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#daniela x reader
awoomommymilkers · 8 hours ago
Alcina: Mother Miranda, Someone keeps ruining my day every single morning.
Mother Miranda: Who?
Alcina: *Points at Heisenberg*
Mother Miranda: *Muttering* Ah shit here we go again.
Karl: Bitch, I haven’t even done anything wrong
Alcina: Your existence in this realm is already sufficient to ruin my day, child.
Karl: You know what?! Screw you and your rich word dictionary!
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little (Y/n): Until I make you mine
Bela: Such Talent
little (Y/n): Now give me all your money or I’ll break your spine
Cassandra : That is very concerning
Daniela: Wow, that was beautiful *begins to cry*
Alcina: I need therapy
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marstrescu · a day ago
Hi!! I love your prompts and story's you write!!! Can I ask for a Lady D x pagen S/O and how her and her daughters reactions? Thank you and have a lovely day hun!
Thank you so much!! Im really glad people like my story's! :) here ya go!
[Lady d x pagen reader!]
•The first time you met was when you where in her castle trying to escape what was outside
•when you explained that you where tying to get herbs and supplies she took a liking to you
•she never met a pagen before and so has her daughters^
•lady d would help you with anything you need
•she and her daughters are very interested in what you do they all could listen to you for hours on what you do
•if someone said something wrong to you they would be in a hunting spree
•if you have an alter the 3 daughters would look at it in amazement
•lady d finds this adorable^
•Lady d mostly gets maids to fecth you what you need because she's scared you'll get hurt
•she'll most likely keep you a secret for awhile, scared on what Mother Miranda will do if she found out
•The only other Lord Lady d trusts is Donna
•her daughters all love you dearly!
•somtimes they'll ask you to teach them some stuff
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sylverstorms · a day ago
Bela x Maiden ----Songbird Ch. 5
Ch.1 Ch.2 Ch.3 Ch.4
Tumblr media
Ever since you were little, you've always hated thunderstorms.
Maybe it's because you were almost struck by lightning at the fragile age of five. The deafening crack of thunder and the harrowing rumbling of the ground left a scar in your mind that refuses to fade. Now, every time the sky flashes stark white your body automatically locks up and braces for the impact.
The rain was just a soothing drizzle during the initial hours of your shift. It was only after you stepped into the auditorium that the nightmarish booms began.
You grit your teeth and try to focus on your work, but your whole being is on edge. Your breathing feels shallow. Your hands aren't steady enough to be trusted with delicate objects.
From the corner of your vision, the large piano at the center of the chamber gleams in a promise of comfort. You approach it slowly, carefully; it would calm you to play, except you aren't foolish enough to touch a single key without permission. The sound is bound to attract unwanted attention... and you value your fingers.
But, surely, admiring the proud instrument while you meticulously polish its surface cannot be a crime...?
“Fitting, that you would be assigned to this section.” A familiar voice comes from behind you and you nearly jump. The damn storm made it impossible to hear anyone's approach.
Perhaps you should count your blessings it is Bela that crosses the threshold towards you, rather than one of her sisters. Better the devil you know.
“Good evening.” you greet quietly, though it's actually the small hours of the morning. “I am almost done here, so I could leave if you need the room.”
The blonde comes to a halt in front of you, a slight frown settled over her fine features. “Your heart.” she comments. “It's beating erratically.” Then a faint, teasing little smirk curls her lip. “Are you that excited to see me, or?”
The sky decides that is a good moment to light up, illuminating the grand chamber through the flimsy drapes covering the windows. Every molecule in your form tenses.
“Um. Just happy to see you.” you lie, in a way you know doesn't sound very convincing.
When the roar of thunder comes, despite your best efforts, you jolt. You only come to your senses after the booms have completely faded...
And realize, with great embarrassment, you practically leaped into Bela. Your hands are so tight on her biceps her outfit is left crinkled as you shakingly release your grip.
Momentarily, you wonder if she's mad, but one look up dispels your fears. She's merely observing you like a curious cat, as she often does.
“Astraphobia?” she asks. You mutely nod.
It doesn't help that the castle is the tallest structure in its vicinity either, towering above the forest and the village. If lightning is to strike anywhere near, it has high chances to do so directly over your head. You try not to think too hard about that or you won't be able to function at all.
Bela walks around you and takes a seat on the bench before the piano. You feel that's your cue to leave, until she turns around and looks at you expectantly.
