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#cosmic series
mysterystarz · a day ago
I actually have the outlines already written and even had nearly all my moots read them. NOW I JUST GOT TO WRITE but I’ll do it sooon... just sooon
Not in this week tho
take your time!!!
i’m waiting for school and projects to end so i can finally write 😩 my teachers like assigning useless projects and stuff all the time
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daniellawrites02 · 4 days ago
Beth: we need to talk about your maturity
Jessie: *standing on the couch with Stiles, Scott, Isaac, Liam and Annie with water guns*
Jessie: bold words for someone standing in lava
Isaac: *presses the trigger and shoots Beth with water before running for his life*
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ariseresound · 9 days ago
Kaltenecker has decided to inspect Yorak. She keeps her distance, but cranes her neck just enough to sniff him.
Tumblr media
New things made him nervous, thus Yorak was chewing on something repeatedly. Also, he kept backing away from the cow.
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daniellawrites02 · 10 days ago
Beth: *studiously doing her homework, listening to instrumental music, very focused*
Jessie: *upside down in her desk chair* do you think stars have feelings?
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daniellawrites02 · 10 days ago
Isaac: Bonjour, Jessie. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?
Jessie: No, Isaac, I don’t want to sleep with you.
Isaac: Is that what that means?
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ariseresound · 11 days ago
Flopping down beside Yorak, Lance holds the tip of his tale against his head. "What you guys think? This colour work for me? Can you even see colour, Yorak?"
I can see in color, yes.
Tumblr media
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claire-starsword · 16 days ago
oh yeah they also better put Mother Wisp in Rise of the Wisps she’s cool
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whaleiumsharkspeare · 16 days ago
*at Varian’s trial*
Varian: Your majesty, I’m not trying to bribe you, but would you like the other half of this cosmic brownie?
Frederic, whispering: Dear gosh
Frederic: This boy goes free!
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daniellawrites02 · 18 days ago
Jessie: *screams*
Stiles: *screams louder to establish dominance*
Scott: should we do something?
Beth: no, I want to see who wins
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daniellawrites02 · 18 days ago
Jessie: *gets a paper cut* OW! Son of a bi—
Beth: Jess! *gestures to Liam and Annie* CHILDREN!
Jessie: -iscut... son of a biscut... that’s it
Beth: good job
Jessie: yeah, fucking nailed it
Beth: *facepalms*
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guardians-of-exo · 19 days ago
Cosmic Railway
Tumblr media
Nova /ˈnəʊvə/ Off novus meaning new, and stella nova meaning new star
Tumblr media
Kyungsoo / Female reader
Wordcount: 2.6k
Series masterlist
Tumblr media
I’ll carry this feeling on board Cosmic Railway To return beside my beloved you Rendezvous under the twinkling starry sky And in the mists of time, let’s meet
You open your eyes, blinking tiredly to get used to the light. For a while, you lie there just staring at the ceiling until the lines blur. Another dream… The same one. You have dreamt it almost every night for weeks now. You don’t remember the dream, you never do, but you always wake up feeling like you are missing something important. Or someone. The dream feels so real and vivid, but as soon as you open your eyes, it disappears. You only ever remember one thing – stars. You are looking at the stars with someone, but you don’t know who.
That is all you ever remember – the stars and the longing for something deep in your heart, some mornings so overwhelming it leaves you crying silently into your pillow. But longing for what? Why are you having these dreams? Who are you trying to remember?
You go through the day in a daze. No matter how you try to distract yourself, you can’t stop thinking about the dream. The more you try to remember, the further away it slips. It is like trying to grasp smoke, and you find yourself frustrated. If only you could remember.
If you could remember the dream, maybe you would know what to do with the growing hole in your heart. Maybe it would stop feeling like you were missing a piece of yourself.
That night you can’t fall asleep. Your mind is restless at the thought of dreaming again. Anxious yet hopeful at the same time. As much as you hate waking up with no memories of them, you know the dreams are good. And maybe, this time you will remember more even if it is just a little.
But after tossing and turning in bed, you decide you get up. You get dressed in the darkness of your room and quietly close the front door behind you as you head outside. A walk could hopefully help clear your mind.
