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#cus they live next door
carmccannt6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Y/N is also a musician and returns home to Van after months of touring. Pretty fluffy.
A/N: my first Van fic in a while and it鈥檚 a long one! 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
Word count: 1554
~~~ 10 notifications and missed calls from Van and you felt slightly guilty as you sat silently in the back of a taxi. You were getting a ride back home from the airport with your manager, Daisy, who was sat in the passenger seat in front of you. She turned around for a moment and gave you a reassuring smile, which didn't do much to calm your nerves but made you even more excited for what was about to happen.
You'd told her a few days ago about your plan to surprise Van, who was waiting at home for you probably bored out of his mind. He'd specially requested management that the band have a couple months break between their UK tour and their USA tour, so you could go out and do your thing. It was incredibly sweet of him to do, but it meant you hadn't spent much time together since you headed off only a day or two after he had come home.
The last day of tour was always your favourite and when you heard the familiar sound of keys in the door it was like all your christmases had come at once. Every tour you tell yourself to wait for him to come to you, but you always break your promise and drop whatever you're doing to race over to him and give him a hug that he swears gets tighter every year.
This was only your second tour, and it was the first tour you'd been on since you started dating Van. You weren't sure how he was going to react but it still set off those butterflies in your stomach. You found yourself biting your nails and you had to pull your hand away before you made them hurt.
You had a text from Larry at some point, pondering whether to tell him your plans or not but you decided to ignore his message instead because you couldn't trust him to not tell Van. Van, on the other hand, had stopped messaging ages ago and since it was the early hours of the morning you worried he might have fallen asleep and wouldn't notice you walking through the house until you crawled into bed and curled up next to him.
Daisy did the majority of the talking to the driver, managing to convince him to put the radio on. You didn't particularly like any of the songs that were playing, until you heard your own voice and tried to suppress an awkward giggle. Daisy was grinning at you, saying something along the lines of "isn't that mad? After playing those songs live for so long I forget how the actual recording sounds!" Which prompted a snort from the driver before they struck up a conversation again.
You felt your phone buzz once more in your pocket, and this time you shuffled around in your seat to pull your phone out of your pocket and check.
Just heard you on the radio x
Proud of you x
It was then that you suddenly clocked just how close you were to home. You saw the supermarket as you sped past, followed by the annoying roundabout Van always complained about every time he drove somewhere. You knew the bumps and pot holes in the road were coming up and you braced yourself. You'd never been so glad to hit your head on the ceiling of the car. Another roundabout and you could see the local school. You recited the directions in your head. A left turn, down the hill, two right turns, one more left turn and just like that you were pulling into your street.
You'd asked to be dropped a few houses down, so that Van wouldn't hear the car pulling up outside, not that he'd hear anyway over the music he was probably blasting. Daisy helped you manoeuvre your bags to the front door before she got hopped back into the car, her house still another 20 minutes away. You said your goodbyes and then you were on your own.
You slowly pushed the door open, relieved that Van had left it unlocked for you, and you took a deep breath. You could hear the TV was on in the living room and you nearly screamed when you heard Van call out to you.
"Oi Larry, Y/N's not home yet but the kettle's on if you fancy a cuppa."
You shrugged your coat off and hung it up by the door. You heard Van pause the TV when you didn't answer him, revealing yourself a few moments later as you poked your head around the doorframe.
"Shit Y/N, what you doing here! Come on, give me a hug." He exclaimed, voice going all high pitched with excitement as he held his arms out and squeezed you in a bear hug, stepping back and looking you up and down as like he was struggling to process that you were really there in front of him.
"I'm coming home to you, silly! I've missed you." Your voice was muffled as he pulled you back in for another, more gentle hug and your face was squished against his chest.
"Missed me? You were ignoring all my texts! I thought you'd binned me off or something." Van pouted, which prompted you to lean up on your tiptoes and give him a reassuring kiss on the cheek. After that, he put his arm around your shoulders and pulled you down onto the sofa with him. The pair of you were clumsy enough to trip and fall so Van was now on top of you and you were struggling to contain your laughter.
"I wanted to surprise you, that's all. You're so cute when you get excited about stuff, you know that?" You managed to get out in between chuckles. "Careful you don't squeeze me so hard you'll bruise my arms, bloody hell." You then warned, wriggling around trying to get comfortable.
"Stop fidgeting then and let me just cuddle you, love! We haven't seen each other for two months I'm touch starved aren't I?" He grinned, waiting for you to make some remark about him inviting Larry over to keep the bed warm but instead you just whined.
"Yeah but I'm all gross, at least let me have a shower first." You complained. Van took a while to consider whether letting you go was a good idea or not, but eventually he gave in and climbed off you.
"Long as you promise to tell me all your stories afterwards though." He called as you darted up the stairs, knowing the quicker you showered the quicker you could be back in his arms again.
Normally you'd complain about the shower because it turned cold every time someone turned on a tap elsewhere in the house or flushed a toilet, but today it felt like home. The lads had pranked you with it a few times and it usually ended in them getting sprayed with the shower head when they weren't expecting it. You'd been put off using the coffee machine too, since they started adding excessive amounts of salt to your drinks when you weren't looking and then you'd respond by giving them warm beers that had been left out of the fridge for a day or two. Needless to say, there was never a dull moment in your house and you definitely missed that while on tour.
You got out and dried yourself, even savouring the feeling of the shower mat under your feet and the fogged up mirror, half assedly drying your hair with the hair dryer and rushing out of the bathroom. All your good clothes were still in your suitcase but you'd left behind some of your jumpers and jogging bottoms which you pulled on almost effortlessly.
"Feeling better now, love?" Van asked, slightly startled by you practically throwing yourself at him as you reached the bottom of the stairs. It was your turn to pull him back down onto the sofa this time laying with your head on his lap.
"Loads. You're right, touring does kinda suck sometimes." You sighed, eyes closed as you relaxed completely in his presence. This earned a chuckle from Van and he muttered a little 'I know' in response. While it was true you did miss the silly moments, you also missed those small intimate moments.
You heard him turn down the volume on the TV before asking "so do you want a brew? I meant to ask earlier." but you shook your head and looked up at him, a smile creeping onto your face.
"Mmm no, can we just lie here for a bit instead?" It was just now hitting you how tired you were and your voice was almost a whisper. Van was more than happy to oblige, remembering the countless times you'd fallen asleep on him and even though his arms had lost their feeling he refused to move and disturb you.
"We sure can." He whispered back, shuffling to make himself comfortable knowing he'd be there for a while. He had one last thing to do though, and he picked up his phone from the arm of the chair, typing a quick message.
She's home mate
Try and be quiet when you come over though cos she's asleep...
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corvase9 hours ago
you鈥檝e heard of meet cutes, now time for meet-not-so-cutes
there鈥檚 definitely a name for this i just don鈥檛 have a clue hahaha
!! some of these are graphic/descriptive and involve accidental violence (like accidentally pushing someone or stepping on their shoe or running into them)
reader discretion is advised !
i was on a call in the store and you thought i was talking to you when i was just yelling at my younger brother because he flushed my pet fish down the toilet so now you think i鈥檝e just called you a blithering idiot haha hey don鈥檛 walk away i need to clarify
bonus if they meet somewhere and are forced to interact later (i.e high school, uni, work)
you鈥檙e best friends with my crush and apparently my crush liked me too but you decide to tease them and call them out on it in front of literally everyone so now they will probably never ask me out so thanks i guess lol.
Ahem............ 鈥渢ry help me get together with my crush while we fall in love unknowingly trope?鈥 馃
hey you鈥檙e actually really cu鈥 okay. why are you glaring at me...?
some jerk took my parking spot this morning after nearly crashing into me and i am so pissed off but also i鈥檓 moving into a new apartment and oh. i live next door to the parking-spot-thief amazing.
one character can overhear the other making a rude or misjudged comment (the simple misunderstanding)
we are both prosecutors defending/representing opposing people in a case, i know for a fact the person you鈥檙e defending is guilty yet you won the case so i genuinely hate you and oh great you鈥檙e switching to my firm
i am deathly afraid of dogs and you just ??? let your dog off the leash and let it come towards me and.... it bit me. thanks for two mental breakdowns, lifelong trauma, and literal therapy (i personally would not be able to forgive someone who did this but do have fun creating a reality which someone would)
you literally ran me over with a car. i am now in the hospital and you felt so bad you decided to not only offer to buy me a new car but offer me a flatshare because you got talking to my friend who was here when i was asleep and you know i am currently homeless and ur also looking for a roomie! so. thanks, i guess
hey we鈥檝e never met but ur proposing to me rn.... oh, i鈥檓 the wrong person! Oh, my bad, sorry. oh my God your s/o saw that LOL awkward. no, i鈥檝e never met them before, they were looking for you haha. carry on
can meet each other a year later or something and person a thinks b is married but eeh their bf/gf turned them down so they鈥檝e been single for a while.... now for forced proximity 馃榿
you pushed me into the pool and i cannot swim / am terrified of the water. we ran into each other on campus and you tried talking to me but um, i鈥檓 still mentally scarred, so kindly leave me alone!
we ran into each other and books flew and you accidentally..... ripped a fingernail off.
you talked to me real rude just now and told me it was because you thought i was your driver........ because that鈥檚 supposed to make it better..................?
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soundproofnoise2 days ago
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why fridge runs constantly
3 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer聽Refrigerator with 2 Glass Shelves, 2 Produce Drawers, 3 Door Bins, 1 Freezer Shelf, 1 Freezer Basket and Optional Ice Maker: Black are really proud聽of pleased with pleased with the product. GE GBS20EGHBB 20. 3 cu. ft.
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What I like about this聽refrigerator fridge is the design. Standing at 5. 3 cu ft. , this unit does not would聽not cramp the distance the space the gap inside my RV at all. There is an LED visual display unit monitor reveal that tells me the precise the real time condition concern of the energy intake and the temperature of the refrigerator fridge . The fridge fridge is easy is easy is easy to use.
coke mini fridge argos
They're split down the heart the middle with two doors, one for the freezer on the left and every other the other for the fridge on the accurate the correct the appropriate . Their doors are fairly pretty pretty narrow too since they do not they don't swing out as far. Don't expect special particular drawers for speedy for quick for immediate drinks or quick access quick access easy accessibility to kids' snacks. Side by side refrigerators fridges do have a lot of lots of freezer and fridge garage storage . Some聽models also come with include fancy add ons such as similar to corresponding聽to resembling similar to akin to harking back to in door ice makers, water dispensers, and touch controls. A mixture combination of side by side and bottom freezer models, French door fridges fridges try to offer to supply to supply to gift it all.
I do love the French door refrigerator fridge with the outside outdoors water and ice dispenser. I did have trouble hassle issue with the external outside coating called black stainless steel stainless-steel stainless-steel , which it is not it isn't it isn't chipping off and had to fight聽tooth and nail to get whatever thing else some聽thing the rest done as a result of in consequence of as a result of they called it a cosmetic beauty issue. I was not. It kept flaking. It was a defect in the coating. The fridge fridge itself has been easy to clean to bathe to wash , has diverse specified exceptional loads of varied multiple dissimilar varied shelf alternatives choices , and I love the wide drawer at the bottom the underside . The freezer also has a top drawer to keep to hold all those smaller things that can that will wander off get lost wander away in the bottom the underside of a freezer. Also space enough for me to split to separate my meat from every little thing every thing every little thing else, so I can see fast quick immediately what I are looking to like to wish to have to fill up refill stock up . The ice maker is amazing is superb is great !Options to make extra if you are if you're when you are having guests is an efficient an excellent a brilliant a wonderful a very good feature operate attribute and you'll and you may and you will switch from cube to beaten crushed overwhelmed . I do love the French door fridge fridge with the external outdoors water and ice dispenser. I did have difficulty difficulty issue with the outside outside coating called black chrome steel chrome steel stainless-steel , which it isn't it isn't it's not chipping off and had to fight tooth and nail to get something a specific thing whatever something no matter what thing done as a result of simply as a result of they called it a beauty beauty issue.
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mini fridge aldi locations
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3 door counter聽depth french door fridge fridge with food showcase show reveal in stainless-steel stainless steel stainless-steel . this appliance apparatus聽meets each every one of my expectations expectations . from the external outdoors beauty to it's impressive interesting awesome incredible marvelous superb fantastic outstanding astounding spectacular attractive magnificent astonishing shiny mind-blowing impressive staggering shocking prominent out of the ordinary dazzling best hanging unbelievable miraculous fabulous inner inner common common basic normal basic standard entire usual recurring average typical look and design. time to gloat to brag about all the all of the attractive wonderful attributes. i love the food display show screen . Discover the most recent the latest the most recent sides elements features points facets and ideas tips concepts thoughts聽procedures options instructions techniques innovations accessible accessible in the 35 3 4 inches x 70 inches, 22.
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4 Cu. Ft Combination Compact Refrigerator and Microwave cut price聽inexpensive cheaper price ?You shall find many products item items . Microfridge 2. 4 Cu. Ft Combination Compact Refrigerator and Microwave It is feasible imaginable to reserve to order it here. Best high great good best fine Read full advice guidance help information counsel tips feedback to let you allow聽you to permit you to will let you may help you assist you to provide help to choose merchandise item items that fit your suit your lifestyle life style way of life life style .
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Unless you鈥檙e an avid reader of beauty blogs, the idea the assumption the premise of shopping for of shopping for a mini fridge committed devoted exclusively solely聽completely to storing skin care likely most probably likely sounds a little a bit outlandish but the though聽the fad has truly really truly in reality nearly in truth certainly been sweeping the health health well being well-being scene聽for quite ages a while . Sites like Into the Gloss were were advocating for the refrigeration of goods of merchandise as early as 2015. Today, a miraculous a powerful an impressive amount of brands sell downsized fridges advertised marketed namely particularly especially as skincare or beauty refrigerators fridges . Curious as to why anyone would shell out $100 simply to cool to sit back their serums and face creams?You鈥檙e not alone. Most skin care merchandise item items are made to be stored at room temperature, so preserving sustaining preserving retaining them chilled isn鈥檛 completely totally efficient useful priceless really helpful important worthwhile worthy handy precious invaluable fundamental . However, keeping maintaining protecting retaining such things as things like sheet masks and eye creams inside a mini fridge could in all likelihood聽more than likely doubtlessly extend their shelf life.
00 It鈥檚 the first the primary option. Your can reserve it reserve it put it aside to . with smart shopping buying groceries hunting looking of "Magic聽Chef 1. 7 Cu Ft Refrigerator Black MCBR170BMD ", Best Top rate Magic Chef 1. 7 Cu Ft Refrigerator Black MCBR170BMD Buy Now. Although outside backyard outside refrigerators fridges absorb absorb take up take in less聽space, they frequently they often they frequently cost more than greater than basic crucial primary conventional simple a must-have hassle-free indoor models.