“You may join me, if you wish.”
Seven small words that make you pause. Surely, she isn't being nice out of the goodness of her heart, yet you can't find it in you to be difficult right now. You gladly take the distraction.
“Do you play?” Bela asks when you slide next to her, on the furthest edge possible.
“Well enough.” you reply.
“Show me a duet that's not too difficult.” she speaks, eyes alight with a sort of eagerness that renders her face softer, almost unbearably beautiful.
You focus on the keys in front of you so your traitorous eyes stop being drawn to hers. And you may have pictured it strange at first, but you find that it's surprisingly easy to instruct her on what to do and when. The few times you both mess up your timing you chuckle and start over.
The storm outside fades into the background as minutes tick by.
“Who taught you to play?” you inquire after you finally succeed in playing a part the piece right and take a break.
“There was a maid, professional pianist, a while back, but... Daniela saw to it that the lessons didn't last long.” Bela makes a sour face at that. Poor woman, you think and hope you don't meet her end.
Then again, it's going to come sooner rather than later in the castle, isn't it?
“Well if anyone is to off me... I'd rather it be you.” You won't have a choice in the matter, exactly, so you wonder why the words leave your lips at all.
Bela turns to face you fully. “Why is that?” she asks.
Because you find an odd type of comfort in her pretty face, is what you think yet cannot say. Because you would accept death just a little easier if it was brought by her cool hands around your neck, or her fangs into it. Because there's a poetic irony the angsty artist in you appreciates, being attracted to your killer.
Bela's face becomes illuminated by white once more.
You do not have time to brace for it.
Lightning strikes the castle so swiftly, so suddenly, your breath is stolen from right within your lungs. The sheer sound drives you to a cry, your legs and spine ache from the stress and you cannot breathe—
Until you feel inhumanly strong arms grip at your sides, bringing you back to reality.
Yellow eyes are the first thing you see when you open yours. They're close, too close, glowing from within like cinders. Your nails are sunk into Bela's shoulders as if she's the only anchor left in a tilted, unsteady world. The distance between you is nonexistent, her colder body keeps yours pinned against the smooth lid secured over the piano keys, even though ‘trapped’ is the last word that comes to mind.
For a moment suspended in time, neither of you moves.
Then, instead of letting go and apologizing, you hook your nails a little firmer into her. Hypnotic amber eyes darken like the sky outside as she leans closer...
“If anyone else were to touch me like you do, they'd be missing their fingers right now.” Bela whispers in the sliver of space left between you. You do not doubt it.
A cool thumb and pointer move up to grip your chin. Every inch of you they accidentally brush over along the way is left humming.
“What are you doing to me, Rhiannon?” her lips brush over the very edge of yours with the words.
There is one thing you'd regret if you were to die tomorrow, or even sooner than that. And that is not confirming whether her mouth really does feel as soft and good as it looks.
You close the last millimeter separating you, lips finally slotting into hers with a sigh.
Bela doesn't really move for a hot second, frozen still, though you aren't dissuaded. Perhaps it's terribly selfish, yet you will take what you want from her like she has taken from you, so many times.
A nip on her lower lip gives you the opening you need to slip your tongue into her velvet mouth, dipping ever-so-slightly in, coaxing hers to indulge you. She tastes like expensive wine and God, everything about this is so wrong and so utterly gratifying at the same time.
Bela lets out a tiny, throaty moan that you know will haunt your lonely nights in bed. She surges forward to meet you with equal passion in the kiss, her hands roaming your stomach and sides. The thought she can all too easily crush you if she loses control of her strength shouldn't be such an immense turn on, but it is.
Neither should the faint pain from how hard she's pressing your waist against the piano, yet your body is thrumming, all too willing to unravel under her. The apex of your legs is starting to ache and the way her thigh keeps them parted isn't helping. You've only moved against each other a little and you're already so wet, you can barely keep yourself from grinding off on her.
If she were to touch you there now, you're sure you'd come instantly. You almost push her fingers down, too...
But Bela hastily draws away from you, alarmed. Her hand grabs yours and immediately pulls you sit back on the bench, just as a ginger head peeks into the room.
“Hey~ I heard music.” Daniela’s deceptively sweet voice comes. Bela does a far better job controlling her breathing than you are. “Didn't know you were here with your little songbird~”
“Yes and you're staying yards away from this one, Daniela.” There's a little growl in Bela's voice that's so insanely hot—
What's wrong with me?
