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#crashing wave
feralcoffeebug · a day ago
What do you associate with ME?
Ah, I associate a lot of god esc things with you, anything to do with someone being a god I immediately think of you. Along with that, honestly the very specific way you guys write Tiso, and “oof owch hurtie bone” jdjdnsn
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iconicrry · a day ago
hello i just think that we all deserve to be relaxing on a beach somewhere
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yuckei · 2 days ago
Megaman discord! Come join and share your art and headcanons about Megaman, welcome to the classic series, cartoons, and any other iteration of Megaman media! When you join you get to choose your favorite robot master and have a corresponding color :)
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feralcoffeebug · 3 days ago
Sexuality headcanon: lesbian,,,
Favorite ship(s): Lacenet
Brotp: Sibling and Sherma
Notp: quirrel and hornet
A random headcanon: trans hornet trans hornet
General opinion: I love her sm
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peener · 3 days ago
Minimal wave / minimal synth.
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kindclaws · 5 days ago
A week ago I didn't think I had any friends who lived locally, and now a few days apart I had TWO former roommates text me to say that three of them are moving to my city within the month and the fourth one who's allergic to social media is APPARENTLY ALREADY HERE? Not only will my entire house be reunited, but they all want to hang out together?????? AND my best friend will be moving only like an hour or two away from me at the end of the summer????
This is actually so funny to me because in our last year of uni a lot of my peers were planning on returning home and taking some time off before starting their job searches in earnest, and that was... not an option for me. So I strategically applied to cities where I predicted most would end up, and then half of them moved to the States, and I was like -_- ok I guess I'll be alone 5ever. But they came to me eventually!!!!!! I win the long game!! Pinch me 😭
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divinetide · 5 days ago
michiru  &  her  family.
reborn  into  being  the  only  daughter  of  a  very  affluent  family  ,  michiru’s  homelife  followed  along  the  rather  stereotypical  life  of  a  heiress.  she  had  been  trained  from  a  rather  young  age  to  have  perfect  manners  ,  and  she  was  given  the  absolute  best  education  that  money  could  buy.  femininity  was  a  weapon  that  she  was  trained  to  use  ,  hiding  everything  behind  a  small  smile  ,  being  pointed  but  not  too  rudely  (  covering  up  in  sweet  tones  ).
her  father  had  been  a  famous  violinist  and  her  mother  had  been  a  lawyer  ,  and  michiru  had  also  received  violin  and  piano  lessons  from  when  she  was  very  young.  they  hadn’t  planned  on  her  being  a  violinist  ,  but  when  she  was  able  to  play  rather  complicated  violin  pieces  from  a  young  age  ,  they  both  pushed  her  to  become  a  professional  ,  which  michiru  loved  as  she  did  truly  enjoy  playing  the  violin.
despite  the  fact  that  she  loved  them  and  they  loved  her  ,  her  parents  were  often  rather  cold  and  unfeeling  towards  her  and  to  each  other  ,  and  rarely  did  they  have  an  outright  kind  word  to  say.  they  only  showed  genuine  joy  around  michiru  when  she  played  the  violin  ,  which  in  part  greatened  her  love  for  playing  the  instrument.  she  loved  seeing  them  happy  ,  and  that  was  what  made  them  happy.
when  michiru  was  thirteen  ,  however  ,  her  parents  died  in  a  car  crash.  she  considered  herself  old  enough  that  she  could  live  on  her  own  as  an  emancipated  minor  ,  and  so  did  a  judge  after  a  lot  of  money  ,  and  so  she  did  ,  and  her  parents’  close  friends  continued  to  sponsor  her  as  a  violinist  and  as  an  artist  ,  allowing  her  to  keep  the  house  her  family  had  bought  a  long  time  ago.
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c-o-c-o-n-u-t-4 · 8 days ago
summer sunset waves and beach meditation ambiance
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oshaaru · 9 days ago
teeth is one of those books id recommend to anyone* but also one that i, myself, personally, probably wouldnt read again lmfao
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feralcoffeebug · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
It’s because I love your vibes and you’re good friend
You’re iconic! I don’t know how I got the respect but thank you!!
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feralcoffeebug · 12 days ago
hi bestie ily
Hi bestie I fell asleep turned out I just needed sleep
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thebubble-mancer · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
I was getting overwhelmed by everything when I originally made this on paper. I liked how the waves looked, so I decided to turn it digital.
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