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#cql canon
loxare · 6 days ago
I have read far too many fics where congee is the only thing the characters eat at a meal
Congee is not a meal. It is a part of a meal. It isn't filling by itself. It's not like oatmeal where it's still mostly oats. The most basic recipe for congee I know is one cup of rice to six cups of water. You have to add stuff to it. Throw in an egg, add chicken, vegetables, have an entire other dish for the characters to eat. If you give them a bowl of congee and that's it they'll be hungry again in an hour
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llycaons · 7 days ago
the lof finale’s edge over cql is that all the characters were together, meeting each other again, interacting, making future plans, there was a timeskip with a set amount of time in which we know what happened and what will happen next, the state of the world was addressed, etc. cql’s ending left so many characters in uncertain or open-ended states
not that I dislike cql showing us how important wx is, or that I dislike that the ending was somewhat bittersweet (how could it be anything else?), but there were so many other characters who I wanted to see interact and whose relationships with each other really mattered to me, and given how important wx’s ideals of justice were, I would have liked to hear what exactly they were doing as CC and wanderer, respectively, to that end (although the vagueness was probably necessary to stay true to xianxia/wuxia heroic standards without really adessing the systemic issues at play). also I am personally just really curious about how long wwx was travelling for, bc some fans are so annoying “oh he was only gone a day” well clearly you don’t understand why he had to leave. I think maybe a year or a little less
but jin ling, jiang cheng, wen ning, lan sizhui, lan xichen, song lan, all had varying amounts of their stories still to go or had things that could be expanded on. that’s what I liked reading the novel extras for, some of them had really cute night-hunts with the juniors or gossip about the nies. I pretend the rest of them don’t exist
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queenhumanoid · 10 days ago
Does anyone know of a fic (or is making one, I’m not picky) where WWX has a dildo named Bichen? 😬
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tenacious-minds · 10 days ago
@if-he-catches-me-ill  For Mel, who made me cry. here's the second part to the story. I have no regrets. 
an old man in dried mouths 
Xichen thinks. The tea has always stained the crockery red. 
There is thirteen years and twenty-one days between the moments of two matched-imbalanced deaths. 
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angie-s-g · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Happy #sangcheng wedding to everyone ♥♥♥♥ People on twitter were being super angsty yesterday and I drew this to make myself happy after all the sad headcanons. 
Jiang Cheng is wearing my favourite hairpin of his, a red ribbon courtesy of Wei Wuxian and a little updo with the purple thread like Yanli used to do hers. This was all WWX's  idea.
I loved the idea of combining the hairpins you used when you were a kid + the adult ones like the Lans do, so I stole the idea for Huaisang. He is wearing his brother's hairpieces to honour him. 
Lastly, Jiang cheng is wearing Mingjue's bracelets because he's taking an oath to protect Huaisang like his brother did. Huaisang is wearing Yanli's jade bracelet, because he's oath is to always be there for Jiang Cheng and offer comfort. His oath is to be kind&loving like Yanli. Also, not pictured here but I can asure you all that Wei Wuxian and Jin Ling are both crying like if someone was chopping onions. 
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mdzs-fic · 27 days ago
Additional Tags: 
CQL canon, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Yunmeng Brothers Reconciliation, Angst, Happy Ending, Angst with a Happy Ending, Canon-Typical Violence, BAMF Wei Wuxian, BAMF Jiang Cheng, breaks from canon during the time skip, Yiling Patriarch Wèi Wúxiàn
Word count: 10k
Five years after the death of the Yiling Patriarch, Jin Guangyao calls Jiang Cheng to Carp Tower, to involve him in a plot. It doesn't go the way Jin Guangyao thinks it's going to go.
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mdzs-fic · 28 days ago
Additional Tags: 
Post-Canon, CQL Verse, Canon Compliant, Hurt/Comfort, Case Fic, Canon-Typical Violence, Original Character Death(s), Ghosts, Curses, Feelings, Pining, Fluff, First Kiss, Getting Together, Love Confessions
Word count: 14k
Worry still sat in Wei Wuxian's stomach like a stone, but what Lan Wangji was describing sounded less like the curse was acting up and more like he'd gone and caught a cold.
As if on cue, Lan Wangji sneezed loudly.
On their first night hunt together after Wei Wuxian returns from his travels, Lan Wangji gets hit with a curse that seals his spiritual power. With his defenses down, he soon catches a cold.
