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#could have SWORN he was a she-cat....
autisticharrow · 8 days ago
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moirdior · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Jaehyun is in love. At least, he thinks he is. He’s never been in love before, so he doesn’t really have a measuring stick for these kinds of feelings. His cat and his friends aren’t of much help either.
Tumblr media
𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆: jaehyun x fem!reader
𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐑𝐄: fwb to lovers au
𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐌𝐄𝐒: fluff, insinuation of smut
𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐃 𝐂𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐓: 1631 words
Tumblr media
Jaehyun currently has two problems: his cat, and the girl he likes having in his bed on a semi-regular basis. Well, it’s more of one single problem he’s facing because of the two of them, really. Jaehyun’s cat was never the very affectionate type, except with Yuta — and even then, she would sit next to his leg the whole time he was visiting his home, and that was that.
Now, he’s wondering if he’s ever seen her take to someone as quickly as she did with Y/N. The answer is no, probably.
“Focus, hyung,” Shotaro’s voice cuts through his thoughts, annoyed and long out of patience, and Jaehyun tunes back into the sounds of the busy street they’re walking through.
Johnny and Y/N are walking ahead with Mark, arms heavy with bags. It was Jeno and Mark’s idea to go out as a group, though Jeno couldn’t make it in the end. Jaehyun doesn’t think he’s been doing too great but, that’s probably the best anyone could do.
“Do you think cats can influence your emotions?” he blurts out.
“Hyung.” Shotaro pauses. “What the fuck.”
“It’s a good question,” Jaehyun insists, and looks up at him. He doesn’t look impressed but, really, he never looks too impressed with anything. “Nevermind,” he ends up mumbling, quickening his pace to catch up with the others.
Y/N sends a smile his way and steps aside so Jaehyun can slide in between Johnny and her. It’s appreciated. Y/N’s arm brushes against his just a little, and suddenly Jaehyun is thinking about the absolute gentleness with which she handles the cat. This is bad for him. Now he’s thinking about the way Y/N has to laugh into kisses. This is worse.
Tumblr media
“How come you haven’t given her a name?” Y/N asks, crouching down by the front door to scratch the top of the cat’s head.
Jaehyun shrugs from where he’s leaning against the wall, arms crossed over his chest that’ll help him ignore the thing that feels like fondness at the back of his ribcage while he’s pretending to be upset that Y/N greeted the cat before him, like she does every time she comes over. He doesn’t mind, really. It’s cute.
“She doesn’t really need one, y’know? She knows when I’m talking to her, anyways.” Y/N looks up at him, gaze a little more than half hidden under her hair. Jaehyun sighs. “And I couldn’t think of a name for her,” he admits, eyes rolling in a familiar move he thought he’d left behind in high-school. “Happy?”
Y/N grins, quick stretch of her lips that shows off the sharpness of her teeth, tying in with the brightness of her eyes to form an expression that Jaehyun finds himself very weak to.
“Very,” she says, swiftly standing up and crossing the few steps that separate them, to finally pull on the collar of Jaehyun’s shirt until she’s kissing him, soft and demanding. Jaehyun thinks that’s more than fine with him.
Tumblr media
Sometimes, he wonders if Mark and him are somehow sworn enemies destined to get in each other’s way forever. Sometimes, Mark lets him be the first to have the first rice of the year, and it feels like a peace offering that lasts them another few years.
“You never stop being an idiot, do you?”
Sometimes, Mark looks at him like he’s going to be the downfall of their group, and it’s not like Jaehyun can really blame him for it. This seems to be one of these times. He lets his head fall against the counter of Mark’s kitchen.
“I knew I shouldn’t have said anything,” he whines. “You’re always so goddamn mean. Fuck you.”
“Hey, you’re the one who keeps making a fool of yourself. I don’t have to always be here to clean up your mess. Your cat likes everyone better than you, anyways.”
He says that, but Jaehyun hears the sound of a plate being put down on the counter next to him.
“At least test out this recipe for me, if you’re going to take up my time anyways,” Mark continues. “Don’t think about your stupid crush for a while and tell me what you think.”
“You’re a jerk,” Jaehyun groans, but he still lifts his head up and slides the plate in front of him. “Thanks for the food, though.”
The effortless bickering takes his mind off it for a little, off his stupid cat liking Y/N so much that he developed feelings for her. Arguably, there is probably more to it than just that, but it plays a significant enough part to still be embarrassing. Maybe occasionally being clowned by his friends is good for him, actually. Not that he’d ever admit that to them doing anything that could help him but, it’s not like he can’t realize that for himself.
Tumblr media
“She likes you more than me,” Jaehyun says one day, looking at Y/N sitting on the couch with the cat purring quietly in her lap. “That’s not fair, really.”
“Maybe she doesn’t think you’re nice enough,” Y/N smiles. “You haven’t even given her a name! Cats are demanding creatures, you know, you’ve got to show them you care about them!”
“I do,” he protests. “She’s the one who doesn’t care about me. Always so demanding with me, but then you come around and she’s all over you. Unfair,” he repeats.
Y/N laughs, a clear sound from low in her throat that resonates in a corner of Jaehyun’s chest. “You sound like you’re jealous.”
“Maybe I am,” he says, a quiet mumble he doesn’t mean to be heard.
Y/N laughs again. “Yeah? Of me, or her?”
Now, Jaehyun isn’t usually one to be found speechless, always a scorn or comment to turn the situation around into something he can handle. But now - well, maybe it’s that Y/N caught him by surprise, maybe it’s the look in her eyes (challenging, like waiting for an answer he already knows) - his mind is reeling, frantically trying to come up with something to say.
“I mean, uh, yes?” is what ends up tumbling off his tongue, awkward and clumsy.
He would have felt embarrassed, maybe, if Y/N hadn’t looked so amused, enough of a smile pulling at her lips to make her eyes crinkle up and bring out her smile lines.
“That’s not much of an answer now, is it?”
Looks like Y/N has him all figured out, huh? But maybe Jaehyun has some shred of dignity left in him still, misplaced pride kicking against the thought that anyone could have perceived him so easily.
“I think it’s enough of one.”
“Do you? I don’t think it’s enough for me.”
Really, Jaehyun wonders how Y/N manages to have her voice sound so light and clear and still look at him like that, like she knows all of Jaehyun’s weaknesses and sure intends to use them. She probably does, to be fair. She knows quite a bit about Jaehyun, more than anyone who isn’t family. It’s a little unsettling to think about, maybe.
“Maybe that’s your own problem to solve, then.”
The cat jumps down from Y/N’s legs and walks away towards the living room.
“Mmh, whatever should I do, then?” she says with a pout. “I can’t leave before getting a real answer now, can I?”
“Sounds like your decision to make,” Jaehyun says again, because he’s long mastered the art of empty answers and being a non-committal bastard about everything that really matters.
“It does,” Y/N smiles, and part of Jaehyun thinks that maybe he should be wary of how sharp her smile looks but, by the time he’s processed that thought, he’s lying on his back with Y/N above him.
The couch feels a little cramped in this position but he really doesn’t mind all that much.
“What if I asked nicely,” again, Y/N’s tone sounds too light for the situation, “would you give me a proper reply?”
Jaehyun has to fight the urge to lick his lips. “Maybe,” he says. “What’s your question?”
Y/N leans in, closer, until her breath is ghosting over Jaehyun’s lips, and Jaehyun is trying really, really hard to keep the ability to form a coherent thought.
“Do you like me?”
That last coherent thought turns out to be to hell with plausible deniability, because really, there’s only so much he can do when Y/N is right here and looking at him like that, eyes wide and dark like they’re seeing right into his soul.
“Yeah,” he breathes, “yeah, I like you.”
“Good,” Y/N says with a smile, and leans in to kiss him, slow and tender in a way that’s just different enough from usual that Jaehyun’s brain feels like an old computer needing to reboot. “I like you too,” she adds when she moves away, cheeks flushed pink.
“You could’ve just told me,” Jaehyun points out after he’s recovered most of his brain functions.
Brain functions that threaten to shut down again at Y/N’s laugh, high and quiet. He wonders when things have gotten this bad for him, and whether they’ll get better or worse. His money’s on getting worse.
“It wouldn’t have been as fun!” Y/N protests, voice still light and breathy. “You’re the one who made it difficult for no reason.”
“Maybe,” Jaehyun mumbles before his eye catches on the cat scratching at the curtain. “Y’know, you should choose a name for her.”
“Really? I thought you didn’t care.”
Jaehyun shrugs. “Maybe she’d like it, especially if it’s your choice.”
“I’ll think about it,” she says, and Jaehyun pulls her back in, the taste of Y/N’s laugh against his lips filling up his lungs.
Tumblr media
© 𝔪𝔬𝔦𝔯𝔡𝔦𝔬𝔯
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mercy-of-the-ashes · 20 hours ago
Scout purrs from being petted as he kept and intense eye on Tenshi. Scout isn't a normal cat just like his friend-no mom, in this case. Thick as thieves and thin as water, the two survived the best they could during these times by getting food and stuff which she can use of get imaginative to for ideas.
She was still a little girl who roamed around the whole city. She probably knows where the good stuff is if you just ask kindly if you need it; she might show her trust by showing a new idea for feedback. No one except this duo knows of it.
The girl's eyes opened a smidge with her being extremely confused, nervous, and upset. She was hoping for her end however death declared her to still live. It just wasn't enough for the Warriors of Hope to watch her it seems. In her state now she's probably going to be truthful about what happened to her, doesn't mean it's going to be easy.
Scout yawned as he meows.
- @thelittleveterinarian
Tumblr media
“You’re awake,” Haiji stated, unemotional and vigilant. Forget the greetings.
He still kept petting Scout, making him resemble one of those supervillains who, for some reason, had a fluffy cat for a companion. The one thing he lacked was an evil smile. But smiles weren’t something he frequently did. No way was he smiling for a little girl, either.
“Never thought I’d have a brat here. I could have sworn you’d be dead, but you sure proved me wrong.”
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libidomechanica · 3 days ago
A call
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lobster-tales · 4 days ago
Princess and Knight AU - Marichat
Day 8 of @marichatmay. This fic is available here on AO3. 
Prompt: Princess and Knight Lady and Samurai AU
Summary: In feudal Japan, Ladybug and Chat Noir are samurai, sworn to protect Lady Kagami. Neither of them know each other’s true identity: servants Marinette and Adrien. One night, Lady Kagami’s castle is ambushed by Hawkmoth’s army. Caught off guard, Marinette wakes to Chat Noir saving her. Now, they just have to save Kagami. 
Marinette woke to a scream and the crackle of flames. She rose quickly, covering her nose with her arm to fend off the smoke. Her eyes blinked through the haze of sleep, focusing on the wooden walls around her.
She heard him through the thin door. Marinette scrambled to her feet and shoved her weight against the sliding wood. “Chat Noir!” she half yelled, half coughed. As her senses returned to her, she could hear the cries of soldiers outside the castle walls.
“Stand back, Marinette!” She obeyed, and in moments, Chat Noir burst through the door. As always, he wore his scaled black armor and cat mask. One of his hands rested on the sword at his hip, the other extended towards Marinette. “We have to go, now!”
“What’s happening?” Marinette gasped, taking his hand. He led her into the hallway, the smoke hanging like a thick fog in the air, illuminated by flames. They passed empty rooms with belongings scattered inside. Occasionally, she could make out a servant running at the ends of the halls.
“It’s Hawkmoth,” Chat Noir said through gritted teeth. “His army ambushed us in the middle of the night.”
Unable to keep up with his fast pace, Marinette stumbled. Chat Noir stopped in his tracks. “You’re too slow; get on my back.”
Marinette no sooner linked her arms around his neck when Chat Noir broke into a run. She squeezed her eyes shut against the fumes. “Where’s Lady Kagami?”
“The tower. That’s where we’re going now,” he called back to her.
Ahead of them, part of the wall collapsed, revealing the trees just outside the castle walls. Marinette caught a glimpse of Hawkmoth’s army through the leaves. The swordsmen swarmed like flies while the archers nocked their arrows. Chat Noir sprinted past the gaping hole, and Marinette heard the thud of arrows sinking into the wood where they had stood only a second before.
“I can’t find Ladybug,” Chat Noir continued, leaping over fiery debris. “She must be with Lady Kagami.” His voice dropped as he muttered, “She must be…”
Marinette felt a flood of guilt. Chat Noir had no idea that she was Ladybug, his fellow samurai. He was wasting time defending her when they were supposed to be protecting Lady Kagami. She cursed herself for her failure, for sleeping through the attack.
“What about Adrien?” Marinette asked. They turned a corner and the tower came into view.
“He escaped with the servants,” Chat Noir said dismissively. He bolted for the stairs, taking them two or three at a time. Marinette was too on edge to be impressed by his stamina.
They ascended into the highest room of the tower. Arrows were lodged into the walls, small bursts of fire beginning to consume the wood. The room was empty except for Lady Kagami, sitting slumped with her back against an ornate dragon tapestry. An arrow bloomed from her shoulder, a splotch of red spreading on the fabric beneath her simple plated armor. To the unknown, she could have been any average soldier. She looked up at them as they entered, a thin trail of blood leaking from her mouth.
“Lady Kagami!” Chat Noir and Marinette said in one voice. In a breath, they were on either side of her. Marinette began to tear at her own clothes to bandage the wound, but Kagami waved her hand.
“Thank you… Chat Noir… for bringing her to me…” Kagami’s voice, usually even and stoic, had a shakiness to it.
“Of course, my lady,” he said. “Please, we must leave before the castle burns down.”
Marinette added, “We have to get you help! Your wound-”
“It’s too late...” Kagami breathed raggedly. “For me… Marinette.” She lifted her hand, still stained with blood, and placed it on Marinette’s shoulder. “Listen to me. I need you to do something.”
“Anything, my lady,” Marinette said, covering Kagami’s wrist with her hand.
“Hawkmoth can never know... that I died…”
A pained gasp left Marinette’s lips. “My lady, no!”
“Shh…” Kagami shifted, the act eliciting a wince. “You and I are… close enough in age…” Kagami removed a wrapped pouch from under her armor. “Here is some money… And the crest of my family…”
Chat Noir’s eyes widened. “What are you saying, my lady?”
“Marinette,” Kagami murmured, holding Marinette’s gaze. “You must take my place. You must pretend to be me… Gather my mother’s forces… And avenge me… Promise me that you will do this.”
Tears flowed freely down Marinette’s cheeks. “But-”
“Promise me.”
Marinette locked her jaw while the rest of her body trembled. “I… I promise.”
“Good.” Kagami turned to Chat Noir. “I have not seen Ladybug since the attack began. I… I fear the worst for her... However, if you do find her, know that you are both sworn to Marinette now. You must protect her.”
Chat Noir stared at Kagami. “My lady…”
“Protect her.” Kagami leaned back, grunting against the pain. “That is my last request of you both.”
A wooden beam creaked angrily above them. Kagami grimaced. “You must leave now. Before the castle...”
“No, we… we can’t.” Marinette took her hand in hers, brushing her tear-stained cheek across Kagami’s knuckles.
Kagami smiled at her, a rare expression. Her last word was not the order of a lady, but the request of a friend. “Go,” she said softly.
The violet dawn mingled with the distant orange of the burning castle. The building itself was hidden behind rows of forested hills, the sun beginning to creep into view in the horizon. For the entire night, Marinette had wondered if the sun would even rise today. It seemed bold of the rest of the world to move on, as if her own had not collapsed in flame.
She stood with Chat Noir at her side. In the meadow behind them, their black horse grazed, finally allowed to rest after the night’s frantic escape.
“Marin- I mean, my lady?”
Marinette glanced at Chat Noir.
“I…” He lowered himself to his knees, bowing before her. “I want you to know that I’ll never let anything happen to you. As Lady Kagami ordered, I pledge to keep you safe and to never tell anyone our secret. Please know that-”
He jolted as Marinette collapsed in front of him, her head in her hands. “Stop,” she repeated, shoulders shaking. “Not yet. I’m not… ready.”
Chat Noir stared at her. “My lady?”
“Don’t!” Marinette yelled. “I’m not her, I… How am I supposed to do this? Any of this. I’m just a peasant girl from nowhere, how can I live up to her?” She shuddered, tears flowing down her face. “And now listen to me, I sound so selfish…”
“You’re not,” he said quietly. He reached out a hand to comfort her, then decided against it. “Please, stop crying, Marinette.”
She froze, her breath hitching. “Say it again.”
“No,” she said, lifting her head to meet his eyes. “My name. Say my name.”
His expression softened. “Marinette.”
She sniffled a few times, then lunged at him. Her arms linked around him in an embrace as she wept into the black armor. He stayed still for a moment, then surrendered into her touch, holding her close. Tears sprang to his eyes. “Shh, it’s okay, Marinette.”
“It’s not though,” she said between sobs. “She’s gone. Our lady… our friend is...”
