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danhgbo · 2 minutes ago
Are you a pastor, politician, musician, or soccer star looking to showcase your version and mission. Have you struggled to do this all along, searched for answers, solutions to improve your safe version? Join us, get rich and powerful, make your dreams come true, now is your opportunity to become a member. To join us, contact the Headquarters Contact the Illuminati for More Wealth at the following addressSend a message to the Illuminati lodge on WhatsApp.
Are you a pastor, politician, musician, or soccer star looking to showcase your version and mission. Have you struggled to do this all along, searched for answers, solutions to improve your safe version? Join us, get rich and powerful, make your dreams come true, now is your opportunity to become a member. To join us, contact the Headquarters Contact the Illuminati for More Wealth at the…
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vergildidnothingwrong · 23 minutes ago
Director's cut on Momento Mori? I love that fic with my whole heart ❤ If you could talk about how you came up with the idea, I would love it!
Absolutely! Thank you so much, that’s super nice.
I think the writing of Memento Mori came around the time that it was really dawning on me just how amazing Aang’s character is when you take into consideration the incomprehensible grief he has to shoulder. It’s insurmountable, more than enough to stay his feet, but he fights on anyway. And not just that, but he doesn’t compromise who he is. We’re sort of inundated with the idea that cynicism is romantic and intellectual, that optimism is naïve and that kindness means you won’t be strong enough to do what needs to be done when the hammer comes down, and I’m just so sick of that idea. And it’s an idea that Ozai explicitly embodies! “Even with all the power in the world, you’re still weak,” he says, and still Aang beats him. It’s an ideological triumph, an utter rejection of the idea that kindness can’t change the world.
Aang faces down the apocalypse and says, “I’m not going to end it like this.” Everything is on the line, and still he refuses to sacrifice any more, because there is good in the world and it’s worth fighting for. Because even standing at world’s end, he can’t live with himself to do anything less. He is the embodiment of the idea that refusing to fall out of love with a world that falls apart is the bravest thing you can do.
And I just think that’s so poetic! It’s why Aang is easily my favourite character in the show, and why I wanted to write something that shows him, for just a moment, buckling under it all. The tragedy of a character whose kindness is a near-constant in the world finally cracking for just a second is like, creative writing gold.
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jentlehome · 34 minutes ago
my mother hates it whenever ppl say i look like my aunt cuz her sister was considered the “prettier one” and i love it cuz skdjslj jealous much 
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coloriages · 35 minutes ago
ik those like "only sleeves" tops r stupid (but tbh we mostly see them as like only-sleeves sweater which Is boring but as button ups they're so good i feel) but god do i love deconstructed basics
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daddydom · 59 minutes ago
Soooooo out of curiosity do any of my followers have a Nintendo Switch? Been needing more friends on there 🤣
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searingdestiny · 59 minutes ago
What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?
When I was a mature student (meaning 25 or older) I had to ask for permission to be excluded from public speaking for my group work because of my autism. I wanted to do this because to me my inability to communicate effectively would and could have possibly affected my groups over all scores which were calculated together. 
So I made an appointment to speak with the head of the course. my appoint was during other lectures and modules naturally. So I was sitting and waiting to go inside to discuss it and I began to panic. I worked myself up so much I started having a mini panic attack. I was upset and crying and scared (despite being an adult) I was terrified that it would go poorly, he would say no or that it would lead to something worse. You know how the brain works when it goes into a negative spiral its tough to come back out of it. 
One of the girls in my group (there were 4 to each group) was coming out of one of her other modules and saw me. She asked me “Are you okay?” and I said “Yes” (I lied) and she was about to walk away until she turned back and asked “Are you sure you are okay?” and I said “No” and broke down a little. She then sat with me as another lecturer came out and we chatted about it. 
I will never forget that. It means the world to me and it all went okay in the end but that moment helped me out so much <3  so now I ask you...
what is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?” 
