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joyfulfacefire · 7 hours ago
Chet Hanks sued by ex-girlfriend
The 30-year-old singer-and-actor is the subject of civil action from Kiana Parker, who is seeking damages for assault and battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress in a suit she filed on Tuesday (13.04.21), a month after the 'White Boy Summer' hitmaker filed his own lawsuit against his former lover for theft, assault, conversion and battery.
Chet's lawyer, Marty Singer, has branded Kiana's allegations "false, fabricated and fictional".
He told The Daily Beast in a statement: "We consider the claims filed by Kiana Parker to be a shakedown… Her claims are completely false, fabricated and fictional."
Kiana's lawyers, D'Angelo Lowe and Kevin Murray, branded Chet a "clear and present danger" to their client in a press conference outside the Fort Bend County Justice Center in Richmond, Texas. ซื้อฟรีสปินสล็อต
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pax-imperium · 9 hours ago
Chapters chosen for the next vanguard squad. The rest of the highlighting is tomorrow night's painting
Tumblr media
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pax-imperium · 10 hours ago
The techmarine has been assigned the dark angels chapter, which fit quite well on his knee
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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96harmony96 · 10 hours ago
Chapter 2
Her tie was silver and her shirt brilliantly white, the stark absence of color emphasizing those amazing green irises. Standing there with her jacket open and her hands shoved casually into her pants’ pockets, the sight of her was like running smack into a wall I hadn’t known was there.
I jerked to a halt, my gaze riveted to the woman who was even more striking than I’d remembered. I had never seen hair that purely black. It was glossy and slightly long, the ends drifting over her shoulder. That sexy length was the crowning touch of bad boy hotness over the successful businessman, like whipped cream topping on a hot fudge brownie sundae. As my mother would say, only rogues and raiders had hair like that.
My hands clenched against the urge to touch it, to see if it felt like the rich silk it resembled.
The doors began to close. She took an easy step forward and pressed a button on the panel to hold them open. “There’s plenty of room for both of us, Camila.”
The sound of that smoky, implacable voice broke me out of my momentary daze. How did she know my name?
Then I remembered that she’d picked up my ID card when I’d dropped it in the lobby. For a second, I debated telling her I was waiting for someone so I could take another car down, but my brain lurched back into action.
What the hell was wrong with me? Clearly she worked in the Crossfire. I couldn’t avoid her every time I saw her and why should I? If I wanted to get to the point where I could look at her and take her hotness for granted, I needed to see her often enough that she became like furniture.
Ha! If only.
I stepped into the car. “Thank you.”
She released the button and stepped back again. The doors closed and the elevator began its descent.
I immediately regretted my decision to share the car with her.
Awareness of her prickled across my skin. She was a potent force in such a small enclosure, radiating a palpable energy and sexual magnetism that had me shifting restlessly on my feet. My breathing became as ragged as my heartbeat. I felt that inexplicable pull to her again, as if he exuded a silent demand that I was instinctively attuned to answering.
“Enjoy your first day?” she asked, startling me.
Her voice resonated, flowing over me in a seductive rhythm. How the hell did she know it was my first day?
“Yes, actually,” I answered evenly. “How was yours?”
I felt her gaze slide over my profile, but I kept my attention trained on the brushed aluminum elevator doors. My heart was racing in my chest, my stomach quivering madly. I felt jumbled and off my game.
“Well, it wasn’t my first,” she replied with a hint of amusement. “But it was successful. And getting better as it progresses.”