“Don't be annoying.”
“You can't just hog one of the most interesting maids!” The younger sibling complains in a very younger-sister fashion. You'd know.
“Don't be a dull.”
Bela huffs and her eyes fleetingly meet yours. “The human's just finished her shift, anyway. She's going to bed before she collapses on us.”
The human.
Yeah, that stings.
Daniela lets out an overly dramatic sigh and walks into the room just as Bela guides you up and around her. You don't miss the way she keeps her body between her sister and you until she's made sure the redhead harbors no secret plans to pounce.
“Get going now.” Bela orders, flat and expressionless as she looks at you. It almost makes you want to slap her, but you muse dying for that probably isn't worth it. Even if right now it feels like it might be.
The human. The distasteful way she said it plays on repeat in your head. Yes, the human whose mouth she had her tongue in, mere moments ago. The human she stared at with such blatant desire you felt you may burn from that alone.
The human.
You bite down the acidic ‘fuck you’ that's on the very tip of your tongue and taste iron.
Then you nod, turn and walk away in quick steps. You're so frustrated you throw your clothes at the nearest wall when you enter the showers near your room.
The cold water, you find, does little to ease the want gnawing at your insides. You get to bed rubbing your thighs together, but you're far too stubborn to give in and relieve yourself of the tension Bela has caused.
You don't want to think about her or the way her gorgeous damn face can go from soft to ice-cold in milliseconds. Or her stupid low moan or her full, silky lips that you now intimately know the exact feel of.
Yet that's exactly what you see in your dreams, her lithe body hovering above you in the dark.
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jennasreading · a day ago
Lady alcina: lets see how you taste
Y/n: *excited*
Alcina: *tastes blood* going stale.
Y/n: ok bitch first off-
Tumblr media
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dimitrescu-supremacy · 2 days ago
*Miranda locks (Y/n) out of the house*
(Y/n): Let meeeee iiiinnnnnn
Alcina: Mother Miranda please let my wife/ husband in
Miranda: Nah
(Y/n): *in demon voice* Let me fucking in you bitches
Heisenberg: Is your wife a demon or something?
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drowningsxtears · 2 days ago
Okay so i have decided i will be opening requests for resident evil
Reminder i can only do jill bela cassandra and daniela
When i watch more resident evil the list will grow
Soo send in some requests loves!
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homoo-wan-kenobi · 2 days ago
You: Okay, so let’s start by talking about the emotions you’re feeling right now.
Daniela: Stabbing.
You: Stabbing... isn’t really an emotion. It's more of an activity... that I hope you don’t do to me. See, an emotion is more of a feeling.
Daniela: Well, maybe I feel stabby.
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Hello! I really enjoy what you write and I hope you have a good day!
Could you do Daniela + “protect,” please?
(oops. sorry not sorry, this is just where my brain went)
A joke, that’s all it had been. Just another stupid fucking prank, like Daniela loved to play, meant to do little more than irritate and amuse. It had been funny at first. Locking you outside for a minute, listening to you complain about the cold, annoyed but otherwise fine. When you had called for help… she had assumed it was your attempt to get back at her. She had just howled with laughter, back against the door, ignoring the way you pounded your fists against it. Why was she like this? Why hadn’t she paused, for one goddamn second, to hear the genuine terror in your voice?
Once, she had promised to protect you. Told you that nothing, not even Cassandra, could hurt you, as long as she was your girlfriend. As long as she was there to keep you safe. When had that changed? Had you ever actually been out of trouble’s reach? Daniela tries to tell herself that if she had known, she would have faced down any beast to save you. But she remembers hearing the lycan’s roar. Remembers the way the monster cast an impressive silhouette, even after her sisters had slain it. Then there’s a lump in her throat, impossible to swallow, and it’s like she’s there in the moment again. Frozen in the doorway. Staring at the blood. Watching the only human she cared about fading from existence.
Now, she shakes her head to clear her thoughts, stares at you from a distance. The other maidens won’t talk to you, at least not the same way they used to. They whisper cruel things when they think she can’t hear. No matter how many people she threatens, the voices do not stop, not when you begged her not to kill anyone. It’s not like these wretches deserved your sympathy, or your protection. But she made you a promise, once, and she wants to keep what few she hasn’t already broken.
