But I can get one more," Jacob said quickly at you. "What's the harm?"
You smile. "You got that right. I'll get your usual?" 
"Yes!" Jacob exclaims, happy that you remembered. He gives you a $10 tip, which you thank him for before you walk off again to take more orders before going back to the bar. 
The idea came to you that night after Blake had asked you out to lunch Friday. The next day at work, you saw Jacob, and things clicked for you easily. 
You started off by greeting him and making small talk the rest of the week. Your bright smiles and easy disposition made it easy for Jacob to warm up to you immediately.
It helped that you were just coming off as friendly and doing your job when Steve saw you talk to Jacob. He was just one of the other men you spoke to after your show. You didn't treat Jacob like you treated Steve, but to Jacob...this was more than he's ever gotten.
You make your way back to everyone to give them their drinks, Jacob trying to lure you into a longer conversation, but you cut him off gently, saying you need to get back to work with an apologetic smile. 
By the end of the night, you're exhausted, but you made a pretty decent amount of cash tonight. You know Steve's birthday will be coming up in a couple of months, and you've been lamenting over what to get him.
It had to be something personal and intimate, but not overly so because you didn't want to arouse questions from the people in Steve's life. 
"I'm done for the night!"
"Okay, make sure you get home safely!" Gwen and Jeff bid you goodbye. You change into your regular clothes, ready to call a cab.
You check your phone.
Steve: Done work? Stop ignoring me now ):
You exit through the backdoor and start to walk when you're suddenly pushed against the wall.
"What the—" You start to scream, but a hand presses over your mouth.
"Shh, it's just me," the voice urges you, and you adjust your eyes to the dark and see that it's Jacob.
"Jacob, what the hell do you think you're—" You start to say when he lifts his hand away from your mouth. 
"You just left so fast! I couldn't get a moment alone with you," Jacob cuts you off with a frown. He's so tall and lanky that he towers over you, but you want to gag because he smells like stale potato chips and beer.
"Jacob, this isn't—"
"I just want to ask you out on a date," Jacob holds you closer. "You feel it to right? This connection we have. That's why you're so nice and sweet to me. You remember what I tell you and my usual drink."
You push against his chest, grimacing. "Jacob, I'm just being friendly. It's part of my job. There isn't anything else about it. I talk to plenty of people there!"
Suddenly, Jacob pulls you forward before slamming you back against the brick wall. 
You hiss in pain.
"No, no, no, don't say that," Jacob grumbled. "I'm special. You treat me special."
"I haven't done anything out of the ordinary!" You shook your head, trying to push against his chest again. "Let me go!"
But Jacob only gets more aggressive as you deny and reject him. He's pressing you into the wall so tightly that the bricks begin to dig into your back.
"Stop!" You yell at him, struggling more fiercely before Jacob puts his hands over your mouth again, shoving his leg between yours while his other hand starts to tear at your clothes on the shoulder.
"You fucking bitch," Jacob hissed. "You were leading me on then!?"
"Stop!" Your cry is muffled under his hand. 
Just as he starts sucking on your neck, Jacob is knocked off of you in the next second. It happened so quickly as you slump against the wall, hands up to your shoulders as you try to tug on your ripped shirt to cover up. 
You look over on the ground to see that it's Steve in his leather jacket and slacks on top of Jacob, beating the daylights out of him. 
"Steve!" You call shakily, but Steve didn't even hear you.
"Steve!" You call again, this time stumbling forward and bravely grab onto Steve's thick bicep and pull. 
Your touch seems to pull the Avenger out of his blood-lust state as he allows you to pull him off and up. 
"Are you okay?" Steve asks immediately, cradling your face so gently as he expects you over. He notices a little blood on your back, your ripped shirt, and a bruise forming on your neck. Steve sucks in a harsh breath, whipping his head back to glare at Jacob, who's moaning painfully on the ground. 
You let tears well up, hot and burning in the back of your eyes.
Steve takes a menacing step towards Jacob, but you hold onto him. You take a moment to wrap your arms tightly around Steve's torso underneath his leather jacket. 
You press your face against Steve's broad chest. "Steve, stop. It's not worth it," you tell him because it's not like you want him to kill Jacob. 
Steve seems conflicted, but since you're holding onto him so tightly, it's not like there's much he can do. Eventually, Steve huffs but wraps his arms carefully around you and holds you closer to him.
"I don't ever want you see you around here again. If I do, I'm making it official Avengers business to go after you," Steve threatens. It was just then the back doors opened again, and it was Jeff who stepped out for his smoke break.
"What the fu—" Jeff starts when he looks at the ground, a cigarette hanging in his mouth. Then he looks up and sees you and Steve standing there. "Oh, shit! Are you okay?" 
Jeff asks as he walks forward to grab onto Jacob, who's still groaning.
"Yeah, I'm fine," you say, but it's muffled in Steve's chest because you refuse to turn your face.
"You should go home and take care of yourself," Jeff says sympathetically as he grips Jacob harshly. "I'll make sure the cops pick up this guy and we'll blacklist him from here. There's security cameras out here, so you should be fine but I'll give them your number if needed."
"Thanks," you say muffled again, still clinging to Steve. 
Steve rubs your shoulders as he gives Jeff a half-smile before he leads you off. 
You can't hang onto his torso when he walks, but you're tucked into his side, vulnerably looking away until you reach his motorcycle. 
When you finally get there, Steve stands in front of you.
"Hey," he says softly, broad hands on your shoulder. But you don't look at him. Steve then cups your face and turns you until your eyes meet his. "You're safe now. I'm so, so sorry that happened to you."
More tears well up in your eyes, and your lips tremble as you look up at Steve through your wet lashes. 
"What do you need? What can I do for you, sweetheart?" Steve's asking desperately. 
Then, you're wrapping your arms around Steve again tightly, and your face pressed intimately against his chest. 
"I'm—I'm sorry. I just," your breath shudders. "I just need you to hold me. I'm sorry," you apologize. "Please just—just let me hug you for a moment."
You feel Steve's arms wrap around you, and you refrain from wincing at the tender rips on your back. 
It was worth it because Steve was watching you, just like you thought. He came for you.
Steve couldn't stop breathing in your scent, holding you tightly to him. 
You've shared hugs with him before, but they were always brief. He could feel your soft curves melting into him, your body taking his heat and warming up to him. 
God, you felt so soft. 
You were clinging to him so tightly, so needily. Trembling in his arms, Steve wanted to go back and finish the job with that creep. 
But he stayed. He stayed because you obviously needed him. See? It was such a good thing that he was looking out for you. Terrible things could happen to you if Steve didn't watch you all the time.  
Clearly, you had no one else to look after you, so Steve needed to do that.
You were so pretty today, like always. He watched you across the room at the casino as you took orders and made small talk with the customers. 
That Jacob guy had given Steve strange feelings before, but he never thought he'd attack you just for speaking to him! What an absolute fool! Of course, he wasn't special to you. The only person you truly treated special was Steve.  
Steve could feel himself hardening the longer you held onto him, your smell invading his senses. You fit him too perfectly. He nearly groaned when he thought about how he'd fit inside you.
"Sweetheart," Steve hoarsely called you. "I promise you you're safe now, and I can hold you longer later if you need, but we need to get you fixed up. I can see blood on the back of your shirt."
Steve watched as you reluctantly pulled back, your eyes rimmed red with tears and swollen bottom lip from biting on it too much. You looked so fucking lovely.
"I'm sorry," you apologize softly again, cheeks flushed as if you just realized how long you've been clinging to Steve.
"Don't be sorry for that. Ever." Steve cups your cheeks and wipes your tears. You don't say anything, just bashfully looking to the side.
"I...I should get home," you tell him as you distanced yourself. 
"Let me take care of you first," Steve insists. "I can take you to the hospital to take a look at your back. Or I can take you home and bandage you up."
"I don't want to go to the hospital," you shook your head. 
"Do you want me to take you home?" Steve asks as he strokes your shoulders.
You shook your head. "It's fine, Steve. stepdad is pretty strict. He doesn't like when I bring people over unannounced."
Steve frowned but nodded. "Okay," Steve acquiesced. "But you still need someone to help you with your back because you can't reach it on your own."
"Steve, I—"
"I'm serious," Steve pushes. "You can come back to my place a for a little."
But then you look uncomfortable, and Steve doesn't like it. Why were you uncomfortable now? It wasn't like you hadn't been there before alone with him.
"Sharon is there, though, isn't she?" You nervously bite on your bottom lip. "I don't—want her to see me like this. I haven't even met her before yet."
Steve licks his lips, charmed by the way you can't seem to stop seeking his comfort. Like right now, you're gripping the end of his shirt between your fingers lightly while looking down. 
"I can take you somewhere else," Steve finally offers. "It's not completely empty but at least we'll have some privacy."
You look up at him curiously.
"I still have my room in the Avengers Compound," Steve smiles before he straightens and grabs his helmet. He places his over your head gently and makes sure it fits perfectly.
He doesn't give you much of a chance to answer if you want to go as he sits on his motorcycle, looking back at you expectantly. 
You climb on behind him, gently wrapping your arms around him again.
"Better hold on tight, sweetheart."
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slothspaghettiwrites · 2 days ago
Hiya bestie! Can I request soft dark 40s Steve x wife reader with some housewife kink thrown in🥺🤭
Bestie yes. For you anything.
