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#daddy bucky
zsparz · 4 hours ago
Bucky: I don’t need new clothes.
Zemo: You’ll learn to enjoy it. 
Bucky: Enjoy what? Wasting your money?
Zemo, chuckling: Allow me to widen your horizons, môj miláčik.
Bucky: ... wasn’t that what we were doing last night?
[A few high-end stores later.]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Obviously, those images don’t belong to me. I’m just sharing the gems as I find them. 
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Okay sos I just remembered this Parisian sugar daddy BUCKY x reader fic where she comes from a wealthy family too but she goes to Uni in Paris and meets bucky (she’s an art student I think) and they’re all cute and pure and they go to Monaco in a chapter and Bucky makes her bet all of his money on one number and they win and it’s great and basically I can’t find it???
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purple-babygirl · 14 hours ago
First of all… who told you that you could toy with my heart over your latest work: SamBucky and the injuries Little. Talk about the angst but fluff. Just mwah!
But will all that angst especially with Sam and Bucky—they are just a perfect combo, btw. I now am needy for angst to fluff (oops…). All I can think about is an insecure little who think that her daddies don’t love her after a misunderstanding, so she pack up her things and runs away. (But a happy ending is ensured) when Sam and Bucky are able to find her
Love you.
Pairing: SamBucky x little!f!reader
Word Count: 2,796
Warnings: polyamory, ddlg dynamics, a dash of angst, and a pinch of fluff
A/N: Hello, Nonnie! Thank you for reading, and thank you for sharing this idea with me and allowing me to toy with your heart over it!💜💜 I was a puddle writing this one. I'm really sorry if this took me too long; I hope it's to your liking and I love you too *ghost kisses*💜 please enjoy xx
“That's enough. Go to your room.” Sam demanded angrily, looking down at the cheerios covering the kitchen floor that he now would have to clean up.
“All you do is cause trouble and I'm done! To your room, now!”
She's been bad again. It was the third time this week. She has been disobedient and impatient. Whenever Papa and Daddy told her to do anything she somehow managed to mess it up. Sam had told her not to touch anything but she wanted to help nevertheless. She couldn’t reach the cupboard though and ended up spilling the box of cereal all over the place.
Her gaze dropped and she walked to her room without another word and a few minutes later, Bucky came to give her lunch and collect her phone and tablet, taking away her screen time for the day.
“But daddy-”
“No, doll. I'm taking them away. You never listen anymore and it needs to stop.”
Papa and Daddy are mad at you. They don't love you no more. They're sick of you. You never listen and you're always bad. They could be so much happier and calmer if it wasn't for you always riling them up. They were done. It needed to stop. They don't love you no more. They don't want you no more. They don't love you. They don't want you.
She sat wallowing in her room, tears gathering in her eyes as her own mind attacked her. Maybe it was all true. All she does is cause trouble.
So maybe if she left…
She got up and got her big girl backpack out of the closet.
Maybe if she left Papa and Daddy would be better off without her.
Tears streamed down her cheeks as she gathered and pushed items into her bag.
Maybe if she was gone they would be less angry.
She zipped the bag up before sloppily slipping her socks on and picking up her stuffed friend.
Maybe if she escaped the house she could escape her thoughts too; leave them all in her room and go.
She wiped her cheeks, tiptoed out of her room, found her shoes by the front door and quietly got into them. She could hear Daddy and Papa lowly laughing together while they got things done in the backyard. Leaving really was the right decision then; they were happier without her.
Taking one, last, tear-blurred look at the house, she stepped outside and quietly closed the door behind her. She held her small white bunny to her chest and sniffed before taking off, walking to the only place that would bring her comfort.
“She's going to be so happy. I can't wait to see her face.” Sam smiled proudly, hands on his waist as he took one last look at the swing he and Bucky have put together for their baby girl in the backyard.
“I really hope she likes it.” Bucky smiled back in agreement before opening the door for Sam and walking inside behind him.
They felt they were too hard on her that morning and she was usually a good girl, only intending to do good for her Daddy and Papa. So they decided to build the swing earlier than they’d previously planned to lighten things up again.
“Is it just me or is it awfully quiet in here?” Bucky murmured, bringing the water bottle down from his mouth and looking around the living room in slight suspicion.
“I mean, she is in a timeout and you did take away her phone,” Sam reminded him, trying not to let himself panic as he got himself a water bottle from the fridge.
But it wasn’t that. Bucky could still hear her presence no matter how quiet. He could hear her crayons gliding on paper when she would sit down to color. He could hear her hum as she organized her toys around the table for tea parties. This quietness wasn’t normal.