“My Lady, may I have a moment of your time?” She hears you ask, and tenses up, refusing to breathe until she knows you’re speaking to one of her sisters. From here, she cannot make out what her sibling says, only the hauntingly beautiful sound of your voice. “Thank you, Lady Bela. I… I hate to ask this again, but is Lady Daniela alright? She still hasn’t-... it’s been months. I just… I understand, of course. I’m sorry to bother you. If… I know she won’t, but if she asks, tell her I’m okay, really. I miss her, that’s all. The only wound that still aches is the one on my heart, my Lady.”
Someday, she thinks, I’ll talk to you again. But Daniela does not know when that day will come, has no clue when she’ll ever feel comfortable looking you in the eyes again. To think… she couldn’t even, in the end, protect you from herself.
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alcinadimitrescuwu · 2 days ago
This Woman's Work IV (An Alcina x !Fem Reader Fanfic)
Part I Part II Part III
Warnings: Childbirth, but I don't get into graphic detail, don't worry.
Alcina sets you down gently on the bed gently. She presses her red lips to your forehead. “I’ll be right back, draga mea. I just need to call Mother Miranda.”
“No!” You grab her hand and hold it close to you. You realize you’re shaking. “Stay with me, please. I’m scared.”
She strokes your jaw tenderly. “All right, dearest.”
Alcina turns over her shoulder and calls, “Daughters! To me!”
Your daughters suddenly materialize from their bug shrouds at their mother’s call. Bela turns to you and realizes the situation. “Maman? Is the baby coming? Is-”
“Please girls, there isn't much time. Yes, Maman is in labor. Here’s what I need you to do. Bela, call Mother Miranda. Cassandra, boil some clean water for me. Daniela, get some fresh towels.”
The girls are frozen. You feel love well up for your daughters as they gaze at you with concern.
Alcina, however, does not have the patience for their hesitation. “Daughters, I gave you your orders. Go!” she booms.
“Yes, Mother!” the girls chorus in unison, and they fly through the bedroom door.
Alcina turns to you and brushes the hair from your forehead. “And how are you, iubirea mea? How are you feeling?”
“I’m doing fine. There hasn’t been a contraction in-” You feel a sharp pain in your abdomen and you hunch over in pain. Alcina takes you by the shoulders and settles into the bed with you. “Oof, that was a pretty big one.”
“It hurts me so, seeing you in pain.” She gently places your hand in hers. “If you feel another one coming, squeeze my hand as tightly as you can. I’m strong. I can take it.”
“Thank you, darling,” you say, kissing the open palm of her hand. “I-”
Suddenly another contraction seizes you. You take Alcina’s hand and hold it tightly, fingers digging into the leather of her glove.
Soon the girls arrive with Mother Miranda in tow. You turn to your daughters. “Thank you, darlings. You may leave now if you wish. I can’t promise the next few hours will be pleasant.”
Bela heads over to the other side of the bed and climbs in, holding a damp cloth to your sweaty forehead. “No. We want to be here for this.”
Daniela jumps up and down excitedly. “Yes! I can’t wait to meet my new baby sister!”
Mother Miranda pulls on plastic gloves. “Well, since you girls are here, make yourself useful. Bela, keep wiping her forehead. Cassandra, Daniela, elevate her legs so I can have access to the birth canal.”
Cassandra and Daneila take up their positions on either side of the bed and take hold of your legs while Mother Miranda looks at your cervix. As she prods, you cast your eyes to the ceiling. You know your personal feelings shouldn’t enter into this, since Mother Miranda is helping deliver your child, but you still can’t help but feel a little violated.
You had actually floated out the idea of Salvatore delivering your child, since he was an actual medical doctor, but Alcina only sneered at the idea. “That repulsive creature isn’t coming within ten feet of you or our child.” So you had to work with what you got.
Miranda looks up from her ministrations. “You’re a lot farther along than I anticipated. You’re at ten centimeters. This baby is coming out now.”
You meet her eyes and can’t disguise the look of horror on your face. “What? But-”
“There’s no time for arguments. Just push!”
You obey and push. Your body feels like it’s on fire. You let out a low guttural moan through your teeth as you strain.
Daniela starts squealing delightedly. “I can see the head! Hi, baby! It’s your older sister, Daniela!” She gives an energetic wave.
“Keep her leg elevated, dummy!” Cassandra snaps.
Daniela takes hold of your leg again and ducks her head quickly in apology.
“I’m going to need you to push again,” Mother Miranda says, ignoring your daughter’s bickering.
