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bluewinnerangel · 7 minutes ago
✨ Fangirl anon here again! ✨
Well I sent them some of your recent memes, like the one with Harry in Italy today thinking about Louis making a sandwich hahahha (and I'm also a big bandaaaaanaaaaa fan so that got in there somewhere) along with the song lyrics analyze for ESNY and No judgement and just explained that this and everything in between is the purest and best chaos on tumblr right now 😁
Haha hi! Aw thanks! Hehe I love that. Some of those are made by @iminthisstanshit and @ialwaysknewyouwerepunk tho! Other frequent sponsors are @ladychlo, and @alwayslarry-vol28 @larentsaloud all enable and catalyse the frequent chaotic messes ✨🤡✨
Also I'm always scared people are here because I'm bringing a certain positive vibe in but then suddenly some days I'll wake up and barf out the longest heavy ass stunt talk discourse and I just feel so so sorry for those few with notifs (EVERYTIME SOMEONE TELLS ME THEY HAVE NOTIFS ON FOR ME I'M LIKE ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT LIKE HELP WHY SELFCONCIOUS HELP) expecting mood boost like hoping for a meme or a song analysis and then I just bring em.. well definitely not that.
But yeah hehe thank you for all this it helps a lot because there's always a few negative comments and they hit heavier than 10x as many positive ones and so it's always always always very much appreciated to hear people come here and enjoy this weird space whatever it is 💙
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fynneyseas · 11 minutes ago
I still can't believe my girlfriend (who never had a naruto phase) took one look at my rock lee #inspo sticker and was immediately like "he has ur eyebrows babe"
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lesbiancaminadrummer · 14 minutes ago
you're very pretty :3
aaah thank you 🥺🥺🥺
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kissingagrumpygiant · 19 minutes ago
what the actual fuck was that anon????? i don't think you need to hear this, but if you do: your art is fantastic. you are my favorite artist on tumblr (or anywhere). your widojest art is the literal reason i breathe. idk what was going on with that guy but they are obviously very, very wrong
Fghgfhb thank u 😭
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medjouls · 22 minutes ago
gaby my beloved hiii<3 u are literally such an incredible person, with always something fun to share, also mad creative when it comes to your writing and i'm sure it's reflected in other mediums as well!! i feel honoured to be mewchies mwah<3
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madame-alexandra · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
i honestly can’t figure out it i’m annoyed or amused but i’d like to know if this is a troll or if this person is serious so i can know if *i* am being a troll or a bully
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pleasantsubblogs · 26 minutes ago
Don't forget: If I was a cat I'd choose you over dry food!
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trans-lester-sinclair · 39 minutes ago
You are the embodiment of chaos and cool. The type of person to try all the flavors at Baskin-Robbins in succession then fight god afterwards with a shiv fashioned out of the pink sampler spoon.
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roukujou · 42 minutes ago
♤ say something nice bitch
Send ♤ and my muse will tell you something they like about your muse.
Tumblr media
“the way you scarf down breadsticks while you’re alone takes a lot of courage and that’s cool to certain people!”
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pippindot · 45 minutes ago
Just had a phone consult with our local agility instructor and we might be getting back out again soon, very excited! I was so flattered because after listing all our skills/where we are in our learning she was like "So you have done dog sports before." And I was like No...I just Am Try Learn Good so I fake it nice.
She seems great and the classes will be small. Pip has to learn how to be crated at an agility setting tho so that should be interesting.
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neronian-neko · an hour ago
would just like to say that you have god-tier taste in yttd characters your tier list is so valid
Thank you!
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zimms · an hour ago
okie dokie i'm going for a walk and then i'm gonna go through all of the strawberry asks!
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mrfutureboy · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the first one is on 8"x6" paper and the second is on 8"x10". when i drew the smaller one, i didnt particularly like how it came out bc it was hard to get any fine details, even with a sharp charcoal pencil. i thought i would simply have better luck on a larger sheet of paper, but seeing them side by side, that didnt quite work out.
more (potential) room for details meant i was super obsessed w getting them to look right, which led to overworking and unintentionally neglecting other aspects. the big thing that was accidentally overlooked was the proportions/anatomy. they look MUCH better in the first one than the second one! tho the hands look horrendous in both slfkls i really thought i could do a better job the second time around
while there are some things i like about the second one, like the fact that mjf has an actual face, i definitely prefer the first one. and i only think thats OKAY like...i dont even like it all that much!
anyway. moral of the story is sometimes ur gonna spend a lot of time on something and its not gonna turn out like u hoped and thats okay! also sometimes its better to not get every single detail in bc u will obsess over it and lose sight of the whole drawing
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bluewinnerangel · an hour ago
I just recommended your blog to someone and explained what I liked about it and why they should follow you (because you're like the funniest person on here and your song analyzes are soooo good and interesting) and now I realised that I'm like your secret fangirl 😂
So, ✨Hi ✨
OK now I'm really interested how in the world you would describe my blog like to try to recommend it to someone else bc it's a ✨confusing mess✨
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pleasantsubblogs · an hour ago
Keep up the good work!
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belovedranboo · an hour ago
This is not necessarily meant to be in character, but there is something to be said about how Foolish keeps getting sidetracked when going to Las Nevadas.
He’s gone to many places and made many stops and done different things... he’s supposed to have packed up from Summer Home now that his pyramid is finished so he can start on the Las Nevadas projects... and yet.
It takes him a long while to get there.
And when he goes through the portal he does not go straight to Las Nevadas. He stops at Tubbo and Ranboo’s outpost.
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maizumis · an hour ago
Stop you?? Babes do it and post pictures <3 also I’ve never been referred to as intimidating or scary so I guess I’ll take that as a compliment hehe, I love you too 💕 -Xoxo, gossip girl
God babies are so cute, one of my cousins was born last month and I still couldn't met him 😭 I'm gonna ask my bestie to get me preggo
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