Bucky jogged up the stairs to her room and just as he feared, she wasn't in there. Her sandwich was untouched. Her closet was open and her backpack and favourite blankie were missing.
“Sam!” He called for his husband, taking long strides to their bedroom to find she wasn't there either.
Sam ran up the stairs at Bucky's freaked tone and saw him pacing through the hallway.
“She's not here.”
“What?” Sam’s heart sank into his stomach.
“I can't find her.” Bucky shook his head at Sam, running his fingers through his hair in growing panic.
“Hey, calm down. We're gonna find her.” Sam rubbed a hand down Bucky's back, trying to hide his own fright for Bucky's sake as his mind ran to every single place she knew how to get to on her own.
“How? How are we gonna find her? We don't even know where she went or if she's okay-”
Sam put a hand on Bucky’s shoulder, the other cupping his cheek.
“Hey, breathe,” Sam instructed, slowly breathing so Bucky could copy him, trying to send away the panic attack ready to take over him. Bucky nuzzled his palm, his breath coming out shaky.
“That's it, Buck. In and out.” He moved his hands to Bucky’s.
“But she was so little when we sent her to her room and she probably doesn't even have any ID or money with her-”
“Bucky,” Sam squeezed his husband’s hands.
“We can't lose her, Sam. I can't- I took her phone away- if she's in trouble, she won't be able to-”
“Bucky, baby, we're gonna find her and she's gonna be okay. I promise.” Sam reassured him with words he himself wasn't sure would turn out to be true, his large palm stroking up and down the tense muscles of Bucky’s back, “I need you to keep breathing for me.”
Bucky tried to manage his breathing, slightly calming down to the thought of getting to hold her again.
“She couldn't have gotten that far, so we're gonna look around and I'm gonna call Steve, okay?” Bucky nodded at Sam's words, glossy eyes closing as Sam planted a kiss to the side of his forehead, “okay, baby. Let's go.”
Sam took the car, driving slowly, roaming the neighborhood to see if she was anywhere around the area. He was asking anyone and everyone who passed by his car if they've seen her. But apparently, no one has. Not even the old couple at the end of the street with the dog she loved to pet so much.
Bucky chose to go on foot as he walked in the other direction, preferring to depend on his enhanced senses instead of talking to other people. Even if he did talk to them for help, no one would understand that while her picture looked like that of a grown lady, she was a mere baby. They would never understand their panic.
Sam rubbed his forehead in frustration, leaning it against the wheel. He’d just hung up with Steve. He said she didn't come to his place; didn't even stop by. In fact, he hasn’t heard from her at all and got worried when Sam called. He took an uneven breath, trying to maintain his cool before he lifted his head up and started the car again.
Leaning back on the big tree, she wrapped her soft blankie tighter around her frame. It was getting kind of chilly and she was starting to regret leaving now that it wasn't that sunny anymore. The tears drying on her cheeks made her shiver even more and she sniffled, kissing her bunny's head and tugging the stuffed animal under her chin. She hoped Daddy and Papa were feeling better now that she was no longer there with them.
“Doll?” She heard Bucky's voice and before she could wonder if she'd imagined it, she was pressed to a hard chest.
“Oh, thank god,” Bucky sighed, kissing the side of her head over and over again, his hands tight around her back, holding her and her bunny close to his frantically beating heart.
“Baby, why'd you leave like that? We were so worried! We looked everywhere, we called everyone.” Bucky kissed her forehead a bunch before “-oh right!”
He got his phone out of his pocket with one arm, the other still firmly holding her to his chest. She kept holding onto her bunny, not really getting what was happening. Was she in trouble for leaving unannounced or not? Why would Daddy and Papa want to find her? She was nothing but trouble.
“Sam, I found her! We're in our secret place in the park.”
At Bucky's call, Sam took a sharp turn, stepping on the gas to get to the park as fast as he could.
“Are you okay, doll? Are you hurt anywhere?” Bucky asked her after hanging up, anxiously checking her head, face, arms and legs for injuries.
She shook her head silently, fresh, hot tears burning at the brims of her eyes.
“Thank god.” Bucky hugged her to his chest again, “we were so scared, doll. We were so scared.”
He kissed her damp cheeks and chin as she kept biting her lip, quietly sniveling.
She'd scared them. She'd worried them. Why was it always that she did something wrong while trying to do anything right? She was no good.
“It’s okay, love. I found you. I’m right here.” Bucky kissed her eyelids, then her nose, thinking she was crying because she was lost alone.
He pulled her on his lap and adjusted himself in her place, his back to the tree trunk as he held her close, fearing she’d disappear if he were to loosen his grip around her.