I nodded and managed a smile, having no idea what that was supposed to mean. The car slowed on the twelfth floor and a friendly group of three got on, talking excitedly among themselves. I stepped back to make room for them, retreating into the opposite corner of the elevator from Dark and Dangerous. Except she sidestepped along with me. We were suddenly closer than we’d been before.
she adjusted her perfectly knotted tie, her arm brushing against mine as she did so. I sucked in a deep breath, trying to ignore my acute awareness of her by concentrating on the conversation taking place in front of us. It was impossible. She was just so there. Right there. All perfect and gorgeous and smelling divine. My thoughts ran away from me, fantasizing about how hard her body might be beneath the suit, how it might feel against me, how well-endowed—or not—she might be…
When the car reached the lobby, I almost moaned in relief. I waited impatiently as the elevator emptied and the first chance I got, I took a step forward. Her hand settled firmly at the small of my back and she walked out beside me, steering me. The sensation of her touch on such a vulnerable place rippled through me.
We reached the turnstiles and her hand fell away, leaving me feeling oddly bereft. I glanced at her, trying to read her, but although she was looking at me, her face gave nothing away.
The sight of Cary lounging casually against a marble column in the lobby shifted everything. He was wearing jeans that showcased his mile-long legs and an oversized sweater in soft green that emphasized his eyes. He easily drew the
attention of everyone in the lobby. I slowed as I approached him and the sex god passed us, moving through the revolving door and sliding fluidly into the back of the chauffeured black Bentley SUV I’d seen at the curb the evening before.
Cary whistled as the car pulled away. “Well, well. From the way you were looking at her, that was the girl you told me about, right?”
“Oh, yeah. That was definitely her.”
“You work together?” Linking arms with me, Cary tugged me out to the street through the stationary door.
“No.” I stopped on the sidewalk to change into my walking flats, leaning into him as pedestrians flowed around us. “I don’t know who she is, but she asked me if I’d had a good first day, so I better figure it out.”
“Well…” He grinned and supported my elbow as I hopped awkwardly from one foot to the other. “No idea how anyone could get any work done around her. My brain sort of fried for a minute.”
“I’m sure that’s a universal effect.” I straightened. “Let’s go. I need a drink.”
The next morning arrived with a slight throbbing at the back of my skull that mocked me for having one too many glasses of wine. Still, as I rode the elevator up to the twentieth floor, I didn’t regret the hangover as much as I should have. My choices were either too much alcohol or a whirl with my vibrator, and I was damned if I’d have a battery-provided orgasm starring Dark and Dangerous. Not that she’d know or even care that she made me so horny I couldn’t see straight, but I’d know and I didn’t want to give the fantasy of her the satisfaction.
I dropped my stuff in the bottom drawer of my desk and when I saw that Mark wasn’t in yet, I grabbed a cup of coffee and returned to my cubicle to catch up on my new favorite ad-biz blogs.
I jumped when he appeared beside me, his grin a flash of white against his smooth dark skin. “Good morning, Mark.”
“Is it ever. You’re my lucky charm, I think. Come into my office. Bring your tablet. Can you work late tonight?”
I followed him over, catching on to his excitement. “Sure.”
“I’d hoped you’d say that.” He sank into his chair.
I took the one I’d sat in the day before and quickly opened a notepad program.
“So,” he began, “we’ve received an RFP for Kingsman Vodka and they mentioned me by name. First time that’s ever happened.”
“I appreciate that, but let’s save them for when we’ve actually landed the account. We’ll still have to bid, if we get past the request for proposal stage, and they want to meet with me tomorrow evening.”
“Wow. Is that timeline usual?”
“No. Usually they’d wait until we had the RFP finished before meeting with us, but Cross Industries recently acquired Kingsman and C.I. has dozens of subsidiaries. That’s good business if we can get it. They know it and they’re making us jump through hoops, the first of which is meeting with me.”
“Usually there would be a team, right?”
“Yes, we’d present as a group. But they’re familiar with the drill—they know they’ll get the pitch from a senior executive, then end up working with a junior like me—so they picked me out and now they want to vet me. But to be fair, the RFP provides a lot more information than it asks for in return. It’s as good as a brief, so I really can’t accuse them of being unreasonably demanding, just meticulous. Par for the course when dealing with Cross Industries.”
He ran a hand over his tight curls, betraying the pressure he felt. “What do you think of Kingsman vodka?”
