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#dark! steve rogers
thisishowdynastiesareborn · 22 minutes ago
I Know What’s Best - Part 11
Summary: Being the daughter of wealthy politicians, your life   reeks of privilege. You would do anything to make your parents happy,   and then you meet Captain America, how much is your life gonna change?
Dark!Steve Rogers x Innocent!Reader
Warnings: Extreme manipulation, stalking, dub con (non con), Daddy kink, unprotected sex, a little bit of degradation kink.
Tags: @lostinthoughtsandfeelings​, @hhiggs​, @navybrat817​, @imsonick​, @akamaiden​, @shadowcatsworld​, @thelostallycat​, @captainamerica-is-bae, @nsfwsebbie​.
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Tumblr media
Everything was a bit fuzzy. You were trying to go back to the Tower, but you had no idea if you were even going in the right direction. It felt like you were going to throw up but nothing came out, people started to notice that you weren’t alright. You supported yourself at a building wall, you couldn’t walk anymore, and you had no idea why you were feeling like this.
“Hey, are you alright?” A man said to you, he seemed really concerned with you. But something about him raised red flags in your confused head. 
The man came closer to you, his hands went to your waist and you had no way of fighting him off. He was impossibly close to you, it was uncomfortable, you tried to push him away but he simply grabbed your arms.
“Let’s get out of here.” He whispered in your ear, the desire to throw up came back for a whole different reason. The man was guiding you somewhere, but you had no idea where.
Suddenly the man fell on the floor, and you saw Steve. He was beating the man badly.
“If you value your worthless life, you will leave the city and never come back because if you don’t, I will kill you, but not before I torture you, slowly.” The man ran away as fast as he could, Steve quickly went to you.
“Princess, you scared the hell out of me. Are you okay?” That was the last thing you heard before you fainted in Steve’s arms.
You woke up in your bedroom at the Tower, with a horrible headache. Everything that happened today was coming back to you, especially Steve’s ex girlfriend, Sharon. That brought tears to your eyes. Why was this happening to you?
“Hi, you’re finally awake. I was worried sick about you, princess.” Steve sat down on the bed next to you, and you tried to get away from him, Steve noticed immediately, you probably didn't. “What’s the matter, princess. Why are you crying?” Steve grabbed your hand and kissed it, and he dried the tears on your cheek.
“Your ex-girlfriend was at the party today.” You really didn't want to talk about this, but you had to.
“Was that the reason why you left without talking to me first?” Just by looking in Steve’s eyes you were feeling much better.
“Yes, she was crazy. She was saying crazy things that you and her belong together and that she wanted me to learn my place, that you’re hers. But that’s not true, right?” You knew that Steve didn't want anything with his ex, but you just needed the words to come from his mouth.
“Of course it isn’t true, me and Sharon broke up long before I first saw you. She couldn’t give me what I wanted, and she’s not well mentally as you could see. For me, there’s only you, princess.” It felt like a weight was being lifted off your shoulders, hearing Steve confirming everything you already knew was heavenly.
“What she couldn’t give you?” That sparked your curiosity.
“A family, Sharon can’t conceive. And that caused our relationship to sour, she didn't accept that she couldn’t give me what I wanted the most, that made her violent, unstable. I’m really sorry that you were put in harm’s way, but she’ll never bother us, ever again, or our family.” You were so happy, having a family with Steve would be the best thing to ever happen to you. “But I just need to ask you one thing, princess.” He was serious now.
“Anything, daddy.” You would do anything for Steve.
“Don’t do that again, don’t leave me without telling me where you’re going. That man would’ve hurt you, and if that happened, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. Can you do that for me, princess?” 
“Of course, daddy.” That was a no brainer, you could never make Steve that worried about your safety ever again.
“Good, because I would hate to punish my princess. I would hate to not see your pretty face when you’re cumming all over my cock, I would hate to see your ass full of bruises. Well, maybe I wouldn’t hate that all that much.” Steve started kissing that weak spot in your neck, that spot that made you weak in your knees.
His hands worked quickly to remove your clothing, it’s amazing how much you crave Steve, how much your body needs his touch. Steve started playing with your nipples, making you moan. He loved every single moan, every whimper, it’s ingrained in his mind. You opened your legs and he started to finger you at a slow pace.
“Please don’t tease me, daddy.” How could Steve deny such a sweet request from his princess?
“Do you want hard and fast? Are you going to be my obedient little slut, princess? Is that it?” Steve was fingering you at an inhuman pace, making you a horny mess.
“Yes, daddy.” That’s when Steve felt it.
“I can feel you clenching around my fingers, are you going to cum already? Cum all over my fingers, such a good little slut, princess.” Your body was at his mercy, you came hard, squirting all over his hand and bed. Steve helped you come down from your high, that’s when you felt the sheets wet.
“I made a mess, daddy.” You giggled, putting your face in your hands.
“Don’t worry, we’ll make even more of a mess. Ass up, princess.” You quickly obeyed, getting in position, while Steve was getting rid of his clothes.
Steve’s pace was relentless, his cock was so deep inside you hitting your cervix in the most delicious way. It was the perfect mix of pain and pleasure, Steve was slapping your ass.
“You look so good like this, princess.” Steve’s grunts and moans were music to your ears. “Are you going to cum again? Cum all over my cock, princess.” Steve took his cock off of you and you squirted again. Steve thrusted inside you again, making you scream. 
“You feel amazing, your pussy is so tight, princess.” Steve’s cock was hitting your cervix in the most delicious way, you felt like an outer body experience, Steve was giving you so much pleasure. More than what your body could handle, making you faint. But Steve didn't stop his merciless thrusts, you felt too heavenly for him to stop. Your pussy was the best thing in the world, Steve was sure, and it was only his, forever. 
You woke up with Steve’s grunts and moans in your ear, he was holding you down, his weight on top of you was making it a bit more difficult to breathe, but you didn't care. 
“Are you going to cum again on my cock, princess?” You were so sensitive from the previous orgarms, that you were screaming, you couldn’t speak. “My little slut is so cock drunk that she can’t even speak, huh?” Steve put his hand on your mouth, muffling your screams. He was thrusting with even more vigour, his pace was inhuman, thanks to the serum. Steve’s other hand found its way to your clit, rubbing it rentelessy. Which took another orgarm from you.
But Steve didn't stop, you were drooling on his hand, your eyes went to the back of your head more times than you could count, you started shaking your head to signal that you couldn’t take it anymore, but Steve only stopped your head in place and kept going. 
“I think you can give me a few more, right princess?” Steve started nodding your head for you, but you didn't think that you could handle any more. But it felt so good, so much pleasure that it was painful, the lines between them were blurred.
Steve was ruthless, this was definitely the best fuck he ever had. One more reason to the infinite ones that he had for loving you, you were perfect.
“You’re doing so well, taking me like this, princess. You really are my dirty little slut, aren’t you?” This time you didn't need to nod your head, you did that yourself. You wanted to be Steve’s dirty little slut, even though you didn't fully comprehend what that meant. You would be anything for Steve. “I’m gonna cum.” Steve announced, and you felt his cum deep inside you, making you cum one more time.
Steve came off you and started to cuddle with you, his fingers running around your body, saying that you were exhausted was an understatement. You quickly fell asleep with the sound of Steve’s voice whispering sweet nothing in your ear and telling how much he loves you.
As soon as you were in a deep sleep, Steve left your bedroom. He needed to handle other things now.
Sharon was strapped in a chair, with duct tape in her mouth. When she got into the Tower, Tony was the one that put her there, by Steve’s request. 
“Don’t worry darling, he will be here in a minute to deal with you. He’s probably almost finished fucking his sweet, innocent girlfriend.” Tony never liked Sharon, so torturing her emotionally would be sweet, before Steve started the physical one.
Sharon was crying from how angry she was with herself, for believing in Steve’s lies. That’s when her and Sharon heard the door being opened, it was Steve. He approached her and removed the duct tape from her mouth, he wasn’t gentle either.
“You put my princess in danger, you put something in her food. Tell me, what was it?” The way that Steve was looking at Sharon, she never saw this look before, not on Steve, just on murderers.
“I didn't do anything…” Steve slapped her, and a loud crack was heard, Sharon’s cheekbone broke, just by Steve’s slap.
“DON’T LIE TO ME.” He yelled, now Sharon was properly scared from the man that she loves.
“Fine, fine…” Sharon’s breathing was shallow, she was terrified. “I was giving her birth control, but I probably gave her too much. That’s why she was feeling bad today.” Sharon’s speech was slurred, because of her broken cheekbone.
“How did you pass my security?” Now Tony was intrigued, his security was the best in the world. Sharon tried to laugh, but she winced due to the pain.
“You should really treat your staff better, they don’t like you very much.” 
“I’ll keep that in mind, I need to take care of this. Steve, once you’re finished you can leave the mess here.” Tony left Steve and Sharon alone, and she knew, she knew that coming out alive, wasn’t going to happen.
“You thought I wasn’t going to find out? You put my princess in danger, you really don’t want me to a family?” Steve was so angry, he slapped Sharon again, in the other cheek. Breaking the other cheekbone as well. “A disgusting man groped her, you’re lucky that nothing happened.” Sharon couldn’t speak anymore, she could only whimper. Steve went to grab the gun.
“Goodbye, Sharon. You won’t be missed.” Steve shot Sharon in the head, he tossed the gun away. He left the room and went back to be with his princess, the only girl in his life that’s worth killing for.
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twjournals · 2 hours ago
Sleepover tonight!! So expect a few posts. I’m gonna be going through my requests so if you have any requests, send them in. I’m gonna be picking a few to write some drabbles.
When sending me requests,
- Tell me which character.
- Tell me the direction you want me to go in. Fluff? Angst? Smut? Dark?
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imdarkinme · 4 hours ago
Help finding a fanfiction!
tw:noncon, stalking, dark themes
So the plot of the story went something like reader being infatuated with Steve and stalking him until he catches her in his house and decides to punish her and scare her away? But the reader is happy I guess at the end that she got him to come inside her... I'm not sure. Something along those lines. I just remembered that one in a flash but have no clue where to find it. If someone knows who the author is please let me know! Thank you!
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thesummerpetrichor · 4 hours ago
The world above the sky ~ Chapter Eight
Tumblr media
Dark! Steve Rogers x Fairy! Reader
Series Summary : where a fairy accidentally teleports to earth from her realm underground, only to be saved by the avengers. Steve ends up taking a liking to her, and sees her as the perfect subject for his twisted fantasy.
Series warnings: Violence, abuse, manipulation, psychological abuse, mature themes, age gap relationship, unreliable narrator, eventual smut, obsessive behaviour, innocent reader. Dub con, Non con, angst, a little bit of a daddy kink, grooming I guess. I wanted steve to be a very realistic dark and predatory character.
Chapter Warnings: manipulation, Unreliable narrator, Steve being a lil creepy hoe.
A/N: It’s almost been two months and I’m back with chapter eight. Thank you for being so patient with me but I had a little bit of trouble getting Steve just right this chapter. I think I did okay but it’s a bit of a filler and set up for the next one which will have a lot of action and good stuff. There are parts where Steve doesn’t really tell you how he feels or rushes things and I tried to convey he does this when he speaks about things that make him look bad or that are probably slightly in accurate or give away too much of how he’s really feeling!! I hope you enjoy this chapter and I won’t make you wait for the next one for like 60 days lol.
Masterlist and taglist can be found here.
The content of this post is not suitable for minors. If you are under the age of 18 please do not interact with this blog, or this post. Please heed the warnings at the top of this story. If you are uncomfortable with any of the content in this post please click away. By reading under the cut you agree to the statements above. Your media consumption is your responsibility. The author is not liable for any minor who chooses to ignore the warnings. Please respect the warnings and my boundaries and do not interact.
I do not consent to my work being posted on any other website or blog except for this one. This includes translated or manipulated versions of my work written or otherwise. I do not claim ownership of Steve Rogers or any other Marvel characters. I only own the reader, any other secondary orignal characters and their plot lines.
My eyes zoned out on the lamp beside Bruce’s head, a week of my rendezvous with the butterfly and I had almost completely broken the ice. She had started telling me things, asking me things, showing me things, and occasionally confiding in me regarding her crippling fear of getting her wings clipped. They told her to beware of humans back in her realm, said we would clip their wings and keep them in cages, quite outrageous if you ask me.
I mean if I was being honest it was a rather violent, I didn’t blame her, but that’s not a discussion for today. Though the thought had definitely bored it’s way into the back of my mind and sat there since she told me. An interesting conversation on fictional stories her superiors told her when she was younger bringing up the topic to begin with. Even Fairies spun fairy tales.
Besides spending her time telling me about life below the ground she spent her days with her nose buried in books. She also liked to garden, and occasionally visit the “wildlife” in the woods beside the compound; the bunnies, cats and as she called them “baby foxes”. We’d been there a couple of times, evening walks usually consisting of only a little more than silence.
She liked fluttering around, I assume the forest reminded her of the fauna and flora back home, providing her comfort. She could find solace here, in the forest, right up on earth, and with me standing behind her, watching over her, it sure was going to feel like home.
She’d zap past the trees, head snapping back every once in a while to find me, of course she couldn’t be by herself, there was danger there too you know, it simply wouldn’t be safe to leave her be. Her hand in mine as we walked down the trail, an action she undertook under the guise of protection often turning into one of purely affection, longing and need.
Our evening walks were our thing, just me and her, no interruptions, none of my bothersome collages there to disturb and disrupt our time together. Just us, the evening’s slightly west leaning sun, and her favourite baby foxes, cats, and bunnies. She was just as loveable as they were. Wide eyed, unsuspecting beings, frolicking under the generous umbrella of trees above them.
She had a knack of communicating with animals you know, they seemed so drawn to her, comfortable. Pretty often they’d find themselves perched in her lap, or find her squatting to their level to pat them on the head between their ears. I liked watching them nuzzle into her touch, I liked watching her so relaxed and at ease. The sound of her giggles and coos would be my source of happiness for weeks to come.
The extended arm and gentle demeanour frequently called for similar behaviour from her companion; me. The fairy taking my rough hands in her soft ones and gifting them with a fluffy friend she met along the trail rather frequently. Instructing me to pet and ruffle it’s fur, but not to harshly, not too gently, just enough. She guided the back of my index to caress their faces, the gestures nothing but pure and kind.
6 feet odd standing above her my eyes seldom left her face, the her soft skin glistening under the late afternoon sun, that merciful smile. She wouldn’t hurt a fly.
Oh how I loved the way she fluttered around me, the soft chime of her wings and the sparkling specs around her made her look more like an angel than a fairy. She was enjoying my company and I was certainly enjoying hers. Moments like those we had behind the cover of the thick green; domestic and tame, so.. well..... normal. Stable. Mundane. A glimpse into the life I wanted ever so badly, the one I told you about again and again. So close I could almost touch it. It was coming together. Slowly. But surely.
But then I found myself standing in Tony’s toy room, snapped out of my Utopia and back into reality. Listing to two middle aged men drone on and on about complex alchemy and short creatures with wings and I had to sit there and pretend like I was enjoying the conversation.
Those two buzz kills ended up finding a way to restore her stone, something about finding this other special stone similar to her old one from a mine guarded by hydra agents halfway around the world and using moonlight and her powers to restore its magic or something ridiculous like that. Not like it mattered to me, I had one job, and it was either making sure she fell too much in love with me to leave me, or making sure no one got their hands on that piece of cheap jewellery.
I sighed as we concluded the meeting, I didn’t dare look in the direction of my butterfly, afraid I’d see her happy eyes and wide smile, ready to go back home. Those moments we shared not impactful enough to have her rush to me, hug me tight and beg me to let her stay with me on earth.
She meant everything to me
This was her home. I concealed my anger and disappointment and participated in the planning of the mission. We decided we’d leave at dawn the next day, we had to travel all the way to Europe. According to Tony we’d better be “on our way early.” I finished up and picked up the file with the mission information, as team leader I still had an obligation to be prepared so no one got hurt, well almost no one.
“Well you look awfully lachrymose.”
I tuned around to see Natasha behind me, a file in her hand as she stepped into my office at the compound. I was surprised to see her no doubt, because I didn’t remember leaving anything behind.
Clad in her trousers and sweater she walked towards my desk and dropped the file there. “Aren’t you going to spend some time with your “little Butterfly”? I mean she’s going to fly out the cage pretty soon isn’t she Rogers?”
I will not lie, I was rather perplexed by her comments, never had I called her my butterfly in public, especially not when Natasha was around, and I for sure didn’t plan on letting anyone know my feelings towards the fairy, but it turns out I hadn’t been as stealthy as I assumed. While my voice didn’t waver the ache in my chest had built, the tense in my jaw competing for second place.
“You got anything useful to contribute Romanov? Or are you just going to stand there and make innuendo?”
My comments elicited a breathy laugh from my colleague, who decided that the conversation we were about to have required a closed door, so, well, she closed the door.
Taking a couple steps towards me she put herself between myself and the paperwork, making it impossible for me to avoid her rather piercing gaze. “I mean I thought I might inform you your little play thing isn’t a naive dove in need of coddling, I thought that might be pretty useful, because you..” she poked the centre of my forehead with the back of her pencil, “definitely seem don’t seem to know that.”
The tension was palatable, if I knew anything about the Russian assassin it was that she was luring me into a trap. Trying to elicit some sort of untrue answer from the mouth of the innocent was her specialty. I didn’t let perfectly trimmed eyebrows and charmingly rosy cheeks corner me into giving her what she wanted.
“Excuse me?”
“Oh you know, walking her to bed, cooking for her, having her within arms reach at all times, insisting on holding her when she’s tired and can’t use her wings....…”
“it’s like you just need to be in control.”
I chucked, though it was rather humourless, it wasn’t everyday I had someone like her challenge me, I knew what she was doing, and I wasn’t going to give her the answer she clearly wanted. The ache in my chest had defiantly built, but I wasn’t relenting.
“I don’t know if your spy senses caught the way she acted when she came here, a 19 year old mythical creature who can barley walk falls to earth and you want me to abandon her?”
The red head scoffed, almost in disbelief, her eyes boring onto my own as her tone took a rather serious turn. I wasn’t intimidated, but having Natasha out of my corner was a threatening possibility, I had to have her trust, and I wasn’t going to let her outplay me, not this time. I could only hope she didn’t see my beating heart through my tightly fitting flannel shirt, because it sure felt like it was pounding out of my chest.
I was just a man trying to do the right thing, for the both of us. Nothing nice ever came easy and without pain and sacrifice. She would know better than anybody.
“My spy senses caught the way you sneak into her room after she falls asleep every night, they caught how a company card was billed for more of Bruce’s pretty blue pills..”
she tapped my nose with her pencil, and my eyes went crossed as I caught a glimpse of it. “he puts them on the Medical Tab by the way.” She stated matter of factly. The scent of daisies encroached on my personal space, her nose inches from mine as she stared me down, lowering her voice.
“and they definitely noticed the way you passed chapters on chapters of extraterrestrial literature that would have told you exactly what Tony and Bruce just did weeks ago. But I guess being frozen did some damage up there captain.” Why I didn’t protest and shut her up the way I would normally I couldn’t tell you. I had seemed to have lost my voice, but mother always told me only the guilty jumped to defend themselves.
“Must be why you missed that shes actually hundreds of years old, not a young duck in need of a saviour, converting years can be hard though so I don’t blame you... seemed more of an art person than I math person anyway. I’ve seen those sketches of hers you’ve drawn...... very impressive”
Truth be told I was stunned, shocked, taken back. I should have presumed she would have snooped around, but I wasn’t going to let her know that. If I’m being honest I’m glad she spoke before I did. To say I was tongue tied was a grave understatement.
I will not get into the details of how I defended myself, because truth be told I don’t really remember. It wasn’t awfully spectacular mind you, probably bad enough that I repressed the memory.
“If you say you’re looking out for her I believe you, not because I think you’re telling the truth, but because I’m deciding to believe you are.”
I decided to shut my trap, I’d done enough damage and I knew whatever I said she would use against me. I’m almost surprised she didn’t read me my Miranda rights, like I was some sort of criminal she was interrogating.
“I’m choosing to do that now, I may not always, but I want to. Don’t fuck around.”
And she just left. Not a word after that. I was left with my thoughts and a shit load of paperwork. What did she mean? She knew I was doing the right thing, I knew she knew.
I was. And anyone else who thinks otherwise clearly hasn’t loved someone the way I do. We were meant to be, and anyone who thinks they wouldn’t do what I did for a shot at a happy life clearly was privileged enough to already have one in the first place. Everything I ever wanted got ripped away from me, and I wasn’t letting the butterfly out of the palm of my hand. Never.
I opened the file Natasha had set on my desk; empty.
But I didn’t have time to dwell on her tricks and what they meant. As far as my fairy knew, tomorrow was the start of her journey home, and I needed to go tell her how sad and upset I would be once she left.
A pair of wings fluttered in front of me, the body they belonged to sitting hunched over what I assumed to be another book borrowed from Wanda’s library. I walked up behind her, the tips of my pointer finger and thumb gently grasping the very end of her wings. They felt silky, soft, supple, and no matter how many times I had them grace my touch I couldn’t get over how truly magnificent they were.
I tugged gently, careful not to hurt her in any way. I would never do that, I couldn’t. My heart jumped out of my chest every time my eyes landed on her, Id do anything for her. I was surprised she didn’t hear me coming, like a real butterfly would. Flutter away before I could get to her.
Ma always told me butterflies weren’t easy to catch, that if one landed on the tip of your finger she chose you, and that it was a great grift of nature that she did so. I could never seem to get one to dance right above my skin, then perch itself on the tip of my finger, and now that I had one I wasn’t going to let her go. Close my palm around her just enough so that she could never get away.
“Are you excited?”
I sat beside her, watching as she closed her book and leaned her face in her palms. “Aren’t you excited to get back home?” I was petrified of hearing a yes, like the world I had built for the two of us would crumble right as those words left her lips. So I closed my eyes and prepared for her answer.
She hummed unsurely, eyes meeting mine for the first time that day. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding, she wasn’t sure and right now that was the best I could hope for.
“Seems a little scary going out there to get that stone, Im not really used to the whole “avenging thing.”” She chucked. My butterfly had nothing to worry about. I would always protect her, but she wasn’t really wrong. Securing a rare stone under Hydra protection was bound to cause all sorts of trouble.
“It’s going to be okay, we’ll take you there. All you need to do is tell us which stone matches your magic.” I brushed her cheek with the back of my index. “It would take someone working especially hard for you to get hurt my butterfly.” I reassured. She flashed me a bashful smile.
I was elated. The way she had warmed up to me, it was surreal. While she remained rather elusive she craved any sort of stability, or normal, and if things went according to plan the next day, she’d only crave and need me more, the way that I craved and needed her.
She turned atop her cloudy covers, swinging her legs back and forth. I made my way between her legs, kneeling between them. “So you’re not ready for your first mission?” I smiled sympathetically, looking up at her through my lashes. She looked unnerved, but answered nonetheless.
“Not really.. I-” she cut herself off, letting me take her hands in mine. “I guess I’m a little scared.. those agents I met the first day, they didn’t seem very nice.” She tried to lighten up the situation, but I knew she was afraid of getting hurt. The subtle laughter that she offered not genuine in the least.
“I’m just not immune to all the action stuff like you.” She fiddled with my fingers in her lap, a nervous tick of hers that she had developed over the past couple of weeks. I didn’t mind it, I didn’t mind it at all.
“Well it can be pretty terrifying sometimes, I’m not going to sugar coat it.” I watched as she drew patterns on my palm with the tip of her finger. “What’s the scariest part?” She didn’t meet my gaze, instead choosing to watch what she was tracing on my open hands.
“The world, it’s a spine tingling place, there’s always someone out there to get you, devoting their life to the downfall of yours. And well, outside earth, it’s even more frightening.” The look she gave me was heart melting, doe eyes and furrowed eyebrows, concern evident in her features.
I couldn’t deny the pang of guilt in my chest, sure the world was scary, and while telling someone who spent their life so sheltered that it was going to swallow her whole wouldn’t be the regular folks first choice, I was no regular folk, and neither was she. She needed to understand that the world was a hazardous place, and I would rather be safe than sorry when it came to her and anything that could possibly harm her.
While pushing wasn’t my orignal intent, I decided there was no better time than now, and that I better take my opportunity while I still had it. There was vulnerability in the air, fear and doubtfulness.
“But I guess the most frightening thing is that, you realise no one really looks out for you. Sure you may have friends and family, but after a point, everyone’s out for themselves, and you can’t blame them, but in the end, no ones going to wait up for you, I learned that when I got out of the ice.”
I cut her off rather quickly. “I know... it’s really disappointing, you’ve spent your whole life surrounded by good people. But even good people have priorities.”
“But people look out of each other, that’s what makes it a community.”
I sighed, stroking her thighs with my thumbs. “I know it’s disappointing sweetheart. But if that were true I’m sure we’d have a swarm of fairies encircling the compound wouldn’t we?”
Her features softened into the most devastating expression in the world. Pout evident on her lips. She didn’t want to believe a word I was saying, but what I brought up seemed to have hit her hard. Tears welled in her eyes and dripped down her cheeks, with the whine that escaped her lips and I knew I’d hit home with what I said. But she didn’t need anything or anyone besides me. She’s learn that soon, the sooner the better at least.
“No. No they have a reason they-” she shook her head, backing away from me a little, like averting my gaze would dissipate the thoughts I’d planted ever so gently in her blossoming mind.
I had to be quick to sooth her, the brain looks for quick answers and immediate comfort. All I needed to do was reassure her that things were going to be okay, that they may not have her back but I would.
I cupped her cheeks in my hands, brushing away her tears. “Hey, Shh it’s okay angel, you don’t need to worry.”
I took her hands in mine, grasping them tightly and pushing myself between her legs, letting them wrap around my waist. “You have me my butterfly.” I leaned my forehead against hers. “I’ll always protect you, I’m always looking out for you, remember that.”
There was a hopefulness in her eyes, so pure, divine, naive and trusting. I couldn’t let go of someone like her, she was too perfect. I was doing her only good by keeping her with me, there was nothing good waiting for her outside the protection of my arms, not here, not on Fairy Realm.
The glint on her eyes, nothing short of admiring, thankful. I brought her hands to my lips, kissing the back of them gently, brushing my thumbs over her knuckles. “You will...?”
