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#crow war
satan-incarnate-666 · 4 hours ago
Hi Ghillie :catcute: c-can I request Saga "there was only one bed on this important stakeout" style uwu
hi zeph, enjoy!
Title: Enough To Dream And Make Believe
Pairing: Kapano "Naga" Vang/Vikhor "Stitch" Kuzmin
Additional Notes: title is from Floral And Fading by Pierce The Veil bc emo me is emo
"The things I do for this fucking job." Naga was, once more, pissed. That had become something of a running theme during his operations with Stitch.
Frankly, the only thing keeping the other man alive was the too-fresh memory of a gunshot wound to the thigh and brain matter on tree bark.
"I'm not sleeping on the ground." Stitch replied, firmer than was strictly necessary. "I need a good night's rest to be at my prime."
"Yeah, you aren't the only one who needs their beauty sleep, princess."
Stitch scowled and pulled the hotel room key from Naga's grip."I don't give a shit, I'm not sleeping on the ground!"
"I'm not either, kiss my ass!"
"Fucking try m-"
"Uh, 'scuse me, but why don't ya'll just share the bed?" The quickly heating argument was interrupted by a bellhop, who was carrying the agents' bags.
Stitch scowled again and shoved past the other two.
In almost six hours' time, jack-shit had happened. No one had come from or gone out of the office complex Stitch and Naga were meant to watch, and both were getting bored.
Naga set down his pair of binoculars and flopped down onto the bed. "Fuck this, I'm sleeping. If you try and wake me up, I will toss you out the window."
Stitch tried to protest, but the other had fallen asleep seconds after his head touched the pillow. At the same time, Naga looked so quaint that it would truly be a shame to wake him.
As the hours passed, Stitch found himself curiously looking over the younger man's unmasked face. There was a softness visible in the Cupid's bow of his lips, the colour in his cheeks, a softness that wasn't there in his waking hours. The Russian found himself drawn to it.
Then again, it was late, and Stitch was definitely jet-lagged.
Yeah, that was it. Jet-lag. Not a crush. Most certainly not a crush.
Stitch pushed Naga away from his side of the bed, careful not to wake him. He wasn't planning on being thrown out a window any time soon.
Besides, the bed was a queen. More than enough to fit two men. Right?
Stitch sighed and shucked his shirt, then crawled into bed. He was asleep the moment his head hit the pillow.
Naga woke to a steady heartbeat under his head, and a hand on his hip. He tried to shift, but the grip tightened, and Stitch stirred slightly, so he stayed put. After all, he wasn't complaining.
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sharkfinx · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
@heroicstm​ said: dark orbs manifest from their former crimson state bearing down on the other, " your the one that was with my brother, kisame hoshigaki right? you must have a reason to seek me out. " he figured he could give the former comrade of itachi a few minutes of his time, out of respect to him. he didn't truly care for the akatsuki or their motives.
“ Just wanted to see with my eyes. For Who, Itachi san waited for so long to die for.”   ‘ They had similar faces, but their cold dead stare had an different feeling to it. Not too surprising as any Uchiha had the same dark hair and brooding expression. A nostalgic feeling passed by as he positioned Samehada over the right shoulder. Reminding himself how dangerous that family could be.
Tumblr media
“ What’s your goal from now on? Sasuke san.”
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crows-apothecary · 3 days ago
I just wanna say that I had a str wrs dnd oc that was very similar to omega and I just wanna say I did it first.
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minzart · 4 days ago
Wait, since iago is here, all the other villains sidekick are probably there too. For example, pain and panic shapeshifting into birds to spy on idia and Yuu’s date, The hyenas causing student stampedes so Leona can save Yuu, Ursula’s eels spying on Yuu to get information about their likes and dislikes, Evil Queen’s crow is being used as a messenger, maleficent’s raven is causing hell on the others attempt to woo Yuu, King of hearts giving riddle pep talks
And FINALY THE KING OF HEARTS, YES, I FORGOT ABOUT THE LITTLE DUDE! Ok I watched only one time the alice movie but still
POOR KING OF HEARTS, the guy's bullied by the others oh my God only his wife to save him
He tries to give Riddle "the talk" "sir... your majesty I already know about this"
He tries his best but has no guts, Riddle wonders how the hell did the queen married him
jokes on him. When talking to the king he discovers that he's a great listener and his insecure but some times calm voice is realy reassuring for some reason reminds you of someone?
Surprising great at upping the boy's moral! "D-don't worry! I am sure they will find your tea party wonderful! I saw their little smile when they left last time!"
While the queen isn't above using more... seduction, the king has the most wholesome ideas and usually works best for the poor boys dignity
Oh the HYENAS, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, mischief encarned, they are loving the food, realy, more than they ever think they could eat.
Respect Leona bc he just let them do their own thing, however they become annoyed when Ruggie is pushed around too much "c'mon let the kid have a break once!"