The sky above you is clear, the stars shining brighter and brighter as you leave the lights of your little town behind, heading towards the open fields. The air is cool, a slight breeze rustling the trees around you. Your path is lit by the full moon, shining almost as bright as the sun. You have never been this far outside of your town before, but it is like something inside of you knows where to go. So, you follow the tiny voice across the fields, further and further away from the town.
The further you go, the more strangely familiar everything feels. You have been here before. But you know that is impossible.
Something silvery glints in the moonlight, and you curiously walk closer. Old and decaying railway tracks run across the field. The wooden planks are falling apart, overgrown with grass and wildflowers, but the steel looks as new and shiny as if they have been put there that very day.
You have never heard of a railway going past your town, and by the looks of the overgrowth, the tracks have been abandoned for a long time. But then why…
You lean forward to look down the tracks to both sides, but of course you see nothing, the night swallowing up the silvery trail not far ahead. Where does it go?
Curious, you have a sudden urge to follow the tracks into the night to see where they take you. You raise a foot to step onto the old, wooden planks but pause, and you look back. It is probably getting late, and you have gone quite far out, but somehow it feels like you are meant to be there. You can’t go home now. Not yet.
You step onto the tracks fully, the wood soft and crumbling beneath your shoes. To your right, the tracks disappear into the darkness, but as you look to your left you can’t hold back a gasp. The tracks lead up a hill ahead, making it look like they go right up into the starry skies above. Your dream! Glimpses of images and feelings flash through your mind. You’ve been there before, in your dream! This is where it begins.
A sudden strong gust of wind sends the long grass around you into silvery waves, the rustling of the trees growing louder like a crescendo. Your hair is blown into your eyes, and as you raise a hand to push it back, you pause. A faint rumble can be heard just above the rush of the wind.
It takes a moment before you realize that the rumbling is coming closer, and you look up, trying to keep the hair out of your eyes. In the sky, a star is glowing brighter and brighter as the sound comes ever closer, the light nearly blinding. You only realize it is coming towards you when it is too late, and you squeeze your eyes shut to shield them from the light as the rumble grows to thunder. And suddenly, everything is calm. The wind settles and you let out the breath you didn’t realize you were holding.
You can still hear the low rumbling, the ground vibrating beneath your feet.
A hiss of air startles you out of your frozen state, and you open your eyes. Despite a bright light shining at you, you recognize what it is immediately. An old steam engine locomotive stopped not even an arms-length from you.
You scramble off the tracks, eyes never leaving the giant machine. In the light, it seems to be a dusty red, rusted and worn but still sturdy. A steady flow of smoke billows from the chimney, rising lazily up into the night sky. How is this possible? You want to reach out to touch it, make sure it is real, but you can feel the heat emanating from the engine, so you hold yourself back.
The locomotive has only a single passenger carriage other than the coal car, a yellowish light shining from the windows, but the carriage seems to be empty.
A soft creak is heard as the door to the cab swings open, and a young man steps out. His hair is as dark as the night sky, softly swept back to reveal strong brows. Big, expressive eyes meet yours, and a soft smile spreads on his heart-shaped lips as he allows you to gather your jumbled thoughts. You… know him. You know him from somewhere. You are sure of it.
“Nova,” he greets, his smile growing. “You’re finally here.”
You gasp, shaking your head. It can’t be him…He looks older now but you’re sure. “Kyungsoo?” you ask.
His smile is blinding. “You remember.”
He holds out a hand towards you, cocking his head to the side. “Come with me,” he says. “I’ve been wanting to show you this. You’ll love it.”
You have so many questions for him, but for some reason,your you don’t ask any of them. Instead, you reach out and take his hand, letting him help you up the small steps and into the cab.
“Let’s go,” he grins.
With a hiss and a whistle that rings through the night, the locomotive comes to life. You watch in awe as Kyungsoo works the many levers and valves at the back of the cab, brows drawn into a frown as he concentrates on reading the gauges. Tiny embers fly from the furnace as the locomotive seems to feed itself the coal it needs.
Slowly, the locomotive picks up speed, taking you across the fields. And, without anything feeling different, it begins to rise up, changing its path to head straight for the moon.
