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#dainslief genshin impact
dainslief-simp · 2 months ago
Remember what I said about Genshin Impact songs?
Tumblr media
Just a concept but yeah here are the lyrics, I titles the song “One to Blame” and basically it’s Dainslief and some ghosts singing it :) 
I would try and make this an actual song but idk how to record and upload the shit plus I’m broke so yeah
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dainslief-simp · 2 months ago
Yandere Dainslief since clearly I need to do it myself
Dainslief has more lines than anyone but ya’ll are sleeping on sexy narrator man smh I can’t believe you guys. 
Also ya’ll can’t tell me that Rip off Dimitri McTrauma over here doesn’t have serious yandere potential. Narrator? Smart? Mysterious? Probably a prophet or some shit? Can see everything through the Leyline branches? You can’t tell me the yandere potential isn’t there
(Send help this man is ruining my fucking life) 
Warnings but not really since it’s in the title: Yandere stuff
- Dainslief is calm and collected, that’s for sure. He’s incredibly persistent and confident in his ability to get you to stay by his side. 
- How did you two meet? 
- You two met at the Stone Gate, simple
- But not really
- You see, Dainslief has been watching you ever since you first entered a domain. And even through the few leyline openings around Teyvat. 
- He’s watched you, observed you, pondering what could make you so important that the gods blessed you with their magic even without visions. As he watched on, he’s realized you’ve become nothing short of an obsession for him
- It’s not like he knows or cares, he doesn’t know that love isn’t a mad obsession, he doesn’t know any of that. 
- This is love, he thinks, as he takes the time to learn your every secret, find out everything there is to know about you. It will help him in the longterm
- When you meet him, he seems almost too good to be true. A fellow traveler, a gentlemen who was nothing short of perfect. Vast knowledge, a mysterious yet attractive aura, a beautiful voice... it’s no wonder you fell for him. 
“Oh? That’s sweet of you” he says, chuckling softly as he put down the book he was reading. 
You flushed and gripped your clothing “So...  do you... feel the same?” 
He laughs again. You don’t know how rare it is for him to show any semblance of emotion, this is actually the first time he’s ever felt genuinely happy. How could he say no to you? 
“How can I say no to you?” he asks, getting up and tipping your chin up to look at him. “I think I’d loose everything if I refused you” 
“Say it” 
“Say you love me too” you demanded, face still red “It’s only fair” 
Dainslief sighed but smiled “I love you too” 
- That’s all Dainslief needs to whisk you away. The assurance that you love him. 
- He takes you, kidnaps you, takes you deep within a domain, taking you far, fair away from  the world. It’s just him and you, you and him. You don’t need anything else. 
- No matter how hard you plea, beg, and try to escape, he doesn’t let you go
- So what if he sees his darling in tears? Surely a song would make you smile again? 
- He really doesn’t care about you much as you’d think he would
- He holds no regret for doing this, nothing resembling guilt ever crosses his mind. 
- Dainslief is no stranger to dirty tactics, so of course he doesn’t think twice about kidnapping the love of his life (or so he calls you) 
- Plus, what have you loss? Surely a silk bed and invisible servants are better than months of traveling with that little... thing yapping away beside you 
- Dainslief, Bough Keeper Dainslief, timeless and powerful, all knowing and perfect, who would have thought his only weakness would be you? 
- There is no escaping the Domain, sure it looks like a lavish mansion, but it is still a domain, still a prison. It is still connected to the Leyline so he can watch your every move even if you don’t want him next to you
- Once you’ve become a bit more welcoming of him, he’ll busy himself by cuddling with you, singing of fates and lives to come, about the secrets of the universe that he can now share with you. 
- “I’m so relived that you’ve accepted me dearest, now, come here and I’ll tell you a tale of a little prince and his crumbling country...” 
- So traveler, do you accept him and his twisted eternity? 
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dainslief-simp · 3 months ago
I was just thinking, what if Dainslief hates being a prophet and his title as ‘bough keeper’ because he’s gotta hurt people and hand out prophecies that will tear relationships apart. I think it’d add lots of depth to his character if he was the one who told Kaeya of his destiny and regrets seeing this fucking kid suffer in an attempt to bring back their nation. 
