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#cool loook
ares857 · 7 days ago
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internet find
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ares857 · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
internet finds
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ares857 · a month ago
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internet find
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ares857 · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
internet finds
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himitsu-luna · a day ago
Game Alert: ship your moots with each other! (even if they are not mutuals)
Ohhh ok anoon!! I'm pairing people who I think would get along well, or that give me similar vibes!! ✨
@soleilsuhh + @rr0zu (+@me hoho) - because it's a fairy + an angel. Both fly, both are magical, both spread happiness. And I know they already get along well, they have the cutest giggles too, so ship ship. Actually, mom and dad vibes, but in a chaotic style. Also, Faye likes Taurus people, so yep!! <3 (and also me, because... I want to be here hoho - no incest though, sis)
@black-swvn + @ex0tic-vgh (+@me again) - ok, I ship these two because, when I interact with them for the first time, I thought they were the coolest and most classy people I've ever met. Very powerful! I also have this image in my head: they have similar aesthetics, but Mairah's is black and Gabi's is white! So I think it's a damn nice pair. (Also, me again, because we are talking about my wifey mairah here heheh)
@istgimamess + @dundun-baby - look... Loook.... If you know these two... You know. I... The chaotic/funny energy is immaculate here!! Boring moments?? Pfttt.! What's this for these two?? Non existent!! But that's not only it, ofc. Both are amazing amaaazing friends, very kind, sweet, have the "partners in crime" vibes, that one who will help you hide bodies, you know.
@najatheangel + @sazzaaaaa - I love this toooo!!! Love it so much!! Both are sooo cool, creative and artistic!! You would look at them and think "omg what a BADASS pair!!". BUT, they are the sweetest and most precious beans! Childhood friends vibes!! Always there for you, with the most comforting words! Great chances of becoming famous together. Omg such Queens!
@baecobjae + @reallylikethevibeshere - omg ok ok, I can't, this pairing is the cutest pairing ever! Big Uwu energy, big fluff energy! Must be protected at all costs. Very funny too, radiate clumsy meme energy, very huggable uwu. Would bake cookies and cakes all day long, while listening to music, flowers and puppies all around them owwnn.
@emuava + @cupidluvstarrz - ohhhh I think these two would be interesting together!! They have this chaotic crackhead energy, but also very wit and smart at the same time! They would have the most random interesting funny conversations, that would make no sense to anyone who would be listening to it, but they are actually 🤯. Just for big brains!
@purplepsycho03 + @haifengg - you know the coolest girl crush pair? That would be them! Also, sister/roommate/best friend energy. You just want them around, because they are peaceful, chill, nice, supportive, and also funny. You only have good times with them, domestic moments would be wholesome, lots of nice convos before falling asleep.
@kpopsnowball + @lovemyhyunjinnie - they are the sweetest icecreams ever T-T Very deep, resilient, strong, kind. Laugh, cry, cry of laughter, laugh to not cry, doesn't matter, they always go through things together. A mature yet lovely and goofy pair.
Those are ones I could think of for now! ❤️ Now, everyone hugs everyone, let's goo!! Hohooho
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yeonbins · 2 days ago
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choccymilllk · 3 days ago
another one!!
you might be asking how does his cape-wings work
I have no clue I do not posses enough braincells for that but they loook cool
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lemonebee--sky · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
hey who wants to heart trade w me im 11 hearts away from no mask it would help alot if u did
i would look so cool i mean like LOOOK!!,!!
Tumblr media
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questionedturkey · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
LOOOK OMGGG we get to see how The Observer views memories! Its so cool!
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whydowelove · 17 days ago
Hello! Can I request a enhypen + treasure and maybe tbz? ( I am a minor so--- )
I am a late 06 liner , a libra , an INFJ , a person who goes by she/they ,a Pansexual child , I am 4'11.8 ( 152cm ) , chinese , someone who is chubby , brownish-white skin , black + brown hair and I wear glasses
I am very sensitive as I can cry easily but I hold my tears In , a very gullible person as I trust people way too easily and get manipulated , I am also very shy and quiet , super Childish , loves affection ( head pats ) , smart , hates sports and art.