You gasp, grabbing onto Kyungsoo but he only smiles reassuringly. Closer and closer to the stars you fly, the trees growing smaller beneath you.
“Is this another dream?” you whisper, afraid to hear the answer.
Kyungsoo shakes his head, his smile dimming slightly. “Stop worrying and enjoy the trip.”
You are quiet for a while as you try to collect your thoughts, watching the stars pass by the window. Nothing about this should be possible and yet, somehow, it feels so familiar. You feel like you have been here before, or maybe, this is where you have been longing to go. You can’t tell.
“Kyungsoo,” you speak up, finally brave enough to ask. You need to know. “How… how are you here? Where did you go?” Why did you go?
Kyungsoo lived across the street from you when you were younger. For years, you saw each other every day. He was your best friend and, though you have never told him, he was your first love. Even now, years later, a small part of your heart still holds that love for him. Then, one day, he was suddenly just gone. His family, all their things. Everything. Gone. And no one around you seemed to remember they had ever been there. Not your neighbors, not your parents. It was like they had never existed. Sometimes, you had even wondered if you were the one who had made it all up. How… why?
Kyungsoo’s smile disappears, and he sighs looking up to meet your eyes. You can’t tell what he’s feeling, but you know he hears your feeling of betrayal in your question; hears the tears threatening to fall in your breaking voice.
“It was my time to go,” he says as though that explains anything. You want to laugh, but all that leaves your mouth is a choked scoff. “I’m sorry, I wanted to say goodbye,” he continues, voice sincere but it doesn’t help.
“But…” you trail off. How come no one remembers? You want to ask, want to demand a proper answer, an explanation, but the pleading look in his eyes stops you. All this time, you thought you had let go of your resentment for being left behind, but it is still there, simmering just beneath the surface of your sadness. You don’t want to waste what little time you may have with him though, so you bury it.
“I missed you,” you say instead, voice breaking. So much. It seemed your heart had never really healed after he left, and now, looking at him again, it is cracked wide open.
“I missed you too,” he says grabbing your hand, dark eyes shining in the dim lights of the cab. “More than you could ever know. At least we have tonight. I want to show you the stars. Remember?”
You nod, smiling at the memories. You used to watch the stars together almost every night. Hours were spent on creating your own maps of the night sky, carefully cataloging every single star and constellation you discovered. You still have the telescope Kyungsoo gave you for your birthday, somehow the only thing that didn’t vanish with him. Some days, you still use it to watch the stars from your window, but most days the memories hurt too much.
Sometimes, back then, you had started to wonder if Kyungsoo had ever really existed or if he had been a figment of your imagination. No one remembered anything at all, and eventually, you had stopped asking. Maybe nothing you remembered was real after all. Only the telescope was still there, as real as anything else in your room.
And now, standing in the cab so close to him again, you know he is real. He was never just in your head. Nothing makes sense, but he doesn’t seem to want to talk about it, so you don’t ask. He is right, you should enjoy the little time you have together. What if it is the last?
“Look outside,” Kyungsoo says smiling, and you realize you have been staring at him as you got lost in your thoughts.
You look out the window and feel tears well up in your eyes. It’s so beautiful. The velvet night sky is speckled with thousands and thousands of small twinkling lights, somehow so far away but so close. It is like you can reach out the window of the cab and actually touch the stars. Everywhere you look, you are surrounded by the stars of the milky way.
All those nights you spent at the planetarium dreaming yourself up into the stars have come true. It is everything you have ever hoped it would be and more. And with Kyungsoo at your side again, it all feels perfect. Too good to be true. If this is a dream, you never want to wake up.
“Do you like it, Nova?” Kyungsoo asks, voice soft as he gazes at you with a gentle smile. There is an unspoken apology hanging in the pause after his last word, but you understand.
You turn to face him, smiling widely through the tears of joy streaming down your cheeks. “I love it.” I still love you.
Hours pass as you watch the stars together. Neither of you speak much, but you don’t need to. You never did. There is a comfort in Kyungsoo’s presence that soothes any stress and worries you have, enveloping you like a warm hug. He emits an aura of calm that allows you to let go of any tension in your body and just enjoy the moment. Nothing about that has changed in the years you thought you had lost him.