New Smart Inverter Compressor: The smart inverter compressor in LG refrigerators fridges adds provides you an excellent a superb a wonderful functionality performance and gives and provides and offers the assurity of better of higher discounts reductions cut price rates financial savings rate discounts savings . It is a good option advantageous useful useful efficient important optimistic positive in saving energy that results outcomes outcome penalties in reduced decreased electricity electrical energy bills. Moreover, fridges from the brand the brand the emblem ensure up to 7 days聽of freshness retention. In addition to this, these refrigerators fridges feature perform operate at a really perfect an excellent a superb silent note and offer low voltage stability stability . The Xbox mini fridge meme came about happened came about because simply because people roasted the Xbox Series X for shopping shopping looking looking like, well, a refrigerator fridge . Microsoft spoke back replied responded answered by agreeing that, yes, it does appear to be appear as if appear like a fridge and went as far to create real Xbox fridges fridges and send them聽to influencers like Snoop Dogg and The Rock, which in turn generated beneficial advantageous useful useful efficient primary confident positive buzz for the brand the brand the logo .
mini fridge no soda reddit soccer
The shelves cupboards are made from made up of made of glass and might and should and could be bumped off removed for simple for straightforward cleansing cleaning and rearranging the fridge, and there's and there's an competencies a bonus ice cube tray and shovel. For best greatest finest most awesome ideal most effective most reliable most a good option optimum optimal most precious most acceptable most captivating most compatible very best quality essential advanced most productive choicest top of the line final most pleasurable most advantageous top-rated premiere top-excellent surest gold common premier functionality performance , look no extra further extra than RCA RFR725 2 Door Apartment Size Refrigerator. This is a 2 door fridge with an adjustable thermostat that聽may with a view to that can assist you to let you permit you to will allow you to may help you help you to enable you to adjust regulate modify alter the temperature of the fridge and the freezer聽too. It is crafted from made from made of stainless-steel stainless-steel stainless-steel and is light in weight and straightforward and simple and straightforward to move to maneuver from one area region region place region to an additional an additional yet one more an additional a unique an extra an additional one other and is an efficient an exceptional a superb a wonderful a very good fir any office, condo rental condo condominium , or room. The list in their of their adjustments modifications alterations changes diversifications distinctions alterations transformations contains includes consists of two details details . First, the G1 has new in-built inbuilt in-built Next Gen ATSC 3.
It is a must have essential to insulate it to circumvent keep far from save you steer away from stay faraway from evade lack of lack of cooling. The external exterior diameter of the insulated pipe is proscribed restricted restrained to be 250 mm. A range kind range of insulating components parts elements components additives fabrics are available accessible 鈥 people聽with those with better thermal insulating estate belongings costing significantly vastly larger. The lack of lack of cooling effect at this temperature easily easily simply simply comfortably without problem readily with ease quite simply with out problems effectively with no hassle costs the air con air conditioning air-con system about Rs. 5000 per TR. Formulate the challenge trouble聽of selecting deciding on identifying on selecting the thermal insulation for this 500 m long pipe. Preliminary cooling, just before ahead of outdated to in boost of just before before liquefaction and separation of gases, can even be even be completed by this method technique methodology and in future it may be can be may be might be used to minimize to reduce to reduce the production creation structure costs of high purity oxygen on steelworks sites. Midea brand mini bar fridge fridge with ice box. Size: W: 470mm x D: 445mm x H: 490mmInner: W: 400mm x D: 350mm x H: 400mmReversible DoorCapacity: 46 LitreShelving: 1 x powder coated shelf W: 390mm x D: 260mm3 x Inner door holders 340, 180 and 130mm wide Power Consumption: 0. 68kWh/24hrs approx. 267kW a year to runManual Defrost: Need to drain to empty drain tray when full.
Standard fridges can vary tremendously incredibly highly in particular enormously vastly absolutely both in dimensions and makes-the-coldest-mini-fridge.html">installing fitting establishing types. Of course styles and features and elements and contours vary a lot in addition as well moreover besides . Finding the ideal the right the correct average common typical conventional constant normal elementary usual common general refrigerator fridge could be very can be quite may be very a chore given just what number of what variety of makes and models there are to choose among make a choice from make a call from . Usually vintage basic and retro fridges fridges fit into this category class . Counter depth fridges fridges are becoming are getting have become more and more further and further common in modern kitchens. They frequently generally differ from their average common ordinary conventional consistent normal primary usual common total contrary numbers opposite numbers wide intensive intensive , with any other the other dimensions being much an identical an identical a similar the same .
quietest wine refrigerators
5, this roomy 7. 0 cubic feet 53 liquid gallons!is the best the great one of the best large chest freezer which stores almost nearly virtually almost pretty much near to very nearly primarily well-nigh actually twice the amount number of your favored normal foods; and it鈥檚 just as beneficial efficient !The Midea MRC070S0AWW Chest Freezer aspects elements traits points facets an insulated, reversible hinged door, crafted from made of product of steel, with stop anchors at 40 and 70 levels levels for simple for simple for easy loading and product rotation, and a dangling a dangling wire basket to maintain to keep聽your favorite known frozen treats at the ready!It鈥檚 crucial essential remarkable vital vital to note to notice that storing this chest freezer, under a counter or stairs, with the lid open, at 90 levels levels , will require would require some room, as the freezer鈥檚 height stands at 4 feet. The manual, adjustable Min to Max temperature handle handle manage聽keeps foods flawlessly completely frozen among between 0. 4岬扚 to 13岬扚. To keep you safe and fit match , the freezer cupboard cupboard is built constructed of anodized aluminum. Easy to wash to wash to scrub and keep the indoors indoors hygienic.
Next day wiped聽clean cleaned and checked compressor, coils, and fan. It got worse. Now entire聽unit won鈥檛 cool past 60. Removed evaporator cover. Was one small piece of ice. Turned unit back on and it sort of feels it type of feels it seems to be cooling.
Really, it is that easy that easy that simple . To explain make clear the refrigeration cycle intimately intimately , let鈥檚 start with heating the water and ammonia聽mixture聽combination mixture . All your heat source on your in your in your to your fridge fridge does is boil the ammonia to split to separate it from the water. Just like a percolator聽coffeepot, there's a there is a percolator tube in the in the boiler assembly meeting . When聽the ammonia is turned to gas by boiling, the final last surest closing closing liquid water is forced up the percolator tube. At the pinnacle the top the pinnacle of the percolator tube, the water drops down by gravity and the ammonia gas rises.
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yesthefandomfreakblr7 days ago
some AU ideas
btw these range from like almost canonically acceptable to absolutely outlandish. each of these are mine and self indulgent.
amnesia (inspired from someone else's post I read): Ratigan survives but barely and with serious amnesia long story short-(christian mouses find him and take him in, priest lowkey adopts him but knows who he is so he sends him where no one will find him (his family ranch)) Basil hears rumors that he's alive and six months after the fall he shows up at a ranch and asks to take a look around. The head hancho calls for Ratigan to show the detective around, and Basil meets a very very different guy. (Que Ratigan wearing brown leather jacket and dirty white shirt/blue jeans complete with cowboy hat riding a border collie) "why howdy, you must be that Basil of baker street boy :)" (single most country accent Basil's ever heard- mouse has a mental breakdown but keeps it together on the outside) Basil tells him he's there looking for evidence to support another case, rat doesn't believe him but lets it slide. Ratigan also recognizes him and is convinced by the end of the day that they used to date before he got amnesia and broke up on bad terms. Ratigan is determined to win him back.
mental breakdown (probably only a couple chapters) so Ratigan finds out where Basil lives and decides to leave him a note to scare him. typical gay pining enemies stuff. so he stops by when he knows the detective is out. Mrs. Judson is smart so she just lets him right in and says to do whatever. pleasure to meet you all that- of course Ratigan is a neat freak to the highest degree and just about has a heart attack when he steps inside. spends like the rest of the day cleaning the stupid house cus he cannot relax until it's not a war zone. Basil gets home to a sparkling apartment and immediately assumes. kicks open his bedroom door on Ratigan taking a nap. Padriac cuts him off his tangent and scolds him like an angry wife about the condition of his home blah blah poor mrs. judson yadda- Rat goes home and tells him to at least try to keep it clean. after like two weeks Ratigan is super super upset about something so he's stress cleaning and just cannot clear his head. once his entire lair is spotless he goes for a walk and finds himself at Basil's place. just lets himself in while their asleep and tidies up the living room. leaves a little note about how unkempt he is. Basil knows something's got him real upset. and after nearly a week of inactivity/disinterest from Ratigan Basil starts getting scared for him. He calls himself an idiot all day while he picks up a few things and tracks down his lair. sneaks past all guards and sits against the bedroom door with flowers and dark chocolate. (toxic to mice but very tasty and even beneficial to rats) >Basil reaches out to him and Ratigan writes ob paper and sends it through the door, eventually starts talking (He's just super lonely and depressed and feels like his life isn't going anywhere alla that) Basil confides in him as well, they cry silently for a bit, Basil leaves him the gifts and walks home, next day sends tickets to a play and they meet up and watch from the rafters. just a big emotional mess and a bittersweet learning to be okay again.
accidental date (probably only a couple chapters) Basil knows the date that a massive heist is going to happen and knows Ratigan HAS to be there for it to happen but Basil has his hands tied with a big party he doesn't want to but has to go to at the same time. Ratigan denies the scheme alltogether. Basil is like "oh so you're free that day? cool." and that night sends him a letter and an invitation to a masquerade garden party as his plus one. Ratigan cancels the heist (this is the only opportunity they will have for it all year so it's a big deal) and the night of the party Basil's getting ready and hating everything when there's a knock at the door. answers it. has a heart attack. they go on their way and have a great night but Basil is dressed as a lady bcus if someone at the party knows who he is then it'll mess up Basil's investigation (yes this party is also a good way for Basil to get intell for a case) so they go as a couple. and they actually have a really good time. and Ratigan, being extremely intelligent himself, even helps Basil.
Secret dance duo (probably only a couple chapters) Basil dresses as a woman for a case at a party and Ratigan happens to be there, (recognises him instantly) and pulls the poor mouse to the dance floor. his whole case is screwed up and Ratigan promises that if he meets him at (location) he'll tell him what he needs to know. They meet up and have a second dance, this time alone and this time they both actually have fun. Ratigan pays u on his promise and they keep meeting to dance under clear night skies. (alternate version) Basil plays his violin on the roof one night and hears a harp in the distance pick it up. he knows exactly who it is. almost every night, they play the city to sleep from far away. even speaking in a twisted musical version of morse code through it.
cursed au so one night Ratigan tries to steal from the wrong lady, a traveling gypsy who claims to be an enchantress. he laughs and says 'then curse me.' she does. Basil gets worried when his Napoleon of crime doesn't leave any new trace after a week, so he goes and finds him himself. Ratigan is like "oh sorry yeah I'm cursed and it's been really hard on me so I kinda forgot about our little thing-" Basil gets mad at him so the rat proves it by turning into a rat- gryphon. they have to work together to keep him a secret and hunt down the witch to turn him back. after three whole months of this, they finally catch her and Ratigan sheepishly says that he's gotten full control over it now and would actually like to stay a gryphon shifter. Basil is totally cool with it cus it's so cool and sure he still steals shiny things and Basil still chases him but they each owe the other their lives now so it's a lot more just play for them. yes they're dating and yes they're in denial.
a mistake gone so right so on one of their many heists one of ratigan's lackeys comes back with a very suggestive sheer nightgown cus they didn't see what it was in the dark and thought it was a pink silk. Ratigan just cracks up and sends it to basil as a joke. entire gang is just howling. Basil is not. when he receives the 'gift' he has the breakdown of the century long story short, Ratigan and Basil have a face off at Ratigan's lair and Basil apparently has information he needs and vise versa. they talk in his office which is also his room and after a bit of arguing Ratigan says that if Basil gives him something he wants, then he'll give the twink detective the information. Basil begrudgingly undoes his coat and reveals the see through soft pink lace. Ratigan is shocked into silence for a good while and tries to think of what to do next. Y'all know where this one goes.
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enhypen-iseul10 days ago
饾檧饾檽饾檵饾檱饾檴饾檷饾檧: 饾檮饾檸饾檧饾檺饾檱鈥旔潤夝潤勷潤嗮潤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
STATUS: has fully adopted riki.
饾棯饾棖: 饾煭.饾煶饾棡 | 饾棯饾棓饾棩饾棥饾棞饾棥饾棜饾棪: 饾榾饾槀饾棷饾榿饾椆饾棽 饾椂饾椇饾椊饾椆饾椂饾棸饾棶饾榿饾椂饾椉饾椈饾榾 饾椉饾棾 饾椉饾槂饾棽饾椏饾槃饾椉饾椏饾椄 饾棶饾椈饾棻 饾椇饾棽饾椈饾榿饾椂饾椉饾椈饾榾 饾椉饾棾 饾槃饾棽饾椂饾棿饾椀饾榿
Tumblr media
鈥淢ind if I practice with you?鈥 Iseul leans her frame on the door frame, peering inside the almost empty practice room, a mirrored wall reflecting everything back. She sees the panting boy, resting his hands on his knees, half bent down and winded from the intensity of the set of movements he had kept repeating over and over again.
His head snaps up, recognizing the voice belonging to the sole female around and he awkwardly smiles, nodding his head in a polite greeting. The show had already been filming for the past three days and he had not once spoken to her directly. 鈥淥f course.鈥
鈥淭hanks.鈥 She casually strides forward, dressed in a comfortable-looking red t-shirt and black sweatpants. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e such a great dancer,鈥 She starts, giving him a lopsided smile while fishing out a band from her pocket.
Niki feels taken aback at the remark, taking the compliment abashed, 鈥淭hank you. I think you are amazing too.鈥 He ends the sentence with honorifics, making her lightly frown. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to call me that, it feels very awkward.鈥
He blinks, feeling a surge of something other than the wave of shyness he usually felt near the older female. 鈥淐an I call you noona?鈥 he feels like slapping himself as soon as the words leave his mouth, courage crumbling down into nothing once again when he realizes exactly who he is speaking with.
鈥淣ow that is better!鈥 She beams, much to his surprise. It takes him off guard when she reaches forward with a closed fist and he stares blankly at it. Iseul raises her brows in curiosity, 鈥淚t鈥檚 a fist bump. You know what that is, right? Or is this something from my generation?鈥 She sighs in dismay, 鈥淚 am getting old, huh?鈥
鈥淣o! Sorry. I was a little tired, so it didn鈥檛 click in my brain for a moment there.鈥 Niki spouts hurriedly, bumping his own, admittedly larger fist against hers that was left hanging in the air.
Iseul snickers, 鈥淒on鈥檛 worry. I was just playing around.鈥
鈥淲ere you dancing to Kick It?鈥 she walks over to the speakers, and scans the video playing on the large iPad. Niki nods, 鈥淒o you know the moves to the dance break?鈥 He ties the laces of his sneakers tighter, having the strings come loose from all of the jerky movements he had done.
鈥淗ave I been living under a rock? Of course, I know it. Come on, care for a round?鈥 She pulls back the video, stopping around the bridge of the energetic piece right before the small dance break. Niki hops onto his two nimble feet, suddenly gaining the energy for the next minute.
鈥淥ne, two, three, four!鈥 She counts the last four beats right as the drop happens and then, it happens.
Everything falls int place and suddenly, it was just the two of you against the whole building, limbs frantically moving around the space as precise as sniped bullets, jerking left and right exactly when it needed it, spinning around to spontaneously change formations as if cued and pre-planned.
This was dancing with Nishimura Riki, it came to you as easy as breathing did.
You glanced at the boy lying down on the floor with a bright grin that contrasted the starless night seen through the large glass windows of the i-land, his muscles positively drained of power, chest rising up and down. 鈥淭hat was so much fun.鈥 Niki breathes out, winded after the non-stop dancing they had done for the past hour.
Song after song, the two had spent more than sixty minutes, battling it out in the studio. 鈥淭hat was the most fun I had in a long time.鈥 He speaks clearly, leaning his palms on the cold floor, a few droplets of sweat running down from his temples. 鈥淲e鈥檒l have more of these when we make it to the end and debut in a group.鈥 Iseul extends a hand at the boy on the ground, a pretty confident expression on her pretty face putting his worries at ease.
鈥淗ow are you so sure that I can make it till the end like you?鈥 he asks, wrapping his fingers tightly around hers, before she pulls him up with surprising strength compared to her thinner stature, the callouses under her palm grazing against his softer ones. 鈥淚 bet my front two teeth that you will make it into the top eight, trust me. I have something like a sixth sense for these kinds of things. Also, they would want someone of your skill in dancing for sure. When you improve on other aspects until the show ends, you will be too good for them to not pick.鈥
Feeling the flutter in his chest brought by her words, Niki couldn鈥檛 help but let out a breathless laugh, not knowing what else to do. Looking at the open palm facing him, he brings his hand for a high-five. 鈥淣ow, like this.鈥 Iseul brings her other arm in, 鈥淒on鈥檛 just stare like that, we are making our very own handshake. Exciting, no?鈥
Niki giggles, 鈥淥h, okay.鈥
Soon enough, you had your very own, very complex, thirty-second personalized handshake. 鈥淣ow, we are friends.鈥 She affectionately ruffles his hair, a force of habit, she hadn鈥檛 even noticed until later.