“Cross my heart.” I traced over the left side of my chest with my pointer finger, letting my deep blues get lost in her orbs. Wiping her tears with the backs of her hands she sniffed. My answer had surprised her for sure, and while I knew I hadn’t destroyed the seeds of hope and trust her friends back home had sown into the fertile soil of her brain what I said was sure to nag her for years to come. And with the foundation I had set with that my work to show her the truth that everyone who wasn’t me didn’t care about her was just going to become easier and easier. Building on doubts and nuances Id make her realise just how fortunate she was to have me.
She took me by surprise, leaning in to placing a quick kiss to the tip of my nose, something I’d done to her quite often, and while she accepted my endearment quite well now, it was rare for her to ever return the same.
I could tell she was still shy about it by the way she immediately buried her face in the crook of my neck. Her fresh tears soaking the collar of my flannel shirt. She kissed below my ear rather tamely, whispering a quiet “thank you Stevie.” As she hid her face there. Stevie.
My heart exploded in my chest. I felt like I would melt into a puddle of sobs right there with her leaning against me. Something so small that probably meant nothing to her, it meant everything to me. That name, those kisses. It was what I had been working for. Weeks upon weeks of patience and worry, and slowly it was starting to pay off.
They weren’t just kisses and a stupid pet name. They were fruits of my hard work, fresh strokes on the canvas of my painting, the perfect life with the perfect dame. The paint was starting to fill the blank canvas, and oh what a beautiful picture I was painting. The lines soft and perfect, the paint all the right hues.
So I bid her my goodbyes after holding her in my arms, told her to get some rest. I kissed her cheeks and her forehead and nose, and reassured her one last time that I would always protect her. A new fire in my gut and voice in my head telling me not to give up, and that I was finally going to get what I’d desired for so long.
So when I left for my bedroom and my nearly full sketchbook, I left a little more happy than when I came in. That little bit of happiness, it can mean a lot. And if you asked me, it meant a heck of a lot more than you’ll ever know.
Skskskksk I hope you liked this!!! Sorry it took so long and I’m not back with a super incredible chapter but this was surprisingly hard to write. The next one makes up for it tho!! ♥️ disclaimer, fairies are all smaller than the average human and depending on what lore you read they tend to be around 5’00 tall hence the emphasis on Steve calling her “little” and the height difference. I wouldn’t specify any physical characteristics otherwise!!
Let me know what you thought! ♥️
Thank you for reading and stay hydrated ♥️
Comments and reblogs are appreciated ♥️
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captainjimothycarter · 4 hours ago
Okay but
Peggy gets a call one day from Steve returning from a mission. He's late but that seems to be his montroe. Shes not worried, it's only when Jarvis says that there's one extra person on board the jet, beyond Steve, Natasha, and Clint, does she worry.
Steve had picked up a what?? A passenger? Hostage? No he wouldn't do that unless its vital. That's more Natasha's role. But Jarvis had specifically said Steve. Captain Rogers.
She gets no answers until they arrive and Steve is the last to exit. He's holding a bundle in his arms, battered, and barely together and all she can do is stare as he exists.
"Its a...a..." He tilts the makeshift swaddle of his undershirt and she gasps. Its a baby boy. Somehow and perhaps its instinct from being an Avenger or its because she knows Hydra.
It's theirs.
The DNA confirms it and Peggy's world crashes as shes forced to expose the truth to her friends.
Not an unusual one they hadnt heard before or been through before but she can't look at Steve as she explains everything.
That she was once Hydra. That she was kidnapped as a child in the 40s and experiment on, grew up in their labs like some experiment and done unspeakable things.
She was pulled out by Fury and slowly rehabilitated by Coulsons help.
She remembers all she did - including getting a sample of Steve's DNA through the early days of Shield.
And combined with her "water down" serum and Steve's, they created the child in the lab.
At least that was the idea.
She didnt know theyd done it after she'd been pulled and everything destroyed and shut down.
Perhaps a last chance to save the program.
And its selfish what she does - leaving the tower with Steve and their child because they're not even dating yet but she is close to him. He's her best friend and she might love him.
She's not surprised Steve finds her later that night, sitting ontop of a building to watch the city down below.
"Everything you did was forced and out of your hands." Hes trying to soothe her guilt. Her pain. He believes his words but she doesnt. "No one blames you. No one is mad you were Hydras prop. You..."
"Tainted. I'm tainted. I-I worked to destroy them when cleared for missions. To take my life back. To save others and I failed. If they made one child then there must be others."
His broad shoulders shrug as he takes her hand. "We don't know. Tony and Clint are searching anything they can find in the system. Natasha is working on going through Shield."
"Who has...the..." She can't say it. Steve's eyes soften.
"Thor. When I left, he was singing an Asgardian song to lull him to sleep."
Silence laps between them and he must be reading her thoughts.
"Stay." Hes almost begging. "No one hates you. You dont...have to care for the babe or even look at him if he upsets you. We can work around that but just stay. Because I-I need you."
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imaginedreamwrite · 7 hours ago
Hellfire sneak peek
His eyes were gravitating toward you, his lips pursed. How could someone so innocent and lovely allow themselves to be looked up by young men like they were a piece of meat?
“Do your parents know you’re out here?” One of the residents in the vacation village asked the young woman , her judgemental eyes cast upon the short, tight jean shorts that’s hugged your hips and cupped your asscheeks.
“My parents,” you rolled your eyes and crossed your arms over your chest, pushing your breasts up to the point that they were almost spilling out, “are busy with their ‘bible study’.”
He was enraptured by this young woman, the beauty that defied all. He was enraptured by the fire in your spirit and the curves that made all the sinful men and boys around you drool at your exposed skin.
‘A shame’, he thought. ‘You need to be protected from the world by a firm hand, by a man of God.’
“Y/N dear, should you really be wearing that?” The old lady scolded you.
‘Yes,’ Steve agrees, ‘you shouldn’t be wearing exposing clothing for anyone but your husband.’
“You really should save your innocence-“
“My innocence is still in tact, Mrs. Humphrey.” You rolled your eyes again and lift the drink to your lips, the bottle disguised as an innocent drink but he knew better.
‘You need a firm hand,’ Steve thought to himself, picturing every way that a man like him could straighten out a woman like you, ‘and a firm spanking.’
“Be sure to tell your parents-“
“Whatever.” You rolled your eyes and turned your back, leaving the woman who was speaking to you, and the man you didn’t know was watching you.
“Someone needs to straighten that girl out, Father Rogers.” The woman addressed him, pointedly staring at you with narrowed eyes. “And a few prayers.”
He would be the one. He would be the one to settle you. He was going to the the one to place his firm hand upon your body.
You were going to be his little wife. You were going to be his pretty little woman.
God told him. You belonged to him.
** **
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9worldstales · 7 hours ago
MCU Loki Ep 1 “Glorious Purpose” intensive analysis
So, I’ve seen the first “Loki” episode and, of course, I couldn’t stop myself from talking about it.
Beware about spoilers!
We start in New York 2012 and that part is merely “Avengers: Endgame” albeit they changed a bit the visual so there’s more focus on Loki. We’ve close up of Loki when he is ‘Captain America’, when he says by to the Hulk in the lift and so on.
It’s a good choice because he’s basically the only character the visual seems to focus on (the only other character who gets a close up is the Hulk yelling ‘No stairs!’), subtly telling us the story is about him.
On a sidenote though, in “Avengers: Endgame” you might see Loki walked vaguely near 2022 Tony Stark and we also have Scott Lang asking Tony if he wears Axe body spray, which he confirms. In “Loki” we don’t see these scenes but keep them in mind, they’ll be relevant later on.
Anyway as everyone knows Loki picks up the Tesseract and disappear.
We get the Marvel opening but without the usual ‘heroic’ music, this time it’s more ominous? Or maybe it’s just me. “Marvel studios” also gets written in green and gold on a black background.
It’s not the first time Marvel changed how it presented, in the first episode of “WandaVision” for example it was in black and white instead than in the usual red and silver but it’s still a nice touch.
So we resume… with the visual showing us an insect walking through the desert. Then the camera shows us the full view of the desert, informing us it’s the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.
Rather high in the sky a space portal opens for a moment and the next we know is that Loki is lying flat on his back on the ground among clouds of sand which, I guess, were raised due to him falling into the desert. Loki is without the chains holding his wrists (did the power of the Tesseract destroy them? The fall?) and easily pulls away the muzzle Thor put on him and from his confused expression as he sits up and see people coming close to him, I get the feeling he didn’t exactly plan to fall there and in such a way.
So I guess maybe this is his first attempt at using the Tesseract and he didn’t quite gave it a direction on WHERE he wanted it to take him? Because really falling from the sky flat on the ground in the middle of the Gobi desert among people who didn’t even talk his language doesn’t seem the sort of thing one would plan.
Anyway, despite being in an unfamiliar situation Loki finds a rock to stand over and introduces himself:
“I am Loki of Asgard. And I am burdened with glorious purpose.”
Which yes, it’s how he introduced himself to Fury in “The Avengers”.
The people there have no idea of what he’s saying and asks him who he is in their own language (Mongolian). It’s unclear if Loki gets what they’re saying.
In the comics all Asgardians, can speak every language thanks to the ‘Allspeak’ or ‘All-Tongue’, in which what they say is understood by every species in their own native language.
In “Thor” earlier script though there was this dialogue:
Darcy: So, how can you speak our language? Volstagg: Your language? Ha! Silly girl, you're speaking ours.
In an interview Ray Stevenson (Volstagg) and Joshua Dallas (Fandral) discussed that bit.
Part of this seems to be set in a world where you guys fit in perfectly and the rest is very much on Earth. Ray: Yes, but on Earth we started it all, you see. This is just one of the realms. This is where all the legends come from. All the ruins have gone into myths and Norse mythology. It’s all us, love. It was all us before that. They’ve forgot their place, really. They think, “Oh, you speak our language?” and it’s actually, “No, you’re speaking ours.” Joshua: We invented it. [Ray Stevenson (Volstagg) and Joshua Dallas (Fandral) On Set Interview THOR]
The implication seemed to be that there was no Allspeak, they just spoke the same language because Asgardians invented it and Midgardians learnt it.
We also have this bit from “Avengers: Infinity War”:
Rocket: You speak Groot? Thor: Yes, they taught it on Asgard. It was an elective.
This implies it’s not that Thor was magically granted the ability to understand Groot, he had to study his language.
So well, I would say that no, so far Asgardians didn’t have Allspeak in the MCU, hence, unless Loki studied Mongolian or his magic powers granted him Allspeak, he can’t get what whose people are saying to him. So really, I don’t think he wanted to end up in Mongolia, he should have thought he wanted the Tesseract to just bring him somewhere very far from New York City. That is unless it’ll turn out someone managed to interfere and have him fall there for some purpose.
But, back to Loki.
As I said he doesn’t really get to talk with those people because a door opens up out of nowhere and near to the Tesseract which is lying forgotten in the sand and people in an armoured suit and carrying weapons start to appear.
Loki is kind of confused but he recovers fast.
Putting up a tone of confidence he orders the guy not to touch the Tesseract, thinking they aim at getting it. Another door opens up out of nowhere and we get another person in armour. To save time I’ll say the woman is supposed to be Hunter B-15. I wonder if she’ll get a name beyond this or not.
The situation of the people at the TVA isn’t exactly great but I’m running ahead.
Now, I think Loki preferred to deal with the Mongolian people because although he can understand what Hunter B-15 says, it clearly makes no sense for him.
Honestly I’m not going to blame him.
“Appears to be a standard sequence violation. Branch is growing at a stable rate and slope. Variant identified.”
This isn’t the kind of sentence that makes sense in a conversation, if you aren’t familiar with the TVA.
Hunter B-15 doesn’t care what she says doesn’t make sense to him and wouldn’t make sense to any other normal person. She calls him ‘Variant’ and talks as if everyone should know and respect the Time Variance Authority as an authority to defer and obey to.
I love Loki’s reply here:
“It's been a very long day, and I think I've had my fill of idiots in armored suits telling me what to do, so, if you don't mind, this is actually your last chance. Now get out of my way.”
He had a very bad day, he’s probably still bruised and sore due to his ‘meeting’ with the Hulk and his fall from the sky, he might very well be exhausted and he’s clearly confused but he acts as if he’s in control and won’t let himself be intimidated. I love him.
As he moves close Hunter B-15 hits him and informs him although he’s moving at 1/16th speed he’s feeling all the pain in real time.
Now… from when “Loki” trailers had started going around there had been a debate if the TVA is the good guys or the bad guys.
I’ll jump a bit ahead and tell you they clearly believe they’re the good guys.
But just from this bit you can start to question the idea they’re good guys.
They aren’t just acting as Vigilantes but they’re claiming an authority that no one on planet Earth gave them and demanding submission, not hesitating to beat people when they do not complain.
I know, some of you are thinking that Loki is a bad guy so serves him right but that’s not really the point because they aren’t even beating him for what he did to New York but for a crime he didn’t know he was committing, acting with an authority no one on Earth gave them. They just took it. And they would have taken it if the one picking up the Tesseract and ending up in Mongolia were to be a random person that out of bad luck had picked up the Tesseract and had ended activating it by accident.
This is not about Loki, this is how the TVA operates and it’s scary.
I don’t know if “Loki” will want to dig into police brutality and I honestly don’t dare to hope in it but it would be an interesting turn.
Hunter B-15 seems to be enjoying her work. I won’t call her evil yet, it’s clear she thinks she has the authority to do so, that the TVA enabled her to think she’s doing a good thing but she doesn’t seem to have… hesitation in doing so. One can still do his duty and not enjoy beating up people and causing them pain, yet the dialogue gives me the impression she’s very cool with beating up resisting Variants who has no idea they’re Variant and causing them pain.
Maybe it’s just me, maybe she’ll prove she’s actually a gentle soul but, for now, she doesn’t look as such. We’ll see.
Anyway she straps a collar around Loki’s neck and then, finally, she let him fall at normal speed before two of the men with her grabs him and carry him away while she picks up the Tesseract and orders to ‘reset the timeline’, which, at first I thought would mean they use that sort of mechanism to send back the time, erasing Loki’s appearance from the timeline. I’m not sure now. It might as well erase everything there. Loki turns to see what this mechanism does and from the look on his face it doesn’t seem anything good.
I hope not but well, in a way, sending everything back of some minutes erases lives that could have possibly be lived differently so yeah, in a way they erased lives. It’s the dilemma of changing time after all.
Whatever, Loki is dragged through the door that opens out of nowhere and appears at the TVA. The door disappears behind him and he has no idea where he is.
Now I guess it’s a good point to point out how people had been wondering which kind of Loki this one was, if he was based on the Loki on “Thor”, the one in “The Avengers”, the one in “Thor: The Dark World” or the one in “Thor: Ragnarok”.
In itself he can’t really be based on neither of them.
Loki’s characterization in “Thor” is split in two, there’s Loki prior to discovering the truth, and there’s Loki after discovering the truth, mad in shock and grief until he realizes his father would never accept him and let go of Gungnir.
This Loki can’t obviously be the Loki pre-truth but he can’t even be the one post it, as in that one the pain was still too new and raw and mixed with the desperation of denial and the attempt at ‘fixing things’.
So, can he be “The Avengers” Loki?
Marvel’s site confirmed that during “The Avengers” unknown to Loki, he was influenced by the sceptre as well. Very likely he wasn’t influenced in Clint Barton or Erik Selvig style, as the site says:
“Gifted with a Scepter that acted as a mind control device, Loki would be able to influence others. Unbeknownst to him, the Scepter was also influencing him, fuelling his hatred over his brother Thor and the inhabitants of Earth.”
Basically the sceptre on Loki works in a manner similar to how it worked on the Avengers when they started arguing in the Helicarrier. It warped his perception to the point he might have seen them as his most hated enemies, making difficult for him to see Thor was extending his hand to him or that the people were actually just scared but it didn’t make him a mindless, loyal servant. A different type of control on him but one that’s no less dangerous. Anyway I’ve talked at length about it while replying to a post so I’ll just link it here.
Loki is now very far from the sceptre so the mind stone shouldn’t be able to influence him any longer. As a result he’s probably more in control of his emotions.
So… “Thor: The Dark World” Loki?
Close enough but not quite, as that Loki had to go through Odin telling him some pretty awful things and spending a year forgotten by Odin and Thor in a jail.
Even more clearly he can’t be “Thor: Ragnarok” Loki as that one lived a huge chunk of things he hadn’t lived yet… never mentioning Waititi wanted “Thor: Ragnarok” to be his own thing, not a continuation of “The Avengers” and “Thor: The Dark World”…
“I was lucky enough they didn’t force me to acknowledge things- there were certain things in the film, like the play, which makes fun of the scene in The Dark World where Loki dies, but there’s a point to that play, sort of to recap what happened, but also to tell the audience, “This is not what you think it’s going to be, this film is not going to be a continuation of that. It’s its own thing, and what you think you expect from this film ends at this play.”” [Empire Podcast Spoiler Special: Thor: Ragnarok with Taika Waititi]
… while Loki is an alternate continuation of “The Avengers” so it has to be more “The Avengers” compliant than “Thor: Ragnarok”.
In short this Loki is his own Loki… or a Loki we hadn’t seen yet because we weren’t really shown much of Loki post sceptre influence, pre one year of solitary confinement.
Back to the story two things are interesting to point out.
One is that there’s a Variant Skrull as well in the TVA.
The other is that once there the Tesseract lost part of its shiny light as if it powered down.
Last but not least, instead than a futuristic look the TVA has the look of midcentury modern aesthetic as if, instead than going in the future ore remaining in the present, we’ve gone back in time.
Anyway, as another prisoner is dragged into the room, Loki tries to escape and discovers that Hunter B-15 can rewind his time so he’s back where he started. She then gives the Tesseract to a man at a desk, telling him to log it as evidence.
The guy, I’ll spoiler you and tell you his name is Casey, has no idea what it is and it’s Loki who has to explain him it’s the Tesseract and one should be very careful with it. Casey merely find it sounding dumb.
This is our first clue that to the TVA the Tesseract doesn’t matter at all. We’ve finished Phase 3 with the infinity stones raised at the level of immensely powerful artifact but, for the TVA, they’re nothing.
This is the first blow that the “Loki” series gives to the MCU as we previously knew it.
On a sidenote it’s nice Loki explained what it was to the unsuspecting desk man. If this weren’t the TVA he might have ended in the Gobi desert as well just by handling it carelessly.
Hunter B-15 drags Loki to a door and Loki tries to threaten her only to be showed inside that door.
Have you noticed how no one read Loki his own rights so far? That’s because he has none and the story is about to make it even more clear.
In the room there’s a robot of some sort (which I find slightly creepy despite its smile) which would like for Loki to undress. At Loki’s refusal accompanied with a comment that “This is fine Asgardian leather” the robot, without any warning, merely disintegrates his clothes.
Some assumed it was played for laugh but the music doesn’t suggest it, and Loki is clearly upset as he stutters when he speaks again. In real life, when you’re arrested, in many states your belonging are confiscated but they will be returned to you once you’re released or they’re returned to your family.
The TVA destroys them.
A trap door opens below Loki and he finds himself in another room, dressed up in TVA uniforms for Variants.
There’s something I think I need to mention which is I love how the show is characterizing TVA desk people.
The guy we’ve met before had his own character which we could guess despite the few lines and moments in which he appeared.
This new guy is also characterized.
He has a kitten in the room, which moves away slightly as Loki appears, probably scared and a mug with the image of a kitten. It’s tiny details but they made him a person instead of merely something that’s there.
He pushes in front of Loki a huge stack of papers telling him to sign to verify this is everything Loki said. Loki’s two following comments get printed and he’s demanded to sign them as well.
It’s another aspect of the TVA that’s actually unpleasant.
The amount of paper is huge and it would take a lot to read it all in order to check it but… the truth is the request is impossible. People isn’t made so that they can remember everything they’ve said, exactly as they’ve said it and it gets even more troublesome if there isn’t the other half of the conversation but just what we said.
So it’s not even a point to discuss if Loki really said just that stack of paper and nothing more or that stack of paper is too small, or if maybe there’s more paper he’ll have to sign or if that stack of paper only cover his time as a Variant and not the time in which he followed the Sacred Timeline.
The request doesn’t just make the TVA look like a bureaucratic place but shows it demands impossible tasks from its victims.
Oh, another interesting thing I noticed is that the camera is at a slightly lower point when it is on the TVA guy, so, despite the guy being seated, it gives him the impression of being higher than us viewers. On the over side when the camera is on Loki, it’s far from him, with the result of making him look small.
It’s a fine detail that gives us a certain subconscious impression.
The TVA guy stares at Loki as the latter gives up and start signing. It seems he only signed one paper, without even trying to read them all. I wish they had let us see how Loki signs. I wonder if he writes his name with runes, since the inscription on Thor’s hammer was in rune.
We’ll see, we’ll find out Loki knows how to write in English so he might use it to sign.
Anyway as soon as he finishes signing another trapdoor opens below him and he finds himself in another room.
So far the TVA is reminding me more and more of “The House that sends you mad” from “The Twelve Tasks of Asterix”. Well, of a very dark Variant of it to be exact, a Variant that reminds me of something way more unpleasant, but we’ll get there. In the next room Loki is asked:
“Please confirm to your knowledge that you are not a fully robotic being, were born an organic creature, and do in fact possess what many cultures would call a soul.”
Loki just asks if there are many people who don’t know if they’re robot and this is taken as a confirmation at which he’s urged to move through it. At Loki’s question he’s told if he actually were a robot and didn’t know it, the machine would melt him from the inside out.
Before thinking the situation is absurd let’s remember Vision exists in the Marvel universe and he’s a robot and he could have been programmed so that he wasn’t aware of this or might lose awareness of it due to a malfunctioning.
So if a Vision variant unaware to be a robot where to show up at the TVA they would just melt him from the inside out, no big deal.
The machine turns out to be a photographic machine, which doesn’t take Loki’s mug shoot but photograph his temporal area, which Loki has no idea what is and no one bothers to explain him.
Again, through the whole procedure there’s no request of consent nor explanations, Loki has no rights for the TVA, he’s merely supposed to comply.
Loki ends up in another room with another ‘convict’. They’re both demanded to take a ticket. The first convict refuses, Loki complain there’s just two of them so it’s useless but complies and put it in his pocket. Loki clearly has better manners or has figured out there’s no point discussing and is bidding his time to when arguing or rebelling might be worth something.
As Loki complains...
“This is a mistake. I shouldn't even be here.”
...we’re introduced with Miss Minute. Miss Minute is a cartoon watch which is supposed to FINALLY help people catch up before they stand to trial for their crimes. We’ll find out that Miss Minute is there not for the convicts’ benefit but for us viewers’ benefit as it explains us the origins of the TVA.
If we want to stretch things it might be there also for the TVA benefit as it might give them a sense of legitimacy.
Anyway Miss Minute’s speech feels like Odin’s speech at the beginning of “Thor”.
Is a self glorifying narration in which they paint themselves as the heroes and something that exist for other people’s benefit.
But it only paints the TVA in an even darker light because when it explains how one becomes a Variant it says:
“But sometimes, people like you veer off the path the Time-Keepers created. We call those Variants. Maybe you started an uprising, or were just late for work. Whatever it was, stepping off your path created a nexus event, which, left unchecked, could branch off into madness, leading to another multiversal war. But, don't worry, to make sure that doesn't happen, the Time-Keepers created the TVA and all its incredible workers. The TVA has stepped in to fix your mistake and set time back on its predetermined path. Now that your actions have left you without a place on the timeline, you must stand trial for your offenses.”
A break here.
From this little bit we’re introduced to the idea there’s only 1 timeline because each time another timeline could be born, the TVA erases it. This begs the question of how we’re supposed to judge this bit in “Avengers: Infinity War”
Stephen Strange: [Panting] I went forward in time to view alternate futures. To see all the possible outcomes of the coming conflict. Peter Quill: How many did you see? Stephen Strange:14,000,605. Tony Stark: How many did we win? [Dr.Strange stares intently at Tony for a moment.] Stephen Strange: [Pause] One.
If there’s only 1 timeline, it seems impossible there could be 14,000,605 futures… but actually the key might be that there could be 14,000,605 futures… but the TVA erases them. The time stone might show those futures who had the possibility to be born… and that the TVA squashes under their feet, all for the sake to make canon their favourite future, while all the others have to cease and desist. If this is true I do wonder if the actions of the TVA can be undone, so that we can have “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”.
Back to “Loki” and to what Miss Minute said, which is pretty worrisome and not at all uplifting.
I mean… we can speculate who starts an uprising might be someone bad (which is not necessarily the truth, what about the people involved in the French Revolution or the American Revolutionary War or the Resistance in WW2?) but a poor guy who’s just late for work?
They don’t really see the difference between him and a guy starting an uprising because for them the matter isn’t what they were trying to do or which kind of people they were, just that they created another timeline, a crime they clearly weren’t aware to commit as no one warned them about how this was forbidden by this self imposed authority.
Loki clearly finds all this idiotic but then he hears the previous guy arguing with some sort of guard who demands his ticket. Now the previous guy is clearly a dumb liar, as insists he asked for the ticket but wasn’t given one, when he was loud enough and alone enough everyone in the room could notice he was the one refusing to take a ticket.
Anyway at this point the guard vaporizes him. In short they just murdered him, without trial or anything for the terrible crime of ‘not taking a ticket’.
Loki is appropriately shocked and hurries to get his ticket.
Something that’s also worth mentioning is the whole TVA is clearly structured to make people feel powerless.
There’s no explanation, they’re forcefully dragged in an unknown place by people claiming authority from an unknown structure, they’re forced to comply, they’re stripped naked against their will, dressed all the same, handled like objects who’re not called by their name but ‘Variant’ with even assigned a number, threatened to be melted if they don’t know they’re robot (and what if they know? They don’t take their picture or they just melt them?) and subjected to an explanation in form of a cartoon that feels absurd and that merely has the point of legitimizing the TVA as heroes and them as criminals.
Anyway Loki finds his ticket and shows it in a scene that reminds me of “Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade”. Do you remember when Indy and his father board a Zeppelin to leave Germany and Indy tosses a Nazi out of the window and explains his actions by saying the guy was without ticket so everyone shows his ticket at him?
Anyway at this point we’re shown the title, “Loki" with a filter that makes it look like an old movie and the letters changing font.