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blamedorange · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
unravel the mystery . . . . Or something
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kyletevitevaitan · 3 days ago
— I like to drink! And I like the wind!
© Venti
— It seems that you're different from her...
© Dainslief
Tumblr media
Endgame for now, wow. Wanna get to know Дайнслейф better and get him as a playable character.
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strawberry-snack · 9 days ago
I heard a theory about how dainslief is the narrator in the character trailers and I can’t stop thinking about it,,,,,
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reimi-does-art · 10 days ago
Dainslief is the narrator.
Dainslief is the narrator.
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dainslief-simp · 11 days ago
So hear me out:
Tumblr media
Ok yeah you see this guy? We all thought that the weird blue stuff was only on his eye and upper boy, but it’s ALL OVER the right side of his body. There’s that same blue shit glowing on his leg. 
Whatever this shit is, I think it has something to do with 1) the leylines and 2) why he’s immortal. 
Dainsleif recalls stories of Andrius, and even states that Barbatos’ departure from Mondstadt ONE THOUSAND YEARS AGO wasn’t a lot of time to him. 
Sorry to break it to everyone (including myself from thirty minutes ago) but Dain predates the fall of Khaenri’ah by a longshot. It’s likely that he was a resident of Khaenri’ah even before things started to go to shit as he is the feature character for Khaenri’ah in the travail trailer, but I don’t think he’s some royal knight turned immortal like everyone else thinks. He was immortal before Khaerni’ah fell. 
(When I say “immortal” take it with a grain of salt, because we know that gods can die, I just mean that Dain has lived an extremely long time) 
This begs the question as to why he’s immortal. We know that there’s a difference between “gods” and “archons” but we’ve never heard of Dainsleif. Although I have a theory:
I think Dainsleif is the immortal guardian of Khaerni’ah or even Teyvat as a whole, he is named after a sword of a dwarf king, the Dain part of his name means “dead” in old Norse. It’s also worth mentioning that Durin is named after a dwarf. He’s most likely one of two immortal guardians, who the other one is that plays as the “king” remains a mystery, but I’m thinking it’s someone close to or somehow related to Durin. 
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dainsleifs-vibrator · 12 days ago
can i maybe request eating dainsleif out? hhh i’ve been literally obsessed with this man ever since his quest came out and i though his moans must be so pretty u//u
also, could i be the ♟anon? thank you! <3
GN! Reader
Warning ⚠️ ⚠️: Rimming and Eating out Dainsleif
Dainsleif moaned, head falling back, his body spamming and shaking as your tongue spreaded his tight wet walls.
Your hands gripped the skin under his thighs, pulling them wider apart, your mouth hungrily lapping up his sweet juices of his hole.
"Oh yes! R-right their. Oh God!" Dain moaned, his eyes looking down at you. You looked up at him, your eyes not hiding the malicious intent in them as you then forced your tongue to go deeper.
Letting go of his thighs, you placed your hands on his ass cheeks and spreaded them. Pushing in two fingers alongside your tongue made the man above you clench his thighs around your head.
His hands ran down to your hair as he moaned and mewled at the overflowing pleasure. Dain felt like all the air of his lungs was gone for he couldn't breathe, pleasure flooding his insides, your touches driven him mad.
Oh how he would let you use hid body in any way you want, as long as you have filled to the brim.
That would be enough for him.
Sorry its short but I hope you like it!!
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guroclinic · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
      (ㅅ´ ˘ `)♡ 𝙳𝙰𝙸𝙽𝚂𝙻𝙴𝙸𝙵 𝙼𝙱
   please like or rb if saving 🌸 for @angelsignal
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glitterberry · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dainslief x Lumine
Defeat me, command me to step aside, show me that you are worthier than I to rescue her.
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amarysso · 19 days ago
Ranking Genshin characters by real-world name popularity: who has the most popular name?
Tumblr media
The definitive tier list! Some recently leaked characters not included in this graphic.
I used to search up all of the Genshin character’s first names. This tier list does not use last names! Which means yes, there are really some poor people named Paimon out there. And Childe. The website’s most recent data is from 2014, so this info might be a bit outdated, but hey, it’s all just for fun.