You don’t feel ready, but you comply anyway, pushing again. The moans devolve into a scream. Bela is wiping your forehead and cooing words of encouragement. Alcina tenderly kisses your hair that is plastered to your forehead with sweat. “You are doing so well, draga mea. I’m so proud of you.”
“All right, Y/N,” Mother Miranda says. “One final push ought to do it.”
You grab Bela’s proffered hand and while holding your daughter’s and wife’s hands as tight as you can manage, you throw your head back and let out an almighty roar as you give one last push. Tears of exertion are running down your face. Your throat feels scraped raw from screaming. The baby finally is out, however. You hear the snap of scissors as Mother Miranda cuts the umbilical cord.
“You did it!” Alcina cradles your face in her hands and she kisses your sweaty cheek. “My darling girl, you did it!”
Mother Miranda takes the child and wipes her down with a towel, cleaning it of any blood or leftover placenta. You expect her to give the child back to you, but she just stands and bounces it around in her arms. With surprise, you note that tears of joy are running down her face. “She’s even more perfect than I could have imagined,” she whispers.
Before you can ask Mother Miranda to give your child back, Alcina posits gently, “Mother Miranda? Could you take the child and give her to my wife? Skin to skin contact is very important in a child’s first moments.” You notice that Alcina’s gotten that soft, almost glazed look in her golden eyes as she gazes at Miranda. You shove your jealousy down, however. No one, not even Mother Miranda can ruin this moment.
Mother Miranda seems to come back to herself and brings the child over to you. You unbutton your nightgown and have the child nestled in between your breasts.
Alcina moves her hand over and gently cups the back of the baby’s head. “She’s so beautiful,” she breathes. She looks up at you adoringly and you see happy tears collecting in her aureate eyes and running down her face.
“Are you kidding? She looks like a potato,” Cassandra says loftily. Trust Cassandra to be brutally honest, no matter what the situation.
As one, Bela, Daniela, and Alcina all turn and glare at her. Cassandra clears her throat as she realizes her mistake. “I mean, wow! She’s darling! Cutest baby ever, really.”
You can’t help but laugh. “I know the baby doesn’t look conventionally attractive right now, but within the next couple days, she’ll look more like a normal baby. You’ll see.”
Alcina suddenly gasps. “Darling, look! Her eyes!”
You look at your child and your own eyes widen as you see golden eyes, Alcina’s exact shade, in fact, staring back at you.
“I don’t understand!” Alcina looks to Mother Miranda in confusion. “How-”
Mother Miranda smiles gently. “I may have infused some of your genetic material into the embryo as well, Alcina. I wanted it to be a surprise.”
“But the Cadou! It’s not-”
“It’s alright, Alcina.” Mother Miranda moves to your wife’s side and places a hand on her shoulder. You try to suppress the possessive growl that threatens to escape your throat. “She’s not infected with the Cadou. I can promise you that.”
Alcina finally nods. “Thank goodness,” she says with relief. Alcina rests her hand on top of Miranda’s. It makes you want to puke. “Thank you for everything you have done for my wife and my child. You have been a godsend.”
“Of course,” Mother Miranda rests a hand on Alcina’s cheek and Alcina leaning into her touch cuts through you like a knife. “I would do anything for my children.”
Mother Miranda takes her hand off Alcina and turns toward the door. “And with that, I’ll take my leave. Congratulations again, you two!”
Once the door closes behind Mother Miranda, you breathe a sigh of relief. You hope Alcina just attributes it to your exhaustion from labor.
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hikarimiyanaga · 2 days ago
The Dimitrescu Ladies and Donna Beneviento with their S/O who is a Reaper.
Requested by the lovely @kristieray
I don't know if this makes sense but I just love the idea that there are many reapers out there. So Reader is not alone in being a reaper.
She also has typical Reaper powers and a scythe as a weapon.
Alcina Dimitrescu / Lady Dimitrescu
You were a free-spirited reaper. Most of the other reapers get annoyed at you because sometimes you make the job more interesting.
You get to the village to guide a soul when a certain giant lady got your attention. You gulp as your eyes follow her.
"Y/N!" Your fellow reaper sighs at you. "Stop staring at the giant lady with no soul and guide this one!" The ghost waves at you and you nod.
You guide the ghost to the afterlife and come back to the village. It was weird. Seeing someone with no soul whatsoever. Souls are what makes a human human. If they have no soul? Are they even considered as one?