They stayed in each other’s arms for a long moment. Neither want to speak the truth, as if putting it off was still possible. Marinette whispered against his shoulder, “I know… I know I have to do this. But what if I can’t, Chat?”
“You can.” He pulled back and cupped her jaw with his gloved hand. “You know why?”
She shook her head.
“Because I’ll be right by your side. I’ll protect you, Marinette. Lady or not, I swear myself to you.”
Marinette searched his green eyes. Something about them seemed so familiar. She took a deep, shaky breath. “We need to return to that stream. The one at the bottom of this hill.”
“Of course,” he said, helping her to her feet.
Marinette knelt in front of the flowing water, staring at her ever changing reflection. Her hair looked exactly like Kagami’s, black with a cobalt tint, except that Marinette’s hair was longer. Their face shapes were similar, and they even shared a light dusting of freckles. The most noticeable difference was their eyes; Kagami’s were a deep amber, while Marinette’s were blue.
Marinette held the pouch in her hands, the one that Kagami had given her. She slowly untied the strings, frowning at the assortment of belongings: a coin pouch, a dragon pattern sash, a decorative boxwood comb, and a dagger. Marinette held up the last one, frowning at the intricate design of the hilt.
She pulled her hair to the side, holding the blade at the place where Kagami’s hair had ended. Marinette inhaled deeply, then sliced through her locks with a quick cut. She watched as her discarded hair landed in the stream, flowing away and catching on the rocks.
Marinette stood, turning to Chat Noir. She straightened her spine, mimicking Kagami’s perfect posture. She lifted her chin, and said in a stern tone, “Let’s keep moving.”
Chat Noir bowed to her. “As you wish, my lady.”
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blissfulalchemist · 7 days ago
Pink, purple and gold for the writing asks.
Thank you so much Lydia! ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡
Pink: Which of your characters would become your best friend?
I think out of all of them I’d become best friends with Conner. His music taste is something I can vibe with, he’s sweet, and willing to go with plans but also will know when to say no to ideas. I love Cat don’t get me wrong and that was a top option but she would be a bit much for me at times in all reality as I’m very quiet in real life.
Purple: Which of your characters would become your sworn enemy?
I don’t have enemies. So we will look at this as the one I wouldn’t get along with the most in terms friendship levels and that would be Chance sadly. He’s someone I could have fun with and enjoy his company but still has this immaturity that would make me feel more like a mom than a friend. Not only that his temper would do me in when we take into account the long term.
Gold: Do your stories usually contain lessons or morals?
I don’t go into writing with a lesson really. At most there is a lesson for a character to have within a piece but that’s only for certain kinds of prompts and plot points. I went into my fics looking at the growth of the characters looking at how they end up at the end of their stories. So I guess there isn’t any lessons is what I’m saying unless you happen to find one that resonates with you.
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adenei · 11 days ago
Hi adenei - your Crookshanks POV was great and in a recent Discord convo, you compared him to Garfield. In the least demanding way possible... I need a drabble of Ron and Crookshanks fighting over a lasagna. You're the best!
Hey there! Thanks so much for following through and sending this! I hope it lives up to your expectations!
Things had been hectic for Ron and Hermione lately. They’d barely been able to spend any time together over the past few weeks due to their conflicting schedules. 
But today, Ron was going to surprise Hermione with a date night in. He’d gotten back early from an Auror mission, and Robards had given him the long weekend off. Hermione was due home any minute now, and he eagerly awaited the moment where he could greet his fiance with a kiss and a home-cooked meal.
A bottle of wine waited for them on the counter, and Ron had just pulled the lasagna out of the oven, letting it rest as the garlic bread was being toasted. The house smelled heavenly. Satisfied that everything was going to plan, Ron stepped out of the kitchen to set the living room up with all of the snuggly blankets and pillows for their anticipated movie night. 
The timer went off, and Ron went back in to take the garlic bread out of the oven. He hadn’t noticed that Crookshanks was trotting along behind him. Ron set the sheet pan on the counter before turning the oven off. He thought he heard a whoosh come from the other room, indicating Hermione’s arrival, but as he turned to call out for her, Ron stopped dead in his tracks.
Crookshanks had jumped up on the counter, and was perched mere centimeters away from the large pan of lasagna. The ginger cat was staring Ron in the eyes, a shit-eating grin on his face. Ron didn’t even know if cats could grin—oh, wait. That one cat did in that cartoon movie. Alice in Wonderland, was it? 
Ron shook the thoughts from his head. That didn’t matter. What mattered was the fact that Crookshanks looked ready to threaten their entire evening as he eyed the lasagna. 
“Don’t you even think about it,” Ron warned Hermione’s barmy cat.
Ron’s eyes were playing tricks on him. He could have sworn Crookshanks just raised an eyebrow as he licked his lips. His tail swished back and forth. Ron was still frozen, afraid to make any movement that might cause the cat to pounce.
His eyes grew wide as the cat raised his haunches and was getting into position, his nose inching nearer to the pan. Ron reached into his back pocket to grab his wand. He only needed to cast a quick Protego to keep the bloody nuisance away. His wand was halfway up in the air when Hermione walked in and yelped.
“Ron! What are you doing?! Why are you aiming your wand at Crookshanks?” Her eyes were wide with horror as she observed the scene in front of her.
“Me? Hermione, your bloody cat is about to destroy our dinner!” Ron exclaimed.
Before he could explain that he was simply going to cast a shield charm around the lasagna, Hermione scurried over and picked Crookshanks up, cradling him in her arms.
“It’s okay, Crookshanks. Ron won’t hurt you.”
Ron’s jaw dropped in disbelief. “But I wasn’t—wait. You’re really going to take the cat’s side on this? Did you not see him about to jump in and ruin that lasagna I just made? I was only trying to cast a shield—”
Hermione paused her cooing and looked up at him. “Oh, honestly, Ron! It’s not like he’s Garfield!”
Ron shot her a perplexed look as she went back to tending to Crookshanks.
“Gar-who?” Now she was just making stuff up.
Hermione set Crookshanks down as she dismissed his question. “Let’s eat, shall we? It’s been a long week and that smells delicious. I’m starved.”
Unwilling to ruin their date night with starting a pointless argument, Ron dug in the drawer for a spatula. When he looked back up, he swore he saw Crookshanks shoot him a devious smile before prowling out of the kitchen.
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artificialdaydreamer · 12 days ago
A somewhat late fic for @jonsimsandcats day.
Jon is a god of cats whose cat followers report that a beast has taken up residence in the wood outside of town and is causing trouble. Jon, unable to say no to helping cats agrees to get rid of this beast only to run into Martin, who is also searching for it.
Warnings for mild injuries to animals and people
Jon woke to find a pair of slitted eyes staring at him. It was not an unusual occurrence, he couldn’t go anywhere without the local cats greeting him, or letting him know of problems they were having. He was, after all, the god of cats. They were his followers and his messengers, and in return he gave them protection and knowledge. It was more unusual to not wake up with several cats sleeping on top of him. The tabby blinked slowly at Jon, he blinked back, and it settled on his lap, its fluffy tail swishing from side to side.
The building he’d fallen asleep in was technically a temple to him but humans rarely visited it so it had fallen into a state of disrepair. It was still a sanctuary for cats, they knew that within its walls they could be safe and warm while they slept, but the only other being that really came inside it was Jon. He tried to keep the fireplace lit in winter and set out bowls of fresh water, but there was only so much he could do. It wasn’t like he could fix the cracked windows and provide an unlimited supply of food, he just wasn’t that powerful.
The God of Cats and Curiosity was not a god people often prayed to, not until winter fell and mice invaded grain stores. Cat owners would occasionally set something on their mantle in offering to him, a saucer of milk or a piece of dried meat, but more often than not it was the cats themselves who honored him. He could understand what they said, and sometimes they were the only creatures he talked with for years. In a world where belief was what made a god strong it was a miracle he hadn’t faded away altogether.
“Hello, master,” a voice sounded inside Jon’s head as the cat purred. He stroked its ginger fur and it rubbed its head against his hand. “I have news from the others in town.”
“They say a beast is lurking in the forest, it has already affected the supply of prey, and several cats who stumbled across it were wounded by it. If we cannot go hunt in the woods we won’t have enough food.” This was news to Jon, a beast in the forest? Not only was it killing animals it had hurt some of his followers, those he’d sworn to protect. His stomach churned at the thought of how they must have felt, had they prayed to him for help? Had he been too far away to hear them?
“Take me to them.” He started to get to his feet, the cat jumped off his lap as he straightened his clothes, making sure the hood of his blue cape covered his pointed ears completely. Despite being a god he couldn’t change his form, or hide the ears and tail that revealed what he was, so he relied on human clothes like skirts and hoods to disguise himself.
The tabby wound its way between his legs before heading towards the door, and Jon followed. The street was quiet, a few humans passed them but it seemed early enough in the day that a lot of them weren’t up. Turning down an alley he saw a pile of crates had been left in a niche and several cats had made themselves comfortable in it, there were even a few blankets and pillows. On one threadbare cushion lay a female tortoiseshell with cuts on her back, the wounds had scabbed over but dried blood streaked her fur and she couldn’t move without hurting.
“You poor thing.” Unwrapping the cloth belt from around his waist Jon dipped it into a dish of water someone had laid out nearby and began to dab at the cuts. The cat hissed, pupils narrowing into slits, but she didn’t scratch him. She knew who he was and what he was doing here. It took hardly any effort to soothe the tortoiseshell, to numb the pain as he cleaned her wounds. The last thing he wanted was to heal the cuts only to have her get sick because he hadn’t ensured they were dirt-free first.
“Thank you, master.” The tortoiseshell butted his hand with her head. “It is an honor to meet you.”
“There’s no need to thank me, I apologize for letting you get hurt in the first place.”
“That was not your fault, master. You could not have known the beast would start lurking in the forest.” The cat shook her head, her tail sticking straight up. “The world is a dangerous place, you cannot be everywhere, even if you are a god.”
Sighing, Jon nodded, his own tail flicking from side to side in agitation. She was right, but it still hurt to know that he could not protect all of his followers from harm. Despite being a god he wasn’t very powerful, people just didn’t pray to him enough. He could look through the eyes of other cats nearby and bless them with safety for a limited time, but his power was finite. Anything more than a league away from him was hard to sense, although it hadn’t always been that way. “I’m looking for the beast, would you mind telling me where you encountered it?”
“I can show you.” Getting to her feet the tortoiseshell stretched deeply.
“Lead the way.”
The forest was dense, trees crowded tight together and thick grasses that made it hard to maneuver, if it wasn’t for the narrow footpath made by other travelers Jon would be miserable. A short distance ahead of him the tortoiseshell cat led the way, showing no sign that her earlier injuries were still paining her. Every so often sunlight would find some way through the thick canopy of branches overhead and illuminate their surroundings, although they both could see in the dark just fine. Jon wasn’t sure how long they’d been walking, but when huge pawprints had been practically gouged in the path he insisted the cat ride on his shoulders for the rest of the journey.
“What kind of animal is this beast?” Jon muttered, ihe tracks were bigger than his hand, and while they appeared to be made by some kind of dog they were far larger than most he’d seen. As they progressed Jon saw several trees with claw marks on them and he started to feel anxious. Sure, he was technically a god, but he’d never really been in a fight before. He wouldn’t necessarily die, not from physical wounds, and he did heal faster than the normal human but that didn’t mean he wanted to get hurt. He didn’t even have a weapon to defend himself.
Somewhere in the trees ahead of them a branch snapped, then another. Jon braced himself as he heard footsteps approaching him, growing faster and louder until he saw a huge brown thing burst out from behind a bush and race towards where he stood. It was all he could do to cast a simple protective spell on the cat and drop her on the ground before the thing knocked him over. His head hit hard-packed earth and the world went dark.
“-right?” A voice sounded from somewhere nearby, sounding concerned but Jon was in too much pain to register much more. He willed his body to heal itself, to reduce the swelling and stop his head from throbbing with every beat of his heart. Slowly, agonizingly slow, he found that he could open his eyes, although the world itself was a blur of green and black. “Hello? Can you hear me?”
Just as his eyes adjusted he saw a face staring down at him, their expression worried. A human? Sitting up so fast his head swam Jon checked to see that his hood was still in place. It had shifted somewhat when he fell, but his ears were thankfully still covered. The human had curly orange hair and a round, friendly face, although they still looked anxious. Next to them sat a dog, a huge fluffy thing, even sitting it came up to Jon’s chest, with light-brown fur everywhere but its face and ears, which were black. Was this the beast?
“Are you alright? Did he hurt you?” The human’s voice was high-pitched and laced with concern. Jon shook his head slightly, but winced as pain sparked behind his eyes.
“I’m fine.” Regardless of how worried this human was, Jon didn’t want them looking at him too closely, the last thing he needed was for them to find out just what he was. “What are you doing here?”
“Oh!” They looked surprised. “I was looking for my dog; they ran off and, well, it’s not like I can stop him if he wants to go somewhere.”
“You own this thing?”
“Well, I guess you could say that. His owners couldn’t take care of him because they had another baby on the way and...” The human trailed off, freckled cheeks flushing pink. “Anyway, I’ve taken in strays before so they felt comfortable giving him to me.”
Jon didn’t really care about where the dog came from, but looking at the size of its paws gave him an idea. “I’ve been told there’s some sort of beast attacking animals in the woods, and I found tracks and claw marks on the path-”
“It’s not him! I know what you’re talking about- I’ve had to take in a whole bunch of wounded animals recently- so I came out here to try and find this ‘beast’ too.” Their voice rose an octave, eyes widening with fear. “I brought Silas with me because I thought he could maybe track it somehow? I know he’s not really a hunting dog but still...”
“Has it?” He scanned the ground nearby and found the tortoiseshell cat hiding behind a tree just off the path. Kneeling down Jon held out a hand to her. “I’m sorry, darling. Are you alright?” The cat approached him cautiously, eyes darting to the dog every so often, and he scooped her up in his arms.
“Has it tracked the beast?” It was hard to keep from rolling his eyes, Jon didn’t care much for rambling when he had something to do. He absentmindedly stroked the tortoiseshell’s head, trying to reassure it.
“N- No... I thought he had but he just found you.” The human gave a shy smile. “How do I know you’re not the beast?”
Jon stiffened, his ears flattening against his hair and his tail bristling. In his arms the cat hissed angrily. “Do you even know who you’re talking to?”
“Calm down, let me handle this.” It was clear this human had no idea they’d just insulted a god, but as much as Jon wanted to curse them for the accusation he was here for a different reason. “If you don’t have anything helpful to say then this is where we part.” He continued to comfort the cat as he pushed past them and continued on the path.
“W- Wait!” Glancing over his shoulder Jon saw the human was following him. “I mean, we both have the same goal, don’t we? We both want to find this beast and stop it from hurting the local animals. Why don’t we look for it together?”
“I can’t stop you from following me.” Jon sighed and tugged his hood farther forward. He had a feeling that he’d made the wrong decision, but he’d spoken the truth. Besides, this human was larger than he was, with them and the dog he might stand a chance against this beast.
They walked in silence for a while, but like all good things it didn’t last. “I just realized I never got your name; I’m Martin, Martin Blackwood.”
“Jon.” He didn’t feel much like talking, especially since he was trying to listen for any strange noises.
“Just... Just Jon?” The human- Martin- seemed dissatisfied at his answer.
“That’s all I’m willing to share with you.”
“Right, that’s fine,” A pause. “Are you a man?” When Jon glared at them Martin turned bright red. “It’s just, I don’t want to misgender you, that’s all. I’m a man, he/him pronouns.”
“I don’t really see the point of gender.” Jon sighed, pulling on his hood as his ears were flicking enough from irritation he feared it might fall down. “He/they, I guess.”
“Got it.” Martin was a few paces behind, his footsteps louder than Jon’s. “I’m guessing you’re also an animal lover, given that you’re also searching for this beast.” Jon wanted to scream, could this human not be quiet for five minutes?
“Yes, which is why I’m trying to track it. That being said, if it makes noise I will be unable to hear it because you keep talking.” Glancing over his shoulder Jon saw Martin stiffen, his cheeks still flushed from embarrassment. Thankfully he didn’t say anything though, and Jon could have cried from relief.
They continued on, neither of them making a sound as they trudged through the woods, occasionally the dog would run ahead and sniff at a tree or patch of earth but thankfully it didn’t bark. Eventually they arrived in a clearing only to find more tracks in the dirt, the same ones Jon had seen on the path. He was about to say something to Martin when some bushes rustled and a giant wolf leapt towards him.
Having a huge animal knock him over once already that day Jon was more alert, and while he managed to avoid the worst of the beast’s attack its claws still managed to slash through his tunic and he could feel hot, sticky blood running down his side. The pain would come later, once the shock went away, but he was glad to have only gotten minor injuries as he stumbled backwards, clutching the cat to his chest and making sure his hood hadn’t fallen off. His ears were flattened against his hair again and his heart was racing.