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mrandomshitsandwhich · an hour ago
I have peaked
Tumblr media
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hadikathefangirl · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dominic kissing his little brother Moritz and Moritz, 21, getting embarrassed
🎥: ATP Tour
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lovecanbestrong · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
GOOD MORNING dead.pool s/i time 😏
Picrew here:
Hiz name iz norman price (he picked the name out himself <3) he’z an alien that ran away from home and may or may not had been royalty (deciding tbh) he knew if he waz gonna live on earth he waz gonna need money so he got a job az a bounty hunter and I’m still figuring the rest out lol. NO idea how he and w.ade know each other but they r holding handz
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aimeelouart · an hour ago
The problem about repetition is that if you do it enough (or attempt to do it) then it usually becomes habit, for Cloud Strife, De-Aged Time Traveller Extraordinare?
Cloud sat slumped in embarrassed silence, resigned to Angeals disapproving ministrations as the man forcibly wiped the monster blood off his face and neck with pack of antibacterial wipes. Genesis was in the corner having slowly slid down the wall, shaking himself to pieces with muffled hysterical laughter at the incident, Zack wasn't much better.
Sephiroth was exasperated with his charge "Cloud, when I specified that the monsters weak point was its throat I expected you to use your sword"
"But it still worked" grumbled Cloud blushing to his ears at the instinctual reaction earlier.
Zack's cackling subsided momentarily though still wheezing with amusement "I'm never letting you live this down, they're going to be telling stories about the SOLDIER who tore out a monsters throat with his teeth for the rest of ever! " heedless of Clouds grumpy expression Zack resumed cackling.
And if Shinra happened to use the incident to promote their not quite free Dental Plan? Cloud had no one else to blame but himself.
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alexanderwesker · an hour ago
Oh shit, you’re the author of A Twin of Light? Amazing work, bro - your fic is the first ongoing DSMP work that I’ve genuinely had brighten my day when I see an update! Keep it up! <3 - @general-light
I am! ^D^ Ahhh! I’m so glad to hear that you are liking my work this much and I feel very honored in hearing that something I write can help or brighten someone else’s day! I will, and really thank you! ^D^ 💙 💙 💙
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lalisacatfish · 2 hours ago
#they make me so fucking mad#maybe im easily irritable BUT THEYRE SO FUCKING ANNOYING#mind your fucking business (most of) people who stop eating meat dont do it because they dont like meat#THERES MULTIPLE REASONS FOR GOING VEGAN VEGETARIAN OR WHATEVER#IF U DONT CARE TO LISTEN WHEN PEOPLE TRY TO EXPLAIN IT TO YOU THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP OMFG#also meat doesnt have that flavour naturally ffs its fucking seasoned and no one says meat isnt yummy (although everyone has their own#opinion and if u dont like the taste of any meat thats fucking ok ie i cant stand sausages i think theyre disgusting)#i say opinion but its more like preferences ??? or likings idk i dont speak english#but anyways leave me and my imitation of a chicken the fuck alone#i dont even eat meat imitations mostly because i dont have the money but anyways#sorry im so mad#theres this girl on tiktok i love that makes vegan food and shes the sweetest but meat eaters in her comments are always being idiots yk#i usually dont comment on it because im conflict avoidant and meat eaters will keep saying stupid shit so its better to just nod#and also i dont have the energy to do that lmao theyre draining#sorry if i generalized its not my intention ik not all people are like this#also yalls jokes arent funny#like when u see someone with a mini pig as a pet and ask if theyre gonna eat it once is fat enough#thats actually disgusting#would u eat your dog ????#anyways 🙄#another also no one's making you go vegan or whatever#fuck those type of vegans but not because i dont eat meat i will wash your brain into thinking/feeling like i do#eat whatever the fuck you want just dont bother me and let me eat whatever the fuck i want too#ok now im done#i think#cami.txt
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Tumblr media
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warrendemachokeme · 2 hours ago
Please tell me how the picture I just posted of myself is
a) sexually suggestive and warrants receiving unsolicited dick pics
b) in any way implying I want a sugar daddy
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