You roam the Castle and got even curious of the Giant lady. She could tower over you.
"Who goes there?" You hum as Alcina appears before you. She seems so lifelike yet so dead. As if she was on a time still. You decide to appear before her and she gets taken aback.
"No need for any trouble. Lady. I'm just curious."
"Of what, exactly?" You smile at her.
"Of you."
Ever since then, observing Alcina has been your past time. Most of the other Reapers knew that the Village has been designated to you since you kept coming back to it.
You keep roaming the halls and sometimes even play pranks on Bela, Cassandra and Daniela.
Ray, one of your friends who is also a reaper can't believe that you actually are falling for a non-human. You just shrug at her.
You and Alcina become closer as you spend more time together.
The real test came when Ethan and BSAA came to the village. So many souls were wandering around. You quickly phone Ray so she could help the souls and you quickly came to Bela's rescue.
You push her behind you and quickly used your powers to repair the window. One of the reaper's perks.
"Ethan Winters! Don't you dare take another shot!" You state, anger fueling your body. "Don't you dare hurt her."
Ethan is actually trembling as you take another step towards him.
"I know where Rose is. I know how hard it can be to lose a child." You sigh. You've witness too many deaths, heard too many cries. So can anyone really blame you if you try to sometimes cope? To sometimes at least laugh?
You hold out your hand to him. "I'll help you get her back so just stop killing everyone I love."
"What are you?" He asks as he accepts your hand and stand.
"A reaper." You brandish your scythe and Ethan gulps. You ultimately made the four lords and the three Dimitrescu daughters leave the village.
You knew how Ethan would die if you weren't here. You assured them and even kissed Alcina as good measure.
You came back with Ethan all bloodied up but you both survived.
You were scolded and punished but it was well worth it.
You spend more time with Alcina and the girls.
You haven't officiated it but when you show up to work wearing a necklace with a ring on it, well everyone knows who it came from.
Donna Beneviento
Being a reaper can be such a downer. Every day, you witness a death. Every day, you have to guide a soul to the afterlife.
You only stumbled upon the Beneviento house accidentally. You have a curious streak to you that some of the Senior Reapers actually scold you for.
The first time you see Donna, you were curious not only of her abilities to control dolls but also her veil.
You keep observing her and visiting her till one day, you see her take off her veil.
You were surprised, because she was just so beautiful? Why would she wear a veil?
"Who's there?" She asks and you didn't realize that you materialized. You land on the ground and smile at her.
"My name's Y/N. I'm just a curious reaper."
"Reaper?" You nod. You look at Angie and realize.
"Your soul is embedded in them."
"What?" You tilt your head. You thought she knew but apparently she didn't.
"This doll. And all the other dolls? A small part of your soul is embedded in them." You hum. "That's amazing." Donna blushes under her veil.
Ever since then, you visit Donna and Angie whenever you have your day off. Sometimes even when you should be working, you'd stop by for a quick glance at her.
One day, you had a rough day. There was an incident, one that took many lives. Too many souls who cried for their loved ones.
You get inside the Beneviento house and Donna perks up upon seeing you but you didn't have the usual vigor.
You don't tell her what happened but just hug her instead. You try not to cry at her shoulder as she rubs your back.
You don't tell anyone but she became the light at the end of the day.
So to no one's surprise, you asked her to become yours.
Bela Dimitrescu
You were friends with the grand chambermaid of the castle. She saw you once, guiding a maiden that was hunter down.
So once in a while, you visit her. Still concerned over an old friend.
Bela caught your eye when she was reading about your job. Being a reaper.
You hum as she turns the pages then scoff. You materialize right beside her and she yelps in surprise.
"This is bullshit!" You say as you take the book. "Even we don't know why we're chosen! Chosen ones my ass." You grumble.
You sigh. And Bela stands. "Are you a reaper?" You nod.
"Don't worry, I'm not here to take anyone's soul or something like that. Just visiting an old friend."
"An old friend?" You nod. She looks at the book then gets her journal and pen.
"If you don't mind then, I really would like to differentiate facts from fiction." You smile at her curiousity.
It was the start of a friendship between you and the oldest daughter.
You would visit her every chance you can get while Bela is always excited to wait for you.
One day, you see the three Dimitrescus hunting down a maiden and you sigh.
"So you guys are the main reasons why girls are always the ones who are mostly dead around here." Bela blushes as you materialize out of nowhere.