Tumblr media
Home Run Theatre
Warnings: little bit of misogyny, housewife kink, dub con, risky sexual behaviour in a public place, jealous!Steve, baseball metaphor
It's felt like your life had become a whirlwind since Steve had returned from Europe, your engagement was announced the moment his ship docked, your wedding barely a month later. You promised to wait for him and you had for four long years, it was like he was trying to make for so much lost time. But even then Peggy and Bucky and the government kept him away from you. Most days spent cleaning up after him and cooking what felt like enough to feed the whole block. His suits needed pressed, his dress uniform carefully cleaned, his socks had to matched just right.
The work didn't even include keep yourself presentable and wifely. Steve's eye was critical, able to catch any speck of dust or pleat out of place. His praise was worth the effort, kind words of love and appreciation would pour out him and make you feel like you were glowing.
Tonight, though, Steve promised to take you out to the pictures. You were going to see a film he'd missed while overseas and you couldn't me more ecstatic to go out with your man. Your put on your prettiest dress and nicest heels. Steve guided you through the crowded cinema with ease, the tallest man in room by several inches and the widest. His fame from the war made people stop and stare, but you didn't mind. Steve only had eyes for you.
A gaggle of girls called your name, drawing your attention away from the conversation Steve and another couple were engaged in. It's the gals from down at the machinery factory, you haven't seen them in ages. You break away from Steve, if only for a moment.
"We've missed you," Betty pulled you into a hug.
"Yeah, only you could throw a pitch fast enough to strike out the ladies down at the docks."
"But now you're too busy being Mrs America."
The teasing made your cheeks heat up. It was true, since Steve had gotten home you weren't really able to see anyone really. He kept you busy busy busy. You laughed with them, a bright smile gracing your features. A hand on your waist makes you jump and all attention is turned from you. Steve's features are set in a firm line, not happy but not truly upset.
"I'm sorry, ladies, but we don't wanna miss the show."
He politely excused you, steered you away from the crowd, but instead of taking you into the theater for the film you were supposed to see, he half dragged you up a flight of stairs. The door he was headed towards had a closed sign but that didn't stop him from tossing you into a dark empty balcony.
"Steve what's going on?" You whispered, theater goers beginning to take their seats.
"Who were those women? What's this about ladies at the dock?" His voice was low, heated breath fanning over your face.
"Steve, their just some friends I used to work with, it's nothing. We'd play some baseball on the weekends, we had nothing better to do."
His eye brows furrowed, eyes narrowed, like he didn't believe you. You opened your mouth to speak again, to try an explain, but he put his finger to your lips.
"Oh no, honey, it's not nothing. You are my best gal, my fucking wife," you flinched at his curse, "I don't wanna see or hear a word of you hanging around those lowlifes."
The finger on your lip was shoved in your mouth, along with a second one. He pressed down on your tongue at your panic whimpers. Your eyes darted to the door, then over the balcony as the movie started to play. His fingers began to move.
"You surround yourself with the people I say you can, and those whores are gonna ruin your reputation, our reputation." He looked you, saw the tears in your eyes and little bit of drool in the corner of your mouth, "You're enjoying this aren't you? Those loose friends of yours do more than play baseball with ya?"
You tried to deny it but Steve had worked himself up into a mood, there was not fighting him when he got jealous or possessive no matter how wrong he was. There was little sooth his anger now. His fingers thrusted harder, faster into your mouth, making you gag. He shoved you up against the railing, a shock of fear making you cry out around his harsh treatment. A dark smirk settled on his lips, his free hand travelling up your skirt. You shook your head at him, wishing him to stop. At home this was one thing, but not here, not with all these people around.
"Why don't we play some baseball right now, honey? Let's see if I can get a home run before intermission."
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steviesdoll · 2 days ago
Will You Marry Me?
Soft! Dark! Steve Rogers x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: You and Steve with best friends since childhood. You liked him very much but just as a friend but what happens when he forces you to marry him? Will your relationship with him ever remain the same?.
Warnings: a little bit of dark Steve, forced marriage,possessive behavior and more to be added in the second chapter.
Pairing :Steve Rogers x reader soft dark Steve Rogers x reader.
A/N: Please don't mind if there is a grammatical mistake just ignore it as my mother tongue is not English 😅.
Tumblr media
It was Sunday evening, you were helping your mother as she was cooking pasta. Then you heard the sound of the doorbell and you rushed to open the door knowing who it was. “Wait Y/N , let me open the door. ”though you wanted to open the door you let your father open it.
You went back to the kitchen where your mother was. You took out the chopper board and started to chop the onion. You were very excited, you couldn't wait to meet your childhood best friend after six months.
You were lost in your thoughts when you heard the familiar voice of your best friend and giggling of your father and younger brother Justin. Your mother went out of the kitchen to greet your best friend.
You followed her out and saw your best friend sitting on the couch beside your brother and laughing at something your father had said.
“Steve ”you greeted him.
Hearing your voice he turned to look at you “Y/N”.He got up from the couch and neared you. You hugged him tight , he hugged you back even tighter .
“How are you Y/N ?”
“I'm fine ”you exclaimed “I missed you. ”
“I missed you too. ”he told with that fianally you parted from each other.
“Dinner will be ready in an hour. ”you told and rushed to the kitchen. This was the first time you felt shy around Steve.
Tumblr media
While having your dinner you were completely lost in your thoughts of your childhood when you spent nights and days cuddled with Steve. You wondered if now you could do the same. Steve got a good job in Paris and you knew that you would see him after months again when he leaves after a week. He would probably meet a beautiful woman there and maybe even forget about your years long friendship. The thought itself made you sad from your core.
You liked Steve very much but just as a friend but the thought of him forgetting about your years long friendship just because of some random woman was sad. It's not because you didn't want Steve to ever get married to someone else, you wanted Steve to be happy but you wanted always be best friends, you didn't want him to forget about your friendship.
“So for how long are you staying here? ”your father asked Steve.
“Just a week. ”Steve told.
“When will you come again ?”you asked curiously.
“With the pressure of my job, I won't be able to come before a year. ”the thought of meeting him after a year made you sad.
Tumblr media
After the dinner Steve bid your parents and was about to leave when you caught his wrists and stopped him from leaving.
“Yeah ”
“Do you have to leave in a week ?” you asked him. You knew that he won't change his plans just because of you but you hoped he would stay a bit longer.
“Yeah I have to doll, work is important. ”he told you “but I won't leave without you. ”
With that he left your house. You wondered what his last sentence meant, he must be joking, right!
Tumblr media
Two days later while you were returning home from work, you saw Steve entering a jewelry shop which is very unusual cause he never buys something for his mom. Truth to be said his mom told him to never buy anything for her.
Maybe he found his best girl. You thought.
You didn't pay much attention to it and just went away. If you were right and Steve already found a girl then you were happy for him. Your Stevie finally found a girl to settle down and if he was happy you were happy.
Tumblr media
When you reached home you knocked the door but nobody answered it. You knocked a second time still nobody answered it. So you knocked four to five times then your brother opened the door.
“Ohhhuhhh... Justin! I was knocking the door from soo long, can't you hear. ”you told annoyed.
“O sorry I was watching TV so I didn't heard.” he pouted.
You entered your house and found your parents not there.
“Justin ”you called for your brother.
“Yeah”he replied.
“Where are mom and dad? ”you asked him curiously.
“They uhh.. went to Steve's house. ”
Why were your parents at Steve's house right now. You thought.
Tumblr media
After a hour your parents returned home you rushed to them and asked that why were they at Steve's house . They didn't replied to your question which was even stranger.
They looked extremely happy so you asked them the reason for their happiness but they told you that you will know in a few days.
“Dad please just tell what's going on? ” you asked him curiously. What is happening?
“You don't have to miss Steve again. ”your dad replied.
“What? ”It was more a question to yourself. You didn't knew what was going on. You were totally confused. “Is he not going back to Paris? ”
“No, it's even better. ”your mother replied excitedly. “You'll know in a few days. ”
Why is everyone acting strange? What is going on? You thought. You'll probably know in a few days.
Tumblr media
After two days when you came back home from work, you found your mom in your room. She was packing your bag.
What is happening?
“Mom! What is happening? ”you asked confused.
“We don't have so much time before the marriage. ”your mom replied.
“Marriage... whose marriage? ”
“Yours, of course. ”
“What mine? When? ”
“Tomorrow ”
“What? With whom? ”
“Steve ”your mom replied.
Now everything hit you the reason for why did Steve told that he wouldn't leave without you. The reason why Steve was at the jewelry shop and why your parents were at Steve's house. The whole time your parents and Steve knew what was going on but they didn't told you. You felt anger inside you which was directed to Steve and your parents.
You quickly took out your phone from your purse and dialed Steve's number waiting for him to pick up.
“What the hell is happening Steve? ”you yelled at him the moment when he picked up his phone.
“Whoa..whoa easy there Y/N.”
“I'm to marry you tomorrow, but why? ”
“Because I love you Y/N can't you see that, I have been in love with you since 8th grade. But you did not see my love. ”Steve replied as if nothing happened. “so I told my parents that I love you and I want to marry you. They were more than happy to hear it so they invited your parents for lunch and told them about the proposal and they didn't had any problem. ”
“Steve you're saying like this is normal. If you ever loved me so you could have told me, asked me out on a date. ”you didn't knew what else to say. “You never thought of what I want my decision doesn't matters”
“Yeah, you're right. Your decision doesn't matters. ”This made you more angry.
“And why so soon? ”you asked angrily.
“Cause I only have a week to stay here and I don't want to wait for another year. ”
“I won't marry you. ”you told.
“You will”he replied before ending the call. There were already tears gathered in your eyes.