Niki looks taken aback, though far from complaining, trying to suppress the big grin that rose on his lips, 鈥淵ou can come to me when you need to talk to someone, m鈥檏ay?鈥 Niki nods, heart warming up incredibly fast over the older female. 鈥淥kay, noona.鈥
鈥淪leep tight.鈥 She bids him a goodbye, disappearing into the hallway and Niki has to stop himself from letting out the biggest whoop, fanboying over what had just happened.
鈥淩iki!鈥 She jumps at him, the flashing lights around them inducing quite a bit of adrenaline. Niki had made it in, he was going to debut in the final line-up. 鈥淩iki, you made it! I told you, didn鈥檛 I?鈥 The younger braces himself for the incoming bulldozer of a woman.
鈥淵ou did!鈥 He laughs, still in disbelief and tightly squeezes Iseul back, since she had taken the liberty to knock the air out of him. 鈥淭hank you for believing in me, noona.鈥 He whispers, the tears threatening to spill from his eyes while burying his face in the crook of her neck, bending down lightly.
The rest of the boys smiled affectionately at the display, 鈥淣ow, go. You have to give a small speech, kiddo.鈥 He sniffles, a choked whine leaving his lips, 鈥淚鈥檓 not a kid.鈥 Iseul nods unconvinced. 鈥淪ure, and my name is Kim Taeyeon.鈥
Iseul didn鈥檛 lose her front two teeth at all, not that she had expected to.
鈥淚 am beat.鈥 Iseul plops down on the cold ground, muscles feeling like jelly from the over-work she had put on her body. It had been a long time since she had seen balance beams and she was out of shape.
Well, not 鈥渙ut of shape鈥 out of shape, but enough to struggle with a burning sensation on her arms and abs, since dancing was a completely different thing compared to full on gymnastics. She had missed it all so much.
Her palms were red and she had managed to make them bleed a little from the way the bars pulled and tugged against her skin, just like old times. 鈥淎nd that is entirely your fault, noona.鈥 Niki peers down at her.
鈥淗ush, tone down the sass and help this girl up.鈥 She makes a grabby motion and Niki rolls his eyes, 鈥淔ine, climb up.鈥 He crouches down with his back turned at her. Iseul nods, satisfied, 鈥淚 knew that all the hardships I went through while raising you would eventually pay off.鈥
鈥淰ery funny, noona.鈥 He grunts when Iseul completely hangs her entire body weight on his back abruptly, making his lose his balance for a small moment before catching himself. 鈥淵ou asked for it. You have to take what you dish.鈥
Niki lets out an exaggerated groan while standing back up with Iseul on his back, arms loosely resting on his shoulders and legs wrapped around his torso like a clingy koala. 鈥淗ey! I am not that heavy, am I?鈥 She asks, feigning offense, playing along with him.
鈥淣o, you鈥檙e not nearly heavy, have you not been taking care of yourself?鈥 he breaks the playful atmosphere, masking his worry with an annoyed tone. He adjusts his hold on her and Iseul wraps her arms around his neck loosely instead of just letting them hang at her sides.
鈥淚f it makes you feel better, I feel completely healthy.鈥 She lowly mutters, suddenly feeling small and vulnerable. 鈥淵ou look like you shrunk down in half, noona.鈥 Niki frowns, turning his head slightly to the side to look at the female resting her chin on his right shoulder.
鈥淛ust until promotions are over.鈥 She gives him a promise, though he still is not convinced. 鈥淚鈥檒l make sure of it myself.鈥 He huffs, 鈥淵ou really can鈥檛 be left to yourself, can you?鈥
鈥淪hut up, kid. I will tell Seung that you have been disrespecting me again.鈥 Iseul pinches his cheek teasingly, making him jostle her around all of a sudden, almost sending her flying off of his back, not that he would have ever let go, but she didn鈥檛 have to know that.
鈥淥kay, fine. Just take us home safely before we both go down.鈥 Niki calms down, letting her rest her cheek on his shoulder again. 鈥淒on鈥檛 fall asleep on me.鈥 He chastises her, but it was already too late. She had passed out, light puffs of air hitting his neck and he sighs.
This time, it was the youngest鈥檚 turn to baby the older female.
Nishimura Riki found a home away from home with Do Iseul and even though he might complain about her to the cameras recording their times spent together, everybody knew it like the back of their hands, that Riki would not trade her for anything in the world.
Tumblr media
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isaslashlaps-sp12 days ago
Dream log:
In this dream I get older each scene the dream goes by, I start at around seven and end at about 15?
It starts by me getting beat up by some older kids at school and them promising that they would break into our house that night (aparently me and a couple cousins lived in our grandma's house)
We are silly and think that they aren't actually gonna do it. They do it.
I am in the kitchen drinking some water when I see one of them creeping through the half open door. I slam myself into the door and close him off.
Basically after that we get get them off our house (home alone style)
The next morning, for some reason we go to school in costumes (aparently we were wearing costumes when we kicked the guys' butts) and we wanted to scare them even more.
The group is bigger than just me and my cousins, but a hand full of my friends (mostly friends from the past) are dressed up.
As soon as the guys sees us they intend to attack, but one of my friends attacks them first. And it turns into a huge fight (in our favor, people are rooting for us, and we are winning)
But it doesn't matter, cus we have class! We get herded into our respective class rooms. Mine was computer realated, so we go into this storage shed place where thhe PCs are (but the shed is like, not the kind you have at your back yard. The type that construction material shops keep their stuff, so VERY BIG SHED)
Apparently I missed the first class because I am highly unnaware that despite the huge ass place, we still have to use the computers in groups of 2.
The dream goes on about the computers for a bit, but for some reason they were firing fireworks inside the building (commemorating our win over the bullies?)
The smoke gets too difficult to bear, so we are let out and outside there is this HUGE festivity going on.
I am dressed up as a character that is a fabric doll, as such I just drop to the ground then and there and fall down the stairs to see the party! The dream ocilated between being at actual risk of me dying for bouncing down the stairs and me being absolutely fine;
Anyway, at the bottom, I found that everyone was waering costumes, and the general festivity now has a carnival theme (more focused on the costumes, so everyone was adequately covered up (we are still in a school setting))
Me and another person find a roll of streamers on the floor and start throwing them around. The other person has this white-silver streamer with swirls and really knows how to use it because soon enough 60% of the people in the place are covered in swirlly white-silver (and the tape conformed to their shape, so everyone just looked like they came wearing an already white-silver outfit)
I get super excited by that (I am also silver) I go take a look at the teachers that all coordinated to come in formal attire (gala style) and are just stading in line at the back of the party. Again, 60 percent of them are wearing white-silver clothes.
I had brought the tape with me so I offered one of the teachers who wasnt covered in tape yet if she wanted to join in!
After a bit of hesitation she agrees, and I start covering her arm, only to notice that the tape I have ins't the white-silver one, but a dark green. I excuse myself to go find the tape.
I look for the tape in may places, I pass my the main ish halm where they are going to have a courage contest (for the fact that we were very corageous to fight the bully guys) but I dismiss it on the fact that I am actually very cowardly.
I keep looking for the tape but ultimately find that were out of it, and all the shops are closed, and we wont find it in the super market (the only place that is open)
The dream ends with me taking with a friend about the tape.
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idnek8314 days ago
it's currently 7:18 am cause I woke up in a cold sweat from a dream about gundham going down on kaz after he caught him red handed help
(nsfw)(trans Soda)(afab language)(Breeding kink? A little kind of?)
oh jeez
So I鈥檓 thinking they鈥檙e roommates and Gundham is supposed to be out for a while, so Soda鈥檚 kind of let his guard down cus he鈥檚 just excited to be able to watch porn as loud as he wants for once lol
He sets up in the living room of their apartment because he is dumb also wants to watch porn on the big TV screen. So he closes the blinds, finds something that sounds hot, then sits on the couch and sticks his hand in his boxers. He usually goes pretty fast; works two fingers from one hand into his pussy while he uses two from his other hand to rub his clit, but he figures he has this time he can take it slow since Gundham won鈥檛 be back for hours (lol)
Anyways, he really takes his time and gets himself really worked up. Teases himself with touches that are just a little too light, a little too slow... He starts getting really turned on and glances at the closed windows before deciding to just take off his boxers completely so he can move his hands freely. He gets a bit of an extra thrill from being so exposed in whats usually a shared space.
When he settles back down on the couch, he takes his time to really watch the video he put on, to imagine how it would feel if he was the guy on screen getting fingered while his co-star smirked up from between his knees, how it would feel if his co-star leaned in to teasingly lick up from his hole, how it would feel when Gundham finally closed his lips around his clit...
Soda鈥檚 not really watching the screen anymore. His eyes are unfocused as he pictures Gundham kneeling in front of him. He works himself faster as he thinks about the time he was pretty sure he overheard Gundham cumming, wonders how much sweeter that sound would be right next to his ear, knowing he was the one responsible for making Gundham sound so breathless and needy as he emptied himself into Soda鈥檚 cunt...
He doesn鈥檛 realize he鈥檚 moaning Gundham鈥檚 name as he fingers himself faster, doesn鈥檛 realize he鈥檚 closed his eyes as he feels his orgasm building in his stomach, doesn't realize that extra loud creak he heard wasn鈥檛 the bed in the porno but the front door of his apartment opening.
Gundham is not entirely sober, and that plus walking in on his roommate jacking off while moaning his name makes him extremely cocky. He quietly approaches the couch, watches Soda desperately working his fingers faster, listens to the deliciously wet sounds it makes. Soda moans his name again and Gundham just cups his chin and asks 鈥渉ow may I be of service?鈥 with the biggest shit eating grin on his face.
Soda freezes as he stares up into the actual eyes of the man he was just imagining fucking him. He was so fucking close he nearly came just from the shock. Nearly. He doesn鈥檛 know what to do. What the fuck are you supposed to do when your roommate catches you finger fucking yourself while moaning their name? He just kind of stares up and stutters, while Gundham grins wide and slowly slides his hand down, over Soda鈥檚 clothed chest, his stomach, then stopping just above where Soda鈥檚 own fingers are still frozen on his clit.
鈥淚 said, how may I be of service, Soda?鈥
Soda鈥檚 brain is just barely functioning, caught between panicking from being caught, being frustrated that he didn鈥檛 get to cum, and trying to process the fact that Gundham is offering to fix that. He isn鈥檛 certain Gundham isn鈥檛 just making fun of him, but he just manages to mumble out 鈥渢ouch me鈥 as he moves his own hands away from his pussy.
Gundham lets his fingers slip down the extra inch or so to Soda鈥檚 clit, and Soda can鈥檛 help but twitch and gasp at the touch. 鈥淪ensitive, aren鈥檛 you? Were you close, my dear? About to cum just from the thought of me?鈥 Gundham starts stroking a little faster as Soda swallows and nods. Gundham hums and shifts, moving to kneel between Soda鈥檚 legs, and it鈥檚 so much hotter than it was the many time Soda had imagined it before.
Gundham runs his fingers up and down Soda鈥檚 pussy, parting his folds and getting a good look at his swollen clit and dripping cunt as he does. He licks his lips subconsciously and it makes Soda鈥檚 hips twitch. Gundham notices. He smirks up at him. 鈥淭ell me what depraved things you imagined.鈥 He slips two fingers into Soda.
Soda moans 鈥淭his!鈥
鈥淛ust this?鈥
鈥淚 want to hear all of it.鈥
And then Gundham pulls out his fingers and licks up from Soda鈥檚 hole to his clit, applying a little more pressure as he reaches it.
鈥淭-this too...鈥
Gundham leans in to kiss Soda鈥檚 clit before lightly sucking on it, teasing. 鈥淭ell me all the details, dear, and don鈥檛 stop talking, I forbid it.鈥 and then he lowers his head and starts to slowly fuck Soda on his thick tongue.
Soda starts quietly talking about how he pictured Gundham just like this, and Gundham brings a hand up to gently circle his clit while he eats him out, applying a little more pressure to reward Soda whenever he gives Gundham more detailed explanations or gets speaks a little louder.
Pretty soon Soda is babbling away freely, no longer embarrassed thanks to how good he鈥檚 feeling, and he鈥檚 describing how he pictured Gundham fucking him as he panted and moaned in Soda鈥檚 ear. Gundham switches to fingering Soda鈥檚 pussy and sucking on his clit, asking Soda to repeat that, to tell him again how badly he wanted Gundham inside him. Soda is getting really close, so he doesn鈥檛 even hesitate, begs Gundham to fuck him, tells him how badly he needs his cock. Gundham speeds up and he can feel how close Soda is. Soda鈥檚 hardly thinking anymore, he鈥檚 so close and all he can think about is how good he feels and he finally lets the last detail of his fantasy slip. He screams as he cums and he tells Gundham how bad he wants him to cum inside him, how bad he wants to feel it filling him up and dripping down his thighs. Gundham is rubbing himself with his free hand at the thought of it, but he keeps pumping his fingers into Soda, keeps sucking at his clit, until Soda stops twitching and finally relaxes back against he couch.
Gundham gives him a moment before getting up and moving to sit beside him.
鈥淎re you alright, dearest?鈥
Soda nods, still a little spacey. Then he turns to looks at Gundham鈥檚 face, glances down at his very obvious erection, then back to his face.
鈥淗ave... have you ever thought about me like that?鈥 He doesn鈥檛 know where he found the courage to ask.
鈥淰ery often.鈥 Soda blushes but kind of grins a little too. Gundham gently grabs his hand and places it over the bulge in his pants. 鈥淲ould you like to hear the details?鈥
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kireimarkeu28 days ago
5 times you鈥檙e mad at mark lee
very much inspired by a tiktok聽
summary; the 5 times mark made you mad!!!!
genre: comedy, fluff
w.c; 2k
warnings: mentions of killing but no death
a/n hi guys!!! this was in my drafts for monthsssss! and i鈥檓 currently on term break so i have a lot of free time so i decided to continue this!聽
this is not serious at all!! it鈥檚 just a joke because i saw a tiktok that did this!
Also i know this isn鈥檛 good TT it鈥檚 sooo rushed and the plot is barely there & im so sorry for that :(((((
You had a dream that Mark had killed you
A sudden gasp leaves your lips, your eyes widening in fear as your hand clench onto your heart. Heavy breathes left your lips as you watch your boyfriend who was sound asleep next to you.聽
You reach for your phone that was on the bedside table. You double-tap the screen, showing the time.聽
It was only then you had taken notice of the light shining through the dark blue curtains (mark chose since it was his favourite colour) hanging by the window.聽
Your eyebrows furrow, turning to look back at the boy who was sleeping comfortably next to you. You click your tongue, feeling annoyance fill you when you look at Mark.聽
It was just a dream, but it still angered you that he would do such a thing.聽
You click your tongue in annoyance. You roughly push his arm away from your lap- he didn鈥檛 realise, Mark was a heavy sleeper.聽
It was already morning so you decided to take a shower and make breakfast for yourself. After eating your breakfast, you realise that Mark still wasn鈥檛 awake.聽
A frown forms on your lips, how long is he going to sleep?
You purse your lips in annoyance and throw yourself on top of the boy who was laying on your bed. The boy grunts in pain, his hands going up to hold onto your waist, but you had smoothly rolled over, so you were laying on your side of the bed.