Wei Wuxian is ready to look after him. What he's not ready to deal with are Feelings.
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mdzs-fic · a month ago
Additional Tags: 
Canon Compliant, Time Skips, Grief/Mourning, Angst with a Happy Ending, Emotional Healing, Established Relationship, Remix
Word count: 6.5k
There is a ghost in the Cloud Recesses.
It is a rumor, repeated only in hushed whispers beyond the four walls of the Jingshi, but Lan Wangji knows what they say. There is a ghost in the Cloud Recesses, clad in mourning white, that can only be glimpsed at night, beneath the moonlit sky. Quiet, he walks the paths of the Cloud Recesses. He does not speak, and he is gone by morning.
There might be some among the younger disciples who believe the tales, but Lan Wangji knows the truth. There are echoes—of those long gone, those who passed years upon years before Lan Wangji ever drew breath—but there are no ghosts in the Cloud Recesses.
Or: three nights in the Jingshi.
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wangxiansfics · a month ago
Author: BlueMuskmelon
Summary: Gods of any realm could meddle with lives. Second Lord Lan was enraptured the moment his eyes set on the ravishing creature leisurely sprawled on the roof. Rabbit God AU, based on the legend of Tu Er Shen
(Re-incarnation is our fall and our saviour)
Excerpt: “He took off his Clan’s white ribbon that was still bound around his forearm and tied it on Wei Ying’s wrist. Gazing into shining silver eyes, he placed a reverent kiss on the ribbon, moving to subsequently place open mouthed kisses, sensually tracing a path up his arm with a hint of tongue here and there, finally laving at his neck, throat automatically baring, drawn out moans and gasps tumbling from Wei Ying’s mouth as teeth grazed his Adam’s apple.” 
Rating: Teen and Up
Archive Warning: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Major Character Death
Status: Completed
Length: one-shot (1/1)
Words: 4,537 
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wangxiansfics · a month ago
Author: botticelli
Summary: After he poses the question, Wei WuXian glances downward and notices a rabbit cradled into Lan WangJi’s elbow with a familiar red ribbon wrapped around its neck in a lopsided bow. Wei WuXian frowned, feeling where his own temporary black ribbon was secured around his hair. The ribbon the rabbit was wearing definitely belonged to Wei WuXian. It was only logical for Lan WangJi to conclude the rabbit belonged to him, and Wei WuXian was all too aware of the Cloud Recesses’ no pets rule.
“Rabbit,” Lan WangJi states, removing it from its tucked in position to hold it out to Wei WuXian. For a moment, Wei WuXian and the rabbit stare at each other, as if both were wondering how their life choices lead them to this moment.
Alternatively: the 5 times Lan WangJi tries to woo Wei WuXian, and the 1 time he succeeds.
Excerpt: “Homesickness comes with the craft, Wei WuXian knows this. Cultivators will spend more time outside of their city than in it, but sometimes that feeling can be dissipated in the presence of others — sometimes home can be found in the heart of others—
“I am here,” Lan WangJi repeats. 
Wei WuXian replies, “Me too.”
—And Lan WangJi’s heart was Wei WuXian’s greatest gift.”
Rating: Teen and Up
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings 
Status: Completed
Length: one-shot (1/1)
Words: 5,611
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jingyismom · a month ago
Tumblr media
Thanks so much @mylastbraincql​ for the tag! This is super fun.
My feelings on all of these change wildly from fandom to fandom, so I did it with CQL in mind specifically. Some of these are only slight preferences while others are STRONG preferences, and the ones I used purple for were the ones where I just kinda went...uh...both at the same time, please?
I tag @universesvisiting​ @femmelanzhan​ @milkcrates​ @fantasiavii​ and @cendiar​ but only if you’d like a moment’s diversion! And anybody else who thinks this looks like fun, consider yourself tagged in. Clean version after the cut!
Tumblr media
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ameliarating · a month ago
following the theme of "feral xxc headcanons" can you give me some headcanons about Baoshan Sanren and her feral little sect and how everyday life looked on the mountain?
A lot of it was chores.
I mean, there was certainly martial arts training and memorizing of sacred texts and seated meditation and spiritual healing )clearly they teach some impressive doctoring), but the rest of the day was chores. They’re a self-sufficient community. They garden (herbs and food) and fish and go into the woods for nuts and berries and other edible plants. 