Why was Steve doing this? He was your best friend.
Steve's words broke your heart. You decided to tell your parents that you didn't want to marry Steve. When you told them instead of understanding you they scolded you. They told you that the wedding is tomorrow and that there is no going back now. The wedding rings were bought, the wedding dress was decided, your bag was packed and your tickets for Paris was already booked.
You never ever thought in your life that your parents won't care for your decision just because of Steve.
Tumblr media
The next day came too soon. It was 6:00am when your mother woke you up. You completely forgot that today is your wedding. You didn't got up from your bed instead you layed down and covered your face with the pillow.
Your mother took the pillow off you and dragged you out of the bed. She pushed you towards the bathroom and told you to get fresh.
The wedding was small. Only Steve's and your relatives and friends were present .Everyone was happy except you. They thought that your years long friendship with Steve just turned into love. When you told your parents that you don't want to marry him, they thought that you were doing drama cause either you don't want to get married soo soon or you wanted a grand wedding. They told you that it was for your own good.
The reception went as quick as the wedding. You danced with Steve, your father, your brother and some of Steve's friends.
It was 1:00am when you started to feel sleepy. You just wanted to go home and fall asleep but you knew that you can't do that cause the flight was at 4:00am . That's when Steve dragged you towards the car and pushed you in the backseat. You saw your bags being loaded . Then you saw Steve entering the car. He sat beside you and asked the driver to start the car.
“Can't wait to have you for myself alone. ”Steve told excitedly.
“I hate you ”you told with all the rage inside you.
“Ohh don't be like that sweetheart, I know you love me. ”he told pouting “I love you and I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together. ”
You still can't believe why was Steve doing this. He was supposed to be your best friend. You just wanted it to be a nightmare. You never ever thought that your childhood best friend to spoil your life.
Tumblr media
A/N: The end of the part 1 . Don't go on the topic the story is completely different from it. I don't know to give a perfect topic🤦‍♀.
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hawksbabymama · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Imagine Mob!Steve and his girl go on a well needed holiday and he just spoils the hell out of you. Wakes you up with soft but rough morning sex and he makes if hard for you to walk straight the rest of the day. You two get a fancy breakfast and a day of some shopping finishing the rest of the lovely day out on a yacht. 💕
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jojjokiwi · 2 days ago
When this is the summary for ‘Blood must have blood’:
Reader/Jess Harper has already survived abuse and sexual assault by stepbrother Nate Millers, but the reward was a prison sentence for murder at Litchfield penitentiary…
What happens when you/Jess comes face to face with Nate’s old colleagues and friends, Correctional Officers Steve Rogers and James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, who both seem set on making you pay for your mistakes. Will you be able to survive it all over again?
And this is what @pan-dulce-por-favor does for a trailer...? Is it bad that I’m laughing my ass off over here? #sorryJess
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thran-duils · 3 days ago
Nowhere to Run (P.2)
Title: Nowhere to Run (Part Two) Summary: Fem!Reader x Dark!Stony. Reader was caught unknowingly stealing from the capitol harvest and is drug to the capitol for punishment. She is offered an option to go to trial or accept work in the main government building. Upon her tour, she ends up in trouble and catches eyes of two of the Master Council that decide she needs to be broken in by their hands. Words: 6,130 Warnings (for this chapter): Non-con, servitude, forced orgasms, verbal and emotional abuse, double penetration, unprotected sex Author’s Notes: Definitely biting Mother Gothel vibes when Tony says, “No? Oh...” Also, sorry that this got so long but also not sorry.
Part One || Masterpost (mobile) || Fanfic masterpost
The courtyard between the villas was swathed in flowers and shrubbery. Despite how scared you were to be here, you came to a stop in the pathway, looking around in awe. This kind of garden was one you dreamed of to have and lay in, soaking up the sun. Your hands came up to your sheer hood of your robe to push it back — before leaving the Capitol you had been given a robe, a symbol of your assignment. It was white and embroidered with flowers and upon seeing the garden, you spotted the flower it was based off of. You had not seen it in any other part of the Capitol yet and surmised it was specifically here and therefore, the reason for the embroidery choice. It was deep blue, weaving in vines around the pillar. You reached out, rubbing one of the petals between your fingers gently.
Tsu snapped his fingers in your face, getting your attention once more.
“We don’t have a lot of time. The Masters are in a council meeting, and they’ll be expecting you to be settled in and starting your tasks by the time they return. Now I was told you will be assigned primarily to Master Rogers and Master Stark.” He leaned in close and hissed, “And please heed my warning: obey. They are not known to be forgiving.”
He looked serious and you nodded, “Noted.”
“I hope so. They won’t be lenient about back talk. Do not repeat what you did at the capitol building.”
Tsu turned on his heel and continued on, taking a path towards one of the villas. “This is Mr. Roger’s.”
It infuriated you that they all had such large houses just to themselves. Many around the country shared the houses with multiple families and they were nowhere near the size of these.
And being inside, you were even more upset seeing how lacking homeliness there was to the place. It was all marble flooring, minimalist, and cold, really. He gave you direction about the rooms, nodding in acknowledgment when you passed a couple of other servants. They nodded quickly back before moving on to continue their tasks. Your eyes lingered on the large, canopied bed in the master bedroom. Why someone needed that big of a bed just for themselves was beyond you. But the Capitol was greedy, and it was so because of the council members living above their actual needs.
Your mouth watered as you were led to the kitchen; dinner was being prepared and it smelled delicious. The cook himself was skinny and you wondered if he was ever rewarded with the fruits of his labor. You were to attend to the morning tasks specifically and the cook showed you where the coffee was — a delicacy that apparently Master Rogers enjoyed every morning — and where he would leave the prepped food for you to cook for breakfast. On top of preparing his outfit for the day to lay out and getting his toiletries ready for after his shower.
“Am I to do the same at Master Stark’s as well?” you asked Tsu, who nodded. “How can I be expected to be in two places at once? Who is first?”
“They will work that out amongst themselves and inform you. Come now, over to Master Stark’s. Apparently one of his maids has fallen… under the weather.” You furrowed your brow at the hesitance and Tsu leaned in, “We shan’t expect to see her for probably nine months.”
You felt bile swirling.
“It happens from time to time with the Master’s maids. Why, Master Wilson had one just last month.”
“Charming. I’m so glad that’s a common occurrence that no one bats an eye,” you muttered.
Tsu wagged his finger at you, “That’s that attitude I was talking about. I’m not going to be here to remind you to keep it reined in. You’re gonna have to do it yourself.”
Master Stark’s house was across the courtyard. His house was just as unwelcoming and darker in interior design. There were many sky lights, a huge one over his sunken living room. You stepped down, looking at the plush couch and the large flat screen mounted on the wall. Again, so much space for just one person. His bedroom was facing the forest with a bed as large as Master Roger’s and you walked along the windows, staring out as Tsu led you to show you the master bath. You stared at the shower, taking in the floating shower head above and the wooden bench along the wall. That must be relaxing.
“Servants quarters are downstairs. There’s some in every villa. I’m not sure which one you’ll be in but again, they’ll let you know.”
He was leading you back through the hall, pointing out an office and a library. You stuck your head inside the library curiously, your mouth falling open at the walls of books. Back home, you had the pleasure of a collection, but it was not even a quarter of this.
“Come on, Y/N. We don’t have a lot of—” he stopped hearing noise downstairs, the front door slamming it sounded like.
“Matilda!” A man bellowed.
“Shit. He’s back already,” Tsu hissed before grabbing your arm and pulling you out of the library.
Coming along the exposed hallway, you looked past the glass railing over the living room. A woman was in front of who you assumed was Master Stark. He was sneering at her already, “You forget yourself, Matilda. I told you to have my bath ran by the time I returned. Perhaps missing dinner will be in order for you.”
“I’m sorry, master,” she said looking nervous, her head bowed.
Master Stark was dark haired and handsome. He was dressed smartly in a fitted suit, you still able to make out the tautness of his body. The movement at the stairs caught his attention. He took his sunglasses off seeing the pair of you coming down the stairs.
“Master Stark,” Tsu greeted as you approached. He gave a curt bow, and you followed his lead.
Chestnut eyes followed your movement, and you did your best to avert your own gaze. You instead looked at the other woman, seeing the red in her cheeks at being berated.
“I was just showing Y/N around yours and Master Roger’s homes to get her acquainted.”
“Right. The new wench,” Master Stark remarked. You bristled at the term ‘wench’ and shot him an annoyed look. His lips twitched seeing your expression before you averted your gaze again, knowing you had let your temper get the better of you. “Leave us. I can take it from here.”
Tsu nodded and gave another bow. “Good day, Master Stark.”
He left without looking back and you suddenly felt vulnerable without him.
“Girl, come to me,” Master Stark said, snapping his fingers at you like you were a pet. To Matilda he ordered, “What are you still doing standing there, you idiot? Get upstairs and start my bath! Do you wish to miss breakfast as well?”
“No, sir,” she said shaking her head and turning to go up the stairs you had just come down hastily.
You closed the space between the two of you, standing a foot from him, your arms clasped in front of you.
“You were told you are to prepare my clothes and breakfast later in the morning than Steve’s?”
Steve must be Master Rogers.
“Yes, sort of,” you responded in a timid voice.
“Speak up. Muttering annoys the absolute fuck out of me.”
“Yes,” you rose your voice. “But I was unsure which house to be at first. Thank you for answering that for me. What time do you want me here, Master Stark?”
