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booksinfact · 9 hours ago
(SPOILERS for The Wizards of Once)
Encanzo drinks the Spell of Love Denied, then gives his heart to Sychorax to wear around her neck.
These two... 🤔
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sleepygreywolf · 10 hours ago
Every time hiccup is trying to teach toothless how to behave it’s so funny. Like you have one very badly behaved dragon who will do everything to get his own way and one very tired dragon mum who is just trying to teach his disobedient baby some manners. When toothless wants hiccup to get up and hiccup is saying “nO toothless it’s 3am” and toothless just pretends he really needs the toilet so hiccup just bolts out of bed in a panic because “no toothless no pooing in the house” it’s just hilarious. And when he’s trying to teach him please thank you and sorry in the later books and toothless is going “sorry buttons, sorry bottom half of shirt” when he eats them it’s just hysterical like I love how much hiccup is toothless’s mum
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sleepygreywolf · a day ago
Hiccup being so upset about fishlegs’ potential death at the end of how to cheat a dragons curse is just so heartbreaking and so cute and I absolutely love him and it just shows how much they care about each other and understand each other. Like when hiccup gets ill instead fishlegs is the one who can save him because he’s the only one who can understand what hiccup is trying to tell them. Anyway I love them their friendship is so cute
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vacker-katastrof · 7 days ago
Do You Know Who The Green Death Is? Because I Do
You mean the original dragon from the books? Of course! 
Tumblr media
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sweetestmoonwitch · 7 days ago
Yall someone's gotta do it
Happy pride month to disaster bi bodyguards, disaster pan Vikings, gay wizards\boys of destiny, wlw warrior princesses with magic eyes and dyslexia, whatever the fuck is happening in iron warrior fort rn, genderfluid sprites, ace dragon enthusiasts, chaotic bi ladies who can pick a lock, magic doors, cutlery stuck in love triangles, and you.
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rooseltheweasel · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Wish's hair is so fun to draw because it's impossible to mess up. Because she was born messed up and therefore perfect and I love her.
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peculiarwem · 19 days ago
Wizards of Once
by Cressida Cowell
So it's been awhile since I've read this. I finished it on February 1st and I didn't even really leave a review which isn't like me but here we are. I remember loving the story. It was fun and funny and I was angry when I was supposed to be and surprised when I needed to be and it was just fun. I gave it five out of five stars.
Wizards of Once: Twice Magic
by Cressida Cowell
Since I'm here, I'll review them both. I finished Twice Magic on April 19th and I did a proper review on Goodreads. I had so much fun reading the second book. I cried and laughed and I very much am excited to continue this story. I loved the way this book weaved emotion and made me happy and sad and everything. I felt everything. Very fun. Another five out of five stars.
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Thuggory-Centric Fanfics for Book Fandom?
Tumblr media
So… I was thinking about writing a series of Thuggory-centric fics for the Book Fandom, but then I thought that you guys would definitely not want fics on him, and remembered that he’s your most hated character, and that you would positively unfollow/block me should I even consider writing any fics for Thuggory. I mean… who on earth even LOVES Thuggory?
I’m using sarcasm, of course. I mean, we ALL know that we’d be frothing at the mouth for some Thuggory content for once, AM I RIGHT, DRAGONMARKERS?! XD
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frosted-firefly · 22 days ago
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fuehairtransplantblog · 26 days ago
The Wizards of Once: Twice Magic : Book 2 - Cressida Cowell
The Wizards of Once: Twice Magic : Book 2 – Cressida Cowell
Download The Wizards of Once: Twice Magic : Book 2 – Cressida Cowell ebook From the bestselling author of How to Train Your Dragon comes an exciting high-adventure series – set in an ancient, magical time, full of Wizards, Warriors, Giants and Sprites. This was once the story of a young boy Wizard and a young girl Warrior who had been taught since birth to hate each other like poison. But now,…
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kingofthewilderwest · 28 days ago
Hello! So, I was reading one of your posts about, like, what are your favorite versions of certain HTTYD's characters (like DW!Hiccup or Book!Hiccup) and since The Hidden World, the final movie, was released a few years ago, I would like to know if the events of said film add anything to your previous opinions about the characters in the post. Also if this question ends up feeling too negative or boring, please feel free to ignore it. I don't want to upset anyone.