When they see that a certain herbivore is catching the eye of said lion and scar himself just comented on how convenient it would be to have some chaos on certain day at certain time...
Crowley is losing feathers and hair by the second, WHO IS LETTING A ZOO LOSE AT THE SCHOOL??!! And who's gonna have to pay the price? Yuu, who's trying desperate to gain control on the hyenas and they don't look friendly, no sir
Luckily Leona came and up to the air they go, just a little problem, he wasn't aware of this plan, and now he's mad and start scolding the hyenas, they stop snickering at him carring yuu like a bride on the broom, looks like the plan might have been a success
"Leona you can put me dow now y'know"
"Do you realy think I don't see that scratch? Honestly herbivore you're bold to think I would let you harm yourself more than those imbeciles already did"
Flotsam and jetsam are such sneak litte shits, they are always watching, anytime Yuu pass by a lake or river, they are there, watching and listening
The Leech twins are a little skeptical about those two eels who just popped up on the octavinelle tanks, but soon lear they can be very entertaining and very useful, especialy if you can understand them
Oh they love to prank any poor unfortunate student that is next to a body of water, be it by calling them out or... biting
Azul got some very good information from them, favorite color? Dunno, but they are going to scarabia to study later this evening, and if he doesn't do something they are sure the scarabia boy is planing someting
Cue Azul's trying to interfere before something happens or just crashing on some dates when he can
On yuu's birthday day Azul gets them something they comented only to Grim and he just plays it off as a coincidence
Now the evil Queen's Crow has the chillies job among the seven henchmen, you see, Vil has so little privacy that even if he were to text yuu the public would know by one means or anothers
So what's the second best way to communicate? Letters! So the Crow's job is to come and go with them, wich makes him the second henchmen that has a good reputation with Yuu
Many times, as letters take time to be ready, he's just chilling on schools grounds, looking around, finding food, chilling with Diablo the usual
And then... Crowley shows up and oh boy, how can a bird so small manage to creat such a smug aura, and how can a grow ass man be so fucking jealous of a bird territorial thing? Oh no no no, Crowley knows very fucking well who this is and he ain't letting this little shit rob his position as best Crow to yuu no sir, OUT later that day he laid awake until 3 AM now realizes that a certain someone might not be totally dead
Pain & panic have notice how late Idia's staying awake and in some days comes back way later, so what they do? They go after him
And surprise surprise the boy is mopping by some ruin around the dorm, he was doing a video for those shows he likes so much, judging by the clothes and sticks, but stoped and is... wait... is he laughing?
Oh. Oh~ seems like he's not alone, the little prefect he doesn't shut up about is there and he's socializing with them how adorable! For someone who was in denial seconds ago they look fine together
So they just start recording, Ortho teached them, cute interactions for what? Two hours, they show it to him and Hades later, the room almost turned to ashes by his embarrassment, Hades is super fucking pround and betrayed Why didn't you told him earlier Idia?!
Would they go and record Yuu's life for him? Absolutely
Diablo my boy! best raven, I don't care, third best character in that movie only topped BY Maleficent and the three faries, he can literally be a general.
Listen remember when Malleus wanted a friend like him? Yeah guess what? He does have him now and ahahah would you look at that child of man I think it wasn't friendship that I felt why are you so cute tonight?
Goes to their night walk and finds them adorable together, notices yuu's extremely dangerous life, especialy the fact that they have no magic and guess who just got adopted by a bird
Yuu finds some trinkets and he himself delivers some, never getting from Malleus treasure, he gets those from around school
So bc Malleus nor his mistress can't watch over yuu all day he does the job instead
And he's not surprised to see how many boys grew interest on them, and he just loves sabotaging their plans over and over
It brings him great amusement when he sees the hope of a perfect confession fading from the students eyes
Sometimes even plays the victim to be rescued by Yuu and brought to Malleus immediately, causing more interaction between them by day time
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sindulgentdemons · 4 days ago
head empty only thinking abt mammon with crow mannerisms. around MC? making soft, unique and quiet little songs and coos that only people within a few feet can hear. In demon form? Preening his feathers (hc his "higher" demon form is feathered) since its a bonding activity and trying to preen your hair bc you don't have feathers but he likes you and wants to return the favor. Making lil chirps (and when in demon form) fluffin out and shaking feathers when u walk in a room bc !!!!! my person!!!
