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giveen · 6 minutes ago
One Example of Writing Tics
Hi, so I have tics and I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t know how to write tics out in their stories, fanfictions, etc. so I made a short bit of writing to show how I personally would write out tics just as an example. If you would like a list of dos and do nots for writing tics, a sensitivity reader, or any other questions please let me know!
I lean down, yanking the beginnings of weeds trying to pull themselves up through the vines. The sun shines above me and every time my head jerks up I see the golden light filtered through the leaves above me.
A footstep breaks the peaceful silence the garden holds and I make the high pitched pop noise.
“Oh,” I say, looking up at the face above me. “I didn’t think you were home”
“I wasn’t” she says.
“So lunch-“ another pop “then?”
She nods and squats down next to me sifting through the vines to find a ripe tomato. My arm reaches out sharply, my fingertips brushing a leaf. She has the tomato already and tosses it between her hands.
“We have cheese too I could give you some.”
“Oh!” Her lips purse with delight “that’d be lovely”
I jump up, brush the dirt from my knees and go inside. I pop again and turn on the faucet, feeling the cool water wash away the soil. I grab the our slicer in my hand and uncover the cheesecloth that I had left covering the cheese.
I feel very faintly the tingling of a tic ebbing to the surface and drop the slicer onto the counter, letting my fist whack my collarbone.
I grab the slicer again and drop the slice of cheese with the apple she has wrapped up in her lunchbox. And finally I slip in the note I had wrote for her this morning on top and close the lid with with soft pop.
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lonesometrails · 8 minutes ago
how to describe the feeling of "I lost a part of myself due to trauma and now I feel like that missing piece of me is haunting the place I lost it"
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naceslibrary · 15 minutes ago
I wonder what Nancy would've said had Ace actually opened the door, and was home. 'Cause obviously she knows Ace has a girlfriend and Nancy would never disrespect another woman like that.
Would she just be like: "I have these feelings for you that I don't necessarily know what to do with. Can we talk about it?" What was her plan?
Tumblr media
Gif cred to @nancy-drew
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fictionkinfessions · 18 minutes ago
for the kins with jobs discussion.. hello, everyone! i’m Stu Macher from Scream. i’m unemployed, but i plan on applying for Postmates when i get my license! gotta make bank somehow, i guess. i can’t promise your food will be 100% bite free but keep it to yourself so i can keep my money and job pls thanks /J
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fictionkinfessions · 30 minutes ago
Please tag for mentions of se//lf infli//ction!!! I wish people didn't see me as someone who enjoyed that kind of thing...I really didn't. It hurts a lot to see people portray me as someone who enjoys pain when I am not that kind of person. I thought it was an escape for me, but I was really, really wrong. Natsuki helped me so much with getting better, and I really appreciate her for that. But there are times where I wish I had never done those things to myself. I wish I never have in the first place. If I hadn't, maybe things would be different? Maybe I could be better? I don't know anymore... ~ Yuri📔 (Please tag as Fictive!)
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shinnith · 32 minutes ago
Okay real talk: what sort of acid trip created season 6
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burntblackfeathers · 34 minutes ago
it dark despite the risen sun
the darkness does not leave
it does not exit the city of those
who did not dare believe
and the people who did not rise that day
they shake apart in fear
of the dark cloud hovering
that's made its home here.
the corpses do not move from their places
the blood, it stains the floors
but you can still hear their voices
you cannot quiet their roars
the soldiers, now martyrs
the fallen revolutionary men
will stare at you with hollow eyes.
the people will rise again.
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samwontshare · 41 minutes ago
"Who the hell is Bucky?" is the most heartbreaking line in the MCU
Just think at what they've done to him to get him to that point
Hi Nonny!
Oh the MCU is constantly breaking my heart so I don’t know that I could even pick THE most heartbreaking moment! Isaiah’s story? Oof.
But Bucky’s complete lack of awareness to his own name and best friend is truly sad. I can only imagine how imprecise the initial wipes must have been. How many months or years did it take to make him so compliant? How many times did he refuse to kill before he stopped saying no? How many surgeries for that arm to work just right? How many even used anesthesia?
That stark difference between the caring, compassionate and loyal friend and the emotionless killing machine leaves a lot up to the imagination… and none of it is good!
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fictionkinfessions · 42 minutes ago
just another kin here to add to the pile. I'm Sunny from omori working at publix.. so I might have bagged your groceries!
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musexcongregation · 43 minutes ago
Tumblr media
“I’m gonna kill his god with my own bare hands! I’ve fought plenty of gods! I’ve taken down a whole entire system revolving around a god! I’m not afraid, you punkass bitch pope. I’m gonna tear your god apart right in front of your face and make you beg me for forgiveness.”
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notmysecretplace · 44 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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havisham-stims · 48 minutes ago
Blog redesign, new url/icon, AND new tags for stuff. Neat.
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pastel-goth-chuunosuke · 50 minutes ago
anyways aggressive thoughts that keep me awake at night. i guarantee you do not want to read this.
i wish i had just fucking looked at him and walked away. why did i say anythiing? i hated him back then and i hate him now. why did i cry ehen the ambulance came? why did i pray and pray and pray for him to live? WHY DID I SAY ANYTHING? why didn't i walk away? why? because i wanted to be a hero? because 'he's still my brother'? because other people would be sad?
BULLSHIT. i've thought and thought and thought about what would happen if he died for real. what i would say at his funeral. how dosgusted they'd all be with me. i haven't felt a thing for him. i haven't been sad at the idea. maybe i'll be sad when it does happen. but maybe i won't? i don't know.
all i know is that he'd better pray his life doesn't rest in my hands ever again. i won't make the same mistake twice.
...or at least i tell myself that. i'm not that strong. no. i'm weak. i'm just some weak, stupid little kid who can't even help himself. i can't even talk loud enough for someone standing a few inches away to hear. my voice gets lost in an empty room. no. i'd save him again because i know they'd cry. because i know i'd blame myself no matter what i did. because i'm stupid like that.
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dovahcourts · 54 minutes ago
Tumblr media
"Life is damned, doomed, and dismal. You're fated to be a victim. You're gonna lose. And no matter who you are, it's out there and it's gonna getcha.​" - We Know Where You Sleep (The Paper Chase) 
 Gadget's demon/daemon hunting gig has so many downsides. Why he's still doing those gigs. We never know. Art Blog
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