“Uh…well…Honestly, I’ve never heard of it.”
Mark fell back in his chair and laughed. “Thank God. I thought I was the only one. Well, the plus side is there’s no bad press to get over. No news can be good news.”
“What can I do to help? Besides research vodka and stay late?”
His lips pursed a moment as he thought about it. “Jot this down…”
We worked straight through lunch and long after the office had emptied, going over some initial data from the strategists. It was a little after seven when Mark’s smartphone rang, startling me with its abrupt intrusion into the quiet.
Mark activated the speaker and kept working. “Hey, baby.”
“Have you fed that poor girl yet?” demanded a warm masculine voice over the line.
Glancing at me through his glass office wall, Mark said, “Ah…I forgot.”
I looked away quickly, biting my lower lip to hide my smile.
I looked away quickly, biting my lower lip to hide my smile.
A snort came clearly across the line. “Only two days on the job, and you’re already overworking her and starving her to death. She’s going to quit.”
“Shit. You’re right. Steve, honey—”
“Don’t ‘Steve honey’ me. Does she like Chinese?”
I gave Mark the thumbs-up.
He grinned. “Yes, she does.”
“All right. I’ll be there in twenty. Let security know I’m coming.”
Almost exactly twenty minutes later, I buzzed Steven Ellison through the waiting area doors. He was a juggernaut of a fellow, dressed in dark jeans, scuffed work boots, and a neatly pressed button-down shirt. Red-haired with laughing blue eyes, he was as good-looking as his partner was, just in a very different way. The three of us sat around Mark’s desk and dumped kung pao chicken and broccoli beef onto paper plates, added helpings of sticky white rice, and then dug in with chopsticks.
I discovered that Steven was a contractor, and that he and Mark had been a couple since college. I watched them interact and felt awe and a dash of envy. Their relationship was so beautifully functional that it was a joy to spend time with them.
“Damn, girl,” Steven said with a whistle, as I went for a third helping. “You can put it away. Where does it go?”
I shrugged. “To the gym with me. Maybe that helps…?”
“Don’t mind him,” Mark said, grinning. “Steven’s just jealous. He has to watch his girlish figure.”
“Hell.” Steven shot his partner a wry look. “I might have to take her out to lunch with the crew. I could win money betting on how much she can eat.”
I smiled. “That could be fun.”
“Ha. I knew you had a bit of a wild streak. It’s in your smile.”
Looking down at my food, I refused to let my mind wander into memories of just how wild I’d been in my rebellious, self-destructive phase.
Mark saved me. “Don’t harass my assistant. And what do you know about wild women anyway?”
“I know some of them like hanging out with gay men. They like our perspective.” His grin flashed. “I know a few other things, too. Hey…don’t look so shocked, you two. I wanted to see if hetero sex lived up to the hype.”
Clearly this was news to Mark, but from the twitching of his lips, he was secure enough in their relationship to find the whole exchange amusing. “Oh?”
“How’d that work out for you?” I asked bravely.
Steven shrugged. “I don’t want to say it’s overrated, ’cause clearly I’m the wrong demographic and I had a very limited sampling, but I can do without.”
I thought it was very telling that Steven could relate his story in terms Mark worked with. They shared their careers with each other and listened, even though their chosen fields were miles apart.
“Considering your present living arrangement,” Mark said to him, catching up a stem of broccoli with his chopsticks, “I’d say that’s a very good thing.”
By the time we finished eating, it was eight and the cleaning crew had arrived. Mark insisted on calling me a cab.
“Should I come in early tomorrow?” I asked.
Steven bumped shoulders with Mark. “You must’ve done something good in a past life to score this one.”
“I think putting up with you in this life qualifies,” Mark said dryly.
“Hey,” Steven protested, “I’m housebroken. I put the toilet seat down.”
Mark shot me an exasperated look that was warm with affection for his partner. “And that’s helpful how?”