鈥淏aby?鈥 he grunts, opening his eyes, squinting at the bright light shining through the windows, 鈥測ou鈥檙e up early,鈥 he murmurs, a huff leaving his lips.聽
Mark turns to his side to pull your body closer to his. He was about to press his lips against yours for a morning kiss, but you had pushed him away.聽
Even though he was surprised, Mark only chuckles, 鈥渞ight, morning breath.鈥
You continued to keep your mouth shut, waiting for him to give you attention.
鈥淒id you make breakfast?鈥 he smiles, reaching over to grab his phone. He unlocks his phone with squinting eyes, checking last night鈥檚 notifications.聽
Mark still didn鈥檛 notice the way you didn鈥檛 respond to him.聽
鈥淚 made breakfast,鈥 you said quietly. Mark peels his eyes away from his phone and looks at you, and an adorning smile plastered on his face, 鈥渂ut I didn鈥檛 make any for you,鈥 you continued.
His smile falls.聽
You felt bad instantly, but you had to keep your demeanour constant.聽
Mark locks his phone and puts it aside, 鈥渁re you mad at me?鈥 he asks, staring at you.聽
He tries to recall anything that could鈥檝e made you angry last night. No matter how hard he thought about it, he doesn鈥檛 recall pushing you away during your sleep.聽
鈥淲hat did I do?鈥 he whines, rolling over to you, laying his head on your lap.聽
You roll your eyes, 鈥測ou killed me,鈥
His eyes widen, he pushes himself up, staring at you. 鈥淲-what? A-am I talking to a ghost?鈥
You shake your head, flicking your finger on his forehead as your boyfriend wince in pain. 鈥淚n my dream, silly. You killed me in my dream.鈥
Mark freeze on the spot, 鈥渨hat?鈥
You crossed your arms, raising your eyebrows at the boy, 鈥測ou killed me in my dream, Mark!鈥 you wail.聽
鈥淭hat鈥檚 why you鈥檙e mad at me?鈥 he asks, 鈥渂ecause I killed you?聽In your dream?鈥
You stubbed your toe in the corner of his bed
You let out a heavy huff once you reach your boyfriend鈥檚 door. You type in the passcode, walking in once the door unlocks. You greet his friends that were living with him, as you quickly head into his room.聽
鈥淏aby! Guess what I bo- Fuck! Ouch! Fuck!鈥 you cursed, curling your toes in pain as Mark watches you in confusion.聽
鈥淥h my fucking god, that shit fucking hurts,鈥 you continued to cuss, grabbing your toe as Mark lays in bed, laughing at you.聽
鈥淒ude, did you just stub your toe?鈥 He giggles, his phone directing at you- obviously recording your reaction.聽
You pointed your middle finger at him, 鈥渇uck you, bitch鈥
He rolls his eyes, stopping the recording of you. 鈥淒idn鈥檛 need to be rude.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e rude,鈥 you spit back at him. You toss the plastic bag filled with food at your boyfriend, 鈥淚 bought you the noodles you wanted.鈥
He chuckles, standing up from his laying position. He walks over to you, grabbing your waist as he helps you to the kitchen to make lunch.聽
An hour later, after eating the delicious noodles, the both of you head back to your room. You were cuddled next to Mark as the both of you waddled to his bed.聽
You were in a good mood after eating good food, that was until you had stubbed the same toe at the same place from earlier.聽
鈥淔or fucks sake!鈥 You winced, pushing your boyfriend away. You glared at your boyfriend, 鈥渨hy can鈥檛 you move your bed somewhere else? Jeez.鈥
He rolls his eyes, 鈥測ou鈥檙e just clumsy,鈥 he teases. He tries to grab your arm to help you but you push his arm away.聽
鈥淔uck it! I鈥檓 sitting outside,鈥 you huff, limping all the way to the living room.
You wanted to go to the beach but it started raining so you couldn鈥檛 go
鈥淏abe, make sure you pack everything,鈥 you remind your boyfriend.聽
Mark sighs, 鈥渂abe, I鈥檓 telling you it鈥檚 going to rain later,鈥
You turn around to glare at him, 鈥淚t鈥檚 going to be a little drizzle, Mark! It鈥檒l be fine!鈥 you tell him, tossing his bathing suit at him. 鈥淚t鈥檚 been a long time since I finally went to the beach, so we聽have聽to go.鈥
鈥淲hatever you say, baby鈥 he sighs, packing his things.聽
An hour later, right when you were planning to leave, the skies started thundering.聽
You were sitting on the couch, sulking because you couldn鈥檛 go to the beach.聽
鈥淚 told you it was going to rain today,鈥 your boyfriend tells you, passing you a warm cup of tea.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 mad at you,鈥 you sulk, taking a sip of the warm tea.聽
Your boyfriend gapes at you, 鈥渨hat did I even do?鈥
鈥淲e can鈥檛 go to the beach because of you!鈥 you pout.聽
Mark smirks at how adorable you were. His thumb strokes your chin comfortingly, 鈥渨hat could I have done, my princess?鈥
You roll your eyes, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know! stop the rain or something?鈥 you suggest.聽
Mark laughs loudly at that, 鈥測ou鈥檙e cute, babe,鈥 he says. 鈥淲ell, I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 raining tomorrow, so do you want to go to the beach tomorrow?鈥
You huff, pulling your feet up so you could hug them, 鈥淚 guess...鈥
Your boyfriend throws his arm over your shoulder, pulling you to his chest, 鈥渇or now, you can spend time with the person you love the most,鈥 he jokes, pressing multiple kisses on your cheek as you try to push him away jokingly.聽
Mark rolled away from you while you were sleeping
It was already 2 in the morning and you were starting to become sleepy. You made the mistake of drinking coffee at 10 at night and you couldn鈥檛 sleep the whole night.聽
Mark was already deep asleep next to you since he had a full day of schedule today.聽
You finally shut your phone off and place it on your side of the bed. Pulling the blanket up all the way to your chin, you open Mark鈥檚 arms, sliding in his warm chest.
Just as you were about to get comfortable, your boyfriend let out a grunt, turning around to sleep on the other side.聽
Your eyebrows furrow in annoyance. You grab your pillow to hit his shoulder before taking all of the blankets away from your boyfriend, leaving him in his boxers.聽
Mark groans, awoken by you hitting him.聽
鈥淲hat the hell, babe?鈥 his groggy voice filled the room. 鈥淚鈥檓 cold,鈥 he murmurs, turning back to face you this time. Mark's hands reach for the blanket you were hogging but your grip on the comforter was tight.聽
鈥淏abe,鈥 he whines, 鈥渃ome on, I got no time for this.鈥
鈥淕o sleep on your side, Mark,鈥 you grumble.聽
鈥淲hat did I do this time?鈥 he whines, wrapping his arm and leg around your body, this time you didn鈥檛 bother pushing him away.聽
鈥淚 was getting comfortable and you rolled away from me!鈥 you huff.聽
You feel Mark鈥檚 breathing on your neck, 鈥渉ere, here,鈥 he mumbles, forcing you to turn around and face him. 鈥淚鈥檒l hug you real tight okay?鈥 he says, eyes still closed.聽
Just like he said, he tightens his grip around your body.聽
Your boyfriend sneakily wraps the blanket around his body with you in his arms.聽
Your favourite Ice cream parlour ran out of your favourite Ice Cream
You squeal in excitement, snatching one of Mark鈥檚 hoodie on the chair and putting it on. You were finally going to go to your favourite ice cream parlour after a busy week.聽
Your feet wiggled happily as you wait for Mark by the door.聽
鈥淢ark, hurry!鈥 you shout, hoping he hears you from his bedroom.聽
鈥淐oming,鈥 he grunts, walking towards you while putting on his jacket.聽
The both of you leave the dorm in hands. You wouldn鈥檛 stop skipping on the pavement as both of you head to the ice cream parlour.聽
鈥淲hat flavour are you getting?鈥 your boyfriend asks you, his hands holding tightly on yours, hoping you would stop skipping from him.聽
You nudge him, 鈥渕y favourite of course!鈥 you say happily.聽
Mark raises his eyebrows, thinking of your favourite ice cream flavour. 鈥淲hich is...?鈥 he trails off.聽
You stop in your tracks, turning to look at your boyfriend. 鈥淎re you serious? We鈥檝e been dating for 2 years and you don鈥檛 know my favourite ice cream flavour?鈥 you claim.聽
Mark simply waits for you to answer him.聽
You roll your eyes as the both of you begin to walk again, 鈥渋t鈥檚 Pistachio, babe!鈥 you sigh with a shake of your head. 鈥淚 would normally get mad at you, but since I鈥檓 getting Ice cream from the best Ice Cream parlour- I鈥檒l forgive you.鈥
A few minutes later, you finally reach the ice cream parlour.聽
鈥淗i! What can I get for you guys today?鈥 the worker asks with a smile.聽
鈥淚鈥檒l get the Caramel Ice Cream,鈥 Mark says.聽
鈥淎nd I鈥檒l get the Pistachio Ice Cream!鈥 you continued, happily.聽
The worker winces at your words, 鈥渁ctually we have just run out of our pistachio flavour,鈥 she says, 鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry.鈥
As dramatic as it sounds, it felt like your world had crumbled into pieces. Mark felt your hand go limp.聽
鈥淥h...鈥 you say, 鈥淚鈥檒l get the vanilla one in a cone then,鈥 you say sadly.聽
After getting your ice cream, the both of you walk home, with you dragging your feet next to your boyfriend.聽
鈥淚f you left the house faster we would have gotten my Pistachio Ice cream and not this... this boring and plain one,鈥 you sulk, nudging your shoulder with his boyfriend.聽
鈥淵ou鈥檙e always sulky,鈥 he clicked his tongue, 鈥渨e can get your ice cream next time, baby,鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 all your fault!鈥 you pout.聽
鈥淗ere-鈥 he grabs your ice cream and replaces it with his caramel flavoured one.
鈥淲hat are you-鈥
鈥淭ry it,鈥 he says, his chin pointing to the now melting ice cream in your hands.聽鈥淚t鈥檚 really good.鈥
You roll your eyes with a huff,聽鈥渋t won鈥檛 be as good as the pistachio flavoured one, babe,鈥
He gives you a skeptical look,聽鈥渏ust try it! You鈥檒l like it,鈥
You finally decided to give it a lick. Your eyes widen in enjoyment.聽
鈥淲oah! This is so good!鈥 you tell him, taking another bite of the ice cream.聽
Mark smiles. As long as you鈥檙e happy, he鈥檚 happy.聽
鈥淵ou can have that,鈥 he tells you,聽鈥淚鈥檒l take yours.鈥
Your eyes widen in glee,聽鈥渞eally?! Thank you, Markie!鈥 you say. With sticky lips, you press your lips against your boyfriend鈥檚 cheeks as he pushes you away jokingly.聽
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Never Stood A Chance
Pairing: Eli Moskiwitz x reader
Warning: Swear words, a bit agnst
Summary: You are in love with your best friend, it鈥檚 the classic rom-com. But he will never feel the same way, right? He鈥檚 in love with someone else, right?
Note: This is my first time writing for Hawk/Eli. I wanted to show Eli鈥檚 soft side. I was inspired by the whole Hawk and Moon thing going on. And I hope ya鈥檒l like it!
Tumblr media
Life was so complicated wasn鈥檛 it. Like the whole world was against you? And of course you just had to fall in love with your best friend, Eli but the world knows him as Hawk - the badass karate master. Just your luck he was head over heels in love with Moon, of course he is, she鈥檚 talented, pretty, smart, nice, pretty much everything you are insecure about. Eli was heading over for movie night, life is torture, put on your fake smile and pretend everything is fine right? Not that you鈥檙e heart is shattering seeing him fall in love.
Eli 馃挅
Hey I am here :)
Great the door is unlocked!
Eli 馃挅
Oh, and is it cool I brought Moon?
Yeah totally!
Ugh! Seriously Moon, this is our special movie night. I mean I know it isn鈥檛 official him and Moon haven鈥檛 gone on any dates, but it feels like they are practically dating.
鈥淗ey y/n/n! We are here!鈥 Eli enters through the door into the living room. You have the junk food and movie cued up. 鈥淗i, everything is ready!鈥
鈥淟ovely鈥 he comes in and plops down next to you.
鈥淗ey鈥 Moon says, 鈥渢hanks for letting me come, I know this your movie night, so sorry for intruding.鈥
Ugh, it is so hard to be mad at her she is to nice. 鈥淣o problem! The more the marrier!鈥 you say with a fake smile plastered on your face. I don鈥檛 know how long I can keep this up, she is like everywhere he is now.
The movie marathon ended and Moon left. Eli was still there helping you clean up. 鈥淪o, y/n i was uh, wondering if鈥 clears his throat, 鈥渦h, you would l-like t-to go ou-out with me?鈥 it was clear that his confidence shell was broken. You just stood there in shock. 鈥淲h-what?鈥 鈥淯m, would like to go on a date wi-鈥 鈥淵a, I know the question.鈥 鈥淥k鈥︹ Eli wanted to go out with you? On a date? Maybe you did have a chance. 鈥淵es! I would love to!鈥 鈥淕reat! Meet you tomorrow at the diner at 4?鈥 鈥淚鈥檒l be there!鈥 鈥淏ye鈥 鈥淏ye鈥
As soon as he left, you started jumping up and down. 鈥淵es! Yes! Yes!鈥 you did a little dance as you made your way to your bedroom.
-Next Day-
You where on your way over to the diner. You had a pair of skinny jeans, a white crop top, and a black sweater on, you looked good. You where almost at the diner when you saw Eli. He was standing in front of the diner talking to, Moon. Her hand was on his shoulder and he was laughing at whatever she was saying, she even had his bike helmet under her arm. You should have known, this was probably a prank, or you where just a trial run, ect.
鈥淗ey y/n/n! You ready for dinner?鈥 he started walking over to you. But you just couldn鈥檛, the tears started flowing from your eyes, and you just started running in the opposite direction. 鈥淗ey y/n! Wait! Where are you going?鈥 The sound of his pleading cries for you to come back were lost in the distance.
You finally made it home, and just ran into your room and sobbed into the pillow. Why would he ever like you? I mean you should have known, you鈥檙e not popular like Moon, your not even pretty, ugh, no one likes a nerdy girl especially not the badass Hawk. You never stood a chance.
Monday came faster than you wanted it to. You knew that there wasn鈥檛 a way to avoid Eli all day, I mean you have 3 classes together. He texted you all weekend but you ignored all calls and texts from him. Instead crying your eyes out to rom-coms that are filled with lies, especially the best friends to lovers ones.
Crap! Class starts in 2 minutes can鈥檛 be late. You start walking, then crash.鈥漇hit! Sorry, my falt wasn鈥檛 looking鈥 you start, then you look up into those beautiful brown eyes, his lovely eyes. 鈥淥h! You鈥 you get up and start walking.
鈥淲ait y/n! We have class together!鈥 Eli says jogging up to you. You didn鈥檛 stop or look back, just kept walking. 鈥淧lease talk to me, what did I do?鈥 You finally stop and turn around and see that sad look in his eyes.
鈥淟ike you would want to hang out with me鈥 you say sarcastically. 鈥淲hat did I do? You agreed on going with me on a date then just ran away and ignored me all weekend?鈥 he yelled.
鈥淥h, so now it is an agreement?鈥 you snapped back. 鈥淣o, y/n/n I didn鈥檛 mean it like that-鈥
鈥淥k, so what was it then? A date? A agreement? A trial run?鈥 you snap back, 鈥淚 never stood a chance did I?!鈥 鈥淎 what? I, it was, it wasn鈥檛 a date? Was it not a date to you?鈥 he asks.
Your taken a back, 鈥渟-so it w-was a date?鈥 鈥淵a, i thought it was.鈥 he says fiddling with his fingers.
鈥淪o, your not with Moon? And you weren鈥檛 just going out with me to make her jealous?鈥 鈥淲hat no! Moon and I aren鈥檛 dating.鈥 鈥淥h鈥 is all you can say.