He sighed, “Steve is always up at the asscrack of dawn. Usually about five.” You held back at a grimace knowing you would need to be awake well before then yourself then. “I don’t usually get up until eight. That gives you a couple hours at least at his place beforehand. And you know, before this goes any further, let me see you. Strip.”
“Excuse me?” you asked mortified.
“Did I stutter?” Tony asked dryly. “Untie your dress.”
Tony’s eyebrows rose, “‘No’?” He looked sinister, “Oh…”
“No, I mean you didn’t stutter,” you said quickly, trying to correct your misstep.
Amusement was still evident; he did not believe your lie. “Well, get to it then. As I’m sure you heard, I have a bath running and I would like it to be hot.”
Heat creeped up your neck as you reached up and untied the fabric at the back of your neck. He circled slowly, his fingers brushing at your side. You flinched away instinctively, and his hand latched tightly.
“Did I give you permission to move?”
“No,” you whispered.
“What did I tell you about speaking up? Are you daft?”
“No,” you said louder.
“Good girl,” he said, his hand loosening.
It was one thing to have him examining you like cattle at auction but touching you on top of that was humiliating on a whole new level.
His lecherous examination continued, his fingers following his circle he walked on your skin. He traced down from the nape of your neck to the curve of your ass. His fingers fluttered down and gave a squeeze. You sucked in your cheeks, tensing, but you did not say anything like you had at the Capitol. He held, as if he was waiting. When you stayed still, he made a hum of approval before he moved on.
Fingers ghosted along your shoulder. He was so close; you could feel his breath on you. He was frightening, his presence ominous. You fought to keep your eyes forward and not meet him. You had a feeling that would result in punishment.
He stepped away from you, his hand thankfully gone.
“You’ll do,” he said dismissively.
‘You’ll do’? That was more hurtful than outright telling you that you were not up to his standards. Or was he playing mind games?
“Dress yourself. Before you head over to Steve’s, go and straighten up my library. I had young Master Parker over earlier and he has a terrible fucking habit of not putting things back. I like authors by their last name. Don’t fuck it up, do you understand me?”
“Yes, sir.”
You awoke at 4:30am and dragged yourself from your small cot. You took on the friendly advice given to you by the other servants to use the small glow stick like device to light your way without turning on the actual lights. There was no need to rouse Master Rogers from sleep before he awoke himself; that would piss him off.
Picking up your list that had been left by one of the head servants, you saw you were to pick out his outfit, sort his toiletries, mop the kitchen floor – where were those supplies? – prepare his coffee and breakfast, and lay out his newspaper for him. And wait for further instruction if there were to be any. The only order for his outfit was ‘casual’.
Master Rogers – Steve – was sleeping soundly still. You stared at his form for a few seconds, his muscular arms and chest that were exposed from his silk sheets. He was a large man, handsome too just like Master Stark, with a strong jaw. His blonde hair was splayed across his forehead from his tussling in the night. You were given little to no instruction for his clothing, and you went into his closet blind, holding up the small light you were holding. His room was shrouded in darkness from the curtains being pulled and you were grateful you had brought the light.
In his closet, you fetched a relaxed top and a soft cardigan with slacks. That was as casual as it was getting in his selection of clothes. You kept the hangers and brought them soundlessly out to his bathroom door, hanging them up. You went inside and began gathering the toiletries listed and separated them between the counter near the sink and his shower.
Down in the kitchen, you made first to find the mop and thankfully, it was in the pantry. It was fairly easy to mop the floor, that you were used to. But after that, you stared at the oven before clicking a button you thought was the correct one. It came to life. This was far more technological than you had dealt with, but you had to figure it out. You wished you had had more time with Tsu or the cook yesterday. It took you a moment to figure out where the skillets were, but you were able to get his bacon started and his eggs. His coffee was more difficult than you thought originally. He wanted a latte. You followed the instructions to make an espresso and then whisked the milk, pouring the espresso over it.
As if on cue, you placed the latte next to his plate on the counter as instructed next to his newspaper, and he walked in.
His eyes ran over you, and you gave him a curt bow as Tsu had done for Master Stark. “Good morning, Master Rogers.”
“We haven’t met,” he responded, coming over to his plate and grabbing his newspaper.
“Y/N, sir.”
“Hmm, right. I remember you.”
He remembered you from what?
“I’m to help you in the morning. I hope my outfit choice was appropriate.”
Steve looked down and shrugged half assedly. “It’s comfortable enough.”
Holding back your attitude, you asked, “Is there something I can do different in the future that will please you more?” His eyes flashed lasciviously, and you quickly added, “In regard to your outfit, I mean, sir. Just so I know what to choose.”
“I’m not sure I can teach a mountain girl anything about fashion on a whim. So, just watch the rest of the masters and the council members outfits. I don’t have the energy to try to explain it to you. I’m sure this long, halter gown is the fanciest thing you’ve worn and it’s merely a villa servant’s dress.”
How you wanted to knock him a good one for being so crass. It must have been evident in your expression because his eyes crinkled as he picked up a bite of his eggs, taking a bite.
“Did I strike a nerve?”
“No,” you blatantly lied. “How are your eggs, sir?”
“Fine, surprisingly. You made them quite fluffy.”
Steve’s hand moved in what seemed like a very deliberate movement, knocking his cup, and it fell to the floor. Ceramic shattered and his latte flooded around it.
You bit your cheeks to keep from screaming, staring at it. You had just cleaned the floor.
“Oops,” he said flatly, not sounding sorry at all. “Why did you place it so close to the edge?”
He was saying it like it was your fault. This pompous asshole. But you inhaled deeply.
“I’ll make you another one,” you told him calmly although you were screaming internally. He was not going to get a rise out of you that quickly and that easily. Tsu had warned you to obey and you were not going to risk being beaten or worse – time added to your sentence – over spilled coffee.
“Another one…?” He asked expectantly.
“Master Rogers,” you said stiffly.
You bent over and began picking up the shattered pieces first. Scooping them up you brought them over to the trash can and tossed them in.
Turning back around, you caught sight of him staring, his eyes focused on your hips before he met your gaze. He looked aroused and you knew he had been staring at your ass as you were bent over. Nonchalantly, he cleared his throat and looked back down at his newspaper.
You felt relief surprisingly when he said, “I’m sure Tony will be coming back from the land of the dead soon enough. You should hurry over there.”
You cracked Tony’s door open and quietly slipped in. You saw two figures in the bed as you crept by towards his closet. You used the natural light coming in from the windows to guide yourself through the closet. He had said dark grey for his color scheme, so you did your best, matching the jacket, vest, and slacks but a white dress shirt. The socks and tie you chose were burgundy, a contrast. He had not asked for that, but you would see how that worked.
Quietly, you came back out of the closet and stilled when you saw someone slipping out of the bed. You recognized her in the light… Matilda. She stopped only for a moment, locking eyes with you before snatching her dress off the ground and bringing it up and tying it around her neck. She sneaked out of the room, more than likely going to start her chores. So, he forced someone he verbally abused to his bed.
Gently you walked over to the bathroom and hung up the clothes on the outside of the door. You moved inside and got together the materials the same you had for Steve and put the appropriate ones in the shower and by the sink.
When you emerged, Tony was stirring, and you moved quicker to get out of the room before he was fully awake.
But to no luck.
“Morning, little vixen.”
You stopped in your movement and turned back to face him, clasping your hands. “Good morning, Master Stark. I’m sorry if I woke you.”
His lips up ticked into a closed smile, “I’m sure it is time for me to be awake if I find my bed cold. Night is over and consequently the fun.” He threw the covers back and got back out of bed unabashedly of his naked form. Your eyes widened at his brazen behavior, all of him on display. You turned your head, avoiding looking at him and he chuckled. “You’ll get used to seeing this.”
Tony moved towards the door and eyed the suit choice. He shot you a look and said, “Look at that slight boldness of color. It’s subtle against the neutral but it’s nice. Good choice.”
He winked at you before going into the bathroom. You took that as permission to leave to start his breakfast.
The whole first day you had put up with both of their antics. They were trying your patience and it was getting to you. You had never crossed two more pretentious men and they were so insulting to their staff. Steve had called you “pigheaded” for placing his newspaper on the right instead of the left of his plate this morning and you wanted to just tear it up in front of him.
You were currently in Tony’s office waiting instruction. There had been a task after breakfast to clean his office and before you started, you wanted more direction, so you did not make a mistake.
He walked in finding you still standing still, and he asked, “You know, to clean, you need to actually be moving?”
“My instructions said to dust but I was not sure what I should touch and not touch, Master Stark. I was waiting for you to give me direction so—”
He cut you off, “When it says dust, just dust. But, you know, I’m actually glad you waited so you’ll be in here longer.” He stalked over to his desk and opened one of his drawers, pulling out a box. He unwrapped it and you watched him pull out a pair of lace, barely there panties. Your heart clenched – he surely did not mean to give those to you? He placed a small device into the crotch of them and held them out to you.
“What’s that?” you asked slowly, not moving.
“I like some entertainment while I work,” Tony commented. “Put them on. They’ll be a snug fit, right up against what I’m sure is a beautiful pussy.” You stared back at him, and Tony returned a challenging look. “Are we going to have a problem?”
At loss for words, you stammered, “I… for what?”
“A problem ‘for what’? Yeah, that’s exactly what my question is. There should not be a problem when I tell you to do something directly. Come over here and fetch them and put them on,” Tony ordered you impatiently. “Before I lose my temper.”