Mark and I scrambled all day Thursday to get ready for his four o’clock with the team from Kingsman. We grabbed an information-packed lunch with the two creatives who would be participating in the pitch when it got to that point in the process; then we went over the notes on Kingsman’s Web presence and existing social media outreach.
I got a little nervous when three thirty rolled around because I knew traffic would be a bitch, but Mark kept working after I pointed out the time. It was quarter to four before he bounded out of his office with a broad smile, still shrugging into his jacket. “Join me, Camila.”
I blinked up at him from my desk. “Really?”
“Hey, you worked hard on helping me prep. Don't you want to see how it goes?”
“Yes, absolutely.” I pushed to my feet. Knowing my appearance would be a reflection on my boss, I smoothed my black pencil skirt and straightened the cuffs of my long-sleeved silk blouse. By a random twist of fate, my crimson shirt perfectly matched Mark’s tie. “Thank you.”
We headed out to the elevators and I was briefly startled when the car went up instead of down. When we reached the top floor, the waiting area we stepped into was considerably larger and more ornate than the one on the twentieth. Hanging baskets of ferns and lilies fragranced the air and a smoky glass security entrance was sandblasted with Cross Industries in a bold, masculine font.
We were buzzed in, and then asked to wait a moment. Both of us declined an offer of water or coffee, and less than five minutes after we arrived, we were directed to a closed conference room.
Mark looked at me with twinkling eyes as the receptionist reached for the door handle. “Ready?”
I smiled. “Ready.”
The door opened and I gestured in first. I made sure to smile brightly as I stepped inside…a smile that froze on my face at the sight of the woman rising to her feet at my entrance.
My abrupt stop bottlenecked the threshold and Mark ran into my back, sending me stumbling forward. Dark and Dangerous caught me by the waist, hauling me off my feet and directly into her chest. The air left my lungs in a rush, followed immediately by every bit of common sense I possessed. Even through the layers of clothing between us, her biceps were like stone beneath my palms, her stomach a hard slab of muscle against my own. When she sucked in a sharp breath, my nipples tightened, stimulated by the expansion of her chest.
Oh no. I was cursed. A rapid-fire series of images flashed through my mind, showcasing a thousand ways I could stumble, fall, trip, skid, or crash in front of the sex god over the days, weeks, and months ahead.
“Hello again,” she murmured, the vibration of her voice making me ache all over. “Always a pleasure running into you, Camila.”
I flushed with embarrassment and desire, unable to find the will to push away despite the two other people in the room with her. It didn’t help that her attention was solely on me, her hard body radiating that arresting impression of powerful demand.
“Miss, Jauregui,” Mark said behind me. “Sorry about the entrance.”
“Don’t be. It was a memorable one.”
I wobbled on my stilettos when Jauregui set me down, my knees weakened from the full body contact. She was dressed in black again, with both her shirt and tie in a soft gray. As always, she looked too good.
What would it be like to be that amazing looking? There was no way she could go anywhere without causing a disturbance.
Reaching out, Mark steadied me and eased me back gently.
Jauregis' gaze stayed focused on Mark’s hand at my elbow until I was released.
“Right. Okay then.” Mark pulled himself together. “This is my assistant,
Camila Cabello.”
“We’ve met.” Jauregui pulled out the chair next to hers. “Camila.”
I looked to Mark for guidance, still recovering from the moments I’d spent plastered against the sexual superconductor in Fioravante.
Jauregui leaned closer and ordered quietly, “Sit, Camila.”
Mark gave a brief nod, but I was already lowering into the chair at Jauregui’s command, my body obeying instinctively before my mind caught up and objected.
I tried not to fidget for the next hour as Mark was grilled by Jauergui and the two Kingsman directors, both of whom were attractive brunettes in elegant pantsuits. The one in raspberry was especially enthusiastic about garnering Jauregui’s attention, while the one in cream focused intently on my boss. All three seemed impressed by Mark’s ability to articulate how the agency’s work—and his facilitation of it with the client—created provable value for the client’s brand.