Okay, I’m a bit late but I should probably mention that, form when Loki go to the TVA the colouring had a huge abundance of yellow and brown with basically no blue (except a little in the Miss Minute cartoon) which gives an idea of this being like an old movie. The music is kind of creepy and there’s a clock tickling as we see it.
Which is an interesting idea. Even though the TVA seems so modern, furniture and the structure of the place felt all but modern. Even the robot that stripped Loki felt as if it just came out from a very old and outdated idea of how a futuristic robot would look like.
We resume the story but this time we’re at Aix-En-Provence, in France in 1549.
We’re in a beautiful gothic church and one of the TVA agents, explains that the corpses on the ground belongs to some Minutemen (the name for the TVA agents who do field work apparently) who responded to a routine Nexus event. As soon as they arrived someone jumped on them.
Mobius is there as well, and he’s apparently playing the part of the detective as he’s studying the corpses.
Hunter U-92, another poor guy who apparently has no name but just a number clearly suspect of someone and tells so to Mobius who agrees as the stab wounds look consistent with the previous, the Minutemen were hit on surprise and the reset charge (remember? The stuff that erase the deviation from the timeline) is gone.
Oh we’re also told this is the 6th attack in the last week THAT THEY KNOW OF. I hope for them it’s Saturday, because this would mean ‘only 1’ attack each day. This would be rather terrible if they were just at Monday since the day hadn’t even ended yet.
Now… remember when I was comparing the hunters of the TVA to police and wonder if the show would dig into police brutality?
Well, we’ve this scene in which someone enters in the place and Hunter U-92 is immediately ready to attack him with the wand they used against Loki or some other similar TVA weapon.
Only the one who got in is, apparently, just a kid, not the dangerous variant they’re searching and it’s Mobius who has to stop Hunter U-92 from attacking a kid who, for all they know, is completely unrelated to the crime, a kid that’s far from them and weaponless.
I don’t want to know what would have happened in Mobius hadn’t told him ‘Wait, stand down! Stand down’ (note how he has to say ‘stand down’ twice) and had physically stopped him in his track with his arm.
Mobius approaches the kid, speaking gently in French, apologizing for Hunter U-92’s behaviour, saying he’s just an imbecile.
Hunter U-92, annoyed by his comment, reminds him that he too can speak every language on the timeline, and that in short he can understand what Mobius is saying. The sentence though is more for our benefit, telling us those men can use the TVA version of Allspeak or whatever the “Loki” series wants to call it.
There’s a lovely visual showing us the kid and Mobius met in front of a beautiful stained glass window which depicts Satan.
To get the boy to talk Mobius draws a stick figure on some sort of small tablet he has and then passes it to the boy, telling him to tap on it. The boy does and the figure becomes a walking holographic projection which causes the boy to smile instead than assuming it’s witchcraft and running away screaming.
Okay, we are in 1549 and not in middle age, but that would still feel like magic even at the end of Renaissance age. But whatever, boys sometimes can put aside their fear for something that amuses them and this one had no troubles dealing with the guy killing all those TVA agents.
Anyway Mobius asks the boy if he knows who did that and the boy conveniently does. He points to the figure in the glass stained window, a horned demon, likely Satan. We might think it’s symbolic, that for the boy whoever kills someone is a demon… but… wait a moment.
Anyway Mobius says the boy shouldn’t worry because that devil is afraid of them and that they will put the boy back to where he belongs.
The boy smiles and Mobius notices his teeth are blue. It turns out that the ‘devil’ has gifted the kid with some… candies? Bubblegums?
I’ve no idea if those ‘Kablooie’ are actually some kind of American food, sorry about it but it’s clear although the kid has pointed to a devil, he wasn’t so scared by him to turn down his gift or to not try it out. And a devil giving him a gift doesn’t really feel like someone who wanted to harm him, despite the boy seeing him.
I get this feeling this ‘devil’ is targeting specifically TVA hunters only instead than the timeline or people inside it. He leads them somewhere and then attacks and dispose them. If he’s doing so because the TVA hurt him or because he wants to control the timeline that’s up to speculation.
We’ll later be said this guy is another Loki variant, and in this scenes we were given clues to figure out ourselves, like how he stabbed the TVA agents and how the boy pointed to a demon or, more specifically, to a horned figure, and we knows Loki wears horns when in his full Asgardian attire.
Anyway Mobius takes the ‘candies?’ ‘bubblegums?’ away from the boy and orders Hunter U-92 to run the candies for sequence period and temporal aura… not that Hunter U-92 thinks they’ll find anything but he’s worried because the branch is nearing red line and they need to go. In my understanding if it reaches the red line it could risk creating a multiverse.
Mobius sends the boy to play outside while Hunter U-92 orders to set a reset charge.
Again we aren’t explained what a ‘reset charge’ works.
However we’ve seen the cartoon with Miss Minute and in that one there was a reset charge and when it activated it didn’t rewind the timeline… it erased it. So the creepy things is it could be this reset charge just… destroys everything, erases all the lives in that alternate timeline because, in a way, they’re all Variants, and the TVA disposes of Variants.
Well, I hope I’m wrong because otherwise it means each time the TVA resetted a timeline they basically killed each life living in that universe, which would make Thanos, who ‘only’ killed half the population once, a rather tame mass murderer.
Anyway before the timeline is resetted another TVA person joins Mobius and it shows him a file about the just apprehended Loki. Maybe nobody except me cares but they had previously shown an image of a Loki file and in it there were question marks on where the race was. Now they’ve written ‘Frost Giant’. Either the file shown was for another Loki Variant or they managed to remember Loki was a Frost Giant and fix the file.
It could be the file for another variant though, as his height in it is given as 6’4” while in this file he’s 6’2” (1.88m) which is Tom Hiddleston’s true height (for who’s curious 6’4” is Jeff Goldblum’s height… not that I think the Grandmaster is walking around pretending to be Loki because well, this would be weird…)… or they messed up Loki’s height as well. We’ll see.
As I know some have wondered about it, Loki’s eyes are given as blue and not as green… which is correct as Tom Hiddleston said:
Loki is a sexy villain, but that’s not part of his ambition, is it? He doesn’t seem to be interested in love or sex but he has this sexuality about him, maybe it’s his lust for power. What do you think of Loki as a sexy beast? Tom Hiddleston: [Laughs] That’s the first time anyone has ever used that phrase about Loki. It’s fascinating isn’t it? I don’t know because it’s not a part of the conscious construction. I take relish in playing him. I think there’s a physical self-possession about him, a self-acceptance. Of course I’ve been very exacting about his physicality. You know, I was born with very blonde, curly hair, and a mixture of Scottish and English genes, and my complexion is very ruddy and healthy. In making him with this raven black hair and blanching my face of all color, it changes my features. Suddenly my blue eyes look a lot bluer, which lends a severity to my face. And even my own smile has a distorted menace to it. Whatever comes through me naturally is distorted. It’s almost like a filter on a light. ['Thor: The Dark World’: Tom Hiddleston on boom times for evildoers]
Which implies he never wore green contact lenses to play Loki.
Whatever, we’ll go on.
We’re back to the TVA and Loki’s trial starts.
He’s taken in front of the judge Ravonna Renslayer who addresses to him as Laufeyson. Except for a small comic later retconned in “Thor: The Dark World”, this is the first time in the MCU Loki is called Laufeyson… which is a little sad as he never identified as such (the closest he goes is to say he’s Loki of Jotunheim when he tries to trick Malekith) yet meaningful as well as the TVA evidently never recognized Odin’s ‘adoption’ as valid. For them he’s not Odinson, he’s Laufeyson because that’s what he’s born. ‘Loki Odinson’ in his file is labelled as an alias same as ‘God of Mischief’, nothing more.
But well, they aren’t really interested in his name, for them he’s ‘Variant L1130, AKA Loki Laufeyson’. Renslayer informs him he’s charged with sequence violation 7-20-89 which can mean everything and nothing at the same time as, to us, and to Loki, is just a collection of numbers, and asks him how does he plead.
Loki tries, as it’s his habit, to put up a polite yet confident front.
He claims a god doesn’t plead and has been a very enjoyable pantomime, but he'd like to go home… and boys, we know he would really like to do so. He’s putting up a front because we saw how uncomfortable and scared he was through his permanence at the TVA.
In an old interview that’s sadly no more available Tom Hiddleston said:
“The thing with Loki is that, if he’s afraid, he won’t show it. He’s been highly trained, through the experience of his slightly traumatic life, to shield his fears.”
Why didn’t we see him scared in “The Avengers” even though he took risks in it too while now we’re allowed to catch glimpses of his fear here and there?
“The Avengers” had to paint him as the big adversary, the great obstacle the heroes have to overcome.
Are we going to feel that bad for you in this movie, or are you gonna – ? Tom Hiddleston: Yeah. He does some pretty nasty things. On one level, it was like, I knew I had to up the ante because there’s seven superheroes that make up the Avengers, and, in order for the film to work, the film is the most redemptive, feel-good, kind of fist-pumping story. And, in order for the audience to be pumping their fists for Iron Man, and Hulk, and Thor, and Captain America, they need to overcome a really big obstacle. And, unfortunately, that big obstacle is me. [LAUGHS]. I hope I have retained a sense of his kind of emotional damage [like we saw in Thor]. There is a lovely scene with Chris Hemsworth where you see a glimmer of his — his vulnerability, but… he’s yielded to the dark side, you know? [Interview With Tom Hiddleston AKA Loki]
In this episode the Loki we met isn’t the adversary, he’s the main character, so we get glimpses of his true mind. He’s afraid or confuse, yet he reacts to all that by putting up a front, by presenting himself as confident and in control. It started from when he found himself in an unfamiliar situation, facing the Mongolic people and it continues and will continue and mind you, it’s a good and popular technique to hide your fear.
By presenting yourself as confident, your opponent might believe you might have some reason to be confident and be more careful and hesitate in attacking you, and sometimes this is all the advantage you need.
Renslayer remains unfazed, as she likely knows Loki has no advantage over her. She knows he’s powerless, in an unfamiliar environment he knows nothing about, forced to wear a collar that somehow controls his time, submitted to rules he knows nothing about and surrendered by enemies.
Loki isn’t the first who was carried in front of her and she knows he won’t be the last. The system is unjust and the trial a farce but she’s persuaded for it to be righteous and the right way to deal with ‘Variants’ as this leads to the greater good of avoiding wars into the Multiverse so justice and fairness are clearly not something she has to care about.
Anyway she pressures the issue and, understanding she won’t let go, Loki shifts the blame on the Avengers, pointing out how he came into possession of the Tesseract because THEY traveled through time, according to Loki in a ‘last-ditch effort to stave off his ascent to God King’.
So yes, even though he was soundly beaten by them and he’s in a bad spot Loki still tries to play highty and mighty and not cower up in fear. But how did he know about the Avengers travelling through time? We saw he noticed the whole thing with the case, but how did he knew the Avengers were involved and not some other guy?
Remember how I mentioned that “Avengers: Endgame” had Loki walking vaguely near 2022 Tony Stark and we Scott Lang asking Tony if he wears Axe body spray?
Well, Loki clearly has a fine nose because he recognized the Axe body spray coming off from 2022 Tony Stark and figured out he was a future version of 2012 Tony Stark.
It’s kind of a pity they hadn’t kept these bits in the series but whatever, I get why they might have cut them.
Loki, like most of the fandom, blames them as the Time Criminals and suggests if Rendlayer were to provide him a taskforce he could eliminate them for her.
As he spoke we see Mobius intruding in the trial and sitting down as it carries on.
Back to Renslayer, she isn’t interested in the Avengers, claiming they were supposed to go back in the past but Loki wasn’t supposed to grab the Tesseract and escape.
Loki laughs at the absurdity of the statement and demands to know who decided this.
The answer is the Time-Keepers who dictate the proper flow of time so that Renslayer can dictate the proper flow of time according to their dictation.
And you start to see the horror of this system.
The Time-Keepers arbitrarily decide which is the proper flow of time and impose it on everyone. They basically make the rules according to what they like the most… and, of course, they don’t inform anyone of which ones the rules should be.
When Loki picked up the Tesseract and escaped there was nowhere a big warning sign saying ‘if you do so you commit a crime’. He didn’t even know there were Time-Keepers and a sacred timeline and the TVA did nothing to fix this.
While in many countries you’re supposed to know the law and pledging ignorance is not an excuse, the TVA is a self imposed and not recognized Authority of whose existence nobody knows anything which dictate rules according to the Time-Keepers’ tastes.
There’s the risk of total annihilation due to a multiverse war?
Fair worry but then why they get to decide how the sacred timeline should be? Which are their criteria for it? Why the Avengers going back to time was okay?
Although they saved lives, the whole things was incredibly messy as discussed in “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier”… and that series only touched the tip of the iceberg.
But whatever. The Time-Keepers, which Loki defines gods because that’s basically how the TVA paints them, at the moment remind me of the gods of gods in the “Loki: Agent of Asgard” comic and with them the whole idea everything is a tale.
The Sacred timeline feels like nothing else but the tale the Time-Keeper enjoyed, their canon, as if they were Marvel. Everything else is a fictional Au written by fans that gets a ‘cease and desist letter’ and is erased from the net.
Anyway Loki is feed up. He decides to plea ‘guilty’ but not of the crime they’re trying to pin on him but of… using his magic against them. Only his magic doesn’t work.
Hunter B-15 is probably the first who realizes what’s going on and, chuckling, explains it to Renslayer who’s not catching up. As Loki gets angry for not managing to use them, Renslayer explains magic powers don’t work at the TVA, which might explain why she didn’t recognize what Loki was doing while Hunter B-15, used to fieldwork, did. Renslayer might have never seen people using magic powers but Hunter B-15 might have done so.
Hunter B-15 is still laughing. She’s enjoying this.
Anyway she decides Loki is guilty and sentenced to be ‘reset’… you know, like the timelines.
Note again how Loki had no rights in this. He had no lawyer, he wasn’t explained things, he was just asked how he pled but that one was more a pro-forma than anything else. They had already decided he wasn’t allowed to do what he did and therefore guilty.
The trial was a farce to give the TVA a semblance of justice but it’s all a show.
Back to Loki, he has no idea what they mean with ‘reset’ and they didn’t even have the courtesy to explain it to him. Angrily he says:
“You ridiculous bureaucrats will not dictate how my story ends!”
To which Renlayer replies:
“It's not your story, Mr. Laufeyson. It never was.”
So yeah, now they’ve started with the references to stories which are another subtle jab at the “Loki: Agent of Asgard” plotline.
By the way, keep in mind Renslayer’s reply.
As Loki complains they have no idea what he’s capable of and tries resisting being taken away Mobius speaks up.
Fundamentally Mobius wants Renslayer to pass Loki to him as he has a plan.
There’s clearly a story behind the relation between Renslayer and Mobius, they aren’t just professional to each other, they’re closer than that.
Renslayer agrees although she says he’ll get the blame for whatever goes wrong.
Mobius looks at Loki, Loki stops struggling and asks him who he is and Mobius smiles in a satisfied manner and doesn’t reply.
The scene shifts to them walking through the place, Loki threatening to burn the place to the ground. Mobius clearly doesn’t take him seriously, saying he can start from his desk.
The fact is… Loki is powerless and Mobius knows. We know too, we’ve seen how the trial went. However there might be more at play. Mobius knows the whole of Loki’s life which as far as we know, included only episodes of violence post discovering who he was and during his permanence on Earth.
To him Loki’s statement might feel more an expression of frustration than a sincere threat.
As they walk Loki happens to see the world outside the place he’s in from what looks like a window. He’s surprised and Mobius encourages him to have a look.
Loki points out he though there was no magic there. I’m not sure if he’s saying so because he sees car flying and assume it’s magic.
In “Thor” and “Thor: The Dark World” magic was compared to science so maybe that’s what he’s saying, that the world he sees seems to advanced.
Mobius insists there isn’t magic there so Loki says that’s not real.
They exchange some more lines in which Mobius continues to play on Loki’s declaration he’ll burn the place down.
I’m curious.
We know Mobius is actually chasing another Loki Variant, one who killed many TVA agents (we’ll see some of them got burned down too).
He’ll later claim this Loki is not dangerous, but what’s the difference between this Loki and the other? What makes the other dangerous? And can’t this Loki get dangerous too?
Is Mobius doing the same that Loki does?
Acting confident and joking about Loki burning down the place because he actually fears he might have the potential to just do so if not handled correctly?
We’ll see.
Once they’re on a lift Mobius decides to introduce himself as ‘Agent Mobius’ and offers him his hand to shake… and I’m reminded of this scene from “The Avengers”.
Natasha: But you figured I'd come. Loki: After. After whatever tortures Fury can concoct, you would appear as a friend, as a balm. And I would cooperate.
The TVA doesn’t see what they’ve done as torture or even as ‘wrong’… but many states wouldn’t approve of some sort of vigilante capture a person for something THEY labelled a crime, force him to undress, destabilize him to the point he’s not even sure if he’s a human or a robot, put him through a mock trial and then threaten him to be ‘reset’.
It’s in dystopic universes you find authorities who can just arrest you for breaking laws they made up without your knowledge and then decide of your life.
Mobius might not be looking like Natasha but, after all this, someone acting like a friend would make him automatically more cooperative and, in a way, it does.
Hunter B-15 had to drag him where Loki just follows Mobius more or less quietly.
Anyway, back to the story.
Mobius decided to introduce himself in a friendly manner and I would want to remark Loki asked him who he was when they were at the trial so this is a rather late introduction which he might be doing right now because we just hear Loki sighing as he’s clearly unnerved.
Mobius is playing the role of the good cop in a way, trying to gain his trust.
Loki doesn’t handshake, he’s not going to make friend so easily, but asks him if he’s taking him somewhere to kill him.
Mobius says no, that’s where he just was which, if it’s not a lie, means that resetting Loki would have meant to actually kill him. So again… what about the timelines that get resetted? All the people in them get killed? The place gets razed to the ground? Disintegrated? What?
Mobius’ reply might be truthful but it’s also clever because he’s setting himself up as Loki’s ‘saviour’. Others wanted to kill Loki but he? He just saved him which begs the question of ‘shouldn’t Loki be a good boy and comply with Mobius’ requests and trust him and all the stuff?’
Now… I know that people feel like Mobius is a good guy because he saved Loki but the story will make clear he didn’t do it out of the goodness of his heart… but merely because he needs him.
We’ve seen Mobius with the boy before, he made him comfortable so that the boy complied and gave him info, which is one of the many interrogating techniques.
That’s what Mobius is doing here.
Anyway we proceed with the best known scene of “Loki” as it was in the very first trailer.
I remember people discussing Mobius’ words about Loki liking to talk, as in the first movie he was often silent and quiet.
Well, to be honest if the movie had been left in his original cut Loki would have surely talked more, but what stuck with me watching “Thor” wasn’t so much that Loki was often quiet, but that many times he attempts to speak but he’s silenced.
On the Rainbow Bridge Volstagg asks him:
Volstagg: What happened? Your silver tongue turn to lead?
…which means Loki normally was skilful at persuading people to believe what they say or to do what they want them to do, which doesn’t necessarily makes him a chatter, but surely someone who knows how to talk. And we see that in “The Avengers” when nobody is there to interrupt him he allows himself to monologue. It’s an interpretation, of course, with whom people can disagree.
Anyway Loki decides to talk with Mobius. It’s not a stupid decision. Mobius is clearly not seeing him as a threat but he’s not being overly hostile either. Loki is completely a fish out of the water so it’s in his own interest to play along with Mobius, talk with him and find out more information about the place. In fact the first thing he asks is how long Mobius had been there, because this is tied in how much knowledge he could have.
In fact, the more he’d been there, the more he might know.
Mobius though remarks since time passes differently at the TVA he has no idea… which is a convenient reply as it only confuses Loki and explains nothing. In fact he could have said not the exact time he’d been there but give an approximation like ‘a lot’ or ‘very little’, instead, by giving out a vague reply he gives Loki an info he could do nothing with (time passes differently) and no real info about himself. At the same time, by giving out an answer, he again seems amicable, like how, when Loki asks what his answer means, he says Loki will catch up, as if he’s not withholding information, it’s just ‘complicate’.
Loki resorts to check the information Miss Minute gave him in her cartoon, which Mobius confirms because he has nothing to lose.
Loki laughs and tries to spark a response by being rude in defining the TVA system.
“The idea that your little club decides the fate of trillions of people across all of existence at the behest of three space lizards, yes, it's funny. It's absurd.”
Note, ‘little club’, ‘three space lizards’, ‘funny’, ‘absurd’.
He’s mocking the system, likely in order to get a response, but also in order to gain some measure of control.
It’s something he has done during the trial and is something he did in “Thor: The Dark World” facing Odin… or in “The Avengers” when he was held captive. But in “The Avengers” and “Thor: The Dark World” he had some understanding of what to expect. Here he’s blind flying, trying to test Mobius to see what he can get out of him while still trying to hold a façade of control.
On another note Loki says rather often how all this is absurd. To him this is a world of nonsense, like the one Alice found when she ended up in Wonderland (and it’s ironic how “Alice in the Wonderland” also contain a mock trial about the stealing of tarts in which rules are made on the spot as well as Alice here and there questioning her own identity or discussions about paths…) but I think having him repeat ‘it’s absurd’ so often it’s also for us viewers, to drive home we’re in a dystopic universe.
The TVA isn’t good, it’s absurd, with its rules that don’t make sense, a huge bureaucratic world and we might laugh at it if it wasn’t that’s also an organization that kidnap people from their timelines and subject them to their rules, rules they follow without questioning, like religious fanatics.
Who says what the Time-Keepers chose it has to happen is better than something else? They don’t know but, what’s more, they don’t care.
But let’s go on.
Mobius don’t fall for Loki’s provocation, he just retorts
“I thought you didn't like to talk.”
Which is a convenient way to answer Loki without giving Loki any answer.
They enter in a room which, Loki comments, looks very much ‘like a killing-me kind of a room’.
Mobius turns the situation by shifting the blame on Loki. It’s not that the room looks like a killing-him kind of room, it’s just that Loki is not big on trust. Because Mobius is totally deserving Loki’s trust because he saved him and was nice to him and acted like the perfect good cop so Loki really, should trust him. If he’s not doing it then it’s because he’s lacking in the trusting department.
But Loki had had his fill with trusting people and then discovering he wasn’t his parents’ son nor an Asgardian. His answer his moved by all the pain that discovery caused him.
“Trust is for children and dogs. There's only one person you can trust.”
Mobius’ reply again doesn’t take Loki’s words seriously, as if they were just something to slap on a shirt. He’s being passive aggressive in order to force Loki to question himself and keep control of him. The more Loki is unsure and question himself, the easy for Mobius is to manipulate him.
A break here.
It’s not that everyone has only one person they can trust… actually sometimes you can’t even trust yourself, while some other times you’ve plenty of people you can trust.
The idea you CAN’T trust in anyone is as damaging as the idea you should blindly trust in people but, in Loki’s situation yes, he should definitely only trust in himself, everyone in that situation should do it, trauma of being lied through your whole life or not, because Mobius isn’t doing all his out of good will but out of his need to use Loki.
So he’s not to be blindly trusted, he’s to be assessed so that one can see up until which point Mobius can be of some aid, so as to turn the exchange one of reciprocal benefit. If Loki were to hand himself in his hands, instead, only Mobius would get a gain for it, while Loki would risk to be used and then disposed once he has ended his purpose.
As Mobius is fiddling with a round thing that apparently control a projector, Loki questions him again, but with those words he has raised the bar a little.
If Mobius wants him to trust him, he has to start giving more clear answers.
“If the TVA truly oversees all of time, how have I never heard of you until now?”
Mobius is still good at diverting the attention as his reply irritates Loki and causes him to lose track of the conversation.
Mobius: 'Cause you've never needed to. You've always lived within your set path. Loki: I live within whatever path I choose. Mobius: Sure you do.
There are two things from the exchange.
One is that Mobius ends up confirming that the TVA is sort of a secret organization that decides for others, that’s ABOVE OTHERS. They don’t let you know which rules you’ve to follow, they decide which rule you’ve to follow and then let you blind fly until you stumble into a rule you didn’t know exist and break it. And then they come to punish you. And that’s when you learn they existed.
The second is that again Mobius, while not openly disagree with him, is dismissive of Loki. He has made him defensive by pushing him to say ‘I live within whatever path I choose’ then he hadn’t outright said ‘no, you don’t’ but by the way he replied he hugely implied it in a manner that sounds more like he had said ‘oh, you naïve child, and your delusions, of course you don’t chose your path’.
As Mobius invites him to sit down Loki tries to attack him since Mobius gave him his back but Mobius uses what we’ll learn is a Time Twister to loops him and send him standing back where he was. Then Mobius very calmly insists for Loki to have a seat, again driving home the point that Loki has no choices and is powerless.
Loki complies and sit down.
We can argue if he should have or not but the truth is there was no real point in resisting beyond making things difficult for himself because if there’s something true here is that he’s powerless and he should just bid his time and search for a weakness, instead than resisting.
Of course this is all well and good for Mobius, as things are proceeding in the way he wants.
Loki crosses his arms, which, in body language, hints that he’s feeling anxious, resistant, tense, insecure, afraid, or responding to distress. Arms crossed indicate also defensiveness, unyielding attitudes, and perseverance working as an act of self-comfort.
Long story short, Loki is not comfortable or willing to cooperate and he’s physically putting a barrier between himself and Mobius… and letting Mobius know of this.
Mobius is unfazed.
“If looks could kill.”
It’s a simple sentence that let Loki know that yes, he gets the message Loki isn’t going to go down to this willingly, but also reminds him of Loki’s powerlessness and of how Mobius is unafraid and in a position of power. ‘If looks could kill… you would kill me, but looks can’t kill so you’ll have to sit there and do as I say. Your resistance is futile. Amusing even.’
Loki doesn’t play along, making clear he doesn’t plan to cooperate. At least not easily. Mobius doesn’t believe him.
“Really? Even when you're wooing someone powerful you intend to betray? Come on.”
It’s an interesting sentence for Mobius to say, because he’s lampshading Loki isn’t using with him the same technique he used with Thanos and the Grandmaster. Since the story knows Loki should act more cooperative and obedient according to his previous records, I wonder which point they’re trying to make. Is the idea that Loki started to act as such after his one year imprisonment in Asgard, understanding opening defiling Odin got him nowhere and that he should have instead played along, therefore this Loki hadn’t gotten to that point yet?