鈥測/n/n of course you stood a chance, i mean your the only, only girl I have eyes for.鈥 鈥渞-really?鈥 鈥淵es! God, y/n I nave been so in love with you since the day we met! But of course you would never be interested in me, so when I finally had the guts to ask you out, and you said yes, it was the best day of my life. And i was heart broken when you showed up and then ran away, I was scared to death that I had lost my best friend, the girl I was head over heels! In love with.鈥 he finished spilling his heart out to you and you just stood there. 鈥測/n?鈥 he says weakly.
鈥淚 am in love with you too鈥 you finally reply. And with a sudden boost of confidence you walk over to him and kiss him, in a long passionate kiss.
鈥淚 love you y/n鈥 he says. 鈥淚 love you too Eli鈥 you say, nuzzling your head into his neck.
鈥淪hit!鈥 he suddenly cries out, 鈥渨e are late for class!鈥
You laugh, god you love Eli so much. You two will never let each other go, and you smile and giggle as you stride into class with Eli, your love, your light, your everything. He is finally mine, he loves me!, you thought.
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Coming from the fluffy ninja x reader can as we do a scenario where ninja catches a REALLY bad cold instead of the reader
Part one
You still had his coat, though his smell was starting to fade from it and instead be replaced by the smell of your house. It was wrapped around your shoulders as you watched the snow fall outside. It had been a few days and Ninja had been more quiet than usual. It wouldn鈥檛 be that concerning if you hadn鈥檛 recalled him being worried about you getting a cold yourself. While you didn鈥檛 exactly know how strong his immunity was, the thought did cross your head that he could鈥檝e gotten it instead of you. It would explain the strange times between texts and how he always seemed to have been woken up around the time he replied. Your phone beeped with a text, holding your attention once you realized it was from Ninja.
It was short, caused your heart to sink a little bit though.聽
Ninja: I feel unwell, sorry I can鈥檛 call.
A brief wave of guilt came over you, but you shook it off. No reason to obsess over the past, it happened, it鈥檚 over and done with. Focus on the present and a little bit on the future.
Y/N: Can I help?
Ninja: I just need rest, I鈥檒l be okay. I鈥檝e already been to the doctor鈥檚.
Y/N: Ok
Y/N: Feel better soon :)!
Ninja: Thank you.
And with that, the text conversation ended as Ninja鈥檚 bubble went to 鈥渙ffline鈥 and it was left at that. You still wished to do something but you knew Ninja, no matter what state he was in, would fight tooth and nail to keep you at a distance so you wouldn鈥檛 get sick as well. I mean, having to go to the doctor鈥檚 for a cold already cued you in on it being bad. Debating with yourself internally so you could visit without any doubts, you decided to make soup for him.聽
Wasn鈥檛 there the whole 鈥渇eed a cold, starve a fever鈥 idiom to go off of too? Ignoring the fact no one should fast during illness, you hoped it would sway Ninja to let you help him even if it was just giving him a lunch that wasn鈥檛 microwaved junk food.
Soup couldn鈥檛 be that hard to make, right?
It was a little bit hard to make, but you made it anyways. You made a mental note that soup in a can should be just as good if there was a next time. Either way, you put it in a rather large pot and went on your way to Ninja鈥檚 house, never more thankful he lived close so you didn鈥檛 need to worry about the soup going cold before you got there.
You tried the door first and it was locked. Sending a few texts also elicited no response. You were left with banging loudly on the door hoping Ninja would answer. Perhaps he was asleep, that'd be the most likely case. Perhaps he was taking medication, or perhaps he went out. Going out, while less likely, wouldn't surprise you due to his dedication to his fitness even in times of distress and issues. Pounding louder against the wooden door, you could finally hear a loud crash inside which caused you to cease knocking and wince. There was silence for a while before the door opened revealing a Ninja who had yet to even change out of large pyjamas or grab anything resembling a mask.
"Y/N?" Ninja wheezed, leaning on the doorway as he looked at you with puffy eyes. "Why're you here, I'll get you sick-"
鈥淪oup.鈥 You cut him off, holding up the pot. 鈥淪till warm.鈥
鈥淥h鈥 thank you.鈥 He smiled faintly, shuffling out of the way so you could enter. 鈥淵ou really didn鈥檛 need to-鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e sick, it鈥檚 the least I can do for my boyfriend.鈥 You raised an eyebrow before making your way to the kitchen to set the pot down. You did your best to ignore how croaky and strangled his voice was. 鈥淒id you have lunch yet?鈥
鈥淣o鈥︹ Ninja was much slower getting to the kitchen than you were, falling onto a nearby couch that seemed to be where he was staying for the time being indicated by the mass of blankets and pillows that had been accumulated. 鈥淚t鈥檚 still early though, right?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 2pm.鈥 You shook your head slightly. 鈥淗ave you been asleep this entire time?鈥
Ninja could only nod, grabbing a hold of a pillow tightly before coughing into it. Gross. 鈥淚 think I slept through my painkillers working.鈥
鈥淵ou poor thing.鈥 You hiss sympathetically, 鈥渨here do you keep your bowls?鈥
鈥淟eft what?鈥 You glance back at the many cupboard in the kitchen. 鈥淵our left or mine?鈥
Ninja just waved his hand to the right of where you were, so you turned and checked the cupboards near you. Unfortunately you had to go through three before actually finding where the bowls were, mentally questioning why there were so many cupboards to begin with.
鈥淗ow much do you think you can eat?鈥 You ask, grabbing a towel to open the pot without needing to risk burning yourself. Even without a response, you put a serving into a bowl. The silence did cause you to look up though, finding Ninja fast asleep once more.
鈥淣inja鈥︹ You mumble, bringing the bowl over and setting down on a nearby table. Albeit with hesitation, you shook his shoulder gently already feeling the heat of his fever just by proximity.聽
With a whine, Ninja opened his eyes and looked up at you silently.聽
鈥淩ight.鈥 Ninja mumbled, struggling with shaky arms to sit up yet not asking for help. 鈥淭hank you again-鈥
鈥淧lease eat the soup first.鈥 You mumble softly.
Ninja nodded, falling silent as he grabbed a spoon with shaky hands, glaring at it as if the spoon would somehow gain sentience and jump at him, before eating the soup with minimal spills. It made you a little concerned with how much ease he navigated having shaky hands, but you were thankful it didn鈥檛 seem to be putting him at any disadvantage. You watched him physically stifle a cough, turning away and hiding in his elbow, before putting the spoon down in the half-eaten bowl.
鈥淎re you okay?鈥
Ninja merely nodded in return, slumping back against the couch. 鈥淭hank you鈥︹
鈥淚t鈥檚 not a problem, you don鈥檛 need to thank me.鈥 You smiled. 鈥淒o you need help getting to your room?鈥
鈥淚鈥檒l stay here.鈥 Ninja attempted to smile back.
鈥淢aybe I could watch TV with you?鈥
鈥淚鈥檒l get you sick-鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 already here.鈥 You couldn鈥檛 help but giggle, grabbing the bowl to put it in the fridge. 鈥淚 promise you don鈥檛 look that gross.鈥
鈥淭hat gross?鈥 Ninja wheezed, wincing in pain from the laugh that escaped him. 鈥淚鈥檓 not even dressed.鈥
鈥淵our pyjamas aren鈥檛 even colourful, they鈥檙e black.鈥
鈥淒ifferent shades.鈥
鈥淏lack is black.鈥 You squinted, pushing away some pillows to sit down besides him on the couch. 鈥淲hat do you wanna watch?鈥
鈥淲hat do you want to watch Y/N?鈥
鈥...We鈥檒l just see what鈥檚 on I guess.鈥 You hummed, grabbing the remote off of the floor without question of why it was there and turned on the TV. 鈥淲hen do you need to take your meds?鈥
鈥淣ight.鈥 Ninja shrugged. 鈥淲ith food.鈥
You nodded, already flipping through channels to find something vaguely entertaining. You hadn鈥檛 even found a show when Ninja had a coughing fit, hiding his face once more in his elbow. Thankfully it didn鈥檛 last too long, leading Ninja to lean against you.
鈥淵ou okay?鈥
He nodded, wiping away some of the tears that had built up in his eyes that got quickly replaced with a yawn.
A while passed before you settled on a cooking show you never got the name of. Turning your head to look at Ninja to see if he鈥檇 enjoy the show as well only to be met with the sight of him dozing off once more. Moving slowly in an attempt not to jostle him awake too much, you grabbed a blanket and put it around his shoulders before setting an alarm for the evening so it would remind you to remind him to wake up and take his prescription. With that having been done, you decided to attempt to understand the cooking show that for some reason included a lot of acting.
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mudcore-writingsa month ago
hcs for a reader who is mikami鈥檚 roommate? it would be so fucking funny, maybe both canon universe and a no-kira universe
in canon, light doesn't like you but mikami swears up and down and on his life that you support kira and will help him in anyway at all
but he lied lol youre glad abt the crime rate dropping but dont like all the death
Mikami literally cant live without you though
in any way at all
you help him control himself and stuff
you get in yelling sessions about him screaming "delete" all night and stomping around
"you never get out of the house"
"i have a LIFE teru"
hes a terrible chef but whenever you bake or whatever he writes Kami on it in cursive frosting and sends pictures to light and asks if he wants a slice next time they see each other
he's burned multiple pots from just boiling water
if you play video games/listen to or make music, he buys you headphones and leaves them on your bed with a sticky note that has an angry face on it
you both get so many noise complaints
Non-Kira universe 馃構
hes still really stiff :/
theres no getting him to unwind
you try and take him on a vacation and he literally sits up straight and takes notes the whole time
you both yell a lot but end up crying and yelling your apologies to each other like five minutes later
he talks to himself all the time and you HATE it its so awful cus its in a half raspy whisper and you can hear it through the walls
he walks so loudly i know it and you jump every time he gets up and moves around
if you have big sneezes he's gonna get mad lol
you laugh really loud at awful jokes like minion memes, murder, or bad quality pictures of memes that are so bad you cant stand up because you're laughing so hard
he has a terrible voice but sings in the shower and you stand outside the door and yell the words along with him
he gets flustered easily and he's pale so it's really noticeable so you make your voice really deep and spew terrible pick up lines and jokingly try and seduce him
you've called him "hot stuff", "sugar tits", 聽and meowed at him multiple times
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zheng-xiaowena month ago
I miss Li Cu with Wu Xie, so here's a prompts that might continue as short stories. Setting is after Reunion.
Tumblr media
Like Father, Like Son (0)
Wu Xie was enjoying his afternoon. Qiling, Pang Zi and Bai Hao Tian accompanying him at his house. It's been months since they live peacefully at Wushanju and the Triangle Iron plus Xiao Bai were very immersed with PlayStation.
"Xiao Bai, your skill has improved, huh?! You defeat me three times now," said Pangzi.
"Of course I must increase my skill. Or I won't be able to kill anyone in game!" The girl replied back.
Pang Zi snorted and looked at Wu Xie. "Tianzi, your sister is getting better! Be careful of her!"
Bai Hao Tian kicked Pang Zi's leg. "Why should he? I'm a good girl!"
Pang Zi "ouch" a bit. "Yes, yes. An annoying good girl who's good at making Wu Xie tired." His playing tone succeed letting Bai Hao Tian kicked him again and quarreling.
Glanced at them, Wu Xie laughed a bit, shook his head. His finger opened the next page of book he read. Ignoring them who were shouting like a kid. He's still in disbelief that Pang Zi can be as childish as Xiao Bai.
Soon later, someone knocked the front door. Zhang Qiling turned his head to the door, but sat still.
Without telling to do so, Pang Zi opened the door, followed by Bai Hao Tian behind. She curiously looked at the man who knocked.
"Hello, what can we help for you?" She greeted him warmly. From the way the man's clothes, she thought it's a customer who wants to buy antique goods.
Pang Zi forehead knotted. He felt familiar with this guy. "Who..." His finger stopped in the air.
"Is Wu Xie inside?" Asked the guy. His height was similar with Wu Xie, fit muscle and sounded cold.
"Yes, he's inside. Come in," Bai Hao Tian welcomed him after Pang Zi nodded and letting him walked in.
"Wu Xie, someone wants to meet you," said Pang Zi.
Wu Xie turned his head. "Who?" And then he saw the man. At first, he frowned upon seeing the stranger, but the guy smiling at him while waving his hand.
"Long time no see, Guan Gen~" said him.
Wu Xie brain worked fast. His hand raised and smiled back looking at the familiar face "Li Cu?"
The guy nodded. "How you've been doing these days?"
Wu Xie stood up and hugged Li Cu, tapping his back few times. "Good, good. I'm in great condition." Li Cu patted back few times as well.
He looked at Li Cu, hands on both shoulder. "You've grown up. I almost didn't recognize you."
"You're mean, Wu Xie. After all I did for you." He punched Wu Xie's chest a bit while keeping his mischievous smile.
Hands on both his sides, shrugged. "What can I expect? We haven't seen each other since that. Come, sit here."
Li Cu sat the opposite of Wu Xie. He looked around and looked curious.
Wu Xie caught that while pouring tea. "Why? Want to ask something?"
Li Cu pointed at Pang Zi and Qiling. "The moment I saw them, I know they're Fatty and Xiao Ge. Then... Who's this woman?"
Bai Hao Tian realized the man called Li Cu talked her. She then introduced herself. "I'm Bai Hao Tian, their sister."
Li Cu understood. He looked at Wu Xie. "So you have another family now?"
"Eeh--eh, why do you call Xiao San Ye 'Guan Gen' earlier?" She asked Li Cu.
The guy 'hmm' as he's thinking. "He told me to call him Guan Gen years ago."
Wu Xie glared at Li Cu. "Don't talk about that to her."
"I see! So you've done adventure with Wu Xie! Can you tell me about it? Where did you go? How's Wu Xie back then?" Bai Hao Tian asked more and more questions, make Li Cu bewildered.
Wu Xie was shooking his head, Qiling smiled with head down, and Pang Zi rushed to hold her back.
"It's impolite! Let them talk!" Said Pang Zi.
Bai Hao Tian struggled to free from Pang Zi and then continued to sit beside Li Cu to ask more.
"Xiao Bai," said Wu Xie in stern tone. She immediately shut her mouth when Wu Xie shook his head. So she sat few centimeters away from Li Cu.
"Wu Xie, this woman is very energetic."
He agreed. "So, why do you come?"
"I just want to meet you, asking business advice. You've gone through everything, so I thought you can help me."
Pang Zi intervere in as he remembered Li Cu. "You do business now? Last time you've just graduated from high school. How time flies!"
"Yes, time really fly fast." He replied calmly.
Wu Xie in awe. "Back then, you'll insult people, snap at me, and a scaredy cat. Now, your temper is better."
Li Cu didn't deny it. "After all those experience, everything you said have been happened to me. So, here I am."
Showing a satisfied smile, Wu Xie lowered his head. "That's not it." Li Cu's body went forward.
"What do you mean?"
"What I said is my experience. If everything I said happened to you, you'll be in life-death situation again."
Li Cu didn't get what the older man said. So he asked more. "Live or death?"
The older man chuckled. "I'm really happy, Li Cu. I'm happy you don't need to get involved with Mystic Nine anymore. I'm really happy that you live normal as you want."
Silent filled the room. No one understood what Wu Xie said. Soon after, Li Cu got it.
" Maybe, I'm not in life-death situation, but there are some things never been same anymore."
Wu Xie looked at Li Cu who gave a comfort smile.
"I never see people with the same approach, I don't scared of darkness anymore, and I find value in myself, more confidence after I met you. I'm much braver than other people. That's a big difference, Wu Xie."
"...and that's fine with you?"
Li Cu nodded with confidence. "Yes, so stop acted like you feel guilty of involving me. In fact, I'm glad I met you."
Wu Xie didn't reply immediately. After locked eyes with Li Cu, he looked away and laughed.
"Alright. Whatever you said. You're an adult now."