“Jon!” Martin rushed to him, blue eyes wide as he took in the wound. Jon pushed him away, staring at the wolf in horror. The beast was as large as a horse, its fur so streaked with dirt and blood, mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. Still, even as his skin knit back together and his heart pounded in his chest he sensed something off about it. Not just its size, but something about its essence was wrong.
Martin had grabbed a broken branch and was holding it like a club, the dog was growling and looked ready to attack the wolf, but Jon held out a hand. “Don’t!”
“That thing nearly killed you!”
“It’s cursed, Martin, it’s not doing this because it wants to.” Placing the tortoiseshell on the ground he took a few cautious steps towards the wolf, one hand outstretched. It snarled at him, crouching down as though preparing to strike again, but Jon tried to reach out with his powers. He was a cat god, but he hoped he could at least calm the thing down from whatever blind rage it had succumbed to. As he drew nearer he saw something wrapped around the beast’s neck, a leather cord so dirty it was almost indistinguishable from its fur. The energy emanating from the cord was the cause of the strange feeling he’d sensed, could that be the source of the curse? “We need to get the cord off its neck.”
“How are we supposed to do that? I doubt we can get close enough.” Martin frowned, but at least he didn’t seem like he was going to attack the wolf.
“Do you have a knife of some sort?” Jon supposed that being the god of cats it was unusual for him to not have “claws” of some sort, but he didn’t like hurting living things. In the future he might start carrying something around, just in case he needed it.
“Oh, yeah! Hang on.” Martin dropped the branch and fumbled at his waist before tossing something to Jon, who barely managed to catch it. Fortunately the knife was still in its leather sheath, the wooden handle was worn but the blade gleamed as though it had been freshly sharpened. Upon seeing it the wolf snarled, baring its teeth and crouching down as though readying to pounce.
“That’s what I was worried about.” Jon sheathed the knife again and approached the beast slowly, trying not to startle it. Fortunately the wolf did not attack, but it didn’t relax either, its ice-blue eyes focused on him.
When he was in front of it he grasped the leather cord in one hand and had to resist the urge to cry out in agony. Jon wasn’t the target of this particular curse, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t feel the malice that had gone into it. A deer, sacred to the Goddess of the Wild, had been slain by accident and the hunter had been turned into a bloodthirsty monster in return. The wolf howled, out of pain or sadness he didn’t know, but he managed to pull out the knife and cut the cord. It fell to the ground, turning into a pile of ash, and Jon felt his knees buckle.
When his vision cleared Martin was kneeling next to him, and before him lay a woman. Her clothes were tattered, caked in blood and dirt, her blond hair coming out of its messy braid. The dog sniffed at her prone form, occasionally nudging her cheek with his nose or pawing at her as though it was concerned. Jon could see that she was breathing, but no doubt she was exhausted from whatever the curse had done to her.
“This is the beast?” Martin looked taken aback, that the monster who’d slaughtered and wounded animals was just a human. “She looks so... innocent.”
“Everyone looks innocent when they’re asleep. She’s a hunter, but she accidentally chose the wrong prey and angered a god.” Jon sighed, getting to his feet and once more checking his hood.
The cat wound its way between his legs, rubbing up against them and purring. “You did it master!”
“I can carry her back to town.” Jon blinked, not sure he’d understood Martin. “What? We can’t just leave her here, it’d be best to bring her to a healer so someone can take a look at her.”
“Right, of course.” He’d forgotten that humans were so fragile, although Jon could sense that some part of the curse had not left the woman. She had been changed by it, marked by the wild.
The trip back through the forest was quiet, neither of them felt much like talking as they picked their way through the trees. The sun had started to set and Jon had to rely on his night vision to guide them, all the while hoping that Martin wouldn’t ask how he could see so well in the dark, or notice the unusual shine to his eyes. Once they’d entered town a handful of cats approached him, all of them thanking him for getting rid of the beast.
“Wow,” Martin gaped at the welcome party. “Cats really like you, huh?”
“You could say that.” Jon replied, unable to hide his smirk.
It was fortunate that the healer recognized the woman and agreed to treat her free of charge because Jon had no money whatsoever. His followers were mainly cats, and it wasn’t like they were in the business of giving him spare change. The healer called the woman “Daisy,” although the name didn’t seem to fit the huge wolf she’d been mere hours ago. Then again, Jon wasn’t exactly the best name for a god of cats and it was still his name.
It was only when Martin stopped at a crossroads and pointed down one of the streets did Jon remember that their partnership had been temporary. “I live down that way, I’m sure if you ask someone they’ll be able to point you in my direction.”
“Right...” It was strange, he’d only known Martin for a short amount of time and yet he felt a pang of sadness in his chest. “I guess I’ll be seeing you around.”
“Goodnight, Jon.” Martin smiled and began to walk away, the dog bounding off down the street.
“Goodnight, Martin.”
When he returned to his temple and settled down on the pile of blankets he called a bed Jon thought about his day. While he’d originally set off to find the beast because his followers had asked it of him, he hadn’t actually done anything godlike. Sure, he’d figured out that the wolf was cursed and managed to break the cord, but it hadn’t really been that difficult. Apart from getting injured twice, that was. Jon thought of Martin’s kindness when the dog had knocked him over, of his flushed face when he was embarrassed, of his bravery when preparing to fight the beast. As his eyes drifted shut he considered how odd it was, that after being a god for so long it only took one day for him to suddenly feel so very human.
One day I will not get ideas for an event the day of said event. Credit to the Magnus Writer’s server for the plot bunny, and thanks to @ravendarkwood for the beta!
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minifruity · 13 days ago
❃ 𝐄𝐏𝐇𝐄𝐌𝐄𝐑𝐀𝐋 || ᴘɪᴇᴛʀᴏ ᴍᴀxɪᴍᴏꜰꜰ ❃
🂵 Chapter 5 🂵
゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚✩ ⋆。˚ ✩
┊ ┊ ┊ ✫
┊ ┊ ✩
┊ ⊹ ✯
Hi hi
I have been listening to Love Lockdown by Glass Animals and Go To Town by Doja Cat on repeat
Tumblr media
Sokovia, Europe
Angel Bakery
March 2, 2015
"Little one? Is that you!" Mrs. Bakhuizen announced as I walked through the door, leading into the bakery with the twins behind me.
 "Although, you are not that little anymore. You have grown so much!" She rejoiced, squishing my cheeks together. The twins chuckled behind me. "Come, come. Let me make you the banana bread you love oh so much."
I sighed happily as I gestured to the two to follow. We all followed Mrs. Bakhuizen into the kitchen, seeing her getting the ingredients already out. 
"Hand me the flour behind you please." She asked. I turned around and grabbed the bag. It almost slipped out of my hands before Pietro took it and handed it to Mrs. Bakhuizen. I could have sworn I saw stars in her eyes.
"My, my, little one. You got a nice catch if I do say so myself." She giggled to herself. My eyes widened when I realized what she meant. Before I could deny anything, she grabbed Pietro by the face. 
"If you do anything to my little one, I will hunt you down." Pietro's brain quickly registered what was happening and Wanda's hands started to glow before I held her palms into mine.
"Having said that, you're a real looker! He reminds me of my love, Dante Bakhuizen." She emphasized by grabbing his muscles through his jacket. She shamelessly felt his arm over his thin shirt. When he noticed I was disturbed, he turned to wink at me.
 "Pietro isn't my lover, Mrs. Bakhuizen. I was just in town and wanted to visit some old friends. This is Wanda, his twin sister." I announced, stepping to the side, showing Wanda who was trying to hide.
"Oh well, aren't you just a cutie!" She squealed in a high pitch tone that I winced at. 
"Speaking of family, where is Lucia? I haven't seen her in ages!" The room silenced as I didn't know what to say.
"They,'' I paused, ''they are still in Germany," I spoke with a sad smile. "I came alone." I felt Wanda grab my hand again and I squeezed back. 
"Well, it is what it is. I would have loved to see them again." She commented, not noticing the air was tense. If she did. She didn’t comment on it
She walked back in the middle of the room and dropped flour on the clean countertop and rolled out the dough she had been making. I sighed and went to a cupboard holding the bowls. Everything was still in the same place as it was before. I pulled out one and started to get the ingredients for the bread.
A call from the front of the store went off. Mrs. Bakhuizen excused herself and rushed off. I walked over to the sink and started to wash my hands. I went to the center of the room with the island holding the ingredients. I stood next to Wanda and saw her stern face as if she were thinking about something.
In the spur of the moment, I grabbed a handful of flour and popped it on her face. Her mouth made a large 'O' in surprise. She reached across me and threw some back at me. We both started to giggle at the other's face until we felt something being thrown at us both.
We opened our eyes to see Pietro with hands chalked with flour. Soon the whole room was covered in flour, Mrs. Bakhuizen walked in and ushered us to different bathrooms to clean up.
Tumblr media
Throwing on clothes that Mrs. Bakhuizen let me borrow, I heard a quiet knock on the door. I pulled the rest of my shirt down to my waist and opened the door. I unlocked the entrance and was met with the older twin in front of me.  
Maybe it was the wet hair falling in his face, or that stupid smirk he wore, but it sent butterflies to my stomach. I couldn't comprehend what was happening. I never felt this way when we were with Strucker. It confused me as my eyebrows furrowed. Blue, striking eyes gazed back at me. 
Their gaze held me captive for a few moments until I heard a slight cough. Pietro was staring back at me with a smirk and a hand to his mouth.
''Are you done looking at me like I'm a piece of meat, or are you gonna let me in?'' He spoke with his rough accent. His words made me understand what I was doing. I can't make heart eyes at my best friend's twin. I shook my head slightly and took a step back, letting him in the room.
He looked around the pastel yellow room I used to sleep in. Mrs. Bakhuizen was a family friend and would let Lucia and I stay over some nights, watching American TV shows to improve our English. He sat at the edge of the barely touched bed and leaned back on his hands. 
His eyes trailed over my body, to which I gave a baffled look. I had only been wearing a simple grey shirt with black shorts. I had a small towel wrapped around my shoulders to stop water from getting onto my shirt. His eyes seemed to be stuck at my legs until I spoke up.
''Are you done looking at me like I'm a piece of meat, or are you gonna talk? What do you want?'' I questioned. 
His eyes flew to mine and gave a little chuckle. He turned away for a quick second, covering his mouth, and back with a slight smirk. Pietro got up and started to walk forwards and I backed up. His stare was ravenous, but I refused to break eye contact.
''I think I would like you if you were a little bit,'' He paused while bending down next to my now red ear. His rough hand came up to my neck and his thumb brushed against my jaw. The rough feeling of his skin against mine made me hold my breath. After what felt like an hour, he stood up straight and licked his finger.
''Sweeter,'' He finished with an innocent smile.
''Pietro!'' Wanda shouted from downstairs. ''Is Y/N still in the shower? We are almost done with the bread.'' He looked at me with a wicked smile and yelled down to his twin.
''They said they would be right down. Give them a few minutes to calm down.'' 
The situation didn't comprehend in my head until he elaborated on that. I was acting like a fool. I was walking into his trap that he led me into. He was a flirt, there was nothing there. When I turned my head to Pietro, he was already walking down the stairs.
''Fuck you quick kick!'' I shouted at him. When he turned his head, he laughed at my glare.
''Soon, hopefully.'' He winked and left my field of vision.
Tumblr media
I walked into the kitchen to see Mrs. Bakhuizen and the twins pulling out the bread from the oven. I walked to them, drying out my hair with the towel, and snagged a piece. Before it hit my tongue, it was knocked out of my hand. I frowned at Mrs. Bakhuizen before she started to pinch my face, making me whine out.
"Just because your parents are in Germany, don't mean I can't whoop you!" She scolded as I rubbed my cheek with a pout. 
The twins chuckled at me. "Leave it alone for a few moments then you can have some." She walked off, muttering about how 'she doesn't get respect'.
I snickered at her and turned to Wanda. Her gaze was on Mrs. Bakhuizen's cork board, more importantly, on the half-off sale in the town over. Looking at the advertisement, I wondered what was so special.
''What are you looking at?'' I asked. The colored photo had a small family walking around the market with massive smiles on their faces. Wanda seemed to be shocked at my presence and spun to face me. Her hands flew to her face in shock but soon recovered as she realized it was only me. She looked at the advertisement and back to my face.
''That is the market my family used to go to. We would get dinner there every day and my papa would sell movies for the kids there.'' Shock washed over me as I realized this meant we used to live close to each other. I wondered if we ever crossed paths before Strucker.
''Why don't we go to bed and then we can take the train there in the morning? Maybe we can pick up some of Mrs. Bakhuizen's groceries? She would appreciate it.'' I covered the side of my face with my hand and whispered to Wanda. 
''She is getting a little old and weak. I don't want her hurting herself.''
A crash rang through the kitchen, followed by yelling. ''Y/N I know you aren't talking about me! Come over here and I'll show you weak!'' She exclaimed. I winced and shot Wanda a smile. I headed towards the door and looked back at Wanda.
''Think about it. I'll wake you up in the morning.''
Tumblr media
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amoralityplay · 20 days ago
First Date
Nate cracked his eyes open, groaning as he rolled over and wondered how much he’d had to drink. His head throbbed and body ached and sweat soaked the sheets…he barely remembered the night before. There was the bar…and then he’d gone home with…he groaned again. This wasn’t even his apartment, he realized, starting to push himself up, feeling worse than any hangover in memory. Had he come down with the flu? The room was dark, heavy velvet curtains drawn over the windows with only the smallest bit of dim light filtering in at the edges, but even that made him wince.
[Cut for Length]
“No.” It was a firm command and a familiar figure in a fitted black dress pushed herself up from a chair in the corner, placing a hand against the center of Nate’s chest and gently pushing him back down against the pillows. In her other hand, she held a damp cloth, which was carefully dabbed against Nate’s face. “You’re going to feel absolutely terrible for about a week. I’m sorry, but that’s just how it has to be.” Nate squinted at her, mind sluggishly trying to catch up. Had she drugged him? Jesus, he couldn’t even remember her name. Annie? Alice? Audra? “Look…Miss, uh…I’ve gotta—“ “Mmm, no. You can’t leave. You’re sick. It takes a week, you’ll feel much better soon, you’ve just got to get past this part…your immune system is…panicking, for lack of a better term. Medicine isn’t really my fortè but that’s how it’s been explained to me.” Sitting on the edge of the bed, the woman watched him for a moment, seeming to consider her options. “You had a lot to drink, I hope that’s not a problem you have. My Nate didn’t drink much, but if you do you’ll have to break that habit, alcohol won’t agree with you anymore.” My Nate? She was crazy, he thought. He’d picked up a serial killer or something and let her take him home…Shit. Nate barely had the energy to argue with her, though. “I don’t know what you’re talking about…I think I need a doctor—“ She laughed, and Nate could have sworn her eyes flashed greenish-yellow, like a cat’s. “Doctors can’t help with this, I’m afraid. No cure. It’s a virus, supposedly. I was born with it and now you have it, too. See?” She lifted his arm and turned his wrist until he could see the bite mark there, a bruised, toothy outline and two tidy punctures. “Saliva spreads it, but not as consistently as blood does, so…I gave you some of mine,” She held up her own wrist, with a similar mark. “Just to be sure it took. You have a fever, it only takes a couple hours to set in…there’s no test, but that’s enough to know you have it, I think” “…What?” He croaked, trying to push himself up again, and was again gently pushed back down, this time with both her hands placed against his shoulders. Now, he thought he could taste it…the rusty, metallic taste that lingered in his mouth. Surely she hadn’t really…She was just fucking with him, she had to be. There were some little snippets of memory coming back to him…walking into her stately Brownstone townhouse…having sex with her…but he couldn’t remember much else. Maybe his friends had paid her to play a joke on him? “I know, I’m sure you’re confused, there’s just so much about the world that humans don’t know...But you need to trust me. This comes with a lot of changes and you’ll need my help navigating them…if you want to live, anyway. That sounds very dramatic,” She snorted. “But it’s true, if you don’t listen to me, you’ll die a very slow, unpleasant death. And besides, after what happened to Nate, I’m sure us meeting was…mmm, fate? Also a little dramatic, but I can’t imagine why else it would have happened.” Nate reached up to rub his eyes, his stomach turning. She was crazy. Not the kinda fun, sexy crazy. Crazy. What was she talking about? What kind of virus? “Poor thing,” she murmured, folding the cloth she held in her finely-boned hands, then laying it across his forehead. “Do you even remember last night?” “No,” Nate mumbled, wondering if his phone was nearby. Maybe he could call his brother, Norris was a doctor, NYC was only a few hours away…but then, he didn’t know her address. And it didn’t sound like she was planning on letting him make any phone calls. “Oh, well…I’m Audrey. The short version is…I’m a vampire. And so are you, now.” She shrugged. “My soulmate was…well, you. That’s why I was so startled to see you in that bar. He’s been dead for a couple years. I suppose he must have been your Doppelgänger? Or maybe you’re his. It doesn’t matter, the point is, you’re the same person, just in different places. I don’t have an explanation other than sometimes, things in this world work strangely.” “That’s insane,” he countered, forcing himself up as much as his body protested. She didn’t seem to be armed, and he was certain he could overpower her if he needed to, even as sick as he was…and he certainly didn’t plan on staying. “No,” she growled, and Nate quickly found himself pinned under her, her face very close to his. Even in the dark, he could clearly make out the features of her face: the angry snarl of her lip, the ivory points of bared canines and the scarring across her right cheek. She was startlingly strong—impossibly, he thought, how could a woman her size possibly be able to pin him like that? “Don’t make this harder than it needs to be, Nate. I know if you just…” She drew a small breath, sitting back and lightly patting a hand against his chest as she reined in her small outburst. “...give it a chance, we’ll be happy together. Like we were before.” Satisfied that he wasn’t going to press the issue, Audrey slid off him and stood, smoothing her hands over her dress. “We’ll work this out, I’m sure. But right now, you need to sleep. I’m not holding you captive, but I’ll warn you…you’re not going to want to open that window,” she nodded to the curtains. “This is the third floor, and it’s about 2pm. You’re going to find sunlight intensely uncomfortable and we certainly can’t turn into bats or fly or any of that movie nonsense. And don’t try to eat anything…you won’t find anything here that doesn’t align with your, um, new dietary requirements, anyway, but if you’re feeling well enough maybe we’ll try a little more blood later…I have some freshly-fed leeches, if you would rather have something you can chew.” Nate stared at her, wondering if this was a fever dream or some kind of hallucination. It had to be. “You’ll get used to it,” Audrey reassured, then leaned down to place a chaste kiss to his forehead. “ Bathroom is first door on the left, I’ll be downstairs. Don’t do anything stupid.” 