Or is the idea Loki is deliberately choosing to act like this because he has already figured playing along with Mobius wouldn’t work?
We’ll see.
The answer could as well be a Doylist one, the audience expects him to act a certain way, the author is aware Loki normally acted in a certain way but they wanted him to act differently for… reasons.
We’ll see.
Mobius continues to make a show of his power. He is specialized in the pursuit of dangerous Variants but not like Loki, Loki is just a pussycat… only it’s EXACTLY like Loki… as it’s Loki he’s pursuing. Another version of him. He’s not telling him that though, exactly because the whole point of the discussion is making Loki feel small so that he can control him.
Credits when it’s due, Mobius is playing a dangerous game because the Loki he’s pursuit and this one might be two different Variants but they’re always Loki and this one has all the potential to become the same as the other, if he’s not already and just keeping it buried inside himself.
Anyway, the fact that Loki is so contrary, forces Mobius to act as if he were willing to make Loki some concessions for his cooperation. A reward for good behaviour if so we can call it.
“You answer them honestly, and then maybe I can give you something you want. You wanna get out of here, right?”
The truth is I genuinely doubt Mobius can grant him that, or, at least, not that in the way Loki might intend it. The TVA erased the timeline he came from. He has no more a place outside of the TVA. The most ‘getting out of there’ could mean is what will later happen, make him a worker for the TVA. He won’t be allowed to go back home, he’ll just have to serve them in exchange for having them not delete him.
Mobius though shifts cards and pretends it means he can go back to where he was, asking him what he would do, should he return.
I particularly enjoy this dialogue.
Mobius: You wanna be king? Loki: I don't want to be, I was born to be. Mobius: I know, but king of what exactly? Loki: ( Scoffs ) You wouldn't understand. Mobius: Try me. Loki: Midgard.
The ‘I don’t want to be’ echoes what Loki said to Thor in “Thor”…
“I never wanted the throne! I only ever wanted to be your equal.”
…and ties in with what Odin told him as a child…
“Only one of you can ascend to the throne. But both of you were born to be kings.”
Which is something Loki hints at in “Thor: The Dark World” as well.
Frigga: You know full well it was your actions that brought you here. Loki: My actions. I was merely giving truth to the lie that I had been fed my entire life, that I was born to be a king.
“The Avengers” suffers of a huge plot problem in this regard, which is the jump between Loki in “Thor” and Loki in “The Avengers”. In the year that went between the two Loki is deeply changed but “The Avengers” refused to explain why, it just shows us a different Loki.
To search for an explanation we’ve to read interviews:
“And in the time between the end of Thor and the beginning of the Avengers, Loki has explored the shadowy highways and byways of the universe – and he’s met some terrible, terrible people and probably had some awful experiences, which he has survived and overcome. So by the time he arrives in The Avengers, he knows the extent of his power – and he’s unafraid to use it. And more importantly, he’s unafraid to enjoy it.” In Marvel’s The Avengers, Loki sets out to remake Earth as his personal kingdom. “That’s his motivation. Thor has his own kingdom in Asgard. Why shouldn’t Loki have his own? As Loki sees it, planet Earth is a world at war with itself. All of these races and tribes are fighting each other. And if they were united in the reverence of one king, there would be peace. It’s not that he plans to attack Earth. It’s that he plans to ‘restructure’ it as a new kingdom of which he will be the head. Loki feels that it’s his birthright. He feels that he was born to rule. And he sees the human race as an incredibly weak people who actually were made to be ruled. And, in his mind and in his opinion, the human race functions better under rule.” [The art of The Avengers]
“I think he went, like with everything else, to—Joss Whedon and I discussed it—to a sort of… it was just, like, the worst place imaginable. I think he went to, sort of, all of the darkest recesses of the universe. I’m sure he had a brush with—several brushes with death. I think he ran into the shadiest characters you can find in the Nine Realms. I think he had to rely on his wits to protect himself. It was really, really, really unpleasant, I think. I don’t have any frame of reference for that, except for imagining what it might be like to be kidnapped by a terrorist or something and have to survive a very, very frightening and precarious existence. But whatever it was, it was important when Loki came back for The Avengers, that whatever compassion he had left was absolutely shriveled to a minimum because of the experience that he had. Harrowing, I think, and scarring for life—in a way that Thor and Odin and Frigga find very, very difficult to understand.” [Tom Hiddleston - live on stage Q&A: Popcorn Taxi - part 2]
And in the end we stumble into this:
“Well, I can’t tell you exactly what went on because it’s this dark, dark secret that I didn’t make up yet. But, the other day, I had trouble with that because he had this very passionate Shakespearean tragedy thing going on in Thor and then I needed a villain who’s not only capable, but ready and willing and anxious to take on all these heroes. For me, he just basically went on some horrible walkabout… That was pretty much as far as I got.” [Joss Whedon told Comic-Con the question he doesn’t want us to ask ever again ]
So fundamentally “The Avengers” didn’t know what happened to Loki that changed him, they just went with the idea something bad happened, which of course should have happened since Loki met up with Thanos, who’s famous for torturing his daughters. They also tossed in that while on Midgard he was under the influence of the Mind stone.
“Gifted with a Scepter that acted as a mind control device, Loki would be able to influence others. Unbeknownst to him, the Scepter was also influencing him, fuelling his hatred over his brother Thor and the inhabitants of Earth.” []
Ultimately though, what happened is never stated nor explained.
When Loki wants Asgard’s throne it’s clear he’s doing so because he associates it with his father’s love. Who gets the throne is the son Odin’s love.
“To prove to Father that I am the worthy son. When he wakes, I will have saved his life. I will have destroyed that race of monsters. And I will be true heir to the throne!”
But Midgard? Midgard is chosen by Thanos, because he needs the Tesseract, which is there. Did Loki wanted it too? Or was it Thanos who chose for him? Hard to say but “The Avengers” still ties Loki’s wish for a kingdom to his father.
THE OTHER: You question us? You question him? He who put the scepter in your hand, who gave you ancient knowledge and new purpose when you were cast out, defeated? LOKI: I was a king! The rightful kind of Asgard! Betrayed! THE OTHER: Your ambition is little, born of childish need. We look beyond the Earth to greater worlds the Tesseract will unveil.
It makes sense. When Loki is told his whole life is a lie, his first action is try to erase the truth by erasing Jotunheim. That was as much personal as practical (they were at war with Jotunheim). Becoming a king might have been another attempt at still erasing the truth. He doesn’t attempt to become king of Jotunheim, as it would be his birthright, but of something else, Midgard. He’s imitating Odin.
Loki: I went down to Midgard to rule the people of Earth as a benevolent god. Just like you.
All this to say that Loki’s reply ‘I don't want to be, I was born to be’ is actually a lot more layered that it sounds is actually a lot more layered that it sounds and that’s why he doesn’t think Mobius would understand it and gives him a simple answer, something he thinks he could understand. A location over which he could rule.
At the same time the irony of the situation isn’t lost on me. A moment ago Loki said he ‘live within whatever path he chooses’ yet he claims he was born to do something. This wasn’t a choice, this was predetermination. Or letting Odin dictate his path.
Anyway Loki claims he would then move to conquer Asgard and the Nine Realms and agree when Mobius suggests him to go for the space… and honestly I think here Loki is just playing a part. He’s giving Mobius the answers he thinks Mobius wants, an evil Loki. “Loki” clearly is not going to retcon “Thor: Ragnarok” and we’ve seen that in that movie once Loki had the throne of Asgard he didn’t start a conquering rampage but just contented himself with it.
So, no, Loki doesn’t want to rule the universe, he just wants to prove himself something he was told was true.
Mobius don’t take him seriously, either because he knows Loki doesn’t aim to universe domination or because this is convenient for him. He says something interesting though, albeit misleading.
Loki: Mock me if you dare. Mobius: No, I'm not. Honestly, I'm actually a fan. Yeah. And I guess I'm wondering why does someone with so much range just wanna rule?
With ‘I’m actually a fan’ I don’t think he means he supports Loki, I think he’s subtly hinting he’s very interested in Loki. The other Loki, the Variant he’s trying to catch and that holds them all in a stalemate. Kind of like Sherlock Holmes might have appreciated Professor Moriarty’s intellect. This Loki and his other Variant might have a shared past… which makes this Loki interesting as well.
Then Mobius lead Loki in a loop in Loki’s reasoning. Loki is big on how he decides what he does. He values his own freedom. A huge part of why he reject the TVA system is because they want to dictate what he can and can’t do.
Yet in “The Avengers” he said:
Loki: I come with glad tidings, of a world made free. Fury: Free from what? Loki: Freedom. Freedom is life's great lie. Once you accept that, in your heart...[Like a gunslinger, Loki turns to face Selvig who's standing behind him and places his spear against Selvig's heart. Selvig's eyes glow black.] Loki: You will know peace.
Loki: Kneel before me. [The crowd ignores him. Three more Loki's appear, surrounding and blocking the crowd from escaping.] I said KNEEL! [While the crowd quietly kneels, Loki embraces out his arms with a wide smile] Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It's the unspoken truth of humanity, that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life's joy in a mad scramble for power, for identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel.
It’s unclear how Loki came up with those ideas, albeit the fact he came from Asgard, which is a place where Odin rules as a supreme ruler and humans are viewed as inferior…
Odin: She does not belong here in Asgard anymore than a goat belongs at a banquet table.
…this might be another result of Odin’s awesome parenting, and not necessarily the result of Thanos’ manipulation… though the two might have superimposed so that it’s hard to say where one stop and the other begins.
Loki confirms this view here as well.
Loki: I would've made it easy for them. Mobius: People like easy. Loki: The first and most oppressive lie ever uttered was the song of freedom. Mobius: How's that one go? Loki: For nearly every living thing, choice breeds shame and uncertainty and regret. There's a fork in every road, yet the wrong path always taken.
On a personal note I think Loki wants to see himself above of this, but it’s clear that he too had to deal with choices that breed shame, uncertainty and regret, never mentioning he believes he was seen as inferior by Odin and deprived of his path.
Loki: So I am no more than another stolen relic, locked up here until you might have use of me.
The fact he thinks Odin would have never put on the throne of Asgard a Frost Giant (a monster and therefore even more inferior in the Asgardians’ opinion than humans) no matter what and that he thinks this got confirmed when Odin told him he couldn’t do it, which pushed him to let go of Gungnir.
Loki wants to be above… he wants to be the master of his fate after instead he was forced to dance on other people’s strings (Odin, Thanos) but deep down he’s drawing from his own experience the downsides of freedom. He just wants to overcome them.
Mobius then says he’ll show Loki a sampling of Loki’s greatest hits… which are basically the end of the battle of New York.
It’s fundamentally a close up of how he was beaten and how he asked for a drink, which Mobius mocks further offering him a drink, which Loki refuses pointing out he remembers that scene.
We kind of stumble in a problem the series has. Mobius says:
“It's funny, for someone born to rule, you sure do lose a lot. You might even say it's in your nature.”
The problem here is that the sentence is misleading. Loki at the moment has two big failures on his shoulders, the one in “Thor” and the one in “The Avengers”. It doesn’t make a lot and note that in “The Avengers” he also had minor successes. He walked away from SHIELD’s facility with the Tesseract, he managed to have Clint Barton steal the Iridium, he let the Avengers capture him so that he could let the Hulk lose, which worked and he could recover the scepter and escape, he managed to open the portal and let the Chitauri in. Basically, since he let himself be captured and even Steve knows, Loki won all the battles except the one who decided the war. Which yes, was a big loss because it was the one that mattered the most but still it shows Loki’s losing record isn’t as big as Mobius makes it look like.
Loki ends up bringing up Coulson. To prove his point that Loki isn’t really good at winning Mobius could bring up the fact that Coulson was resurrected in “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” but no, he prefers to say the Avengers came together to literally avenge him by defeating him.
Now yes, Coulson’s death played a big part in all that, they felt guilty and sorry for him, as they all were tied to him one way or the other and this made what Loki did personal enough they could easily put away their differences… but I’m not overly fond of this theory because it implies if Coulson hadn’t died the Avengers would have never came together, would have never overcome their difficulties and would have lost.
Which, I guess, might be a possibility “Loki” might want to explore, we saw in a trailer an image of New York completely destroyed… but it’s something I don’t particularly like because it paints the Avengers in a pretty dark light.
If they didn’t have a common grief, they would have never cooperate for the common good.
Of course it’s not that Mobius care, this explanation is convenient for him, an Augustinian view of evil in which evil collapse its evil’s own doing. Because Loki killed Coulson, Loki set up his own defeat. Evil loses because it’s a snake that bites its own tail… which is an interesting view, really, but, in this case, it put a huge shadow on the Avengers.
Whatever, let’s go on, Mobius’ point is to make Loki feel small, not to explain him why he lost.
But still… he would manage to make a better point if the series weren’t forced to use only the footage from the movies. But well, I guess they had no other choice.
I enjoy the next bit of discussion. Mobius asks Loki:
“Do you enjoy hurting people? Making them feel small? Making them feel afraid?”
Which is exactly what he’s doing to him. There’s a huge irony in the whole discussion. They both think they’re in the right doing what they’re doing/what they did and that this excuses their actions.
They set up a moral motive, Loki sees himself as a liberator, Mobius sees himself as the saviour of the sacred timeline so they are above others, they came make them feel small and afraid and don’t have to feel guilty for it.
They get to a stalemate, although Loki isn’t looking at the screen, which is our clue he isn’t enjoying what he’s seeing, the people suffering. He didn’t like to look at them in “The Avengers” either, not looking when he ‘freed that eyeball’ as Mobius put in. Even when Thor forces him to look at the attacked city he shows he’s distressed. Loki however enjoyed being at the centre of the attention, it’s that what got him to smile, not hurting that man.
But whatever, to try to compensate, the series shows us some unseen material from Loki’s past, namely when he played the role of D.B. Cooper.
On a sidenote this hugely confirms my theory Loki used to hang out on Earth since he could play that part. Among the other things which the series didn’t show Cooper appeared familiar with the local terrain; at one point he remarked, "Looks like Tacoma down there," as the aircraft flew above it. He also correctly mentioned that McChord Air Force Base was only a 20-minute drive (at that time) from Seattle-Tacoma Airport. He asks for 2 bourbon and soda, paid his drink tab (and attempted to give flight attendant Tina Mucklow the change). He even offered to request meals for the flight crew during the stop in Seattle This makes Loki someone who knows very well how things work in Midgard… contrary to Thor.
Mobius introduces the whole thing saying
“You're really good at doing awful things, and then just getting away.”
And yes, it was awful. Although Cooper is described as extremely polite I can’t imagine that the crew who knew he had a bomb onboard felt comfortable with dealing with that situation. The worst part though is that he did it because he lost a bet with Thor.
Now they don’t exactly dig in what the bet was, but Heimdall was likely watching his every move and Thor asking him to do something similar as penance for losing a bet paints Thor also as pretty awful.
The best part though is that Loki excuses it by saying ‘he was young’. The whole thing took place in 1971, in short, 41 years before “The Avengers”. 41 years are a lot for a human, enough to make them say ’41 years ago I was young’, but Loki is at least 1047 in “The Avengers”. We don’t know how fast exactly Frost Giants and Asgardians age but, unless they do an abrupt jump, if Loki was young 41 years ago, he probably still is, which would match with the fan theory he’s actually around 17 in human years.
Now we can take Loki’s sentence as something a young person would say, as in a span of a short time they effectively grow and change a lot so their slightly younger self might feel a lot younger to them, or he might be talking in a more metaphorical sense.
Discovering the truth about himself and what followed forced him to grow faster. Now he wouldn’t do such immature things… which is a rather sad though.
At Loki’s request of where was the TVA back then, Mobius replies they were right there with him, just surfing that Sacred Timeline. Loki asks then if that has the Time-Keepers' seal of approval.
He scores one on this one as Mobius can’t reply, he just says not to think in terms of approval or disapproval.
Let’s remember something else that had the Time-Keepers' seal of approval was Thanos wiping away half of the universe but not just that. There’s also Thanos travelling through time to get to that future and stop “The Avengers” from undoing what he did with the infinity stones, which means they approved Tony Stark’s death in order to stop him.
Awesome people, don’t you think? More similar to writers who’ve to sell a good story than to people who care and wants to protect the people who lives in the timeline.
Anyway Mobius says they’ll go back to Loki’s escape and to a little psychobabble, which tells us not even Mobius sees this as a psychology session or therapy or whatever you want to call it. This interrogatory’s aim isn’t to let him know Loki better, he believes he knows him already. He’s trying to shape Loki into a willing collaborator because that’s his goal, not heal Loki or whatever.
Mind you, I think he’d like to get to know Loki in the sense he’s trying to catch a Loki and knowing Loki better might help him in his work… but so far he really hadn’t asked anything he didn’t know already so no, this isn’t a big ‘let’s get to know Loki’, though he might find some interest in seeing what makes him tick in the conversation, this is just a ‘let’s manipulate Loki into cooperating’.
Loki wants to stand, Mobius uses the Time Twister to loops him ‘back in his cage’. Because don’t mistake the situation just because he’s not being aggressive or physically abusive, Loki is in a cage and Mobius makes a show of showing it to Loki. He can’t stand up without Mobius’ permission and Mobius further remarks it by saying he ‘can play the heavy keys, too’, in short that he can play the role of the ‘bad cop’ that slams back the prisoner in his chair when he tries to move.
Or should we assume Mobius feared Loki was going to attack him?
Maybe, as I said Loki and Mobius might be more similar than it looks like, both acting in control and high and mighty to hide they are actually in a tight spot. Mobius isn’t a hunter, he might not be strong, he might not know how to fight beyond waving that Time Twister and the TVA wand, while Loki knows. We don’t know from which race Mobius is, but Asgardians and Frost Giants are naturally very physically strong, much stronger than humans, and Mobius might belong to a race that’s just not the same.
But still the scene works conveniently for Mobius, because it’s another chance to drive home how he completely control Loki.
Loki’s reply, regardless of it being sincere or not, is good because it says Mobius just overreacted as Loki merely wanted to make a point.
After an exchange in which Mobius gives him permission to stand and Loki remarks he’ll do what he wants, which in a way he did since ultimately he stood, he asks him what he wants.
Mobius says
“I want you to be honest about why you do what you do.”
Loki calls it a lie and he’s probably not completely right but neither completely wrong. Mobius likely doesn’t care about why Loki did what he did in the past, that’s not a time he has to deal with, but he cares about forcing Loki to be honest. Loki has to trust him and cooperate with him and this includes that he has to open up. Mobius has to already know the answer to his questions, otherwise he could never know if Loki is being honest and he knows them because he knows Loki’s future, how he evolves, how it pained him to see Frigga die, how he saved Thor even though it lead him to be stabbed, how he didn’t aim for space domination when he was king of Asgard, how he came back to save Asgard, how he died for his brother.
So Mobius is not lying when he says he wants Loki to be honest… but that’s not because he cares about the answer, which is what Loki figured and why Loki called him a liar. It’s a matter of control and Loki can see it.
Loki: I know what this place is. Mobius: What is it? Loki: It's an illusion. It's a cruel, elaborate trick conjured by the weak to inspire fear. A desperate attempt at control. Now, you all parade about as if you're the divine arbiters of power in the universe.
And Mobius claims to be sure to have such a role which again, it’s an awesome irony because they both play the same game, they act as if they’re superior than others.
Mobius shows him his speech about freedom, which of course feels like a slap on his face because now it’s turned against him and his mad scramble for power.
Loki catches up and insists on his freedom, on how he’s the one in charge of his destiny who will win because HE did it, not because it was supposed to happen or was allowed by the TVA.
Mobius tries to bring him down again informing him if he hadn’t picked up the Tesseract he would have been taken to a cell on Asgard… or, you know, he might have been out there killing TVA men staging the 7th attack in the last week that they know of. But let’s not tell this to Loki at this stage. It might give him ideas about not being completely powerless against the TVA.
Mobius shows him the scene of his return to Asgard, which Loki rejects as a trick as ‘it never happened’.
Mobius agrees, it didn’t happen TO HIM, but it would have because they know also how his future was meant to be and that he should think of it as ‘comforting’. Which is not considering how his life was meant to be.
Note how Mobius is showing him only Frigga. How she was there for him when he came back, how she asked him if she wasn’t his mother and how he rejected her, hurting her. Loki doesn’t know what the argument was about or what pushed him to say so, all he sees is her being there for him and him hurting her and as he watches he moves closer.
Then Mobius explains how Loki believed to send the dark elves to Thor and instead sent them to Frigga… only he’s conveniently overlooking Loki had no idea they were Dark Elves or that there was a Dark Elves attack. Loki assumed the Kurse was just another Marauder arrested by Thor.
The Marauders were a collective of loosely affiliated alien pirates composed of many different races. When the Kurse is captured no Asgardian figured out what he is, they’re all persuaded the Dark Elves are dead, exterminated by Bor. For all Loki’s know this is a prison uprising, the Dark Elves’ ships hadn’t even appeared yet and started their attack when Loki sent Kurse on his way.
Mobius is cherry picking facts so as to shape them the way he wants.
Loki is shocked at seeing Frigga’s death which Mobius knew would have happened because he knew how he reacted when this happened.
He tries to rationalize what he saw by thinking they captured Frigga and forced her to play that part, while Mobius insists that’s the proper flow of time and that’s what has to happen because it has to and the TVA makes sure of it. However, although the TVA ensures Frigga’s death, he tries to make it all Loki’s fault. He caused it, and now Mobius wants to know if he enjoys hurting people, as if he could not know how devastated Loki was when Frigga died. He asks him if he enjoys killing people like he did with his mother.
He knows the past time Loki felt completely responsible for it, he’s trying to get him to feel the same even if Loki actually never meant to kill Frigga.
On a sidenote, he’s trying to send him on a vulnerable loop to get his collaboration like Thor did that time… but it’s a dumb move. Let’s assume Loki swallows they could send him back to his time and accepts to submit to being jailed. The TVA would still ensure he would direct the Kurse to Frigga so that she’ll die because this is the proper flow of time for them.
Although I doubt he meant it, Mobius actually isn’t giving Loki reasons to cooperate with him permanently, just to think harder to a way to avoid that future.
I don’t really know what Mobius is thinking but he seems so sure that he can come out as so overly powerful and righteous he can both bend Loki to his will by saying he’s to blame for Frigga’s death and, at the same time, that he should do nothing to prevent it.
Anyway at this point Loki attack him and is looped again. He ends on the ground with Mobius apologizing, BEFORE PUTTING THE TIME TWISTER IN HIS POCKET, saying it because the Time Twister just loops him, not the furniture… but he actually meant it, because Loki had been standing by a while and he could have looped him to just standing there.
Mobius goes on trying to make him again feel even more smaller.
“You weren't born to be king, Loki. You were born to cause pain and suffering and death. That's how it is, that's how it was, that's how it will be. All so that others can achieve their best versions of themselves.”
In short he was born to be used by the sacred timeline to create heroes. But it’s a ridicule argument, in itself, because every living being create pain and suffering in his life, albeit sometimes in smaller measure than Loki or for better reasons. And the idea that people become better only through pain and suffering and death… is scary because somehow it legitimize it. It makes right to kill Coulson because then the Avengers can be born. It makes right for Thanos to wipe away half of humanity because so the Avengers joined forces again.
It’s a damaging and wrong mindset… that Mobius is of course pushing forward because that’s the narrative the TVA spins. They don’t save people, they just decide who lives and die according to their taste… which works if you’re a storywriter but it’s awful if you’re talking of real people.
Loki calms down and asks again what is that place. Mobius offers him his hand in a classic stick and carrot game. He wants Loki to obey. Loki complies and they’re interrupted by Hunter B-15. Mobius is forced to leave with her but not before telling Loki:
“Don't go anywhere. It was just getting good. Spirited.”
In short he was enjoying making Loki feel miserable, which I don’t think he does because he’s a jerk but just because that’s his job. Like Hunter B-15, they’re very motivated in doing their job to the point they don’t realize the other isn’t just ‘a variant’ but a person with feeling. They think they’re doing the people a service by murdering the extra.
Kind of like how Thanos saw himself as noble when he murdered half of the people in the universe to save the other half and expected people to feel grateful to him.
By the way, do you think that Loki is complying too easily?
Not really, do check the way he let Mobius pull him up and how he then moves his left hand for a moment inside his pocket to pull it out immediately afterward. We’ll come back to it in a moment. For now let’s follow the plot that has Hunter B-15 claiming that talking ‘to that Variant’ is a mistake as he should just be reset, read, if Mobius had been honest, killed.
For Hunter B-15 Loki is not a person, he’s just a Variant, a Variant to destroy. Actually it’s not even because the other Loki Variant is killing their units, because Mobius says she thinks all the Variants should be reset.
And remember about how Loki could be in a jail or plotting the 7th attack in the last week that they know of? Well, that’s just what the other Loki variant did as they just lost another unit.
I know I should be cheering for this Loki but I’m also really cheering for that other Loki variant. Go burn the TVA to the ground.
Mobius goes back to Loki and… discovers he disappeared. Because when Loki let Mobius pull him up he caught his chance to stuff his hand in Mobius’ pocket, steal the Time Twister and put it in his own pocket. That’s what Loki was thinking when he calmed down, a plan to get out of there, a chance to take the Time Twister.
Now… don’t the TVA know in advance what happens in the TVA? What the Variants would do once they’re captive? Because Mobius seems genuinely surprised and they’ve to search for Loki so for all their bragging about knowing everything and controlling everything maybe they actually don’t. They can’t control the Variants, which is why the other Loki Variant can attack without them knowing in advance. Their sacred timeline doesn’t cover it so they’re blind to it.
Of course it’s possible he let Loki take it on purpose but I want to think against it.
We see that Loki has looped himself in an early point of his entrance in the TVA and has noticed Casey, the guy at the desk who has taken the Tesseract. He follows him, clearly planning to get the Tesseract back and, with it, to leave the place.
Mobius and Hunter B-15 search for Loki, giving each other the blame for his disappearance. Hunter B-15 would like to catch this chance to dispose of Loki but Mobius rejects the idea since he believes he can still help.