Though you know it is coming, your heart sinks when Kyungsoo sighs and takes your hand to give it a gentle squeeze. “It’s time to go back.”
You want to cry again, but know he is right. You can’t stay in this dream forever.
He never lets go of your hand once as he steers back, the stars fading further and further away.
You barely feel it when the locomotive touches back onto the tracks on the field, but the small bump cracks your heart. Stepping outside might mean you will never see him again and you can’t bear that thought. You just got him back and you still have so many questions for him, so many things you want to tell him.
“Is this a dream?” you ask again, holding back tears.
Kyungsoo just smiles and leans in, placing a soft kiss on your forehead. You can’t tell if it is a promise or a goodbye.
The wind has picked up as you step outside, a cold welcome back to reality. Kyungsoo helps you down, but never leaves the cab. You almost fight back when he lets go of your hand, but you hold yourself back, letting your hand fall back down to your side, now cold.
You stand and watch as the locomotive disappears into the night sky, once again becoming one of the millions of blinking lights. Silent tears stream down your cheeks. Goodbye Kyungsoo. Thank you.
With a gasp, you wake, and you sit up, realizing you’re back in your bed. In your room. Not out in the field watching the stars, hoping Kyungsoo would turn back. No… It was a dream after all?
But as you stand to get up, you notice that you are still in your jacket and shoes, so you must have gone outside. Or maybe you fell asleep before you even left your room. You don’t even have the energy to cry, and you begin to undress, wanting to go back and hide under the covers of your bed.
As you take off the jacket, something in your pocket catches the light of the lamp post outside your window, flashing gold that briefly cast sparkles across your wall.
You pull whatever it is out and can’t hold back a teary laugh as you clutch it to your chest.
It’s a golden ticket.
A promise to see each other again.
I’ll carry this feeling on board Cosmic Railway To return beside my beloved you The starry sky above us contacts us No matter how many times, let’s cross paths again
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daniellawrites02 · 20 days ago
Stiles: wouldn’t it be romantic if we ate off the same plate tonight?
Jessie: you didn’t do the dishes
Stiles: I didn’t do the dishes
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museinmind · 26 days ago
beautiful  ☾★ patrick moynihan
“started when we were younger, swear to god that I loved her” or your love over the years
word count: 2.9k
warnings: fluff, like one swear word
(track 13 of my fics inspired by cosmic by bazzi series! masterlist here)
✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶
“so pat...and ciara are coming this weekend?” chloe asks skeptically.
you nod from where you were laying upside down on the couch as chloe poured herself coffee in the kitchen. “kinda. patrick’s coming saturday, ci is coming friday morning.”
“well one, he’s in providence already. but two, i need time with my girl before i start acting like he's the only person in the world,” you laugh. it was a little bit interesting figuring out how to maneuver being best friends with someone and dating their twin, but you 3 had been doing this dance well for nearly 4 years.
it was a big homecoming tailgate gameday weekend in texas, where you went to school, and the moynihan twins were going to stay with you and your roommate chloe for the weekend after you had begged them to come visit from massachusetts and rhode island. patrick didn't take much convincing, he missed you anyway. ciara however, had rules you two had to follow.
"please ci, i'll pay for half your ticket!"
"no you won't, don't lie into the atmosphere."
you huffed into the phone. "patty and i really want you here?"
she rolls her eyes in the camera frame. “you and patrick are gonna be all over each other the whole time.”
“i haven’t seen him in 3 months!”
“you haven’t seen me in 5.”
you pout. “how bout this. i pay for your food and you take shotgun?”
“every car ride.” you wince, but it was the price to see your best friend.
“see you friday, soulmate.”