They drank the tea, kept silent.
No one dared to speak, respecting their moments. Pangzi knew about Li Cu, Qiling kept silent like usual, and Bai Hao Tian understood what Li Cu said.
Li Cu stayed till dinner. They ate at Crescent Moon Restaurant, paid by Wu Xie.
"Tianzi... You never want to eat here because of the unreasonable price. Now that Li Cu comes, you reserve place right away to Zhang Rishan!"
"That's right, Xiao San Ye. Why did you say that we'll eat here?"
Zhang Qiling didn't say anything, just smiled and patted Li Cu that felt uncomfortable. Pang Zi and Bai Hao Tian kept glaring at Li Cu as if he's an enemy.
Li Cu felt glad that Qiling comforted him. He's also surprised that Wu Xie brought him here. Him and his friends never landed their feet insider since that day.
In the middle of dinner, Zhang Rishan came to their table. Wu Xie waved at him.
They all rather shocked to see him, except Qiling.
"How's the food? Do you enjoy it?"
Except Wu Xie and Qiling, they felt they will be choked. Zhang Rishan's presence was too much.
"It's delicious, thanks."
Zhang Rishan looked at Li Cu, smiled at the uncomfortable man. Li Cu avoided to meet eyes.
"It's been a while, Li Cu. Are you doing good?" His calm tone never changed.
The other man nodded. "...Thanks Zhang Rishan."
"You don't use honorific with him?!" Bai Hao Tian turned her head in panic.
"Erm... I never use honorific with him?"
"Do you know who he is?" Bai Hao Tian rather afraid because she and Rishan never really in relation.
In confused, he replied, "He's the owner and leader of Mystic Nine. Why?"
She went agape and put her hand near her mouth. "How can you call him impolitely like that?!" Said her, almost whispered.
Zhang Rishan smiled with head down. "It's fine, Mrs. Bai. Besides, he's Wu Xie only child."
This time, all shocked upon hearing that, including Wu Xie. Even Qiling turned his head to Wu Xie like others.
"Hey, Zhang Rishan... Don't joke around," said Wu Xie.
"I was there when your grandmother said Li Cu is your son. Why should I'm joking about this?" He replied calmly as if nothing's wrong with his words.
Li Cu pursed his lips, putting down hia chopsticks. "Err, can you not talking about that? They're in surprise now."
"No! I want to hear more! Mr. Zhang, please tell more," shouted Bai Hao Tian.
"Tianzi, maybe you're not innocent at all? Child outside marriage?" Pangzi responded.
Qiling kept calm, started eating again while Wu Xie was flabbergasted by Zhang Rishan.
"When did I... Hey, Li Cu. Explain this!" His hand hitting Li Cu few times.
"I--I don't know where to start." He also panicked, looking at Zhang Rishan.
"Wu Xie, so you don't want to be in relationships with other woman because you've son already?" Bai Hao Tian curious mouth started again.
"What are you talking about? Li Cu is not my biological son!" He started panicking as well.
"So you admit that Li Cu is your son? How can we never knew it?! I thought we're family!" Pang Zi also stirred up the situation.
Looking at them, Zhang Rishan rubbed his chin. "So, all these years father-son relationship never known. I'm sorry I've disclose your secret, Wu Xie, Xiao Mao. The dinner is on me."
Both Li Cu and Wu Xie shouted at him, "That's not the main problem!"
Zhang Rishan laughing at the simultaneous response.
"Who's Xiao Mao?" Asked Qiling. Finally he spoke.
"It's Li Cu. Wu Xiao Mao," answered Rishan.
Pang Zi and Bao Hao Tian looked at them, pointing. "Ooh... You guys acted very well. He got your surname..."
Wu Xie and Li Cu glared at Rishan, not guilty at all after saying nonsense.
They sighed as Pang Zi and Bai Hao Tian became furious, complaining to Wu Xie.
Because they knew, Zhang Rishan only said the truth. If he say so, it is what it is. No need to question.
Indeed, they didn't need to pay, but Wu Xie and Li Cu felt their energy gone instead of feeling full and satisfied after dinner.
"Screw you, Zhang Rishan!" Though Wu Xie and Li Cu.
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orbemnewsa month ago
Boulder, Colorado shooting: Suspect faces 10 counts of murder, police say Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, of Arvada, near Denver, is accused of opening fire Monday afternoon at the King Soopers store in the university city of Boulder, killing people ranging in age from 20 to 65, authorities said. Police took the suspect into custody at the store Monday afternoon, less than an hour after panicked 911 callers told dispatchers of the killings unfolding there. Alissa, who at some point was shot in the leg, was in stable condition at a hospital Tuesday, and will be jailed after his treatment is finished, authorities said. The motive in the Boulder killings 鈥 one of several mass shootings in the US over the last week 鈥 isn鈥檛 immediately known, and the investigation will take a long time, authorities said. 鈥淚 promise that all of us here will work tirelessly 鈥 to make sure that the killer is held absolutely and fully accountable for what he did,鈥 Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty said Tuesday at a news conference in Boulder. Police on Tuesday also released the names of those killed: Denny Stong, 20; Neven Stanisic, 23; Rikki Olds, 25; Tralona Bartkowiak, 49; Suzanne Fountain, 59; Teri Leiker, 51; Boulder police Officer Eric Talley, 51; Kevin Mahoney, 61; Lynn Murray, 62; Jody Waters, 65. Officers had exchanged gunfire with Alissa at the store, but it wasn鈥檛 clear who shot him, Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold said. The suspect has 鈥渓ived most of his life in the United States,鈥 Dougherty said Tuesday, without elaborating. The shootings in Boulder, home to the University of Colorado鈥檚 main campus nestled by the Rocky Mountains northwest of Denver, came less than a week after shootings at three spas in the Atlanta area left eight people dead. In the last week alone, the United States has seen at least seven shootings in which at least four people were injured or killed. Witnesses describe terror and panic Witnesses have described scenes of terror and panic at the supermarket Monday. Police said they were called there about gunfire around 2:40 p.m. MT Monday; the suspect was taken into custody at 3:28 p.m., Herold has said. A shooter had gunned down at least one person in the parking lot before going inside, according to Anna Haynes, a college student who was looking from her apartment window across the street. Haynes heard what turned out to be gunshots, and then looked outside and 鈥渟aw a body in the middle of the parking lot. 鈥 鈥淚 also saw the gunman himself holding a semiautomatic rifle,鈥 Haynes, editor-in-chief of the University of Colorado鈥檚 CU Independent. 鈥淥n his way to the entrance, had turned around and was shooting rapid-fire at one particular target. 鈥 And then he turned around, he entered the building through the handicap entrance. 鈥淎nd a few seconds later, I saw people running out of the building, I heard screaming, I heard people leaving in their cars, and it just evolved into chaos within just a couple of minutes.鈥 Ryan Borowski told CNN he was grabbing a bag of chips and a soda when he heard the first shot and saw a terrified woman running toward him. By the third shot, he was running with her toward the back of the store. They and others gathered with employees in the back. 鈥淚 saw a lot of very wide eyes. 鈥 The employees in the back of the house didn鈥檛 know what was going on, so we told them that there was a shooter, and they told us where the exit was,鈥 he told CNN Tuesday. CNN affiliate KMGH鈥檚 helicopter recorded police leading several people away from the store 鈥 including a shirtless man being taken from the supermarket. The man had what appeared to be blood on his arm and right leg and his hands appeared to be cuffed behind him as two officers escorted him away. The man was taken away in an ambulance. Police didn鈥檛 immediately say whether that person was involved in the shooting. Police officer and a store manager among those killed The slain officer, Talley, was one of the first to respond to the scene, according to Herold. Talley had joined the Boulder police force in 2010, she said. 鈥淗e was, by all accounts, one of the outstanding officers of the Boulder Police Department, and his life was cut far too short,鈥 Dougherty said. Olds, 25, of Lafayette, was a front-end manager at the store, her uncle, Bob Olds, told CNN. She was a 鈥渟trong, independent young woman鈥 who was raised by her grandparents, Bob Olds said. 鈥淪he was so energetic and charismatic and she was a shining light in this dark world,鈥 he told CNN. What authorities say happened Boulder police tweeted about 2:49 p.m. (4:49 p.m. ET) that there was an 鈥淎ctive Shooter at the King Soopers on Table Mesa. AVOID THE AREA.鈥 In scanner traffic, officers radioed that they were in a gunfight. They continued to report that they were being fired at with multiple rounds through at least 3:21 p.m. local time. Ambulances and multiple law enforcement agencies arrived at the store, which is part of a large shopping center with a two-story strip mall next door. 鈥淗e鈥檚 armed with a rifle, our officers shot back and returned fire 鈥 we do not know where he is in the store,鈥 an officer said, according to a transcript of the audio. One senior law enforcement source told CNN the weapon used in the shooting was an AR-15-style rifle. Steven McHugh said his son-in-law and two granddaughters were there when a gunman attacked. His son-in-law, Paul, was third in line for a Covid-19 vaccine and his seventh- and eighth-grade granddaughters were on the phone with their grandmother. On the other end of the phone, their grandmother heard at least eight shots ring out. The woman at the front of the line was shot, McHugh told CNN鈥檚 Don Lemon. Paul grabbed the girls and hurried them upstairs to take cover in a coat closet above the pharmacy, he said. The girls said they were afraid because the coats weren鈥檛 long enough to hide their feet. 鈥淭he intensity, the awfulness is going to last for the rest of their lives,鈥 he said. At one point, police were seen moving on the roof. McHugh told CNN affiliate KCNC that his relatives were evacuated via the roof. 鈥淭hey hid, ran upstairs, were hiding in a coat closet for the last hour,鈥 McHugh told KCNC. 鈥淗alf a dozen cops came in through the roof and got them and then told them, you know, 鈥楽tay quiet.'鈥 Calls for action against gun violence On the heels of March 16鈥檚 three spa shootings in Atlanta, the latest attack stoked calls for action and expressions of fear. 鈥淭his past weekend it was a house party in Philadelphia. And last week it was an armed attack on Asian American women in the Atlanta area,鈥 former US Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, who is a shooting survivor, said in a statement. 鈥淭his is not normal, and it doesn鈥檛 have to be this way. It鈥檚 beyond time for our leaders to take action.鈥 The tragedy in Colorado feels especially personal, Giffords said, considering how the shooting she survived outside a Tucson grocery store devastated her community. US Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colorado, also called for a national gun violence conversation and nonpartisan action. 鈥淚t鈥檚 long past time for Congress to take meaningful action to keep deadly weapons out of the wrong hands,鈥 he said. The National Rifle Association tweeted on Monday quoting the Constitution鈥檚 Second Amendment: 鈥淎 well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.鈥 King Sooper is owned by the Kroger company, which said the store will remain closed during the police investigation. 鈥淭he entire Kroger family offers our thoughts, prayers and support to our associates, customers, and the first responders who so bravely responded to this tragic situation,鈥 the company said via its verified Twitter account. Correction: An earlier version of this story misspelled victim Denny Stong鈥檚 last name based on information provided by the Boulder Police Department. CNN鈥檚 Konstantin Torpoin, Alisha Ebrahiumji, Steve Almasy, Paul P. Murphy, Melissa Gray, Keith Allen, Kelsie Smith, Deanna Hackney, Dianne Gallagher and Joe Sutton contributed to this report. Source link Orbem News #boulder #Colorado #counts #Faces #Murder #Police #shooting #Suspect
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creativeinsecuritya month ago
Goddamn I logged a number of hours at the Mountain Sun adjacent to that king soopers post-NCAR hikes in college. My best friend lived a few streets back behind that strip mall and I remember one night in particular getting snacks at kings and then going to the video store a couple doors down and seeing the stats TA I had a crush on picking out a video with his girlfriend. For some reason I was mortified. A group of us lived in the goss grove neighborhood and there was some swat incident two blocks from our old place today, apparently unrelated to the shootings.
Later on after applying to grad programs in a really haphazard way, the cu soc program had a visit day for all the new admits and we had lunch at the nice Indian place in that same strip mall. I was really trying to impress faculty and wearing an uncomfortable outfit and was crushingly self conscious because everyone was super casually dressed.
That best friend eventually got married and I remember I was staying with a friend in aurora before going up to breckenridge for her wedding. We were having a joint out on her patio and tons of cops and ambulances could be heard in the distance. Like an alarming amount of sirens. Woke up the next day to realize that was officers/EMTs racing to the horror of the movie theater shooting.
Anyway, fuck guns so much.
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tkachuksluta month ago
Sugar and Spice, and Everything Nice- Vince Dunn
Tumblr media
request: yes, 鈥渟ugar daddy vince wanting to be more than just y/n鈥檚 sugar daddy鈥
warnings: smut, alcohol!!, daddy kink, roughish sex, spoiling, oral (m and f), choking, hair pulling all of the fun things.
Leaned over a porcelain sink you touched up your makeup, your dress hung tight on your body, a dress you had been asked how you bought it about a thousand times by sorority girls at this party. The mirror in front of you was specked with toothpaste and god knows what. Music was blasting outside of the door, the loud bump of music, one that matched your beating headache from drinking throughout the day. All you wanted to do was lay in a big bed with nice air conditioning, something that would help soothe the intense heat of the summer air. Well of course Vince would be nice to be laying next to you right now, touching, him holding you. Though you and Vince were close in age, he had his life figured out tremendously compared to your college life. That was okay, all things come with time.
You barged out of the bathroom door, wrapping your arms around your friend's shoulders as you dragged your feet, 鈥淚 miss Vince,鈥 you whined hugging her tight. See the thing about Vince is he was a friend with wonderful benefits, that liked to spoil you? It started as killer sex and then progressed to being his travel buddy, someone he鈥檇 spoil because it made him happy to take care of you. 鈥淪top that y/n,鈥 she groaned, she hated that you cared so much about him, not that he was a bad guy, but a professional hot athlete that was too perfect to be true. 鈥淚 do,鈥 you sighed, following her outside, her hand in yours. 鈥淣o no, don鈥檛 you call him, I鈥檓 taking you home,鈥 she said while putting your phone back in your pocket as you began to search for Vince鈥檚 contact. You whined but obliged, 鈥淵/n! Take your damn shoes off and don鈥檛 skip in them, that鈥檚 rent,鈥 she laughed, trying to protect your Versace heels, 鈥淢y daddy will buy me new ones,鈥 you completely joked, pulling them off your feet.
Your friend lived across the hall so you didn鈥檛 have to part ways, saying goodnight to each other. When you got in your apartment you dropped your things at the door, filling up a glass of water and toasting a piece of toast you sighed while putting your hair up, changing into a short pair of shorts and a thin-strapped tank top. You were pretty tipsy but well aware enough that tomorrow morning you would want to swear off drinking forever. You just wanted someone to hold you, you slid your phone over to you, face-timing Vince, it was almost 5 o鈥檆lock in the morning on a Saturday.
鈥淗ello?鈥 he asked in a groggy voice, his face lightly light up by the screen, 鈥淏aby?鈥 he asked, rubbing his eyes. 鈥淚 miss you,鈥 you whined setting up the camera, chugging a glass of water. Vince loved you looking like this, in pj's and messy hair, it made his stomach flip you were so naturally captivating and wonderful to look at, 鈥淚 miss you more, but your drunk,鈥 he laughed, shaking his head at you with a laugh. 鈥淣o, maybe. Do you want to have a sleepover?鈥 you asked excitedly, pleading with him, 鈥淥kay, I鈥檓 on my way,鈥 he said while standing up from bed, smiling at you while rolling his eyes, 鈥淯gh, easy work!鈥 you laughed hanging up on him. A little under twenty minutes you had a small knock at the door, checking to see it was Vince, you unlocked the door and let him in. He dropped a few Gatorade's and an energy drink on your table, cracking open the Gatorade and passing it to you, heading to your medicine cabinet to grab you an Advil.