I admired how cool Mark remained under pressure—pressure exerted by Jauregui, who easily dominated the meeting.
“Well done, Mr. Garrity,” Jauregui praised lightly as they wrapped things up. “I look forward to going over the RFP when the time comes. What would entice you to try Kingsman, Camila?”
Startled, I blinked. “Excuse me?”
The intensity of her gaze was searing. It felt as if her entire focus was on me, which only reinforced my respect for Mark, who’d had to work under the weight of
that stare for an hour.
Jauregui’s chair was set perpendicular to the length of the table, facing me head-on. Her right arm rested on the smooth wooden surface, her long elegant fingers stroking rhythmically along the top. I caught a glimpse of her wrist at the end of her cuff and for some crazy reason the sight of that small expanse of golden skin with its light dusting of dark hair made my clit throb for attention. she was just so…womanly.
“Which of Mark’s suggested concepts do you prefer?” she asked again.
“I think they’re all brilliant.”
Her beautiful face was impassive when she said, “I’ll clear the room to get your honest opinion, if that’s what it takes.”
My fingers curled around the ends of my chair’s armrests. “I just gave you my honest opinion, Miss. Jauregui, but if you must know, I think sexy luxury on a budget will appeal to the largest demographic. But I lack—”
“I agree.” Jauregui stood and buttoned her jacket. “You have a direction, Mr. Garrity. We’ll revisit next week.”
I sat for a moment, stunned by the breakneck pace of events. Then I looked at Mark, who seemed to be wavering between astonished joy and bewilderment.
Rising to my feet, I led the way to the door. I was hyperaware of Jauregui walking beside me. The way she moved, with animal grace and arrogant economy, was a major turn-on. I couldn’t imagine her not fucking well and being aggressive about it, taking what she wanted in a way that made a woman wild to give it to her.
Jauregui stayed with me all the way to the bank of elevators. She said a few things to Mark about sports, I think, but I was too focused on the way I was reacting to her to care about the small talk. When the car arrived, I breathed a sigh of relief and hastily stepped forward with Mark.
“A moment, Camila,” Jauergui said smoothly, holding me back with a hand at my elbow. “She’ll be right down,” she told Mark, as the elevator doors closed on my boss’s astonished face.
Jauregui said nothing until the car was on its way down; then she pushed the call button again and asked, “Are you sleeping with anyone?”
The question was asked so casually it took a second to process what she’d said.
I inhaled sharply. “Why is that any business of yours?”
She looked at me and I saw what I’d seen the first time we’d met—tremendous power and steely control. Both of which had me taking an involuntary step back. Again. At least I didn’t fall this time; I was making progress.
“Because I want to fuck you, Camila. I need to know what’s standing in my way, if anything.”
The sudden ache between my thighs had me reaching for the wall to maintain my balance. She reached out to steady me, but I held her at bay with an uplifted hand. “Maybe I’m just not interested, Miss, Jauregui.”
A ghost of a smile touched her lips and made her impossibly more handsome. Dear God…
The ding that signaled the approaching elevator made me jump, I was strung so tight. I’d never been so aroused. Never been so scorchingly attracted to another human being. Never been so offended by a person I lusted after.
I stepped into the elevator and faced her.
She smiled. “Until next time, Camila.”
The doors closed and I sagged into the brass handrail, trying to regain my bearings. I’d barely pulled myself together when the doors opened and revealed Mark pacing in the waiting area on our floor.
“Jesus, Camila,” Mark muttered, coming to an abrupt halt. “What the hell was that?”
“I have no freakin’ clue.” I exhaled in a rush, wishing I could share the confusing, irritating exchange I’d had with Jauregui, but well aware that my boss wasn’t the appropriate outlet. “Who cares? You know she’s going to give you the account.”
A grin chased away his frown. “I’m thinking she might.”