“how does it work that you’re best friends with one twin and dating the other?” chloe asks as you start the car on the way to the airport to pick up ciara.
you shrug with a smile. “we’ve kind of always been like that. ciara’s my best friend, been that way since i was 5. pat, well, he was my first crush.”
chloe’s eyebrows raise. “what? i know y’all have been dating for a while but huh?”
you smile fondly at the memory.
you all were 7, and it was the first day of 1st grade. you were excited to start a new class with a new group of kids, and you had dressed for the occasion. new bow in your hair, new little shoes on your feet. the pencil shaped name placard on the tiny desk next to your equally tiny desk read 'ciara.' it was empty for a while, the children funneling in the door, some more shy than others, yet no one took ciara's seat. tommy was in his across the room, matt was in his in front of you. you were about to start pouting when suddenly, two pairs of feet followed by a larger pair were coming in the room.
"c'mon patty! where's my seat!" the girl chimes. the boy behind her pushes her hand away from his, and you giggle at that. you also notice how similar they look. suddenly, the girl comes and sits next to you after being guided by the teacher.
"hi!" she, ciara, beams.
you smile back.
that day at lunch, you and ciara were eating your snacks together when the same boy from before comes up to you two. "ci, can i have your apple? mom gave me carrots again," the boy frowns.
"no patty! i'm hungry," she sticks her tongue out, making the boy angry.
his eyes were two different colors, something you had never seen before. it was amazing. before you know it, you're blurting, "you can have my orange!" you dig in your lunchbox and give him the cutie, placing it in his hand with hot cheeks.
"you don't want it?"
"no, i have two," you show him the other one. "take that one."
he nods and smiles as he walks away. "that's my brother. we're twins," ciara explains. you hum with a nod. good to know.
"who do you think is gonna ask you to the dance?" ainsley asks.
"i don't know, i was hoping jake would," ciara blushes next to you. you let a low 'ooooo' at the sound of her crush's name, making her groan in embarrassment.
"what about you, y/n/n?"
ciara rolls her eyes at your friend. "patrick probably."
ainsley squeals this time, making you sigh. "he hasn't asked me, and you don't even know if he would, ci," you deny.
"it's twin-stincts. i can feel it. plus, you're in love with each other so i don't know why we'd be surprised," she shurgs.
"'m not in love with pat."
"okayyyy," she singsongs, making you huff with frustration.
the amount of truth to what she said simmered deep in your chest. you did like him, you liked him since you were 7. but you were his sister's best friend, who knew if that meant more to him like it did to you?
but you met him at the hockey rink like you did every wednesday, and you walked to go get a milkshake. however, this wednesday, you were a bit quieter than usual.
"what's wrong bub?" he had started calling you that about two years ago, and you'd always deny to ciara how it made your heart beat faster.
"nothin pat."
"don't lie to me," he pushes your shoulder.
"fine, jerk. i'm-well, uh, do you have a date to the dance on saturday?"
he shrugs. "thought i was goin with you,"
you stop walking. "what?"
"aren't we going together?"
"patrick, you never asked me that."
"i thought it was a given!"
"how would i ever assume that!"
"because it's always you!" he says it with such ease, more emphasis on your inability to understand this inherently and less on what he just said.
"always me, eh?"
"don't make it weird, bub."
"sounds like you have a crush on me," you smirk, beginning to walk again and patrick catches up.
"and if i do?"
his arm is swinging down next to yours, and you capture his hand in yours hesitantly, regaining comfort when he squeezes your palm.
"then you're lucky i do too."
at the dance, patrick would've sworn in a court of law that you were the prettiest girl he had ever seen. you always were, but the flowy dress and perfect curling of your hair had him in a trance. his tie felt tighter when he tried to talk to you, and his heart was racing more than ever. ciara gave him a knowing look, to which he shoved her over. he was fully in love with you and always had been.
when you took photos, he felt like the luckiest person in the world that you held his hand longer than necessary, and complimented the fact his tie actually matched your dress. "you look really nice, bub."
you kiss his cheek. "thanks."
when you slow dance that night, you shy away from how patrick looks at you. "for the first time in my whole life, you're making me nervous," you say.
"why?" he laughs.
"i dunno, you're looking at me funny."
he blushes. "sorry, i think i just really like you y/n," your ears perk. he didn't call you bub, he called you by your name.
