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#daily warriors au
daily-warriors-au · 7 days ago
Warrior Cats AU where Dustpaw was the one who almost fell off of the cliff in Fire and Ice(?) and ends up falling for him in a similar fashion like Sandstorm did. Later when they’re mates Sandstorm agrees to be a surrogate mother for their kits and Squirrelkit and Leafkit are just vibing with their dads
I am all for lovely gay stories!! I am curious how this would change the story. Perhaps Greypaw becomes more jealous of Dustpaw.
What other changes can you think of?
- Mod Darkfrost
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daily-warriors-au · 10 days ago
Todays Warrior's AU is...
...where Goosefeather's prophecy about Thistleclaw is about Snowfur, and Bluestar is super in denial about it.
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daily-warriors-au · 18 days ago
Well one thing male Dovewing would fix would be he wouldn’t be forced to be in a toxic relationship because Bumblestripe wanted it and he’s a “nice guy”
Or worse- he’s pressured to date Blossomfall instead.
That is definitely interesting. Good thoughts!
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daily-warriors-au · 22 days ago
Todays Warrior's AU is...
...where firestar is a black tom with vitllago.
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daily-warriors-au · 23 days ago
Todays Warrior's AU is...
...where Mapleshade and her kits survive the river. Reedshine leaves her man and settles down with Mapleshade, their kits grow up together with two moms
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Add on: perhaps since Mapleshade is living her life happily with her kits and a new love, that Appledusk is the one who goes insane. Angered that neither she-cat wants him. That he now is the bad guy, and if they want a bad guy he will give them a Bad Guy.
However he tries to frame it all on Mapleshade.
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daily-warriors-au · 24 days ago
Oooh that Rabies outbreak AU sounds like a super cool idea! 👀 Though I do have a question, since warriors is set in the uk and rabies is eradicated over here, how exactly would a rabid animal get to the clans? Maybe it was a sadistic twoleg experiment to see how it would effect the feral cat populations? Maybe it was a rabies-like virus found in some types of Bat (this is the only remaining rabies-like virus in the UK)?
It could also have been an idiot tourist with a dog.
I personally don't know about the common ecology systems of the UK as I'm not from there. So if you want the AU accurate, I think the bat idea is quite unique and interesting.
Having it come from bats, a group of rowdy apprentices maybe went off and explored a cave and one of them got attacked. They all thought nothing of it as it was just a small bite wound. They've gotten worse wounds in battle.
Thanks for the lovely addition and insight!!
- Mod Darkfrost
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daily-warriors-au · 25 days ago
Rabies outbreak (basically zombie Au but the infected die-die a week after being bitten)
Ooo i really like these sorts of things. I love disease out break stories. Just the unique thriller horror stories.
Rabies AU is a really cool idea 10/10 idea.
I have a similar outbreak arc in the Alliance AU (@allianceoftheforest)
Anyway going to expand on this rabies AU ideas:
The first cat to get Rabies got attacked by a racoon or perhaps a rabid small dog. One that the cats didn't think much of.
Infected cats seem okay, but the hydrophobia is the major key in distinguishing who isn't okay.
Theres roughly a week incubation before symptoms become majorly noticeable: mostly achy joints and fever.
The hydrophobia is the next symptom to set in.
The infected cats slowly disintegrate mentally, mixed with hallucinations, angry, and foaming at the mouth until they become completely feral.
If left alone the cats become extremely dehydrated which leads to paralysis until they die.
How would the clans react?
Would it affect multiple clans?
Where would it start?
Does it seem to spring up in the clans at the same time due to border skirmishes.
How do they survive?
How does it end?
So many questions, so many possibilities!!
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daily-warriors-au · 27 days ago
Male Dovewing au
I think that would be interesting. Personally I enjoy seeing how a gender of a character changes certain aspects of a story. Sometimes it changes only the pronouns.
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daily-warriors-au · 28 days ago
Where Mapleshade son, Larchkit becomes a villian so big that he a greater threat than Darktail ever was and basically took over all the clans? Like he was rumored to be the strongest and the most dangerous
This sounds interesting perhaps, in this AU the kits servive or perhaps only Larchkit survives.
Possible warrior names: Larchshadow, Larchstrike, Larchshade (in remembrance of his mother)
Mapleshade's anger doesn't go away, so she influences he own kit as a dark forest cat.
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daily-warriors-au · 29 days ago
Todays Warrior's AU is...
...Where Bloodclan won and rule the forest. Firestars gets killed by Scourge the same way he killed Tigerstar. Sandstorm manages to runaway, she has Firestar's kits and give them to some kittypet to be protected. Bramblepaw managed to get away and found Sasha who is going back to the dock she uses to live in, he joins them. Tawny ended up joining Bloodclan with to lead an eventual rebellion against them. 
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daily-warriors-au · a month ago
Todays Warriors Au is...
...a Harry Potter AU!!
AND before everyone groans at the thought of human warrior cats as witches and wizards, that's not what this is.
The four clans are not located in the forest, but located in special hidden rooms in the hogwash castle. For generations these cats have lived without a witch or wizard as their companion. Know one really knows who brought these strays or if they are just from the cats of early witches and wizards and the love affairs they had when their humans weren't watching.