“Sugar!” Sam’s voice echoed through the empty part of the park when he saw her burrito-wrapped body in Bucky’s lap.
“Papa’s here, doll. It’s okay.” Bucky whispered to her when she didn’t stop crying.
She turned around and her eyes met Sam’s watery, brown ones.
“Hey, sugar,” Sam greeted softly, getting down on his knees before her.
Her lower lip jutted out further as new tears soaked her pretty face. It hasn’t even been a whole day and she’s missed Papa and Daddy so much. How was she ever planning on running away from them or being without them?
“Aww, no, no, baby, it’s okay,” Sam cooed, bringing her to his chest and engulfing her in a protective hug.
Her blanket fell in Bucky’s lap and she dropped her bunny to cling to Sam, barely quieting her sobs.
Not able to hold himself together any longer, a tear escaped Sam’s eye his gaze met Bucky’s. He buried his nose in her hair and squeezed her closer to him, sighing in relief that they’ve found her. His mind kept torturing him with scenarios of her getting hurt and not getting help. He didn’t know what he would’ve done if they’d actually lost her.
“You’re okay, sugar. Papa’s here with you. I’m sorry it took us so long, baby. We were looking in a lot of places.” Sam sniffled, pulling back to pepper featherlike kisses all over her face.
“You wanted to find me?” Her small, brittle voice asked, doe eyes staring up sadly.
“What? Of course we wanted to find you, baby! Why would you think otherwise?!”
“But I was bad. You w-were done. It needed to stop,” she repeated his and Bucky’s words on him and Sam felt shame cover him from head to toe, Bucky not any different as he bit down to stop his tears.
“Doll,” Bucky went to hold her hands only to find they were freezing.
“Shit! She’s too cold,” he told Sam, who immediately started taking off his jacket.
“Dada, bad word,” she softly reminded Bucky, covering her mouth with her hand before Sam got out of his jacket.
Sam slipped his warm jacket on her and pulled the zipper up, her small hands disappearing inside the long sleeves.
“Good girl, sugar. It is a bad word.” He rolled the sleeves back just enough to get her palms out so she could still hold her bunny.
“But you don’t see me asking daddy to leave because he was bad, do you?” Sam asked tenderly and she shook her head no.
“Exactly, I’m not. You know why?” Sam pressed kisses to both of her hands multiple times, rubbing them between his palms to warm her up.
“Why, papa?” she asked as he carried her in his arms; Bucky gathering the rest of her stuff.
“Because I love him so much." Sam wiped her tears. "And both me and daddy love you so so so much, sugar.” He pressed a firm kiss to her temple.
Bucky handed her the small bunny back after patting any dust or leaves out of it.
“We never want you to go, doll.” Bucky pressed a kiss to her shoulder.
“Even when I’m really really bad?”
“Even if you’re really really bad,” Sam guaranteed, kissing her temple again.
“But- I thought papa and daddy would be happier and not so angry no more if I left,” she mumbled innocently as Sam started walking to the car with her in his arms.
“That could never be true, doll. We’re only happy as long as we have you,” Bucky reassured her, opening the backseat door so Papa could slip in with her on his lap.
“And you still love me?” Her pout, teary puppy eyes and words were just killing both men inside.
“Of course we love you, doll! We will always love you. We can never afford to lose you,” Bucky told her, his eyes searching hers to offer them comfort.
“Baby, we love you so much it’s uncountable, remember?” Sam ran his thumb over the knuckles of her stuffie-holding hands.
She nodded, her eyes teary but her smile comforted and reassured. “I love you too, Papa,” she mumbled, grabbing onto Sam’s thumb, her eyelids barely staying open.
“I’m sorry I left,” she sniffled.
“It’s alright, baby. We’re all together now and we're going home.” Sam kissed her forehead once more, wanting her to forget all about it and know everything was okay again.
“Told you we’d find her,” Sam said, drawing Bucky inside the car by the cheek and brushing his lips against his.
“You did.” Bucky nodded, pressing his forehead to Sam’s and kissing him again.
Bucky pulled back and smiled adoringly at her sleepy eyes fighting to stay open as she leaned onto Sam's chest before getting in the driver’s seat to take them home. Sam was caressing her hair and before she knew it her eyes were fluttering closed.
All the crying all day had drained her and her body could finally give up and relax now that she was in Papa’s hold; she was out like a light.
“You’re so important to me and daddy, sugar. Never ever forget that,” Sam whispered against her forehead before pressing a slow kiss to her skin.