In order of most instances of real-life people with this name worldwide:
1. Jean: 11,024,162 people. Most popular country DR Congo.
2. Barbara: 3,977,274 people. (United States)
3. Lisa: 2,484,955 people. (United States)
4. Mona: 1,706,902 people. (Egypt)
5. Yanfei: 480,177 people. (China)
6. Amber: 363,458 people. (United States)
7. Xinyan: 257,548 people. (China)
8. Rosaria: 208,301 people. (Italy)
9. Zhongli: 128,457 people. (China)
10. Xiangling: 115,095 people. (China)
11. Yaoyao: 89,313 people. (China)
12. Xiao: 64,386 people. (Hong Kong)
13. Keqing: 58,408 people. (China)
14. Noelle: 52,495 people. (United States)
15. Eula: 31,366 people. (United States)
16. Bennett: 22,564 people. (United States)
17. Xingqiu: 22,528 people (China)
18. Chongyun: 11,890 people (China)
19. Ayaka: 9,528 people. (Japan)
20. Baizhu: 5,625 people. (China)
21. Beidou: 4,962 people. (China)
21. Diona: 4,024 people. (United States)
22. Tohma: 3,267 people. (Iraq)
23. Ningguang: 3,143 people. (China)
24. Qiqi: 1,510 people. (Taiwan)
25. Ganyu: 1,026 people (Japan)
26. Klee: 381 people. (United States)
27. Paimon: 282 people (Indonesia)
28. Razor: 257 people (Russia)
29. Tartaglia: 196 people. (Italy)
30. Lumine: 77 people. (DR Congo)
31. Childe: 56 people. (DR Congo)
32. Dottore: 32 people. (Italy)
33. Kaeya: 30 people. (India/Philippines)
34. Aether: 15 people. (United States)
35. Hutao (There was no Hu tao) : 11 people. (Taiwan)
36. Albedo: 10 people. (Brazil/Switzerland)
37. Fischl: 6 people. (United States)
39. Diluc: 3 people. (Cambodia)
40a. Sucrose: 2 people. (Hong Kong/Zimbabwe)
40b. Scaramouche: 2 people. (Brazil/Mexico)
41. Dainsleif: 0 people.
So, were you surprised? If you have questions or comments, I’d love to know what you think!
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lazycatmeowsalot · 21 days ago
when the first game you ever play is a beta MMORPG...
dainsleif: what are you doing?
lumine: i'm trying to see if i can tame boss monsters! i tamed an abyss mage before but i haven't tried boss monsters yet
dainsleif: you have the tamer skill? (is an abyss mage even a tamable monster? the tamer skill isn't helpful for most classes so people don't usually have that skill...)
lumine: yup, also cooking, swimming, sewing and other skills that i find interesting
dainsleif: they're all practical skills but you're a mage class. those skills wouldn't help the build you're going for
lumine: what's that?
dainsleif: (don't tell me she doesn't know it...unless—)
dainsleif: is this perhaps your first time playing a mmorpg?
lumine: yes, is there a problem?
dainsleif: *thinking of how this clueless newbie just massacred hundreds of players in the last event*
dainsleif: no, just checking. actually, can i see your skill tree for a sec? (let's not step into that landmine yet)
spoiler: lumine got nurf-ed by the developers in the next patch and even the later patches
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tonedeafsebastian · 21 days ago
I read your "When Y/N has a Panic Attack"blog it was awsome!if it is not a problem can i request it with scaramouche and dainsleif please?thanks!
When Y/N Has a Panic Attack
Scaramouche and Dainsleif edition (G/N Reader)
♡ Authors Note: Hey Love! Thank you sm for your kind words 🥺🥺 I figured I’d do this before I went to bed as it’s quite an important one to me. I hope if you’re going through anything that this can help in some small way ♡
Trusting is something this man doesn’t really do, so if he trusts you enough to be beside you, he’s going to be there as long as he can be. You had to have broken through that mask of an exterior for him to be vulnerable with you
He was probably working on something with the Fatui when you came to see him, but the amount of people around you making so much noise and doing so many things just overwhelmed you too much.