Big brain anon 😫💕
I LOVE the thought of him making bird sounds and cooing but he doesnt even realise it? 🥺 i like to think the sound is deep enough that you can feel the vibrations coming off of him if youre close to him and how calming that would be hmm. Preening his feathers!! Scratching a bit of the skin underneath his feathers too, making him shiver. Awwwh him trying to preen you back and fluffing his feathers just from seeing you?? 🥺🥺 youre makin me so fuckin SOFT HH and and,,,, cuddling with mammon in his higher demon form,,, soft feathers surrounding you making you feel all warm and cozy and safe aaaaaa
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autistic-damian-wayne · 13 days ago
Proof Kon would wear this hat
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Superboy #91)
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America’s Long History of Voter Suppression
America’s Long History of Voter Suppression
Voter suppression is a grand old American tradition that dates back to the earliest days of the republic. In fact, voter suppression began at the Constitutional Convention and continues to this day. The recent political battles over voting are only the latest round in an endless war to suppress the vote, or protect voter rights. Consequently, we can see where the voting wars are going by…
Tumblr media
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mst3kgifs · a month ago
Tumblr media
Damn Bumpuses’ dinosaurs!
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sharkfinx · a month ago
Tumblr media
@imsical​ said: ♟ from gai ♥
Tumblr media
“ Don’t.”  He was hurt and bleeding of course, but his regeneration just wasn’t kicked yet for his own exhaustion from that fight. Being carried over the shoulder like a fresh fished Tuna was humiliation enough, now being offered help was the limit. “Don’t you dare touch me you dumb beast.” His voice wasn’t heard as a bandaid was stamped over his forehead as he was still being dragged around. Letting out a loud sigh of disappointment. “ I hate you.”
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sharkfinx · a month ago
Tumblr media
@imsical​ said: "— Hah, you said we had an epic battle, is that right?" Gai is holding his chin, thoughtfully. "I have no recollection of that! What was your name, again?" / from gai lçajfçlksjgkla!♥
   Many bad words and horrible names passed through his mind even if the smile stamped on Kisame face didn’t moved a muscle. “Ohhh you stupid beast, you fool. How do you even remember to breath? Ha ha ha ha. There isn’t a little the single place inside of that empty bucked you call a brain to remember WHO you fight? Konoha’s people really are the sh—”   He was literally the only blue skinned person around and that RUDE ninja from Konoha still didn’t even took a second to remember his face or his name. If wasn’t Itachi there closing by; giving him an annoyance glance— Samehada would already be dancing in the air at Gai directions. 
Tumblr media
“SOME Konoha people are really pretty rude.”
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sharkfinx · a month ago
Tumblr media
@dctcnation​ said: "So you got two of them huh? Love to see how that would work sometime, hm."
Tumblr media
        Kisame was about to reach a apple in a tree close by when he was hit with that question. Blinking slowly as he shook the fruit, pulling it and cleaning over the cloak as he tried to process it. Deidara never had been to save words and that was just a example of it.. but explained the sudden feeling of someone watching him bathing other day.
Tumblr media
“ Deidara...? I don’t think I would feel comfortable with someone seeing me peeing. If that’s what you mean. It come from both, if you’re ”
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sharkfinx · 2 months ago
< ⟳ @youthful-kana​ | Plotted starter >
    It was a beautiful night indeed, the smell of the fresh sliced and seasoned river fish over the bonfire only made it more enchanting. Though the beauty it offered, Kisame was unamused about it. It was just too quiet for his own taste, obviously preferring the agitated life of fights instead of the peace. Itachi not being there didn’t made the biggest diference. A rock easily replaced him if he had to be honest in talking terms.  The sightless and faintly charka that approached from his side brought a smirk on his face, at least something else was about to happen.
Tumblr media
“Nee ~ Unless you had any idea on what you’re about to do. I advice to bring someone stronger; I really don’t want to feed Samehada with such weak charka.” 
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an-album-a-day · 2 months ago
March 3rd - Super Collider by Megadeth
Genres: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
This is the 14th album by megadeth, and I like it less than their previous Hard Rock-ier album - Risk. It’s still a good one and I definitely enjoyed the listen,
Favourites: Super Collider, Built For War, Off The Edge, The Blackest Crow, and Cold Sweat. 
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sharkfinx · 2 months ago
< ⟳ @ethcria​​​​ | Plotted starter >
            It wasn't a view to be seen everyday; a large man out on the sea. Skin which was bathed by the harsh sun and similar as his.  A closer inspection as Kisame moved the bangs of dark hair over the shoulder, eyes widening upon seeing the gills cut over their neck.
Tumblr media
" Ara ~ You're not dead enough to be given to the sea yet. It will hurt the pups teeth, neee." To offer your body to the sea upon death was a traditional thing for any branch of the Hoshigaki clan. From there they come and back to it they shall return, but to those that aren't on that state would simple cause trouble for the sea creatures.             Grabbing the man by his flashy shirt, Kisame walked over the water by controlling the charka at the sole of his feet. Once by the shore he could have a better look at the man. He was taller than he though, teeth bigger than his and even his features looked more feral than his own. How jealous Kisame was for seeing someone that looked so strong but in that state. Throwing sand up his gills, Kisame tried to wake him up as he had as smirk on his face.
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