About three hours later you wear laying in bed, wrapped in Vince as he hugged you close, fingers brushing through your hair. He was wide awake while you were fast asleep, the blue light of the tv flashing on your face while you peacefully slept. He took in the quiet, your warmth, and most importantly your presence. Vince wanted nothing more than to be more, to call you his, something about you made him feel so safe, he pressed a kiss to your temple and rolled you off him lightly, he heard you grunt lightly, he stood up to make way to the bathroom, 鈥淰ince?鈥 he heard you ask quietly, stretching your arms out lightly, 鈥淵es baby,鈥 he asked coming back over the bed, dropping down so he could be face to face with you, 鈥淧lease don鈥檛 go,鈥 you said lightly, he leaned over to kiss you on the lips, softly at first, you pressed another kiss to his lips, lightly pecking him. 鈥淚鈥檒l be right back, I just have to pee,鈥 he laughed, making you chuckle and sit up.
The alcohol had completely worn off, this was just you being needy for Vince, not that he minded at all, you sat up in bed as you waited for him, his feet creaking against your floorboards as he made way back into your room and jumping back into bed with you. He brought you the water and Gatorade, telling you to drink, Vince鈥檚 lips slowly trailed down your neck, leaving sweet wet kisses as he did so. You straddled across his lap, fingers through his soft hair as you kissed him many times. 鈥淐an we talk,鈥 you asked, his hand was gripped on your thigh, his cock hard against your center. Maybe now wasn鈥檛 the best time, but you had to say it, 鈥淵es, what鈥檚 on your mind baby,鈥 he asked while brushing a strand of hair away from your face. 鈥淒o you ever think about us, more than this?鈥 you asked him shyly, 鈥淎ll the time,鈥 he answered back kissing your face, 鈥淎ll the time,鈥 he repeated while you looked away from his gaze, 鈥淣ot one thing about you do I not completely adore,鈥 he said while placing kisses on your neck, 鈥淪o asking you to be my boyfriend... you wouldn鈥檛 hate that?鈥 you smiled, 鈥淣ot if you wouldn鈥檛 hate being my girlfriend,鈥 he laughed, flipping you onto your back he sat between your legs now, your ankles over his shoulders, he placed small kisses on your claves, 鈥淣ot at all boyfriend,鈥 you replied pulling his shirt over his head, your hands finding his sculpted body, his skin, his imperfect skin that you loved so much. You kissed him once again, smiling into his warm lips as they met yours, his warm tongue meeting yours.
Your fingers laced into his chocolate hair as you kissed him deeper, the warmth of his body pressed into yours, his hips slowly moving, aiding the sweet sting against your core as you waited for him to do anything to you, 鈥淧lease Daddy,鈥 you cooed, wrapping a leg over his bare back and trying to pull him down to you, 鈥淧lease what? Anything you want baby,鈥 you cooed, his fingers pressing to your ribs, 鈥淚 want you rough,鈥 you replied, cheeks growing red at the whining you just did, 鈥淓mbarrassed?鈥 he asked while slipping a finger into your underwear, sliding them off your hips, 鈥淎lready so wet, who鈥檚 pussy is this?鈥 he cooed, his fingers trailing through your folds, making you twitch at the contact, 鈥淥nly yours, please I need it, I need to cum,鈥 you whined, 鈥淵ou need it?鈥 he asked while flicking your clit with his tongue, 鈥淲hat makes you think that I鈥檒l let you cum,鈥 he asked, he just liked to hear you be desperate for him, 鈥淐us鈥, I鈥檓 your good girl,鈥 you replied trying to buck your hips into his face, instead of teasing you he answered you, 鈥淢hmm, my good girl,鈥 he reassured you, then dropping his head to nibble on your clit.
You moaned loudly, too much pleasure to control your volume. Vince鈥檚 mouth worked on your pussy, making you shiver around him while he told you to hold back your orgasm, 鈥淣o no, don鈥檛 you cum, not until I say you can,鈥 he smiled wickedly as you gripped onto his hair tighter, you couldn鈥檛 hold back any longer, Vince was quite aware of that, so instead of listening to him, you released on his lips. Vince looked up at you and gripped your hair by the roots, his face right in front of yours as you whimpered, his lips wet from the release he chuckled at you lightly, 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry daddy,鈥 you cooed, fingers trailing on his chest, mouth attaching to his soft skin, he flipped you so you were ass up in the air, his strong hand snaking in front of your neck. His hard cock was pressed to your bare pussy, wanting nothing more for him to fuck you. 鈥淐an鈥檛 control yourself, that鈥檚 pathetic pretty girl,鈥 he scolded lightly, his fingers pressing to the sides of your neck, the light uncomfortableness only made you more aroused by him, making you moan louder than expected.
鈥淟et me make you feel good now honey,鈥 you cooed, dropping your ass against his cock, earning a sharp exhale while he squeezed on your tits. 鈥淕et on your knees then,鈥 he whispered, gripping your chin lightly as he sat on the edge of the bed, his hand squeezing his cock, he watched you sit on your knees, your cheeks red from your orgasm, you smiled sweetly. His fingers tracing your face and giving you kisses, 鈥淪uck my cock,鈥 he said fixing his position, his thighs strong in front of you, 鈥淪how me what you deserve,鈥 he whispered, squeezing your face lightly. You began by placing wet kisses down his thigh, spitting into your hand, and gathering wetness from your pussy to jerk him off slowly, his head fell back in pleasure once you wrapped your lips tightly around his tip. His thighs tightened as you took him farther down your throat, his hands found your face and then guided you by pulling on your hair. His abs twitched strongly as you coughed around his cock, 鈥淢hmmm good girl, taking my cock all the way down your throat,鈥 he moaned, 鈥淢y naughty little girl,鈥 he said to himself.
鈥淗ow do you want me?鈥 he asked while lightly gripping your tits, kissing you all over, 鈥淚 want to ride you, daddy,鈥 you spoke as he kissed your face. Vince sat with his back level to the headboard, his wet cock stood tall, practically begging for you to sit on it. You slowly sank on him, knees pressed to the bed. He slowly pushed his cock inside of you, causing you to moan at the feeling of him completely inside of you. 鈥淔eels so good,鈥 you whined, clawing at his shoulders, definitely leaving red scratches on his pale skin, 鈥淪tretching you out so good?鈥 he asked, giving you a sharp thrust. You were letting him overpower you, moving your hips how he wanted, 鈥淐hoke me please,鈥 you cooed, he smirked at you, watching you take control for a second and fuck yourself on his cock, his fingers pinching your clit.
Catching your breath you flopped next to Vince, then a second later turning your head to make eye contact with a smiling Vince, a boyish smile on his rosy cheeks. You smirked at him, giving him kisses all over his face, he laughed at your actions. He pulled you into his body, kissing the top of your hair. You giggled as he held you tighter, 鈥淎re you happy?鈥 he asked you quietly, the morning sun shining through the blinds, you smiled into his shoulder, 鈥淪o happy. Are you?鈥 you asked as he shifted to hold you closer to his chest, 鈥淣ever been happier,鈥 he smiled kissing your lips, 鈥淚 hope you know,鈥 he said looking at your face, 鈥淚鈥檓 still spoiling the fuck out of you,鈥 he whispered, taking your face between his hands. 鈥淥nly if you want,鈥 you joked, wrapping farther into him.
You slept in for a while, pressed to Vince鈥檚 chest, listening to his soft breathing. He slept with his lips slightly parted, soft breaths left his pink lips while you rolled off his body. You slipped on Vince鈥檚 hoody from last night and a short pair of shorts, a soft pair of socks. You made your way across the hallway to your friend's apartment, letting yourself in. 鈥淔ucking damnit y/n, you woke me up,鈥 she said while looking on her computer, 鈥淵ou couldn鈥檛 hear,鈥 you did, trying to consider your volume, 鈥淚 told you not to call Vince,鈥 she scolded, 鈥淗ey! That鈥檚 my boyfriend!鈥 you revealed shimming your brows, 鈥淲hat!鈥 she asked laughing, 鈥淭alk later, I鈥檓 just getting pancake mix,鈥 you said quickly, exiting her apartment.
When you got back Vince was sound asleep, he didn鈥檛 have hockey practice until later in the evening. You were flipping pancakes as walked out of your bedroom, shirtless, messy hair and just boxers, 鈥淗ey pretty,鈥 he cooed, coming behind you to press a kiss to your neck, you turned to take in his appearance, he was so beautiful in the morning. You pecked his lips many times. He pressed your back to the counter, 鈥淚鈥檓 so happy,鈥 he sighed kissing under your ear. You only smiled, kissing him sweetly, your hands all over his body, 鈥淚 can get used to this,鈥 you smiled. Forgetting to flip a pancake.
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edgecfedena month ago
open to: f/nb
plot (insp): your muse is the free use slu/t of a group of friends and roommates, always available for everyone to fuck and use whenever and however they want. her roommates include my muses addison (madelaine p/etsch), arden (madelaine p/etsch), dom (camila m/endes), paris (lili r/einhart), and sydney (alissa v/iolet). please note all my muses here are capital-h hung
note: another of my muses will join them in the next reply !! if you want, you can choose from arden, dom, or paris
Tumblr media
"bye, syd!" addison calls out from the kitchen as sydney waves and makes her way out the door鈥攕till zipping up her pants, addison notes. stepping into the sunlit living room with a fresh, hot mug of coffee, addison isn't exactly surprised to find their shared slu/t on the couch tending to a thick mess of cu/m dripping out of her p/ussy鈥攕ydney's morning load. "i should've known syd wasn't actually watching the morning news out here," the redhead laughs, dropping down onto the couch by her with the tv still going in the background. addison casually drags the girl's head down to her crotch, knowing she doesn't need to tell her to take her thick co/ck out of her bulging boxers and start sucking her off. using the girl for a sloppy morning blo/wjob is a staple for addison, almost routine at this point. "you spent the night in paris' room, right? did you even get any sleep, or did she just fuck you all night?"
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Bad Taste
Kol Mikaelson x Reader
Tumblr media
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries/The Originals
Prompt: Kol Mikaelson + Opposites
Summary: Reader's a friend of the Mikaelsons, and has been living with them in New Orleans for a few years. They've had a thing for Kol since first meeting him, but nothing's ever come of it. However, that might change when reader and Kol get into a music-war and the rest of the Mikaelsons decide they need to step in and do something about it.
Word Count: 2,241
Category: Fluff
Warnings:聽Some serious country music bashing. I don't actually hate it that much, and I think there's some good stuff out there that's fun to listen to, but I leaned into the country music bashing for the comedy 馃槈
I tapped my foot and stared at the blank computer screen in front of me, trying to get in the headspace to write my poetry assignment for a ridiculous English class. In theory, it should be fun to write poetry, but somehow it became a lot harder when it was for a grade.
I had my playlist on softly in the background, the upbeat pop helping put me in the mood for the poem I wanted to write. I typed out a first line, and I was just making some progress on a second when the room started shaking with the base beat off of a bunch of stupid, angsty alternative rock.
Kol. It had to be.
The youngest Mikaelson and I had opposite tastes in a few ways, but none were more obvious than our differing taste in music. I liked happy, upbeat tunes that didn't break glass and rattle chandeliers, and Kol didn't. He liked people yelling over loud drums and guitars.
I scowled and turned my music up, then tried to refocus on my poetry. Before I could do more than reread the one line I'd written, I heard Kol turn his music up, now so loud that I could hear some of the words.
I whirled around and glared at the door, even though I knew Kol couldn't see me. I debated going out there and yelling, but instead, I turned back to my speakers and cranked my music up even louder.
This was a war now.
I opened my phone and immediately cued the songs I knew Kol would hate the most, leaving my poem forgotten. His music cranked up another few notches, just loud enough to be heard over my own, and I was in the middle of getting a louder speaker for a comeback when his music shut off. I didn't get more than three steps to the door before it was flung open and my music was shut off too, a scowling Klaus standing by my speaker.
"Can we get some bloody peace and quiet in this house?" he roared, throwing his hands out in exasperation.
"Your brother started it!" I yelled back. "My music was at a perfectly reasonable level before he started blasting his nonsense!"
"Well love, the thing about being a vampire is, I can hear your music even when it's at a normal level for a human," said a voice from behind me. I whirled around to see Kol leaning in the doorway, arms crossed as he looked at me and his brother. "I couldn't focus on anything with you sending all that disgusting poppy nonsense through the house."
I opened my mouth to yell back at Kol, absolutely fuming at his attitude and garbage music opinions, but Klaus jumped in before I could.
"Alright, I've had enough of both of you. I'm trying to come up with a plan to ensure a future for both this city and my child, and I don't need the two of you arguing all bloody day to distract me! Use headphones or work in silence, but if I hear another round of music wars, I'm breaking both your speakers."
He shot a glare at me and then Kol, then sped out of the room before we could argue.
"God, he's such a pain in the ass," I said to Kol once Klaus was out of the room.
"You're telling me. I've had to live with him for the past thousand years, I promise it's worse over time."
I cracked a smile at that, before remembering I still had an assignment to do.
"Alright, get out of here," I said, waving my hands to say shoo before turning back to my laptop. "I have work to do, and I have to come up with a new creative process now that you got my old one banned."
Kol just scoffed, but when I turned around again a few seconds later, he was gone.
Despite Klaus' threat, I had a feeling this wasn't over.
My feeling turned out to be right.
Kol and I weren't stupid enough to blast our music again the same day Klaus had threatened us. Kol learned from past experiences, and I didn't want my speaker getting broken, so we gave it a few days before we started the war again. Finally though, Klaus left to go talk to the werewolves in the Bayou, so Kol and I could blast our music without any issues.
Other than each other, that is.
I was making cookies in the kitchen to one of my favorite songs when Kol burst through the door with his own music playing from a speaker off his hip. He strutted over to the counter, and our clashing songs were starting to make my head hurt.
"Ooo, cookies!" he said, reaching across the counter for one of the ones I'd just taken out of the oven. I gave his hand a hard smack before he could even get close.
"Nope! Not as long as you insist on playing that shit!" I yelled in answer when he gave me a hurt look. He glared, but I just turned up my music and glared right back.
I was not backing down on this.
Kol gave a frustrated growl, but he left the kitchen. I went back to my cookies without turning down my music, and we spent the rest of the afternoon slowly turning up our music as loud as it could go from entirely different rooms. Rebekah came in at one point to try and get me to stop, but I bribed her with cookies, and she went to work on Kol instead.
The next week was pretty much more of the same. At first, we waited to start our war until Klaus was gone, but then we stopped caring about the Hybrid's beloved peace and quiet. This was a matter of principle now, and Kol had interrupted my nice chill music enough that I had to pay him back.
Once, Klaus followed through on his threat and stole both of our speakers. Kol protested by just continuing on singing his music, so of course I had to do the same. Klaus realized pretty quickly that our singing was infinitely worse than our loud music, so after the first few days there was nothing anybody could do to stop us.
About a week and a half later, Kol and I were still going strong. The rest of the Mikaelsons were slowly going crazy, and they'd even recruited Cami to try and get us to stop, but Kol and I inevitably wound up in the middle of our war again.
I should've realized the big bad wolf would come up with some horrible way to stop us for good.
Two weeks after the first incident, the house was silent for one of only a handful of times. I figured Kol was probably out of the house, so I decided to go upstairs and enjoy some uninterrupted, normal-level music from my playlist while I could. At least, that was the plan, until I got to the hallway that lead to my room and heard music coming from the study next door.
Country music.
I scowled and moved forward, going to investigate. As far as I knew, nobody in this house listened to country. But if anybody was going to start it would be Kol, just to annoy me. Or else he really did have that bad of taste.
I walked to into the study, expecting to see Kol sitting there with a shit-eating grin, but instead it was empty. I took a few steps into the room, bracing myself for some kind of trap, but nothing happened.
Who the hell had put this on?
I moved to turn off the speakers, but before I could Kol shot into the room in a blur.