As if you were moving against your own will, your legs moved forward, and you came to the desk. You reached up underneath your gown, his eyes raking over your exposed bare legs. Yanking down your underwear, you tossed them to the side by the desk and took the underwear from him. Hunger was swimming in his eyes, and you swallowed sharply. He was right; they were snug, the protruding part right up against your bud.
He clicked a button on the small remote and the underwear turned on. You grimaced your teeth as you felt the vibration, if only for a few moments.
Tony looked elated at the expression on your face. “Sweetheart, if you can dust everything here without coming, I’ll be so proud.” He leaned forward and winked, “But I’m going to make you work for it. Our work meetings are so boring, and I enjoy watching you women fighting against an orgasm.”
You hated this. You were to clean his office and he was going to be brushing your cunt with his toy.
He picked up the glass by his desk and opened the mini fridge, pulling out the ice cubes. He clunked some into his glass and poured some water over the top of it. Settling back into his chair he eyed you, waiting.
Swallowing your pride, you turned from him and began at the far end at the stacked bookcases. You shuddered as the panties worked at your clit, longer this time. He did not hit the button at regular intervals, so it caught you off guard every time. You would be holding a porcelain figurine and clench it, hoping to God you would not drop it. You were bound to break something the closer you got to coming undone. He was continuing on with his virtual meeting as if nothing untoward was happening to you. You bent to grab a book that had fallen off the shelf and he hit it again. You snapped back up and exhaled sharply, clenched as it vibrated relentlessly against you. You gave the book a quick brush over before placing it back on the shelf. You took a step and he hit it again.
Having had enough, you turned around and hissed, “You’re distracting me. How am I to work, Master Stark?”
He muted his microphone on his computer and blocked his camera before turning in his chair towards you. You saw the bulge in his pants and that only served to make you more upset with the situation. How much he was getting off on this was unbearable.
“That’s kind of the point of this. But, really, you’re distracting me, little vixen. With your hips and those soft sighs leaving your mouth every time I press the toy. It’s very beguiling,” Tony argued, relaxing back in his chair. You heard the ice clinking in his drink as he brought it to his lips. “And I’ll distract you however much I want to. Don’t you forget that. Get back to work. Now.”
He clicked his microphone and camera back on, resuming his meeting. His fingers were tapping the remote that was lying on the desk, teasingly. Pissed, you turned back.
It buzzed again only moments later, and you clenched, squeezing your thighs together as you brushed the bookcase.
“Ah ah. Naughty girl. Let me in,” Tony intoned, and you loosened. He took the opportunity and hit you again with stimulation.
You let out a frustrated noise and threw the duster onto the ground.
“Fuck this!” you exclaimed.
Tony hit the hide and mute on his computer quickly at your outburst, caught off guard. You got a small satisfaction out of that in the heat of the moment that you had thrown him off his game.
He turned towards you again, looking furious. That did nothing to throw water on your temper. You hastily tore the underwear off and threw them in his general direction. Tony’s eyes followed the descent of them to land at his black oxfords. “Send me back! I’ll take on an extra month — six even if I can just be back in the capitol building! This is torture!”
Tony drug his gaze from the panties back to you. His elbow was still resting on the arm of the chair.
Chest heaving, you watched him and slowly felt the dread creeping in. His eyes were hard, and you remembered who exactly you were dealing with. He had all the power in this relationship, and you had just lost your temper with him, outright disobeying something you had been ordered to do. And you may have embarrassed him in front of other Capitol council members in your outburst.
Tony stood from the chair and stalked over to you, peering down his nose at you. His voice was dangerously low when he said, “Go up to my bedroom and wait there for Steve and I. On the bed. Naked.”
Naked? You gulped.
Even you knew better than to argue with him with that scathing glare. You slunk away and you felt his glare burning into the back of your head as you closed the office door behind you.
Curled in on yourself, you waited. It seemed to drag on forever, the waiting. You just wanted them to come up and belt you and get it over with.
When the door opened, you dared to raise your gaze, finding the both of them coming in. Their jackets, vests, and ties were gone. The top buttons of their dress shirts were undone, apparently have relaxed before this. Tony must have called Steve to his office and relayed to him what had transpired between the two of you.
You were doing your best to try to keep your breasts hidden, your legs crossed to hide yourself as well.
Tony came to a stop in front of you and he held out two fingers, pulling your chin up to force you to look at him directly. His stare was cold.
“You really pissed me off earlier,” he informed you point blank.
“I’m sorry, sir.”
“I’m sure you are now. At the time, I know you meant every little ounce of venom you spat at me. And that I won’t abide. And neither will Steve. What goes on in one villa, goes on in the other. You will be well behaved in both.” When you did not say anything, his hand came to clench your jaw and you winced as he forced your mouth open as he mocked in a higher pitched voice, “’Yes, master. I understand’.”
“Yes, master, I understand,” you repeated, wincing against his tight grip.
“And we’ll make sure that sticks. We are in charge here,” Tony told you, letting go of your face and going to work on the rest of his buttons.
You had hardly noticed Steve had undressed himself to his briefs. You had been so focused on Tony’s imperious presence before you.
Steve was holding the panties you had thrown at Tony earlier. You felt sick as he told you, “Let me put these on you and don’t make it difficult.”
No. They were not going to beat you like you feared. They were going to do worse. Matilda came to mind being in Tony’s bed when you knew that was the last place she would have wanted to be and your eyes shot to the door before landing back on Steve who was coming close now.
Freeing himself from his boxers, Steve’s hand ran up and down his length. You cowered back, crawling back on the bed, tucking your feet to come onto your knees. You did not want to be in here. He smirked seeing your fight or flight kick in.
“Sweetpea, you know that’s not an option. Come back.” You tensed, shooting another quick look at the door. Steve’s expression melted from amusement to annoyance. “Now.”
You unfolded slowly, coming back to the end of the bed, your heart hammering. You had had sex before, but it had only been with the boy next door, the one you had thought once that you would marry before you had been brought here. Not like this. Sitting on the edge of the bed, you sat still as you could to let him slide them up and you allowed him to pull them all the way up. You spotted Tony still had the remote, a wicked grin on his face.
Steve was jutting out towards you, and you stared down at his length.
“Your hand,” Steve told you. “Wet it with your mouth.” You shakily did as he asked and he ordered, “More spit.” You did that as well. “Touch me.”
You felt humiliated but you did what he asked. He was thick and your hand slid up and down his length, wetting him with your spit. He moaned softly, his hips moving ever so slightly as you continued to stroke him off. The underwear vibrated and unlike before, they were not turning off. Tony was not giving you any reprieve. You tried to adjust so the movement was not directly on your bud but no matter what you tried, it was right there, and some angles made it worse, causing you to shiver at the direct contact. You caught Tony’s eyes and he was watching with heightened arousal, his erection evident in his slacks.
Steve was leaking precum in no time and you were short of breath with the stimulation on your cunt. You had shot a look at Tony finding him naked now, working himself up at the scene before him. You were getting the panties so wet and you wondered if that was going to affect the toy.
It reached a moment when Steve had had enough of just your hand. He stopped your movement and tossed your hand aside. You leaned back as he towered, his hands snatching at the sides of the panties and yanking them down your legs roughly, tossing them aside. You barely had time to react before he was picking you up in a fluid motion. You yelped at the airborne movement as he dragged you onto the bed with him. Steve laid down and pulled you in top of him, your hands planted by his head. His cock slid in with ease to your wet pussy, his lips sucking at your breasts.
The bed dipped with Tony’s added weight, and you heard him adjusting in between Steve’s legs, his hard cock brushing up against your tight ring. You realized fully what he was aiming for when his thumb met your ass and it was cold, covered in lube. You felt him squeeze some into you.
Having their way with you in your pussy was one thing but this was something else entirely, especially since Steve was already inside you. You had never had anal sex, let alone two men in you at once. This was their punishment.
Desperately, you begged, “Please don’t!”
Steve’s laugh was cruel. “‘Please don’t?’ Me? I’m not doing anything, darling. I’m just sitting here. Fully...seated... inside your tight cunt just enjoying it.”
You tried to look over your shoulder at Tony, “Master—"
But Steve grabbed your face and forced you to look back at him. “Relax…. Relax….” he breathed encouragingly. “You don’t want it to really hurt do you?”
There was no time for you to answer him as Tony started pressing in. It burned and you cried out. Steve was whispering in your ear to encourage you to relax, telling you to be a good girl. You choked on a cry, tears stinging as Tony continued to sink into your ass. You were so full.
“Aw, she’s crying, Tony.”
Tony sloppily kissed your temple, his hand tight on your throat. “Don’t cry, sweetheart. You’re doing so well! Taking it like the little whore we knew you are. Take your punishment… you’ll be loving it in no time.”
He pulled out slowly before pushing back in, keeping a slow steady pace. You breathed, trying to focus on the way it was subsiding to pleasure. You sniffled, hanging your head as he continued using you, Steve still waiting inside. You were sure their cocks were brushing each other in that thin membrane.
“Well-behaved now too. Just gotta fill her with cock to train her. Make her needy,” Steve rasped. “Tell us how much you like it, you little slut.”
It was an order. And you were just a rag doll between them right now; what other choice did you have but to comply?
You could not lie to yourself either, you were being stimulated to a whole new level.
“I love it,” you breathed shakily, a sharp whine escaping as you felt them both rocking in and out. They had a rhythm going, like they had done this before.
Steve continued with his dirty talk, “You want it? You wanna be fucked?”
“Yes, I want it. I wanna be fucked.”
Tony groaned at your declaration, slapping across your ass as you rocked between them. The reverberation sent a tremor through you, further stimulating you.