They sew and weave and clean and build. There are just enough members of the not-sect that people can specialize (Xiao Xingchen, for example, spent a lot of time in the herb garden but never learned to thatch a roof so there you go), but not enough people that anyone could go without working. A lot of the busier work is characterized as meditative exercises, and it’s frowned upon to use spiritual energy. So people sweep-meditate and weed-mediate.
The older kids help raise the younger kids and everybody pitches in. At times it’s a lot like a multigenerational family. People eat and sleep and spar together. More experienced elders pair with younger ones to teach them any number of things. 
It’s both very egalitarian, shockingly so compared to the rest of the world, and very regimented. Everyone pays each other a lot of respect. The only places where hierarchy really remains is in age. People respect and obey their elders and everyone takes that very seriously. Other than that, though, people tend to be blunt with one another and everyone assumed to be at everyone else’s disposal. Time is shared, the work is shared.
There’s not a lot of privacy in most of the living quarters, but there is a whole mountain to explore so if someone took off for a few days of wilderness living, no one batted an eye, especially if they came back with, say, fish and newly woven basket. People know each other’s business. They share things with each other. People don’t have much in the way of their own possessions - mostly their swords and other small things. 
And it’s, of course, Daoist. There’s a true dedication to passivity, remaining apart from the world (obviously), and not leaving much of a mark. People are expected to get along and if they can’t, spend time on their own rather than argue or fight. Too much attachment is frowned upon, whether that means of possessions or less tangible things. Gentleness and inaction and passive endurance are virtues, so things don’t change often. (It’s a lot easier to accomplish this on the mountain and Xiao Xingchen begins to stray immediately from this path when he enters the world, because suddenly he has things he wants to achieve and accomplish.) 
It’s a lot less orthodox though than the sort of Daoist monasteries and sects you might find off the mountain. Partially because they don’t keep up with the times. Partially because Baoshan Sanren is an eccentric. And in general they’re not big with rules. More guidelines. So Xiao Xingchen actually learned a lot from Song Lan when it came to what people would expect a wandering daoshi to do and say, rather than what he would do automatically. 
Listen. They’re just weird up there. At least Xiao Xingchen never cut off anyone’s beard, Cangse Sanren. 
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jgyapologism · a month ago
just like your father
by lackadaisy on ao3
I am not my father.
Not my father, Lan Xichen thinks.
Not. My. Father.
But isn’t he? Did his mother not murder his father’s teacher? And did his father not lock both himself and her away in seclusion? Did he not take on her crimes as though they were his own? Together they paid the price. Together they suffered. Together they lived, apart. Confined within a prison of their own design and captive to the past.
Is this not what he has done as well?
Chapter NINE is now up! IT’S A BIG ONE PEOPLE! Look out for the next chapter this Tuesday!
Read the full story here
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lanjiangs · a month ago
Yunmeng shaunjie songs I cannot stop thinking about + specifically painful lyrics:
You Said You'd Grow Old With Me - Michael Shculte
Tumblr media
Which to Bury; Us or The Hatchet - Reliant K
Tumblr media
Tell Me How - Paramore
Tumblr media
Bitter End - Rag'n'Bone Man
Tumblr media
Hold On To What You Believe - Mumford & Sons
Tumblr media
Before You Go - Lewis Capaldi
Tumblr media
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Blossoming Flowers in a full Moon - Chapter 3
Read on AO3
All of a sudden, almost startling Lan Xichen, Wei Wuxian lets go of his husband, his eyes seem to fix a point behind a wall, his spine straightens.
Lan Wangji’s eyes narrow, he hushes a quiet “Wei Ying.” without looking at him.
“I take care of it.” He replies as quietly.
In the next second Wei Wuxian is gone, leaving a wisp of black smoke behind.
Lan Xichen blinks. Once. He isn’t an untalented Cultivator. Many think, and rank him as the most talented Cultivator of all. Nonetheless he had neither seen, heard nor felt anything out of the ordinary. A shiver runs down his spine while watching the smoke disappear into thin air. The energy of it is foreign to him, the smoke's constitution reminds him of the ghosts Wei Wuxian used to command.
He swallows around these thoughts, tries not to linger on assumptions. He takes a breath, locks eyes with his younger brother and utters the one wish sitting in his heart:
“Come back to Gusu with me.”
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