“As my roommate always says, you should celebrate. Should I make dinner reservations for you and Steven?”
“Why not? Pure Food and Wine at seven, if they can squeeze us in. If not, surprise us.”
We’d barely returned to Mark’s office when he was pounced on by the executives—Michael Waters, the CEO and president, and Christine Field and Walter Leaman, the executive chairman and vice chairman.
I skirted the four of them as quietly as possible and slid into my cubicle.
I called Pure Food and Wine and begged for a table for two. After some serious groveling and pleading, the hostess finally caved.
I left a message on Mark’s voice mail, “It’s definitely your lucky day. You’re booked for dinner at seven. Have fun!”
Then I clocked out, eager to get home.
“She said what?” Cary sat on the opposite end of our white sectional sofa and shook his head.
“I know, right?” I enjoyed another sip of my wine. It was a crisp and nicely chilled sauvignon blanc I’d picked up on the walk home. “That was my reaction, too. I’m still not sure I didn’t hallucinate the conversation while overdosing on her pheromones.”
I tucked my legs beneath me on the couch and leaned into the corner. “So what?”
“You know what, Camila.” Grabbing his netbook off the coffee table, Cary propped it on his crossed legs. “Are you going to tap that or what?”
“I don’t even know her. I don’t even know her first name and she threw that curveball at me.”
“She knew yours.” He started typing on his keyboard. “And what about the thing with the vodka? Asking for your boss in particular?”
The hand I was running through my loose hair stilled. “Mark is very talented. If Jauregui has any sort of business sense at all, she’d pick up on that and exploit it.”
“I’d say she knows business.” Cary spun his netbook around and showed me the home page of Cross Industries, which boasted an awesome photo of the Crossfire. “That’s her building, Camila. Lauren jauregui owns it.”
Damn it. My eyes closed. Lauren Jauregui. I thought the name suited her. It was as sexy and elegantly masculine as the woman himself.
“She has people to handle marketing for her subsidiaries. Probably dozens of people to handle it.”
“Stop talking, Cary”
“She’s hot, rich, and wants to jump your bones. What’s the problem?”
I looked at him. “It’s going to be awkward running into her all the time. I’m hoping to hang on to my job for a long while. I really like it. I really like Mark. He’s totally involved me in the process and I’ve learned so much from him already.”
“Remember what Dr. Travis says about calculated risks? When your shrink tells you to take some, you should take some. You can deal with it. You and Jauregui are both adults.” He turned his attention back to his Internet search. “Wow. Did you know she doesn’t turn thirty for another two years? Think of the stamina.”
“Think of the rudeness. I’m offended by how she just threw it out there. I hate feeling like a vagina with legs.”
Cary paused and looked up at me, his eyes softening with sympathy. “I’m sorry, baby girl. You’re so strong, so much stronger than I am. I just don’t see you carrying around the baggage I do.”
“I don’t think I am, most of the time.” I looked away because I didn’t want to talk about what we’d been through in our pasts. “It’s not like I wanted her to ask me out on a date. But there has to be a better way to tell a woman you want to take her to bed.”
“You’re right. She’s an arrogant douche. Let her lust after you until she has blue balls. Serves her right.”
That made me smile. Cary could always do that. “I doubt that woman has ever had blue balls in her life, but it’s a fun fantasy.”
He shut his netbook with a decisive snap. “What should we do tonight?”
“I was thinking I’d like to go check out that Krav Maga studio in Brooklyn.” I’d done a little research after meeting Parker Smith during my workout at Equinox and as the week passed, the thought of having that kind of raw, physical outlet for stress seemed more and more ideal.
I knew it wouldn’t be anything close to banging the hell outta ofLauren jauregui, but I suspected it would be a lot less dangerous to my health.