Steve bit roughly at your nipple and you yelped. His breath was hot as he growled, “You wanna be used like a perfect doll. Right? You wanna behave? Because if you don’t we won’t finish.”
Every nerve was on fire, and you were losing yourself to the feeling. No, they had to finish.
You nodded fervently, “I wanna behave. I wanna behave.”
“You know how lucky you are to be filled? What women would beg to be in your spot? You should be thanking us!”
“Thank you for filling me up,” you cried as Steve buried himself roughly. The shame of your pleading and groveling was overshadowed by every brush of their cocks inside you, pushing you towards the edge to come tumbling down.
They were working you like the doll Steve promised you were going to be. Your breath was short, and you were beginning to shake on your arms.
You heard Tony groan, “There you go, there you go. Fuck!”
“I got her Tony,” Steve grunted, holding you tight as broken cries left you. “I’ll hold you, sweetheart.” You trusted him in your delirious state and collapsed against him as your body gave way. You shouted, stuffing a fist into your mouth. Steve yanked your hand away and you cried out. “Let us hear what we’ve done to you, you naughty girl.”
Steve held you in place as Tony sped up, thrusting quick. You continued moaning with the heat tearing through you.
“You’re gonna take every fucking drop,” Tony husked. “Perfect little cumslut!”
He groaned animalistically, his cum emptying into your ass. You sighed relieved and buried your face into Steve’s collarbone. Tony slid out and you whined pathetically feeling him spill out onto your thighs.
“Almost done, doll. You’re taking your punishment perfectly, shaping up so well,” Steve kissed along the side of your face. “Tony, you did nothing to help me stalling myself with those hard thrusts of yours. Felt every rib of your dick, you bastard.” You heard Tony chuckling as Steve resumed his own thrusts. You whined, so sensitive but he whispered sweet nothings into your ear, and he was finishing soon, spilling his seed into your aching pussy. He gave a few more lazy thrusts before he picked you up and rolled over to drop you onto the bed.
You laid there exhausted, bare in the center of the bed, staring at the ceiling, trying to catch your breath.
Steve was pleased. “I love that gaped, cum filled look. Especially on her.”
They sounded a million miles away, you still drowning in what had just happened.
Tony came into your sights, and you turned your head towards him, exhaustion in your bones. “Gather yourself and then come join me in the shower. I’ll give you that before you come back out here and strip my bed to clean the sheets. Can’t keep you off your duties for too long, can we? I won’t be giving you special treatment no matter how well that perfect ass of yours just milked me.”
He turned before stopping and then he added, “By the way, I will not be sending you back to the Capitol building. If we have our say, you won’t be going home any time soon.”
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bonky-n-steeb · 3 days ago
𝗦𝗨𝗠𝗠𝗔𝗥𝗬:  Your life is as good as it gets. The perfect husband, the perfect daughter, the perfect job. But what you are unaware is that your husband is a deadly assassin and your long-lost friend, now a fearsome mob boss is hell bent on getting you back. But what you don’t know can't hurt you, right?
𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗦:  psychological disorder, PTSD, domestic abuse, yandere, obsession, violence, cursing. If you find any of this triggering please DNI. Also inform me if I left something out.
ᴛʜɪs ɪs ɴᴏᴛ ʙᴇᴛᴀ ʀᴇᴀᴅ, sᴏ ᴀʟʟ ᴍɪsᴛᴀᴋᴇs ᴀʀᴇ ᴍʏ ᴏᴡɴ
Tumblr media
You both were sitting in his balcony, overlooking the gardens. You didn’t want to wake up Iris. So, you both decided to go somewhere else and talk. Sitting on a swing, you were just breathing the fresh air in. The silence was very warm and comfortable.
“So...?” You decided to break the silence. “Nothing really, I just wanted to talk like the old times. About nothing in general.” He scoffed at that. “I missed you.” He spoke. Steve looked at you just the way he used to years before. Just that back then you used to look down while now you were craning your neck.
You gave him a pained smile. “I missed you too.” You didn’t dare look in his eyes for you feared what you might see. You stared straight ahead. “The garden is beautiful. Your gardener has done a great job.”
“He sure has.... are you okay? You want to tell me something? You seemed pale when you came up.” He said looking at you expectedly. You debated whether to tell him. Should you?
“Nothing really. Told you, i ran all the way up. Didn’t want to disturb anybody.” You shrugged. You had a feeling he knew you were lying, but gladly he didn’t drag it. “So... how’s Bucky? I mean...” your eyes widened. It was the last thing you expected him to say.
“He’s... I don’t know. The shadow of the man he once was.” There was no point in lying. You had irresistible urge to ask about what happened to the drug addict but you didn’t want to know the answer.
“Was he like this from the... I wanted to ask you the day we met. I saw... I saw your neck.” He confessed feeling guilty somehow. He had noticed the marks on your neck but hadn’t asked. As he didn’t need to, he knew what had happened. He just wanted to hear it from you.
“Oh... that, no. He wasn’t like that before. He was kind and caring and everything I ever imagined and more. And then... then I don’t know what happened. Maybe I do...” you gulped at the thought of the Soldat.
“That was the only time he hurt me. Not once before had that happened.” You weren’t meeting his eye and he noticed that. “You want to share something? You know your secret would be safe.”
You desperately wanted to tell him about the truth but you couldn’t. You couldn’t risk his life. The information was too confidential. “Not really.” You pressed your lips together.
Both of you didn’t speak for a while. “You know, I did come to see you after that day. I used to visit the park every day in the hopes of seeing you. I used to stand near your house. Hell, I even went to your school once. I didn’t see you but I met your bullies. They told me you had beat the shit out of the leader. Not gonna lie, I was impressed.”
She chuckled at that, “I was super mad that day. And that idiot decided to bully me, and I swear to god the rush I felt while hitting him. The whole school had gathered.”
It was the day right after you had left him. He had been sitting alone and eating his lunch. Too bad the bullies decided to piss him off. But it wasn’t their day. He had removed all his anger and frustration on them. His father had been proud of him that night. He had known that his son was capable of handling the business.
“Also.... I know that you wanted to see me.” You turned around with shock. “But I didn’t see you anywhere.” At that he shook his head. “I was always behind you. And it’s not metaphorical. I was always a few feet away at the park. I saw how you used to search for me. I used to sit in my window and see how you expectantly stood at the tree near my house. And I even saw you standing outside my school. I purposely missed you.”
“Why Steve? I... I wanted to apologise. You could’ve just met me once.” Your eyes were wet with unshed tears. “I couldn’t see you walk away from me again. You were the only person I wanted to believe me; in who I was and not my father.
I never told you about my family not because I wanted to lie, but because I wanted you to like me; a skinny idiot boy who couldn’t protect himself. I wanted to be my own man, and you were the only one who helped me. Others were too busy trying to groom me into a man I’m not.
That day, I had a little hope you would choose me; Steve, not the son of Joseph Rogers and neither Bucky. But you didn’t even take a second before leaving me. I wasn’t even an option for you. I felt as if... I didn’t even matter to you.”
“That’s not true. You meant a lot to me. You still do” You said holding back tears. “You didn’t even give me a chance to prove myself. To prove you I wasn’t like my father. To prove you that I would...” he quickly stopped himself before saying that he would love you more than Bucky.
“Forgive me Steve, please. I know I did a mistake. I should’ve at least reconsidered. I punished you for a crime you hadn’t committed. I left you for your father’s crimes. I shouldn’t have done that.” You said sobbing.
“Some days I wonder that maybe I would’ve been a different man if you had chosen me.” He didn’t want to guilt trip you, but he wanted to make you feel enough guilt that you would lean in to him for support. So that your guilt wouldn’t let you leave him this time.
“Hey, no more crying. Now that we’ve finally met once again, we can make up for all the time we missed.” He took your chin between his fingers and raised your head. “We can be best friends just like we were that day. And I know, some parts of our soul are still untainted like they were years ago.”
“Steve... I don’t know how to thank you. You’ve done so much for me. I...” you choked up and cleared your throat. “I don’t know what I can do for you. But I... I need to leave tomorrow.” His eyes widened.
“The hell you are. You are staying here and not leaving. This is the only way you can repay me.” You were sure he used his mob boss voice at you.
“Steve, me staying here is not safe. Not for you, not for George, not for anyone else. I need to go before Bucky comes...”
“Why are you worried? Do you know how many of us are there? We can easily subdue Bucky if it comes to it.”
“No, you can’t! I’m not doubting you. But you have no idea what Bucky is capable of. He has killed Presidents with high level security, killing me in your house won’t be a big task for him...” you instantly but your tongue.
“He has killed what?” Steve asked. “You never heard that, Steve. Please for your own good. I never said anything. I’m leaving Steve that’s all.” At that he gripped your arm.
“You are not. I don’t care what he has done. I won’t let him harm you; I promise you. But if you leave, he’ll get you sooner and you’d be helpless.” You still weren’t agreeing.
“You’ve done so much for me Steve. I wouldn’t be able to live if something happened to you, or your family or your people. Bucky is as it is prejudiced against you. I...”
“Don’t think about yourself, think about Iris. Here she has a comfortable roof and she is safe. Where would you go with her? Stay here, please.”
He was right. “Okay. I... Stevie you are the best.” His heart melted at that. You finally called him Stevie. You hugged him and he held you tight. “Can I ask you something?”
“Ask me two.” You happily replied. “What does Bucky do exactly? I know he is not in the military...” you peeked you from his embrace, “Something nobody should be doing.” You replied.