Loki tracks Casey down. Casey recognizes him and he forces him to kneel behind the desk. He asks him his name and once he has it he tells him in his most threatening tone to give him the Tesseract or he’ll gut him like a fish.
Only Casey wants to know what’s a fish because he wants to know what he’s being threatened with, before complying and he has spent all his life behind a desk so he has no idea what a fish is. I guess he also doesn’t know what it means gutting.
Loki can’t imagine not knowing what a fish is… which is kind of weird because he should know for example humans never head of bilchsnipes… but maybe due to his name he’s thinking Casey is human. Honestly the whole TVA staff seems human. Can I say I don’t like it?
In the comics though, the TVA staff was made by people cloned. They literally were made by the TVA. I wonder if this is Casey’s situation.
Anyway Loki clarifies he’s threatening him with death. It doesn’t unfazed Casey much (do people die INSIDE the TVA?) but, to Loki’s relief, he complies, opens his drawer and give him the Tesseract whose light is still mostly turned off. Loki feels a moment of relief before noticing that in the drawer there are assorted infinity stones.
At Loki’s confusing Casey explains they get a lot of those, enough to use them as paperweight. I guess the infinity stones influence might allow people to do different choices and become Variants as they can influence them.
Something inside the TVA though, turns off their power.
Loki is confused as he picks up a green one, which should be a time stone. We hear the sound of stones moving but we can’t see if he placed it back where it was.
Loki is utterly confused as he walks away with the Tesseract in a daze looking at the sacred timeline and wondering if the TVA is really the greatest power in the universe. Behind him, Casey nods.
The elevator opens, Hunter B-15 tries to hit Loki but Loki uses the Time Twister to disappear again so she misses him completely and almost hits poor Casey. Note that the blow would have been fatal for either Loki or Casey.
Hunter B-15 didn’t care of how Mobius said no pruning or resetting, we can see that the cart, which gets hit instead of Loki, disappear.
This time Hunter B-15 didn’t go for physical pain, she went for the kill.
Loki is back in the interrogation chamber where he put the Time Twister on the table and watches on the projector his future. First Frigga’s death, as if to try to accept it, and he’s almost in tears, then he lash forward to Odin telling him and Thor that he loves them and that they should remember that place. This too touches him emotionally. He sees Thor telling him how he thought the world of him and he sees them fighting side by side against Hela and then telling him maybe he’s not so bad. He smiles at seeing that, laughing sadly but then… he sees his death at the hands of Thanos. It’s obviously traumatic but, I hope, when he can think at all that in perspective, he’ll be able to see the truth.
He wasn’t born to cause pain and suffering and death. He also saved lives, his brother’s specifically but also the ones of some Asgardians.
And, at the same time, he could see, he could learn his father and brother did love him, or at least that was the intended message of those scenes (I won’t dig into them portraying it correctly or not).
The file about him ends.
Loki gives into a slightly hysterical chuckling and the door behind him opens. It’s Hunter B-15 who asks him what’s so funny.
Loki replies ‘Glorious purpose’ which can mean all and nothing. According to the file his glorious purpose wasn’t to become king, but not even to cause pain and suffering and death. At the same time it’s not a particularly uplifting message the one that file gave him. The moment he could start again with Thor, Thanos killed him. In the end, even if he tried to change, his life would be one of pain and suffering until his death.
Loki and Hunter B-15 fight and somehow she doesn’t have anymore her murdering wand nor the men following her.
She’s alone and disarmed but she’s clearly a trained to fight and rather strong. Loki is smarter though. As soon as she slams him on the table he grabs the Time Twister, unlatches his collar and wraps it around her neck. Then takes on her his revenge for having been looped way too many times that day by looping her a lot until he makes her disappear. Where to I’ve no idea but I hope for him far enough. He was clearly taking out on her all the abuse he suffered from her and Mobius. In the end he tosses the Time Twister again on the table.
Meanwhile Casey is retelling his misfortunate meeting… evidently finding the idea that Loki would turn him into a fish much worse than the idea Loki threatened to kill him and then complains about the hunters showing up and pruning his cart.
Really, it makes me wonder if the TVA doesn’t use the world ‘dead’ in conversation. It’s all ‘reset’ or ‘prune’. I’m not saying they don’t know of it, just that they don’t use it to define what they do because it would make them look bad. You murder a living being. You reset a timeline, prune a branch. There’s a psychological difference that allows them to see Variants not as living beings but as objects.
As he speaks Hunter B-15 appears in front of him so that’s where Loki sent her.
Meanwhile Loki has remained in the room in which he was. He seems worn out as he sat on the floor against a wall, his face in his hands and the Tesseract set next to him.
Mobius, who gets into the room holding one of those TVA wands, finds him like that. Mobius rubs in he has nowhere left to run.
Loki states how he can’t go back to his timeline, then decides to comply with Mobius previous request. He tells him he doesn’t enjoy hurting people, he does it because he has to, because it's part of the illusion. It's the cruel, elaborate trick conjured by the weak to inspire fear. And claims to be a villain.
Is he being sincere or just telling Mobius what he wants to hear?
I like to think he’s being both. In “The Mentalist” Patrick Jane once tried to teach Teresa Lisbon how to gain someone’s trust. His first suggestion was to ask that person for a favour, so that they would feel more powerful, when this didn’t work he told her to get that person to lower their guard she should lower her own. I get the feeling Loki is doing this. He’s lowering his guard, giving Mobius what he wants, so that Mobius will lower his guard too. Like when he accepted his hand only to steal the time twister.
There’s a power in being sincere as well, which is to make Mobius feel more powerful by giving him power and therefore push him to underestimate Loki.
Mobius, who previously told him
“You weren't born to be king, Loki. You were born to cause pain and suffering and death. That's how it is, that's how it was, that's how it will be. All so that others can achieve their best versions of themselves.”
Now saying him that’s not how he sees it.
He’s either giving him the carrot in his carrot and stick game or he’s just remarking one of the main characteristics of the TVA. The TVA is neutral, they don’t approve or disapprove actions, people has no choice, they’ve to follow a path and Loki’s path was to do what he did so that others could become better. The TVA doesn’t really seems to care of the moral axis of Loki’s alignment… or their own or everyone else, they only care of the ethical alignment.
Now, as I’ve seen fandom discuss this, in roleplays people created character alignments to give an ‘ideal’ for a character to live up.
This caused the birth of two Axis, the moral axis (Good, Neutral, and Evil) and the ethical axis (Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic).
The alignments of the moral axis are pretty easy to figure out, so I’m not even discuss them, but the one of the ethical axis are basically meant to tell if a character follows the law or not.
The TVA is clearly lawful aligned, they blindly follow their rules as if they were a dogma, a faith. Hydra is lawful. Steve Roger is lawful, as he wants to follow rules.
Loki in a good part of the movies doesn’t follow the rules, we saw it from the start, in “Thor” he decided to act to interrupt the coronation, which was against the rules of Asgard, and then he tricked Laufey, which is against the rules of war. In “The Avengers” he let himself be arrested so as to unleash the Hulk. In “Thor: The Dark World” he pretended to join forces with Malekith so that he would remove the Aether from Jane and then stole from Odin the throne… and so on. He’s not the only one though, Thor himself as moments in which he’s chaotic, like when he invades Jotunheim against his father’s order and how later will invade that SHIELD facility, or how he’s challenge his father again in “Thor: The Dark World”.
Actually all the Avengers here and there had been chaotic… and here and there had been lawful.
Loki’s situation places him more on the chaotic axis because he has no other master but himself. In short he doesn’t respect anyone else’s rules, sometimes not even his own as he claims Frigga isn’t his mother when he clearly feels she is and fights to avenge her… but he too had his own moments of being lawful.
That’s because people aren’t roleplay characters and they wouldn’t feel realistic if they were just sitting on one alignment.
But whatever, let’s go on.
Loki picks up the Tesseract, and Mobius asks him if he tried to use it.
“Oh, several times. Even an Infinity Stone is useless here. ( Scoffs ) The TVA is formidable.”
And here we’ve Loki trying on ‘wooing someone powerful he intend to betray’, to put it with Mobius’ words. I wonder if Mobius can realize it or he’s so sure in his idea he’s powerful he misses it.
Either way he has gotten what he wanted, Loki acting this way means he has acknowledged they’re powerful enough he has to play along with them.
Mobius tell him:
“I can't offer you salvation, but maybe I can offer you something better.”
And here I feel an echo of Thor in “Thor: The Dark World”:
“I did not come here to share our grief. Instead I offer you the chance of a far richer sacrament.”
I wonder if Mobius is trying to play that same game to get Loki to cooperate. Loki though has seen the video. Maybe he knows too. And well, at least Mobius came out more honest because he told him he can’t offer him salvation. Remember when he babbled about what Loki could do if he were to go back to his timeline? It was all a pourparler, words that weren’t meant to turn true as Loki is not meant to go back to his timeline. Ever.
That timeline doesn’t exist anymore it was reset.
But at this point Mobius has to be honest and give Loki something back, the reason why they’re interested in him… which is the dangerous Variant they’re hunting is HIM, or better another Variant of himself.
Meanwhile in Salina Oklahoma, 1858 Hunter U-92 and his men are checking on something. They find an object from the early third millennium but discover there’s oil on the ground and think it’s just someone who found himself a time machine and came back here to get rich. Hunter U-92 thinks he’s not worth the paperwork of searching for him and that they should just prune the timeline. Then they notice a figure in a black cape.
The figure has a oil lamp which they drop on the petrol covered ground. The fire spread to the Minuteman who start to die by arson. Hunter U-92 tries to crawl to the reset charge but someone grabs him and pulls him back. Then a hand, clearly not his own, picks up the resect charge.
And either this is the story sharing with us the 7th attack or the other Loki’s Variant has just managed to make the 8th attack in the last week that they know of. Really, I would say for the TVA it’s better to hope it’s not Monday.
As for me, I’m sorry for them but I hope it’s Monday there.
I’ve no sympathy for bureaucratic regimes who views people who don’t complain with their wishes as things… pardon, as Variant, and implement on them the “Final Solution” under the guise of pruning or resetting them.
This doesn’t mean everyone at the TVA is necessarily evil… but they’re dangerous, they’re fanatic who live in a regime that elect them at judges of other people’s lives. Judge Ravonna Renslayer dictates the proper flow of time according to the Time-Keepers dictations without bothering to question them, or the justice of it. At the TVA no one asks himself if it’s right or wrong, they just do it, they don’t know any other way to do it.
It’s not that they want to be evil, they actually want to be noble and just, they believe in the propaganda that’s all spread on the creepy posters around them and think they’re incredible, courageous and dedicated workers and don’t question their work or their lives at all.
They’re just many little Adolf Eichmann mostly bereft of initiative, cultural and moral depth; the latter did not go beyond the conditioning that had been given to them by society.
They lack empathy for what they destroy, for what they prune or reset and so they won’t stop thinking at what they’re doing.
Long story short, we should be grateful the TVA doesn’t exist because, really, that’s a creepy organization that pulls out the worst from people empowering them to murder others and telling them they’re doing something good.
Mobius, Casey, Hunter B-15 are brainwashed by the TVA worldview. It’ll be interesting to see if prolonged interaction with a Variant, Loki, might open his eyes or not. For now they’re like children who can’t distinguish good from bad because they buy a wrong narrative in which they’re above it.
I’m curious to see if they will ultimately eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of the good and the evil or if they’ll remain ignorant and dedicate executors of the TVA. We’ll see.
Well, this was long. Thank you to all the people who remained through this long, long episode study of mine. I can’t wait to see the next Loki episode!
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writer-monster · 9 hours ago
Steve Rogers and Tony Stark have been together for seven years and married for three of them. They work and fight and dance and laugh together. Steve secretly believes that the only wedge in their otherwise perfect marriage is the time that Tony spends in his lab, working on some super-secret project for days at a time. And in a way, Steve's right.
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underdevelopedangst · 20 hours ago
𝘚𝘵𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘯 𝘎𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘵 𝘙𝘰𝘨𝘦𝘳𝘴
𝘴𝘵𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘴 𝘪𝘯𝘤𝘭𝘶𝘥𝘦 𝘵𝘢𝘨𝘴, 𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘥𝘧𝘶𝘭 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘴𝘦 𝘤𝘢𝘯 𝘪𝘯𝘤𝘭𝘶𝘥𝘦 𝘣𝘶𝘵 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘯𝘰𝘵 𝘭𝘪𝘮𝘪𝘵𝘦𝘥 𝘵𝘰: 𝘯𝘰𝘯-𝘤𝘰𝘯, 𝘦𝘹𝘱𝘭𝘪𝘤𝘪𝘵 𝘨𝘳𝘢𝘱𝘩𝘪𝘤 𝘴𝘮𝘶𝘵, 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘥𝘢𝘳𝘬 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘮𝘦𝘴.
His Koala Bear @kinanabinks
Special Lessons @nastybuckybarnes
Sunshine @sweetlyscared
Need @sweetlyscared
I Know What’s Best @thisishowdynastiesareborn
Madness @nastybuckybarnes
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Sibling Rivalry @imdarkinme
Where Our Demons Hide @quietmyfearswith
It Will Come Back @honeydulcewrites
In The Woods Somewhere @honeydulcewrites
Just a Little Too Much @sebs-daybreak
Deep End @nastybuckybarnes
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mimisempai · 23 hours ago
Other Pairing MASTERLIST
Tumblr media
IronStrange - Tony Stark / Stephen Strange
Before you, solitude was my name 8/8
Stony - Tony Stark / Steve Rogers
When i'm with you i feel safe from the things that hurt me inside
Cherik - Charles Xavier / Erik Lensherr
You walked into my life like you had always lived there
We have never been ordinary
Tumblr media
Tarlos - TK Strand / Carlos Reyes
I love you more than words can say
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charlotttttie · a day ago
Inspired by Another sunrise with you of @holacia2
Thank you for the inspiration 💙
Tumblr media
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autumnrose40 · a day ago
Lovecraftian Love
Tumblr media
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Octo God Steve/Reader ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Every time one of his tentacles whipped out to wrap around another mans throat, it sounded like a whip cracking, you watch in fascination as the men above you choke out pleas but it does no good.
They had found you and tried to “save” you from your monster lover and now they had to pay, you watch them choke and thrash around, you watch as Stevens tentacles wrap tighter and tighter until their necks break, until all there is, is dead bodies falling to the floor, until all there is silence.
You look down at them and feel nothing for them, fools, they were fools.
When your lover wraps you up in those same tentacles that just murdered, you giggle and smile, feeling loved and cherished as he brings you to his chest and you hug him, and kiss him, loving on him how he deserves.
He was your protector, your lover, your God.
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punemy-spotted · a day ago
In this Life and the Next - Chapter 3
The Veil of Decency
Pairing: Helmut Zemo x Desi!Muslim!Reader; Steve Rogers x Desi!Muslim!Reader; Bucky Barnes x Desi!Muslim!Reader; Foursome
Warnings: Rape/Non-Con Elements; Dubious Consent; Soft!Dark!Steve; Soft!Dark!Bucky; Soft!Dark!Zemo; Stalking; Obsessive/Manipulative Lovers; Political/Mafia Elements; Blackmail/Coercion; Mentions of Hunting; Character Death; References to Reincarnation; Slow Burn; Possible Dead Dove: Would Not Eat; Murder; Obsession; Please Read At Your Discretion
Chapter Warnings: Stalking; Blood Mention; References to Hunting; References to Assault; Fear, Choking, The Dove is Probably Dead: Would Not Eat
Chapter Summary: They see you, you show them, and you will know them.
Masterlist; Chapter 1; Chapter 2
Notes: Finally, I got this chapter to work! I’m sorry this one took so so freaking long, but thank you for being patient with me. Updates to this fic may be slow if only because the flow is difficult to hit but I’ll keep trying. It’s my baby, I gotta.
I will be restructuring my outline for this fic as well so if you see changes to the Masterlist and the tags, that’s why.
Further thanks to @brandycranby who continues to tolerate me when I am in the throes of panic trying to make a chapter work and helps me work through the feelings.
Thank you for being here with me and as always, feedback is welcome.
All of my work is 18+ Only, Minors DO NOT INTERACT. I do not consent to my work being posted anywhere besides Tumblr or Ao3 and I post my work there myself. Do not copy, translate, or repost any of my content.
Tumblr media
An incomplete meeting is a promise to meet again.
Memories rise and fold into themselves, things you thought you dreamed bubbling into your subconscious as reality, things you thought you remembered falling away. You float, existing in the void of time and space, a thousand names and a thousand people, all you and not you all at once. Your hands are not your own and yet they are and yet they have been the hands of a thousand others and each has worn that red, woven ring and each has reached for completion in the dark.
So reach.
Do as your many forms, many versions, many predecessors have done.
Reach and watch the blood drip from that strangling ring and remember.
Wander the ruins of your memories, sweetness, and listen for your hunters, catch glimpses of them in the archways to all the lives you have been theirs and they have been yours. Do you know how they all end?
Not this time, little bird. Not if we can help it.
(We will destroy ourselves in you.)
Tumblr media
You’re starting to feel it, aren’t you?
Watched, that steady skin-prickle of unblinking eyes, the knowledge that you are not alone.
There are cameras all over the Capitol — security, after all, especially when the “free world” is run out of one small plot of land in one small time zone — but the eyes were never so demanding before… and you’ve never felt them crawling over you when you’re in what was once the comfortable privacy of your apartment.
(A deer-in-headlights, frozen kind of feeling.)
There are mornings you wake and you swear someone has been inside your apartment, has been watching you, has been through your things. The whisper of cologne, the misplaced box, papers out of place. There are nights you swear you hear a hum, the brush of warm breath against your neck, the pressure of an arm around your waist.
You don’t dream, those nights.
You don’t dream of the sun-bright halls or the dappled courtyard or the sound of your beloveds’ voices calling to you from darkened windows. You don’t dream of bloodstained tiles and fire and ash.
You don’t dream.
And you miss the nothingness.
(The night is barren and full of howls.)
The combination sets your teeth on edge — finally, sleep peaceful enough to feel human in… and then the gnawing reminder of its expenses.
You wake alone, from dreamless sleep, and find yourself bathed in early morning light, alarm trilling merrily beside you, another day closer to surrender.
The groceries delivered to your door without your asking, you dealt with. The flowers which appeared on your desk at work and sent the office into a flurry of gossip over who was courting you with a brilliant bouquet of pale-peach roses and three scarlet ones wound in gold thread at the center — those you tossed aside (and scandalized the Senator’s administrative assistant). The choker of glittering rubies set into brilliant gold, clearly carefully fitted to curve around your neck and accompanied by a matching set of chandelier earrings so beautiful they made your heart hurt… well, those you hid in the closet, alongside the invitation which accompanied them.
You know they’re waiting, watching. Steve’s threat rings in your ears sometimes, the promise of one last chance and the consequences of not listening to orders.
You play with wolves, with hungry growls and gnashing teeth and you can still feel Steve’s lips on yours when you curl yourself into your bed and try to hide from the eyes all around you, in this place which had once been your sanctuary. You feel them. Prowling.
The strings tug on your finger, warning you that they are close and some part of you wonders if you could just cut it off, rid yourself of the bondage by severing the thing it is on and fleeing. Fleeing what it means, fleeing the call, the blood, the warnings.
They are salvation, sweetness, they are peace.
They are death.
There is no work to bury yourself in today, no papers to hide in, no meetings to disappear inside. You are alone in your apartment and someone has been inside who should not be.
You play with wolves but you are determined not to make yourself prey again, determined to escape those snapping jaws and snarling calls but sweetness, do you see the hunter in the woods?
It’s not a siege.
It’s an ambush.
It’s an ambush the way that gloved hand feels around your wrist again, the moment you step outside to check your mail. It’s an ambush the way those steel-soft eyes meet yours and a single finger presses over soft lips, urging you Be quiet urging you Don’t scream urging you Listen. It’s an ambush the way he tugs you inside, presses you against the hard plane of your front door, holds you by the shoulders and whispers I’m not going to hurt you, little thing.
You should scream.
You should scream, you should drive your fists into the soft cartilage of his nose you should raise your knee to wound the space between his legs and you. Do. Nothing.
You stand, frozen and fixated deer-in-headlights and watch your hunter touch your cheek and watch your lover seem to break and watch your heart tear out of your chest and you are so lost you are so confused these are not your memories these…
Are someone else.
He is someone else.
Look at me.
Don’t do it. Don’t look, don’t look into those endless eyes, don’t let the stormclouds in his expression draw you in you may remember them but they are not the same.
They are not the same.
Tumblr media
The camera feed feels like a mockery.
You’re afraid. He knows you’re afraid, it rolls off you in waves, pulses through the flickering image and sinks claws into his heart and he hates every minute of watching you dash from one room to the other like you might avoid being seen if you’re just fast enough. You’re looking for the wrong orange jackets, scared of the wrong hunters, how can they make you understand?
We shouldn’t have done this.
Steve’s jaw pulses when Bucky speaks, looking to the side while Zemo ignores him entirely, until he says it again, We shouldn’t have done this.
And then what? Lost her? Let her die?
Another lifetime wasted?
She’s scared.
And we can help her not be. She’s ours.
You were always meant to be his.
(I would destroy myself in you.)
Steel eyes flicker to the band on his finger, red and aching, calling him, You scared her, Steve.
And there that jaw goes, pulsing, teeth grinding, shoulders tensing. Steve Rogers stands a little taller, a little stiffer, hands folded in front of him and eyes trained on those screens, wishing he had an excuse, an answer, a justification, She almost remembered.
No she didn’t. You know how this goes, she wouldn’t have —
Enough, Zemo’s voice cuts through the both of them, eyes never leaving the sight of your face, watching the recording of flowers being tossed aside on repeat, once, twice, thrice.
Let me talk to her.
We tried talking to her already, Buck.
You tried kissing her, not talking. We owe her an explanation.
What if she remembers then? She’s going to —
I know. I owe her an explanation.
Tumblr media
An explanation. That’s what he tells himself when he looks at you, wide-eyed at the things you see and do not all at once, Don’t scream. Just listen, please, sweet girl, I just need you to listen.
You’re so frozen and he’s so sorry. Sorry he has to do this, sorry he has to see the fear in your eyes again, sorry this is the way things are every time, Look at me. Look at me, please, sweet thing, I swear I won’t hurt you.
You don’t trust him, and that’s smart, that’s survival, you shouldn’t trust him, you shouldn’t let him touch your cheek with that gloved hand but he does anyway, he does and eyes are glossy with unshed tears and his lips are trembling with unsaid words and he should pull back but he doesn’t.
Who are you? And do you notice the way your voice makes his whole body shudder, the way here calls the things you do not?
You saw me, sweet thing. You used to call me Bucky.
You used to call him so many things.
Sergeant Barnes, please. We need not frighten our friends.
What about lovers? Do they need to be?
I’m not going to hurt you, he promises again and the thing is, sweetness, you want to believe him.
You want to, with all the desperation and frantic want of someone clinging to the last piece of driftwood in a storm, but you know.
You know, don’t you, sweetling, the things that lay beneath the surface.
How many times will they clip your wings?
You could scream. You could scream, like you should have done, you could fight, like you should have done, you could demand to be set free, and you still do none of these things. You play with wolves and draw them in, don’t you rabbit?
Where is your violence?
You thought they would save you, once, you thought they would sweep you right out of that Senator’s office and away from the roaming fingers, the grasping hands, the hungry stares and now you are faced with those same things, coupled with a red ring you never wanted.
I don’t want you here, you try to insist, and the hand at your cheek merely curls soft over your lips, memories of calloused fingers on your skin bursting behind your eyes, Please just leave me alone.
Sweet thing, if I could, Bucky Barnes begins and breaks and for a moment you feel something like guilt, a laughing glance back at grasping hands, a whisper of affection in your ear, If I could, I would.
(If only running could save you, rabbit.)
The lock on the door clicks, sealing you inside, sealing you with him and you know you could never move fast enough, not fast enough to undo that bolt, not fast enough to wrench open that door, dash outside, dash away from his arms you are in the jaws of the wolf and here he is…
Carrying you oh-so-gently and you can hear the whisper in your ear, I have memorized you like a prayer.
He stokes no warmth in you, not on purpose, and yet your skin lights ablaze the moment those gloved hands brush over your arms, a trail of fire following his fingers as you are allowed to pull away, allowed to sink into the cotton of your blankets, allowed to hide and you do, little rabbit, you do.
Go away. I told him to leave me alone too.
I know, sweet thing, and I’m sorry. Steve shouldn’t’ve done that, he drawls, slow and sweet and you hate that the emotion which thickens his voice makes you want to hold him the way he’s wrapped his arms around you.
You remember.
You remember, don’t you, that steady grip and the bloom of blood?
What do you want? Always so suspicious, so full of anger, so ready to fight, you are so desperate to make yourself look bigger in your hunters’ eyes but don’t you understand, sweetling? You will never be big enough.
They are going to consume you, run run run run…
T’see you, sweets… He’s fallen back into that familiar drawl, no longer half-pleading for your mercy, your attention, now that he knows he has it, even as you shrink away from the heavy arms around you. Can you feel it? Can you feel the cold metal behind his gloves?
But you know, don’t you.
You know.
You remember. What do you remember about them, rabbit?
How many times has that hand wrapped around your throat, how many times have you felt the life leave your lungs in the face of that steel-eyed gaze, how many times will you remember the jaws of the wolves snapping around you before you learn?
He sees it too.
He sees.
He sees the terror in your eyes, the way you writhe, the push of your body away from his and he holds you against his chest, Shhh, shh, I swear I ain’t gonna hurt you, sweets, just listen to me, be good…
Be good.
When you love wolves, you might as well make yourself prey.
He whispers your name against your temple, urges you still, rocks you slow and steady and there are no bruises on your neck but you remember them too well and your heart thuds blood through your ears, sends one last fleeting plea for survival before the world turns black and you crumple.
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imaginedreamwrite · a day ago
(Future) Hellfire
Summary: He swept into the small town with a crowd of women fawning over the handsome priest who is replacing Father Pierce after taking a sudden leave.
With his departure, comes Father Steven Rogers. Father Rogers is a young priest with eyes so blue you could drown in them. As a man of God, he is called to find a woman and start a family, to become the family man and lead the church to salvation.
Every single woman in town wants Father Steven Rogers to choose them to be his bride; to be his housewife. There is a competition between young women to catch his eye, and parents of eligible women are trying to cast their daughters into his light.