I like someone who is protective for me , defo taller then me , is hyper but also low-key a cold person and loud , I prefer older guys as well-
Anyways , please stay safe during this period and take care of yourself?
Hiiii !!! I hope this is ok ! Since ur a minor these results are kind of expected but I hope the rest of my reasoning is fine too ! And thank you ! Make sure you’re staying safe and healthy as well :)) also since all the members in the boyz are adults I won’t be doing that 🙃 hope u understand!
In Enhypen I ship you with Jungwon !
Tumblr media
Ok Ik I say this literally every Jungwon ship but since he’s so mature I think he would be better with other people emotions compared to Niki
I was thinking Niki 100% but I don’t think he’d do well with overly sensitive people
And not to mention he’s like... the most athletic, not that you have to be athletic
I think it would be easier for Jungwon to accept you as well !
Jungwon got an rbf
As we all know so he loooks hella cold and mean
But he’s an angel who’s very playful
Which is why you guys get along so well
He would be serious when appropriate and also silly when needed ykyk
You guys are just very mellow and have regular hangout sesh’s yeahhhh
Probably movie marathons or smith if you’re into that
He’ll tease u for your height
He’s one of the shortest so he feels huge compared to you
Always gets you food and new snack to try
It’s so random but cool bc he will get you things you’ve never even heard of
He’d be interested to learn in your culture or religion if you’re religious
When you fall asleep with your glasses on or smith he will kindly and carefully remove them 😩😩
Always makes sure you’re happy
He’ll never manipular worn play with your feelings
He only teases you, that’s it
He’s just very playful yet careful with u yk
You’re too precious !
In Treasure I ship you with Haruto !!!
Tumblr media
We all saw this coming
Haruto is known for looking cold but being a big ol baby
He’s very “cool” so he doesn’t ever let his guard down or anything
That’s until he’s around you
He babies you
Kind of annoying, right?
You’re so tiny and precious he feels u might break at any second
Which is why he babies you sm
But he also teases you just as much as he babies you
ESPECIALLY about your height
Like my mans is tall but compared to you he’s a whole giant
He’ll give you the biggest bear hugs ever
Sweetest boy when he’s around you istg
He low key becomes a baby and wants you to baby him at times buuut he won’t admit it
He will always make sure you’re comfortable and happy and do his best to keep you that way
Always checks up on you
Be ready for a bunch of texts asking “what are u doing” “how’s ur day” “did you eat” and all that
He’s just very caring and soft when it comes to you !!
Even his mama knows abt you, it’s adorable !!!
Still, when he teases you he goes hard core so don’t forget abt that
Just bc he babies you doesn’t mean he won’t tease the hell out of you for silly reasons
But don’t worry it’s out of love 😼
-pc to rightful owners
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Tumblr media
Loook what I found!!!
I made this bookmark when I was in 7th grade and I used this for all the 7 hp books, after that I kept it somewhere and forgot about it then suddenly yesterday I got it!
Thats so cool! plus the old and wrinkly paper makes it even better!
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jsperlfahey · a month ago
Your whole comic blog theme. Omg it is so cool loooking i just wanted to say. ❤️✨
AHHH THANK U ANON!!! ngl i’ve literally stared at it for the past two days since i changed it hahaha
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karda · a month ago
i ramblrd in tags and ill ramble here bc i thought od more stuff to say!!!! i love hpw you chose colours they always look so nice together and here its just perfect!! its so warm n yellow but then yiu have the bluw and white at the top and it just loooks so so good!! and woth the blue in the middle of the sky and tje outsides totally clouds it looks kinda like the skys parting for him anf that just makes me happy. i love how you texture things bc everything looks Soft but also Solid and its pog!
awh thank you so much!! :']] this is so nice,,, and yea!! i did that on purpose :D hes lookin thru the clouds,, the idea of the sky parting for him tho :00 thats so cool
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marjorie189 · 2 months ago
Chapter 5
I went to the restroom to wash my face and brush my teeth.
I heard a ding from my phone.
I saw that it was an email....
I then saw who it was from and dropped my phone from excitement and shock!
End of Recap:
I realized I broke my screen protector.
I honestly didn't care!
I just got a email from Island Records!
I let out a scream, falling to the ground.
I was in shock! I didn't know what to do.