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shieldbcund · 22 days ago
The good, the bad, and the dirty. 
Tumblr media
Elouan’s past is not kind as he is. Many don’t know it; why bring up the negative if he can focus on the positive? Whether he brings it up or not doesn’t matter, it seems; one way or another, it escapes his broken psyche and addled mind to surface, greet the world, and inevitably conflict with others. 
Most of the time he retains his perky, friendly nature of easy-going quips and babbling factoids, compliments, or dense observations of the world. But if you delve into philosophy with him? It can get deep, messy, and sometimes sad.
Traveling to Ul’Dah at the budding age of fifteen does things to a doe-eyed boy. He ends up broke the first day after being mugged, then a sniffling mess groveling in the adventurer’s guild. Trying to make do and build himself an income with the gladiator’s guild brought mixed results, even as he climbed the ranks in the coliseum throughout the years. 
Coliseum didn’t rake in enough money for his exes. They needed more, the apartments needed more, and he, too, needed more to live. Where else can he get it? Where else were his skills useful?
The Blood Sands. And in does the lamb go.
He started off as a dummy for the fiercer opponents, a way to warm up for head line fights and more foreboding monsters. But, in time, with more bets his way, he embraced that carnal urge for more. More blood, more wounds, more damage to his foes, until they were left for dead at the end of his blade. While he came in as a lamb, lost to the way of limitless anger and bloodlust, he came out a lion. Elouan was part of the insatiable monsters that lurked and attacked in the Sands. There, mercy was only achievable in death. There was no ‘stop’, there was no ‘pause’: you either went all the way and gave it your all, or you died at your opponent’s blade trying. 
Blood for the blade, blood for the soul, blood of another that kept him alive, hungry, and wanting for more. His opponents were his to cut up and maim, his to kill, if it meant he could reign victorious in their deaths. After all, what was a broke fighter in the ring? A dead one. Not Elouan, no; he fought with fearlessness, taunted those that dared rest their blade under his throat, one breath from slitting it, with daggers in his eyes that said “do your worst”.
It didn’t matter how many he killed or maimed if he got even a small pouch of earnings at the end of the match. And where did that go? To his exes. 
“Mother and my sisters need money to get here from Gyr Abania!” Said one, only to repeat months later when the goal was met, given she was ‘mugged by a damn cat!’ on Pearl Lane. Wash, rinse, repeat, did that relationship go, until she was eventually imprisoned by Brass Blades after he had been a few times too many in the ‘muggings’ that never were.
“I can’t live on my own; you know that Elou, don’t you? Please help me--I care about you. All I need is a few hundred gil to make do...” A few too many times until a few losses left him at the hands of an upset lover, scorned for gil he didn’t have. 
Even with his exes, even with the Blood Sands trying to drain the love, compassion, and kindness from his naïve heart, he still had fights of his own beyond it. Fights to keep his body as his own and not a punching bag or toy for others to have their way with, fights to keep himself safe on the streets or outside of Ul’Dah, fights to prove his innocence no matter how many times he was framed with the Brass Blades.
His life was about fighting. After being sworn as a Paladin, given yet another chance on life, he didn’t choose fighting.
He chose love, protection, and exploration.
No matter how hot the sands boil or how much blood is taken from him, he still stood, a defiant will that never backed down. At what cost?
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jaxsteamblog · 24 days ago
This chapter takes place after Druk and is part of the Married Life Arc.
Katara straightened her crown in the mirror, turning her head side to side to make sure it was straight. Her wavy hair had resisted the pin, and the thickness certainly fought the top knot, but she had eventually managed to get the thing on.
“Are you sure it doesn’t look silly?” She asked.
Zuko came into view behind her, sliding his hands around her sides to hold her lightly. 
“As silly as mine does in modern clothes.” He replied and kissed her soundly on the cheek.
“I don’t think it’s made for hair like mine.” She muttered.
“Sounds like a design flaw, not a you flaw.” 
Zuko kissed her cheek again and backed away. The loops usually at the side of her face had been pulled back to start a simple sort of braid. The beads were still present, and she was wearing her necklace, but the crown stood out as an accessory.
“I know it’s a flame, but doesn’t it look a bit like a crescent moon?” He asked.
“That’s a stretch.” Katara said.
Skittering claws came into the room and Katara turned as Druk bounded toward her. He was less than a year old but already the size of an adult owl cat. His wings were still clumsy and he could only fly short distances, yet his legs were powerful enough to send him racing down hallways.
He terrified the palace staff and greatly annoyed the also still alarmingly growing Mister Whiskers. 
“Don’t.” Zuko warned both Katara and Druk. Both of them ignored him and Druk launched himself at Katara, making her stagger as she caught him.
“He can’t jump up on people like that.” Zuko grumbled. “It’s poor manners.”
“Aww, my sweet baby just wants attention.” Katara cooed, rubbed her nose against Druk’s snout. He smelled like soot and heat, and Katara cuddled his chest close to her face. He nipped at her crown and Zuko sighed in annoyance.
“A dragon shouldn’t be carried like a toddler. It’s undignified.” He said finally and Katara turned to him. 
“How dare you say such a thing about our boy.” She said. 
“This is why he’s a brat when you’re gone.” 
“Of course, he misses his momma.” 
“You both are deranged.” 
Katara kissed Druk’s scaly head and set him down. The dragon hopped indignantly, blowing out bursts of flame.
“You know he’s going to be a terror when we have actual children.” Zuko said, holding out his arm. Katara linked to him and held on with her other hand.
“Why do we even need anymore? Let’s just crown Druk and the Fire Nation can have an actual dragon as it’s Fire Lord instead of making up all these fancy honorifics for you.” Katara said.
“If history is any indication, they might not tell the difference.” He agreed.
Walking out of their bedroom, Druk followed them closely. Having returned with a dragon, the court and the city of Caldera had changed its attitude toward Zuko. The rest of the world still thought dragons were extinct, so Druk was a miracle bestowed to their Fire Lord as a sign from the spirits. As they had all sworn an oath never to speak of Ran and Shaw, no one disabused people of that notion. 
Now, even the prime minister had quelled his adversarial politics. 
Ozai and Azula both had been recorded as having thrown massive fits about it. 
Katara and Zuko headed toward the ballroom, watching with wry amusement as the staff jumped out of Druk’s way. When they reached the massive double doors, Katara called Druk and held him again, knowing that he didn’t do very well in large groups of people. 
“Fire Lord, Fire Lady.” A member of the house staff jumped when he opened the door, seeing the royal couple on the other side. 
“We wanted to see how everything was progressing.” Zuko said.
The man glanced at Druk, curled in Katara’s arms and she smiled back at him. 
Being favored by a dragon was also helping her image at the palace as well.
“Of course.” The man said, stepping to the side. 
Katara followed Zuko inside and looked around. While Zuko himself wasn’t overly interested in celebrating his birthday, there were expectations for the Fire Lord. These expectations somehow included the Water Tribe Ambassador rearranging all of the flowers. 
A sour faced man approached them, bowing obviously to Zuko and leaving Katara in her place at his side.
“Is everything to your liking, Fire Lord?” He asked.
Zuko turned to Katara and idly scratched Druk’s crest. 
“Lady wife?” He asked.
“Everything pales in comparison to the luminary beauty of yourself. I am unable to adequately judge these offerings with you standing so close to me.” 
Katara smiled and had to keep herself from laughing.
“How can I do any better? The light of your loveliness blinds me to anything else.” She remarked. 
“My most prudent and beloved queen, I beg that you give me some words to describe this room that does not degrade your glittering visage.”
“Oh honorable husband, for that you would have to leave my sight and I could not bear to stand in such darkness.”
“I think,” The sour faced man said bitterly. “I will have to trust the Fire Lady’s most esteemed brother then?”
“Sokka is a marvel, I think that might be best.” Katara said, wrinkling her nose and giving the man a patronizing look. 
The man bowed to them both and walked back to the activity. Zuko did laugh softly then and Katara turned back to him.
“Light of my loveliness?” He asked.
“Glittering visage?” She countered.
“Hey, the words may have been stuffy, but they were still true.” He replied.
“So what words would you really use?” Katara asked. 
“Hmm,” Zuko thought and took some of her hair in his hands. He stared at it as he rolled the strands under his fingers.
“I would start by saying how devious fate must be to make my love part ocean spirit as I most certainly am in danger of drowning when you’re around.” He started and twirled her hair around his fingers. “You take my breath away, but also, there are times when I don’t feel like coming up for air.”
“Zuko!” Katara whispered sharply, her face heating up in a flash. 
Zuko only smiled and released her hair.
“I would say that thank the spirits you’re brilliant because I lose all sense when I look at your face, because your beauty is enough to make a fool of any man.” He continued. “And I’d quite like an opportunity to play the fool soon.”
“Spirits, you are brazen.” Katara said with a laugh. Her grip on Druk tightened and he squeaked in annoyance. 
“Sorry Druk, I’m displacing you as your mother’s favorite.” Zuko said and scratched Druk’s neck. 
“You are always my favorite.” Katara said. “No matter what season it is in the Poles, I only feel like the sun has returned when I’m with you.” 
“I don’t see how I can compare when you are always the one lighting up the room.” 
“I wish I could paint with ink the same shade as your hair so I could write every character with the same kind of elegance.” 
“I wish I could train birds to sing in the same notes as your laughter so I could hear your joy every morning.”
“My laughter? I wish I could keep your voice with me because it soothes me better than the sound of a far off thunderstorm.” 
“I am going to vomit all over the floor if you two don’t stop.” Sokka interjected.
Katara lowered her face, blushing, but Zuko chuckled.
“Aw come on! They were being really cute!” Thuy added as she approached from behind them.
The twins that hung around Thuy, who Zuko swore were harmless, watched them with different levels of interest. Suzu looked gleeful while Zula looked bored. Or mildly irritated. She was harder to read.
“I see my wife every other season. You’re lucky we’re out of our rooms at all.” Zuko said.
“Zuko!” Katara blurted while the three teenage girls burst out laughing. Sokka only sighed and tapped the heel of his hand against his forehead. 
“Can we play with Druk, Auntie?” Thuy asked, changing the subject.
“Please.” Katara said, holding Druk out even as he clung to her in protest. “He needs to potty.”
“Thank you Auntie!” Thuy said and forcefully took the dragon, running off with him before he could break free of her grip. Suzu jogged after her and Zula walked stoically after. 
“Okay you two, try to focus for long enough to look at these terrible centerpieces.” Sokka said. “I think I’ve managed to salvage them.”
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thequillswhims · 25 days ago
Alex and Jane
There wasn't an official "Wriday" over at Happy Cats Meow Movies but - i had a random inspiration
Setting : Alexander James Johnston and Jane Ambrosia Albuquerque are a married couple.
Thursday, dinner, silence, Alex is bored and kind of tense.
"Mary called." Jane bites in her beef tender loin, coats in in red wine sauce "She misses your dick."
Alex chokes on his bite, spits out some, coughs, drinks water.
"I passed for your personal assistant if you don't mind." She voraciously savored her meat. "Jefferson Hotel, room 1407. Tomorrow night. 8 pm."
Alex was livid.
"Check mate, Alex. That's a whopping negative 30 points my dude!"
He put down his cutlery.
"At least make it... I dunno... I feel like you didn't put any effort into this match."
"Is this... Is this all a big fat joke to you?" He exploded, furious tears blurring his vision
"Yes. Yes it is, Mister Party Pooper." She took a bite of her meal and chewed it appreciatively. "I know you love me, Alex. And I know you love the thrill of the hunt and the danger of secrecy. So I have made of your little affairs a game I quite enjoy, actually. This would be your... Third match since I started. Lucy was... Omg did you even try to hide it? I give you the benefit of the rookie on that one. It was your first after our marriage. You did improve with Bessie. That impressed me! And renewed my sense of admiration for you." She crunched a hefty for of salad. Bessie was vegan. A subtle jab at the man sitting, pale as a corpse, on the other end of the table." And then you completely blew it with Mary." Jane took a sip of water." Si now that you're sitting on the bench, explain me why you fucked up?"
He swallowed hard, livid. Appetite had escaped him, seemingly just another bite at the end of his wife's fork.
He didn't know. Couldn't find the words.
What went wrong. Was this a silent plea today be caught and have his burden lifted? Apparently, it's a known passive motive in criminals to be caught and get famous. Did he want to out himself to finally end the charade of history misery?
Two tears ran sown simultaneously on Alex's cheeks as he contemplated his wife in terror and a we.
"How can you be so bloody casual about all of this?" he shouted, half despising her, half enraged at himself for having lashed out at her.
"Because I happen to love you, Husband." She smiled and cooed at him. "And I happen to know you, too." She winked. "Call it my "trump it all" card."
Her amusement, her calmness infuriated him.
"Your only error was to doubt me."
She swirled a piece of beef in the dark red sauce and Alex's heart raced to his throat.
"I had sworn to myself to love my life. No matter what. Make the best out of shitty situations, and trust, there are bits you wouldn't even fathom. And that includes loving you and your very nature. You are a wolf, Alexander. You live the thrill of the hunt but you're not exactly a serial killer psychopath. Your middle happy ground is the shape of a bed with a good mattress."
He looked down at his plate and his stomach turned.
Lucy was a flamboyant red head, like the slices of red, yellow and orange bell peppers embellishing the salad. Bessy was vegan. Like half his plate. Mary called, enquiring about his meat... Like the half eaten medium rare piece of beef resting in a pool of dark red sauce.
Jane had served him without even having had to open her mouth, if he had paid attention and used his imagination.
There was a moment when they could finish each other's sentences.
Presently, it felt as if she'd just pop a sharp axe out of the Chinese cabinet and finish him altogether.
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maybe-a-fangurl · 29 days ago
Prefect Duties (Remus Lupin x Reader)
I am a simp for Remus Lupin so thought my first one shot for him should be complete fluff. As always hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!
“Lumos.” You mumbled to yourself as you lifted your wand up, slowly walking through the halls and ignoring the complaints from the paintings for you to put your light out. You only had one thing on your mind, finding your cat.
You were in the common room, reading on the couch with your cat when Malfoy got into an argument with some of his “followers” as you called them, which led to a lamp being knocked over right as more students walked into the common room. When the lamp hit the floor your cat, Hera, took off running out of the door and you grabbed your wand before quickly going after her. But that was all an hour ago and you were starting to lose hope as you went around the corner, but instead of being met with an empty hallway you were met with a familiar pair of eyes. Eyes that belonged to the Gryffindor Prefect who you were quite fond of.
“Y/n, what are you doing out past curfew?” Remus asked as he looked at you with a confused expression. You shouldn’t have been so affected by the question, but right as the words left his mouth you started to cry, which caused Remus to freak out. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you. What’s wrong? Did someone hurt you?” “Hera got out and I can’t find her.” You finally managed to get out as you hurriedly tried to wipe the tears away from your eyes, not wanting him to see you cry but it seemed like the more you wiped your eyes the more you cried. Remus had seen you upset and he had seen you tear up, but he had never seen you actually cry so he truly did not know how to handle you.