Instead of fighting to live, each clan strives to be the best clan. At the end of each year the best clan is rewarded with a feast and specialty items. These clan cats learn skills such as astrology, astronomy, certain spell casting abilities but still they mostly rely on the strength and Dexterity of their own paws when in a battle. Medicine cats train in potion making. Other cats are hunters and some are gatherers.
Living in a magical castle has its own unique challenges and perks.
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daily-warriors-au · a month ago
Todays Warriors AU is...
...Where Midnight the badger is the one who leads the clan to their new home
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daily-warriors-au · a month ago
Todays Warrior's AU is...
... SAO warrior cats!! I know, I know this is a crack idea but bear with me.
A bunch of older kits hear the tale of the dark forest from an elder. They create this fantasy idea of an alternative world with scary creatures, prey thats large and attacks. They play this game until they are apprentices. Upon their first gathering, they meet other apprentices and tell them of their fantastical world.
As young minds would have it and on a night when the gathering is full, and the sky not super clear. An older cat from the shadows over hears their game and speaks up.
Telling them the dark forest isn't just a kits tale, that if they all try they can actually make it to their fantasy world.
The apprentices think this is wonderful. That night after the gathering they go back to their respective clans and remember what the old cat had said. Yet none of the apprentices were sure which clan the cat belonged to but it wasn't theirs.
The first night they are successful and they make it to this strange fantasy world. They have fun exploring and attacking large mice and bloated toads. Hey awake the next day and continue on with life.
They do this for a few more nights, each night getting more apprentices to join in and even some kits but keeping it a secret from the warriors of the clan.
Until one night when most of the young cats of the forest go to sleep, and the world is a lot more scary. None of them wake up.
The next morning the warriors try desperately to wake their sleeping apprentices and kits. All of them alive but unmoving. Medicine cats rush to the other clans only to run into each other and find the same problem. The sleeping cats are all brought to 4 trees to quarantine and watch them.
The warriors watch on helplessly as the kits and apprentices waste away, mysterious injuries forming on their bodies. Wondering if they will ever wake up.
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daily-warriors-au · a month ago
Hey followers!
A new feature that I want to introduce to being part of the blog, is expanding on Au's in the form of short stories or one-shots.
With school ending soon, I will be able to start doing these. (Submissions accepted as well.)
However which AU would you like to read? Reblog and comment or tag an AU, you'd like to read as a one-shot.
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daily-warriors-au · a month ago
Todays Warrior's AU is...
...were where fireheart is a albino and named Icefire. (credits to my friend doritopaw who make a who au on it)
This post was brought to you by @doritopaw101 on a Submission by a friend
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daily-warriors-au · a month ago
Today's Warrior's Au is... Easter Rabbit AU. Once every spring a mysterious white rabbit can be spotted running through the territory of the clans, no clan cat has been able to catch this mysterious rabbit. Some have gotten close but it slips through their claws, with a pelt like the ancients of starclan.
As mysteriously as the rabbit appears, so do odd happenings in the clan territories. Bright feathers, shells, and stones are left outside of nurseries. Soft white fur is tucked into the nests of elders.
Over generations the clans have kept their specialty items, passing them along to the next generation along with the stories, until one year a young warrior named Rabbitfoot, tasked with entertaining the kits of the clan for the day, (after the mysterious gift was left behind) decided to hide these bright heirlooms around their camp. The kits were ecstatic trying to find these special jewels of the clan. Proudly showing off their skills.
Word passed along from clan to clan and it added into a tradition that these mysterious gifts would be hidden by mentors for each apprentice to find, then in turn the apprentices would hide them in camp for the kits to find.
Happy Easter to those who celebrate, Daily-Warriors-AU
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daily-warriors-au · a month ago
Yo, Good Tigerclaw Bad Brambleclaw au
Todays AU of a good Tigerclaw vs Bad Brambleclaw
How would this change the series?
Is Bluestar evil through-out this?
With Tigerclaw being a good guy, Redtail wouldn't be murdered by Tigerclaw.
Firepaw could be trained under Redtail
Reblog with your ideas!
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daily-warriors-au · a month ago
Todays Warrior's AU is...
...the clans story takes place in a place like this causing a lot more diverse clans.
Tumblr media
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daily-warriors-au · a month ago
Today's warrior cat AU is...
...where the clans have daylight warriors until the Great Journey.
Rusty/Firestar was originally one before gaining the deputy spot, where he ends up stop going back to his Twolegs and gets replaced by Hattie. Cloudtail also is one with his siblings and mother and goes with the clans on the Journey.
Princess joins Thunderclan once she discovers Fireheart and gives him Cloudkit, but ends up staying with her twolegs. Smudge considers but decides not too.
Scrouge joins Thunderclan as Tinyclaw, but runs off after Tigerclaw’s exile and forms Bloodclan. When he dies, he joins the Dark Forest and becomes one of the leaders of the clan.
Jake was a daylight warrior and had an FBL with Nutmeg and Quince, and later he dies of natural causes.
Once the Great Journey begins, the idea of daylight warriors is dropped and the daylight warriors have to decide if they want to stay or not.
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