Nothing negative about anything in this conversation topic! This is fun and thanks for chatting! <3 Sorry it took me so long to respond to you, though!
In this post from four years ago, I was asked to choose between DreamWorks and HTTYD versions of analogous-ish characters, and I voted:
Book character wins: Camicazi, Fishlegs, Hiccup, Toothless DreamWorks character wins: Alvin, Gobber, Snotlout, Stoick Ties: Vals (Valhallarama vs Valka)
There were many other things I talked about. I said which relationships I preferred. I also said that, franchise-wise, I would pick the book series over the DreamWorks franchise (even though of course I love both).
There has been a slight shift in how I think about DreamWorks versus Cowell’s series since THW was released. As people may be familiar with, while I didn’t hate THW or anything, it didn’t emotionally resonate with me. Because it didn’t emotionally resonate, I haven’t been as gungho recently about the DreamWorks side. I still love it and always will, but that’s the short-term impact of this recent event. Therefore, since THW was released, my preferences for characters, relationships, and universes from the book series have strengthened. I’ve thought more about Furious than Drago, thought more about book!Toothless than Toothless, and have felt enormous happiness for the Hiccup Cressida Cowell brought to life. If today we got news of new HTTYD materials from Cowell or DreamWorks, I know I’d scream more about a hypothetical Cowell announcement.
However, THW didn’t make me shift in character preference greatly. Looking through my 4-year-old post, just about everything holds up. It’s accurate to how I feel today. I would say the Vals are even more equally tied because Valka didn’t do interesting stuff in THW but I’ve become more appreciative of Valhallarama’s presence and role. My preference toward Toothless is skewed to the book series even more. But nothing changed. I would still vote DW!Snotlout over book!Snotlout (although they’re closer to a tie); I would still say DW!Stoick over book!Stoick. All my votes would be the same as what I put.
So I think that what THW did was solidify or strengthen my positions for the votes where I gave book preference. For the DreamWorks character votes, THW didn’t make me love them more, but most didn’t “lose ground” in my eyes. I would say I think about DW!Hiccup with a smidge less enthusiasm, awe, adoration, or inspiration than before THW, and I’ve already mentioned Valka. So... subtle shifts in degree of enthusiasm, but that’s it. And given as DW pounded us with lots of stuff, I think I’m also slightly oversaturated in the DW side of HTTYD for now, and that my enthusiasms will rebalance to equilibrium with a little more time.
Granted, HTTYD also isn’t my current hyperfixation, too, so while I totally still enjoy chatting over it, that degree of enthusiasm has shifted to other topics, and that’s probably impacting how I view the DreamWorks and Cowell worlds both.
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gnecrognome · 29 days ago
Hmmmm I wanna change my blog title time to pick a different overdramatic quote from the HTTYD books
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sleepygreywolf · a month ago
How to train your dragon
Ok guys the films are good films right but like
OMG the BOOKS I am going to YELL about how much I love them
They’re so clever and funny and amazing ok like there’s an incredible plotline running through them and like genuinely they’re absolutely genius ok
Reasons you should read them
They’re genuinely really good
Hiccup the Dragon MotherTM
FISHLEGS ok he’s so sarcastic and just generally I love him he’s not very good at Viking things but it’s ok because we love him
Toothless and his little stutter omg he’s so sweet but also he’s so badly behaved at the start and it’s brilliantly funny
CAMICAZI she is an absolute icon she can’t stop talking like imagine what Spider-Man is like how he constantly is like chattering during fights? She is like That and she always has some kind of emergency weapon up her sleeve she isn’t in the first two books though so you’ll have to wait for her incredibleness
the incredible cleverness of them which you might not even notice until you get right near the end of the series but it’s STUNNING
Gobber the belch and his VERY SHOUTY Viking lessons
Snotlouts character arc trust me on this one guys
Old Wrinkly is SO funny “do you remember hiccup? Stoik? Small boy? Red hair” “YES I REMEMBER HICCUP he IS my son”
The Audiobooks are FANTASTIC I’ve not read all of the books as books I listened to the audiobooks which are narrated by David tennant and oh lord the voices are absolutely incredible the MUSIC is AMAZING and it like really brings the story to life so I will be telling people how amazing these are until I am dead
If I haven’t yet convinced you to read them there are dangerous quests, dragons, vikings, an evil villain, battles and general fabulous action
please please read them or listen to them I think they’re really underrated and deserve so much more attention I first listened to them when I was about 9 and I just have so much nostalgia and happy warmth when I listen to them now
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stellarblueeiji · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
How to train your dragon ~ 2010
Chris Sanders
Dean De Blois
Just missing the 3D glasses to be flying on Toothless' back. Amazing.