"i like you, patty. a lot,"
"c-can i kiss you?" you nod shakily, and he leans in for a soft and small peck that makes you feel tingly inside.
he doesn't look away, even when you hide your face in his neck out of coyness.
and he doesn't look away when you and ciara dance like maniacs with your friends on the dance floor either. "you're so whipped bro," his friend danny remarks.
pat nods. "yeah, for her i am."
"you're moving?" you gasp, the life feeling like it's being sucked out of you.
"yeah, i made the team," patty says, the joy cutting through his somberness.
you smile bitterly, happy for him to make the team but devastated that the boy, your boy, would be leaving when summer ends. your foot kicks at the water below the dock you're both sat on.
"you're gonna live with a whole different family,"
"and go to school there,"
"and make new friends."
"probably just my teammates, but i guess so?"
"new girls." you mutter under your breath, your hand pulling away from his slightly. he doesn't let that happen though. instead, he pulls your hand tighter into his.
"woah, where's that coming from?" you shrug passively. "y/n, you can't be serious."
"it's scary knowing how far you'll be, and i know there's much more out there than millis."
"but you know i love you, right?"
"yeah. i love you too, pat."
"but like, seriously. i'm gonna marry you one day." he says emphatically, making you raise your head from where you were intently staring at his fingers locked with yours.
"marry me?"
"i mean yeah, that's the plan. play in plymouth, get drafted, go to college, play a long career, marry you somewhere in there, have like 3 kids. oh and own a beach house," he explains. you smile stupidly.
"hey. look at me?" he asks softly, and you turn your head to his eyes. those mismatched, yet somehow flawless eyes of his. he kisses you softly as the moon illuminates the water below you, the sweet summer air keeping you warm. as you pull away, you rest your forehead against his.
"swear to god i love you, bub. only you, rest of my life."
"patrick, that's a lot to promise,"
"do you not feel the same?" you sense the hesitance in his voice, and you immediately cup his cheek with your interlocked hands.
"i feel the exact same."
"then i think we're good here," he winks.
you giggle at his goofiness. "all good."
the rest of the summer swung by quickly, you and patrick wrapped up in each other any waking moment you could be. when he finally got back for the holidays, it was hard to get alone time due to "girl time" with ciara as patrick put it becoming longer as you two became older.
"she was my best friend before you were my boyfriend, patty." you explain over the phone when you tell him he can't come over because you and ciara are watching movies.
"ok but who's going back to michigan in 2 weeks!"
"yeah, my bad on that one. apology kisses?"
"goodnight, patrick."
except today finally seemed like you two were going to finally get time together. ciara was shopping with ainsley, your mom was at work and your dad was still in boston for a business trip. as soon as the front door opened, you were attacking him with kisses. he placed a hand on your neck and the other one on your hip, pulling you closer to him as your hands quickly find their way to his hair.
"guessing the house is empty?"
you nod, excited, and he smiles back just as stupidly. you pull him upstairs, where as soon as your bedroom door closes, you were sandwiched in between the door and pat's body. "bed, promise you it's easier there," you tease, making him chuckle under his breath in between kisses. he lifts you up on practically throws you on your bedspread, pillows ricocheting off when you bounce.
"been waiting to do this for months," patrick groans as your lips join again.
"maybe if you weren't a hotshot we could have more time," you tease.
he chuckles, peppering kisses up and down your throat. his shirt is off quickly, and yours is at your ribs when your door swings open.
"christ almighty!" your mom gasps, immediately closing the door again.
"mom?" you shriek, pulling your shirt down immediately.
"patrick's home, glad to know," you hear her voice through the door.
"hi mrs. l/n," he says through a cringe. you throw his shirt at his face.
"you're welcome to stay for dinner, pat." she says, walking down the hallway you hear as her voice gets fainter.
you fall back on your bed with a humiliated huff.
he's quiet next to you as he throws his shirt back on. eventually, you break the silence with a laugh. "well, she's making tacos. you hungry?"
"gonna ever give that jersey back?" he says behind you.
you turn around, beaming up at him still wearing his new devils' hat.
"hell no," you tease, making him laugh as you kiss him.
he had been extremely nervous, terrified that maybe this draft wasn't his for the taking. but then new jersey had taken him, and the celebration was on. you had let him have his shenanigans with his friends and teammates, you and ciara were much more interested in the amenities provided for the families of the prospects. his teammates all came and gave you guys hugs (and noogies,) and it was something really special after all their time together in the program. but he had finally come back to you after a long day, and you weren’t planning on giving him back soon.
