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#daily dosis of serotonin
call-me-yam · 27 days ago
Kokichi: *walking to his office in DICE headquarters, grape panta in hand* Let's see how everyone is doing *opens the door* G--W-WHAT?!
Yusuke: *4 years old* *in Kokichi's desk chair, playing with his toy cars* *the DICE members are all surrounding him, fawning over him*
Member #1: Yusuke, do you wanna have lunch with us?
Member #2: Are you thirsty? Do you want some grape panta? Y-You like it, right? Just like your father?
Member #3: Do you want some extra toys to play with?
Kokichi: *clears his voice* AHEM! BACK OFF, DICKHEADS! GET BACK TO WORK!
Members: *jumps at his voice* Yes boss! *scurries off*
Yusuke: *blushes, overwhelmed from all the people* Thank you, Papa. But umm...what does 'dickhead' mean?
Kokichi: *sets the panta bottle on the table* *grins* Oh, don't worry about it, buddy. Just...let's not tell your mother when we get home, okay?
Awww, tiny Yusuke was embarrassed for all the attention? That's so cute-
LMAO, everytime Kokichi brings another person DICE just hangs around them forgetting about their boss HAHA
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colby-brxck · 3 months ago
snc b like. yeah we made it on vine thanks to our strict posting schedule and hard work. to then post 14 videos in 6 days on tiktok and never be seen again
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queenscoolcat · 5 months ago
Seeing Sykkuno sad made me heartbroken... I don’t want to see that again.
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cobbae · a month ago
Hello!! How are you? Are you taking care? How was your day? Something exciting to talk about? Did you get your daily Serotonim dosis? - 🌌
hi love!! i've been all alright this week. i actually haven't done a lot aside from studying and playing a game haha? 🤔 so yeah can't say i get much serotonin from that but, on the other hand, me and my best friends have finally found appropiate time and chance to meet up on friday for the first time in a few weeks so there's that 🥰
what about you though? doing good? has anything nice been going on for you this week? 🤧
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plantifulkitti · 3 months ago
hey, idk ob es dir irgendwas bedeutet, aber ich freu mich immer wenn du postest. ich kenne dich zwar nicht aber ich finde du wirkst sehr sympathisch und dein blog gibt mir meine daily serotonin dosis. stay safe ok? pass auf dich auf
thank u so much, it means a lot, love 
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holy-yeosang · 3 months ago
"Life is meaningless when you spend your days crying over KPop boys" I say as I put on a "Park Seonghwa being cute" youtube video compilation to get my daily dosis of serotonin.
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jenkoree · 8 months ago
Your Rangshi art is my daily dosis of serotonin. Love everything you do!!❤️❤️❤️
Tumblr media
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pduwd · 8 months ago
Seeing Robbe happy on this clip is gonna be my daily dosis of serotonin. Look how much our boy has grown🥺🥺🥺🥺
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nikolailantsxv · 9 months ago
Pass the happy! 🌻🌈 When you receive this, list 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last ten people in the notifications
That's so sweet, thank youuu! 💓
1. Ice cream, it has been my daily dosis of serotonin lately.
2. My family, I just love them, no explanation needed lol
3. My cats, ofc
4. Netflix
5. Photoshop hahahaha
Thank you 💓
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nikolailantsxv · 9 months ago
How is it that every day i end up watching Glee performances?
I mean, I dont mind, its like my daily dosis of serotonin.
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