“It’s okay.” He said in a comforting tone as he pulled you into a hug, an action that wasn’t uncommon for the two of you, but it still caught you off guard. He held you for a moment before stiffening up, as if he realized what he had done, and he slowly pulled away from you before giving your arm an awkward pat. “Come on, I’ll help you find her.” “You really don’t have to, I’ve been looking for probably an hour and still haven’t found her and I really don’t want to keep you away from your Prefect Duties.” You said as you shook your head, but you knew that you really did want his help. You wanted to find Hera and knew that he would give you a higher chance, and you would get to spend time with your favorite Prefect. Before you had the chance to give him anymore reasons not to come he brought his hands up to your face, wiping some of your stray tear away with his thumb.  
“Helping students in distress past curfew is one of my Prefect duties so I think it’ll be fine.” A small smile was coming to his face as he said the words to you in a matter of fact tone. “And what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t help find Hera?” “I suppose you’re right.” You said as you gave him a small smile, which only made his smile grow. “Have you ever helped find a cat before?”
“No, but I did help Longbottom find his toad last year.” He said before he started to walk forward, you automatically moving to follow him as you brought your wand back up to light up the hallway. It was silent for a little while, the two of you just walking down the halls calling out for Hera every now and then.
You were almost hyper aware of how close Remus was walking next to you, your hands brushing against each other every now and then. You knew that you should be focusing on looking for Hera but with how close he was you couldn’t help the way that your heartrate was speeding up, practically causing your whole ribcage to shake. You could have sworn that you kept seeing Remus glancing at you from the corner of your eye, but you decided to ignore it as you continued to walk in silence, that was until Remus cleared his throat.
“So how did she get out?” He asked in an almost cautious voice, more than likely scared that his words would cause you to cry again.
“Malfoy knocked over a lamp in the common room, it scared her, and she ran out the door as some students were coming back in. I ran out after her, but it was too late, she was already running around the corner and by the time I reached the hallway she was gone.” You said, trying not to sound too malicious when you mentioned Malfoy. You couldn’t help the way you were already planning to ask James and Sirius to pull a prank on him, something you usually did not encourage the boys to do but you would make an exception this time.
“I’ll be sure to tell Pads and Prongs, they’ve been thinking about getting Malfoy all week and at least now they’ll have an actual reason.” Remus said as he kept his eyes on the ground, but you knew he was smiling as he knew you were probably thinking of the same thing.  Remus wouldn’t admit it, but he loved how well you got along with the rest of the Marauders, at first, they were all skeptical of you since you were a Slytherin but after a few conversations they all said you were a Gryffindor at heart. Remus knew of course that you were too ambitious to belong anywhere but in the famous green and silver house, but he let his friends use that as an excuse for why they got along so well with you.  
“I was actually going to ask you if they would.” You said with a small laugh but as the two of you passed a window that faced the Black Lake your smile disappeared as you frantically looked up at Remus. “You don’t think she went outside, do you?”
“I don’t think so, most of the doors should be closed.” He said in an almost skeptical tone, one that instantly made you tear up again and once he realized that he shook his head and put his hands on your shoulders. “It’s okay, even if she got outside there isn’t anything on the grounds that can hurt her.”
“But what if she gets into the forest? Sirius told me the other day that he seen something while you were all out there.” You said in a frantic tone as a few tears ran down your face, but before you could say anything else Remus wiped the tears away before giving you a reassuring smile.
“Y/n, she’s not in the forest okay?” He asked in a calm tone and when you nodded his smile grew. “Come on, I have an idea.”
“Yeah?” You asked, and he nodded before taking your hand in his and pulling you back down the hallway. The two of you feel into a comfortable silence as you walked through the halls, you were trying not to let a blush come to your face from his hand holding yours.
You let your mind wander to the first time you and Remus talked, it was in charms class when the professor assigned the two of you to be partners. At first you hated the idea of being paired with a Gryffindor, they had been nothing but mean to you in the three years you had been at Hogwarts, but as Remus gave you a shy smile and offered you his hand you knew that he was different. The two of you became close within that class and before long the two of you were hanging out outside of the classroom, and before long you were hanging out with him and the Marauders more than you were hanging around your fellow housemates.
You were brought out of your thoughts as the two of you reached the familiar portrait that led to the kitchen. You stayed silent as the two of you went into the kitchen, patiently waiting as Remus talked to the house elves and before long they handed him a bowl and the two of you thanked them before heading back into the halls.
“I know you said she liked tuna, so I thought maybe she would smell it and come to us.” He said in a calm but almost rushed tone, and you couldn’t help but smile as you looked down at your hands. He followed your eyes before blushing and pulling his hand away from yours. “Sorry I didn’t realize I was still holding your hand.” “It’s okay.” You said, frowning at the loss of warmth but quickly turning your attention back to looking for Hera. She was the reason you were out here, not to spend time with Remus, though you couldn’t deny that was the bright side of the situation.
After the hand incident Remus stayed quiet and walked with about a foot of space between the two of you, something that you wish didn’t bother you as much as it did. The two of you kept walking around for about an hour, Remus sending you worried glances as you both started to realize that maybe you weren’t going to find her.  
“I think it’s time to call it a night.” You said in a quiet voice as you looked down at the ground, trying to keep yourself from crying again.
“I can stay up with you and find her, it’s really no problem.” Remus said as he looked over at you, but you knew he was exhausted. It was two days after the full moon and if the dark circles around his eyes weren’t enough proof that he needed rest the new scars that littered his face were.
“I mean it in the nicest way possible, but you look exhausted Remus, you need to rest. I can look for her tomorrow while everyone is gone.” You said in a soft tone before letting out a sigh and looking back down at the ground. “I didn’t really feel like going to Hogsmeade anyway.”
“Oh.” He said a bit disappointed, causing you to shake your head as you realized what you said. “I didn’t mean it that way.” You said as you thought about how he wanted to go to the new bookstore with you and had asked you weeks ago. “I want to go with you, but I can’t, I have to find her.” “It’s okay, I know how much she means to you.” He said with a shrug trying to play it off as no big deal before turning and walking down the hall. “Come on, I’ll walk you back to your common room.”
You stayed silent the whole walk back, your worry from not finding Hera along with your worry over hurting Remus’s feelings was keeping you in your head. It wasn’t a date, but it was the first time that either of you had asked the other to go to Hogsmeade, all of the times before it just happened to work out and the two of you spend the day together. You had to keep from letting out a sigh as you chose it was better to think about Remus than Hera, you didn’t want to cry again in front of Remus.
“Here we are.” Remus said, pulling you out of your thoughts as the two of you came to a stop in front of the common room door.
“Thank you for helping me try to find her.” You said as you pulled him into a hug, holding onto him for just a moment longer than you usually would have before pulling away. “I’ll see you when you get back from Hogsmeade.” “Yeah, of course.” He said with a small smile before telling you goodnight and walking out of the dungeon. But instead of going back to the common room, he continued walking around to look for Hera. Remus didn’t want to worry you anymore than you already were, but he knew if Hera got outside and into the forest that there was a chance you would never see her again, and he didn’t know if he could handle seeing you cry again.
Remus had never really thought too much about you in his first two years at school, Sirius had mentioned you a few times since you were a Pureblood and his family knew yours but other than that you never crossed his mind. But then the first full moon of third year while he was leaving the castle he seen you comforting a muggle born first year who was having a hard time in Slytherin. He had thought you were like the other Pureblood Slytherins but when he seen you hugging the girl as she was crying he felt bad for assuming you were like them. He watched you from a distance after that, wanting to introduce himself but never having the courage to until when you were paired together in charms class.
A friendship had instantly formed between the two of you and then with the rest of the Marauders, but you were always closest with Remus. He had thought you two were the closest because you were friends first, but then fifth year you went on a date with a boy from Raven Claw and he instantly realized he had feelings for you. Of course, it was just one date and then you claimed he wasn’t your type, all of the Marauders telling Remus that the real reason was because you liked him, but he never believed them. He had finally built up the courage to ask you to Hogsmeade, instead of just assuming you would come because the boys had mentioned it, and while it wasn’t a date he couldn’t help but to compare it to one. He knew why you had to cancel, he understood how important Hera was to you and he knew how upset you were, so that was why he was walking around the halls looking for her.
Remus had walked through the whole castle, using the map to make sure he checked every room. And he was about to give up when he seen a door suddenly appear ahead of him, causing him to sigh to himself as he realized what it was. As he opened the door to the room of requirement he heard a meow and looked down to see Hera looking up at him, and with a smile he picked her up and started walking to the Gryffindor common room.
You woke up early the next morning, heading to the Great Hall to get breakfast and figure out where you would start looking for Hera. You were exhausted from last night, you thought if you went back to your dorm you would be able to sleep but instead you just laid there worrying about Hera, and while you wanted to go look for her again you knew it wasn’t worth getting in trouble over since you wouldn’t have Remus with you anymore. As you walked into the Great Hall your eyes instantly went to the only other person in there who happened to be sitting at the Gryffindor table holding a familiar black cat. A smile instantly came to your face as you rushed over to the table, Remus giving you a shy smile as he handed her to you and you pulled her into your chest.
“You stayed up and found her?” You asked as you looked away from Hera and back to him, he was still sitting on the bench, a blush slowly covering his face as he seen how relieved and happy you looked. As he nodded and nervously rubbed the back of his neck you couldn’t stop yourself before you leaned forward and kissed him. When you pulled away you seen the shock on his face, but you also watched as his smile grew. “Thank you.” “You’re welcome.” He said as his face turned a darker shade of red, matching the Gryffindor sweater he was wearing.
“Moony I see you’re going for the enemy now.” Sirius said from behind you and as you turned you seen him standing with James and Peter, all of them wearing a smirk on their faces.
“I always thought it would be Pads to go for a Slytherin.” James said with a small laugh before him and Peter handed money over to Sirius. You just let out a laugh as you realized they had made bets on you and Remus.
“Bloody hell do any of you blokes have anything better to do than bet on my life?” He asked with a laugh as he stood up, cautiously putting his arm over your shoulder to test the waters and when you moved closer into his side you looked up to see his smile grow.
“About bloody time is all I have to say.” Sirius said as he sent the two of you a wink before putting the money in the pocket of his jeans.
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ontowanderlust · a month ago
Koi no yokan., phr. 
"There's a phrase in Japanese: koi no yokan, ever heard of that?"
She loves her friend, she really do. It's just that, of all Minor's impeccable timing, he chose to bother her on the hour where all she ever wanted was some peace and quiet, just away from people…even from her friend.
She could always drive him away, make up ridiculous excuses that even her father would have a hard time deciphering if what she's saying is true or not, but for some reason, she didn't have the heart to turn her friend away... nor lie to him as the boy could always see through her.
Heaving out a sharp sigh, forced out her reply. "Minor, not everyone has the talent to pick up new language as they please." she sounded patronizing but they both knew that's as responsive she can be.  
When she is greeted by silence, she turned her head towards her friend only to find him looking at her with those same owlish eyes, psychoanalyzing her as he said nothing while shaking his head.
"You look like shit,"
"Thanks, that's exactly what I want to hear, Minor."
"No problem!" the bastard really had the gall to beam at her, chuckling as he poked her cheek. "No really, what the hell have you been doing?"
"Studying," she replied dryly. "Can't say the same thing about you." he poked out his tongue in retaliation.
"Come on, do you wanna know what it means or not?" he asked her impatiently earning him a roll of eyes from her.
"Alright, I'll bite. What does it mean?"
For a moment, she could've sworn she saw her friend's eyes twinkle but when she looked closer, the twinkle was gone. Huh.
Minor shifted on his seat, angling his body to turn so he was facing her, giving her his utmost attention. "Koi no yokan doesn't have a direct translation but the closest thing to describe the phrase is... love at second sight."
She blinked, biting back a groan at his dramatics. "What does that even mean? You look at a person, they're not pretty enough, you look at them the second time, they're now lovable?"
Tumblr media
There's something oddly comforting about the autumn rain, she mused as she sat by the bus stop, temporarily sheltering her from the downpour. Maybe it's because of how the rain makes the weather even colder-in which she would thrive the most, she'd often tell her dad.
Or maybe how the rain makes the world look alive, the rain being a blessing to the dying season- a gift by the goddess Persephone to her beloved world before she lets the world slumber, before she reunites with her husband that is.
Either way, it's nice, she decided, letting a small hum as she swayed on her makeshift music while her feet swung back and forth, not caring if the scenery before her was deserted.
Or not, from her periphery, she could see a figure emerging from the school building. From afar, she could tell there's annoyance painting his features as he looked up from the darkened skies.
He probably didn't have any umbrella with him, she deduced, feeling a little bit of sympathy for him even though she's in the same situation as him.
Despite the rain fogging up her line of vision, she could see his appearance and couldn't help but think how familiar he looked- was that the reason she kept staring unabashedly? Probably, but she couldn't deny the demand of attention just from his presence alone and if it weren't for the small sound coming somewhere near the trees, she wouldn't be able to stop staring at him.
Before he could even notice her, she ducked down the trees where she found a small cat shying away from the downpour of rain. Out of impulse she reached for her pristine white handkerchief, placing it on top of the cat's head- offering what little she can to give the cat shelter for the time being, even going as far as offering snacks as well.
She didn't know for how long she had been there, crouching as she watched the satisfied cat but the next thing she knew, a jacket was being placed on top of her head.
Surprised, she looked up only to see the boy- the same figure she had been ogling earlier, jacket less. It took her a moment to figure out what just happened before flashing a grateful smile for the boy and his small sacrifice. She opened her mouth to give her thanks only for the rain got heavier, leaving him no choice but to run from it.
As he fled, she came out of her stupor, yelling her gratitude, not knowing if he could even hear it from the echoes of dripping water.
Oh well, there's always next time, right?
Tumblr media
He looked at her as if he had grown another head, reaching out to flick her forehead to which she protested at. "Hear me out, okay?"
She narrowed her eyes at her friend but gestured for him to continue.
"It's like this, koi no yokan is when you look at them, you see the possibility of falling in love with them."
She let out a scoff. "What, like soulmates? It sounds like you don't have a choice in the matter."
Watching her friend launch into his ramblings, she couldn't help but smile at the effort her friend is putting through just for her. He may not be much but she knew her friend had sensed her wallowing in self-loathing. And as her friend delved into the discussion of soulmates, she couldn't help but reach over and ruffle his hair to which he protested at, claiming his head is far too precious than hers.
Tumblr media
She wanted to hit her head on the piano keys over and over and over. She would gladly done so if it weren't for the fact that the grand piano was owned by the school and she might get killed by their principal for destroying the beautiful instrument.
In her defense, she just really wanted to be able to perfect the piece she had been painstakingly practicing for weeks now however there was this particular note she had been stumbling upon, messing the entire thing.
Closing the piano, she turned her gaze over the window where the gingko tree proudly stood by.
If you could talk, Mr. Gingko Tree, what would you tell me right now? She giggled at the silly thought that crossed her mind, the solitude getting to her as she cracked her knuckles before opening the piano once more. Just as she turned her attention back to keys, she swore she saw something white flashing by the window. A figment of her imagination, perhaps?
As her fingers fly through the keys, she swore the gingko tree were swaying, the leaves falling as the melody surged. She liked to think it was the tree's way of encouraging her and when she managed to play through the note she was having a hard time with, she felt her happiness being carried by the wind.  
Before she knew it, she was singing along the music, silently and softly as if it was a secret not shared beyond the four walls of the music room.
And as the music come to close, she glanced back to the gingko tree, surprise creeping on her face as she saw the boy she had encountered before, currently perched on the lower branch, his back turned against her. His shoulders were rapidly rising and lowering as if climbing a tree took a toll on him.
Is he actually a weakling? He doesn't seem to be the type.
Doesn't matter. As she lifted her fingers from the keys, she gave the boy a silent bow as if the performance was all for him- even if he couldn't see her bowing at him.
Maybe next time, she'd be able to play with him in the audience and maybe when that happens, she'd be able to give him her overdue gratitude.
Tumblr media
"Are you still listening?"
Minor's voice broke her out of her reverie, giving him a sheepish smile to which earned her a sigh as she gestured for him to continue his spiel, curiosity getting the best of her, wondering what prompted him to go on about random Japanese phrases out of all things.
"It's like...a feeling when you meet someone that you're gonna fall in love with. Maybe you don't feel anything now and you doubt you'll feel anything for them but it's inevitable that you will."
She felt like a bucket of freezing water was poured over her, her breath hitching as Minor-despite all the ramblings- managed to hit her where it matters.
Despite his appearance, despite what he had shown the world, he really is in tune with people's emotions.
But no matter, it's not like she'd readily tell her friend about how close she had guessed what's bothering her the entire afternoon.
Tumblr media
[I don't know you, but I want you, all the more for that...]
Gavin. His name is Gavin, she smiled to herself, her fingers gliding through the keys, flawlessly playing through the notes of the song that has been stuck in her head the past few weeks.
She swore it was just curiosity- her asking for the mysterious boy's name from Minor, that is. She only asked  so she could find him easily to thank him from the little shelter he gave her way back then- his jacket all dry cleaned and ready to be returned.