I heard a knock on the door, "Y/N is everything alright?" Tessa said opening the door.
I stood up, "Everything is perfect!" I said hugging her.
"Wwwoow! Ok?" Tessa said confused, hugging me back.
I laughed.
"Oh my god?! What do I do?" I said out loud to myself.
"What?? Do what?" Tessa said anxiously.
"I-I-" I stuttered, trying to explain.
Tessa nodded patiently.
"Just, Just check the phone!!" I shrieked  
"Ok! Ok!" Tessa said reluctantly.
She checked the phone and saw the notification.
She yelled happily my phone dropping, again.
She hugged me and we starting jumping happily.
"Y/N!! This is great!" She yelled, as we jumped together.
"I know! I know!" I screamed.
"What is all this ruckus about??"
The rest of members were outside of my bathroom staring at us.
"What's going on?" Ivan asked, laughing.
"Y/N got an email from Island Records!!" Tessa yelled, still hugging me.
"Oh my god!! That's great!!" Bethany yelled joining the hug.
Everyone was yelling and screaming, congratulating me.
They all joined the hug.
10 minutes later..........
We all calmed down and sat in my bed.
I had my phone against my chest, I was too nervous to check the email.
"Come on!! You can do it!!" Froy said reassuringly.
"Alright!" I whispered confidently.
I slowly got my phone with one eye closed, not wanting to see the screen.
Ivan hugged me, reassuringly.
I smiled and finally got the courage to check the email.
I opened up the email, looking at the Island Records logo!
"Ok, ok! I'm so nervous!" I said  
Everyone smiled and giggled, telling me to go on.
I began to read the email:
Good Afternoon, Ms. Y/L/N,
We have took a fond of your great work Ms. Y/L/N! An artist from our records label has introduced us to your amazon musical talent!
This artist would like to collaborate and work with you, Ms. Y/L/N. The artist would like to keep itself anonymous until you meet the artist!
If you are interested in meeting with the artist and our team email us back! At
Island Records
I scream again and drop it again. A artist wants to meet me. I have to tell my brothers!
"What does it's say y/n/n?" Jazzy asks.
I pass it to Jazzy and she reads it out loud. Then next thing I know I'm being brought into a big group hug.
"This is so awesome! Who do you think the artist is?" Froy said.
"No clue, but wouldn't it be so cool if it's Shawn!?" I say all excited and they all groan, rolling their eyes.
"Not the Shawn stuff again!" Ivan said.
I giggle as they all head out of my room except Jazz.
"Are you going to meet with your family and tell them?" She asks.
"Well I'll at least meet with my three brothers, but my parents are still gone on their business trip so........ I'll probably video chat them to tell them tomorrow. I doubt my mother will be happy, but I'm somewhat close to my father so he'll probably be over the moon for me."
"You really think you're mother won't be happy? She lives and breathes for your career."
"Yeah, but she wanted a different artist from a different record label to pick me up so yeah I think that she won't be happy. I'll talk to my brothers about it."
"Ok. We'll have a good night babez! I'll be in my room if you need me!" She says and I giggle as she tackles me in a hug then walks out of my room.
I changed in my cute matching pjs and went to sleep.
Tumblr media
The next day:
I take my phone out and click on Dylan's number.  Hopefully he's not filming right now and he's at home with Garrett. I wait a minute then he picks up.
"Hey sis!" Dylan says in a over excited tone and I giggle.
"Hey Dyl. Are you and Garrett home?" I smile as I hear him do a fake thinking sound.
"Hi sis!" I giggle at hearing Garrett and Mason in the background.
"Yeah, me Garrett and Mason are here why?" He asks slightly confused.
"Well I was wondering if y'all would like to go out and have lunch with me. I have some news." I say within a smile and playing with the bottom of my shirt.
"Hey Gar, Mas do y'all wanna go to lunch with y/n!" I hear him yell to them and giggle lightly.
"Well duh! Would we ever say no!" I heard Garrett respond to Dylan.
I giggle again as Dylan comes back to the phone.
"I'm guessing that was a yes?!" I giggle.
"Yeah where do you wanna meet?"
"How about mackies(McDonald's)?" I asked.
"Yes!! Our favorite!" Dylan said.
"More like your favorite!" I say with a smile.