You break down in tears, and it takes a minute but he’s shocked and confused when he sees you- why are you here?? what happened?? all these thoughts are rushing through his head a mile a minute- he’s ready to protect you- and he’s going into that mode.
He goes up to you, resting his hands on your upper arms, surveying over your expression trying to figure out what the hell is going on- (keep in mind this is like a big fatui filled area, and he doesn’t care ab them seeing him being like this with you. he’s okay with his biggest fear of vulnerability because he loves you)
He seems frustrated to anybody else, snappy, but more than anything he’s just afraid and doesn’t want you to be hurt and that’s how he handles it. He’s working on that though
“Are you okay?? Why are you crying?? Did somebody do something?? I don’t understand-“ Once he realizes his tone, he calms it down immediately, his heart just breaking- (he’ll never admit that though)
“Come on- let’s go. I don’t want to be here anymore- I doubt you do either- these idiots are so loud-“ He’s probably angrily plotting later ab reprimanding them because they upset you. he’s got the spirit!
He takes you home and probably gets you some snacks you like on the way- he’s VERY protective of you in such a gentle way
He gets so so soft with you- he trusts you so much and seeing you like this-
“I love you....I promise- d-don’t forget that, okay? I- I love you so much- I hate that-that the world does this to you-“
He’ll ask you gently if you want to change into comfier clothes, or if you need anything- he’s very quick to pick up on your cues and what you want
He quietly holds you or lies on you and touches you affectionately a lot like Xiao does, but more clinging.
He doesn’t want you to go, and he doesn’t want you to ever feel like you’re alone. He wants to be here for you because you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him.
Holds you as long as you need- he’ll do literally anything to make you happy (he’ll act like he’s doing it begrudgingly unless you’re actually really upset- but he’s happy to- it’s just a weird response from past stuff)
He won’t let you go?,,, like???,,, even after you’re okay he clings onto you- of course you don’t mind but-
“Are you sure you’re okay?? J-Just a little longer?”
can you tell I kin him?? I’m tired of people w scaramouche slander >:) he’s a mean little shit but he has so much depth and love to give god this game puts its characters through so much-
I imagine you’re out and doing stuff, probably commissions, and you come to find him, getting really overwhelmed from adrenaline and the situation etc- it was just a bad day.
You come to the tavern where he usually is, and of course he’s there-
“Hello my love-“ He turns to look at you with a loving smile. Even after all he’s seen that smile is always there when he sees you. He pauses when he sees your expression and tears, he’s sad but calm and collected.
“Come here...” He gets up and hugs you, putting his hand on the back of your head protectively, murmuring to you asking if you’re alright.
He seems wise and detached to most, but it’s undeniable how loving he is. He adores you and always knows just what to say.
He offers to take you somewhere calmer, and he’s very calm and gentle about the whole thing- people look at you a bit as you walk out but it’s more being scared for you than anything. But he’s there with you, so it’s not so bad.
You two sit together somewhere, or go home, and he tells you of past calm and beautiful experiences, wishing he could show them to you again
The king of playing with your hair and letting you lie in his lap- he holds you and looks down at you, smiling and telling you more when you’d ask to hear more of his stories.
He has that very calm energy to him and I just know he’d be amazing at calming anybody down-
He’s been through a lot too i’m sure, and he just wants to protect the people he loves. You are the one he loves most, and he wishes utmost happiness for you
He reassures you how strong you are, and you two sit in the breeze together as he holds you, talking of anything you want, topics wandering from ‘frozen boar’ to ‘the time venti lit a church on fire’ and everywhere in between.
Even after you fall asleep in his lap, he admires you, so thankful to have you. Every night he thanks the stars for getting to exist at this same time as you do.
“Isn’t it incredible? That I get to exist in the same time and world as you do- that I get to experience the world with you- I cannot thank the world for a gift more beautiful. Not in all of my years.”
Bonus: He’ll hum you songs he’s learned over the passage of time
Overall, both of them are great at comfort, just give Scara some time to adjust :) He’s VERY snuggly though once he warms up that’s my headcannon.
Thank you all for your support!! I hope you’re doing well if you see this, Anon! I love you and i’m proud of you ♡
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dimecall-smothied · a month ago
Okay, but like, what if Dainsleif is gold?
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