Easy peasy.
She swore that's all it was. It has been weeks since she asked Minor and yet, here she was, hiding away in the music room. It has been weeks and yet she had never made the move she swore she's gonna do.
[Raise your hopeful voice, you have a choice, you'll make it now...]
It was faint and yet she managed to pick up the sound. Musician's ear, she bragged one time to Minor when he complained how easily she heard his quiet muttering. It was faint and quiet and if it weren't for her beloved musician's ear she wouldn't have heard the soft strumming of guitar coming from the adjacent room- the music room that was reserved for classes.
She might be a little obvious with her spying but she couldn't help but pause from playing just so she could focus on the sound.
It was a little clumsy as if the person was playing by the ear, obviously they didn't know the song but for some reason they were playing along to her music, making her heart skip a beat.
It might be a coincidence, her subconscious thought, not letting her hopes get the best of her. Shaking her head, she continued to play slowly as if she's giving the person a little leeway so they could catch up with her, subtly of course. She didn’t want to scare them off, after all.
[You have suffered enough, and warred with yourself, it's time that you won...]
And just like that, they both found their footing quickly as if they were meant to play the song together. For the first time since she set afoot in the music room reserved for her, she found someone she could play with- quelling this small sense of loneliness within her.
And, she dared to think that maybe, just maybe it was the guy who she kept seeing from her periphery. Gavin, she thought. His name is Gavin.
[Falling slowly, sing your melody, I'll sing it loud...]
Tumblr media
Scoffing, she shied away from his knowing gleaming eyes. "That sounds so cliche. Like a quote from a book."
"It actually is." he agreed, pulling the aforementioned book in line with her sight, brandishing it as if it's the next best thing. "Nicola Yoon's The Sun is also a Star. The book club just finished reading this book the other day. See, I did cover for you!"
She gave him a pointed look. "I'm oddly proud at what you've become. Look at you, listening in on book club meetings!" she grinned, pinching his cheek while he swatted her offending hand.
"In the wise words of Andrew Taylor, it senses the first tentative tremor of a feeling." his gaze on her softened as she stiffened from his gaze. "It's a surrender, above all, to the magic of potential." he whispered, crossing his arms on the table as he laid his head there, staring at her, all jest completely gone.
"Call me whatever you want but just thought of someone didn't you?"
Tumblr media
Rumors are nasty things.
If she's ever in need of reminder why she decided to be by herself instead of surrounding herself with huge groups of friends, it's because of rumors spreading around. It doesn't matter if a person is good or bad, if the student body decided they're interesting enough, be sure to expect rumors coming through.
"Really? Tsk. And people say he's really cool to be with."
"I know right? I heard his father is the Loveland City General! He must've come from affluent family right? So why would he bully students for lunch money?"
"Maybe he's in it just for the sake of it?"
"That's sickening. He's worse than I thought!"
Whispered conversations floated throughout the entire school. She's not dumb not to know who they were talking about but with every conversation, every whispered rumors came with a sinking feeling in her stomach.
He's not...he's not like that, right?
"I know you're kind, but if you're not careful you might get swept up with the bad kids. I'm just saying this since I'm looking out for you. You're a candidate for valedictorian place right?"
"People like him aren't bound by the rules. Sooner or later you might end regretting if you ever sided up with him."
"He's got the looks. Don't get fooled by him."
Please stop, she wanted to plead with them. They don't know him enough, she wanted to argue but then again, so had she. What does she know? How confident was she to defend someone whom she had limited interaction with?
"Just...stay away if you know what's best for you."
Hanging her head low, she clutched the paper near her chest, a small apology dying upon her lips.
Written on the paper was ink clear as day, Saturday 9 am, I will be waiting for you.
Tumblr media
She let out a bitter laugh, joining her friend as she buried her head on the space next to Minor's head, hoping that by doing so, she's able to bury the feelings raging deep within her. "I don't know what you're talking about."
Can you wait for me for a little bit more?
Tumblr media
Hi. Hello! I did say that I am not writing long fics as of now but this idea has been haunting me for some time now. Don’t be deceived, I’ve written a similar piece which is posted in ao3 and what I did with this one is that I’ve tweaked it to suit the fandom more so even if the idea is similar, it’s not. 
Also. High school AU! where MC is actually secretly pining for Gavin cause why not right? That high school timeline is really helpful so thank you, @ginkgomoon​ you’re such a blessing to someone who sucks at keeping track with the timeline like me!
Do check out my other contribution to the MLQC fandom aka MLQC Dictionary and send me some prompts if you guys wanted to. 
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wrestlersownmyheart · a month ago
Tweet Of Fate Ch. 28 (NSFW 18+ ONLY!) (John Cena)
Tumblr media
Pairing: John Cena X OC Summary: Little did Sharlotte Taylor know that her first little tweet to WWE wrestler, John Cena, would change her life forever. Hearing about his nasty breakup with his fiancée, and seeing so many hateful tweets to him regarding his failed relationship, she wants to send him something encouraging, so she sends him an uplifting bible scripture. Finding the tweet refreshing, it sparks Cena's interest and leads to a flirty, but close online friendship between the two.This, in turn, begins a chain reaction of events that neither of them could have foreseen.A lunatic wrestler from the past is returning after years of lying dormant. And he doesn't want to climb the proverbial WWE foodchain—he wants to devour the head of it. And he has his eye on Sharlotte for dessert... Disclaimers: I own nothing or anyone associated or affiliated with WWE. I own only the original characters. This is just a fictional story that came from my imagination.   This story contains various scenes that are for people 18 years of age and older ONLY. Chapter Content & Trigger Warnings: Very graphic sexual situations and scenes 18+ ONLY
Tumblr media
Chapter 28
"James! Stop it!"
Sharlotte smacked the handsome—yet cocky—restaurant manager's hand as he once again "accidentally" brushed it over her backside.
"Sorry, doll," he smirked as they stood alone together in the kitchen. The restaurant had closed thirty minutes ago, and they were the only two closers. "I was actually reaching for one of these." His hand clasped over one of her breasts next and she shrieked.
"Are you freaking crazy," she demanded, grabbing his hand and prying it off her chest. "If you do that again, I swear I'll-"
"What," James taunted, his dark eyes flashing as he ran his hand through his blond hair. "It's your word against mine. We both know you're not going anywhere. You need this job too badly," he mocked her. "And..." he glanced around the kitchen area, in exaggerated surprise. "There doesn't seem to be any cameras around here."
"Just leave me alone," Sharlotte growled through clenched teeth. "I have a boyfriend, and there's no way I'd do anything to hurt him. Not that you'd stand a chance with me anyway," she said. "You're scum." With that, she turned around and headed for the dining area so she could finish cleaning tables.
Tears of frustration and anger burned her eyes as she moved a couple of high chairs back into their corral. The past few weeks had been horrible. James hit on her every chance he got, and sometimes forcefully. If she didn't need the job so badly, she'd definitely quit.
"He wasn't so bad in the beginning," she muttered to herself as she cleaned a table off with a wet cloth.
And it was true. In the beginning, James made it clear he found her attractive, but he didn't start to get physical with her until a couple weeks ago. Just because he's a handsome frat boy, he thinks every female wants him, she complained in her mind. Her cell phone buzzed silently in her apron then and she pulled it out quickly to see what the notification was. She groaned inwardly as she saw a tweet had come in from AT2. "Like I really need this," she murmured, pulling the tweet up on her screen. Her breath caught in her throat as she read the message.
" IceLover1981 I love how your ass looks in those Hooters shorts. Nice legs too. I can just imagine them wrapped around me."
Her eyes narrowed as she re-read the message, her brain failing to compute the implications. Realization dawning suddenly, her gaze shot up to the building's huge windows just in time to see a dark SUV peel out of the empty parking lot. Her legs threatened to buckle as she realized that her Twitter stalker had become an actual stalker.
"Oh, my God," she whispered, her voice shaking uncontrollably.
Another notification alerted her attention back to her phone.
AT2 had tweeted her again.
"@IceLover1981 Oh, and you're not telling Cena about these tweets, are you? I'd hate for his rental's break line to get cut or something... DO answer my question."
Sharlotte felt sick as she managed to type out "didnt tell" in a reply and sent the tweet. She rocked slightly from side to side as her fear escalated. Feeling her phone vibrate once again, she looked at the screen and pulled up the latest tweet.
"@IceLover1981 That's my good little librarian. Maybe I should reward you..."
Sharlotte felt bile threaten to fill her throat as she stood to her feet, trembling with anxiety.
Quickly, she wiped down the remaining tables and hurried to clock out. She ignored James' crude comments as she dialed Leena on her cell phone. She had made it a habit to have her best friend on the line with her as she walked to her car at night.
Tonight, she ran to her car.
"Off work," Leena asked in way of greeting as Sharlotte jogged to the employee lot.
"Y-yeah," Sharlotte replied. She reached her car and hurriedly unlocked the doors. "Would you mind if Noah stayed with you guys tonight?" She climbed behind the wheel and started the car as Leena replied.
"Sure, no problem. But why? You sound like something's wrong."
"I, uh... I just had a rough night at work. I-I just really need a night alone." Sharlotte fought the tears thickening her voice. She wanted more than anything to tell her friend the truth. All of it. James' physical sexual harassment, the stalker, how exhausted she'd been for the past month—every last bit of it. But she knew when it came to her well-being, Leena could not be trusted to keep it a secret from John. And if John found out about the stalker... He could get hurt. Badly. At the very least he'd go caveman on me. She also knew if she told Leena everything she'd want to stay with her tonight. And she couldn't endanger anyone else. That's why she wanted Noah to stay the night at Leena's. He'd be safe if her stalker did decide to stop by. She shuddered at the thought and then realized Leena had been speaking to her. "I'm sorry. What was that?"
"I said, you sound like you're crying. Are you sure it was just a rough night?"
"Y-yeah," Sharlotte stammered out. "I got griped out by a customer for a stupid mistake," she lied. "I'm just stressed out."
"Okay, well, I'll drop Noah off at your house in the morning. Okay?"
"Okay. Goodnight. Get some rest, hon."
"I will. And thanks, Leena. I love you."
"Not a problem. Love you, too," came the reply, with a touch of suspicion.
The women hung up and Sharlotte drove home in a daze.
Sharlotte finished combing out her wet hair after her shower and slipped into her robe. Her plan was to read for a little while to unwind, and then get some much needed sleep.
Of course, not everything goes according to plan.
She'd gotten herself settled into bed when she heard the doorbell ring. She gasped. Glancing over at the clock on her night-table, she grew more frightened when she saw the time.
Who'd be here at 2:20 in the morning, she wondered in dread.
Quietly, so as not to alert the potential intruder that she was home, she went down the stairs and inched her way to the front door; cell phone in hand. The doorbell rang again—twice this time, making her jump out of her skin. Reaching the door, she looked out the peep hole and, thanks to the porch light she'd left on, saw John standing on the other side of the door.
Gasping in happiness this time, she flung the door open and launched herself into his embrace, wrapping her legs around his waist. She instantly felt his erection through his jeans and nearly moaned in satisfaction as she felt her own arousal make itself known. Pressure instantly hit her in the pit of her stomach and spread all the way down to her core. It would have been painful had she not known that relief was on the way.
Their mouths crashed into each other's and immediately their tongues dueled for control of the frantic kiss. John stepped through the doorway and kicked the door shut behind him, his mouth never leaving Sharlotte's. He blindly fumbled with the lock in his hurry. Finally, he had the door secured and headed for the staircase, his mouth still tasting Sharlotte's mouth, her neck, her collar bone.
It took only seconds for him to climb the stairs and enter her bedroom. He quickly kicked her door shut. He sat down on the edge of her bed with her still wrapped around him, working at the tied knot in her robe's belt, while she whipped his t-shirt over his head then began working at his jeans.
Still fumbling with her belt, John began kicking his shoes off. He couldn't be bothered with clothing. He had only two objectives he cared about right then:
Get Sharlotte naked, and get inside her.
Growing frustrated, Sharlotte finally just tore at the robe and ripped the flimsy garment from her body, tossing it to the floor in tatters. He cocked his eyebrow, obviously very turned on at her desire to get them both naked in a hurry. They stood to their feet and she yanked his jeans and boxers down at the same time, and as soon as he'd stepped out of them along with his socks, she motioned with her head to the bed and said urgently, "I want to ride you."
"Well, damn..." John uttered with a Cheshire cat grin. His dimples appeared and Sharlotte could have sworn he was blushing as he moved up to the headboard and propped his back up against it. The sight of him waiting for her had the pressure building within her.
In the next instant, she was crawling to him on the bed and straddling his lap. She felt his hands reach up and cup her breasts as she slowly lowered herself onto his erection. She cried out softly as he filled her inch by inch and gripped his broad shoulders. By the time she had him buried to the hilt inside her, her core exploded around him. Her walls clasped his erection repeatedly and rapidly as her orgasm claimed her. She was vaguely aware of John's throaty groan. Her head fell back as her body sought every bit of relief he could give her. But it wasn't enough. The pressure began building again, immediately. She groaned in frustration at the persistent need burning inside her.
"Did you just..." John started in amazement. "But I... Fuck. You didn't even move yet, baby." He felt himself grow harder as she lifted her head and looked into his eyes, starvation practically glowing in her gaze. He grinned. "Oh... This is gonna be fun..."
Sharlotte returned his smile and rolled her hips against his. Her breath hitched as John's hips thrusted ever so slightly when she came down onto his lap. He growled in his throat softly as she sped up the pace. She leaned forward and nipped his neck with her teeth and then soothed the love bite with her tongue.
A curse flew from John's mouth and he gripped her hips in his hands jamming her down harder onto his arousal. Her loud cry filled the room as her slender frame tensed against him. She felt him shift slightly and then his thumb was stroking and rubbing hard at her clit while she tensed even more.
"Come on," John growled quietly. "Come for me, Sharlotte." He unexpectedly swatted her bottom. "Fucking come!"
And that did it. The sting of the slap, combined with him being inside her and the strokes of his thumb, sent her soaring. Harsh spasms that verged on pain shot through her core and rippled up through her entire body. She cried out in pleasure and was vaguely aware of his deep voice speaking.
"Yeah, you like that, don't you?"
Another stinging slap to her bottom shoved her into another orgasm before the prior one had even finished. Gasping for air, she collapsed against him briefly, before he shifted his body. In the next instant, he was behind her.
"Hands and knees," he uttered.
Sharlotte complied dazedly. She wasn't sure where this wild side had come from—for both of them. They were behaving like a couple of animals in heat. But she couldn't bring herself to care. She still felt the love through their actions and that was all that mattered. They were just a little more spicy than last time. For some odd reason, the thought made her giggle.
"What're you giggling about, sweetheart," John asked, preparing to enter her from behind.
"Because I'm so unbelievably turned on," she answered with another giggle. "I can't believe how frantic we are."
She heard John chuckle as well. "I've not had you in nearly two months. I was dying."
"So was I-" Her words were cut off as he entered her swiftly. Her fingers curled into the pillows below her and a desperate moan tore from her mouth. "Oh, John, yes!" His erection pressed deeper into her at the new angle. The tip of him jabbed into g-spot and she sobbed for relief when her body begin to tighten again.
"That feel good?"
Before she could answer, John rammed his hips into her backside and then pushed his way into her a little more. Her arms gave out and her torso collapsed against the pillows.
"Oh yeah... You fucking love that, huh?" In the next instant, his hips were slamming relentlessly into her at a fast speed. His hand smacked across her bottom again and then her orgasm claimed her. Her hips tried to buck through the climax, but he wouldn't have it. He held her still as he pounded into her. "Tell me when you're about to come again," he managed to say through his thrusts.
"Another few seconds," she cried, and then bit into a pillow.
She was instantly flipped onto her back and then John drove into her without missing a beat.
"I have to see your face when you come," he said, panting from his exertion. "At least one time." He leaned down and kissed one of her breasts, tugging the hardened peak into his mouth and suckling it. Her soft cry was almost enough to send him over the edge.
Within a few thrusts, he felt his lower back tightening and new he'd not be able to hold on much longer. "Are you almost there, honey?"
She nodded, unable to speak coherently at that moment.
"Yeah, you are," he whispered. "I can feel you fluttering around me." He groaned. "I love that feeling. Like butterfly wings."
Her nails dug into the muscles of his bottom and pulled him in deeper. Immediately, her core gently clasped him. "I love you," she whispered shakily.
"And I love you," John replied, staring into her eyes.
And then they're orgasms ripped through them. Sharlotte felt her walls gripping his arousal tightly and mercilessly. The spasms grew sharper and then plateaued. She felt herself fading afterward. Her vision tunneled in on John, and then slowly began darkening. The last thing she remembered was his long groan of satisfaction as his seed spilled deep within her.
"Sharlotte—baby? Shit! Sweetheart, come on. Wake up for me."