"You used to love mackies!"
"Yeah that was because I never realized what was in it." I say back.
"Yesss!! We're going to mackies!" I heard Garrett yell through the phone.
"I'm guessing he heard the my favorite part?" I giggled.
"Yup! We'll see you baby sis like around 1:00? Because we have to go to Moms and Dads house to get some clothes for Mason." Dylan explained.
"Yeah, 1:00 is great! I can't wait to share this news!!" I said excitedly.
"Ughh! Now I want to know!" Dylan groaned.
"Well you have to wait!" I laughed.
"Ughhh! Fine!" He said.
I laughed and ended the call.
I went downstairs and saw everyone in the kitchen.
"Y/N! Have you responded to the email!!" Bethany said.
"No! I'm going to right now! Do you guys want to help?" I asked.
They all agreed and they started helping with my response to the email!
The ending result:
Good Morning:
I want to start off by saying, thank you! Thank you to the artist that would like to collaborate with me. I really appreciate your team's recognition toward me!
I would happily want to meet up the artist and Island Records! It would be a dream come true!
Thank you again! Call me or email me back. If you would like to call me here's my number, (Your number) #(***)***-****
Thank you!
I sent the email and we all started discussing about what artist might want to collaborate with me!
"Here, we can look online! To see the all the artists from Island Records!" Tessa said.
We all agreed and Tessa pulled out a list from online.
She started reading the artists names, out loud.
"Hey! What if it's Ariana Grande?? She's part of Island!" Ivan said as he read from the list.
"Or maybe it's Drake!!" Froy said excitedly.
"What about Hailee Steinfeld?" Jazzy said.
"Or Nick Jonas. Wait how about Nicki Minaj??" Emilio said looking at the list of artists.
"There's also Post Malone or The Weekend!" Jazzy said.
"Or Justin Bieber! Ohh! There's also Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato..." Tessa said reading from the list.
"Awwww loook! And the love of your life Shawnie!" Tessa said teasingly, poking me.
I rolled my eyes.
We named a few more artists but I had to get ready for lunch!
I started looking through my huge closet.
I decided to wear something simple yet luxurious.
Tumblr media
*Choose your Makeup Look*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Comment the name of the lip color you chose!
Tumblr media
I said goodbye to everyone and got on my Range Rover.
I was so excited to tell them the good news!
I drove off to Mackies. They weren't there yet so I decided to order for them!
I knew their orders.
"Hello can I get two Big Macs One Six piece chicken nuggets and One cheeseburger!" I ordered.
"Onions on the burgers?" The cashier asked.
"Onions on one of the Big Mac's please!" I ordered.
"Alright! Fries and drinks with the burgers right?" The cashier asked.
"Yes! Also can I get an order of extra fries?" I asked.
The cashier nodded and marked everything done.
"Alright that'll be $37.87" The cashier said.
I paid with my debit card and got my receipt.
"Also can I get a picture! Big fan!" She said.
"Of course!" I smiled and we took the picture.
I chose a table outside, and waited for the order.
They called the order and I went inside to get the food.
"Y/N, Right??" The worker said.
"Yeah." I said reluctantly at the worker because the order was so huge.
"Here's your order!" He said smiling.
"Umm? I don't think so??" I said looking at the order.
It had so many extra burgers and fries.
"The cashier's a big fan and convinced the manager to give you free food!" He said.
I gasped, "Thank you guys!" I said to all the workers.
I went outside to our seats.
I took a picture of the food and sent it to Garrett and Dylan on out group chat.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Twenty minutes later they get here and I see Dylan wave as he's unbuckles. Mason gets out and runs over to me.
"Sissy!" He says as I pick him up and place him on my lap.
Dylan looks down and sees the food and automatically grabs like five of the Big Mac's and I laugh.
"What?" He says shrugging.
"Nothing it's just this reminds me of that one time I was on set with you and then we got dinner here! You had like seven bags of food for yourself." I then pull up the Live Photo on my now broken screen protector and Garrett, Mason, and I die of laughter.
Tumblr media
"That's not nice! Why do you still have that?? I told you to delete that. And can y'all blame me, I was hungry!" We all laugh at how he's defending himself.