"i’m proud of you, you know?”
“course i know. you’re always there for me,” he smiles down at you. 
“and i’m always gonna be,” you say, looking him directly in the eyes. he looks back, trying to hold in his smile that’s contagious from yours, but he cracks into a bashful grin. he pulls you tight into his chest, so tight you can smell his cologne and nothing else.
“yeah, no way i’m not marrying you one day.”
you and ciara had your “girl time,” a much needed catch up after a busy year, and now you were in the baggage claim of the airport waiting for patrick to come down. 
“you know y/n/n i still really just don’t understand why you chose to go to texas of all pla-”
she’s cut off when you sprint away, barreling towards her twin brother who’s running equally fast at you. he catches you easily as you two make a scene in the airport. “hi baby,” he grins into your neck, kissing you there lightly once. 
“hi!” you beam, giving him one more good squeeze before letting down. 
“brother,” ciara greets, groaning when patrick gives her a slobbery kiss on the cheek.
he holds your hand all through baggage claim, and on the way to the car, and is very confused when ciara pushes him out of the way of the front seat of your car. 
“oh, yeah, about that,” you wince. 
“there’s gonna be some ground rules this weekend.” ciara interrupts, making you laugh.
the weekend goes well, both twins charm your roommate like you expected and your mothers swoon over the photos you all send of your respective reunions. your mom, a ut alum herself, nearly cried when she saw the photo of you and ciara in matching tailgate outfits of an orange tube top and a white cheer skirt (which you wore every weekend, not that she needed to know that.)
“mom you know she’s going back to massachusetts like, tomorrow, right?”
“let me enjoy this!”
you had gotten patrick a ut polo, something you had been dying to see him in ever since you committed to the school. something about him looking like the frat boys down here in the sunglasses, polo, shorts and converse with nike socks just really did it for you. 
“how do i look?” he asks, fixing the collar on the burnt orange shirt. you answer with a kiss, something he eagerly reciprocates until you hear ciara behind you. 
“ground rules, assholes! no public spaces,” she warns, making you both laugh because you all know it’s not the first, or the last time she’s going to yell at you two for that.
“wow, we are not in providence anymore,” patrick laughs in awe of the memorial stadium. 
“i know, 95,000 capacity,” you explain, making him scoff in amazement. the three of you watch the game, ciara easily swept up in your new friends, and patrick’s hand never leaves your waist. 
“you guys have to get a picture!” one of your friends exclaims, stepping out into the stairway to snap a few pictures of the two of you.
patrick easily slings an arm around you as you reflexively lean your head onto his shoulder, the pose so normal and second nature to both of you after all these years.
when you post the photos later back in your apartment, you laugh at all the comments. 
“cam, jack, and alex all say you look very handsome,” you tell patrick.
“oh boy, coming from those beauties? must be true,” you roll your eyes at the shenanigans. 
you lay back against his chest as you close your phone. “don’t want you to leave tomorrow,”
“don’t really wanna leave,”
you flip over to rest your chin on his chest, unable to fight your pout.
“don’t look at me like that, then i’ll never leave,” he chuckles sadly. 
“‘s kinda the point, pat. using my powers for evil,” you tease. 
he pulls you up to wrap you in his arms. “i’m no match for your powers, feels like that’s obvious by now.”
you love that he’s so open and honest about how he feels for you, doesn’t care when his friends tease him because he has you, and that’s what matters.
eventually you two fall asleep like that, like you always do, with you on his chest, and his head slightly tipped back due to his restless sleeping that you could only calm so much. 
“alright soulmate i’m hungry-” ciara stops when she sees you two curled up, her lips forming a smile. “some things never, ever change,” and with that, she closes the door, leaving you in the arms of one another, where you had been since the beginning.
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daniellawrites02 · a month ago
Jessie: You know, I’m glad that we’re just keeping our anniversary simple this year
Stiles: Haha, me too
Stiles: *frantically waves off the marching band*
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