She might've had no idea how adored and cherished she actually was, but that was okay. Sam and Bucky had a lifetime ahead of them where they could show her again and again that they loved and needed her just as much as she did them.
“Dada! Papa! Wake up! We have a swing!”
She’d fallen asleep pretty early in the car last night and neither Sam nor Bucky had the heart to wake her up when they got home. So they took her shoes and socks off and tucked her in in their bed.
Now they had to deal with her waking up way too early. She’d gone to the bathroom on her own like a good girl before her stomach hungrily grumbled. And when she got to the kitchen for a cup of water and maybe the plate of fruit in the fridge, her eyes fell on the swing showing outside the small window on the kitchen door.
Bucky rolled over and opened his eyes first, her jumping on her knees on the bed beside him pulling him out of his dreams. Sam, however, didn’t move a muscle. The man slept so soundly that sometimes Bucky was jealous. How heavy of a sleeper could a person be?
“Yes, we do, baby.” Bucky chuckled. “Me and papa built it just for you.” He smiled sleepily at her excited face before annoyingly poking Sam’s back, “Sam, wake up.”
“Tank you, dada.” She settled back on her ankles though still buzzing with joy.
“You like it, sugar?” Bucky opened his arms wide for her.
“Yes, I love it.” She nodded happily before perching herself on his hard chest, cutely kissing his jaw, “and I love you, dada.”
“Sam.” He affectionately punched his sleeping husband’s shoulder, smirking when he heard him groan, “she likes the swing.”
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professional-benaddict · 15 hours ago
Bucky as Peters favorite ER nurse!! He’s constantly getting hurt/sick and has a weak immune system. Maybe his Daddy could be Steve and Bucky always flirts with him but it goes over Peter’s little head
oMgg that’s so cuute!! i hope you like what i came up with babe💗💗
Daddy Steve, +18 Little Peter, nurse Bucky, Peter is chronically ill, colds, ER visits, medical exams, whump, fluff, crushes
Tumblr media
“Bubba! Daddy, it’s Bubba!”
Despite all the noise in the busy ER, Bucky’s ears still perk up at the nickname. There’s only one person who calls him that, and it’s quite bitter sweet to see him again. The nurse turns around and gives a sad smile to a certain Little in a certain Daddy’s arms.
“We gotta stop meeting like this. This is the third time this summer!” Bucky groans, but his smile is friendly.
“Are you suggesting we meet elsewhere? Like a date?” Steve asks, his grin a tad bit cheeky as he adjusts Peter in his arms.
The Little coughs dramatically, catching both Steve and Bucky’s attention before the latter can answer. The nurse directs them into the ER right away.
Peter has a rare auto immune disease, which means his immune system keeps attacking his healthy cells. Even if Peter is not sick with the cold or the flu, his body will act as if he is out of the blue. His symptoms can get quite severe, so Peter’s doctor has told Steve sternly to bring the boy to the ER whenever he gets a fever over 100,5.
It reached 101,2 in the taxi ride to the hospital.
Peter is surprisingly chatty despite his fever and coughing. He is dehydrated, but the coughing stop once Bucky gets Peter a cup of water to drink through a straw. The boy is sat up in the hospital bed, wearing just his pyjama pants while Bucky puts the EKG wires on his chest.
Steve would bet money on Peter being so happy and chatty because of the fact that Bucky is tending to him. The brunette nurse is Peter’s favourite. Steve cannot help but snort quietly to himself at the fact that they are at the ER enough for Peter to have a favourite nurse.
“Where were you last time? You weren’t here Bubba.” Peter asks, chewing on the straw while Bucky gets his blood pressure taken.
“I wasn’t working that day, I’m sorry. What happened last time?”
“Got icky. Threw up on da’ couch.”
“Oh no!”
“It was super gross!” Peter giggles, looking adoringly at the nurse when he laughs along.
Once Peter is settled and Bucky has done all he can do before the doctor arrives, Bucky invites Steve aside to talk. The nurse can tell the blonde is a bit uneasy, but he cannot decide whether that is due to Peter’s condition, or the elephant in the room.
“He’ll be all right!” Bucky blurts out, interrupting Steve .“I mean- the doctor will have to examine him, but I think it’s just a cold. He’s in a good mood, so I doubt it’s bad. He should be out of here tonight.”
“Okay, okay, good.” Steve chuckles to cover up a shaky exhale. “I-I had the same feeling, it’s just- the family doctor was clear-”
“Any fever above 100,5, you bring him in. Yeah, I know.” Bucky smiles, a blush creeping up his neck.
“So…” Steve tries again, and this time Bucky cannot come up with anything to say to interrupt him.