John's voice echoed through her mind as she slowly gained consciousness. Her eyes fluttered open gradually, and with an exhausted sigh she managed to focus on his face. He was holding her, cradled in his lap in the bed. "J-John?"
"Thank God," he uttered, his blue eyes losing some of the tension in them. "You really scared me, honey."
She reached up and touched his face. "I'm fine. Really."
"You passed out, baby," John scolded lightly. "Are you not feeling well?"
"I-I... I've been a little tired lately," she hedged around the question. "But, I'm okay, really. I must've just been a little shocked that you showed up." She knew she needed to get his mind off her well-being so he wouldn't ask too many questions about why she was so tired. "Just think of the bragging rights you have," she teased, with a soft chuckle. "You can tell all your friends you made love to your girlfriend till she fainted from the pleasure."
His lips quirked upward a bit. "Not funny. At all."
"It was too," Sharlotte laughed softly. "You almost smiled."
"Let's get some rest," he suggested, settling her against the pillows. "I'll fix you breakfast in the morning."
"When do you have to leave," she asked, relaxing against his muscled chest.
"Tomorrow afternoon, unfortunately. But I just had to see you."
"I'm glad you came," she replied, reaching up and kissing his mouth. "I really needed to see you too."
"We'll figure this thing out," John told her. "Somehow, I'll fix it so our relationship doesn't have to be so hectic and unpredictable."
Sharlotte nodded. "I'm not worried, John. I love you, and I'm not going to give up on you."
"I love you too, and same here, sweetheart." He kissed the top of her head. "Now try to get some sleep."
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eldri-sv · a month ago
30 - Aizawa
Kaori Shinsou has always been fascinated by people’s minds. She is one of the best students in her Criminal Psychology course at U.A. and - being the lucky girl she is - her professor is not only one handsome dude, but is also working on the case of the serial killer Stain - a case that has been going on for years. As she is about to become Professor Aizawa’s TA during the next term, a lot of other interesting cases start popping up all over the country…
How long will it last, baby if we dance?
(Hindi Zahra - Beautiful Tango)
Shouta Aizawa had no idea why he let Yamada drag him along. Maybe it was because they had been friends for so long, maybe he just really didn't feel like putting up with his nagging, but here he was. In the middle of a bunch of students on a Saturday evening, getting drunk. He was thinking about how he could be at home right now, sitting on his couch with a book in his hand and his cat curled up beside him.
Instead he was surrounded by people who were mostly between 18 and 25 years old, wearing that stupid suit that was way too warm for a place like this and he had already had one or two drinks too many. In his head he kept cursing Yamada for dragging him along to this, but if he was honest, he just wanted to help out his friend who was supposed to be chaperoning this whole thing.
Which was a joke in itself, because Yamada was not good at keeping an eye on students. It just wasn't a thing he did. Getting blackout drunk? That sounded more like Yamada. Aizawa pinched the bridge of his nose. He had already seen one or two people from his first year course here and a couple of his other students. He'd prefer it if he just wouldn't see anyone he knew.
He quickly finished off the rest of his whiskey, as he heard the familiar voice of one of his students. He tried recognizing her by her voice, but it wouldn't work. And the problem was that she had spotted him.
"Mr. Aizawa! I didn't think we'd see you here!" she called out to him. His eyes started twitching, as he turned around and saw the girl with short, pastel pink hair in front of him. She was in a simple, black dress.
"And why is that, Miss Ashido?" he replied, trying not to say anything weird. Aizawa was an incredibly capable drunk, but he just completely lost his filter. And he knew that people (Yamada and Kayama) liked to take advantage of that.
"I dunno, you just don't seem like the party type. You seem like the grumpy stay-at-home type. So what are you doing here?" Ashido asked. Aizawa sighed. She was right, he wasn't the type to go out much. And he definitely wasn't ready to entertain Ashido who was a handful when she wasn't drunk.
"I'm getting another drink. You better do well in your exams, Ashido." he muttered and walked away towards the bar. He really needed that drink. He looked around over his shoulder to make sure that Ashido wasn't following him. Thank God, she wasn't. Aizawa knew getting another drink probably wasn't a smart decision at the moment, but it was the only decision that would grant him some peace of mind.
It took him a while and some bumping into people, before he had finally made it to the bar. He said down on one of the stools, burying his face in his hands. Why did he let Yamada tell him it might be fun to come here? Here he was, bored out of his mind, with a bunch of teenagers, way too drunk and in a suit that was way too warm for this kind of weather (not to mention the stuffy air inside).
"Looks like someone over there really needs your help right now." he heard someone say. It was followed by a warm and hearty laugh. Aizawa didn't want to look up. He just waited until some steps came closer, before lifting up his head and looking at the bartender that gave him a polite smile.
"Can I get you anything, Sir?" he asked.
"Another whiskey, please. Black Nikka Clear. No ice." Aizawa answered and handed him his empty glass. The bartender nodded, taking the glass off him and turning around to the bar. He got a fresh glass from a shelf and the bottle of whiskey, filling the glass in a quick and languid motion.
"That's 380 yen, when you're ready, Sir." the bartender said to him. Aizawa got his wallet out of his suit pants and pulled out his credit card. He handed it to the bartender who left with the card and brought it back a few seconds later. Aizawa had started sipping on his drink, unsure if he should really down another one.
After handing his credit card back to him the bartender went back to the other end of the bar, talking to someone. Aizawa looked over to see what was going on. He was curious to see why the bartender wanted to get back so quickly. There was a woman sitting there, young, dark hair tied up into a bun with a few strands of hair falling out at the sides. She was laughing loudly and shaking her head quickly. She then turned her head to glance behind her and Aizawa nearly choked on his whiskey, when he realized that this woman was Kaori Shinsou.
What was she doing here? Shinsou was far from a socialite and Aizawa knew exactly that she usually skipped big parties like this one. She hadn't seen him yet and kept talking to the bartender. Before he knew what he was doing, he had gotten up from his stool at the bar and made his way over to her, taking in more and more details. She looked absolutely gorgeous. Fuck.
She was wearing a dark red dress that had a very low back and that revealed her defined shoulder blades. The way she was sitting her back was curving beautifully and there was one strand of dark hair that was caressing her neck every time she moved slightly. The way she was tilting her head when she was laughing, thus exposing more of her neck, sent shivers down Aizawa's spine.
"Oh, really, did you?" he heard her say. The bartender was looking down at her giving her a seductive smile. Aizawa caught himself thinking that this guy better back off. Quickly. Shinsou wasn't some cheap fling.
"Yeah, people tell me all kinds of stuff, you'd be surprised." the bartender replied to her. Aizawa had to keep himself from rolling his eyes at this guy. Was he trying to impress her with some stories a few drunk people told him?
"Oh, I'm sure they do." Shinsou answered with a small chuckle. Aizawa could tell that she wasn't impressed and it forced a small smile on his lips. He carefully laid a hand on her shoulder, a little surprised at how warm and soft her skin was (and that he still had the mental capability to notice it).
"Miss Shinsou, what a surprise to see you here." he said to her. She quickly turned around, her face looking a little annoyed at first, but quickly lighting up when she saw who it was. She gave him a wide smile.
"Mr. Aizawa! You have no idea how glad I am to see you." she replied, her words sounding a little more sloppy than usual.
"The two of you know each other?" the bartender asked, not looking quite as happy as before anymore.
"He's my professor." Shinsou quickly explained. The bartender mumbled something and walked away to another patron sitting at the bar.
"Was he bothering you?" Aizawa wanted to know quietly once he was out of earshot. He suddenly realized that his hand was still resting on her shoulder. He quickly took it away, but had no idea what else to do with it, so he did the first thing that came to mind and shoved it in the pockets of his suit pants.
"Oh, he was fine. A little annoying, but alright. Apparently studies Health Economics or something. Plus, he was giving me a few drinks on the house, so I won't complain." Shinsou replied with a laugh. Aizawa huffed.
"Sounds about right." he mumbled. He saw that Shinsou was looking him up and down, biting her lip a little. Fuck. Aizawa gulped, realizing that he was completely smitten with her and drunk enough not to care about any consequences.
"What brings you here, Mr. Aizawa? You're looking sharp in that suit." she said, sipping her drink without taking her eyes off him. Aizawa was having a hard time remembering that she was his student and he could get fired.
"One of the other professors talked me into going. This is usually not really my kinda thing. Now I'm kinda glad I came, though." he replied. The last bit of his sober mind that was left was mentally slapping him for saying that, but Aizawa quickly silenced it by taking another big sip of whiskey.
"And why's that?" Shinsou asked, looking down at her glass and back up at him, a knowing smile on her lips. What happened to that mess of a girl from a few days back? The one with coffee stains on her blouse and dark circles under her eyes? Aizawa could have sworn she was flirting with him. And in his drunk mind two could play at that game. Right now all he wanted was Kaori Shinsou.
"Because I met a beautiful woman at the bar." he answered. Shinsou laughed a little and looked around the bar.
"And who would that be?" she wanted to know leaning a little closer to him, a playful smile on her lips.
"I think you know, Kaori." he said, taking a step towards her. There wasn't much room between them now and Aizawa could see the little goosebumps on her arm. He smiled. He still had it. She started laughing and was leaning onto his shoulder for support. Her dress moved up a tiny bit from her moving forward.
"Mr. Aizawa, are you drunk?" she asked, having a tough time not falling off her bar stool. She was clearly more drunk than he was.
"Maybe a little." he admitted, holding onto her waist to help her get her balance back. She almost spilled her drink, too. He took it off her and put it on the counter after making sure she was fine sitting on her own.
"You're such a gentleman when you're drunk. And you're really smooth. But you're usually really smooth anytime." she said, watching him finish his whiskey.
"Yeah, it's really hot, not gonna lie." she replied, somewhat slurring her words. Dear Lord, she was really drunk.
"Shinsou, how much did you have to drink?" he wanted to know, his mind a little clearer all of a sudden. Her smile faded as she was obviously trying to remember. After a while she looked back up at him, the grin returning to her face.
"I have no idea." she answered and laughed.
"Are you feeling okay?" Aizawa wanted to know.
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5 Days of Blacksun March 23: Safe
The room was dark and Sun’s mind was hazy. Probably too much of that hardy red wine at the party, he thought.
He could still hear the music drifting through the oak double doors as he made his way over to the comfiest-looking couch in his father’s study. A few minutes of sleep wouldn’t hurt. And afterward, he’d be back out in the party where throngs of people talking about nothing awaited him.
Sun collapsed on the couch, facing the window where that faced the woods out back of the house. Branches swayed in the moonlight, lulling his eyes shut.
He wasn’t sure how long he’d been asleep when a hand clamped down over his mouth.
Though he couldn’t see in the dark, a pair of eyes the color of amber, eyes you could get lost in, stared down at him.
“I’m not here to hurt you,” a voice in the dark said. Whoever she was, she’d drawn the curtains shut since the whole room was now dark.
“I’m here for the safe. Do you know the combination? Blink once for yes, twice for no.”
Sun blinked twice.
A sigh from the dark brushed against his face.
“Do you know anyone who does know?”
Sun blinked twice. Another sigh.
The hand was removed from his mouth. Sun sat up and looked in what he assumed was the direction that the woman (he could tell from the voice) was standing.
“Why do you want to steal from Dad’s safe?” he asked.
“Who says I want to steal from him?”
“Fair enough.”
As his eyes adjusted to the dark, Sun could see the lithe figure of a woman, dressed all in the classic black cat burglar’s attire.
“But you could call it a hunch. Can I open the curtains? No-one will see in her unless they’re out back.”
The woman didn’t say anything for about a minute before she said, “yes, you may.”
Sun rose and went to the window, pulling the curtains aside and allowing the moonlight to stream in.
Sun turned and felt the air evacuate his lungs.
The thief was nothing short of…there were too many adjectives to describe her. High feline cheekbones, rich tawny skin, amber eyes you could get lost in, black hair that looked like a fountain falling from the ponytail it was in.
 “Something wrong?” the thief asked, a hand on her hip.
“No,” Sun said, clearing his throat, “just... wondering what you wanted to steal.”
The thief frowned at him, as if considering whether she should knock him out or not. Finally, she sighed.
“There’s something of mine in there,” she said, “a deed.”
“Yeah, dad said something about winning a deed off of someone,” Sun said, scratching his chin, “some chump named “Jack” or “John.”
“Well, it’s the deed to the island my parents live on.”
Parents living on an island? That sounded familiar...
“And we’ve been letting people live on it when they’ve got no place to go. And if we don’t get it back…”
“Say no more,” Sun said. Walking over to a painting of Hanuman that hung in his father’s desk, Sun slid the painting out of the way, revealing a slate grey safe door.
“8-31-13. If you need me, I’ll be in the kitchen, making sure we have some coffee to fight the hangover I’m gonna have.”
Sun stopped and turned to face the thief again. Her expression had changed from exasperation to something Sun would compare to a lost kitten.
“I just admitted I was going to rob you,” she said, confusion lacing her voice.
“No, you admitted you needed help. And if you wait until I leave, I won’t be lying when I say I didn’t see anything.”
The thief looked like she was about to say something, but she never got the chance. The door knob began to jiggle and muffled voices came from behind the door.
This was not good. If this woman was found here...
Sun turned around to fully face the thief.
“I’m really sorry about this.”
“About wh—…”
Sun bounded across the room and grabbed the thief, dipping her like he’d seen Clarke Gable do to Vivian Leigh on a Gone with the Wind poster. Hopefully, with his back to the door, the people coming in wouldn’t get a good look at her and just assume she was a party goer he was getting fresh with. He might’ve just been imagining it, but he could have sworn that the thief made a humming noise. When she started carding her hands through his hair, he had to wonder if she was knew hidden from the door’s view.
The door swung open and slammed against the wall. Sun broke the kiss (the thief chasing after him) and turned to look at the door.
“Taken!” he said.
There was a yelp and the door slammed shut again.
Sun righted the thief so they were both upright again.
“Sorry,” he said, “you can slap me if you want.”
The thief looked up at him with a glazed expression.
“Because I blitz-kissed you,” Sun said, not really getting why she hadn’t gotten mad, “Like a weirdo?”
The woman took her arms from around his neck and withdrew, her eyes suddenly zeroing in on her boots.
“It’s… it’s nothing really.”
Well, at least she didn’t think he was a creep. Sun turned to go, but the Thief grabbed his hand before he could go.
The thief met his eyes and smiled for the first time that night. A stunning sight, really.
"Thank you.”
Sun smiled back.
“Don’t mention it,” he said, “Just… try to stay out of trouble.”
The thief leaned in and left a kiss on his cheek, sending heat into Sun’s cheeks.
“I make no promises.” she said.
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whumpzone · a month ago
(I wrote a very nsfw flashback from Col’s past, which can be read here. Heed the warnings and have fun)
As the days went by, Pet quickly realised that Master’s cat was a little… imperfect. He could tell from the way she sometimes bumped her head into doorframes, or table legs, that her vision wasn’t the best. She was old, by the looks of it. Old and slow, and Master clearly loved her very much.
“Hello my little Jaffa,” he murmured, scooping her up, running his fingers through her thick fur. Her eyelids sank down until she looked like she was fast asleep.
It made Pet’s chest ache. Why was Master making him watch this? Did he enjoy being cruel? Pet already knew he wasn’t here to receive affection like that, and the reminders hurt. Especially knowing Master could love his pet even if it wasn’t in perfect shape.
He still hadn’t been given any clear orders, and Pet was starting to think Master was giving him time to heal. Getting him as robust as possible before breaking him down again. The waiting was tough, and not knowing what was to come was worse. But Pet couldn’t speculate, he just couldn’t, or else he’d skirt too close to the memories he kept shut out- the ones he kept hidden, even from himself.
Master’s voice broke him out of his thoughts. “Hey, Col, want to come and sit up here with me? I have some biscuits here you might like.”
. . .
Col nodded in that quick, nervous-rabbit way of his, and stood up. He liked kneeling on the carpet, Linden had noticed. He kneaded his balled hands through it like a cat. Kneeling was fine, Linden told himself, as long as he didn’t crawl. And to the boy’s credit, he was doing very well with that.
He walked over now, at about to same speed Jaffa often walked at, trying to mitigate the impact of her frequent head bumps. Linden set her down and slowly grabbed his mug of herbal tea and the packet of biscuits, while Col watched him. Waiting for permission. Linden was starting to wonder if the boy was even able to speak, or if something in his past had rendered him mute. His past had clearly rendered him a lot of things- it was figuring out what could be healed that mattered.
“Come, you can sit here,” Linden patted the wooden chair. “If you want to. You can just get a biscuit and go back to the carpet, if you’d prefer.”
It was as if Col almost started to consider it, then thought better and forced himself into the chair, curling one foot underneath him.
“Comfortable?” Another quick nod. “Okay, good.”
Linden noticed how Col seemed to relax a little at that. Baby steps, he reminded himself. It’s okay to tell him he’s good, if that’s what he needs right now.