He didn’t ask further. “You still wanna tell me why you were so flustered.” You cursed Steve in your head, why did he have to know you so much. “Umm, no.”
“Alright, wanna have donuts?” You quickly nodded. And like the old times you both enjoyed your donuts. What Steve didn’t tell you though, was that he knew. He had walked up the same route as you and he had heard Wanda and Vision, too. It wasn’t a secret; it was a part of their marriage deal as long as he didn’t get her pregnant.
Steve just wanted to test your loyalty to him. He wanted to know whether you would tell him, or you would lie. You did lie this time, but he was sure, after a few days you wouldn’t.
It had been two weeks and you were breathing. There was gladly no sign of Bucky anywhere. Though you were happy, you felt as if this was the silence before the storm.
Living with Steve was nice. Except one thing, your freedom. Not that he didn’t let you out or anything, just that whenever you went anywhere, Clint and Sam would always be by your side. The only worst part was that he didn’t let you work.
Apparently, he had asked for a leave from your hospital and they had sanctioned it, after all who denied Steve Rogers. They were even paying you full time, despite being on leave for so long. But you missed the stench of the hospital, you missed the thrill and most importantly you missed the feeling of when a life was saved.
Steve had not so subtly asked you to work for him more than once, but you always denied. You had no interest in getting stuck in the jungle.
Otherwise, it was super fun. You could give time to yourself; your dark circles had reduced; your skin was in better condition. And the best part was the garden. You adored plants. And so, you used all your spare time gardening in his mansion.
Rissie was getting home schooled along with George. They both had grown close to each other. Though you regretted paying her hefty school fees; only if you knew she was going to be home schooled, you wouldn’t have paid her yearly fees.
Currently you were sneaking into your room. Now it had become a ritual for you and Steve to have long talks in the quiet of the night. And it was just like the old times.
You saw Iris was fast asleep and you joined her on the bed. You weren’t quite sleepy so you decided to binge on Family Guy as you did almost every other night. It wasn’t funny anymore but it was your guilty pleasure. It had become routine for you to watch it. After that, it didn’t take much long for you to fall into deep slumber.
Your eyelids faintly opened up in the middle of the night and you could see someone standing on the edge of the bed. As the moonlight peered in, you saw it was Bucky. You wanted to get up. But you were in much too deep sleep for your body to react.
When you were finally able to get up, you looked around but gladly no one was there. You checked the bathroom, closet, under the bed, nope, he wasn’t there. And literally nothing was out of place. So apparently now your sleep paralysis demon was Bucky!
You were scrolling past a news article when you heard commotion. You went downstairs and saw absolute chaos. There had been a fight and while the others were slightly injured, Clint was shot and was critical.
“Can you help us? Please? We don’t have a doctor right now, he is on the way, but he might be late.” Vision asked you. His own leg had a cut, but he could walk. Sam’s hand had a minor cut from the look of it, but he was much better than the others.
Now you didn’t care where these people had been. They were your patients now, and the surgeon inside you roared to life. You agreed without a second thought.
You were surprised to find they had a whole operation theatre inside the house. You quickly took the reins and began your work. Halfway through, another doctor joined in. And it took you a moment to realize him.
Clint was finally out of the danger and the procedure was successful. Later you kept on patching everyone else up. For once they were glad that you were a trauma surgeon. And they all thanked to you.
But right now, you were too busy wondering why and how Thor was here. It was almost evening now as you finally sat on a nearby couch. You saw Thor approach you.
“Hey!” Your voice was filled with uncertainty. Thor being Thor, he first hugged you tight. “I missed you. We all miss you the hospital. We are so sad that you won’t be coming anymore. Just a year more and I swear to god you would’ve been the chief of surgery.” You already were the chief of trauma surgery and you wouldn’t say he was wrong.
But that’s not what caught your ear. “What? Who told I wasn’t coming back?” Thor raised his eyebrows and you knew the news wasn’t good. “Didn’t you... didn’t you resign?” You audibly gasped.
“I did what? No I definitely did not resign. I’m on a leave. And why would they pay me if I’ve resigned?” Thor was even more worried now, “The hospital isn’t issuing you a pay check anymore. I talked with Maria from the HR that day itself.”
“That’s not true.” You couldn’t believe your ears. You’d checked your bank account, and it had a steady incoming of your salary. “It is. Your position is gone too, Alex is now the chief of Trauma.”
Had you really lost your job? But then why hadn’t anyone told you about it? And who was paying you salary? You would find that soon, but currently you had other questions too. “And what are you doing here?” He pursed his lips, “That’s my question to you too.”
“You go first.” You crossed your arms across your chest and raised an eyebrow. “Uhh, Steve is almost the unofficial board member of our hospital, you getting what I mean. And well, a long time back he gave me a deal I couldn’t deny. So, I work for him.”
“Umm, what? Why did I have no idea about any of this?” Thor was very close to you. Hell, even Bucky liked Thor once. But then why had he kept all these secrets? “Thor, you know I’ve worked there for years, so why didn’t any of you even once think of telling me this?”
Thor lowered his head and looked around as if he was going to tell you some conspiracy, “I know. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, but Steve made sure you wouldn’t know of that. Also Steve was the one who submitted your resignation. I didn’t have any idea how he knew you, I still don’t.
But whatever it is, he cares too much about you. I think he loves you. He’s talked yo me about you a few times and I’m sure he has a thing for you. Don’t tell him I told you, he wouldn’t like that...”
“Well, I guess it’s too late for that.” Both your heads whipped around. Steve was standing right behind you on the couch and he was staring holes in Thor’s head. “I suppose you are late Mr. Odinson. It would be a pity to fire you.”
Thor left without another word, but he gave you a look of pity and worry. Before you could think further, you saw the change in Steve’s eyes as he looked at you. From a fire spitting dragon, he was suddenly a puppy who was caught red handed. “I can explain.” He said calmly as he walked towards you on the couch.
You didn’t need him explaining you, you had joined the dots. “I don’t need you to explaining me anything. I just want one answer; why? Why didn’t you tell me any of that before? And did you keep on paying me and just carried forward the pretense of me still having a job. Why did you make me resign without even asking me once?”
“To protect you. If you ever go back to that hospital Bucky will find you. And we don’t want that. I just want what’s best for you.” He had snatched away your pride and he was still behaving as if he was helping you.
The fact that you still had your job was the only normalcy you had. That hospital had become a safe space for you in all these years. “Steve, I need some space. I’ll be back before it’s night, I promise. I just need to go somewhere alone. And no, you aren’t going to send anyone to track me. I can take care of myself. Please.”
Before he could protest you walked away.
You went to the best place you could calm yourself. A place where you could indulge yourself in a fictional world without any worry; a library.
You took your comfort book and sat in the comfortable sofa. You were a few chapters deep when someone sat a little too close to you.
As you turned around, your blood turned cold and you wished you were still with Steve. He gave you a sweet smile, almost like when he was yours. And you gasped,
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stevesbestgirl · 3 days ago
Down to Business
Tumblr media
Dark!CEO!Stucky x Reader (2345 words)
Warnings: little bit of Dark!Bucky and Dark!Steve, allusions to coercion
A/N: So, this was the first version of a fic I did for a request the other day, but I thought it wasn’t quite what they were asking for. Still, I love the little bit of darkness in these two, so I might end up making this a short series!
Fixing your blazer jacket, you took a deep breath before striding toward the imposing building. It didn’t matter if it was your first job or your fifth, the first day never got easier. Glancing up at the building, you stepped into the revolving door, ending up squished inside the compartment with someone else.
His arms came up to protect his phone in one hand and his coffee in the other. Feet twisting together, you caught of sparkling blue eyes before you tumbled out the other side. Bumping him in your path to the lobby floor, your gasp turned into a squeak of pain as hot coffee sloshed onto your shirt.
“Are you okay?” He tucked his phone into his pocket and offered you a hand up. You accepted, prying your eyes from his worried gaze, taking in a very handsome face. His hair was neatly gelled to the side and his stubble carefully maintained to look effortless.
“Yeah, just surprised, I think,” you grimaced. “I’m so sorry, that was completely my fault. Can I pay you for your coffee?”
He waved the idea away, “I was just as much at fault. Are you sure you’re-”
“I insist,” you argued, rifling through your bag, pulling out a crumpled five-dollar bill. “Did any of it get on your clothes?”
He laughed, the deep vibration warm and gruff, “Really, it’s fine. Keep your money.” He appraised you, “What’s your name? I’ve never seen you before.”
You introduced yourself, “Today’s my first day.”
He offered his hand, “Barnes. Call me Bucky.” He chuckled, “Normally I would say nice to meet you, but maybe now’s not the time.” He glanced at your coffee-soaked shirt, “You should probably get cleaned up.” You nodded and he smiled kindly, “I’ll see you around.”
He headed for the elevator and you bit you lip before slipping the five-dollar bill in his jacket pocket. In the bathroom, you tried to save your dress shirt, but the brown stain was stubborn. You abandoned hope of saving the shirt, drying it as much as possible beneath the hand drier and buttoning your jacket over the spot. It was a good thing you’d arrived a little early.
Returning to the lobby, you waited for Melinda, who was supposed to be giving you a tour, according to the receptionist. When the elevator pinged, a cute girl with blonde curls and a heart-shaped face stepped out.
“Welcome!” she chirped. “You must be Y/N. I’m Melinda.”
You smiled politely, “Nice to meet you.”
“I’m sure you’re ready to get started.” She led the way to the elevator, “I know the first day can be a lot, but you can ask me any questions you have.”
