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holland-fanart · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Dante vc pizza my beloved.
Based off this tweet:
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incorrectnerov-quotes · 21 hours ago
Nero: *takes a deep breath*
Nero: I lo-
Dante: Yes, you love V, we know, you love V so much, they’re the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love V, we KNOW , you love V you fucking love V ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE V. WE GET IT.
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Nero: If you two know eachother, why did the witch try to kill you?
Dante: That's just the witch's way of showing his love for me.
Dante: Ya see, kid, His actions may speak a different tone, hiding underneath that is a deep unshakeable desire for m-*Gets attacked by Shadow*
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tacbatdlc · a day ago
Neil Cicierega my love
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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incorrectnerov-quotes · 2 days ago
[Outside Witch V's shop]
Dante: Let me handle this, kid. V and I go way back.
Dante:[knocks on door]
V: I AM not opening this door, Dante!! You are not welcomed here anymore.
Dante: V, your door is always opened to those who need it. Remember? "Open to everyone; Enter freely and unafraid"
V, with a new sign:[opens door slightly and smiles at Nero] Would you hang this up for me?
Nero:[takes sign from V] Sure.
Dante: What's that?
Nero,looking at the new sign: He had a sign made.
Nero:[hangs up new sign on the door so it reads "Open to Everyone Unless you're Dante"]
Dante: Damn witches
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honeydew-mel0n · 2 days ago
Y/n: Darling!
Y/n: Sweetie!
Y/n, plopping onto Dante's lap: Love of my life!
Dante: You're angry with me, aren't you?
Y/n, pulling their husband in close by his lapels: 💕💗❤Absolutely L I V I D ❤💗💕
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nitro-devil · 2 days ago
Its time for
Nikko is severely depressed, lets do shitty sketches
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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blacktalonsb · 2 days ago
Ch 4 I Believe I Can Fly
AN: This is the fourth chapter to a story I'm writing with my OC Raven. I'm not sure how often I'll get new chapters up right now. I'm very critical of my own writing and it makes for difficulties writing let alone posting.
Universe: DMC
Warnings: typical sibling rivalry, fluff, etc.
Vergil x oc!Raven I have plans to make an x reader version, but wanted to post this part first..
If you have ideas for childhood hijinks (I don't have sibs so not sure what to add in) suggest something and I'll see if I can fit it story wise. If you like what you read please tell me! I like feedback but please be respectful. As much as I want people to read what I write it isn't necessarily the end goal. Also please ask before reblogging and if you do reblog please don't edit or claim as yours.
Vergil raced back inside the house. They’re on the roof. The roof of all places! What was Dante thinking, taking her up there? What if she fell? At least she was safe for the moment. It looked like they were above the back study room. Vergil’s mind was racing, planning the quickest route up to that side. That room was upstairs on the 2nd floor, roughly above Mom’s sunroom. If he took the smaller staircase right there he’d be on the right side a few doors down. Then out onto the balcony and..
Vergil slowed to a walk as he passed his mother’s sunroom. She was inside tending to the plants, and softly humming to herself. Vergil made himself stick to a walk even though he desperately wanted to run. It wouldn’t be worth the delay the lecture would cause. After what seemed like hours pass, he was clear of the door far enough that he could pick up the pace again. He ducked into the little alcove that housed the spiral stairwell and began to take the steps two at a time. Once at the top he glanced both ways to get his bearings.
Vergil hurried down the hall to the study. Once there he glanced in, making sure it was empty. He quickly pushed the door open enough he could slip in, then gently closes it behind him. Vergil walked over to the balcony door and unhooked it, thankful that it swung open relatively silently. Mom liked to have the windows all open when she was taking care of the plants. He didn't want to draw attention to the situation if he could avoid it. He looked up towards the roof to see that Dante was already on the trellis that went all the way to the ground. Dante paused and looked back up at the roof and Vergil could hear him encouraging Raven to climb down.
Vergil walked over to the balcony railing to test that he could reach out to it. He nodded when he could and looked up at Raven. She was having some trouble hooking her foot into the top of the trellis. Vergil’s breath faltered when she almost didn’t grab onto the trellis fast enough. As he watched her struggle to get a better grasp on the trellis, he gripped the railing hard.
“Raven, you don’t have to go all the way down. Just climb down to me and I’ll help you over the railing.” Raven carefully looked over and started shifting towards him. She turned and looked at Dante, motioning for him to follow her. Vergil could do nothing but pace back and forth waiting for her to get close enough to the railing. It felt like it took forever for her to get there. Vergil was already leaning out over the railing reaching for her and, with some work, was able to help her get her feet onto the railing. Instead of climbing over the railing though she leans out to Dante. Vergil looks over at his brother and can see the panic on his face.
“I’m stuck! I can’t get over there.” Vergil’s eyes travel down Dante’s legs to see that his foot is indeed tangled in the upper portion of the vines from below. This isn’t good. Mom would be lecturing them for hours and if Dad heard… Vergil pushes the thought from his mind. The most important part right now was to get both of them down safely. Vergil’s thoughts were racing again as he thought of a way to get his brother free.
“Raven, please get onto the balcony. I’ll go get Dante.” Vergil prepared to climb over the railing, but Raven shook her head.