"What's your big news sissy?" Asks Mason as he puts his finger in his mouth and cuddles into me.
"Alright! So this isn't exactly like the finest and richest restaurant! But it's an important and memorable one, I thought I would be a perfect place to tell you guys the news! It's a place we're we spent a lot of time before Mason was even born, it shows and represents our past and how we grew up. This news might be a great point in my future and this place shows how far I've come" I say starting up my speech.
"Wow! Ok so this is some good news." Dylan said wanting me to say more.
"Yeah it is some good news! Good isn't even a word to describe it. So you might be wondering how I broke my screen protector.....well it fell many times last night! We were so shocked that we dropped it a few times-" I was saying.
"We??" Garrett said.
I glared at him, "Let me finish!!"
"Gosh ok!!" Garrett said throwing a chicken nugget at my face.
I glared at him and laughed.
"Anyways!! So I got an important email last night!! I was so shocked and in disbelief that I dropped my phone and so did the others." I said explaining the situation.
"Ok ok! Get to the point! We want to know the big news! Stop getting distracted!" Dylan said impatiently.
"I know! I know! It's just that it's so huge that I don't know how to say it! It's been a dream of mine for so long! I just can't blurp it out like nothing!" I said happily.
"Come on you can do it, sis!" Mason said.
I giggled.
"Yeah listen to Mason!" Garrett said sassily.
"Ok, Ok! I'm so nervous! I don't know how to say it but..... Last night.. I got an email from... Island Records!!" I said squeaking out the last part.
"Oh my gosh baby girl that's so cool! Dylan said jumping up from his chair and embracing me in a hug.
"Let's see it! The email!" Garrett says excitedly and hugged me after Dylan.
They congratulated me and we had a little celebration.
I then handed them my phone. They look at it for a moment then look up at me.
"Who do you think the artist is?!" I giggled as they both asked that.
"I hones-" I get cut off by my excited brother.
"Wouldn't it be funny if it's Shawn?" I giggle as Garrett says that.
"That's what Tessa said." I giggle some more.
My brothers hug me and I smile. We then let Mason play for a bit then he comes back out and lays in my lap.
We stay for a few minutes so Dylan can finish his ice cream, I swear he eats like a horse. We throw our stuff out, I look down and see that Mason fell asleep in my lap I smile.
"Guys wanna come over to my place? I kinda need help telling mom and dad." I pick Mason up and carry him to Dylan's car, since his car seat was there.
"Yeah sure." Dylan says while getting into his car.
"Hey! Don't worry about it. We'll help you with it." Garrett said hugging me.
I smiled at him, "Thanks."
"Hey!! Don't stress over it! We'll be right by your side baby!" Dylan said from the inside of the car blowing me a kiss.
"Thanks guys! I love you." I said and went onto my car and we drove to my house.
We get to my house and I get out of the car. Dylan gets Mason then hands him over to me once he sees that I want my cuddly sleepy little brother.
Mason cuddles into me as I carry him up to his playroom/bedroom and place him on his bed:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I walk to my room and see Dylan and Garrett on my bed ready to FaceTime my parents.
I sat down with them.
"You ready?" Dylan asked supportively.
I nodded.
"Alright! It's now or never!" Garrett said FaceTiming them.
"Hey guys! We've missed you!" My mom said and my dad waved smiling into the phone.
"Hey!" The three of us said.
"Is everything alright?" My dad asked.
"Yeah, Yeah! Everything's great. We umm- I have some news!" I stuttered, correcting myself.
"Well honey, we're about to land in LAX. So when we land we can drive over! If it's big news you don't have to tell us over FaceTime, it'll be better in person!" My mom said.
"O-ok!" I said.
"Well we'll wait for you guys here!" Dylan said ending the call and hugging me for support.
"Ughhhh! Now I have to tell her in person!" I said falling into my bed.
Dylan laughed, "Come on! It won't be that bad!"
"Yes it will! She wants Capitol Records or some other Record Label to recognize me!" I said groaning.
"Hey, hey! They just want to meet up with you so you can collaborate with one of their artists. They didn't exactly say they want to sign you. It would be great if they did, but hey at least she won't have a reason to be disappointed cause they just want to meet up with you, ok!" Garrett said going all supportive brother on me.