He sat along from him, close but hopefully not too close. He tore open the packet and handed it to Col. “Here. They taste nice. You can take one and eat it.”
He peered at it, like he expected it to bite. Then, constantly checking Linden’s face as he did so, he reached in and picked one up. Linden waited patiently, then took one for himself. As he bit into it, so did Col. Okay. This was going alright.
. . .
Master was eating one too, so they weren’t poisoned. Or maybe he had just built up a resistance. Or maybe they weren’t harmful to humans, only dogs?
None of that mattered, of course. Master had ordered him to eat. His orders were odd, they weren’t barked at him like Pet’s first owner, but that didn’t make them any less unavoidable.
It did taste good. It was sweet, nothing like the sour dog food that had sustained him for years.
Pet noticed he had dropped a small crumb onto the table and quickly licked it up gratefully. He wouldn’t dare waste food given to him. It was still weird, not eating from Master’s hand.
“You don’t- it’s okay, it’s just a crumb,” Master scolded him, and Pet ducked his head at the reprimand. Maybe it was funny watching him act like a human- Master was probably laughing at the way he wobbled on the chair, and held the biscuit in his disused hands, and fed himself. He was sure any moment now Master was going to smile and tell him how stupid he looked, what a dumb dog he was.
Pet drifted back to reality at the smell of something even sweeter than his treat. It was coming from the mug in Master’s hands, held securely between his fingers, each one with a painted black nail. Master noticed him staring before Pet could look away, and he cringed. Messing up as usual.
“You want a sip? It’s herbal tea. It’s hot, mind.”
Another order. Pet nodded obediently.
. . .
It was an easy mistake, and one Linden should’ve seen coming, given how out of practice Col was with his hands. Linden let go of the mug before Col had properly gripped it. Right over Linden’s lap.
Linden was aware of the burning against his thighs before he had even seen the mug drop. He jerked up, the chair clattering to the floor behind him, and Col gasped in pure horror.
“Shit, ow, ow, ow!” he cursed automatically.
Sounds beside him. Looking over, Col was already knelt with his face to the floor, trembling all over, and Linden’s thighs were burning and he really had to do something about that first-
“Woah, no, it’s okay, it’s just an accident, I have to get these trousers off, ow…” he muttered, quickly pulling his belt out and, suddenly realising he shouldn’t be getting undressed in front of Colton, scrambling upstairs.
. . .
Pet wasn’t sure if Master was still here- he had heard noises, he thought, going upstairs, but he couldn’t move. He was frozen, every instinct telling him to stay and take his punishment like a good dog.
He had hurt Master. He couldn’t stop trembling. His mouth quivered, his breaths coming out in whines. Fat heavy tears dribbled down his cheeks and onto the floorboards.
He was so bad, such a stupid insolent mutt, and bad dogs got punished, didn’t they, bad pets who can’t behave got belted and burned. Bad pets got taken upstairs to be restrained and, and-
Pet whimpered, a full-body sob that was so close to speaking he almost vomited from fear, and ground his face against the floor, trying to make the thoughts stop. That was his old life and he had a new Master now and this one might be different, he might be worse, but he couldn’t cry before it had even started and he had burned Master’s legs, burns hurt so badly and he was so, so useless that he just wanted the pain to start right now, so he could show he was sorry.
He could feel the cartilage in his nose jostling as he rolled his head. His heartbeat was pounding into his ears. He was in so much trouble, and he was so so sorry but it wasn’t enough. He wouldn’t be allowed to use his hands ever again.
A bump, at the top of the stairs. Footsteps. Coming towards him.
His thoughts went into overdrive. Master was coming and Pet had hurt him and now Master was angry. He had never seen him light up like that before, suddenly so quick and sharp and fierce. Pet’s hands skittered by his shoulders. He could feel every joint. Would they all be broken, perhaps? Burned? It would make sense to burn them. He deserved to have them burnt, even though that made him cry harder. Or maybe Master would concentrate on his thighs. Pour boiling water on them, then make him walk. Perhaps he’d peel the burning skin off and press knives to the raw flesh and make him scream. Or maybe he’d pin Pet’s hands down and bludgeon them until they didn’t even resemble hands anymore
You braindead animal. He’s not going to pick one or the other, you fucking idiot. He’s going to do them both and you’re going to thank him.
Master was stood over him, now. Looking at his unworthy dog, grovelling before him.
. . .
Linden couldn’t imagine how he would look threatening to anyone right now, in the only pair of shorts he could find, his thighs coated in cream. He’d had to roll the shorts up past his burns, and safety pinned them there.
But he knew, he knew, that didn’t matter. He knew Col wouldn’t look up from where he was cowering on his knees, sobbing audibly, and crack a smile.
The tall person in his care looked very, very small right now. He was knelt exactly where he’d dropped to the floor. No running, no backing away. Just like he’d been trained to. It made Linden feel ill. He had to take this slowly.
“Okay, okay, I’m here,” he started, keeping his voice slow and calm, knowing that his presence was Col’s worst nightmare right now. He had lost his cool earlier and he wished he could take it back, even though it was useless blaming himself. It was a shock, and a painful one. Anyone would’ve sworn. But he still felt a twist of guilt when he saw Col lock up, frozen in fear save for his persistent trembling. Linden could tell he was trying to stop himself from crying.
“Okay, you’re allowed to cry, crying is normal. Can you look up at me?”
Col did as he was told. His mouth was wobbling downwards, his nose red from being pressed against the floor. His hands were fully curled up.
Linden didn’t have a chance to say anything more before Col’s wild, terrified eyes found Linden’s belt on the table and he whimpered, holding his hands out eerily quickly, palms up, ready and unresisting.
Linden knew that if he took the belt and slashed Col’s hands with it, the boy wouldn’t fight back at all. He’d cry and moan, but he wouldn’t fight.
“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said. “I’m not. I wouldn’t hurt you, ever.”
He thought about putting his hands in Col’s, gently lowering them and rubbing soft circles with his thumbs, but he shook the thought away. Who knows what he might interpret that as.
Instead, he picked up the belt, feeling Col’s eyes on him while his back was turned, and threw it upstairs.
“No belt,” he said, “I won’t belt you, I won’t hurt you at all. Your hands are safe. I’m not angry with you. It was an accident. Can you look at me?”
He complied, of course he did. His eyes were burning with regret and fear.
“See my thighs? I’ve put some cream on them, to help with the burns. It’ll make them better.”
After a few seconds, Col nodded.
“You will know that burns hurt a lot,” Col whimpered, but Linden tried not to rush his words out. “That’s why I snapped. I was surprised, but not angry. I’m not angry. You can see in my face and hear in my voice that I’m calm and I won’t hurt you. Just because you spilled some tea on me, doesn’t mean you have to hurt too. It was just an accident. And I can tell you’re sorry.”
This was the magic word, it seemed. Col nodded desperately, eyes wide, as he blinked fresh tears down his face.
“Thank you. Apology accepted. It’s okay, it’s all okay. You’re safe and I won’t hurt you. In fact-“
. . .
“…And I can tell you’re sorry.”
Pet could have fainted with relief. His body was still prickling with fear, waiting for the punishment, and Pet couldn’t yet believe Master when he said he wouldn’t hurt him. But he could definitely show he was sorry.
He nodded, trying to get it just right, trying to look eager but not careless, guilty but not too pitiful.
I am so sorry, Master. Your stupid lowly animal is so sorry, your pathetic dog is sorry and won’t ever do it again, thank you for showing your slave pet mercy.
He was definitely being prepped for something, but Pet pushed it from his mind. Master was giving him a chance and he had to show his gratitude.
“Thank you. Apology accepted. It’s okay, it’s all okay. You’re safe and I won’t hurt you. In fact-“
Master walked somewhere behind him, returning a few seconds later with Jaffa in his arms, setting her down beside him.
“Jaffa always makes me feel better,” he said. Pet had no idea what he was talking about, but he nodded anyway, then leant down to kiss Master’s feet, thanking him with his body in the way that didn’t scare him. He only managed one kiss before Master stepped away, and Pet hoped it had been enough to show that he knew his place, and he was sorry, and he would do anything to please Master. It was a lot to show in a single gesture.
“I’ll be upstairs, if you need me. You’re safe, you’re okay, I’m not angry. If you want, you can cuddle Jaffa for a bit. Okay? Okay. See you in a bit, Col.”
Pet watched Master leave, his wiry legs climbing the stairs until they vanished entirely. Jaffa rubbed her cheek along Pet’s folded legs, and he nervously reached out a hand, sinking it into her fur. His hands, that he still had. Pet felt like he was starting to understand what Master was keeping him for, but he didn’t want to accept it. Instead, he stroked Jaffa and dried his eyes, the taste of biscuit still in his mouth.
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anythingforspence · a month ago
the capstone - chapter one
Tumblr media
Summary: Reader is a semester away from getting her masters in Psychology and duringher last semester she has to complete her capstone, or passion project if you will. This year, the professors decided that each student will be personally mentored by a psycologyst in distinct fields. When Y/N meets hers, she can’t decide whether she is lucky or if it will be a long 5 months.
Pairing: Female reader x Spencer Reid
Word Count: 1.8 k
Chapter warning: harsh language, sexy talk, no smut yet
A/N: omg tysm for all of the love on the teaser post. i hope i dont dissapoint.
Although I’m wide awake, I let my alarm clock keep beeping and beeping and beeping as I stare up at the white ceiling of my cheap studio apartment. My neighbor woke me up bright and early this morning by doing what sounded like lugging a dead body throughout his apartment. I lifted my head slightly just to slam it back against my bed, whining about being awake at 5:30 am. I’m probably just nervous. I have to complete this passion project for my psychology class by being mentored by a famous psychologist and write a paper about their career and their wisdom I guess. I have a meeting with my mentor today and I don’t know what to expect. My professor kept the identity of our mentors a secret. For the “excitement” and whatnot.
With a sigh, I swing my legs over the side of my bed and bend over to switch off the alarm. Resting my elbows on my knees, I run my hands down my face, basically prepping myself for the fact that I have to stand up soon. The moment I stand, I stretch all throughout my body, ending with my hands high above my head, stretching into the ceiling. My mouth getting ready to yawn when a bang was heard next door, like a book being chucked against the wall ajoined with my neighbors apartment causing me to yelp. I’m pretty sure I heard a chuckle in response to my scream. I glared at the wall, thinking of all the ways I could storm in there and punch my neighbor. I had two choices. I could storm in there and do all the things I wish I could do, or I could mind my business and get ready for the day.
Rolling my eyes I decided to just get ready. I still wanted payback, however, I blasted Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now by The Smiths as I head into the showe. I grab brown trousers, a white button up, and a sage green set of lace undergarments. Not that anyone would see them, unfortunately there has been a drought of sorts in my pants. I just wear them for the aesthetic. Getting undressed, I put on my favorite playlist with all of the songs that make me feel like I’m the main character in an indie film. I heard a light tapping at my door, like some wanted my attention but at the same time wished I never paid attention to them. I decided to ignore it and step under the stream of water in my shower.
Once I was all finished with my shower, I stepped out into my foggy bathroom. Singing along to Bug Collector by Haley Heynderickx, I start drying off and slip on my outfit for the day. I keep my hair in a towel to help it dry some so I don’t have to use any heat on my hair. For my makeup I decided to go for a red lip, neutral blush, mascara, and brows today. Something simple and professional. I let my hair out of the towel and brush it out, not doing too much to it. Blowing myself a kiss in the mirror, I grab my purse and wrap my student ID around my neck, letting it fall next to the golden flower chained to my neck.When I open the door, I laugh in shock at the note my neighbor left for me.“nice taste in music”
I felt something against my leg and knew exactly who it was. “Hi, Payton,” I sweetly spoke to the Sphynx cat at my feet. I named her Payton even though she’s not technically mine and just wanders through the apartment complex. I bend down to give her scratches at her neck. “How’s my cutie patootie. Did you see the asshole who left this not?” She just tilted her head more into my hand, telling me to keep on scratching. “Guess not.” I stand back up and check the time on my watch, “Shit”. I had five minutes to get there.
A bell rang as I entered the coffee shop I was supposed to meet my mentor at, of course with my favorite mask on. My eyes scan the place a little before I walk up to the counter to order my favorite drink. “Hi can I just get a 16 ounce Earl Grey, please?” The barista said something along the lines of yes of course and how my total was 2.16. “Alrighty, thank you.” It didn’t take too long for it to be done. They weren’t very busy and it’s just a tea bag and hot water.
“Excuse me, are you Y/F/N Y/L/N?” 
Woah. His voice sent a tingle down my spine. Probably just because I haven’t had much human contact or the fact that I haven’t been laid in a while but, my god, what I would give for him to say my name again. But that was nothing compared to what I saw when I turned around. I’m just glad I was wearing a mask so he didn’t the way my lips parted when my eyes met his. He had curly brown hair and he dressed like an old man, doesn’t sound like much but for me, that’s everything. Oh my gosh, and he had nerdy little cute glasses? When I realized I was staring I averted my eyes and started blushing.
“Um, yes, hi, that’s my name. I’m so sorry, but what’s your name?” The tremor in my voice made me want to just drop dead. I’m a woman of science but if the Earth knew how to open up and swallow people, now would be the time to prove it.
“Oh hi. I’m Doctor Spencer Reid. I’m your psychology mentor. Did your professor not tell you?” He seemed so confused, oh my god he’s so cute.
“Oh. Oh my God I’m so sorry! My professor didn’t let us know who was mentoring us, just in case we did prior research or something. I’m sorry. But yes um I’m Y/N. It’s very nice to meet you, sir,” I kept on rambling, looking anywhere but his eyes. Unfortunately, it made me look like I was checking him out. Oh fuck.
Chuckling a bit, he goes, “Oh no your fine. No need to apalogize. It’s a pleasure to meet you miss Y/N.” Not going to lie, the way he said my name sent tingles to my pussy. Oh my god what is wrong with me! I can’t be thinking these things about the person who is going to mentor me! Stop being so horny.
I started to blush and I cleared my throat and gestured towards the window. “Um, should we go sit out there?”
“Oh yes of course. Please after you,” he said, his hand finding the small of my back, hitching my breath and making me nervously mess with the rings on my fingers. We sat at the iron tables outside of the coffee shop, he pulled my chair open for me, finally his hands off of me. I felt like I could breathe again but at the same time I felt sad, empty. He took off his mask to take a sip of what he was drinking and holy shit. He had some scruff and his lips just looked so inviting. I wanted to distract from the silence that was biting at me. “So, uh, what do you do?” My voice trailing off, making everything so much heavier with awkwardness and the sexual tension that was just coming from me.
“What do you mean what do I do?” Fuck. I looked so stupid of course he does something in pschology. That’s the whole reason you’re here.
“W-well, um, like what specific area do you work in?”
“I do criminal profiling with the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI.” My eyebrows bunch together in confusion. What does that have to do with psychology? Almost as if he’s reading my mind he continues, “We psycho analyze crime scenes, victims, bodies to understand why a criminal would do what they did, which helps us to understand the type of person they are, their background, and it leads us to the criminal, or unsub.”
“Wow that’s actually really cool. But, like, how does that all work?”
“Tell me, Y/N, when was the last time you had sex?” I didn’t say anything. I was so shocked. First off, how inappropriate, but also how did he know? “When I first walked in, you kept on looking me up and down as if you’ve never seen a man before. You keep fidgeting with your rings. Usually new jewelry makes people fidget but the stains on your fingers suggest you wear rings frequently which means you're nervous. Also ever since I’ve taken my mask offyou haven’t stopped staring at my lips. So, sweet girl, tell me when was the last time you were satisfied?”
I just sat there, gapping at him like a fish out of water. What was I supposed to say? Why thank you for asking, although the last time I’ve had sex was a year ago but the last time I’ve orgasmed has been longer? Before I could come up with an answer he got a phone call. Someone named Morgan needed him or something. Whatever it was, it seemed urgent.“Sorry our meeting got cut short, Y/N. Very important FBI business came up. Here is my card, has my name, email and phone number. I recommend calling me because I don’t usually check my emails or my texts. Your professor already gave me your contact information so I know how to find you. I am very excited for the upcoming months.”
“Oh- uh, thank you,” I whispered, still shocked. He grabs my hand so that he can hand me my card since I haven’t moved a muscle. 
“Oh and Y/N?” My head wips up at him and I let out a “hmm?” that could be mistaken for a moan. “Green is a nice color on you.” Confused, I looked down to see my button up shirt had popped open, letting my green covered tits be seen by the world. Eyes blown open, I immediately cover myself and say a thank you that sounded so embarrassing because my voice cracked. He just chucked and told me he would contact me soon. Before he left, I could’ve sworn he looked at me as if I was a sexy hollywood actress or something. But I brushed it off. Maybe he was concerned for me. After all, I had my tits out and made it obvious that I was desperately horny. God these five months will be awful if I keep thinking about Dr. Reid as a sex partner than a mentor. Then again the concept of having sex with your mentor can be hot. Nope. No. I should stop there.
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