You glanced pensively at the elevator buttons, “Will we be touring all eight floors?” That was a lot of introductions.
She nodded, “Mr. Rogers and Mr. Barnes like to keep the workplace open. That means we’re allowed to visit other floors, socialize a little. We show the whole building so you get the chance to meet everyone and no one gets lost.”
You dimly heard her explanation over the faint buzzing in your ears; did she say Barnes? Had you spilled the CEO’s coffee before you’d even started working? Oh god. You’d put five dollars in his pocket.
You tried to push the humiliation from your thoughts as Melinda walked you around. In eight floors, it was possible there was another person named Barnes, right? He hadn’t acted like a CEO. You plastered a smile on your face as you were paraded around, even as the faces started to blend together.
At lunchtime, you politely declined Melinda’s offer of lunch in the breakroom, already set on getting some air. Before leaving you asked her, “Is there more than one Mr. Barnes working here?”
She looked confused, “Yeah, there’s one on the sixth floor and then the CEO. Why do you ask?”
“I bumped into someone this morning. I didn’t think it was the CEO, but I just wanted to make sure.”
She laughed, “Oh, that makes sense. That would be sort of a rough start to your first day.”
You thanked her and got in the elevator, eager to get outside. It was crowded full of people leaving for lunch and it had already been a long day. You were feeling tired and you still had half the building to tour.
Out in the lobby, someone spoke just behind you while you looked up a place for lunch, “Hi. You’re the new hire, right? Y/L/N?”
You turned around, surprised to find another stunning, blue-eyed man. His blonde hair was neatly coifed, falling over his forehead in a carefully executed swoop. You nodded dimly, hoping your mouth wasn’t open. You honestly weren’t even sure if he’d said your name, but you hoped he was talking to you.
“Yes, that’s me,” you replied, grateful that your voice didn’t waver.
He offered a hand, “Steve Rogers.”
“The CEO, right?” You were going to make sure this time.
He nodded, “C’mon, let’s get some lunch. My treat.”
You felt your cheeks warm, “Um, I was-”
“Don’t worry,” he urged smoothly. “It’s not a big deal. I just like to buy the new hires lunch on their first day.”
“O-okay,” you agreed nervously. This wasn’t exactly the relaxing lunch you’d been hoping for.
“Unless you don’t want company.” He pulled a fifty from his wallet, “I’ll still buy your lunch. For the sake of tradition.” Well, you couldn’t exactly say no now.
“Uh, that’s alright. Let’s go.”
He gestured to the revolving door to let you go first and your heart skipped; did he know about earlier? But he didn’t make any comments as he followed you out the door. He led the way to a little outdoor bistro and once you’d ordered, you felt better. He was very professional, polite and respectful. But not stuffy or proper; you didn’t feel like you were talking to a CEO.
Once lunch was over, you bid him farewell in the elevator, “Thank you for lunch Mr. Rogers.”
He flashed a charming smile, “Not a problem. And call me Steve. You know where to find me if you have any questions.”
You nodded before stepping out on the fifth floor, where you had agreed to meet Melinda after lunch. You felt more at ease after eating with Steve; he seemed easygoing and it was nice of him to buy his new hires lunch. Maybe you didn’t need to worry so much.
By the time you reached the sixth floor, you’d almost forgotten about the second Barnes. At least, until a round faced, blonde man introduced himself as Tim Barnes. Your lunch felt like a rock in your gut; you’d made a fool of yourself in front of one of the CEOs. And slipped him five dollars after he’d turned it down.
By the time you made it up to the eighth floor, you were sweating. You didn’t want to see him again, ever, if you could manage it. You were an office drone; how hard could it be not to run into the CEO? Ignoring the fact that you’d seen both of them today, you were sure it couldn’t be that difficult.
“You don’t have to show me the CEO’s office. I’m sure they’re busy,” you dragged your feet as Melinda led you to the elevator on the seventh floor.
“Of course I do. They always want to meet the new hires,” she said cheerfully, hitting the call button.
“I already met them, actually. Steve took me out for my ‘new hire’ lunch this afternoon.”
Her brow furrowed, “Steve? You mean Mr. Rogers?” You nodded and she chuckled nervously, “You should probably be a little more formal. And what do you mean ‘new hire’ lunch? You had lunch with Mr. Rogers?”
You were flabbergasted. He’d said it was tradition. But if that were the case, certainly Melinda would have at least heard of it. And did he not tell everyone to call him Steve?
“Maybe you’re confused,” she shook her head, leading you into the elevator as the doors opened.
The elevator ride was awkward. Melinda clearly thought you were nuts, in addition to being unprofessional. And now you were dreading seeing both of your bosses. You probably looked like such an idiot.
When the doors pinged open, you took a deep breath before following Melinda. She approached the assistant’s desk, just to the right of a fancy-looking door, labelled with gold name plates that read, ‘CEO,’ on top, then ‘James Barnes,’ and ‘Steve Rogers’ underneath.
“Hey Terry,” she greeted. “Just touring the new hire, this is Y/N.” You raised your hand in a meek ‘hello.’ “Is now an okay time to take her in?”
“They should be; they’ve only got one meeting scheduled at the very end of the day. But let me check.” Terry picked up the phone, cheerfully speaking into the receiver, “Do you both have a minute? New hire tour.” There was a pause, “Great, thank you!”
“I’ll take that as a yes,” Melinda laughed.
“Go right in.”
Melinda marched ahead with you trailing behind like a puppy about to be scolded, “Good afternoon Mr. Barnes, Mr. Rogers. You’re the final stop on my tour with Y/N.” And there they were; both of the godly-looking men you’d made a fool of yourself in front of today.
It took you a moment to realize the odd setup of the room. There were two desks, one for each of them, but they were pushed together so the two men would be working side by side. You hadn’t considered how odd it was that they shared the office in the first place. But you had bigger problems than the eccentric workspace.
Mr. Barnes was the first to rise, sweeping around the desk to shake your hand, stunning you by acting like the coffee incident had never happened, “Y/N, we were wondering when you two would make it up here. How’s your first day been?”
“F-fine. I mean- good! Melinda was a great tour guide,” you stammered.
Mr. Rogers chuckled, rising from his own desk, “That’s good to hear. We know it can be a little overwhelming, meeting everyone in one day.”
“Yeah, I’m a little overwhelmed,” you chuckled darkly. That was putting it mildly.
The chatter was polite, the pair of them acting like perfect bosses. A meeting like this would usually be reassurance that this was going to be a good place to work, but you couldn’t shake the sense of unease. Had you made up your encounters with them today? There was no way.
Back in the elevator, Melinda tittered, “See? That wasn’t so bad.”
“Yeah, not bad,” you echoed, too confused to take the bait she was dangling. You remembered the office, “Are they- you know- together?”
She nodded, “Yeah, they’re married. You didn’t know that? That’s why it was so weird when you said you had lunch with Mr. Rogers. He almost never has lunch without Mr. Barnes. It’s pretty cute.” If they were married, why would Rogers lie to take you out for lunch?
She left you in your own cube on the fourth floor, giving you some time to set up your workstation and get comfy before the day ended. You settled into the desk chair, tacking up some photos before signing into your new computer.
Scrolling through your inbox, cluttered with welcome emails, your breath caught. From ‘Barnes, J.” with ‘Rogers, S.” copied, the subject line read, “New Hire Welcome Dinner.” Glancing over your shoulder, you opened the message, “Greetings Y/N, In celebration of your first day, we would like to formally invite you to the new hire welcome dinner. Please report to our office at 4:55PM to discuss the details further.”
A flare of indignation rushed through you; what was going on with these guys? You locked your computer and marched to the elevator, fuming the whole ride up. Terry was nowhere to be seen, so you stalked right in, not stopping to knock.
You crossed your arms, “What is going on here?”
“Y/N, you’re right on time,” Rogers said pleasantly, seeming not to notice your ire.
“Where do you want to go for your new hire dinner?” Barnes added.
“There is no new hire dinner,” you huffed. “Why are you guys messing with me?”
Barnes glanced up at you innocently, “We wouldn’t mess with you, doll.”
Your face grew hot again, “Then why did you act like we hadn’t met when I came in here with Melinda?”
“Well, we couldn’t exactly flirt with you in front of her, could we?” Rogers chuckled.
“W-what?” you sputtered. “Is that why you lied about taking me to lunch?”
“I didn’t lie, love,” he clarified.
“You said it was tradition!”
“It is! I always take the cute new hires that Bucky spills his coffee on to lunch on their first day. Starting today,” he shrugged.
Barnes snorted, “I told Steve I bumped into our lovely new hire this morning and he wanted to see for himself.” You fumed, but you couldn’t shake the slight feeling of being flattered. They both thought you were cute?
“And I thought it was unfair for me to get to take you out and not Bucky, so we thought we’d do dinner all together.”
“What makes you think I want to go to dinner with you?” you snapped, all too conscious of the rapid beat of your heart.
“Come on, doll,” Barnes urged. “Give us a chance.”
“You lied to me,” you protested. “And you’re my bosses!” That probably shouldn’t have been your secondary reason.
Rogers moved behind you, and you turned to watch him, “We’re sorry for lying, love. It won’t happen again.” Suddenly, his leg was between yours, pushing you back toward the desk, but you bumped into something tall and solid before you got there.
Your gasp was halfway out of your mouth when it turned to a moan. Rogers smirked and Barnes spoke in your ear, “But now that you know you belong to us, it won’t have to.”
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