"You're right, you're right! And even if they did sign me, it won't matter what she had to say because it my life! If she likes it or not then too bad!" I said frustrated.
"Hey! She'll like it ok, baby girl! Maybe at first she won't like it but she'll get used to it ok! She'll be so proud of you, we all will!" Dylan said reassuring me and pulling me into a hug while kissing my forehead in the process.
45 minutes later.....
My parents walked into my room and greeted us.
We hugged them and greeted them as well.
"We missed you guys!" My dad said.
"We did too!" Garrett said hugging my mom.
We all settled down, "So what's the big news, darling?" My mother asked.
"Well Dylan and Garrett already know! So I just have to tell you guys." I said to them.
"Alright! What is it?" My dad asked.
"Ok....Well.." I tried explaining
"Here just show them the emails." Garrett said grabbing my phone and opening the emails.
I felt more relieved that they can just see it, instead of me telling them.
They got my phone and started reading the emails.
"OH MY GOD, SWEETHEART!" My mom said tackling me in a hug.
"Wait...What!?" I said surprised.
I thought she would've been mad or disappointed, but.... she was happy for me.
"Honey this is great!!" My dad said joking the hug.
I smiled.
My mom pulled away, "Wait?? So you aren't like mad or something??" I asked slowly.
"What no!! Why would I? I'm so proud of you!" My mom asked.
"It's-Its cause I thought you wanted another record label to recognize me!" I said quickly.
"I've realized that, that doesn't matter anymore! You'll be the best singer with or without my choice of record label. You'll be a great singer because of you! Not the label!" My mom explained.
I tackled her with a hug, I felt some tears falling down my face.
It felt so amazing that she felt proud of me! I loved the feeling, she doesn't show it much.
My phone started ringing, interrupting our moment.
I answered and put it on speaker.
"Hello?" I said into the phone as everyone listened quietly.
"Good afternoon! Is this Ms. Y/N?" A man asked.
"Yes, this is Y/N!" I said into the phone.
"Ahh Y/N! It's great to talk to you! It's the CEO of Island Records! How are you?" He asked.
"Hello! I'm great and you??" I said.
"I'm doing good! Are you still interested in meeting with us??" He asked.
"Yes I'd love too!" I said.
"That's great! So we would like to set a meeting up with the artist and our team this Friday. Are you free that day? He asked me.
"Yeah! Yeah I can!" I say as hold the phone to my ear patting Dylan on the shoulder to signal him to get me paper which he does.
"What time will the meeting start?" I ask him.
"Around one?" He asks me.
"Yeah! That's great." I say writing it down.
"Can you be here ten minutes earlier?" He asks me.
"Yes I can! Thank you so much!" I say to him.
"Of course! See you then! The artist and I are looking forward to meeting you, y/n!" He says.
"I am as well sir! I can't wait to find out more about this opportunity with the artist!" I say.
"We are as well! Thank you!" He says.
"No, thank you!" I said.
He laughed, "Alright well I have to attend a meeting with this artist and tell them the news!" He said.
"See you Friday! Bye." I say.
"Buh Bye!" He says and ends the call.
I hang up the phone and scream then jumped into Dylan's arms and hug him as Garrett hugs us both with his arms around my back.
We all screamed, and I noticed that the members were in the room. I'm guessing they heard the conversation!
They all congratulated me! We hugged and celebrated with love and excitement!
Who do y'all think the artist that wants to collaborate with you is? Also the Island Records email in fake! Hope y'all enjoy! Also if y'all want to find out who the artist is, Stay Tuned for the next chapter!! ~ Marjorie
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dear-happypills · 2 months ago
*doorbell rings
me: a h, shit. can you get that please.
*happypills answers and opens the door.
happypills: YO, whuht can i do for yah.
cupid: is this the residence of Joel Goodwin?
happpypills: ummmm... noh..... whoah. you’re cupid? holy shit, you’re CUPID!!! AH MY GAWWWWSHH. lloook at your little wingggss and shit! it’s adorable.
cupid: :D AT YOU’RE SERVICE!! actually though,... im at Joel Goodwin’s service soh.... gotta get going...
happypills: wai... WAIT>! you can’t do thatttt. just barge in here and then leave.
cupid: well, i never did come inside...
happypills: comee on IN!!