But it is one woman in particular that Father Rogers has his eyes on. You have not been cast into the light by your parents, but rather you were protected and guarded.
Your innocence was in tact and that was his sign. Father Steven Rogers was promised a virgin, by God. He was promised a woman who would be everything he wanted.
And that woman, was you.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fuel-joy · 2 days ago
The Setup - Part Two
Tumblr media
Warning: Gangbang, Non-con (rape) and choking to kill. Knifeplay and mention of blood (very brief). 
A/N: Dividers by @firefly-graphics​. Sorry this took so long, I hadn’t feel the desire to write for like a week. But I'm back to writing and excited for this. I cut the smut short because I didn’t have it in me to write it for an entire chapter. Sam’s wife death is kind of what happened to the daughter in last house on the left.
Masterlist - part one 
“Damn, that feels good.” You looked up teary eyed at Steve who was looking at the way your legs trembled. “Don’t start pleading to me now, this is what happens to bitches that think they can leave me.” His voice was really soft and that scared you more. It would have eased your mind if he had screamed at you, he was too calm and that means he was too far gone.
Pietro put his forehead against your back. He wrapped his arms around your waist, he started off with a slow and painful thrust. Then he started to speed up and pushed in deeper. He was breathing hard against your skin. His forehead was damp with sweat. 
He started to pound in you harder. The room was filled with your muffled cries, the slapping of his skin against yours. The sound of his hand smacking at your clit with each thrust.
You were in so much pain and you wanted this to be over. You wanted to go home. You jolted again as Pietro's big hand came down on your sensitive pussy again. He took in a deep breath as he pushed in deeper. 
It felt uncomfortable. It felt like he had ripped you apart with his hard thrusting. He cried out but quickly bit down on your shoulder which made you scream louder against the gag.
His teeth were digging deeper into your skin. He spilled his warm load deep in you. He slowly pulled out of you and watched as the cum leak out of you. You could feel his sweaty hands pulling on your binds as he turned you around. 
“I need to take a moment. Whoever wants to go next the toy is ready.” Pietro pulled his pants up and sat back down. He opened a beer and took a long swing of it. It was well needed after he spent and almost an hour of fucking your ass.
Thor stood up and took off his leather jacket. He walked over to you and he walked around you to inspect you. You felt uncomfortable under his gaze, he made you feel like some fucking show pony. He reached up and uncuffed you. You collapsed into his arms. 
“She’s already weak after Pietro.” He pushed you down on the floor. You hit the floor with a thud, you were going to turn on your stomach when Thor grabbed your hair. He pulled you to your knees and threw your head back. “Can she suck real well or will I have to teach our little one?”
“I think you should teach her.”
“Stay on your knees. I don’t want to get physical with you but I will, little lady.” He slowly let go of your hair and you stayed still. He slowly came in front of you and blocked your view of the other men. Thor pulled his jeans down and his dick sprung out. Thor was at least ten inches with some girth, maybe that came from him being a God.
You stared up at him when he took the gag off. “Thor, please. You don’t have t-” Before you could finish your sentence he shoved his dick down your throat. Your eyes teared up and your throat constricted around the head. Your throat was bulging because of his dick pushing back so far.
He put his hands on both of your cheeks. He slid your face back before pulling it forward, groans fell from his mouth as he guided your mouth almost like a fleshlight. You gagged more when he pushed inside of you deeper. He liked watching you tear up and drool over his dick. 
“This is where you belong.” He kept thrusting in and out. Sometimes he would push in so deep that his pubes were brushing against the tip of your nose.
You were gurgling as Thor started to become more aggressive as he skullfucked you. His hands squeezed your cheeks as he forced you to bob up and down. His groans got louder and for some reason his dick seemed to be getting bigger. Your chest was starting to become wet because of your drool.
Thor groaned louder, he almost sounded like a wild beast as he relentlessly fucked your face. It seemed like he had been fucking your face for hours. Finally his hips stuttered and he buried himself deep down your throat. 
He shot his warm load deep down your throat. He forced you to swallow all of his cum. When you wanted to gag he kept you locked in place, “Take all of it. You should be honored that I'm even giving you my seed.”
He kept his dick buried in your mouth until you had swallowed all of his seed. He slowly pulled himself out of your mouth. He pulled his jeans up and went to sit down on his chair. 
You cleared your throat in a way to soothe it but there was no use. You felt so disgusting and used. Your skin was damp with sweat, Pietro bite mark was still tingling. Tony stood up and you knew that he was next.
The rich playboy rolled up his sleeves before walking over to you. He pointed to the ground like you were some common bitch. You spit on his shoes which made him snarl in disgust. He raised his hand to backhand you across the face which made you fall down. “Bitch,” was all he said but it was enough to cut you deep.
“I’m going to take you like a dog since you want to act like one.” He bent down and you could smell his cedar aftershave. He grabbed both wrists and started to take the handcuffs off. You formed a fist with your right hand and swung at his face. The fist connected to his jaw.
You watched as he stumbled to the ground. You scrambled to your feet and you started to run. The other four stood up and Thor had a grin on his face. “I love this game,” Tony stood up slowly with his hand to his face. You wasted no time running up the steps, the door was left ajar which made you smile out of relief.
“Shouldn’t we hurry up and get her?”
“She isn’t going to get very far.” Tony rolled his eyes as he made his way over to the steps with the other four men behind him. Tony was angry more than anything, he had a very short fuse that’s why pepper left him. You ran out of the basement not caring that you weren’t wearing any clothes. The only thing important right now was getting away from these sick fucks.
“Come back here you little bitch.” Tony held a lot of venom with that demand. He was growing increasingly angry, he didn’t like it when he couldn’t have his way. It was a part of his rich boy persona. You ran through the cabin until you finally came to the front door.
You sighed of relief when the door opened. The sound of their heavy footsteps told you to go. You did what your father told you all those years ago. Do what you must in order to survive. The old bastard knew the world was a cruel fucked place. You just wish you listened a little better.
You bite down on your tongue when your foot came in contact with a pebble or rock. You couldn’t stop, you just had to keep running. You hoped that you would come across a body of water.
Your heels sunk into the soft earth, grass getting stuck in between your toes. You pushed branches out of the way that cut you. Your breathing was starting to become more erratic. Your nose started to burn as you breathed harder. Your chest heaving harder as you overextended yourself.
Bucky was catching up now. When the hell did he catch up you thought to yourself. Fucking freak of nature you said to yourself. He pushed harder until he could push his body to slam. He rammed his body into yours and you went down. A thick branch pushing into your side. He put all his weight down on you until you stopped struggling. “Let me the fuck go!!” You screamed at him but he only snickered in your ear.
Tony spit on the ground as he walked closer to you and Bucky. He crossed his arms as he looked down at you. “Now she’s filthy.” Bucky slowly got off you and you were about to get up when Tony stepped on your hand. He bent down and smiled in your face. “I hope your hand breaks,” he pressed harder and a scream erupted from your mouth.
“Don’t break her hand.” Tony obeyed and you cried from the pain. It was a burning pain that made your hand tremble. Your body was starting to tremble, was it from the weather or fear. You turned on your back as all five stared down at you. You could see the evil in their eyes, you weren’t going to make it.
Thor was already rubbing at the front of his pants. He held a knife in his other hand. “You want to brand your girl?” He gave the knife to Steve who silently bent down. He slapped at your thigh which made you curse under your breath. You moved your head to see if there were any hefty branches but Pietro and Thor quickly held your arms down. Then Bucky and Tony held down your legs.
“No one is going to find your body. Shame no one will see my beautiful work of art.” Steve gave you a genuine smile, it was more creepy than his fake smile he usually gave you. He pressed the knife into your thigh. You screamed louder but he ignored it. He dragged the knife along your skin like it was a pencil.
You started to feel lightheaded and there were stars dancing in your vision. Your scream died on your tongue as you passed out to the feeling of the blade against your skin.
Tumblr media
You woke up to the feeling of hands on your body. Someone’s chest pressed against your back. Your hands wrapped around something thick and hard. Your mouth was open wide as something pressed deeper until it was at the back of your throat.
You opened your eyes slowly and you were looking at Pietro’s pelvis. His dick sliding in deeper until you gagged. A long dick sliding in and out of your ass, a thick one inside your pussy. The sound of deep grunts and moans helping you to register what was happening. You tried to pull back but Pietro grabbed the back of your head.
Your thigh felt sore but so did every part of your body. Who knows how long they have been using your body. How long had they been dumping their cum in you or on you. You could feel sticky and dried cum all over your skin.
Pietro pushed in deeper as his hips stuttered. He shot his load down your throat. He kept his dick buried inside you until you swallowed all of him. He pulled out with a grunt and a string of your saliva attached to the head of his dick. 
Before you could scream another dick was forcing itself inside your mouth. The two dicks were pressing against each other in your ass and pussy. The two of them rubbing against each other as they thrusted harder into your cum filled holes.
No one said anything to you. They just used you like a sex toy. Pushing dicks in your sore holes right after the other. You didn’t even realize they had finished, or realized that Steve was now wrapping his hands around your neck. You looked up into Steve’s blue eyes, you wheezed as he squeezed harder. He intended to kill you. How could this be so easy for?
You did the only logical thing because you couldn’t die like this. You closed your eyes and held your breath. Steve eventually stopped, stepping away from your body. “Alright, I’m hungry. I want a burger.” Then you heard laughter and feet descending away from your body. You took a steady breath out when they were far away.
Tumblr media
You waited for what felt like an eternity. You opened your eyes and slowly sat up. You cried as you tried to stand off the ground. You were so damn tired but you had to go. They would probably come back to bury you soon.
You stumbled through the woods. You almost tripped over the small branches. Your mouth was dry and sticky. You had tears rolling down your face as you walked for what seemed like hours until you came across a bridge. You held onto the railing with your dirt covered hands. A car drove by but stopped before going any further. And you knew it was them. You swung your legs over the railing without a second thought and you plunged into the cold water.
You held your breath and swam underneath the bridge. You took a breath as you emerged from the murky waters.
“What the fuck, I told you to let me shoot her.”
“She isn’t going to survive at all. She’s going to drown.” They were arguing as they went back to the car. You waited until the car was far away before going underwater and swimming to God knows where.
You crawled up to shore. Your fingers digging into the soft earth. You were soaking wet with dirt and cum caked on your skin. The flower that was cut into your skin was healing. Sam was hunting with a friend when he came across your body. He watched you sobbing as you tried to stand. But you kept falling back in the dirt.
He pulled off his camo jacket and walked slowly to you. You heard footsteps and instinctively picked up a branch. “Stay the fuck back!” He held his hands up to surrender. “I want to help you. You look cold and I have a jacket here. It’s really warm.”
He moved closer until he could snatch the stick away. He kneeled down and wrapped his soft jacket around your body. You cried into his chest as he rubbed your back. “I got you.”
Tumblr media
You woke up to the smell of lavender on your skin. Hot and cold patches on your body. The softness of the comfy clothes against your body. Your feet are covered in warm and fuzzy socks. Your hand and thigh was wrapped up in a bandage.
You slowly opened your eyes to see a small bedroom. White walls with posters of bands from the 90s. Pink drapes hanging over the big window. You noticed the slight pain in your hand and thigh.
The door opened and a woman walked in. You relaxed as she came over to check on you. She put the back of her hand against your forehead. “Good morning. You look much better today.”
You swallowed harshly and licked your dry lips. “How long have I been out?”
“For a week.” You sat up slowly but the room started to spin. “You haven’t eaten much in a week. I’ll have Sam bring you some food.” She called to Sam as you laid back down. He answered away from the door and then was gone. She looked over at you with one last cheerful smile. “We can talk later.”
And she was gone just like that. You looked around the room. There was a speaker that almost looked like the one your father gave you on your birthday. The man who wrapped you in his jacket walked in. He held a tray with a meatball sub and two water bottles. There was a cupcake with pink frosting that made your mouth watered.
Sam put the tray over your covered thighs. He sat down at the edge of the bed with his knee up. “I know who did this to you. He did the same thing to my wife.” He swallowed hard but offered no more information. You sat up and moved back until your back was pressed against the headboard.
“Did she make it?” He looked at you with tears in his eyes. “No, she didn’t make it.” That hit you like a train. You were the only one that was lucky to walk away. The others didn’t get to have that chance. Those sick bastards. “I’m going to kill every single one of them.”
He shook his head as if he didn’t believe you.
“You’ll see. All of them are going to wish I died. Pietro, Thor, Tony, Bucky and Steve will feel my fucking wrath. Do you understand me? I'm going to rip their hearts out.” There was silence between you two that was comfortable.
“I’ll help you.” You looked at him and he nodded his head. “I want them dead as much as you.”
Taglist: @peachescream06​ , @buckyswillow​, @buttercupfangirl​, @daughterofthelion​, @marvelatthisone​, @luminousblackgirl​ , @charmed-asylum​,  @jennorm 
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overwhelmedsupernova · 2 days ago
Take Care (Dark! Steve Rogers x reader)
Summary: Captain America has always done his best to protect his people. The same thing will do with you. Any chapter will have warnings, but please remember that this is a DARK FICTION just like every work in my blog.
Part 1 
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
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overwhelmedsupernova · 2 days ago
I really love your work, it is 😘👌. Step on me? 🥺
Could I request for a dark! Steve trying to force reader to kiss him? Like one hand pulling their face to him, but you resist?
(( ༎ຶ ◡︎༎ຶ)
First off, hello honey! I'm sorry for being so late for your request, but here I am. Thank you so much for your support! <3 I just hope I got this request right and that enjoy this! ^^ Also, thank you so much for +100 followers. :)
Warnings: forced kissing, dark Steve Rogers (yes, that's a warning). Only +18 please, minors are not welcome. If you do not feel safe with dark themes, do not read. Also, English isn't my first language. Any mistake made is mine.
Words: 1450
It's been a while since you've gotten unwanted attention from the great Captain America. You did not understand exactly what was going through his head and above all why he behaved in that way: several weeks ago, after several gifts and flowers sent to your office, he tried to propose that he be his girlfriend. Was it beautiful? Sure. Was he the great hero and savior of America? And for that you thanked him and admired him. But your private life had no room for a further set of problems, such as those possibly given by a boyfriend.
And you understood even better how well built your internal argument was to see how Steve persistently kept trying to persuade you, to convince you that he would be your best boyfriend. If earlier his attentions had deeply shocked you (being you a common worker for Stark Industries), on the other hand they had also flattered you. But just as the shivers assaulted your body at the thought of a man who could not accept a no, so did it for Captain America: if anything, the chills multiplied. Because you knew very well that you have no choice with him.
You still remembered the day when he had decided to come forward and say what you had already understood for some time, after several overly persistent glances.
"I really wish we were together. It would be perfect." he persisted, almost as if your every hesitant glance was shattering his heart of gold, piece by piece. And you felt terribly guilty, but heck, you also knew that any other woman could very well play the part he wanted. You've known Steve Rogers for some time, you knew that he still hadn't gotten used to the new age of technology and that he probably never would. You knew he had a strong admiration for strong-willed women, but you also knew how to read his facade as best he could: America's golden boy only wanted a beautiful pregnant wife in a beautiful home, to look after while he he was returning from his missions. Yes, even no.
You had reached a very important position, and after all the obstacles faced you would never accept to leave everything. It was not the choice you made.
You sighed gently, after the third veiled refusal. You didn't really know how to best explain that he didn't care at all in a relationship, and in reality, you didn't even feel love-like emotions for Steve Rogers. It was pure admiration for him, but nothing more.
"Steve, please listen to me. I can't-" he interrupted you again as he ran a hand through his hair, sighing in exasperation. It almost looked like he was talking to a child, but it was just your point of view and the fact that the great Captain wouldn't accept a no shocked you. You expected him to be respectful, more than that.
"You don't understand. I love you! I've never felt like this after all I've been through, and if you think I haven't tried a thousand times to get you out of my head, you're wrong. I can't, and if I can't then it will be. a reason, don't you think? " he raised his voice as his noisy footsteps came closer and closer to yours, frightening you. You never expected to be afraid of Steve Rogers, but there you are.
You backed up to put your hands on the desk where you were working until 10 minutes ago, before Captain America interrupted again.
"No, you don't understand." you said briefly, recomposing your professional figure and glaring at him, even though his eyes were wide open by your now stern tone. "I've clearly turned down your proposal Steve, four times. And here you are again, pulling the rope. The point is, if this rope breaks, then-"
"Then? Come on darling, tell me." he dared to ask you, instantly restoring that authority you dared to steal from him. You swallowed nervously, watching him from head to toe as he now lost his super soldier composure. Oh, but he was losing a lot more, and you knew full well that there was no response to his taunt from him. So? Then you could only suffer, because you weren't strong enough to fight it. But you had a right to try.
"Get out." you ordered briefly, purposely ignoring that taunt of him, only to see a grin on his face as he moved closer to your now slightly shaking figure.
"Well then... you can't do anything." he stopped right next to you after taking those few steps he had left to overtake you, literally. You felt suffocated by his body and the heat he emitted, just as you hated the fact that he literally stood near your ear just to emphasize the control he had. Which he had always had.
"I think now we can finally start over, don't you think?" he asked you briefly with a small smile, but you knew better. He still had a slight frown on his face and his eyes cast a cold warning look at you.
"Don't you dare." they seemed to tell you.
You slowly nodded, looking out of the corner of your gaze for a pen, a pencil, anything to hit him or just hurt him. You had to shake it off and escape, at least for now, that was the plan. A poor plan.
He smiled in a completely genuine and happy way, then placed a hand on your cheek and stroked it slowly. You froze completely at his touch, no longer paying attention to the materials you were looking for. You rested your gaze on his icy eyes of him, noticing how close he was. Too much. No, it was too much. Too intimate, too much.
Before his lips could even touch yours, you turned your face away, finding the white wall much more interesting. You heard his breath stop for a few seconds, only to be released shortly thereafter along with a low growl.
"(Y / n), start over. Remember?" he briefly tried to reason with you, but he was losing his temper. You knew it, but you weren't going to kiss him. It was fucking intimate, and you categorically refused. Not with him.
"I don't want to kiss you." you whispered briefly, not seeking his gaze for fear of finding a murderous rampage waiting for you. After all, you knew what that man was capable of. "It's too intimate." you whispered again, only to try and play well at his own sick game of him.
You just had to make him believe that you were really there, but that he had to wait. It was Steve Rogers, he was from those 40s, he could wait. Could he?
"Not at all for two people who are together now, these days." he growled in your ear again, moving closer and letting the weight of his body fall partly on your pelvis, which he collided further with the desk. Fucking stuck, dude.
You swallowed nervously as tears began to build in your eyes. You found the courage to look at him briefly, only to find him attacking you. He slammed his lips roughly against yours, too fast, too sloppy. You hated it, it wasn't even remotely comfortable.
You tried to scream and move your entire body in order to get rid of the super soldier, but the super soldier was holding you in his clutches. He had caressed your hips and squeezed them, and then let a hand wander all over your body. When he had that least bit of trouble in your desperate struggle during that kiss that he mercilessly deepened, then he decided to grab your jaw with one hand. Now you no longer had a chance to move your head, or even to somehow withdraw your lips and suck them into your mouth in protest.
No, Steve was smarter than that. He had pinched your side just to make you scream in pain and allow him to insert his tongue into your mouth, only to kiss you even more deeply. He turned you over as his body gave off even more heat and how little moans came out of his mouth as he kissed you with so much fervor.
"L-Leave me!" you tried to mumble through the tears and that kiss, but didn't seem to hear it. Or ignore it. With his jaw still clenched in his hand and your cheeks wet with tears, Steve finally walked away with a satisfied smile and lips consumed by the kiss.
"How about trying again? I'm sure you'll get a lot of confidence in the kisses I'll give you, baby."
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nellblazer · 2 days ago
Be Thee Wolf or Sheep? - Chapter 13 FINAL (Dark!Marvel|Far Cry)
Tumblr media
Series Masterlist Here
Summary: It's the end of the world as we know it
Warnings: Angst, Death, Injury, Despair, Depression mentions, Smut
CHAPTER 13 - Step Through The Gate
*Do not replicate/rework/translate my work anywhere else without my express permission. This story is on A03/Tumblr/Wattpad. Anywhere else, it is likely stolen.*
Tumblr media
Bucky was intensely flooring the pedal as the fire roared behind us. Rumlow's bunker was dead ahead but it was up the hill and this was not the fastest vehicle we could've picked but we had too many to split into cars.
The back of the bus slanted down with a jolt, the tyres having melted and I jumped a foot into the air when that happened. The wave caught up with us and the strength of it knocked the bus sideways before it rolled over and over.
I was caught by Hank who protected me with his body as we slammed into the seats, as we slammed into the roof, as the windows blew out and some of the fire licked in. I couldn't tell who was who any more as limbs flew around me.
Finally we stopped and I heard the groans of pain and some sobbing. Hank let me out and I started patting the fur over his body that had caught alight.
“Are you okay?!” I ask him.
“I'll be fine, Agent,” he smiles. “You're more important than I am currently.”
“That's not-”
“Steve called you the Provider. That's not just something the Voice said. The truth is, you have the genome to be able to carry the children of super soldiers and mutants. It's rare, very rare at the moment in normal humans. I tested your blood after Rumlow got me a sample during your time with him. You're. More. Important.”
I pat him on the shoulder before going to help the others, not knowing what to make of that information.
Bucky and Steve were fine, super soldiers were hardy but Wanda had an open wound on her head and Rumlow had broken his arm. Deacon was burnt across one side of his body but Beau was laying at an unnatural angle, his neck broken over one of the seats. There was nothing anyone could do for him.
“Is the Provider okay?” Steve yells.
“She's fine,” Hank calls back. “Just some bruising.”
“Let's get out, people! MOVE IT!” Rumlow goes full military mode. “The fucking forest is on fire and I don't wanna get trapped if the fire hits the fuselage.”
The heralds help everyone out but Wanda is unsteady and despite everything, my natural urge to protect overrides my dislike of her actions towards me and I help her out through the window, her arm around my shoulder as we run to the bunker.
Trees are falling down all around us, the smoke is oppressive and the very sky itself seems to undulate with flames. The end of the world had truly come.
Whichever way I looked, there was destruction. I couldn't even fathom it. I just hoped everyone I'd met had managed to get somewhere safe.
God, we were the only ones left out here?
We got to the bunker just as another nuclear blast went off somewhere to the north of us. We were hurried in as Bucky turned the great heavy wheel and we were locked in. The whole place shuddered as the shockwave finally caught up but we were safe now.
Down into the main room, there weren't many of us left. Probably only around forty in total. I knew from Rumlow's plans this bunker was supposed to provide for two hundred.
“Where's everyone else?” I ask Rumlow.
His aura is less threatening now, like he's softened himself in my presence and I don't feel so afraid of him.
“A lot were at the Veteran's Center undergoing training. They would be too far out, cub. I don't think they made it,” he winces as he tried to raise his broken arm experimentally. “Y'know, I didn't think you'd ever want to speak to me again after everything I did.”
“I hate you for it but I don't have the time to hate when we're all stuck down here for however many years. I'm not going to be your best friend but I think you know if you hurt me again, there'll be big consequences.”
“You're strong, wolf,” he changes the pet name with a wry smirk. “Strongest I've ever seen and I wouldn't hurt you again...unless you liked it, that is. There's some part of you that didn't mind a bit of pain from what I recall.”
I approach him, staring into that face that I've despised since I came to Hope County but my passionate hatred had left me somewhat after the devastation I'd just seen. He also wasn't wrong. If there was one thing I could say about my time with Rumlow, the sex was always incredible.
“You're lucky you fuck well, Brock or I'd punch you in the face right now,” I shake my head at him.
“There's my firebrand,” he grins. “I'd better go set this arm. Can't lift you up against a wall if it heals wrong.”
There's a tap on my shoulder and Wanda is behind me, tissue against her forehead that was staining though, “Do you forgive me, darling? There will be no more Rapture, I promise. All the fields are burning and I made sure no flowers are in the bunkers.”
“Look, sit down. You're not going to stem the blood flow like that,” I duck her question and make her sit down, getting one of the first aid kits and cleaning her up.
“Pretty thing, look at me,” she touches my face after I've put some butterfly stitches over the gash. “It's alright. You don't have to forgive me. I did terrible things to you and others. I let power go to my head. I'm sorry.”
“Well thank you,” I finish up. “I appreciate the apology. Go see if the others need help. I need to talk to Steve.”
I go looking for Steve to avoid more awkward conversations but bump into Bucky who's wandering the halls like he's at a loss. I shouldn't give a shit but he was one fortieth of the people I was about to spend the prime years of my life with so if he went nuts in here, we'd all have to deal with it.
“What's eating you, Barnes?” I draw level with him.
“As if you care,” he leans back against the corridor walls.
“Talk to me.”
“This is just another ploy to get in my good books. I ain't buying it this time, doll.”
“You're mad about me playing you still, huh? It's not the cougar thing?”
“I have scars everywhere. More doesn't concern me but you made me know what, forget it.”
He goes to leave and I grab his hand, stopping him. If he was really pissed at me, he could've easily pulled away but I knew he was desperate for praise and love against his better judgement.
“I just wanted to be free, Bucky. You were all using me, hurting me. I did what I could to survive. You get that, right?”
“And now you prefer Steve. Everyone always prefers Steve,” he mutters under his breath.
“You have a tattoo machine in this bunker?” I ask him and he blinks in confusion.
“Yeah, all of them have one in case of further confessions or sinners making it into the bunker. Why?”
“You still owe me 'Pride'.”
At least the 'Wrath' one was tasteful. Having more ink was not going to kill me in the long run if it meant we all got on better.
“Really?” his eyes light up. “You'd let me finish your confession?”
“Not the skin flaying but you can strike out the tattoo with ink or a blade.”
“You'd trust me with a scalpel near you again?”
“Take it or leave it, Bucky,” I shrug before carrying on up the corridor.
“I'll get it set up. Where are you going?”
“I need to speak to Steve about what I'm meant to do now. After that, we'll do the tattoo. Promise.”
“Alright. I'll give you another know...for the cat. She lived, y'know. Those hillbilly idiots picked her up and hared after you somewhere.”
“They made it?”
“Well I don't know if they made it through the Phoenix Force blasts but they were alive last I saw them. You want me to find out if they made it to a bunker?”
“I'd really appreciate that, Bucky.”