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sorekbekarmi · 17 hours ago
Hi! I feel really, *really*, drawn to Judaism, and I've been starting to look into/read/investigate various facets, but I feel guilty about the thought of conversion because I'm not ethnically or genetically Jewish (as far as I know) and I don't want to overstep my bounds. Not trying to look for pity here, but just wondering if that's an okay thing? If it is okay, was also wondering how awkward is it fitting in when you've had no kind of prior standing in any sort of faith or religion?
I want to reassure you - probably every single convert to Judaism feels some kind of imposter syndrome at some points along the journey. And what you're describing is not uncommon either. I've heard that story many times, and seen it play out a few ways.
Some of the people in my conversion cohort were like you - no previous connection to Judaism or religion. Some converted, some went through the whole program and decided it wasn't right for them personally yet, even though they married Jewish partners and are raising Jewish children etc.
The community is diverse and welcoming. There are Jews of all backgrounds, including Jews who didn't used to be Jewish at all even a little bit! That's okay.
All that matters is that your heart is in the right place, that you have (very very) informed consent to the conversion, that your Rabbi and beit din feel youre ready to join the family, and rhat the ritual aspects of conversion are carried out according to your community standards.
Who you are before conversion doesn't matter at all.
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sorekbekarmi · 17 hours ago
How easy is it to convert while on a college campus - especially if you won't be able to spend the entirety of the year there near the same Jewish community center or synagogue? I'll also take any tips in general when it comes to converting to or being Jewish on a college campus (especially when it comes to eating Kosher cause given the options on my campus [especially those already paid for by my food plan if I don't have the extra money to spend] it's gonna be a pain in the ass).
It does sound like it would be a difficult situation for conversion and my recommendation is honestly to use this time to read all you can about Judaism, ravenously. It will serve you so well when you're in a better life stage and geographic position to go through the formal process of conversion.
However, its hard to say these days with Covid and things being virtually focused. You may be able to explore and reach out to Rabbis near your university, hometown, etc, and ask for next steps, advice, a meeting, a reading list, etc.
Patience! There's no rush. It's a long process, and frankly it's never long ENOUGH, so consider this your prep time and make the best of it!
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ask-jumblr · a day ago
Hey um so I'm a convert but I don't like disclosing that information to people I'm not close to bc it's just not their business. When people ask me if I'm ashkenazi or sefardi and I don't want to disclose my conversion status, what should I answer to that question? (I don't rlly want to answer that it's private or anything cause that would be weird and raise suspicions)
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fandompariah · a day ago
I think I've seen the Tor Garadon model kitbashed into a character for every Space Marine Chapter and most of the Traitor Legions.....And now out of nowhere I'm thinking of making an Alpha Legion Primaries force
Despite having lists for two armies that I haven't started doing anything with yet.
Tumblr media
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abdulmontaqim · a day ago
CO2 mitigation on Earth and magnesium civilization on Mars
CO2 mitigation on Earth and magnesium civilization on Mars
Excessive CO2 emissions are a major cause of climate change, and hence reducing the CO2 levels in the Earth’s atmosphere is key to limit adverse environmental effects. Rather than just capture and store CO2, it would be desirable to use it as carbon feedstock for fuel production to achieve the target of “net-zero-emissions energy systems”. The capture and conversion of CO2 (from fuel gas or…
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dddribbble · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Email reports email marketing lifecycle real estate conversion marketing email
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normandt · 3 days ago
376. Encourager
 Jean le Baptiste savait parler au peuple pour détourner des gens de ce qu’ils faisaient et les centrer sur Jésus, sur l’Agneau de Dieu. Il est aussi le principal acteur dans l’élection des premiers Apôtres, Jean et André.
Nous avons la même mission. Nous sommes invités à encourager les personnes à suivre Jésus.