** brings cupid by the wings inside
cupid: ummmm. i really should get going...
happypills: naahhh nono. 
** beckons to me
happypills: heyyy buddy, look who i brought
me: wtf. . how many times do i have to tell you that you getting the door doesn’t mean bringing them in... and why’d you bring someone in fucking thongs in here...
cupid:... ... dear sir. these are the garments stiched with love, by st. valentine himself.
me: ...................**turning to happypills. where the fuck do you find these people?
happypills: bro, bro chillout. he’ll help us find us our soulmate. **to cupid. OH, guardian of love, please tell us who our soul mate is???
cupid: ... i realllyyyy am running late.
happypills:  ....-_-;; well then you can’t fucxing leave.
cupid: this is highly irregular... **opens the door to leave
me: **shuts the door immediately.  YOU’RE HIGHLY IRREGULAR!!!
happypills: WHOOAH. WHOAH calm down bro. let me handle this. **knocks out cupid with a punch
happypills: yea i’m calm. i’m calm. hey, help me tie up his wings so he can’t fly away. goddamn, he’s a heavy chubbers for a small baby. **drags cupid to a chair
13 minutes later
cupid: **slowly comes to his senses. startled by others’ presence cupid tries to fly away like a bird stuck in a cage.  awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..... not cool. NOT COOL
me: just so you know, i never had any plan of kidnapping you.
happypills: oh please, stop being apwwwusssy. we’re not kidnapping him. if anything, these damn little zergs kidnap the mind and souls of other human beings. LOOOK at this weapon ** picks up cupid’s bow. LOOK. **turns to cupid. do you know what you look like carrying this fucxing thing around....?????
cupid: ............ um.... um like Green Arrow? .... except pink?
happypills: waht??! no, not like green arrow. i was going to say like some weird Lord of The RIngs fanfiction, sexual deviant. i mean, that baby face and the voice does not....
me: ... and those g-strings.
happypills: oh yea, and those g-strings do not mesh well... 
cupid: take it up with my boss you cunxs!
happypills: WHoah. whoah. whoah. WAAAAO. where’s the love??
cupid: eat my asx you bitxx!
me: yea..... maybe we shouldn’t have tied him up.
happypills: ohh how you know nothinnnn. ** takes cupid’s book. you see, now, with him tied up we have all this access to all the people this pervert was going to prick. incluuuuuudingggg our soulmate.
me: huh.... is that how it works? lemme see too.
happypills: whu.... hey, why am i not on the list?
cupid: HAHAHAHAHAHHA  well  i told you. i’m looking for Joel Goodwin.
happypills: yeaa, but there’s got to be other people on your list right???
cupid: lollllllllllllllllllllllllllll. how embarassing. i guess you’re not on there. HAHAHAHAHhahahahahha........
happypills: ** looks at me
me: ** looks back and sighs...
** happypills cracks his knuckles.
** silence. cupid gulps
- happypills
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dreamsmp-au-ideas · 3 months ago
Pokemon mistery dungeon you say? I am going to drop here some pokemons that the characters could be based on the Vibesᵗᵐ alone (No I am not looking from what gen they are bc this already will be a search-)
Let's start
Dream: Victini, Servine, Zorua/Zoroark, Lucario (the last two are kind of an Easter egg tho, because both where pokemons that, before the gen they appeared came out, they were featured in movies so people thought they were legendary or semi-legendary, even more so with Lucario because of one of the Mistery Dungeons games- idk I just think that it would be fun)
- George: Espeon/Glaceon, Frillish, Drifloon
- Sapnap: Combusken, Growlithe, Houndour
- Tommy: Cyndaquil, Chimchar, Treeko, Eevee
- Tubbo: Chikorita, Eevee, Rotom, Drifloon
- Eret: Froslass, Absol, Shuppet, Swablu/Altaria
- Fundy: Vulpix/Ninetails (I had to ok?), Riolu/Lucario, Jolteon, Zeraora
- Niki: Sylveon/Leafeon, Espurr, Mienfoo, Scorbunny
- Wilbur: Staravia, Luxio, Flygon, Absol
- Ranboo: Spinda, Girafarig, Litwick, Phantump
- Technoblade: Decidueye, Fraxure, Scizor, Bisharp
And I'm gonna leave it here for now. Yes I did this while having the entire pokedex open. No I won't explain the vibes. Enjoy :D
Some of these Pokemon are gender exclusive but honestly Gender is fake. We can do what we want.