“I’ll be fine, V! Please let me do this.” She turned pleading eyes his way and he swallowed hard. There was no way he could say no to her, but maybe he could convince her that her plan wouldn’t work? Before he had a chance to argue with her she turned back toward Dante. She held her hand out to him but wasn’t reaching for him. Instead a small quarter size orb began to glow in her hand. It then shot out toward Dante’s foot and the offending vine tangled there. The vine caught fire burning away enough that Dante could pull his foot free. Raven let out a small victory yell, but cut it short when her feet slipped on the railing. Vergil managed to catch her, but it was awkward and he could feel her slipping further.
“Dante! Hurry up!” Vergil yelled at his twin. Dante was busy kicking out the fire, and shot an irritated look over at his brother. Once the few small flames were out he started moving again towards the balcony.
“Shut up, I'm going as fast as I can!” Dante yelled back at Vergil. Once Dante reached the side of the trellis closest to the railing he scrambled over as quickly as possible. He then turned to help pull Raven back over. Dante could already see that Vergil is not only losing his grip on Raven, but slowly losing his balance trying to hold her in that awkward position. Dante carefully wraps his arms under her arms and around her chest. He can feel Vergil shifting to try and get in a better position.
Vergil notices that Raven has her eyes squeezed shut so he gently pats her cheek. As her eyes flutter open he smiles at her, relieved that she’s ok. He helps her grab onto the railing again, but his foot slips on the wrought metal, tipping him over. He yelps as he winds up flipping over the railing barely keeping his hands on it. For a brief moment Vergil gets a foot back up but it’s not enough. Raven gasps and lunges out to grab him. Dante loses his hold on her and calls out to her, fear making his voice louder. As they fall towards the ground a voice cuts through their panic.
“Birdie! Fly!” A voice barks out and there is such a tone of command that all three reflexively flinch. Then Raven’s eyes glow gold and wings unfurl behind her. Not enough to actually fly but enough that she’s able to slow their plummet to the ground. It was still a rough landing when she dropped Vergil a few feet from the ground, but a few scrapes and bruises were nothing compared to what almost happened. He quickly leaped to his feet, catching Raven as she collapsed against his chest. They both landed on the ground again, Raven panting as she sprawled across him.
Vergil knew he should get his mom to make sure Raven’s all right, but he couldn’t stop staring. He slowly sat up, cradling her in his arms, her wings shifting around as he moved her. They were a beautiful onyx color on the back, but underneath was a softer grey-blue color. As her wings settled he could feel the soft downy feathers warm against his arms. He debated touching them, but then they glowed gold and were gone.
“Raven. You have wings? Why didn’t you tell me?” Raven didn’t answer, instead snuggling closer to him. When she continued to be silent he glanced at her face to see she was passed out, her hand over his heart and a soft smile on her lips. Vergil’s chest felt tight, and he was overcome with emotions he wasn’t entirely sure of. He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, his cheeks warming.
“Vergil! Raven? Are you two ok?” Eva had run outside once she saw they were on the ground. “What were you thinking, Vergil? She can’t control her powers yet. You know better!”
Modeus walks at a calmer pace out to where Vergil sits with Raven. While Eva continues to lecture the children he kneels down next to Vergil to touch Raven’s cheek. There seems to be a residue of shadow when he removes his hand, but Raven starts to stir. Modeus sighs, then looks at Vergil with a small smile. Modeus pats Vergil’s head, ruffling his hair a bit then stands. It’s then that Eva’s words sink into Vergil’s awestruck brain, bringing him out of his daze.
“Mom, it wasn’t my fault! I was trying to help her down off the roof. She slipped, and we both fell.” Vergil feels the tears starting to well up in his eyes. “Mom, please believe me. I would never do anything to hurt Raven!” He hates that tears are his response to his mother’s scolding. He glances up to the balcony they’d been on but he can’t see Dante at all. Vergil grits his teeth as he thought that Dante was going to let him take the punishment for what he’d done. Again. Except this time was serious. Mom thought he was being careless with Raven, and that was unforgivable.
“You’re lucky that Modeus was talking with me in the sunroom. If he hadn’t heard you and called out to Raven you both could have been seriously hurt!” Raven shifts in Vergil’s embrace and whispers into his ear, “I’m sorry you’re in trouble because of me.” Vergil sighs and rubs her back in soothing circles as she starts to softly cry. She was exhausted and blaming herself, something she tended to do if he got into trouble when she was involved. Modeus sighs, knowing that Eva is simply upset over a near disaster. Modeus opens his mouth to speak, but is interrupted by Sparda.
“Dante.” Sparda intones. Dante flinched as his father pulled him out to where the others were. Eva turns and with one look knows who the instigator was this time. The boy still had leaves and dirt all over his clothing.
“Modeus, I believe Raven should start her training now. Eva will pick a suitable room for her and,” Sparda glanced at Vergil still holding Raven in his arms. “Vergil will help her get settled.”
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nico-drives-badly · 2 days ago
I know we all like to joke about how Sparda looks like a giant cockroach, “lol bug dad” and all that…but has anyone considered the idea of lil 5-year-old Dante or Vergil finding a random cockroach outside and excitedly showing it to Sparda, saying “Look daddy, it’s you!” with the biggest smiles on their faces?
Because let’s face it, that would be adorable as hell.
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trickstersmagic · 2 days ago
That scene from the Injustice comic where Batman and John go to Madame Xanadu’s door except it’s with Nero and Dante with Witch!V 
Tumblr media
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whimsycottt · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Eva played DMC2 and read Before the Nightmare she knows about Matier
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gold-steined · 3 days ago
"It's all Dante's fault!"
Tumblr media
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