Chaque personne qui se centre sur Jésus voit sa vie transformée. Paul nous dit :
De la descendance de David, Dieu, selon la promesse, a fait sortir un sauveur pour Israël : c’est Jésus, dont Jean le Baptiste a préparé l’avènement, en proclamant avant lui un baptême de conversion pour tout le peuple d’Israël. Au moment d’achever sa course, Jean disait : « Ce que vous pensez que je suis, je ne le suis pas. Mais le voici qui vient après moi, et je ne suis pas digne de retirer les sandales de ses pieds. » Actes des Apôtres, chapitre 13, versets 23 à 25
Tumblr media
Moïse a enlevé ses sandales devant Dieu. Dieu dit alors :
« N’approche pas d’ici ! Retire les sandales de tes pieds, car le lieu où tu te tiens est une terre sainte ! » Exode, chapitre 3, verset 5
Et Jean le Baptiste n’est pas digne d’enlever les sandales des pieds du Seigneur. Jésus, lui, n’a pas besoin d’enlever ses sandales, il est Dieu, il est la sainteté. Là où il se tient, la terre est sainte.
 Lv: Là, où nous sommes
Normand Thomas
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caramarie-sims · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nelly Top TS4>TS3
Did this one for personal use and thought I could share in case anyone wanted it but beware because is far from perfect. (Ps: my preview sucks but it looks pretty good in game and in CAS I promise)
• ALL credits belong to @belaloallure3 for the original mesh. Original post x.
• Young Adult/Adult Female, all morphs except for pregnancy morph and disabled for randoms.
• Comes in a bright red in CAS but you can recolor it, has one channel.
• Last but not least, the top clips horribly if your sim’s too big so beware of that.
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Living His Word
Tumblr media
"Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the Kingdom of heaven.” - Matthew 18:3
We live in a culture that places a lot of importance on holding rational beliefs based strictly on evidence. In his famous 1877 essay "The Ethics of Belief," W.K. Clifford states that "it is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence." Clifford's essay is directed against all those who place value on faith and religious belief apart from evidence.
Our verse for today was Jesus Christ's response to His disciples' question as to who is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven. His view is that unless one has the faith of a little child, one cannot enter the Kingdom of heaven. And He goes on to say that "whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven" (Matthew 18:4). From Jesus' point of view, when one is confronted with the truth of the gospel and God's word, one should accept it in faith as a little child, without any attempts to determine if there is sufficient evidence to accept it. After all, one should never question God's veracity.
How should the Christian who takes Jesus at His word respond to someone like Clifford? Perhaps the first thing that should be said is that Clifford himself does not escape taking a position of faith. His faith, however, is not in God's Word, but in the word of human reason. His belief that only rational beliefs based on evidence should be accepted cannot itself be a rational belief based on evidence. It is a belief born of faith---child-like faith in the ability of human reason to show us the way in the world.
Everyone, then, even W.K. Clifford, has child-like faith. It's just a question of what that faith is placed in. Christians do not need to feel like second-class citizens just because they agree with Jesus that one should have child-like faith.
A decision must be made. Upon whom will you place your faith? Upon whom will you entrust your present and future well-being? Will you have faith in the word of fallible and limited human beings and their human reasoning? Or will you have faith in the Word of the infallible and unlimited God of heaven and earth?
© 2016 by Bible League International
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pax-imperium · 5 days ago
Last item for today, a wip of my techmarine. I've used the traditional techmarine shoulder pads, and will have his home chapter on his right knee instead
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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pax-imperium · 5 days ago
Another 6 off the painting table, need to get some more larger bases as these are still on 25mm ones
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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stustupatutu · 5 days ago
SO i finally ate and went for a walk so that fixed about fifty of my jewish questions (quite literally just figuring out what kinds of questions i'm supposed to ask and WHO should be the receiver of the questions)
so i have more thoughts later and will share them and ask for advice so that I don't become Tumblr's reigning angry "Jewish people don't want me in their spaces" convert/soon-to-be convert.
in the meantime, thank you to the Jewish people who engage with my posts in any way for your patience and understanding and lack of angry anons at this time. I've not got much more time than that to say anything more carefully written, but frankly not having an angry anon is a luxury I have been given that I can't express how nice it is to have.
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