On one hand I want Dream as Servine because he green and Servine has that smug ass energy. On the other hand Zoroark fits him very well and since he’s not a dick in this au. We can just have him as a guy who uses his illusions to play pranks on people. Nothing more. We have slow burn found family and Dream is going to be dragged in it whether he wants to or not.
George as any of those Pokemon honestly fit him really well. We can get Frillish since it loooks like a sleepy guy but at the same time Drifloon works. Glaceon works so well though because of how much he sleeps and also how apathetic he is in regards of everything else.
Sapnap can probably be a Growlithe because of the vibes. He simply a puppy who likes fire a bit too much
Tommy as any of the Pokemon above works but I’m getting Treeko vibes now that I think about it. Just major Treeko vibes.
Tubbo as Rotom is something I have not thought of but man that’s good.
Eret as either a Frosslass or an Altaria is great. As I said before, fuck gender. They can be a Froslass. Either one of those two things work. Elegant and powerful. Also has some royal vibes so that’s great.
Fundy as Vulpix so we can give him the fox motif? Or a Riolu for aesthetic> Or Jolteon so we can have some explanation for Sally the Salmon?
Niki can be a Espurr or a Meinfoo. They can both learn fire type moves, with the Hidden Power Fire if she is an Espurr. She deserves it.
Wilbur as Staravia? Yeah that goes and fits the vibes. So does Absol honestly. Both of them fit the vibes.
Ranboo is probably for Phantump. Mainly because of the pokedex entry for it making sense and I can see it happening for Ranboo. This is also considering the fact that he is also human but fell a bit later.
Technoblade as Bisharp. Why? Because of knife hands and cool ass colors.
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isabella-gliatta · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
~ Artist Preferences ~
1.) Yinka Shonibare - This is perhaps the only artist on the list in which I’ve been previously exposed to and liked.  I had seen a picture one of his sculptures and was immediately blown away.  The picture stayed with me for a while, but I never knew where the art piece had come from nor who made it.  When I saw it pop up during my artist research, I audibly screeched.  Shonibare’s art is truly breathtaking; it’s something that sticks with you and inspires you.  The instant I saw his rendition of The Swing, I gasped aloud (I mean just LOOOK AT IT).  I am a huge dork when it comes to historical fashions, so I went NUTS over these pieces.  Each dress feels historically accurate, with the correct silhouette and appearance of proper layers/paddings.  However, he uses extremely bright colors and complex, varying patterns that make each dress POP.  His mix of historical western fashion and Ankara prints explores the interconnected relationships between Africa and Europe, and their identities and cultures that have developed.
2.) Julie Mehretu - For some reason, contemporary art has never “awed” me.  Between cubism and abstract expressionism, I’m not a big fan of modern art.  However, Mehretu’s art is different.  My brain’s initial reaction to clicking on her Google images tab was, “Wow, lots of vomit lines. Cool.”  But as I looked closer I became enthralled.  Her pieces have a sense of space and movement, as if you, the viewer, are traveling through this chaotic landscape of lines.  To be completely honest, most contemporary art makes me feel “icky,” like eating junk food; but Mehretu’s art makes me feel nice.  Her chaotic strokes somehow give me peace and comfort.  The most impressive part of her art is the sheer size of each piece.  They.  Are.  HUGE.  Her ability to create a piece of art with such motion and intricacy at that size is truly astonishing.
3.) Rebecca Campbell - I think the reason I enjoy her art so much is because it feels more “traditional” than the other artists on the list.  Her oil paintings give me a similar sense of awe that many older, traditional paintings do (I just really love oil paints. I don’t know but their thick strokes just make me really happy).  I love Campbells skill with oils.  She has the ability to create hyper-realistic images with special detail and attention to light (she’s a master with color), while also being able to convey an image with only a few brushstrokes.  She will switch between this realistic and impressionist style within one painting (looks at the difference between the grass and the man’s pants in the last painting).  
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