Bucky braces himself mentally.
“About- about what I said… When we came in.”
Their eyes meet. They are both blushing.
“I meant it.” Steve says, his eyes flickering down to his feet. “Would you- uhm- like to go on a date?”
“Yes!” Bucky squeaks. He is not sure he has ever in his life made such a noise. Steve looks surprised, but he is smiling. Widely. “I’d love to.”
Before Steve can reply, a familiar voice echoes further down from the ER room.
“Bubbaa! Need more water!”
The Daddy and nurse meet each others’ eyes again, and both chuckle with their cheeks a bright red.
“Better get him that water, Bubba.” Steve says.
Now there’s two people who call Bucky that. And just like Peter, Steve has a favourite ER nurse now too.
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professional-benaddict · 18 hours ago
Not a prompt but is it weird the dentist fic really did something for me? Like Peter being scared and having Bucky demonstrate everything for him but Bucky has hydra flashbacks and needs comfort too? Ugh I can’t.
Oh!! I’m glad you liked the story hehe💗💗 I can totally imagine Bucky thinking he has put everything Hydra related behind him. It never crossed his mind that Peter’s dentist appointment would upset him. I think Steve and Bucky would have a secret signal which Bucky can use when he gets triggered. Luckily, Peter is totally vibing with Tony, so Steve can step out along with Bucky to comfort him🥺🥺💗💗
part one and part two of the little!peter dentist!tony fic
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uprootbasic · 18 hours ago
𝖎𝖋 𝖔𝖓𝖑𝖞 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖐𝖓𝖊𝖜
𝔭𝔞𝔦𝔯𝔦𝔫𝔤: daddy!Bucky Barnes x little!Reader, little!Reader x oc!Becca
𝖘𝖚𝖒𝖒𝖆𝖗𝖞: Bucky goes on a mission, and you're left alone with Becca while little.
𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘: fluff! ddlg relationship!
𝖆/𝖓: part two to absolutely smitten! title is from Daughter by Sleeping At Last. hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
when Bucky informed you about the mission, you were sad.
you didn't like it when he went away, but ever since Becca arrived, you hated it 10 times more. you didn't want Becca to grow up without a father, and you didn't want to parent, or life, without Bucky.
he promised you it would be quick, and that you could handle it, but you didn't know how you were supposed to handle it when you were worrying about him constantly. Becca was 6 months old, and even she seemed to be worried.
Tumblr media
the first two days go well. you and Becca have a routine, and the days are smooth. she doesn't throw any tantrums, and you are able to suppress your little urges during the day, only slipping when she is in bed for the night.
then, the third day comes, and everything goes wrong. Becca wakes up during the night, screaming and begging for Dada, and almost loses it when you calmly tell her that Dada will be back in a few days. after 2 hours, you get her to settle down and go back to sleep, and you fell asleep quickly as well.
that sleep was short lived however, when she woke up at 6:30 on the dot, just like her Dada. you pulled her in bed with you, and she fell back asleep for another 40 minutes, but woke up at 7:11 and was refusing to sit still, so you took her into the kitchen for breakfast.
you felt yourself start to slip while feeding her applesauce, one of your favourite little snacks, but tried your best to ignore it.
you felt yourself slip even further when the two of you were playing dollies, and by the time that she was down for her nap, you were fully little. it wasn't that you couldn't take care of Becca while little, it was just that you always had Bucky with you while you took care of her, and you didn't think you'd be able to juggle both.
Becca seemed to notice that something was off when she woke up, and gave you a lot of extra cuddles while you tried your hardest to prep her bottle. Bucky seemed to notice that this would happen before he left, and he had taped step by step instructions on how to prep her bottle to the backsplash underneath the cupboards.
you sat down with Becca on the couch, and the two of you turned on The Night Garden, something that you both loved. it was calm and happy, no loud noises or fast activities. you two watched as the theme song played, and IgglePiggle walked on screen with his blankie.
you both giggled when Makka Pakka tried to clean IgglePiggle, and you smiled when you felt Becca grab a hold of your hand. she might be a daddy's girl, but she was your little bestie, and she knew it as well.
the episode ended, and the two of you went back into the playroom.
"wanna have a tea party, Becca?" you asked, and she giggle and clapped. "okay. we gotta put our pwetty dresses on that Dada got us." you said, and the two of you headed into your bedroom. at the back of the closet, were matching Disney Princess dresses that Bucky had gotten for the two of you. you held Becca up to the dresses, and she picked out the yellow sparkly one, Belle's dress. you grabbed the two dresses, and a few minutes later, you and Becca were sitting at the small table in the playroom having a tea party.