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thedayoftheblackstar · a month ago
The characteristics of the helmets
Before you read this, yes, Maybe it’s more like a theory, but I think it’s interesting. Also, spoiler warning!
The characters of the Barbaric Archipelago are very colourful and full of personality. It’s good to see a Childrens’ novel where there’s more than black and white. One of the most important part of a character is the design. Cressida did a great job with it, you look at a character and you can already tell their characteristics.  Vikings did not wear helmets everyday, and because how accurate were certain things in the series, like small fun facts (mostly just those), we can assume Cressida knew it. Then why did she draw nearly everybody one? I think it has a relation to the singing. These Vikings loved to sing. And where did the misunderstanding of helmets come from? An opera. (I thought this was interesting enough to mention)
The first and most important is the protagonist himself, Hiccup the third. He had very basic helmet look, with bull horns on it. He doesn’t stand out from the crowd, just like nobody really expected anything from him. Even it’s the first description we had about him: he looks rather simple, just like an ordinary little boy. But then he got the top of one of his horns sliced off, which added to the character. He is different, unordinary. It’s asymmetric, not perfect. Most people connect asymmetry with unnatural things. Hiccup stood out from the crowd. Later he losts his helmet and got replaced with one from a different place. That was a transitional period in his life. Big things started to happen, and small things lead up to very important moments. He was also basically an outcast, therefore it was natural to him getting something that symbolizes the distance between his home and his past. Hiccup was far away from humanity for a very long period of time. He was a stranger and even the helmet was one too. Then he got the crown and the rest is history.  I once read a blog where they mentioned that at the end Snotlout and Hiccup’s role in society got switched up. Hiccup got a helmet with normal horns, while his cousin got one that had one horn sliced off. 
Fishlegs’ helmet is a little strange, but it fits him. He got two smaller horns on the top of it. He looked like he was a small person, a literal nobody, but in the end he was the best friend of Hiccup, and saved his and many lives.
Snotlout’s looks like ram horns. He is aggressive and would fight anyone who’s in his way, just like the animal, which has these tendencies as well. The weird thing about his, is the fact that the horns are pointing up and not down. I bet this is just a small thing and has nothing to do with anything, but it’s still worth mentioning that Cressida probably knew this when she was drawing the character. I can’t really think of anything about this information other than that maybe it makes him a little different from a ram. And it’s possible that the horns are drawn curvy because it just looks better. Later he gets two different helmets, one is chief like (he wore it when he became the “leader” of the tribe), and the other is a more worn out one he wears during his final character arc, before he switches his with Hiccup’s. They are both similar, and they are both looks different than the Hooligan tribe’s headpieces. The horn is broken off. I already wrote about what it means. They are both in despair and things happen before the big finale. 
Recurring motif is the twisted features on the horns. It’s not that weird considering that most animals have horns like that, but what if I told you that it means that the character is like to fight or at least hot headed? It’s weirdly specific, but there are characters who don’t have helmets like that or don’t even wear anything on their heads. But maybe this is more of a theory too, because Old Wrinkly’s horns are like that too, and he’s anything but combative. And then there’s Norbert, who got a very slender one just like Flashburn’s. My man Norbert is a strange person, and those things on his head are very outstanding. He could catch thunder with them, and makes him pretty crazy looking. Or it’s really nothing. The only thing that’s probably true, that if the horns are big, the character is somebody important in society.  
Now the most interesting part on this “list” is Alvin. He was an impostor. He tried to look nice, but Cressida made sure there was something off about the man. The first thing that stood out to me was the thing that I’m writing about today. There is no animal with that kind of horns. It’s twisted and is made from four separate parts. It looks more like a bizarre tree or even snakes. But unlike Hiccup unnaturalness, you need to take Alvin’s in a literal way. It was a sign. Later he loses the helmet (and wears a similar in book 5), but it was a perfect introduction to the guy. He’s one evil person, somebody who is sick and rotten to his core. 
I don’t know if anybody wrote something similar to this, but I found the topic interesting enough to write about it. 
Thank you for reading!
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