“Buck,” he corrects me, feeling a little more at ease now. “Go on. I think Steve took the Cataclysm really hard.”
And he had done. I found Steve in one of the bedrooms, head pressed to the wall and shoulders slouched like he felt defeated.
“Are you okay?” I ask him and he doesn't move.
“I really thought it was God,” he says quietly. “All this time. They called me a prophet.”
“Steve,” I turn him around and he doesn't meet my gaze. “It doesn't matter. What matters is you built enough bunkers that some of us lived. I don't agree with anything Infinity's Gate did to get followers but I'm thankful we're all safe. You did that.”
“Jean Grey did that. She fought off the Phoenix Force long enough to tell us to get ready.”
“You could've ignored that Voice. You didn't have to do all of this.”
“I know you're trying to make me feel better, sweetheart but-”
“-But nothing, Rogers! Get it together! Fuck! You made this psycho cult so go lead it,” I raise my voice. “Everyone is counting on you to get them through the next few years.”
“You fucking lead it then,” he loses his temper at last, hissing in my face as he grabs my throat. “You want Infinity's Gate to be puppies and rainbows, go do it your way and see how it all falls to shit. It's a lot of responsibility and people are gonna turn on each other cooped up for years, maybe even a decade and not to mention all those who just won't cope and will kill themselves in the meantime. I have to hear all of that, deal with all of that and I can't even say with conviction any more that it's God's will because it's not.”
“So be a good boy and fake it,” I growl back. “Religion can go fuck itself but it gets some people through so do it for them and get the hell off me.”
“I'm done,” he pushes me back viciously and I stumble a little. “I'm done with this. Leave me alone.”
“Steve, I-”
“GET OUT!” he yells, veins popping in his neck.
So I did because I thought he was going to absolutely lose it right then. I wasn't going to put up with his self pitying shit when the world had ended and he was unwilling to help himself.
I went back to Bucky, getting the 'Pride' tattoo. I confessed to him my 'sins' and I think he knew me much better after that. He struck out the sins with ink, not a blade and we came to an understanding.
“Mr Barnes, here,” a Piggie passes him a radio frequency which he uses with the wired in radio in the communications room.
“Hello. Who's in your bunker?” he asks.
“Who the fuck is asking, man?” I recognise Sharky's voice.
I almost rip Bucky's hand off taking the radio, “Guys?! Guys it's me, are you okay?!”
“Agent?!” Sharky perks up. “Fuck, dude. We thought you was dead! Hey Hurk! Hurky! She's alive!”
“Fuck yeah, man!” I can hear Hurk. “Oh my god, we was so worried for you! We saw them take you away.”
“I'm alright. I'm in Rumlow's bunker with some others. Are you guys alright?”
“In Eli's bunker. He didn't make it. He was on a scouting party or some shit,” Sharky informs me. “Lotta the Militia didn't get back in time. Hurks' folks are gone too. Hurk Sr and Addy. Uh....we lost our animal bros.”
“Peaches was too far gone by the time we got here and Cheeseburger was out roaming when the bombs hit,” Hurk takes over because Sharky has started sobbing. “I don't know how we would've made a cougar and a bear work in here but we would've tried goddamnit.”
“I'm sorry. Sorry about your parents, Hurky.”
“Ain't your fault, man. Guess they was right about the apocalypse. Well shit. At least you're okay. Keep in touch, yeah? I gotta go help my cuz out.”
“Sure. Let's raincheck that cook out for a few years,” I try to keep it light.
“Oh you know it,” I can hear the smile in Hurk's voice. “Bye Double-O.”
“Shit,” I bend down after the radio clicks off. “So many people gone.”
“Hey, lemme do something for you,” Bucky leads me back to the tattoo chair. “Trust me?”
“Just make it tasteful.”
And when he was done, I had a peach and a cheeseburger over the Whitetail Militia Flag on my hipbone. I noted he got amused every time I winced when the needle flowed across the skin. The sadist in him was still alive and well it seemed.
“Now you can carry them with you,” he gives me a quick smile. “That's some of my best shading work, doll.”
“Thank you,” I trace over it as he cleans up the Lust scar better and sticks a gauze adhesive over it.
“You're gonna have to lead for a while,” Bucky goes serious. “I overheard you and Steve arguing. He's not gonna come outta that dark place for some time and we need someone who's clear-headed. I'm not arrogant enough to think I can take over and Rumlow and Wanda wouldn't do so well at it. You, you though, you're an FBI agent and you think logically.”
“Then get me a comprehensive list of all bunkers and who's in them,” I stand up. “I need to know how many people I'm looking after and what supplies they have.”
Wanda took to her order of cataloguing the skills of people in our bunker with gusto. She seemed happy to be doing something productive. Rumlow just laughed when I asked him to count our food reserves and medical items.
“You giving commands now, wolf?” he grins.
“Since Steve is indisposed right now, yes. Take Deak to get his burns checked out as well.”
“What's wrong with Rogers?”
“Culture shock. Just do it, Rumlow.”
“Awful bossy there,” he folds his good arm under the sling of his broken one.
“When you're done with that,” I carry on like he wasn't making a challenge for authority. “Find us a quiet room away from everyone. I need to work some energy off.”
I was expecting a smart ass comment back but he just thought about it and then nodded.
He wasn't exactly complaining I'd become the de facto leader of Infinity's Gate later on when he was driven up to the hilt in me in some storage room, muffling my moans with his good hand as he pounded hard.
It worked to unwind the knot of horror in my stomach, that this was my life now, that something so awful had happened. There was a point where I was crying during our energetic fucking session but Rumlow did something I didn't expect and just kissed the tears away.
“I know,” he whispered softly to me. “It's not a weakness. Let it out, wolf.”
We became each other's stress relief in the days ahead. Me because I was so overwhelmed with managing the three hundred and seventy three people that had made it into bunkers and Rumlow because I'd designated him to use his psychology know how to become a therapist of sorts.
I did end up sleeping with Bucky and Wanda as well at points, each of them providing a different need for me. Bucky passion filled that emotional hole for me and Wanda provided a much needed gentle touch.
They all knew I bounced between them but they were happy for the attention. Sometimes they got competitive and then I'd stop seeing them in private until they worked it out between themselves. Funny how they all got along again immediately when I went on a sex strike.
Deacon was getting more confident in himself again, avoiding Rumlow but he found someone in an Infinity's Gate guy to keep him company and he was doing much better. He wrote a log of ours days in the bunker, the Chronicler at work. I'd get him to read each day to me so I could hear what everyone was getting up to.
Steve...nobody saw Steve hardly at all. He came to the kitchens in the dead of night usually to get sustenance before disappearing again. He only ate one meal a day and his crazy metabolism meant he looked gaunter every time I saw him. It was strange to see him so un-muscular.
“He'll come around eventually. Stop worrying,” Bucky is mouthing down to my breasts as I'm voicing my concerns out loud.
“Hey,” Rumlow spanks my ass hard. “No shop talk during sex. You're the one that made that rule, wolf.”
“Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it?” I brat back.
“I think we're not gonna let you cum. What do you think, Barnes?” Rumlow bites at my neck.
“And I think she needs some punishment as well,” Bucky taps between my legs, making me jolt. “Sometimes the boss needs to be taken down a peg or two.”
“That means you're not gonna sit down for a week,” Rumlow whispers into my ear as his hand goes around my throat. “And don't talk back to your men when we know when to stop before you cum.”
“I'll talk back as I please, you fucking bastard,” I half moan as Bucky's licking a stripe up my folds.
“Wrath and Lust are such terrible sins, doll,” Bucky grins before they torment me for the next few hours but I love every minute of it.
It wasn't often they paired together but I had fun when they did. Wanda preferred to have me to herself when I visited her but sex with her was always a multiple hour long affair.
As the weeks went by, it became clear that more people thought of me as the leader of Infinity's Gate. I'd do radio broadcasts with advice for those in the bunkers, I'd do Steve's religious sermons for those who still believed this was God's plan and I'd decide punishments for those who lost control and hurt others around them.
Where once they looked to Steve as 'The Father', now I was revered as 'The Provider'. It was a title I bore and hated in equal measure.
I was in the lab with Hank one night, finishing up hearing his notes on the recently pregnant women we had in here and the chances of healthy births between those with non standard human DNA and those with the standard. I was not among them, despite the rampant sex I'd been having but now I knew there was no higher power at work, I hadn't actually expected to be the first, some kind of Eve.
In turn, I went through the population projections I'd made and when the point would come that I would need to enforce a 'no babies' rule. This was the kind of heavy stuff I had to think about now.
Before I turned in for the night, I spoke to Sharky on the radio who was telling me about Gina, Hurk's new girlfriend.
“You ever think what it would've been like if this all hadn't turned to cougar shit?” he muses.
“All the time,” I answer with a sigh, leaning back in my chair.
“If you'dve come back with the FBI, if there was no apocalypse and I asked you out, would you have said yes?”
“Yeah,” I answer honestly. “If only to see what kind of idiot date you'd take me on and if it would involve Disco.”
“Now I ain't a complete Casanova but I know you ain't a shiny pants kinda person, Agent,” he laughs. “Naww I would've taken you to the mountains. Base jumping spot. Looks real pretty when the sun goes down.”
“That's very romantic of you, Charlemagne.”
“I got moves, darlin',” he sounds jovial. “Anyhow, get back to being our leader and when we get out, if you're tired of banging the fucked up quartet over there, come find me.”
“Count on it. Good night, Charlemagne.”
“Night, darlin'.”
I was always honest with Hurk and Sharky on the radio. They didn't get it but they didn't blame me for it either. Sharky even offered me advice when tensions between the three former heralds got too much. They really were my other lifeline in here.
As I got into my room, I was surprised to see a figure sitting on the bed. It's not until I flipped the light on that Steve came into view. His hair was wildly long, beard unkempt but he'd gained back some muscle mass.
“Steve,” I say in surprise.
“I...” he gets up, tries to speak and chokes his words.
“What are you doing here?”
“I'm tired of being alone,” he answers quietly. “I'm tired of hating myself. I've been watching you run the Project beautifully and I felt ashamed I'd shouldered that burden to you. I just...I'm sorry.”
“You were depressed, Steve. I get it.”
“I'm sorry,” he hangs his head. “I just...I need...”
He needs affection, I can clearly see that. I approach him tentatively, tip his chin up so he can look at me and I kiss him softly.
“It's alright. Tell me what you need.”
The pre-Cataclysm Steve had been gentle, loving and now I was faced with this broken man who'd been pent up for weeks. He practically slammed me against the wall as he kissed me with a kind of fury born from his own self-hatred.
He at least took care not to rip my clothes when we had such limited fabric down here but he got close a few times as he buried himself in me with no further ceremony, hiking my legs around his waist.
His ferocity started surpassing even Bucky's and I knew I was gonna feel it the next day but I let him take what he wanted from me. Anything to stop walking on eggshells around each other, anything to share the burden of leadership.
He left fingermark bruises on my legs in his lust and when he came, it was the most relieved cry I'd heard in a long while. I would've thought that was the end of it but he carried me to the bed before using his fingers to get me off, obscene noises echoing around the clinical room from how slick I was now until I came, falling back in a panting mess.
“I didn't mean to be so rough,” he looks at the damage.
“I'm not complaining, Steve,” I stretch out.
“Can I...can I sleep in here tonight?” he asks, unsure of my reaction.
“If you promise me you'll resurface from your room. Promise me you'll start talking to the Project again. It's been a lot for me, Steve.”
“I know. I can't apologise enough. I'll do better.”
And he did. He started doing the sermons himself, he took a more active interest in managing the bunker and the power balance started to equalise. Steve never took total control back, I wouldn't let him and I got the final say on things since I'd set up the bunker network but he accepted that dynamic with grace.
While I was cuddling with Wanda on the communal sofa about a year after the Phoenix Force had destroyed everything, I reflected on the events that had gotten us here.
I'd come to Hope County expecting to take down a dangerous cult and instead I'd survived the end of the world and become the leader of it. I'd been tortured and passed between four corrupted heroes, endured more suffering than anyone should bear and now I controlled them.
Infinity's Gate was mine and, when I could eventually open the doors to the outside world, when I could start rebuilding a civilisation, I'd do it the right way.
I would not abandon my flock.
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sincerelythedarkside · 2 days ago
What the King Has
Tumblr media
[ROYAL AU] (image for aesthetic purposes only, no description on reader)
Pairing: Soft!Dark Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: You, Bucky, and Steve have shared your whole lives together. Steve has known from the moment he was born that he would never ascend the throne. That belonged to Bucky, the crown prince. Steve was okay with that, though. He didn't mind being the forgotten prince. He had you, and you were precious. Steve was happy to live his life with Bucky and you, whatever it may be. Until it's announced that you are to be married to the crown prince. Then, Steve can feel you slowly slipping through his fingers, and suddenly, being the forgotten prince is no longer enough. 
WARNINGS: 18+ ONLY. MINORS DNI. Dubcon, explicit sexual content, character death, overstimulation, oral (female receiving), fingering. Don’t read if any of this is triggering.
Note: This is for @stargazingfangirl18 ‘s soft dark writing challenge! I’m a little new to the dark fic space but I read Siri’s work and whewwww, it’s always h-hours when I read her work LOL thank you so much for hosting this challenge & congratulations! I hope you enjoy this fic 🥺
- “I’ve been waiting a long time for this, sweetheart.” - “Look at you, stretched out and trembling.” - Overstimulation
Count: ~8.4k 
The breeze was warm, washing over Steve's face as he sat peacefully. He liked the early summer hours when no one else was awake and the day wasn't too hot yet. 
Suddenly, two hands slid over his eyes. Steve was alarmed for only half a second before he knew who it was. Steve always knew. It was easy to tell by the feel of the hands, the coolness, and the smell of orange blossoms and vanilla.
So sweet. 
"Why are you up?"
There was a huff before the hand slid away, and Steve could finally turn his head around to see you standing in a simple teal dress. You had your hair down as the light wind and sun made it soft. 
Taking a seat next to Steve, folding your legs delicately under you, you quirk a brow at him. "Why wouldn't I be up and here?" 
Your voice has a hint of challenge in them before they soften as you lean into him, looking forward. 
Sarah Rogers Taken too soon but loved & cherished by all
The two of you sit in silence for a long time, letting the early hours of the morning pass before Steve hears your stomach grumble. He tries to hold in his laughter, but it's too late. 
You're glaring at him before pouting. 
"Alright, sweetheart, let's get breakfast," Steve tells you before he stands, dusting his pants before holding his hand out to you. "You need to be more careful. It's not proper for the daughter of the Duke to be sneaking out."
You grab Steve's hand and let him pull you up before you dust your dress clean with your hand. "I think my father has long given up on my propriety, Steve. Besides, if anyone happened upon us, it wouldn't be all that strange for them to see me with you. If anything, it's strange to see us without Bucky."
"I think it would be strange if they did see him. There's no way to get him out of bed before noon of his own volition," Steve's lip quirks, and he feels his heart melt a little when you laugh. 
"C'mon," you tug on his hand. "Let's go wake his highness. Maybe we can both scare him."
Breakfast is a fun affair for Steve as well. He usually has it with you and Bucky most days.
Steve watches you and Bucky bicker as he bites into his runny eggs, using his bread to wipe up the yolk before putting it in his mouth. 
"I wasn't scared!" Bucky insists.
"Right, you just let out that girlish scream because you weren't scared," you taunt him. 
"No, I screamed because you pounced on me and your elbow dug into my spleen before I was utterly crushed," Bucky threw back. 
"Are you saying I'm fat?" You narrowed your eyes at him.
"I didn't say anything," Bucky smirked while you scowled at him.
The bickering continues while Steve watches, eating his breakfast leisurely. 
Steve will never have the things Bucky has despite being half-brothers. He will never ascend the throne because that's the path Bucky belongs on. 
But it's okay. 
You look at Steve with a pout.
"You're the perfect weight for your height," Steve rolls his eyes. "Stop antagonizing her, Buck."
"She's antagonizing me!" Bucky exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. "Show some loyalty to your family, Steve, and take my side!"
Steve just chuckles with a shake of his head as he returns to his breakfast. 
You give Steve a warm smile before you give a scathing look to Bucky, flicking a piece of bacon at the prince. 
It's okay, Steve thinks. He's happy to be just a step behind Bucky because that's where you are too. You're family too, and as long as he can hold your hand, being the forgotten prince is okay.
Steve spends a lot of time training. There's not much he can do otherwise. He doesn't have a lot of responsibilities. Perks of a forgotten prince, he supposes. 
He mostly practices alone. The knights don't bother him, don't think he's worth much since Steve will not ascend the throne, nor has Steve made any inclination that he'll challenge Bucky for it. 
With a deep breath and a powerful and precise swing, Steve cuts down the practice targets.
"Showing off to the trees and sky again, I see."
Steve turns around abruptly to see you standing there with a teasing smile. 
"Back already?" Steve walks over to you, accepting the towel you offer to wipe the sweat off his face and neck. 
"Mm," you hum. "Lady Carter throws the worst tea parties," you sigh. "I feel bad because she's really trying but she has no idea what to do."
"As opposed to your tea parties?" Steve smiles as you slap his shoulder lightly.
"I throw the best tea parties outside of Lady Romanoff," you smile confidently at him. "It's why I get letters all the time when my next one will be."
Steve continues to smile at you, basking in your presence. It has been a little too quiet and a little too lonely with Bucky gone to do check-ins with their lands and you being busy with your lady duties. 
"Lady Carter did ask me about you, you know," you give him a teasing smile again, looking much too mischievous. 
Steve's ears turn red, and he scowls when you laugh. 
"She's a nice girl, Steve," you tell him softly. "You should give her a chance."
"I'm not sure if I want a lady who throws the worst tea parties," Steve jokingly muses. "Think of my reputation."
"You have none," you remind him.
"Which is somehow still better than being known for the worst tea parties."
You shake your head at him, smiling as you do. You grab the towel from his hand, delicately dabbing the sweat near his brow that he missed. You can tell he doesn't want to talk about Lady Carter anymore, so you drop it. But you sorely wish Steve would give her a chance, give himself a chance to want more and be happy. 
"Are you done training for today?" You ask Steve instead.
Steve nods.
"Shall we go eat then?" You say. "Unfortunately, Lady Carter served the hardest cookies and biscuits that I nearly choked. And the tea was so bitter, I hardly ate anything."
"You're not selling her very well," Steve tilts his head at you, grabbing your hand to kiss the back of it gentlemanly before he grabs the towel back from you. "Let me just shower and I'll meet you in the waiting room."
"Take your time, I don't want to suffer in your presence," you smirk, and Steve rolls his eyes good-naturedly before running off. 
Steve was lonely at times, but you seemed to fill the void better than anyone ever could. From the time he was seven and now when he was a man. 
"Why did you want to go into town again?" Steve pulls at his collar that feels a little too tight around his neck.
"Bucky is coming back today," you remind him. "We should get him a present. You know how mopey gets when he has to leave us."
Steve smiles. "The crown prince shouldn't be moping."
You chuckle. "The king hasn't announced who his heir will be yet."
Shrugging, Steve replies, "He's the first in line. Besides, my mother was a concubine. The chances of me being named are near to zero, not that I want to anyway."
"You still have your father's blood in you," you chide him, though you're very aware of Steve's lack of ambition for the throne. "But I'm glad you're okay with it. The simple life is much better, isn't it? I don't envy all that Bucky has to do."
Steve nods.
"Isn't there anything you want to do?" Instead, you ask him, the conversation being something the two of you spoke of from time to time.
Steve hums as he ponders your question. In his early years, he merely told you he didn't know. It was true. Steve didn't quite have a sure path like Bucky did. 
He supposes he could really do anything. Steve won't ever have to worry about money because while the king ignores him, he takes care of him. And when Bucky becomes king, he will never let Steve suffer. 
But Steve also doesn't want to be a freeloader that relies on others. 
Steve likes drawing, but he doesn't think he could make a career out of it. He's good but nothing like the renowned artists around the world. 
He's good at fighting. Perhaps becoming one of Bucky's knights would be good. He can protect you that way too.
Steve could provide.
"I want to be a good husband," Steve says, and you look surprised before you smile softly at him.
"You'll make for a wonderful husband, Steve. I just know it."
One of the things Steve doesn't really care for is balls and banquets. The castle seems to always want to celebrate something. The only good thing that comes out of it is how beautiful you look when you arrive.
You put on your best dress and dawn yourself with jewels that aren't overly gaudy or flashy. The makeup makes your eyes look darker, and your cheeks skillfully blushed.
You're a walking temptation. Everyone in the kingdom knows as they watch you walk. There's no one better than you; no lady in the kingdom could ever compare. 
Steve watches in the back as you stand with Bucky and talk to the king. You curtsey just the right amount that makes the king pleased. 
When you arrived, you had found Steve before anyone else and chatted with him before Bucky whisked you away, saying the king wanted you to greet him. 
Steve can hear the whispers about how kind you are. Such a noble lady, the most sought out one that could easily become a princess consort if you wanted to be. And yet, you kept Steve close along with Bucky. And the whispers are about how pitiful Steve is. 
Steve turned his attention to see Lady Carter in front of him. She's wearing a dark royal blue gown with her blonde hair done up intricately. 
Steve stands straighter as he bows, taking Lady Carter's hand and kissing it as etiquette demands. 
"Good evening, Lady Carter," Steve says with a friendly smile, but his eyes are watching you from the corner. 
Lady Carter blushes.
"I—I wanted to know if you would dance...with me," she asks bravely. It's bold and blunt, and Steve could understand a little more why her tea parties are awful.
Lady Carter doesn't know the rules, or she doesn't care to listen to them. She lacks tact.
But Steve keeps his smile and nods nonetheless, offering his hand for her to take. Walking towards the dance floor, Steve finds Bucky has pulled you into a dance. He can tell the two of you are bickering again with the way you're scowling at him. It seems to be in good jest with the way Bucky is smiling. 
You stop scowling when you notice Steve and Lady Carter on the dance floor together. You give him an encouraging smile while Bucky is saying something to you.
Lady Carter is a suitable dancer, Steve thinks as he leads her around. For the tact she lacks, she makes up for in knowing nobility lessons. She makes small talk with him, saying how she once spotted him practicing sword fighting while visiting the castle. 
Steve politely makes conversation, just so it won't fall flat. You are right; she is a wonderfully nice girl. 
But it doesn't spark anything in Steve. 
The dance soon comes to an end, and Steve watches you beckon him secretly from the side. 
"Your grace," you say, brows wriggling slightly as you do. "How is your evening?"
"It could be better," Steve answered, falling into the joke with you as he holds his hand out in offering, sensing what you had wanted all along. "Will you do me the honour of giving me a dance, my lady?"
Steve can tell you're trying to not laugh as you accept it gracefully and allow him to pull you onto the floor. 
Such a beautiful and cunning lady. You have the tact to get what you want, and when it comes to Steve, you let him know exactly what you're doing and what you want without saying it. You can keep propriety and be authentic with Steve. 
Lady Carter may be a better dancer, but the way you grip Steve's arm and subtly caress his palm with your other is better. He likes that you stand closer so that he can feel the heat through your golden gown. 
It tells Steve that he's special. He's special to you.
"Well?" You say as you follow Steve's lead with ease, having danced many times before. 
"Well?" Steve repeats back.
"How was Lady Carter?" You ask almost exasperatedly. 
"She was okay," Steve shrugged. "Nice like you said."
"That's all?" You ask with a pout. 
"Didn't really feel much," Steve shrugged again.
You eye Steve closely before you sigh. "You usually don't right away. It takes time to build connections. Don't give up."
Steve doesn't say anything. What could he say? He could tell you that you were wrong—that it could happen right away. After all, it happened with you.
From the moment he met you at seven years old. He'd been moping because his mother passed away a couple of months ago. Then, you came bursting through the garden, smacking right into him. 
You had the audacity to look affronted like you weren't the one who rudely barreled into him. But then, you were grabbing his hand and pulling him into the bushes with you. Finally, he tried to speak, and you actually slapped your tiny hand on his mouth and shushed him. 
Steve had wanted to bite your hand, but then guards were running past. They checked in the garden for a couple of seconds before they kept moving. You removed your hand from your own volition with a relieved sigh. 
"Why are the guards chasing you?" Steve demanded in his tiny voice.
"Because I stole cookies from the kitchen," you say in an unmistakable tone as you pull out a cloth filled with stolen goods. 
"Why are you stealing from the castle?" Steve frowned.
You frowned back at him. "Because my daddy took me here because I'm supposed to meet Prince James. I met Prince James and he was terribly annoying so I told him we should play hide and seek and he's been hiding for the last...hour now. Then, when I was wandering around, I heard some of the maids say the king had another son and he was sad because his mother went to heaven. So, I'm trying to find the sad boy to give him cookies because cookies usually make things better."
You were such a talker and a rambler. 
The entire thing shocked Steve. He stared at you for a long moment, and then, "I'm not sad," he mumbled.
You blinked at him, realization dawning. You offered the cookies a little more to him.
"You should eat the cookies, I stole them for you, you know. Risked my life and all."
Steve couldn't help his lip curling up as he took one. For once, something other than sadness filled Steve's tiny body. The cookie tasted better than all the fancy meals he's ever eaten.
Suddenly, another tiny body burst into the garden, the bushes being pulled apart.
"You dirty little liar! You tricked me!"
And then it was always the three of you. You were the glue that kept everything together. He felt something immediately. The connection was instant. So, you were wrong.
If Steve didn't feel something for Lady Carter now, he never would. 
He was too busy feeling something for you.
Steve heard it through the grapevine. It was the worst thing he could ever hear.
You were to be married to the crown prince. 
You were to be married to Bucky. 
The heir hadn't been announced yet, but Steve couldn't kid himself. The three of you knew the truth. Bucky was the only one who could be named the crown prince. Bucky would be the one to ascend the throne, and you were going to be his queen. 
That's what the king had wanted to talk to you about during the ball. The king thought you were perfect, exactly what was needed to help rule the kingdom, to help guide Bucky along. 
Steve cut down his practice target without a hitch. His swing is so powerful and harsh that wood splinters everywhere.
Steve doesn't turn around. He knows it's you, but he can't face you right now. Not when it feels like his heart is being ripped out of his chest like you and Bucky personally dug your hands in and dragged it out.
"Steve," you plead.