"how many sugar cubes you want, Becca?" you asked, and she gurgled at you. "3? okay."
Tumblr media
by the time dinner time came, Becca had settled down, and was almost ready for bed. you reheated the leftovers from last night, and chopped Becca's up smaller for her. you tried to figure out the highchair, but couldn't quite figure out how to get the buckles to clip, so you gave up, and the two of you had a picnic on the floor while watching Princess and The Frog. when you two finished dinner, you grabbed the cushions off the couch, as well as all the blankets and pillows you could find in the apartment, and made a fort.
you finished that movie, then followed it up with Tangled. Becca dozed off next to you on her pile of pillows just as Maximus was chasing after Flynn, and you passed out right after the two of them sang "I See The Light".
when you woke up, the credits were rolling, and Bucky was moving around in the kitchen. you stood up, still in your princess dress you realized, and walked over to him.
"hi dada," you said quietly, and he smiled at you. he had changed out of his tactical gear, and into his pyjamas, his hair still wet from his shower.
"hi baby girl. I see you took such good care of Becca today. did you two have a tea party?" he asked, gesturing to your dress. you nodded, and giggled as he picked you up.
"good girl. where is Becca?" he asked and you pointed to the living room.
"she fell asleep durin' Tangled, and I weft her where she was." you said and Bucky chuckled as he walked into the living room and saw his daughter in a starfish position on the pillows that were originally on your's and his bed.
"well, since the other princess fell asleep there, and it looks like you used all the pillows and blankets in the apartment, why don't we nap here with Ms Becca?" he asked you and you nodded enthusiastically.
"yay dada! sleepover!" you exclaimed, as you cuddled up in between your daddy and best friend.
Tumblr media
Bucky watched the two of you sleep, and smiled to himself.
he never thought he'd have this. he had a beautiful daughter, and a wonderful fiancee who devoted her entire life to him and their daughter, mainly their daughter. even though you were little, you still took exceptional care of the 6 month old.
with you two, the sun shone a little brighter, and the weight of the world is a little lighter.
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zaddy-cevans · 23 hours ago
💜Icy Winds Series Masterlist💜
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Part 1
What do you do when your stuck in your university with a horrible ice storm raging outside? You have sex with your two insanely hot professors, of course. What happens when those profs are keeping a dark secret from you? That's a little harder to figure out...
Part 2
Since that night, your two secret boyfriends have been the absolute epitome of innocence. They've done nothing to make you suspicious, maybe you heard wrong. But also, maybe you shouldn't doubt yourself just yet...
Part 3
Running away from Steve and Bucky was a bad idea. They always get what they want and at the moment, you are what they want.
Part 4
Just when things start making sense and explanations are given, you're stripped away from your world again.
Part 5
The past comes back to threaten everything Y/N has built and threatens to take away the peace of the last few days.
Part 6 (soon to come...)
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
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tj-hammond-anon · a day ago
Taking a moment to look at my gorgeous Daddy and feel grateful that he chose me.
Tumblr media
@james-bucky-barnes-anon I'll love you forever.
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buckysbrattybug · a day ago
He is not gonna make me act up because I am ALREADY AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN ACTING UP FOR THIS FINE MAN
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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buckysbrattybug · a day ago
Noooo keep sending them I DO NOT MIND what so ever
and she is sooo adorbs like whyyyy alpine WHYYYY
Tumblr media
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buckysbrattybug · a day ago
Okay if u keep sending those gifs and pics of Bucky I am gonna be dying respectfully SOON
Tumblr media
and yes alpine is definitely bae she’s just so cute in the comics too
she’s da cutestttt
i’m sorrry i’ll just send one more bc he’s beautiful
Tumblr media
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buckysbrattybug · a day ago
Waitwaitwait when did you change your whole theme?😳 It's sooo pretty✨ & makes me think of sitting in a meadow with Bucky's head in your lap🥺💌
i changed it last night hahah! it was super impulsive but i actually love it hehe🥰 aw i actually love that and u could twirl and braid his hair and kiss his face 🥺🥺
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buckysbrattybug · a day ago
Do u know how many fics I read with that same concept . I could daydream about it for years, no no centuries
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And we are like baking in the kitchen with some old song in the background
YES IMMA WRITE ONE SOON JUST FOR U BBY literally it’s my dream life i’m not even exaggerating
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buckysbrattybug · a day ago
Tumblr media
is rn ^^
Tumblr media
all i want in life
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fandomfluffandfuck · a day ago
Awwww puppy Steve is so 🥺🥴🥰 he likes to sit in his daddy’s lap for kisses all evening, maybe rolling his hips a little if he’s feeling himself, trying to take it slow with Bucky but that man makes it so damn easy to go under. And here Bucky is with his hands petting Steve’s soft thighs, finding out how his baby likes to be kissed the most, coaxing more kisses out of him even as Steve turns bright pink and sometimes has to hide his face in his daddy’s shoulder. Steve just gets so shy and soft so fast, wants to kiss his daddy and do so much more, but Bucky makes sure to take things slow as they’re learning about each other
(Sorry this took me so long to get to! I just couldn't think of much to add onto it because you're so right!)