"Really, Y/N? This is a new low for you, resorting to country," he spat, shooting me a harsh glare.
"I didn't put it on!" I yelled back. "I was getting ready to yell at you for the same thing, but when I came in here the room was empty!"
Kol stopped in his tracks, his expression dropping into one of confusion.
"What? Well then who-"
Right on cue, the door to the study slammed shut behind Kol. We both turned around to face it, exchanging cautious looks. Somebody was messing with us.
"So glad you both made it in there!" called Klaus' voice through the door. I could hear the grin in his voice. "You've been so adamant about your taste in music, we thought we might chime in too!"
"Who's we?" demanded Kol.
"The rest of the family," Klaus called back.
"Hi!" chirped Rebekah.
"Welcome to the study," said Freya.
"You both needed an intervention. So, we bonded together to give you one." Elijah. I could hear the smug smile dripping from his words too. Kol and I shared another look, neither of us happy about this development.
"I've spelled the room shut, so don't bother trying to get out!" called Freya. "You two are going to spend some time getting a taste of your own medicine! You can come out when you won't be a bother to the rest of us anymore."
With that, the music switched to the most extreme, twangy country song I'd ever heard. The volume turned up as far as it could go, but I could still hear the rest of the Mikaelsons cackling outside the door.
"Have fun in there!" called Klaus. And then, Kol and I were left alone in our version of hell.
"Check the door," said Kol, his voice grimly serious as he sped to the stereo to try and shut it off. I did as he said, although I didn't have much hope. Just as Freya promised, the doorknob wouldn't budge, and when I tried busting it open with my foot I just bounced off an invisible wall of force.
We were trapped.
I turned around to see how Kol was doing with the speaker, but he was having no better luck than me. Freya had protected the source of the music with another barrier spell, which meant there was no escape from the room or the music.
"Hey, I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I hate your family," I said, plopping down on the couch in defeat.
"I don't think you've said it before, which is truly amazing," he said, sitting right next to me. He leaned back and stretched his arms out along the back of the couch. "The fact that you managed to spend more than a year with this lot without completely losing it on all of them is a true testament to your patience."
I laughed. "Yeah, somehow the only one of the group who really manages to regularly test my patience is you."
Kol smiled and turned to me, and I felt my heart speed up a little. The one bright side of this horrible music was that he definitely couldn't hear it.
"I'm glad I've managed to keep you on your toes," he said. "I've been trying since the day I met you."
"Trying to irritate me?"
"Trying to get under your skin," he corrected, leaning in ever so slightly. "I wanted to be the one of us that you thought of first, whenever you do think of us."
My heart sped up even more, and I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks. I'd had a thing for the youngest Mikaelson brother since we'd first met, but I always tried to ignore it, since I didn't think he felt the same way.
Apparently, I was wrong.
"Well... you certainly succeeded with that goal," I said, my voice barely loud enough to be heard over the music. Kol's smile grew, a little of the smugness fading away to a more honest happiness, and he closed the distance between us even further. Our lips were barely an inch apart, but Kol stopped, eyes roving my face.
"You sure you don't like country?" he asked in a low voice.
"I don't like your music. I hate country."
"Thank God."
With that, Kol closed the rest of the distance between us, crashing his lips into mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my fingers through his hair as we leaned back together, my back hitting the couch as Kol hovered over me.
"You know, there is one upside to that country music blaring in the background," I breathed as Kol moved to kissing my neck.
"Hmm? And what's that?"
"None of your siblings can hear us."
Kol stopped what he was doing to make eye contact with me, a wolfish grin on his face.
"Darling, I like the way you think."
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dayzearta month ago
Last week I jokingly wished I could find a stray back cat for Obsidian so he'd have a buddy. My other two don't like him very much. The next fucking day I look outside my back door and saw a tiny black cat, about the size obsidian was when I first got him. So I left food out for him but haven't seen him since. Today it's warm again so I brought my cat outside, he found three spots that had been sprayed and was sniffing them intensely. I think that cat and maybe more have been secretly living in my yard and now I'm stressing cus I have to trap them 馃槶 I'm having my own health issues right now and as much as I love kitties I'm so exhausted by the idea of having to trap, neuter them and re-home them.
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lonelyhobia month ago
Tumblr media
鈽唖ummary: maybe next time you鈥檒l think twice before interrupting Master when he鈥檚 on the phone.
鈽唒airing: taehyung x reader
鈽唚arnings: dom!taehyung, master kink, oral (M), cum swallowing, spit play, slapping, cock slapping
鈽唚ord count: 2.2k
A:N: This is what happens to Tae鈥檚 gf from 鈥淧ut A Plug In It鈥 as most of my work if not all this is dedicated to the lovely聽@scribblemetae鈥 I hope you love this as much as I love Hobi鈥檚 cu- <3
You had your mouth full of Masters cock. Lips tightly wrapped around his length that was pressed to the back of your throat. Your nose was pushed up against his neatly trimmed pubic hair and he gently stroked your hair out of the way. Admiring the way your mouth stretched around his cock he used his free hand to squish your cheek tightly around his cock.
鈥淕od Pet you鈥檙e so lucky you have the best Master filling up your slutty throat.鈥 He looks at you with so much love and lust as he takes up all the space in your mouth. Your eyes had been full of tears, saliva and pre-cum staining your face in its entirety. Just a few moments before Master had buried himself in your mouth he had been painting your face in his arousal as he slapped his cock around your cheeks.聽
鈥淵ou love when Master feeds you his cock huh?鈥 His hand had formed a makeshift ponytail as you nod as best as you can around his length. He pushed his hips up causing you to let out a sputtering choking sound however he wouldn鈥檛 let up. Simply chuckling at your distress and pleading eyes.
鈥淯se your words Pet鈥 he says with a smack of his hand to your cheek. You try your best to let out a 鈥榊es master鈥 but as soon as a muffled sound makes its way out of your cock stretched lips he smirks before thrusting your head up and down his cock.
鈥淐ouldn鈥檛 hear you, guess Masters going to have to cum down your pretty throat instead of this pussy.鈥 Reaching over he lands a smack to your ass that鈥檚 up as he continues to use your throat for what it's for, his own cocksleeve. His fingers slip under your skirts and trail down to your covered pussy. Running his fingers over your slit. He hums in joy at the wetness pooling out of you.
鈥淪uch a good whore for her Master.鈥
Vibrations come from his pants and you knew better than to stop your actions, especially when he continues to pound into your throat. He lets his phone go to voicemail another two times before he鈥檚 letting go of your hair and reaching for his pocket.
鈥淒ammit Hobi hyung鈥 he mutters out and you keep your pace on his cock not wanting to upset him as he takes the phone call.聽
鈥淲hat do you want Hobi hyung?! And you stop, Masters on the phone鈥 he grumpily calls out pushing your head off of him. His hard cock pops out of your mouth leaving a vulgar trail of spit and precum leaking from your mouth. You rise up on your knees crossing your arms as you stare at your beautiful Master on the phone with his hyung, but also extremely curious as to why Hoseok called. You can鈥檛 hear what he鈥檚 saying but you figure it鈥檚 a better distraction than staring needily at his hard length teasing you.
鈥淚s GF/N okay?鈥 You hear Hoseok鈥檚 girlfriend's name come out of Master's mouth and you鈥檙e quickly clutching his arm in alarm at the possibility of something being wrong with her.聽 鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong?鈥 you ask, voice horse from the vicious thrusting of his cock moments earlier.
Master turns to give you a look that has you closing your mouth immediately and keeping your hands to yourself but he can still sense the worry in your eyes over your friend. He shakes his head signalling that nothing serious has happened to Hobi鈥檚 girlfriend and continues his conversation as you wait patiently.
鈥淟ike what?鈥 Master continues on with Hobi and you busy yourself with staring at his beautiful face and how his jaw moves with every word until your ears perk up.
鈥淪o you want to reward her?鈥 You hear him question Hobi smirking while throwing you a glance. Knowing full well that if you wanted to be rewarded you鈥檇 have to stay on your best behavior. But he also knew you were incredibly nosy and wouldn鈥檛 miss the opportunity to get information on your best friends sex life or more importantly what Taehyung was going to suggest.
Master sees the look in your eyes followed by the way you鈥檙e hyper focused on his conversation and shakes his head. He didn鈥檛 care if you heard him on the phone but he would look for the smallest reason to punish you. He thrived off of seeing your pain mixed with tiny spurts of pleasure. You were everything to him, his perfect pet.聽
But you were also too quick to obey him. It was part of your charm, no matter how hard the punishment you always took it with grace and without complaint. Just like a good little slut. His pet. One of the many reasons why adored you. You loved his rewards as much as you loved his punishments.聽
Quickly standing up, Master tucks himself into his pants as he leaves your living room. He let his hand come out signaling for you to stay there and to not crawl behind him.
You sit there for a few moments thinking of the best plan of action. Part of you really wanted to be good for your Master, but the other part wanted to be a good friend and help out Hobi. You knew exactly what his girlfriend had been wanting to try but you knew she wouldn鈥檛 say it herself. Weighing the pros and cons of interrupting the call you figured since it was for Hoseok鈥檚 girlfriend maybe Master would be lenient? You knew he probably wouldn鈥檛 but it would be worth the spankings or the edging if it meant helping a friend.
When you walk to where Master is at you notice it鈥檚 your sex room. You weren鈥檛 allowed in there without his explicit permission so you found yourself questioning if this mission was worth it.
鈥淕et a butt plug and make her wear it.鈥 Hearing Master鈥檚 suggestion you cheer silently. Anal was something Hoseok鈥檚 girlfriend always wanted to try but hadn鈥檛 brought up to him. You wait a little to see if Hoseok bites on the idea.
鈥淭here鈥檚 different sizes hyung. But the bigger the better to get her ready for you, that way it won鈥檛 hurt as much you know?鈥 Very true Master. You think to yourself fondly remembering the first time he shoved a butt plug in your ass. There wasn鈥檛 any more conversation going on behind the door and you were slightly worried Hoseok hadn鈥檛 been too keen on the idea. Taking a deep breath you reach for the door handle before taking a step inside.
Master was standing with his back to the door phone still in hand. Perfect. Running up you snatch it from his grasp shouting 鈥淧lay with her ass!鈥. Taking the phone from your grasp Tae mute鈥檚 the call staring intently at the floor. 鈥淕et.out.鈥 he says in the deepest one he could muster up. Eyes widening you realized you truly fucked up and definitely weren鈥檛 going to be fucked now.
You sat on the couch waiting for your Master to come out. Excitement and fear riddled your body as you thought of all the possibilities of pain and pleasure Master would be inflicting on you. His heavy footsteps made it to where you were as you looked at him. 鈥淒on鈥檛 look at me, you know what you did鈥 averting your gaze to the floor you fidget with your hands nervously.聽
鈥淵ou disobeyed me pet. What rules did you break?鈥
鈥淚-i went into Master's special room without permission.鈥 He hums holding up one fingers nodding.
鈥淲hat else?鈥
鈥淚 interrupted Master鈥 you whimper out head hung low in shame.
鈥淢mm that鈥檚 two broken rules. So that will be two days that you go without cuming. You know how kind Master is in pleasing you, but from now on for 48 hours I want you in pain.鈥 You can hear the smirk in his voice despite not being able to see them. 鈥淥h and that means no touching yourself with those little hands of yours.鈥
鈥淣ow get on the floor, hands on knees, and close your eyes. You don鈥檛 get the pleasure of watching me fuck your throat, you insolent whore.鈥 Quickly you scramble to the floor to do as he says. Your legs are tucked under your ass, hands on knees, and eyes closed. For a special touch you went ahead and opened your mouth.聽
Chuckling at how fast and fuckable you look on the floor he pats your cheek a little too harshly twice before you hear the sound of his pants being unbuckled. Your mouth waters as you picture his fat cock springing out still hard from not getting to paint your throat earlier.
鈥淟ook at my bratty pet. So ready to be used by her Master huh?鈥 Nodding eagerly you feel his cock smack against your cheek. 鈥淪tick your tongue out whore.鈥 Doing so you feel his length slide into your mouth in one fluid motion. His cock is heavy and he pushes in as far as he can go, not giving you time to relax your jaw. The sounds coming from your mouth of struggle and the gags are music to his ears as he takes his pleasure from you.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 a good slut, always hungry for my cock.鈥 He grunts out as he thrusts rapidly into your mouth. You wish for nothing more than to open your eyes but you were certainly not trying to add a third day to your no cuming sentence.聽
鈥淕od your mouth is sooo good, perfect little fuck hole鈥 groaning he continues to fuck your mouth, heavy balls slapping under your chin when he grips your hair and pushes himself all the way. Your nose meeting his public hair once more as your throat spasm to accommodate him.
Pulling out of your mouth in one movement you鈥檙e tempted to open your eyes but you grip your thighs as hard as you can and try to regulate your breathing without coughing and upsetting your Master.聽
鈥淲hat does this say?鈥 Master question as his fingers dance along the collar around your neck.
鈥淭aehyung.鈥 you answer with as much power as you can. To assure Master that his name is the only one you鈥檒l ever want to claim you.
鈥淲ho do you belong to pet?鈥 He asks again this time pulling on the collar tugging you forward. You felt his breath fan on your face and could feel him close to you.
鈥淭o you.鈥
Pulling harder on your collar you let out a choked squeal. 鈥淲ho owns you pet.鈥 he asks but this time it feels more like a demand for you to state a fact. And of course he already knew the answer.
鈥淢aster does鈥澛
You couldn鈥檛 see it but his eyes always lit up when you verbally let him claim you. You would always be his beautiful pet. Snapping out of it Taehyung takes his rock hard cock into his hands and pushes himself into your mouth once again.聽
鈥淯gh fuck open your eyes cock slut.鈥 Quickly you look up to him and take in the appearance. His hands were gripping your cheeks as he thrusted madly into your mouth. Staring straight into his eyes you hear his cold demeanor shift for a second as he releases a moan. Taking his sign of pleasure you work your tongue around what you can as his length pistons in and out. You tighten the suction of your mouth and begin to bob your head with his movements.聽
鈥淵ou are perfect鈥 he states looking straight into your eyes, and with every slip of his cock you feel the sincerity in his words.
His face quickens as he feels his high approaching. 鈥淏alls now鈥 he calls out and slips himself from your mouth quickly fisting himself. You lean your head down to take his balls into your mouth sucking them as hard as you can to help your Master feel good.
鈥淔uck I have the best slut鈥 he groans pumping his lenth quickly as you suck his balls. 鈥淥ff.鈥澛
And your back to looking at him obediently. Your hands have stayed on your lap and your mouth and chin are a mess of spit and his pre-cum. Taehyung can鈥檛 help but think this is the most beautiful you've ever looked. He continues to pump his length staring at you. 鈥淥-open鈥 he growls and just as fast you obey and he lays his head flat as you close your lips around him.
His cum is fed to you in hot spurts as he moans, but you keep it all in your mouth once again not wanting to prolong your punishment.
Pulling out of your mouth he hums as he crouches to be level with you. 鈥淪how me鈥 and you open to show off his seed in its rightful place, in you.
鈥淕ood whore, swallow it.鈥 and you do so obediently. Your thighs pressed together provide him some relief but not the kind you鈥檙e longing for. Master notices your slight movement and chuckles. 鈥淎w baby do you want to play?鈥 and you think somehow me must鈥檝e taken mercy on you and is going to let you cum.聽
You thought is quickly shut down when that smirk overtakes his beautiful face and his hand comes to smack across your face. 鈥淭oo bad you're a disrespectful brat.鈥 he laughs before pinching your face between his fingers pressing your lips out.聽
Smashing his lips into you roughly you try to relish the feeling of his mouth on yours but he鈥檚 quickly pulling away from you. Gathering all the saliva he spits into your opened mouth before giving you another pat and standing up.
鈥淲ell I have practice, see you later pet!鈥
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