Steve feels hands touch his arm without hesitation. That was something else Steve loved about you. You never shirked from him. He turns around to see you looking up at him, eyes pleading for him to understand. 
"Why did you hide it from me?" Steve asked.
"I didn't, I—" You take a deep breath. "I didn't know either. The king said he liked me and thought I was good for Bucky. I didn't know an engagement would be announced."
"So, you don't want it?" Steve asks briskly. 
You purse your lips at Steve. "I don't know," you answer honestly. "Bucky and I...we bicker a lot. It's all fun and games and there's tension, but I don't know. I love and care for him, just as I do you. This is hard for me too, you know."
Then, Steve's shoulder releases their tension. He sags, and you let out a sigh of relief that Steve is no longer angry.
"You know this doesn't change anything, right?" You tell him softly as you hug him, propriety be damned. "You're always going to be my best friend."
Steve rests his chin over your shoulder. You're soft and warm. 
Bucky has known soft and warmness all his life. 
Why does he deserve you too?
Steve tried to believe you. He really did. 
He let things go on, desperate that you were right, that it changed nothing.
But it does. Steve knows it. 
And Bucky knows it, too. 
Steve wonders how he missed it. How he missed Bucky being in love with you too. The bickering becomes less, and Bucky is trying to woo you. 
And you're falling for it.
You're saying this wasn't to change anything, but it was.
You're slipping through Steve's fingers. You're leaving where you stood with him and moving next to Bucky.
"Shh, doll, you don't want anyone to hear you, do you?" 
A low moan makes its way out of your throat.
"You're the one who dragged me here," you accused Bucky with a pant. 
"Can't help it, you're too fuckin' pretty, and you're mine," Bucky growled. 
"We're not married yet," you warn him, but your needy moans give your real feelings away.
"We're as good as. They're going to announce who the crown prince is soon. Once they do, let's get married."
"Shh, doll, I'm starting to think you want to be caught," Bucky moans suddenly. "You're clenching so tight around my fingers. Fuck, I'm going to ruin you on our wedding night."
The pants and low moans continue, unaware of the figure that stood next to the crept door against the wall. 
Steve clenches his jaw, listening to your needy moans before he's had enough. He pushes himself off the wall and walks away quietly and unnoticed.
You said it wasn't going to change anything, but you were wrong again. It changed everything. 
"I want the throne."
The king looks up, amused to see his other son standing there. 
"You?" He muses. "The son of a concubine? Are you hallucinating?"
Steve stands his ground.
"The son of a king, nonetheless. I'm going to challenge Bucky for the throne and I will have you seriously consider me."
"Insolent," the king drawled. "Just like your mother, but I supposed that's why I loved her so much," he smirks. 
The king stands and makes his way towards Steve.
"Alright," the king humours him. "The announcement will be three months from now. Show me you are worth considering. Show me you can command respect and loyalty. Show me you are competent on missions. Show me you have allies backing you for the throne."
Steve nods, bowing stiffly before he turns and makes his way out. 
If you were going to step forward, Steve would, too, even if it meant he needed to push Bucky one step back.
Steve may have been the forgotten prince, but he was still a prince nonetheless. He took the same lessons as Bucky did, and though he seemed nonchalant about them, he picked them up faster than Bucky. 
The whispers storm the castle when news breaks out the Steve is fighting for the throne. It throws a wrench between the three of them.
"How could you do this?" Bucky hisses. "Have you been plotting against me all along?"
Steve shook his head. "I would've been happy to follow you, Buck."
"What changed?" Bucky demanded, but Steve wouldn't say.
Bucky grimaces. The only change that happened recently—
"You want her," Bucky both breathes out and accuses him.
Steve tenses, and Bucky has his answer. 
"You're going to betray me because of her?" Bucky frowns. "This is an entire kingdom, Steve. You have no idea what you're doing."
"My entire kingdom is her," Steve shakes his head. "If I need to rule the rest of the people so she'll be mine, I'll do it."
"You're crazy," Bucky shook his head. "But fine. Let's see who will come out on top then. Who gets to be the king and who will get the queen."
Steve remains while Bucky storms off.
It is days before you confront him.
"Why are you doing this, Steve?" You plead. "You said you never wanted the throne. You said what you wanted was to be a good husband. You don't need the throne for that."
Steve is training again. He stops when you approach him.
"You said it wasn't wrong for me to want more," Steve mumbled. "This is what I want. Being the forgotten prince isn't enough anymore."
You feel tears well up in your eyes that Steve brushes away. 
"You're going to hate each other in the end," you weep. "This is going to hurt us all."
Steve tries to pull you in a hug, but you resist. He sighs.
"As long as you don't hate me, we'll be okay."
Steve is quickly moving up the ranks. He's gaining speed on Bucky.
During training, Steve demands the respect of the knights by defeating them all in battle. And when Bucky and Steve have a mock battle meant to be friendly, Steve shows no restraint in defeating Bucky. 
Steve earns loyalty when he's given a mission to fight off soldiers from another kingdom from invading a village. He saves more than half his men in battle. 
Steve's days are no longer filled with dallying off with you, sitting by lakes and drawings, or going horseback riding. He spends his days in battle strategy meetings and entertaining guests to win them to his side.
Surprisingly, it is Lord Stark, Duke of York, that becomes his biggest ally. Lord Stark doesn't quite agree with Steve on everything but agrees even less with Bucky that he supports Steve's play for the throne. 
He gathers allies here and there as he moves. He's becoming even forces with Bucky, who still has many supporters. 
Who still has you. 
It burns him worse than anything. Steve misses you, but he learns to stay away and make you miss him. 
It helps that Steve's success makes Bucky more irritable. He's more irritable, but you're the only one who can calm him down, and it makes Bucky hang on tighter, knowing it also grates on Steve. 
Soon, Steve thinks. As long as he's announced as the crown prince, you can return to him.
"Is this a joke?"
Steve's fuming. This entire thing was a farce—a trick. Was it meant to make him look like a fool?
"I wanted to see if you were actually my son. I couldn't imagine having one that used to sit all day by the lake with that girl. Now, I know you're a real man."
"So, why won't you give me the title!" Steve nearly screams, anger all the way up in his throat, a protruding vein in his forehead. "I have done what you said. I've commanded respect and loyalty. I've shown you I'm competent, and I showed you I have allies to back my claim for the throne!"
"So you could support James!" The king booms, and Steve feels it knock the wind out of his sails.
He feels cold.
"So you could support James," the king repeats more seriously. "James will be taking the throne after me and he needs someone competent and strong to support him. He has his future queen but he needs a right hand man."
The entire thing slowly unravels and dawns on Steve. His old man never intended to give him a real chance for the throne—a real chance for you. Anything he's done, it was meant for Bucky. As if Bucky couldn't do it on his own. 
And then Steve's laughing deliriously. 
Everyone was trying to take you from him. 
Like it wasn't meant to be, that you were going to have to slip through his fingers, and he would just have to accept it.
Turning around, Steve begins to walk away.
"Steve!" The king calls. "Steve!"
But Steve doesn't see the need to listen to the king anymore. 
"I'm sorry, Steve."
Steve turns around to see you standing a couple of feet away. It's been a while since the two of you have been to the lake together. Everything seems to slip back to normal.
No one except the three of you and the king knows that Steve was never meant for the throne.
Steve doesn't say anything and listens to you approach him, carefully sitting next to him. It's quiet as the two of you gaze out onto the water, ripples occurring whenever a leaf drops. 
"Would you have been happy to see me ascend the throne?" Steve asks finally. 
He feels you tense beside him before you relax.
"Of course," you tell him. "If that's what you really wanted, Bucky and I would be happy to support you."
But there it is.
The sting in his heart. 
You and Bucky? You were going to marry him even if Bucky didn't become king?
Has Steve lost you completely already without knowing? 
No, Steve pleads as he places his head silently on your shoulder, letting you think that he's in pain from the throne he's lost. 
Steve can't lose you. You are the reason the sad little boy grew up. Your cookies are now the reason why Steve understands that maybe the method doesn't matter as long as he gets the results.
You're running through the castle. 
Everything was on fire, and your dress is ripped at the ends. 
How did this happen? It happened so quickly. One minute, you were sleeping in Bucky's arms, having snuck in, and the next, the Kingdom of Hydra had infiltrated the castle. 
There were bodies of the maids and butlers on the ground as you passed. Bucky said he needed to go and that you needed to go hide, go be somewhere safe. There was so much fighting everywhere. The knights were all caught in a battle, and no one noticed you running through.
You entered the throne room, gasping at what you saw.
The king was dead.
His chest stabbed through, body left on the ground to bleed out.
You lift your shaky hand to your mouth in horror, trying to keep down the vomit that was threatening to come up. 
You turned and ran. 
You need to find Bucky. You need to find him and find Steve. The three of you need to get out of here. This kingdom is doomed.
When the lake comes into view, you hear swords clanking, and you carefully make your way to it. Everything in your heart hurts as you plead to God that it's Bucky or Steve there—that they're not dead.
Stepping into the pathway out of the bushes, your body freezes.
Steve is standing there, blood all over him with a cut on his cheek. His sword is locked in Knight Commander Brock Rumlow's chest. The enemy. 
But you can't even celebrate because on the ground right behind him is Bucky. His eyes wide open, but you can tell he's no longer breathing as he sits in the pool of his own blood.
A shuddered gasp leaves your mouth, and Steve turns to see you as he rips his sword out, Rumlow's body hitting the ground. 
Steve calls your name. "I—I came too late," Steve anguishes. He drops his sword and falls to his knees next to Bucky. 
You stagger towards Bucky. Steve's holding Bucky's stab wound in his stomach as if trying to keep it all in, and maybe it would fix it. Bucky would come back. But blood merely pours over Steve's hands.
You lift your shaky fingers and shut Bucky's eyes.
He needs to rest. 
"Did he—"
"It was painless, I think," Steve chokes.
"Did he have any last words?" You can't see anymore, tears overflowing from your eyes.
"Just...just to take care of you," Steve's eyes are rimmed red, and you choke on a sob, couching over Bucky's body, not caring that his blood was getting all over you.
"I'm sorry," Steve whispers. "I'm sorry."
But you shake your head. It wasn't Steve's fault he arrived too late. 
Bucky was gone.
The knights fall under Steve's command, and through the long hours of battle, Steve manages to stop the invasion. They kill every single last one of Hydra's knights and soldiers. 
They suffered a loss, though. The king was dead, and so was Bucky, the one meant to be crown prince, though no one knew that. 
The people look to Steve, and Steve lets the burden fall on him. You can tell Steve didn't want the throne like this, that he's suffering under it all too. The coronation happened so fast, you don't even remember it.
They rebuild slowly. Steve is busy every day making plans to wage war upon the Kingdom of Hydra. 
And Steve does take care of you like Bucky asked. When you couldn't stand at the funeral. When you couldn't stop crying in the middle of the night. Steve was there.
You were surprised he could make time for you. Between all the new responsibilities he had and...Lady Carter coming around more often; it must've been a lot. 
You could tell Lady Carter wanted Steve to court her, to make her queen consort, but you could only remember Steve's words of indifference during the ball—when he said he felt nothing for her.
You wonder if that's changed.
Your father was trying to urge you to return home, that Bucky wasn't there, and so, you had no reason to either when he saw Lady Carter around. 
But you couldn't leave, not from Steve's comfort and not when Steve needed you, too.
"Steve?" You call softly.
Steve's hiding away in the garden since his councilmen find him too quickly at the lake.
Steve turns to you, and you notice how tired he is.
"Or should I refer to you as your highness now?" You try to tease, thankful that Steve still has enough to lightly smile at you.
"I'll always be just Steve to you," he tells you softly. "Right?"
You soften, warming at his words as you crawl into the bushes with him. The two of you are long gone from being just two kids who fit easily together once upon a time. 
"Of course," you tell him fiercely, looping your arm around his.
The two of you bask in silence once more as Steve strokes your hand, playing with the ends of your fingers.
"They're starting to hound on me to take a queen," Steve says finally. "That we'll be unstable until I do so."
You swallow.
"Oh," you say for lack of anything else. "Are you going to ask Lady Carter? She's been here often and rumour has it you're courting her. She'll make a fine queen, terrible tea parties and all," you pat his hand.
But Steve shakes his head.
"I can't take Lady Carter," Steve sighs stressfully. "I don't—trust her. She doesn't know me. She'll never know or understand me."
Steve turned his head to you, eyes blue and pleading.
"I know it's a lot to ask, but I can't—I can't do this without you," Steve shakes his head. "I—will you marry me?"
Shock locks your body up. You've never—Steve was...
But he looks at you, scared and pleading, and you're reminded that Bucky is gone.
And you understand Steve—that there is no one who will know or understand you now either. 
The two of you only have each other now.
You find yourself nodding. 
"Of course, Steve," you whisper, patting his hand comfortingly. For yourself or for him, you'll never know. "I'll marry you."
The wedding moved so fast, it felt like a blur. You were being pulled left and right for preparations, and the day of, everything was perfect. 
Steve was a gentleman, smiling the entire way through to keep you comfortable. He kept you at his side when he sensed your nervousness. 
The daughters of many noblemen looked at you in envy, burning anger in Lady Carter's case.
Everyone is congratulating you, and all you can think of is how Bucky isn't here. That at one point, it would've been Bucky standing next to you.  
You wonder if the roles were reversed, if Steve had been the one who was supposed to inherit the crown all along, would you have fallen for Steve? Mourn his absence like you did Bucky?
It isn't long until the evening is over and the night creeps in. You nervously tug off the intricacies of your wedding gown, letting it fall to the floor before you fall back on Steve's bed.
The room of the king. Ginormous mattress and plush pillows. It's your room now too. 
Steve slowly took off his shirt and pants, crawling onto the bed over you. 
You feel a wave of anxiety wash through you. The time has come to fulfil your marital duties, but you didn't think it would happen so fast. 
"Are you nervous?" Steve asks quietly as he presses soft, warm kisses over your face. 
You feel the tension slowly begin to bleed out when his lips flutter over your eyelids and nose.
"I—a little," you tell him honestly. "Bucky and I...we fooled around but we've never—"
And Steve feels a hot burn of desire flush down to his cock. Pleased by the fact that he'll be the only one to touch you in that way has possession stirring in his gut.
Steve has so many plans for you tonight. He's going to break you apart, piece by piece until you only will ever remember him and then put you back together.
Your eyes flutter close as Steve caresses your cheek.
"I've waited a long time for this, sweetheart," Steve mutters, and before your eyes can open, Steve swoops down and captures your lips in an ardent kiss. He groans at the taste of you. He needs to taste more. 
He kisses you and kisses you until you're breathless. Then, he begins to kiss down your jaw, neck, and collarbone.
"Steve..." you breathe, and it spurs him on. 
Steve caresses your breasts, squeezing them and moulding them in his hands until you’re pliant and soft to his touch. When he takes a hard pebble in his mouth, you hiss at his warm tongue swirling and nipping at you. 
What was Steve doing? It was just marital duties. Why was he taking his time? But you know Steve is a good man, he wants this to be good for you too, and by God, it was doing something to you.
Steve moves further and further down, leaving wet kisses down your body. You feel yourself tensing when he gets closer and closer to his destination. 
"Wait, Steve—" you breathe, not sure if you're ready to have his mouth on you. It's too—much. Awkward. You've barely kissed Steve until today. 
But Steve ignores you, wrapping his strong arm around your thighs to spread you open for him. Flattening his tongue, he presses against you as he moves languidly up, tasting you so intimately. His tongue narrows as it reaches up to your clit, flicking it.
"Oh, god," you gasp, your hands flying down to bury themselves in Steve's hair.
"You taste so good," Steve moans against you. He was so hard right now; it was almost painful. But he wants to taste you more, taste you when you're cumming on his tongue. 
Steve eats you out with vigour, his tongue exploring every crevice and probing inside you. Your back arches off the bed at the sensation, but he keeps you strapped down by your thighs.
You feel the heat creeping up inside you, swirling in your gut as it starts to build. Your hands grasp at Steve's hair, unsure if you want to push him away or pull him closer. 
There's a lingering sense of shame and embarrassment as your hips buck into Steve's face. 
"Steve—" You call his name sharply, feeling something rising and about to spill over inside you. 
Steve doesn't stop. If anything, it encourages him as he licks your pussy unrelentingly. The moment he fastens his lips on your swollen clit, you seize his hair frighteningly tight as you pull him close, hips rubbing into his mouth as you let out a low groan.
A moan in the back of Steve's throat hums as your slick gushes into his mouth and chin. You taste so delectable; he can feel you clenching on his tongue, desperate for something bigger to hold onto. 
Pulling up, Steve licks around his mouth as he crawls back up your body. You're gasping and panting, your hands falling from his head and onto his shoulders.
Steve kisses you again, making you taste yourself on his tongue. He rubs your tongue with his, licking into your mouth and grinds against you. His hardness makes you jump a little, a noise of surprise leaving your mouth before Steve presses you into the bed. 
"You're so soft," Steve sighs, his hand caressing your body as it moves down. He gropes your breast once before his hand keeps moving. "So perfect."
You let out a whine when Steve's fingers drag through your wet folds, his fingers pressing tightly against you as he circles your clit.
"I can't wait until you're cumming on my cock, but I need to get you ready," Steve mutters. "I'll fuck you so good, sweetheart. It'll be just you and me, like it was always meant to be."
You're delirious when Steve immediately shoves two fingers into you. You let out a sharply drawn breath as Steve thrusts his fingers in you at a fast pace. He spreads his fingers inside you, stretching you before he curls his fingers to draw your pleasure out. 
Steve uses his other arm to prop himself up above you, wanting to see your face clearly when you cum on his fingers. 
"Does it feel good?" Steve asks you, his voice rough with want and desire.
You let out a moan in response, but Steve wants to hear more. When Steve finds that spongy, slightly bumpy area in you, you let out a cry. Steve strokes the area over and over, and you feel like you're going to snap. 
You're so close again—so close. 
But then Steve slows down.
"Steve—" You whine, too gone in the pleasure to care how wanton you sound.
"Does it feel good?" Steve asks again.
"Yes, yes, yes—" You rush out. "Please—"
And then Steve's fingers start moving again, and you almost cry with relief. 
"That's right," Steve coos at you. "Cum on my fingers, sweetheart. I'm going to take such good care of you."
Steve swings his thumb around, pressing against your clit firmly as he circles around the swollen nub.
You fall off the edge immediately.
"God," Steve groans, feeling your pussy clench around his fingers, drawing him in. "I can't wait until you cum on my cock."
Pulling his fingers out, pleased by your whine, he sticks them in his mouth and sucks it clean. You taste so good, and you were his to taste now.
You're breathing harshly, coming down from your second high as Steve pulls your limp body towards him, spreading your legs around him. He strokes his cock a couple times, groaning at the slight relief of tension in him. 
You look down at him and almost gasp at his cock. He was big and thick. You weren't sure if it was going to fit inside of you. But Steve was already rubbing his cock against your juices, slicking himself up. 
"Steve, I don't—"
Steve climbs over you, caging you in his arms as he sucks on your swollen bottom lip.
"Shh," he soothes you. "I'm going to take care of you. I'm going to make you feel so good, and haven't I made you feel good so far?"
You nod unsurely.
"It's going to be so much better," Steve tells you, "Gonna make you mine."
There was something dark and a little sinister about his words, but he doesn't give you much time to ponder about it as his tip starts to enter you.
The stretch is overwhelming and burns a little.
"Noo," you moan out, your hips trying to draw away, but Steve holds you close, forcing more of his cock inside you. "Steve, it hurts."
"Just a little more, sweetheart," Steve kisses you. "You're being so good right now. Just a little more."
Steve forces his way through until he bottoms out in you, groaning as he does. 
"You're so tight," Steve is nearly blind with pleasure. "So good. So warm. All mine."
Steve stills, merely enjoying your hot heat encasing him and also giving you time to adjust to him. He doesn't want to hurt you. You're being so good, and he wants you to enjoy him. 
Minutes pass as Steve kisses you everywhere on your face with your arms wrapped tightly around his neck. Finally, the burn starts to go away, and you feel the need for him to just—move.
Steve senses it right away with the shift of your hips and begins to pull out to his tip before thrusting back in. You moan right next to his ear. He tries to be slow and gentle, but the sounds you make are so lewd and dirty, like you're just begging for it.
Soon, Steve's gripping your hair as he thrusts brutally into you.
"There's my girl," Steve grunts as you writhe underneath him. "Look at you, stretched out and trembling."
You feel so full, so hot. It was dirty, the way you could hear the wet noises of your pussy filling the room as Steve fucked you. The familiar heat comes back with a vengeance, coiling tightly.
Sweat drips down your forehead as you hold onto Steve, legs wrapping around his hips to keep him close. 
"Steve, I'm—"
"That's right, sweetheart," Steve mutters as he snaps his hips into you. "You're cumming, aren't you? You're gonna cum all over my cock."
You whine, his words making the tension tighter inside you.
"I want you to remember this," Steve presses a sensual kiss to your lips, licking inside your mouth. "I want you to remember that it's me making you cum. No one else. It's only ever going to be me that's making you cum. You want that, don't you? Want me."
Somehow, Steve moves faster inside you, pulling your hair back to kiss your throat.
Oh, god, the coiling was tightening more and more.
"Yes, yes, yes," you mumble. "It's you. Please, please make me cum." You're so desperate right now.
"Go on, sweetheart," Steve tells you as he moves his hand down to swipe at your clit. 
You shatter underneath Steve, your walls gushing and clenching at Steve's cock, pulling him in and just begging to never let him go. 
"Shit," Steve swears at the feel you, but he ploughs on. You barely have time to settle over your orgasm before Steve builds another one in you and makes you cum again, overlapping the first.
His thrusts get harsher and more jagged until—
"I'm gonna cum," Steve grits out. "Gonna cum deep inside you, then you'll really be mine. Always perfect, always mine."
You're still coming down from your orgasm before you look at Steve for a moment. His face becomes open, the way it always does with you. It contorts into pleasure as you feel his hot ropes of cum painting your insides. 
Your legs feel like jelly, and you feel sated. Steve remains inside you, his cock still not finishing pumping. He only softens a little, but the thought of you keeps him from going completely limp. 
He begins to slowly thrust again.
"Steve—" You groan. Your arms are boneless, but they grip at his hip, trying to push him away. It was good, but it was too much now. The pleasure of his thrusts was borderline on pain. "I can't anymore."
"No," Steve mutters as if he doesn't even register you. "Gotta fuck you again. Gotta make sure you don't remember what he feels like in you."
"Steve?" You call his name before a wrecked cry makes its way out of you.
He likes the way his name falls from your lips. It sounds just the way it's supposed to. Your nails dig into his hips before Steve grabs both of them, forcing them over your head into the mattress.
Cries and whimpers start to fall from your lips as Steve hushes you, kissing you tenderly as he rutts inside you. Even with the pain, your body still reacts to him, pulling him in further.
"Until you love me, sweetheart," Steve tangles your fingers together. "We're finished when you tell me you love me."
Steve never planned for Hydra to infiltrate the castle. It was too close to home, too close to you, and Steve would never put you at risk. 
He already has his plans. First, poison the king with an airborne product Lord Stark had created. He would get weak and weary until he died peacefully in bed. 
And Bucky? Well, Bucky would die on his next mission. A faulty horse or perhaps to save one of his knights—one of Steve's knights. He would die a hero and be revered like he deserved.
But all things considered, Steve never took things for granted. So, under all the chaos, Steve snuck into the throne room where he knew his father would be hiding.
The king had been happy to see him, thinking Steve was here to secure him to safety. It was why it was so easy to plunge his sword through his back.
Bucky, though, was a little more complicated.
"Steve, you need to go get her and get out of here," Bucky shouts at him while locked in a fight with Rumlow. Eventually, Bucky gets the upper hand, jabbing his elbow into Rumlow's face and knocks him down. 
"I will keep her safe, I always have," Steve said calmly as he steps forward.
"Good, I—what do you think you're doing?" Bucky hisses as Steve raises his sword against him. 
"I love you, Bucky. As far as half-brothers go, no one will ever be able to replace you," Steve tells him. "But I also want her and you're getting in the way of that."
"You're going to kill me over her?!" Bucky hisses. "I love her too but I would never kill you to have her!"
"That's why I know I love her more," Steve shakes his head. "You have all the things you could ever need. I had nothing but her. Why couldn't you just let me have her?"
"She isn't a prize to fight over!" Bucky snarls. "She loves me, she always has."
"She'll learn to love me too."
Steve brings his sword down, and the two of them fight like they had during the mock battle, but the stakes are so much higher. But just like the mock battle, Steve gains the upper hand and drives his sword through Bucky's stomach.
For a moment, everything is still, and Steve feels his stomach drop, knowing he's fallen and there's no going back. 
"Bastard," Bucky gasps as Steve yanks his sword back, letting Bucky fall to the ground. "Stay away from her, you hear me? Keep your sick hands off her."
"I'm sorry," Steve kneels and apologizes as if he didn't hear anything. "I'll take care of her."
Bucky wants to say something else but no longer has the energy and can't find his voice. The light fades away with ease as he stares at the night sky. 
Steve turns to see Rumlow standing, wiping his busted lip where Bucky hit him. 
"Well, I didn't realize there was such discord here. A prince killing another prince, his own half-brother? You might just be Hydra material."
Steve stands, readying his sword again.
"You know nothing you speak of." Steve frowns before Rumlow charges him.
They stand, swords locked against each other.
"Hydra is nothing but a barren wasteland. None of you know how to want anything other than your own demise," Steve's face is harsh.
"I want something that gives me life—meaning. And it was going to belong to the king. So, I'm going to ascend the throne because you see, I want what the king has."
Steve slides his sword down and swings Rumlow's right out of his hand before he drives his sword right up through Rumlow's chest.
And he hears your shuddered gasp.
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 days ago
Surrogate Daddy
Summary: You don’t know where he came from, or how he even heard that you were interested in bringing on help.
But the moment he knocked on your door with a recommendation from the nanny service you’d sought help from, how could you turn him down?
You needed help. You had a steady career that demanded too much of your time. And he was like an angel in disguise coming to your rescue.
He was Prince Charming with bright blue eyes. He cooked, he cleaned, he was like the picture perfect definition of what women wanted.
And he was single. You wondered why and yet… You didn’t care to ask, you just accepted his help when he offered it.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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