Sitting in daddy's lap for kisses - yes yes yes, in Bucky's lap is Steve's favorite place to be. Simple as that. Like, he's still a big boy, y’know, he's beefy and strong and could win basically any fight you put him in, but there's something about sitting in a lap that gets him going. Turns him into an oversized lap dog.
Rolling his hips - oh baby, Steve isn't sure if he himself likes rolling his hips more or if his daddy likes it better. He likes it because it feels nice, rubbing his dick against his daddy with his lips against his or on his neck or around his ear saying filthy but sweet things to him. Bucky, daddy, likes it because quiet honestly its the best way to get a grip on Steve. His hips are so little and so boney for such a strong guy. It makes it easy as pie for him to hold him, fingers pressing into his little waist.
Getting his thighs pet - Steve's thighs are strong yes, he appreciates his legs for that reason but he's never noticed them beyond that. They're surprisingly sensitive. Maybe it's just like the rest of his body, how he's not that hairy so he feels a lot. Or maybe its not. Maybe it's because they've gone unacknowledged for such a long time. Either way, having fingertips trace up and down and up and down makes him shiver, makes him achy. Makes him pout and huff and whine, wanting those fingers other places.
Getting kissed his favorite way - at first Bucky thinks his favorite way to be kissed is kinda rough, sort of bite-y and intense but then, just to indulge himself Bucky kisses him slower. Softer. And, hoo boy, baby just melts. If his daddy holds his jaw or cups his cheeks and kisses him that way without not really doing much but locking lips, almost shyly going in for what could be an aggressive kiss? Game over. It definitely leads to...
Hiding his face because he's all blushy - he probably wriggles around a little too. Squirming and flushing hot. Trying to hide but not wanting to get up. God. He never wants to leave Bucky's lap. This safe space.
Learning about each other - yes! Most of their conversations as a couple happen this way. Stevie in daddy's lap. Leaning into each other. Soft kisses. Soft voices.
Also have some subby Stevie pics for your consideration:
Tumblr media
Thigh spreading for thinking about baby in daddy's lap ^
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Inspiration for those soft, soft kisses that hit Stevie like a freight train ^
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buckysbrattybug · a day ago
Also this is how I picture daddy!Bucky. How do you picture him?
Tumblr media
yes daddy bear bucky is so big an warm an cuddlyyyy
Tumblr media
i jus wanna give him a cuddle & fall asleep in his arms <33
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buckysbrattybug · a day ago
painting little!bucky’s nails because he is just mesmerized by the bright colors and glittery topcoat🥺🥺🥺
𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖇𝖆𝖗𝖔𝖓, 𝖇𝖆𝖗𝖔𝖓𝖊𝖘𝖘 𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖎𝖗 𝖕𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖈𝖊
the one where you paint bucky’s nails
summary: bucky sees you painting your nails and asks you to do his too
warnings: none, literally just pure, tooth rotting fluff <3
w/c: 1051
[YES YES YES i fucking love little!bucky like i would die for that innocent lil bean,, so i made a whole chapter for tbtbatp about this concept😭🥺 @buckyshattergirl i hope u love this bae] 
Tumblr media
You sit on your king-sized bed, legs sprawled out at questionable angles as you paint your nails meticulously, tongue lolling out of the side of your mouth whilst you concentrate on not spilling any polish over the sides of your nails.
Bucky pads into the room quietly, sliding over the end of the bed and resting his chin on your thighs, gazing up at you in absolute adoration.
“Hey, baby. You okay?” you ask, still fully concentrated on keeping your nails pristine as they dry.
“Mhm. Whatcha doin’, Mama?” he cocks his head questioningly as you blow lightly across your hands to speed up the drying process.
“Painting my nails, bubba.”
“Can you do mine please?” he asks timidly, wrapping his arms around your middle and schooching closer to you.
“Of course, baby. What colour do you want? I have pink, purple, green…” you list the colours off on your fingers before he jumps, grabbing your face between his big hands and squishing your cheeks together.
