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#crack meme
nuhanavsheen06 · 5 hours ago
Jungkook: you can't spell cat without A
Taehyung: without a what?
Jungkook: without A
Taehyung: yes, without A what?
Taehyung: ......
Jungkook: ......
Jungkook: you can spell cat without A but it would sound like A
Jin: *glares*
Taehyung: sound like A what?
Jin: there we go again
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mishathewtf · 6 hours ago
Chu Ran: Too bad the party is hosted by people who want you dead. I heard that they have a chocolate fountain
Sun Yongren: Don't tempt me
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mishathewtf · 9 hours ago
Jiang Yuelou: And how exactly do you plan on stopping me?
Song Rong: We'll call your husband
Jiang Yuelou:
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atlantis-prince · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
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mishathewtf · 14 hours ago
Chu Ran: I sleep with a knife under my pillow
Yu Tangchun: Weak, I sleep with a gun
Chen Yuzhi: You're both pathetic
Yu Tangchun: Oh yeah? What do you sleep with?
Chen Yuzhi: Jiang Yuelou
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honey-flwr · 16 hours ago
i clicked these tags and the photo at the top was my post- fucking hell this made me laugh too much
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
what’s one photo to describe your squad & movie?
Tumblr media
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lanccelot · 16 hours ago
warlocks in the 6th century be like "omg my mom sold me to the pendragon dynasty"
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mishathewtf · 19 hours ago
Zhan Junbai: [taps table]
Jiang Yuelou: [taps back]
Chu Ran: What are they doing?
Chen Yuzhi: Morse code
Zhan Junbai: [aggressively taps table]
Jiang Yuelou: [slaps hand on table] YOU BITCH! YOU TAKE THAT BACK!
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mishathewtf · 19 hours ago
Chen Yuzhi: *whimpering*
Jiang Yuelou: What happened?
Chen Yuzhi: Oh it's nothing. Don't worry about it
Jiang Yuelou: Who did this to you?
Chen Yuzhi: Please just let it go. Don't make it worse
Jiang Yuelou: I promise I won't get mad. I just wanna know who did this to you.
Chen Yuzhi: I just stubbed my toe on a doo-
Jiang Yuelou: *Already has his gun drawn* What door?
Chen Yuzhi: Oh my god
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