She splutters as she tries to find excuses but you just pat her head and smile sadly. "Must be hard."
She nods and you hug her. You don't tell her with words but you hope your actions are enough. That she'll know.
One day, when you gather your courage, you ask Bela out on a date.
And one day as well, when you've noticed how much you've fallen, you propose to her.
Cassandra Dimitrescu
You were just a wandering reaper. Hoping that you won't come across a soul in needing of guidance to the afterlife.
One night, you see a blur of bugs pass you. You then sense that a soul was nearby. Did that blur just killed someone?
You follow your senses and your guess was right. Only that blur is now a girl and carrying the body of the soul. You guide the soul to the afterlife.
By then, you were intrigued by Cassandra. Something about her just triggers your curiosity.
You keep observing her. Her hobbies, her interest and you were amazed by her paintings.
One day, when you thought she was asleep. You materialize as you admire her painting.
"Who are you!?" She asks as she wields her sickle and you just raise an eyebrow at her.
"Look, I like you a lot but don't even try. I'm too tired and would like to just admire your paintings." Your honesty made her blush.
Ever since then, you would materialize when you visit her and she would look forward to showing off her paintings and drawings to you.
One day, Cassandra was all fidgety and shy. You hum as you materialize. Was something wrong?
"I would like to paint you." She says and you can't help but smile as you nod.
People rarely look forward to meeting you or the other reapers. And those who claim they do are either lying or just too tired.
Each visit with Cassandra was fun, you say random facts about being a reaper and she chimes in things about being a witch.
Before the painting was even finished. The both of you have made it official.
And you look forward to seeing her as much as she looks forward to seeing you.
Daniela Dimitrescu
You were guiding a soul of a maiden when Daniela sees you. She thought you were trying to steal a maiden.
She tried to attack you and the maiden so you brandish your scythe to stop her.
She freezes as she admires your weapon and you raise an eyebrow at her. How did she even see you?
You knew some creatures can naturally see reapers, even some humans can. You shake your head and guide the soul as planned.
You got curious of her so you went back to the castle. You explored as you didn't see her at first.
"Boo!" She tried to surprise you, she really did, but as a reaper, your senses are heightened, so you can sense her presence from a mile away. You just turn to her.
"So you really can see me?"
"Yeah? Doesn't everyone?" You shake your head.
"Not unless they're dead. People typically don't want to see me or my co-workers."
"Co-workers?" You smile.
"You didn't think that I'm the only reaper around, right?"
She drags you to the library and you tell her many stories.
Stories that you heard. Stories that you've experienced. Things that you've seen.
And every single time, she was just amazed.
In return, she tells you about the books she loves. The family she would do anything for.
Alcina, her mother that may be strict and busy sometimes but still protective and warm all the same.
Bela, the eldest who always scolds her for her antics but still listens to some of her ramblings.
And Cassandra, the middle child whom she's competitive with, whom would always treat her as an equal.
There was just something about her while she talked about her family that you kiss her.
She was surprised at first but kisses back nonetheless.
You pull away with a smile and she does the same.
You bask in her presence then kiss her forehead.
"I do hope I'll see you more often now." You laugh at her statement and agree.
You'll visit the castle more often just for her.
I am so sorry this took so long.
I've been having headaches for the past few days and I tried everything to chase them away.
I'm feeling a bit better now.
Comments and thoughts are always welcome!
Thank you for reading!
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trpiimuu · 2 days ago
Alcina, trying to ask Y/N out: So, would you like to stay for dinner?
Daniela, Cassandra and Bela from the kitchen: WOULD YOU LIKE TO STAY FOREVER?
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drowningsxtears · 2 days ago
Okay soo i have an idea (non- dr related)
So started watching resident evil from the beginning since i started it at 7.
And when i watched resident evil 3 remake i fell in love with jill (my lesbian ass-)
And i also love Bela Daniela and Cassandra dimitrescu and a few more.
But i was thinking what if i wrote for those characters.
The list will most likely grow since im starting to watch the re2 remake.
So would you guys like that??
If u do ill start making the master list and open requests for those characters!
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hello! :) how do you think Lady D. and her daughters will react if the reader has dakimakura, and at night when they go to sleep, they always hug it instead of Lady D. & her daughters?