“Do you have red?” he grins toothily up at you and you press a kiss to his forehead, laughing at the absolutely adorable expression on his face.
“I do. Let me grab it and I’ll do your nails, alright?”
“M’kay!” he chirps, his hold on you slackening as you slip off of the bed and rifle through your drawer for the red nail polish.
“You want glitter on the top?”
“Yes please, Mama.” he bounces on the bed excitedly, his whole face lit up with eagerness. Throwing yourself back down onto the bed, you beckon him closer.
“Hands on my lap, baby.” He complies instantly, spreading his fingers evenly across your thighs. Absolutely enraptured, he watches with wide eyes as you apply an even coat of red to every one of his nails. Blowing on them gently, you wait for them to dry before applying another coat.
“They so pretty, Mama!” Bucky squeals, grinning so hard that his face looks as though it may split in half.
“Ready for the glitter?”
You spread a thin topcoat of glitter across his red nails, blowing on them so that they dry more quickly, knowing how short baby Bucky’s attention span is. His mouth is agape, eyes widened in amazement as he examines them carefully.
“Can we show Papa?”
“Of course, angel. Come on, let’s go and find him.” You interlace your fingers with his as he pulls you out of the room in search of Helmut.
“Papa?” he calls, bounding into the living room with you in tow.
“What’s the matter, baby boy?” he coos, standing to meet you in the doorway.
“Look! Mama painted my nails! Aren’t they pretty? Even has glitter.” He thrusts his hands into Helmut’s face, showing him the bright red nails, and Helmut chuckles at his excitement.
“They’re lovely, baby.” he croons as Bucky bounces on the balls of his feet, gasping as an idea hits him.
“Can you paint Papa’s nails so they match? Please please pleaaaase?” he asks, batting his eyelashes at you innocently. Helmut backs away unconsciously, shaking his head, and you tut, pulling him back towards you and Bucky.
“Come on, please? Make our baby happy and match with him.” You and Bucky both put on your best pleading faces, pouting until Helmut eventually caves.
“Okay, fine!” He throws his hands up in defeat, letting Bucky grab his hand and drag you both back to the bedroom.
“Sit.” you instruct your husband, pushing him lightly onto the plush bed.
“I live with actual children.” he mutters to himself and Bucky crosses his arms over his chest, stomping his foot petulantly.
“What? It’s true.” Helmut defends himself and you giggle at their bickering.
“But you love us.” you chime in and he smiles.
“Of course I do.”
You laugh, crawling into Helmut’s lap, armed with the nail polishes. Grabbing his hands, you settle them on your own lap and begin to paint them as Bucky chatters and babbles excitedly. You apply the glitter and Helmut inwardly groans, but all traces of annoyance leave his body as he gets a glimpse at how happy Bucky is; he’s literally vibrating with delight, nose scrunched adorably as he shuffles closer to you both, wrapping you in a bone crushing hug.
“We’re matching, Papa!”
“We are, sweet boy.” he chuckles and Bucky hooks his legs around your waist, effectively crushing Helmut under the both of you.
“Ow, you’re both really heavy.” Helmut complains and you raise an eyebrow at him.
“Oh, really?”
You both pounce on him at the same time, peppering wet kisses all along his face and neck, not stopping even when he yells and swats at you.
When you finally halt your assault on Helmut, Bucky lets out a long yawn, his eyes drooping as he leans against you, planting his face into the crook of your neck.
“Oh, baby’s tired. You want a nap, little one?”
“Yes pease.” His words begin to slur from his drowsy state and you lay him down next to Helmut, pressing yourself against his other side and sandwiching him between the two of you. Brushing his hair out of his face, you place soft kisses against his jaw and neck, only adding to his somnolent state.
“My sweet baby boy.” you coo, carding your fingers through his wild hair as he whimpers softly at your praise. “My clever boy. I love you so much, baby.”
“I love you too, Mama.” he giggles back, turning to nuzzle into you as Helmut presses his chest to Bucky’s back, spooning him gently.
“Papa loves you too, little one.” Helmut rasps as Bucky’s eyes flutter closed.
“I love you too, Papa.” he whispers, body slackening against you as he succumbs to the sleep pulling him under. Kissing the top of his head, you manoeuvre yourself to a more comfortable position and close your eyes, beginning to softly snore against Bucky’s hair almost instantly. Helmut chuckles, slipping out of the bed quietly and kissing each of your cheeks before leaving the room to do some more work, but not before glancing back at you two, entangled together in the huge bed, Bucky’s breathing soft and even against your chest and your lips parted as you doze. Who knew nail polish could be so much fun?
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