Had to remind myself of what a dakimakura was initially, but this was a brilliant request that made me smile :) 
I don’t think any of the Dimitrescu women would understand what it was you have mentioned until laying eyes on it themselves and realising the consequences of a dakimakura’s presence. 
Alcina will not be amused at all, you are her significant other, and yet you chose to hug a pillow over her, nope she won’t stand for it.
She wishes for you to cuddle and fall asleep nestled into her side, but seeing the pout you pull when she threatens to shred it with her claws halts her actions.
Aware she couldn’t bear to hurt you, Alcina relented, albeit eyeing the pillow with disdain as it would be pulled into bed every night.
As soon as you would fall into the land of dreams, Alcina used her grace and stealth to prise the dakimakura in question out of your arms.
It would only be then that Alcina would be satisfied seeing the pillow now discarded on the floor and you bundled in her arms, snoring peacefully atop of her chest.
Come morning, you knew of what went on during the night, but seeing the peaceful, sleep-dazed expression on Alcina’s face as you awoke was more than worth it.
Bela would be the most understanding of her family, knowing how important an item of comfort is to obtain a good night's sleep.
Despite craving your affection on an almost hourly basis, she is willing to sacrifice contact for the sake of your happiness, never once threatening to have the offending item destroyed. 
Choosing to embrace the pillow, quite literally, the pair of you would drift asleep, Bela guaranteed to be holding your hand or having placed her own over your chest.
During the night, regardless of the obstacle present, you will end up nestled in her arms. 
When morning arrives, Bela will feign sleep just that bit longer to prolong your peaceful rest, resisting the urge to peck the corner of your lips and brush flyaway strands of hair from your face.
Quiet chuckles emanate when you awaken fully, amused by the dakimakura abandoned behind you; although you require it to sleep, both your body and mind desired Bela more.
Cassandra has no qualms about demanding cuddles, the frequency of which doubles when you choose to curl around the pillow rather than her.
This poor girl is touch-starved and desperately craves your physical presence.
Furthermore, she has become accustomed to resting on your chest during her midday naps, listening to your heartbeat in an effort to lull herself to sleep; this tactic was always successful.
She, however, will not stoop to begging; she would rather have sleepless nights and suffer the consequences of lethargy and exhaustion.
Observing the unhealthy habit Cassandra chooses rather than actively removing the item in question that a deal is in order.
The pillow could stay in the bed, but you were to fall asleep with Cassandra in your arms, if you were to cuddle the dakimakura in the night, there would be no issue, but the unwavering strength of Cassandra’s grip would see to it that you couldn’t move.
Dani will whine, bargaining with you to release the pillow in favour of hugging her.
She will even resort to tugging, attempting to claw the dakimakura from your grasp, careful not to damage the lining or seams.
This girl, unlike her sisters and mother, will beg, pleading for a compromise. Her pout game would be stronger than yours, seeing you give in to her demands. 
Alternate arrangements would be constructed to appease the redhead. It is commonplace from then on for you to be curled upon her lap when napping, but every other night the pillow was barred from the bed, allowing Daniela to claim you as her own.
On those evenings when your pillow was permitted under the covers, Daniela was adamant that either she was spooning you or sharing in the comfort the pillow brought.
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Hey y’all! I got a new slowburn, but I’m probably gonna break by Ch. 3. This fic centers around a more vampiric, and soft, Alcina because I CRAVE!
Pairing: Alcina x Reader
Fandom: Resident Evil Village
Rating: Explicit (1st chapter isn’t), Slow Burn
Summary: You’re the new tailor who just picked up the vacancy at Castle Dimitrescu. What starts as a normal position soon ebbs into a world filled with insatiable daughters, Lords and Countesses, and a strange culling of ‘hunters.’
You suppose it’s not all bad. How could it be with Lady Dimitrescu whispering in your ear?
Chapter Snippet: You look at the length of the tape and her substantial bust.
You hold up the measure to one side of her, but there is just no way. “Excuse my request, but can you…”
You motion to her hand and she takes the end of the tape. Her eyes burn with amusement, her lips perked, but you’re more interested in her numbers which quells your embarrassment. You mumble it to yourself instead of focusing on the way her heavy breasts bounce. You’re so close to the swell of her breasts, all you’d have to do is purse your lips to brush against them.
Moving the tape downward just under her bosom, you nod and continue your journey over her body. You’re so caught up in your work, you don’t question if Lady Dimitrescu had to commission someone to make this tape measure so long, or if they are four of them tied together.
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